i should have never let my guard down


Oh, should I have been more open and trusting and loving like, oh, I don’t know, my now dead best friend? Or your daughter, who is bffs with an intergalactic narc? Fuck you, Summer, and fuck the government, and fuck me for letting my guard down, which I will never do again. Jeez, Rick! You can’t say f-you to your granddaughter. I just did, Morty. Here’s dessert. Fuck you.

another meme I will never finish | [8/10] male characters  ♡  r i c k  s a n c h e z
Onsra | Part V

(v.) – to love for the last time; a bittersweet feeling of knowing a love won’t last

Read: Part 1 | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII

Words: 13.7K

Genre: Demon au / Slight smut (warning)

A/N: Enjoy! I know it’s been a while, haha. There is some smut so I put that in the warning. It’s not a lot in my opinion, but still wanted to address it here!

“Are you okay?” He placed a hand on the brown haired boy’s shoulder. “Jeon Jungkook, speak to me.” His friend had been standing outside in the cold for nearly 3 hours now. He refused to come inside; saying he was moping was an understatement.

“If I say yes, will you leave me alone?” Jungkook asked in annoyance and brushed the hand away from him. There was a long drawn out silence between the two of them. Jungkook then quietly mutters: “I fucking gave her everything…”

“You didn’t know-”

“It’s my fault.” Jungkook leaned against the wall and covered his face with his hands. “That’s the thing; I should have known, Jimin.” He was careless and let his guard down. As much as Jimin wanted to comfort him, he had no idea how to.

“How could you have?” Jimin asked and sighed heavily before taking a seat on the pavement beside Jungkook.

“I never should’ve let it get serious or let it drag on like it did,” He muttered and clenched his fist. “I let my feelings get in the way.” He couldn’t think about anyone or anything else except her. What he would give to just feel absolutely nothing.

“You can’t stop yourself from feeling… Nobody can control that.” Jimin mumbles and Jungkook drops his hands to his side in defeat. He only wished he knew the full story, but Jungkook was a private person when it came to these things. Jimin was lucky enough to get Jungkook to even briefly bring it up.

“Can’t you?” He looks up at the sky and scornfully laughs, causing Jimin to furrow his eyebrows in concern. “Can’t you just choose not to feel? Think about it, you wouldn’t ever get hurt again.”

“Jungkook, look-”

“I don’t want to hurt anymore,” Jungkook grabs his chest.

“I understand. But she-”

“Human’s are good for one thing only.” His eyes darkened and he looked down at Jimin. “Once they’re used and spent, just throw them away. After all, there’s always more where they came from.” He muttered cynically.

“You don’t really think that.”

Jungkook laughed, an empty expression on his face as turned away, looking blankly in front of him.

“They’re all the fucking same, Jimin.”

You were no different.

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  • Light: Ryuzaki, you should get some sleep.
  • L: Sleep? I don't have the time 🕰⏰to waste for sleeping 😴 not when Kira👤 👿😤☠️is on the loose😱😫😳I am already fueled🔥👊 enough by my sweets 🍭🍰🍦☕️ and need for justice 👍🔍👮👣 I hear the bell 🔔👂🏻🙃🌧

Peter: I’ve been ‘Puny Parker’ since first grade. I couldn’t fight back then, and I can’t now unless I want the other kids to know my secret. But luckily I have Gwen (whos super scary when she needs to be) and Harry (who has very threatening body guards) to back me up and help me out. And it’s not so bad, I get to put Flash in his place every once and a while but Aunt May always says he probably has it bad at home. So I just try to keep my distance and tape my glasses back together while I roll with the literal punches.

Earlier today, a friend remarked: “I don’t understand. The way you are reacting, it’s almost like you knew someone in the club.”

Here’s the thing you need to understand about every LGBT person in your family, your work, and your circle of friends:

We’ve spent most of our lives being aware that we are at risk.

When you hear interviewers talking to LGBT folks and they say “It could have been here. It could have been me,” they aren’t exaggerating. I don’t care how long you’ve been out, how far down your road to self acceptance and love you’ve traveled, we are always aware that we are at some level of risk.

I’m about as “don’t give a shit what ANYONE thinks” as anyone you’ll ever meet… and when I reach to hold Matt’s hand in the car? I still do the mental calculation of “ok, that car is just slightly behind us so they can’t see, but that truck to my left can see right inside the car”. If I kiss Matt in public, like he leaned in for on the bike trail the other day, I’m never fully in the moment. I’m always parsing who is around us and paying attention to us. There’s a tension that comes with that… a literal tensing of the muscles as you brace for potential danger. For a lot of us, it’s become such an automatic reaction that we don’t even think about it directly any more. We just do it.

And then… over the last few years, it started to fade a little. It started to feel like maybe things were getting better. A string of Supreme Court decisions. Public opinion shifting to the side of LGBT rights. Life was getting better. You could breathe a little bit.

What happened with this event is dramatically demonstrated by how Matt and I are reacting to it. Matt came out fairly late, during the golden glow of the changing tide. He’s never dealt with something like this. It’s literally turned him inside out emotionally because all that stuff he read about that was just “then” became very much “NOW”. For me, I’ve had some time to adjust to the idea that people hate us enough to kill us. Matthew Shephard was my first real lesson in that. So this weekend was a sudden slap in the face, a reminder that I should never have let my guard down, should never have gotten complacent… because it could have been US.

Every LGBT person you know knows what I’m talking about. Those tiny little mental calculations we do over the course of our life add up… and we just got hit with a stark reminder that those simmering concerns, those fears… they probably won’t ever go away. We’ll never be free of them. Additionally, now we just got a lesson that expressing our love could result in the deaths of *others* completely unrelated to us. It’s easy to take risks when it’s just you and you’ve made that choice. Now there’s this subtext that you could set off someone who kills other people who weren’t even involved. And that’s just a lot.

That’s why I’m personally a bit off balance even though (or because, depending on how you look at it) I live in Texas and was not personally affected by this tragedy. Don’t get me wrong: nothing will change. I will still hold my husband’s hand in public. I will still kiss him in public. We’ll still go out and attend functions and hold our heads high.

But we will be doing those mental calculations for the rest of our lives. Those little PDAs you take for granted with your spouse. They come with huge baggage for us. Every single one is an act of defiance, with all that entails.

So do me a favor. Reach out to that LGBT person in your life. Friend, co-worker, or family. Just let them know you are thinking of them and you love them. That will mean the world to them right now. I promise you.

~~Full Moon

I don’t know just how it happened 
I let down my guard 
Swore I’d never fall in love again but I fell hard 
Guess I should have seen it coming 
Caught me by surprise
I wasn’t looking where i was going 
I fell into your eyes 
You came into my crazy world 
Like a cool and cleansing grace 
Before I knew what hit me baby
You were flowing though my veins 

I’m addicted to you 
Hooked on your love 
Like a powerful drug 
I can’t get enough of 
Lost in your eyes 
Drowning in blue 
I’m outta control 
What can I do? 
I’m addicted to you! 

(Addicted to you - Avicii)

full circle >>>>>>

“You know what I’m certain of Rick? I’ve really made up my mind about this! I never wanna see you again!”

“You’re never gonna see anything again, you little dummy! You killed us!”


“Goddamn it!”

“Morty, where’s your collar? I’ll fix it!”

“I dropped it!”


“Honestly I can’t even tell the two of you apart half the time, because I don’t go by height or age, I go by amount of pain in my ass, which makes you both identical. Alright, everything resolved? Everybody certain about their position in my world?”



“How could you be so dishonest with this family?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, should I have been more open and trusting and loving like my now-dead best friend? Or your daughter who was BFFs with an intergalactic narc?”

“Hey, Tammy was cool!”

“And now we know why.”

“Yeah, thanks to you!”

“Fuck you, Summer! And fuck the government! And fuck me for letting my guard down—


—It would go without saying that the Rickest Rick would have the Mortiest Morty.”

—Unity! UNITY! I know you can hear me! Get out here!”

—Here’s to my greatest adventure yet: opening myself up to others!”

—My new catchphrase is ‘I love my grandkids!’”


—which I will never do again!”


—Psych! My new catchphrase is ‘I don’t give a fuck!’”

—I told you weddings are stupid.”

—Fun’s fun, but who needs it? I’ll be in the garage.”

—It would go without saying, huh?” — “Yeah, it would. Did you hear me say it?” — “No.”


“So let me get this straight. For the rest of our lives, no matter how much it hurts us, no matter how much it destroys our children’s futures, we’ll do whatever Rick wants, whenever he wants?”



“Because I don’t want him to leave again, you dumb asshole!”


“Rick? I can handle it if you go. But you’ll break Mom’s heart, and I won’t forgive you for that.”

“Where’s the van, Morty?”


“I’m doing what’s right for the galaxy by calling you, so if we come back to earth, can my family have a normal life?”

“We only want Sanchez, sir. Your family will be fine.”

“Nice. I’m Jerry Smith, and I love to suck big sweaty penises and lick disgusting furry testicle sacks.”

“Um. Alright.”



“He’s not coming back, is he.”




“Be good, Morty. Be better than me.”

“I’m okay with this.”

>>>>> full circle

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Something Different //part2

Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: Slow-burn Crowley x asexual!reader. When Crowley notices you actually have a weak point, he becomes very interested in taking advantage of it. But not everything goes as he expected.

Word count: 3,114

[Masterlist] [Part 1]

Originally posted by dean-winchester-crush

How long does it take a coffee to brew? Does the amount of sugar change it? If it wasn’t boiling, how would it taste right after pouring the water? Would it taste just fine or does waiting for the drink to cool have that much of a meaning?

You closed your eyes just for a while. The day has been exhausting and far from enjoyable, but you couldn’t leave it behind yet, as you still had much work to finish. And that required some help. A very slowly cooling help.

Something shifted behind you.

Faster than you would honestly expect in your state, you throw a spoon that was lying next to your hand at the thing that appeared in your very quiet, very empty apartment.

Crowley flinched when it hit him hard right in the forehead, not doing him any harm. The spoon landed on the ground with a loud clink.

“Seriously?! A spoon? What did you expect it to do?” Crowley looked at you in pure disbelief, massaging his head. You hoped he would have a dark bruise soon.

You waved your hand, in which you had a demon-killing knife.

“To distract any idiot that thought I wouldn’t have my baby in my back pocket, within reach,” you grinned, proud of yourself. You were half-dead from sleep deprivation but you still managed to stun your guest.

Crowley raised an eyebrow, nodding appreciatively. He clapped his hands in a mocking manner and you saluted. If he wanted to play, he should remember two could do this.

“Well, so now that we can talk properly, what are you looking for here?” you gestured to your crappy motel room, where you’ve been residing for the last few days.

The Winchesters were out, dealing with something big on their own. You were tired after your last hunt and wanted to rest and regain your strength before going to the field again. Lucky for you, there wasn’t much of a job for a hunter anywhere close to where you were staying, so you decided to take a short vacation - no one knew how long would it last. You had a bad feeling about what the boys were after, but they didn’t want to make you a part of it, at least not yet. You were actually pretty confident they would reach out for you sooner or later, but there was no point in rushing things. If they were going to need you, you had to be in shape for when the time came. And for now… well, no one ever said that having some well-earned free time had to happen in a perfectly clean area. Especially when you were diving in the possible cases in that state.

Crowley admired the pile of dishes almost falling from the sink on your left.

“What makes you think I would only make a visit to such a lovely and courteous person like you if I needed anything?” he asked slyly.

You muttered a curse under your breath, already tired of dealing with the demon and his moods.

“Dude, I know you far too well, sadly, to be fooled by a crap like that. Do you really think I’m that stupid?”

“I’ve never said that.”

“But you still try to pull a fast one on me. It says something even if you personally don’t. So?”

Crowley smirked smugly, not bothered even a little, and you felt your blood boiling. The bastard didn’t even have to say anything to annoy the living shit out of you. That definitely required some skills, but you were far from commending him on his unusual talent, quite the opposite actually.

“I only wanted to check on my favourite hunter, see how life is going… I see it’s as miserable as I thought,” Crowley glanced around with an air of pomposity. You had to admit the rest of the small apartment didn’t look much better than the kitchen.

“I had better things to do than to clean and scrub the floor,” you shrugged, raising your chin. “Some of us don’t waste our time spying on and disturbing others.”

“Oh my, and what is so absorbing?” he chuckled.

“Maybe finding an effective way of killing you?”

“I could give you some lessons on that, and some other subjects…”

You brushed off his flirt, ignoring it just like you have for months now. It looked like Crowley couldn’t take a hint even when hit with it.

“I don’t need your help with anything, and most definitely not with killing demons. You may not recall it, but I have almost killed you twice, man. And even now, I’m this close to doing it again if you don’t stop talking and leave me alone.”

“Don’t flatter yourself, darling. I have only let my guard down because of some other… events that have been distracting me…”

“You should name yourself the King of Lies, Crowley. I could have finished you with a blink of an eye,” you snarked, leaning on the counter behind you, but not putting your knife down. Crowley may not be your main enemy right now, but you still didn’t trust him.

“Please, darling. You sound like I have never done the same…”

“Maybe because you didn’t?”

“May I remind you that time when you were rotting in my prison…?”

You shrugged, looking him straight in the eyes. You could see he was starting to get irritated with you, probably not used to be treated without respect.

“It wasn’t your work,” you declared with confidence.

Crowley’s eyebrows raised with disbelief.

“I am the King of Hell, and I ordered my demons to capture you,” he said slowly as if he had to explain something to a child.

“Exactly,” you nodded approvingly. “You only gave orders. I, on the other hand, had to hunt you down myself, without anyone’s help. And, let me repeat myself, I was successful,” you added proudly. You could see Crowley boiling with anger. Oh, it looked like you just stepped on someone’s pride… What a shame.

For a moment you could swear Crowley’s eyes flashed red, but it was gone before you made sure. It sent shivers down your spine and made you clench your hand on the knife harder, but the demon didn’t attack you, coming back to his senses quickly. Crowley cleared his throat, bringing a smile back on his face. Smug bastard.

“If you excuse me, it looks like I’ve got something to take care of,” he nodded in goodbye theatrically, before disappearing. The faint odour of Sulfur filled your small kitchen, making you open the window.

“So now we have quiet days or something?” you asked the air, but no answer came.

Well, you certainly weren’t going to miss that annoying bastard. You still felt a little bit pleased with making him that furious. It was a few months since you stopped hunting him, just like the Winchesters did. Crowley may be a pain in the ass, but you needed him from time to time as he has proved his utility on a few occasions.

The only thing you weren’t so sure about him, was why did he have so much interest in you. At first, you didn’t even notice that until the Winchesters asked you about it, claiming that Crowley usually didn’t pop out of nowhere without any particular reason, or at least not for any hunter they knew.

It was even weirder when you thought about how many times you got on his nerves just to annoy him, very much like he did to you. You were enemies for the majority of your lifetime, at least because of your labels as a hunter and a demon, and now it wasn’t actually that different. You were not friends. You couldn’t stand working with each other and almost always ended up irritating the living shit out of each other. Sure, there were those rare times when you could actually talk like civilised people and not fight or throw things, but what did that mean? What did that mean to Crowley, was the more complicated question. Could this be that he was just bored in Hell and wanted something fresh and new?

Well, guessing by his rather rushed departure, you were almost sure he wasn’t used to being treated not like the king he claims to be. He wasn’t your king, so why should you act like he was?

You yawned, looking at your almost frozen coffee you forgot about. Who says that women are complicated? Have they never met a demon?

Probably. It looked like you were the only one who demons clung to. Yay.

Dealing with humans was a lot harder than one would think. Of course, it got easier the more information known about them. It let you predict their behaviour, to get them interested or willing to do something. The best results were given by acknowledging their darkest, deepest secrets or weaknesses, even though it was difficult to find them out. But Crowley was patient and perceptive and that usually earned him access to a person’s soul. Usually. For those who he had no time to carefully drop the bait, he usually seduced or made one of his demons seduce.

But, apparently, you seemed to be almost as resistant as he himself and could see through his plotting, because no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get to you. It was more frustrating than truly dangerous, especially now that you were not actively hunting him down. But Crowley was not one to give up so easily. You were talented, determined and he would greatly appreciate using you from time to time, even if it meant he had to blackmail or provoke you. After all, he was the King of Hell. Why should he hold back?

Crowley approached you, sitting at some second-rate bar in the middle of nowhere. Oh, he perfectly knew why you were here, as he has been watching your actions for the past week, heating them from time to time to keep you and himself entertained enough. Why would he do that, one may ask? To prove a point. An important point.

You barely raised your eyes, with your head leaning on your arm on the bar’s counter, a half empty glass loosely grasped between your fingers. Black circles under your eyes contrasted with the rest of your worn-out face, still partly covered in dust. Your clothes still smelt like fire and a ghoul’s nest, as you probably didn’t have the time or strength to properly wash yourself. No one could blame you if they knew about your last week. It was understandable you were in pressing need of whisky, even as nasty as the ones served in a place like this.

“Hello, darling,” Crowley flashed you a bright smile that could lighten up the whole room if it was meant to do that. You sloppily thought you wished to smile back when your knife entered his body, but you were too weak to even move somewhere away  from him.

“I hate you,” you muttered instead, letting your tired eyes slide shut once again.

“Darling, there is no need for such offensive words. Or did something happen?” he asked in a poorly concealed mocking tone, perfectly aware of what happened.

You growled loudly, not bothered even a little by the weird stares people around gave you. Crowley laughed.

“I suppose it’s because of your recent… case? Or maybe I should say, cases, darling?”

“Screw you, Crowley.”

“Me? Why me? Did I do something to you?” he tried to sound offended, but it wasn’t that easy to do with a smile plastered to face.

“Don’t play with me, Crowley, I’m not in the mood. I know you had to do with those ‘unusual’ cases that are literally making me die from exhaustion,” you snapped at him.

“Me? Darling, accidents happen and…”

“Like hell!”

“Actually, Hell is doing quite fine from what I’ve witnessed. Besides, it would be a shame if you died right now as I still have not prepared you a room…”

“You are so funny,” you growled out sarcastically, eyeing him furiously.

“Say it again, please.”

“You wish. By the way, what made you do all of this? Is it because of our talk? I had never considered you to act like that,” you asked, curious about his motives.

Crowley shrugged.

“I have not even the slightest idea what you are rambling about. Did you see me anywhere, creating any of this mess with my hands?”

“Oh, come on! Are you really offended by what I said? Are you five?” you raised your head, your emotions granting you some strength.

Crowley didn’t move. You could see how pleased he was with his idea of messing in your recent hunts and making them a lot harder. If you had any doubts before, now you were sure whose fault it was.

“If it’s too much, you can always admit it and ask someone for help,” Crowley declared, making it obvious as to who he had in mind to seek help from. So there was his motive – he wanted to make you beg for him to stop and admit that he was stronger and smarter than you. Your previous conversation must have hurt his pride more than you thought.

But there were some options he apparently didn’t think of.

“Oh, but I already did,” you laughed, looking over your shoulder when you heard someone entering the bar. You pointed a finger at the newest guests. “And there is my cavalry, ready to fight any evil, suited or not.”

Sam and Dean finally noticed you at the bar, but the relieved smiles froze on their faces when they recognized the person sitting by your side. You could almost see how they were one step from running to you with their blades drawn. Screw the human witnesses, it’s the Winchesters time.

You waved your hand calmingly, though, making them stop in the middle of the bar. You gestured them to stay low and that you were doing just fine. Sam raised his eyebrow, not convinced, but you made the thumbs up gesture. He shook his head disapprovingly, but took a sit at one of the tables next to Dean. He made sure to have a good sight of the two of you, just in case. You were grateful to him. Sammy always tried to help the best he could.

Crowley observed your actions, giving the boys just a glimpse of an eye. They weren’t a real threat, at least not at the moment. Right now though, Crowley had an excellent chance of taking notes on you. It was almost like a blessing, as someone sarcastic would say.

“Oh, so the boys are here too,” he nodded to himself. “What a surprise. How nice of them.”

“Yeah, it’s nice indeed, because I’ve heard they are kind of busy right now. Are you happy now? You wanted me to call them to make a trap for all of us?” you asked half-jokingly. The three of you were almost invincible together and you were pretty sure that with the boys’ help, you could take care of your mess with ease.

“Maybe later,” the demon took a look at the Winchesters. “It would be even nicer of them, if they cared for you as much as you think they do.”

You ordered another drink after finishing the one in your hand. Crowley’s behaviour is perplexing. He rarely talked in so many riddles.

“What do you mean?” you had to ask, when he didn’t seem like explaining his words.

“Which one do you think cares for you more? The one checking out the blondie or the brunette?” Crowley gestured to their table.

You looked at them and then shrugged. Nothing was out of ordinary for you.

“I don’t know. Both probably, I mean, they both came there.”

Crowley squinted his eyes, surprised by your answer and the lack of emotions you should have had. It almost made you laugh.

“What? Should I be jealous? Crowley, please…”

“Why not? Samantha looked interested in you…”

“Sam was more focused on you than me, if it makes any difference to you. And even if he wasn’t, why should I forbid him from finding someone? It’s not like we are together or something…” you laughed at the last part and the ridiculousness of the thought.

Crowley looked like he was still thinking about it.

“Crowley! One more minute and I’m gonna think you are setting me up!” you snapped at him, losing your good mood quickly.

“What would be so bad about it? Maybe it’s my new hobby?”

“Setting people up? Are you mad? Did something possess you?” you started to worry seriously.

“You wish. But just think about it – I’m not saying Moose is the best choice for you, but he sure has some… values important in…”

Your drink flew to Crowley’s face, soaking him in the middle of the sentence. For a brief moment you looked at each other in silence, both taken-aback. You raised from your seat, waving at the Winchesters to stay where they were.

“I don’t have either time nor patience for poor jokes like that, Crowley,” you said in a low voice.

“Maybe it was not a joke?” the demon didn’t move at all.

“It better be.”

You left the money on the counter, nodding at the surprised bartender and approached the boys, moving out from the bar with them. They shot Crowley a death glare on their way out.

The owner of the bar took the money you left, eyeing the demon who now was completely dry. It looked like your drink must have missed him, the man thought, not noticing even a one drop on the expensive suit. The wealthy have always been the luckiest one. At least, almost always.

“A tough one, huh?” he asked lightly, hiding the money.

“It looks like it,” Crowley said, not looking at him. He was still keeping an eye on the door, now closed.

“Nah, don’t worry, man. You’ll find another one – it shouldn’t be a problem with your look.”

An idea sparked in Crowley’s head. A wolfish smile crossed his lips.

The bartender turned around to take something from the shelf behind him. When he came back, Crowley was gone and the only thing that was left was a huge tip. The man looked around, pretty sure that it wasn’t possible to move out of the bar that quickly, but as there was no other possibility, he mumbled something to himself, moving on to the next customer.

[Part 3]

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UF bros with a smol S/O that makes them feel… safe? (SELF INDULGENT CRAP, MY DUDE XD) ~ 🍓 (Smol Strawberry Anon)

gosh i am smol and uf sans is my. crush butdonttellhim,,,

ok so

UF Sans

He’s never met someone quite like you, because being so small means you’re a big target to other monsters. They should see you as a weakling and tend to start fights. But you have such a calming aura that he feels so comfortable, enough to let down his guard. Even in public, but just for a short time.

UF Papyrus

As the Head of the Royal Guard, he can never let his guard down around anyone for fear of an impending attack. When you two first met, he felt a sense of protectiveness over you, which is strange, because he only feels that way over his lazy brother. As he got to know you, he unintentionally calmed down. When he realized, it was a sudden jolt, but then he relaxed once more, because he feels as if nothing could ever harm you two when you’re together.

PART 6/? 

  • “ i’m the son of rage and love. “
  • “ i don’t know where i am. “
  • “ i don’t know this place. “
  • “ i don’t recognize anybody. “
  • “ is it just a game? “
  • “ the night was all you had. “
  • “ i don’t know just how it happened. “
  • “ i let down my guard. “
  • “ swore i’d never fall in love again but i fell hard. “
  • “ i guess i should have seen it coming. “
  • “ i fell into your arms. “
  • “ you came into my crazy world like cool and cleansing grace. “
  • “ i’m addicted to you. “
  • “ shame on me for loving you. “
  • “ when the world gets too heavy, put it on my back. “
  • “ you are taking me apart. “
  • “ it was always you falling for me. “
  • “ teenagers scare the living shit out of me. “
  • “ did you get what you deserve? “
  • “ no one ever had much nice to say. “
  • “ i think they never liked you anyway. “
  • “ you’re dead. “
  • “ there’s an endless road to rediscover. “
  • “ i love everything you do. “ 
  • “ i found myself dreaming it’s over and gone. “
  • “ we were walking on moonlight. “
  • “ we’re not promised tomorrow. “
  • “ i’m gonna love you like i’m gonna use you. “
  • “ i won’t take you for granted. “
  • “ can i hold on a little longer? “
  • “ who am i supposed to tell now? “
  • “ go away from here. “
  • “ i will not ask you where you came from. “
  • “ honey just put your sweet lips on my lips. “
  • “ we should just kiss like real people do. “
  • “ when it rains on this side of town, it touches everything. “
  • “ just say it again and mean it. “
  • “ we don’t miss a thing. “
  • “ how could you do it? “
  • “ i never saw it coming. “
  • “ why can’t you stay just long enough to explain. “
  • “ she wasn’t worth all the time you spent. “
  • “ i’ve been waiting for you.”
  • “ you’ve been waiting for me. “
  • “ tell me that you’ll always be true. “
  • “ forget me not, my dear. “
  • “ we walk like there’s nothing wrong. “
  • “ her beauty’s a wonder. “
  • “ i don’t even know if i believe. “
  • “ tell me i’m alive. “
  • “ this is never gonna go our way. “
  • “ i feel overjoyed. “
  • “ words are all we had. “
  • “ how am i gonna get myself back home? “
  • “ we are the last people standing. “
  • “ don’t go without me. “
  • “ you say you know love. “
  • “ you are just reflecting words you hear. “
  • “ it’s just another lie. “
  • “ it’s just another calculation. “
  • “ i’ve spent my life becoming invisible. “
  • “ give me something to remember. “
Dirty Tricks

Request Prompt: Can u do a Carl smut where the reader is from rivalry group and the two groups get into a fight and Carl is about to shoot the reader but she seduces him and the dirty happens and she gets away afterwords like a bad ass. Sorry if this was too specific -Anon

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Warning: Smut

I stared at abandoned house before pulling my knife out to check for walkers. There was only two so we didn’t have to fight much. I went straight to the kitchen and started packing my bag. Scott and Darren stood watch outside while we raided the supposedly empty house.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Someone shouted as he raised his gun.
“Stay here.”, Deacon ordered and I nodded while readying my stance.

“I should ask you the same thing prick. Get the hell out of here. This is our stuff.”, Deacon spat as our group walked closer to the abandoned house.

I moved towards the window and saw a small group of people. I counted five and got my rifle ready for a fight.

“No this is our safe house and you and your people are raiding it. If you want to live leave now and this could all be over.”, He stated.

“I don’t think so.”, Darren smirked before catching a bullet between the eyes.

My eyes widened as his body fell to the ground with a thud. I raised my gun and placed my finger on the trigger as I had a clear shot of the prick that shot Darren.

“Don’t.”, I heard a low voice say behind me.

I could feel the cold barrel of a gun press against my head and sighed. I lowered my gun before quickly turning to knock the gun out of his hand. I grabbed his wrist while pushing him against the wall to restrain him. He easily overpowered me when he slightly pulled my wrist back while rotating our positions. Now I was the one trapped between a wall and my assailant. He was a boy about my age with blue eyes and brown hair that needed to be cut.

“If you want to live just leave.”, he told me repeating what the one outside said.

“I don’t think so.”, I shook my head and he grabbed my shoulders pushing me into the wall.

“Then your going to die here. You realize that right?”, he told me.

“So now that you have the upper hand what are going to do about it?”, I asked.

His features relaxed causing me to kick his legs from under him, pinning him down to the wooden floor. I hand his hands on each side of his head while I straddled his waist.

“You should never let your guard down.”, I told him with a smirk.

“I didn’t let my guard down. You surprised me that’s all.”, he stated and I chuckled.

“Really now?”, I questioned running a finger down his chest.

“Get off.”, he said moving to sit up.

I pushed him back down grabbing his wrists with one hand.

“You’re not as strong as u thought you were.”, I smiled and he scoffed.

He began fidgeting and I felt something rub against my thigh. A small blush crept on my cheeks. I leaned down to his ear and blew a little air.

“Have you had sex before?”, I asked and his eyes widened.

What kind of question is that?“, he said embarrassed.

"A question. Now have you?”, I asked again and he shyly shook his head.

“Good.”, I smiled before placing a small kiss on his lips.

“What are you-”, he began but I pressed my lips against his once more.

I looked out the window to see my group surrendering handing over there weapons. After awhile he kissed back with his eyes closed. I let go of his hands and they grabbed my waist.

“At least you know that much.”, I smiled pulling my shirt off.

He gulped and I let my hair down.

“Just do what feels right. No reason to be shy.”, I whispered and he unhooked my bra.

He sat up to kiss me again while I unzipped his jeans. My hand brushed against his length causing him to shudder. I carefully grabbed a condom out of my bag and slid it on him. I smiled before standing up getting out of my shorts. In a second I was back in him with his tip at my entrance.

“Ready?”, I asked and he nodded.

I lowered myself down on him and we both moaned out. One thing I can say, he isn’t small. I started to slowly bounce as his hands grabbed my hips. I through my head back as he started to thrust up.

“Shit.”, I cursed as I bent down to kiss him.

His tongue roamed my mouth as his hands cupped my ass. I moaned while lightly biting down on his neck. He gave a throaty moan before shutting his eyes.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.”, he mumbled and I chuckled.

“Then you would’ve stooped me when I kissed you.”, I replied sitting up again.

I rested my hands on his chest as my stomach tightened. I bit my lip as I came on his length. After a while he stilled before throwing his head back releasing into the condom. I smirked before bending down to kiss his exposed neck while reaching for my shorts. After getting dressed I looked out the window and noticed his group still there waiting as if more of us would come. I smirked before making a move for the back door.

“We should do this again sometime.”, I said as the boy put his length away.

We locked eyes before I took off out the door. I ran behind a tree out of his sight before I heard him curse as he walked back inside.

“We really should do that again.”, I mumbled walking away towards my camp.

Addictied to you

I don’t know just how it happened,
I let down my guard…
Swore I’d never fall in love again
But I fell hard.

Guess I should have seen it coming,
Caught me by surprise…
I wasn’t looking where I was going,
I fell into your eyes.

You came into my crazy world like a cool and cleansing wave.
Before I, I knew what hit me baby you were flowing through my veins…

I’m addicted to you,
Hooked on your love,
Like a powerful drug
I can’t get enough of,
Lost in your eyes,
Drowning in blue
Out of control,
What can I do?
I’m addicted to you!

Midnight blows in through the window,
Dances round the room…
Got me hypnotized,
I’m getting high on the perfume.

I couldn’t live without you now,
Oh, I know I’d go insane,
I wouldn’t last one night alone baby,
I couldn’t stand the pain!

I’m addicted to you!
Hooked on your love,
Like a powerful drug
I can’t get enough of,
Lost in your eyes,
Drowning in blue
Out of control,
What can I do?
I’m addicted to you!

Finally finished ! :D

My thoughts on “The Predator” Chapter 16

Okay so you might see this I’m tagging you now… @supersillyanddorky06

 Matty, matty, matty how do you do you do it! Each time I read one of your masterfully done chapters something inside of me simply sparks to life. I go from being surrounded by dangerous thunderheads to then being transported into a meadow of endless, divine light. It’s as if your words are able to bridge the gap between heaven and hell and, that my friend is a gift that we all hope and wish for. 

Anyways now that I’ve slightly embarrassed myself I’ll continue on to attempting a small conveyance of what this chapter made me see.  

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Caged [11]

Characters: NamjoonxReader
Length: 2761 words
Genre: Mafia AU
Warnings: Violence   

Part 10  Part 12

It wasn’t like you didn’t see it coming.

After some clichéd chitchat that had felt like dragging your legs through a strong current, Jungkook had offered to show you around. You had peeked back into the ballroom – Jimin was still talking to Hoseok about god knows what, and Namjoon was nowhere to be found – and decided that it would be best for you to go back inside and stay with at least one of them until Taehyung would reveal his information.

So you had looked up into Jungkook’s black eyes, an apologetic smile on your face.

“Thank you, but I think I should head back.”

“I think not.”

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dear future girlfriend, I may not be the hottest girl or I’ll probably never turn you on or take your breath away or impress your friends with the way I look but I can make you laugh, make you feel wanted, and sometimes I can be really cute. get ready for my corniest jokes, and my random laughs. I’ll try my best to keep you happy and hopefully you’ll do the same. I’m not the type to give up easily and move on to the next girl. once I start trying I won’t give up until it’s hurting me to the point where I have no choice. we’ll match, go on dates, cuddle, do what girlfriends should do. I’ll take cute pictures with you, sing to you, and give you forehead kisses. I’ll be myself. I’ll tell you if you’re being annoying. I’ll tell you what’s wrong if you ask. I won’t be lovey dovey 24/7. I’ll tease you and call you names, we will make memories. if we’re dating I’ll let my guards down and when I start to love you, that’s when I’ll tell you. I’ll always care and love you. you’ll never have to worry about that.
—  3-2-1-lesbian
Credence Barebone - After Effects

Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

It had been almost a year since I had last seen Credence lose control of his Obscurus. After what had happened at the pier, Newt had tracked him down and brought him back to the Goldstein apartment… Alone. I had deliberately not assisted him, as the mere sight of me was clearly a trigger for him.

It had hurt like nothing else had before, but I had decided to let him go.

Until he decided otherwise.

Newt had written to me a week or so after he found Credence, saying that he was asking to see me. Unable to believe his words, I went over to meet them, unsure of what I was expecting.

I only realized it wasn’t a dream when I saw him step towards me, and then hesitate a little, as if he thought he wasn’t worthy of me. Without a second thought, I had rushed towards him and held him close, blinking away the moistness in my eyes as I felt his tears drip onto my shoulder.

He was as mild then as I remembered him before, apologizing for something that clearly wasn’t his fault. He felt guilty for not telling me about everything sooner, and while I agreed that he should have, I couldn’t let him wallow in guilt. So I pulled him closer, and told him that we would never speak of it again if that was what he wanted. When I felt his grateful nod against my neck, and heard his sniffling subside, I knew I was home.

It’s been a while, but some things impact us so deeply, the after-effects still remain with us. Sometimes, when I am watching him play with the Niffler, or pet Frank, I can see how hesitant he is to love again. How he still doesn’t want to let his guard down, even with these majestic creatures. But then he is laughing as a Bowtruckle hangs from his ear, and the moment is gone, and I am shaking my head, telling myself that I am turning into a worry-wart.

He has the most beautiful hair- he’s grown it out, and keeps it pulled back in a bun most of the time. His smile is wider now than last year, and his eyes are clear like a mountain spring. He puts a poultice on his scars every morning, when he thinks I’m still asleep. I kiss his palms every night, when I think he’s asleep. Sometimes we lie on the grass in Newt’s case and watch the stars go down. Other times, we’re laughing and running into quaint cafes for shelter from the London rain.

It has been an incredible journey, but also an incredibly difficult journey. I understand that I cannot simply wash away the shame and fear from his past. But I am proud to say that I have taught him to be his own person, and that it was not his fault that the world is cruel. And he has taught me that happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.

Newt’s book brought him fame and his creatures recognition, so much so that he works at the Ministry of Magic now. It was tough, leaving New York, but Credence and I know that wasn’t an ending for our relationship with Jacob and the girls. It was only a ‘To Be Continued.’ We still visit each other for Hanukkah.

Credence works as assistant to the Magizoologist now. I have never before realized how much he values me until he’s getting down on one knee, saying that he’s been saving up for months now. I’m in tears before I even see the ring. It’s a subtle thing, a tiny sapphire set in silver, but it doesn’t matter. Our hands shake so badly he can barely put it on my finger, and I don’t hesitate before placing my lips on his.

He tastes of sunshine, and hope, and an over-whelming courage, and most of all, a thousand tender tomorrows, filled with nothing short of the happiness and safety he’s always deserved.

(A/N): I can’t believe it’s over! I really hope all of you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for all the feedback and support. As always, requests are open!



Prompt: You are Loki’s wife, of Asgard. And with Thor’s help have finally found your husband. It is only you who discovers Loki’s true intentions when he is on the S.H.I.E.L.D  Helicarrier, how he is trying to get the Hulk to go on a rampage to distract the Avengers. Everyone underestimates you because you’re quite small and fragile looking. But it turns out you’re really clever. 

Warnings: None

Pairing: Loki x Reader, Avengers x Reader

I'm actually really glad to have a Loki request, at long last :) Hope I get it right and that you enjoy! 

I'm looking for my Husband

Finally you have found the whereabouts of your Husband. It has been a long search indeed. Even though it took you so long, you never for a minute wanted to give up. Finding him became your top priority. You were not ready to give up on him. Hopefully you could talk him out of all this madness. He even managed to fool you, setting up his own brother, just so he could be king. To you it appeared his intentions were true. Until the truth was later revealed. But, at the end of the day, he is still your husband. And you take your vows pretty seriously. 

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Starters

These are all from the lines various Pokémon can say during missions in Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, either directly or edited slightly to remove setting-specific elements.

  • Let’s try to do our best, [name]!
  • I’m in deep trouble… [Name], I need help…
  • Anything touches me, it gets burned to a cinder!
  • It isn’t just birds that can fly!
  • I hope nothing ominous happens…
  • Please, don’t look at me like that. It makes me very self-conscious.
  • Am I truly too far behind the times?
  • Witness my newfound power!
  • But some things will never change…
  • Believe it or not, but I am an artist!
  • I’m not sleeping! I’m waiting!
  • Kiss me to see how strong I am?
  • I’m in pain… I’m ready to fall…
  • Please, show me your heart.
  • This is my ruin… Even my shadow grows dim…
  • What is happiness? Can you tell me? Can you tell me?
  • I’m fluffy and warm!
  • I demand more blood!
  • Watch me grow bigger!
  • I traveled through time to be with you!
  • Please, no more… I can’t exert myself anymore…
  • I’m done for… I wish I lived a better life…
  • No one can keep up with my speed!
  • I want to make everyone happy!
  • Now is the time to endure.
  • Don’t make me angry. I can ruin the world!
  • I’ve had enough…I long for the seas…
  • I can’t keep going like this… [name], help…
  • My swimming is world class!
  • I’m done for… My head is spinning, and I’m about to fall…
  • I just hang around, and the bugs… They just flock to me.
  • Wasn’t my love enough?
  • I’m burnt right out. My legs aren’t working anymore…
  • I’ll chase you to the ends of the world!
  • Please, spare me… It pains me to remain on my feet…
  • Please keep trying when I’m gone…
  • Do something… I don’t have the energy left to swim…
  • But I can’t be happy with that! I have to train harder!
  • What do you wish of me?
  • I hate losing to [name]!
  • I’m in trouble… My strength is spent…
  • I’ll make dreams come true!
  • I’m close to fainting… Can I just curl up somewhere?
  • A vivid rainbow gives me protection!
  • I’m not a good fighter, but I’ll give you my best!
  • Hah?! You want me to talk quieter?!
  • I’m so glad you’re on my side!
  • Bugs are my favorite things to eat.
  • There is nothing that science cannot achieve.
  • I feel faint… This shouldn’t be happening to me…
  • It’s no good… Even the power of happiness won’t reach me…
  • I’m all out of milk…
  • Balance! Balance! Balance is the important thing!
  • I’ll spin and dance some more!
  • Don’t make fun of us because we look like eggs!
  • Do not believe in only what the eyes see!
  • When we finish fighting, let’s go out and play!
  • Learn to endure! Endurance will always help you!
  • Is that food I smell? Maybe not.
  • I’m sorry… I can take cold, but not this…
  • I’m doomed… I don’t know my way around…
  • I’ll keep gaining power this way!
  • Let’s go! The north wind will be our ally!
  • I can’t keep up…
  • I won’t lose so long as the stars sparkle and shine in the sky!
  • Empty your mind of anxiety, and solutions will come to you.
  • Owowowow! My head hurts!
  • It hurts to even move…
  • I am the thunderbolt that races through the fields!
  • I’m done… Please, take care of my baby…
  • I’m ready to collapse…
  • It makes me happy being with you!
  • I’m sorry… I can hardly move…
  • Does this frilly outfit suit me?
  • Don’t blame me if you get lost in dungeons!
  • This is starting to hurt…
  • I’m going to make a big flower bloom!
  • All the yesterdays, today, and all tomorrows–they are as one!
  • We are… No longer capable…
  • I can’t take it… I’m too weak to move my body…
  • I’m hurting… It’s tough to even lift my head.
  • I’m about to crash…
  • I’m small but I’m tough!
  • I’d fight even against a hundred foes!
  • Who should I copy next?
  • Your compassion becomes your power!
  • Do you know what it feels like to be ignored by everyone?
  • Love is a wonderful thing! Do you love love? Don’t you love love?
  • The sea and the sky… Both are my allies!
  • Fighting is so loud. But I’ll do my best!
  • I don’t forgive anyone that messes with my territory!
  • Never let your guard down. That’s for your own benefit.
  • I even feel like an empty shell now…
  • All I need is electricity! Nothing else!
  • Let’s keep at it, [name]!
  • I’m about done… I have no strength left…
  • In the distant past, the seas were amazingly pure.
  • Even long battles must eventually end!
  • Now is it OK to chow down a mountain?
  • I sense hostility… I’m scared!
  • Please… I feel faint…
  • Please don’t come up to me from behind.
  • I long to demonstrate my power to the world!
  • I stand on the brink… This may be my last act of elegance…
  • Food tastes delicious!
  • I’d like to chow down on a mountain!
  • I fear the worst… I cannot prevail against disasters…
  • I don’t let little things bother me.
  • Cooperating with [name] is one thing I won’t do!
  • I can pinpoint north now!
  • I’ve got lots of scaring to do!
  • But relax! Relax!
  • Would you like me to paint?
  • It doesn’t matter how often I lose, I don’t give up!
  • I don’t understand it. Why am I fainting?
  • Please don’t fall asleep when I sing!
  • For our victory!
  • It’s getting tougher…
  • Get in my way and I’ll just crush you under me!
  • I can’t keep up with the latest fashions, but I’ll do my best!
  • I wonder what’s in store here? This is so exciting!
  • I might be small, but I’m quick!
  • I’m not a liar. I’m just a very good mimic!
  • You must clear the path to your own future!
  • Please don’t whack me on the head!
  • The world is awash in change–but not everything changes.
  • Greater things are expected of me!
  • Wishes can always come true! You mustn’t ever give up!
  • This world is but tiny in the vastness of space…
The feelings I had for you were beyond my control I knew I should have stopped myself from falling but it almost felt impossible to. I said to myself I would be careful to not let anyone get too close to me but when I met you that was it I let my guard down completely.
—  t.i // Falling in love.