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So @illopii drew this for me on my birthday today and I’m here to say that I love this so much!!!! 😭💕💕💕

Nerd!Eren because I have to study for exams 😩 But he’s cheering me up, and my bby looks so pretty with glasses omg *^*

Villo is one of my favourite artists and you too should check out her art!! She draws some really adorable Eren/Levi 💖

Interruptions by a Clown

So this is terrible but I like it.

Here is the summary~~

Jon and Damian have been happily dating for a couple months now.

There is only one problem.

The fucking Joker

Tagging @fishfingersandjellybabies cause I’ve tagged her in the other two and I think she might want to know what’s in store for our two dorks next.


Joker escaped.


Honestly Damian is wondering if he should just decapitate the man. He has killed far too many, murdered Todd, and now-

Now he is interrupting Damian’s dates with Jon.

Damian likes his dates with Jon.

This is is the fifth time in the last two months, and Damian is sick of it.

Damian wants, badly, to simply take his sword and stab him in chest, purposely missing vital organs and watching bleed out because he is so frustrated.

Its like the Joker has some kind of objection of Damian’s relationship.

Damian thinks that Joker should mind his own damn business and leave his love life alone.

Alas, Damian was called out from his lovely movie date with Jon, and while Jon understood-he himself had been called out once and he is a superhero, a fact of which Damian is eternally grateful for because he doesn’t have to explain his actions-Damian is mad as hell .

His Beloved has been looking forward to that movie for months and Damian got them first viewings and Jon was so excited for this, and Damian was too.

(They both share a appreciation for heart warming animals films.)

That, and Damian is so fucking tired of seeing that sad little smile Jon gives him when he must leave.

This is, Damian reflects as he pulls on his boots, a perfect opportunity to show Joker exactly why he should stop interrupting his dates.

(Tim shivers from his position on a rooftop, a sinking feeling in his stomach that says the Demon Brat is Up To Something and Tim is immediately looking around for the little hellion he calls a brother to lunge from the shadows and attack.

Tim may be paranoid and sleep-deprived.)

Damian finds the Joker easily enough, and Lady Luck-Damian has to stop and roll his eyes; clearly he has been spending too much time with Grayson-is on Damian’s side today, as an Father is across the city.


Damian grins darkly from the rafters, a flash of white in the shadows, before he leaps down on Jokers back, green covered feet connecting with a truly horrid shade of purple.

Why is it,” Damian hisses as he hangs Joker from his ankles over Gotham Bay, “That you always break out of prison on the days I have my dates with Superboy, Joker.”

Joker breaks out into giggles, his laughter echoing in the abandoned ship yard. “Oh, Bird Boy, for no reason.”

“Forgive me for not believing you.”

Damian wants to kill this man so badly.

It is not a unwelcome feeling.

Joker breaks into a even wider grin. “You got me there!”

Damian throws a batarang at his head; it lands a mere centimeter from his ear. “ Tell me .”

Joker sighs dramatically, swinging back and forth in his chains. “ Well , you see…”

“Oh for fucks sake.” Damian snaps, pulling the Joker closer, his whited out eyes glaring harshly. “Just tell me so that I can beat the shit out of you so I can go back to my date.”

“It’s because he didn’t ask me permission!”

Damian stops. He closes his eyes, clicks his tongue once, twice, and opens them again.

“You do realize that I kissed him first, don’t you?” Damian says slowly, as though he’s speaking to a toddler.

Joker gasps, as though this news is scandalous. “ What? You? But why didn’t you ask me if you could date?” He sounds bewildered and Damian just wants him to shut up so he could go cuddle with jon.

“That’s it, you’re grounded!”

The sentence draws Damian from his day dreams of curling into Jon’s side with a book and Jon reading aloud the words with silly accents, and he stares at the psychopath hanging in front of him. “… What .”

“You’re grounded! You’re not allowed to date yet!” Joker cries, tears falling to the water below.

“…No. Leave us be.”

Damian drops the Joker into the sea still restrained.

Joker will survive. He’s survived worse.

Still, Damian can’t help but hope that he won’t.

(He ends up missing the rest of the movie and he makes it up by custom ordering Jon a silver necklace that has a shard of a sapphire crystal attached to the end.

Authentic, of course.

“Matches your eyes.” He tells Jon seriously as he slips it over his Beloved’s head. “There’s no other like it.”

Jon simply laughs and gives him a kiss, telling him that he loves it.

Damian is happy because he made Jon happy.)

(Dick is taking pictures, Tim is slightly green, and Jason is complaining about how disgustingly cute they are from behind the corner.

Alfred and Bruce stand off to the side; Alfred is smiling and Bruce is stiff.

Damian is distracted by Jon being Jon and so doesn’t notice then.)

This keeps on until Jon is tired of it and he tags along.

(“ Leave us alone for God’s dake. I want to be able to finish reading a book with my boyfriend. ”)

Joker eventually gets the message.

Sure, it had to be done with some laser eyes and swords, and Kryptonian strength, but it was done.

Thankfully, as both Jon and Damian were getting rather irritable.

Nothing good comes from that.


(Bruce and Clark did try to stop the duo from seeing each other as a punishment.


Clark lasted a day of sulking, complaining, and smartass replies before giving in.

Bruce lived with a pouty, huffy, extra aggressive, destroyer of Batman gadgets, and snarky Damian for three days before surrendering.

Neither parents has tried to do such a action again.

It’s just not worth it.)

Somehow, someway, the Jon and Damian manage to be most adorable pair inside and outside of costume.

There are fanfictions about them.

There are offers for interviews just so that shows have the preteen couple so that their ratings will go up.

(The media goes crazy when they saw the new necklace.

Is is promise ring? Is it symbolic?

Is it a show of of love from the youngest Wayne?)

Damian and Jon are both blissfully unaware of these events and continue to be the delightful dating pair they are.

The Joker may not like not, nor Bruce and Tim, and the jealous girls at the two’s schools hate it, but nobody can deny it.

Jon and Damian, Superboy and Robin, make the most darling couple ever.

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I was on you masterlist Some Thoughts, and I think you may have linked something weird?? When I hover over "On Pearl in Last One Out of Beach City" it highlights both it and "Initial Thoughts on Mindful Education." Clicking it takes me to the latter. I'm guessing they should be separate? Just thought I'd let you know in case you weren't aware / v \

The link is working now! Thank you very much for letting me know :D 

And if you’re interested in reading that very post, I can link you to it here: https://poetofthepiano.tumblr.com/post/150150678901/on-pearl-in-last-one-out-of-beach-city


Wait for me to come home. - 24/1/16

Dan and Phil’s Thanksgiving Livestream // 11.24.16

Phil is wearing glasses and the pug jumper

Dan’s wearing the nasa shirt and has slightly hobbity hair

He made Dan hide behind a blanket

“I should rt you”

“You thirsty bitch” Dan to Phil

“I’m thankful for my audience on younow”

“I’m thankful for you, Phil. Is that what you wanted? Is that what you fucking wanted?”

Discussing Dan’s tumblr queue 

Phil’s eyes have been tired (from Dan’s disco suit)

Tweet after the liveshow for PINOF questions

Thanks for the BONCAS :o

“Phil is lit”

Showed and discussed their awful/amazing suits

They sang a Thanksgiving song (Phil sang Dan beat boxed)

Stre*mys who

“Pretty sure I poked one of his abs when I hugged him” Dan on Tom Daley

Tom Daley is a human ab #confirmed

They had to yell at DAPGOOSE because there was a mic problem so they didn’t have much of a voice when they got back

Dan woke up the day of the BONCAS with no voice and almost had to cancel their end performance of TIIH

They loved Dodie’s performance 

“I don’t stalk you that would be mad for my mental health” via Dan

“We promise, for your sake and our sake, we don’t stalk you” seems fake but okay

Dan got scolded for giving bad advice by philosopher Phil Lester

They’ll probably set up the tree around December 1st

Dan listened to Metallica’s new album and his favorite song is probably Moth In The Flame

Advent calendar spon at danandphilshop.com

Phil acquired a turkey hat (it’s name is Skylar)

Lots of animals are gay 

They are yet to watch Steven Universe

They like Yuri on Ice but Phil’s worried it’ll be all skating and no gay drama

Arrival gets 5 stars

What Not To Do At The Cinema strong video

They ordered Pokemon Sun and Moon but is hasn’t been delivered yet

Phil said lit about 100 times and then he said thicc idek what to do with him

“You’re just making me sad”

Dan very passionately discussed Pokemon evolution I zoned out but I know he was loud and angry about some body builder tiger 

Phil had lots of fun in Florida and Dan did lots of work

“You’re glowing Phil”

Dan almost stole someones phone at the airport wow phame changed him 

They were forced to sniff each other at DAPGOOSE congrats you fiends 

Phil is getting sun Dan is getting moon whatever

They’re jetlagged

Dan, like many of us anime trash bags, has gotten into irl skating

“Hand me the turkey”


Dan slept with earbuds which is how he slept through Phil’s video

Armpit services 

Dublin was a top show for them because it was a post TATINOF film universe

See them in Berlin danandphiltour.com cool 

Everyone was singing TIIH and they felt warm and emotional

“The internet was great” cmon Phil

All marriage proposals are a yes

“I just did that without asking you”

Trump Slump

A collab with Nathan??? Possibly a Zed?

Dan stop it

Dan moved Phil’s plant in front of a window so it wouldn’t die

They take the calendar pictures in Phil’s room how profesh 

Dan rocked the Elsa dress

“I just think my instagram is trash” “But you are trash”

Dan shoved a chocolate in Phil’s mouth and he had to guess what the flavor it is

Play that bit back with just the audio folks ^^

They made cornucopias with pals and Phil’s was future themed

Dan is very excited for Rogue One

Semi hobbit

Shaved sides 

They yelled at Siri for about 5 minutes about the temperature in Stockholm 

Sale on danandphilshop.com tomorrow 

“We appreciate you. Hope you’re all good. Eat what you want, you deserve it. Treat yourself.”

Goodbye through the hashtag 

And I hate to break it to you
but you will have to save yourself
because no one else
is going to do so.
And if I know a thing for sure
it’s that you can do it,
you are brave and you are strong
and you are worth it.
A hero
should never be a support actor,
so be the one of your own story.
—  // pain is never permanent
Tumblr descriptions

As of today (2017/01/21) I’ve noticed that Tumblr descriptions that have HTML integrated in them no longer show up properly. Tumblr now completely ignores and deletes any custom HTML and only shows plain text. One way to fix this problem:

  1. Go to your Tumblr main page, right-click and view page source. Do this BEFORE you click “Edit Theme”
  2. Search for your description text in the source page by typing the exact words of your description
  3. Copy your description text. It should be in between <div class=“desc”> and </div>. Note that the word “desc” can be anything, it’s just the element name that holds your text
  4. Go into “Edit HTML” of your Edit Theme page, and replace {Description} with your description text you just copied

All the HTML of your description should now be intact. Note that you will have to repeat this process if you change your theme.

I don’t think people understand how it is for me. That although I could have so much sadness in me, I am still so sincerely happy, I am. It’s not being confused or bipolar. It’s called being human. I think we live acting as if we should feel one thing at a time, or hold onto one emotion for a certain amount of time. But the truth is, life isn’t still like that. There is always so much going on. I am simply honest with my emotions, and that is the most freeing thing I did for myself. To know I can feel sadness when it is there, but never forget to recognize the happiness that I’m blessed with constantly. There’s a sense of beauty in both sadness and happiness. I embrace all of it, knowing I am, in fact, okay. And that I am so beautifully human because of it.
—  writingsbyan
There is a Transgender woman running in the 2017 provincial election in BC, Canada.

I just thought I should bring this to tumblr’s attention. Transgender activists rarely have the opportunity to run for political office, but Morgane Oger just became the official party nominee in a riding in Vancouver, for one of the two large political parties in the province of British Columbia.

To my knowledge a transgender person has never successfully been elected as a MLA (member of legislative assembly) in Canada.

Morgane Oger is running for the BC New Democratic Party (NDP) in the Vancouver riding of Vancouver-False Creek. She’s running against Sam Sullivan (one of Vancouver’s former mayors), who belongs to the BC Liberal Party.

The BC NDP = Centre-Left Party.

The BC Liberals = Centre-Right Party.

If you want to know more about the political views of the BC NDP (because most people vote on policy not the person as much), you can read more here. They’re a social democratic party (similar in views to people like Bernie Sanders with support for expansion of public services and social justice).

If you want to support her campaign, you can sign up here, and there is an option to say that you’re interested in volunteering or donating to her campaign.

The election isn’t until next May, but I thought I’d spread the word about it now.

What if I missed you, somehow, along the way. And you should be with me now in this bed surrounded by my books, and the curtains that move with the fan, and the honeysuckle leaves dried on the dirty floor. I think you’d sing, maybe. Or I would sing. And we’d fall asleep like that. Every night. What if I missed you and now we have to live like this, like a piece is missing, all the way through. A hole the size of our fists. I’ve been looking for God with no luck since I was fifteen but I think, really, I’ve been looking for you.
—  Emery Allen

i’m so glad to see this actual tumblr comment adorning one of my favorite dunkirk posts because I TOO WANT STYLE’S [sic] CHARACTER TO DIE!!!! you’re clearly a serious brain person who has only important thoughts so it’s thrilling to know we could have literally anything in common :D now here are my main reasons why harry should die in dunkirk, please read this and get back to me with your manpproval asap

1) harry ruined my life starting in 2012 it’s time for payback

2) he looks so pretty when he suffers

3) if he dies he might cry first from the pain? C R Y I N G. harry crying!!!! it’s been too long. groaning would be good too.

4) let’s say he gets wounded, they might have to strip some clothes off for medical reasons before he dies. CLOTHES OFF HARRY STYLES.

5) he might die holding a picture of his sweetheart in his hand, like tracing the sweetheart’s face with one shaking finger, or like kissing the picture? super romantic???

6) if he’s dying tom hardy will realize it’s his last chance to tell harry how he truly feels and then harry will die in his arms with tom’s kiss trembling on his lips

7) if he dies maybe it will be because one of the other soldiers couldn’t get there in time, it could be tom hardy but honestly they all look cute, anyway this soldier could have a big dramatic scene where he’s like “i couldn’t save him….do you understand….i couldn’t save him…” he’s probably crying while he says this and his uniform is really dirty

8) heartbreaking scene where they go back to tell harry’s fiancée that he’s dead and it turns out she’s pregnant with his baby, then there’s a scene after the credits where harry comes back as a ghost and sings a lullaby to the baby from heaven

9) you know how a vampire can save someone from dying by biting them and turning them into a vampire? when harry drowns it could be like that but with mermaids

10) harry dies sort of but not really? bc he’s left for dead but then hydra finds him and turns him into a supersoldier sex assassin and he goes on a mission to kill all current and former members of one direction and they’re like “harry?” and he’s like “who the hell is harry” and then they kiss. all of them.

anyway i’m not like those other girls and this proves it

How can she seem to have fallen from heaven
when I’m the one that has fallen,
the one that’s all in,
while her mind is a weapon

And God, I am already in too deep
because she is just too beautiful
and everything I seek
while I’m a fool

And while she is kissing all those boys
that appear to her as pretty toys
my heart tattoos cries of desperation against my ribs

How should I ever enjoy life’s sweet kiss
when she is everything I miss
and most of all her gorgeous lips?

—  // an actual sonnet
Thinspo and Social Media

The thing about our generation is that social media is a true and valid form of self-expression. It connects people with similar interests or going through similar circumstances to talk, share, and bond over this commonality.

This is a beautiful thing! Let people express themselves!

Now for thinspo blogs: it seems like we’re promoting eating disorders, but 99.99999% of us would still have an eating disorder with or without this blog. And 99.99999% of us did not start having an eating disorder because we ran across thinspo one day while on tumblr. And 99.99999% of us would not tell someone else to starve or overexercise or purge. We don’t want this for anyone else.

I, personally, love and appreciate all bodies. Thin, fat, short, tall… I just personally, want to be thin. Just because I reblog pics of thin girls does not mean I’m saying everyone should/needs to be thin. I do it because it’s what I want for myself and this is my outlet for expressing that.

My thinspo blog is an outlet for me to express what I’m going through. I can express this while seeing other people express the same/similar feelings that I have and can relate to. This is really great for me to cope with this disorder because it makes me feel less alone.


Hey! YOU! Hey you!!!!

My good friend Girbeagly doesn’t think he’ll hit 20,000 by PAX South (January 27th)

Brian is one of my closest friends and he has helped me immensely over the years. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for him.
As of now, I have around 12,000 followers on Tumblr. 2,000 of you can totally go over there and subscribe!
It would be so so cool if we could make this happen for him. So let’s do it! Reblogs are helpful too! The more the merrier!

Brian’s channel: http://www.youtube.com/Girbeagly

lvimagery Ok I get asked on a daily basis “Will we ever get to see this shoot?!? 😩” and the short answer is… maybe. Part of the delay in putting this out into the world is the fact that when I post an image of @natvanlis & @baumanelise the images are stolen and reposted thousands of times with zero credit given. I get it, you fans adore them! As you should, they’re amazing gals who I’ve had the privilege to work with multiple times. However I love this shoot too much to have it turn into just another Tumblr image. So, until it has a proper home, I’m keeping it safe. BUT - to ease the angst, I’ve decided to show you a preview. Step one: Follow me here on IG. Then: sometime in the next couple weeks I’m going to post all the images in my IG Story. Cool? Consider it like a private screening! Me, @getreddie & @aharpstagram are really proud of this work - looking forward to sharing it with you 💛✨

baumanelise ………..how do I watch an Instagram story? 😳

natvanlis @baumanelise LOL. 💙

natvanlis @lvimagery Try having your face sold on merch without seeing a dime. Maybe I should tattoo watermarks of my parent’s names across my forehead. They’re the creators of it, right? 😂😂😂 😂 HAHAHAHA. Sigh. Internet. Anyway, brava! Brava! Excellent work ladies! @getreddie @aharpstagram @baumanelise

baumanelise @natvanlis Girl, don’t EVEN start with me on that one. 🙄🙄

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hi i'm sorry i dont really mean to bother but like HOW DO U MAKE THESE BECAUSE IT'S SO LOVELY I LOVE IT I'VE BEEN DYING TO MAKE SOMETHING LIKE THIS FOR LIKE EVER. Is there like a tutorial out there for this?? btw ur edits are AMAZING!! yourqrace(.)tumblr(.)com/post/152210476982

[the post] hey, you’re not bothering me, i’m happy to explain c:

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I am NOT a Perfect Witch

I’ve seen a few asks/comments running around about how the witches of Tumblr seem to have all their ducks in a row and do magic spells 24/7 and are generally “perfect” because of it. I can tell you this is probably not the case. At least for me its not. I am not a Perfect Witch. I don’t rigorously follow the phases of the moon, most of the time i forget anyways. I don’t do spells on a regular basis (at least not what i consider to be spells) Heck most of the time the most witchy things i do is reblog stuff to this tumblr. 

So for newbie witches and hidden witches please understand: It’s completely okay to not be a “perfect” witch. Once you’ve discovered that you’re a witch you don’t have to cast spells 24/7 in order to protect your title. The Title of Witch is yours as soon as you decide you want to Claim It. No one can or should tell you how to run your path. That is something you will have to discover for yourself, and honestly that’s the best part of the journey. So you forgot a sabbat, big whoop. Sabbats come and go and i rarely do anything for them anyways (maybe halloween but thats tradition haha) Another full moon pass you by? That’s okay, some people don’t like working with the moon and that’s also okay. Try casting a spell and you don’t think it worked? Trust me i still do spells and most of the time they don’t work too.

So to all the newbies and hidden witches: Do not fret. You have plenty of time to come into your path and please please please do not feel like you HAVE to be perfect in your path. I am proud to follow my path with all its bumps and turns it throws at me