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If you have trouble reading small fonts on Tumblr, listen up!

Hello friends! I thought I could contribute with a feature I didn’t know existed until recently and might help for those who have trouble reading small text (as a glasses wearer, I empathise) 

In Google Chrome, you can set a minimum font and the browser will encode your web pages to fit this. I’ve been doing this for custom fonts, but just noticed the size feature. 

  • Go to chrome://settings/
  • Scroll to the bottom 
  • Click on Show advanced settings
  • Scroll to the heading Web content
  • Click customize fonts
  • Find the minimum font size section and adjust! Default is 6px

In the image, I have set mine to 11px. This affects my Tumblr dashboard as well as other websites. Once I got to 14px, it made ‘small’ dashboard text the same size as normal text. 

Please note that making your font bigger might affect some formatting things as @hailthehelpful​‘s post talks about. 

So while everyone should be making their themes accessible, this is a nice remedy until the 6px nonsense stops :-) Reblog if you found this useful! I’m not sure how many people know about this

EDIT: Making complete sense, this will also work with chromium-based browsers (e.g. Opera) - kudos to @the-fires-dead 

EDIT: If you have Firefox browser, you can do the same thing - kudos to @ordoachao


merlin au: arthur, merlin, morgana, and gwen run the top technology firm in the world

I just did a ton of work on the blog theme so it should be a bit easier to navigate! 

  • I made the text on the posts bigger (because lets face it, that was tiny)
  • Took away the magic that made you have to click an arrow just to see the description
  • Took away the extra click you had to do just to see the navigation links
  • Added links for the forms, documents, and a place for the check-ins when it’s time for that
  • Added neat little icons for the links 
  • Replaced some of the other magic that was bothering me

None of this goes for mobile because that’s a whole other mess that I have zero control of :’ )

Perfect to Me [T.O.P]

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Requested by Anonnie/Anon^

Summary: In which you are getting ready to go to a party, but look in the mirror and you can’t help but feel insecure about yourself as you look in the mirror. But Seung-hyun comforts you.

Word Count: 670 words

Type: Drabble

Genre: Angst and fluff

Member: T.O.P from BigBang

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More embarrassing art time! I present to you: the magnum opus of my elementary school years.

I have always LOVED cats and spent 1st to 3rd grade (aka before my life was consumed by Pokemon) ignoring the teacher and inventing innovative new cat species. I carefully documented my work in hand-bound books–there was another book like this with more cats, but I can’t find it. Probably lost to all the moving around we did. I’m amazed I still hung on to this thing for so long.

Yes, those are rubber bands holding those sheets of printer paper in place. I made do with what I had.

Not gonna lie, I still think the seal thing is pretty clever.

The text reads: “I do think I should make bigger chairs.”

I was SO PISSED when Latias and Latios came out because Nintendo stole! my idea!! I still hold a grudge to this day.

Bonus art from my sketchbook! This was after we moved to Japan as evidenced by the scrawls in the upper right.

It may be incredibly embarrassing to look back at old art, but it’s still kind of nice to have this relic from my childhood.