i should have made the font bigger

Half Fallen (SinJa)


(>w<) somehow I hit 1,010 overnight… I missed my own 1,000 dang. A-anyway I also realized I had nothing for y'all, so I found something in my to do folder and did a rush job orz but I really like this one, if but for the delicious rough style Ja'far uses when he’s mad. Lots of ‘naninanija ne- yo’ and stuff like that, it’s cute ufufu

anyway bye again

If you have trouble reading small fonts on Tumblr, listen up!

Hello friends! I thought I could contribute with a feature I didn’t know existed until recently and might help for those who have trouble reading small text (as a glasses wearer, I empathise) 

In Google Chrome, you can set a minimum font and the browser will encode your web pages to fit this. I’ve been doing this for custom fonts, but just noticed the size feature. 

  • Go to chrome://settings/
  • Scroll to the bottom 
  • Click on Show advanced settings
  • Scroll to the heading Web content
  • Click customize fonts
  • Find the minimum font size section and adjust! Default is 6px

In the image, I have set mine to 11px. This affects my Tumblr dashboard as well as other websites. Once I got to 14px, it made ‘small’ dashboard text the same size as normal text. 

Please note that making your font bigger might affect some formatting things as @hailthehelpful​‘s post talks about. 

So while everyone should be making their themes accessible, this is a nice remedy until the 6px nonsense stops :-) Reblog if you found this useful! I’m not sure how many people know about this

EDIT: Making complete sense, this will also work with chromium-based browsers (e.g. Opera) - kudos to @the-fires-dead 

EDIT: If you have Firefox browser, you can do the same thing - kudos to @ordoachao

Publishing: Book Covers

Anonymous asked:

For those of us interested in self-pub/indie-pub, can you offer any advice on cover design? What elements make a good cover in your mind and what things to avoid?

Great question!

If you’re planning to design your own cover, make sure you do a lot of research into photo and font licensing and design. Look into some professional book cover designers, too. Many have very affordable pricing as well as inexpensive pre-made covers that you can purchase and customize.

I don’t have a lot of expert tips on design myself, but there are some great articles out there about cover clichés. Try looking up ones specific to your book’s genre, like “YA cover clichés” or “fantasy cover clichés.”

I personally prefer covers with bright coloring and fonts that are pretty but not overly ornate. Unless you’re a household name who can sell a book by name alone, I don’t think your name should be bigger than the title of the book. Cityscapes, landscapes, and other elements are in at the moment. Cozy couples and dramatic girls or women are in cliché territory at the moment.

I hope that helps! :)