i should have planned this better lol

Tokugawa Ieyasu - with a smile that never quite reaches his eyes. He’s got that almost innocent face but then there is something off about him. Lol he’ll kill a person while smiling sweetly. Or just kill us by smiling, I dunno 😆

Art rant: Definitely should do this on better quality paper… I sketch these slbp portrait series onto almost mediocre sketching paper (ノД`) if only I planned this from the beginning like an organized human being would they would come out so much better.

Anywhooz, so far I drew Masamune, Shingen, Saizo, Yukimura, Kenshin, Ieyasu… Next will be… Oda Nobunaga!! He is the only lord whose MS I played and have not drawn yet… (^∇^)

Haha there are so many more characters I have not gotten to yet…I’ll decide after Nobunaga based off of requests/popularity of the characters (if anyone cares to read my text feel free to chime in with your Vote!!). NPCs will come after the PCs :D

is it actually cold in here or do i just have trouble regulating my body temperature??

(i know it’ll take a while for the physical effects of my ED to be fixed it’s just difficult because i’m doing the thing now!! and that’s mentally hard so i feel like i should be instantly rewarded lol!!)

but on a positive note, i am starting to have a little more energy, which is cool. just gotta keep on following my meal plan and not using compensatory behaviors. i think about going back to my old ways all the fucking time but honestly i deserve so much better than that and in a little under 4 months i’ll be 21 and i do not want to keep wasting my life on this. i want to return to school, finish undergrad, go to social work school, have some kids, go back to london at some point, maybe get married sometime along the way, go to a lot of concerts, write more essays, maybe even a book, and do a fuck ton of other things that aren’t compatible with my eating disorder so it’s like… i don’t want to eat and a lot of the time i don’t WANT to recover but i’m willing to do the work because i can either choose my ED or my dreams so…

Mama, do you have anything to say to your 1,000 followers?

REALLY??!!! WE HAVE 1000 FOLLOWERS?!?! OMFG!!! OUR TRIBE! WOOP!I can’t even believe it.  That’s a gobsmacker right there! Think about it…. one.thousand.people. Human beings.  Individuals.   Who all think Isolde is a dumb ass woman and Teapot should stop banging her.  OMG.NOoooooo I don’t really know what to say to ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE.  I’m much better… you know… off the cuff.   If I have to PLAN on what I’m saying or organize what I’m saying…. it comes out pretty silly. lol