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Popular | Chapter 4

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Avenger!Reader

Prompt: Tony has made a bet to see who could end up with the most fans, out of the Avengers, by the end of the month. Bucky takes it just to piss Sam off and Reader really wants to prove that she isn’t the least popular. Bucky and Reader team up to be a fake couple in order to beat the other Avengers, agreeing to split the prize at the end. Will it all work out?

A/N: Adding just a bit of drama into this series. Thanks to all of you again for the overwhelmingly positive feedback. I do have bonus chapters planned as well, so look out for those in the future. In the meantime, please enjoy the next installment.

Warnings: Added tension. Watch out, kids.

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The Avengers’ Photoshoot

You blinked twice after another flash went off. This one left you a bit dazed. You removed your arm from Bucky’s to rub your eyes.

“You alright there?” The photographer called out.

“All good!” You give two thumbs up.

“Just a few more to go,” the woman behind the camera reassured you. “Next pose, please!” Stylists rushed all around, grabbing clothes off of hangers and brushing the hair on any head they came across. It was busier and somehow had more cameras than Tony’s press conferences.

What was supposed to be a simple photo shoot for the team turned into a whole fashion show. Everyone was doing their best to show off their unique styles, personalities, and best Instagram materials. Tony decided to do some personal motivating by calling together a small town’s worth of professional photographers, make-up artists, and marketers to really ‘sell’ the Avengers.

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lostemotion  asked:

OKAY. MEME. I couldn't decide, so I'll leave that to you: 2 for Shiro/Keith or 11 for Shiro/Matt? :D?

(Wondering what this is?  This is the 800 Followers Special!  Find out more here.  Don’t wanna see these because there’s a lot of them coming over the next couple of weeks?  Blacklist ‘800 Followers Special’.  Hate reading on Tumblr?  These will be going on AO3 as ‘This Paradox Place’ a couple of days after posting.)

hey, i’m liking your photos at 2am because i want to make out.  i’m texting you at noon because i want to make out.  i woke up today because i (we don’t need words)

This was getting desperate.

Matt didn’t know what else to do.

He’d tried everything in the book.  Matt sent Shiro little messages at all hours, especially during the non-emergency times when he knew Shiro was wearing his helmet, and wouldn’t be able to resist reading them.  He took photos of them all the time, and he sent the good ones to Shiro in the middle of the night, always with a caption.  He bumped their shoulders together, hung onto Shiro’s arms, rested his chin on Shiro’s shoulder (when he could reach).  He sat next to him whenever there was space, and occasionally when there wasn’t.

Matt had thrown in every ‘I want to make out with your stupid, gorgeous face’ signal he knew.  And Shiro was still painfully oblivious.

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Yes, Professor


Pairing: Professor!Dean x Reader

Summary: AU where Dean is a professor of English at the university that the reader attends.

Word count: 2008

Warnings: Sexual tension (?), use of sir (although that’s because he’s her teacher) and I think that’s it?

A/N: Just to let you know, I absolutely adore the characters of Supernatural and any unflattering portrayals of them in this fic are just works of fiction! The story couldn’t carry on without any bad guys ;) but let me know what you think! Whether this becomes a series or not pretty much rides on the feedback from you guys :)

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The Perfect Way To Start - Pt. 2

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Missed Birthday/Working/Disappointment/Dreams/Your Future/Sex/Drunk/Long Talks

Rating: X

Pt. 1 

You’re drunk-” You tried to free yourself from his grip on your chin, but to no avail, his eyes pierced yours like he’d been ordered to trap you there until you uttered an answer- “Ji- we- we can’t have kids-”  Still unwavering, his gaze somehow grew stronger forcing you to reconsider, but all you could think about was how intense his eyes were- how supple his lips look wet with traces for your mouth and the liquor you both indulged in- “We can’t-

Why-” one simple kiss on your lips and then he pulled back leaving you with seconds to live, you needed his kiss again like air and he knew it- but no excuse escaped your breath. He kissed you once more lingering a little too long to leave you barren- “Why-” Whispering, he knew what his raspy voice did to you, especially now with senses heightened, you needed his lungs breathing into you, his moans moving your own vocal chords, his hands trailing your skin planting raised shivers leaving your body numb- and he needed it for himself too- but it didn’t seem like he was backing down tonight. 

How- how are we going to do this-” he smirked at your vague question and decided to lead you down the path he’d already started on. 

Well, I’m going to finish getting you worked up-” He placed tender kisses along your jaw as he continued, chin still firmly in his grasp- “And we’re going to tell each other how much we love each other-” he ran his tongue along your pulsating vein causing your heart rate to increase even more than it already was- “And then I’m going to make love to you- or we could wait around for a stork-” 

You know what I mean-” It took you a while to come down from your high, but this wasn’t something you should be so easily lost in. “How are we going to raise a child, we aren’t married, we both have careers-” He tried to coax you to a conclusion once more with his pouting lips pressed to the corner of your mouth, but you weren’t going to give in. “Jiho- stop it- this is serious!” 

“Who’s not being serious?” he backed away once he took your stern tone into account- “I want to have a kid- I love you- we’ve both got money so we have nothing to worry about-” he started back up believing in his drunken state that he was convincing you- 

“Nothing to worry about? You’re kidding right?” You were both well off- your child would want for nothing, except a childhood- where you going to raise a kid at the studio? Jiho knew your preexisting worried about commitment, and this was even more final than marriage-  

His eyes seemed to glaze over, he couldn’t understand how you were on separate pages, he’d thought he was giving your relationship a perfect solution- “What! What more do you need? Because it’s starting to sound like you’re not really in this-” 

Not really in this? Ji- what are you even talking about?” He couldn’t be serious- he brings up kids once and thinks it’s the end all? 

He shot up from the sofa turning his back to you and running a furious hand through his hair grabbing onto a few strands before taking a long, deep breath, and spoke to the wall for a moment before turning back to you- “Having a kid would force us to be together more- to make things work- to have an actual life- and you’re running away!” 

Ji- I’m- I’m not running anywhere-” You were worried that you’d lose him, that he would be too far gone to listen to reason- 

So what- we’re just going to wait until our lives slow down? Because it’s not going too! And you’ll have an out!” He was on another planet, you had to admit that you’d never seen him this distraught, but was that an excuse? His eyes pleaded with anger and his hands fidgeted trying to focus on something other than ripping his hair out- 

But this was going on far too long- “That’s enough, Jiho-” 

“It’s what you want, isn’t it- you don’t want this- you never wanted this-” he was inches away from your face as he spoke shoving knives into your heart with the way his voice cracked, you had half a mind to give in, grant his one wish- but there was something swimming in his stare that snapped you back to reality- 

“I said that’s enough!” you tone was so forceful it caused Jiho to stumble backwards almost tripping over the coffee table- “What’s the real reason-” you knew there was more, and he proved your point when his eyes filled to the brim with tears. “Jiho- tell me what’s got you all worked up- we’ve never talked about kids before, there’s no reason for this-” 

He was defeated, slumping on the group using the front of the armchair for support as he tucked his knee’s into his chest for comfort. “You missed my birthday because you were with him-” 

The ‘him’ he was referring to was your boss, yes you ran the magazine, but someone had to fund it. He was nice enough, but always kept you on your heels running around trying to meet his high standards, but still keeping your image intact- it was almost impossible, but you dedicated the time that was needed and sacrificed many things for your career- including Jiho. 

He’s- he’s nothing- you know that-” your voice grew timid waiting his figure deflate deeper and deeper into himself, there was one major insecurity between the pair of you always being so far away- there was always fear of temptation on those lonely nights. It drove Jiho mad-  

I know he’s always there- I know it would be so much easier to be with him-” he made his way over to your legs hanging off the sofa and cradled them for dear life resting his head on your lap- “Please- don’t go back to him- I’ll be better- I’ll come home more often-” 

Baby-” you couldn’t live with yourself, what had possessed him to think that you would ever cheat on him? Was it something you’d said? You did spend a lot of time with him- but that’s the only way to get the magazine running the way you wanted it- “How could an idea so horrible as that get into your head?” 

“I went to your studio today when you said you were running late-” He spoke as if he was ashamed of what he’d done- “Maybe try to get you to wrap it up so we could go out- but you were with him- and you were so close together, and laughing-” he moved his was closer to you begging for comfort. 

Baby- he was looking over the stills from the shoot- they’re super tiny and need to be looked at through a magnifying glass- I was laughing because he finally liked something that I put together-” all you could do was run your fingers through his hair giving him enough comfort to calm him down, but restraint enough to ease yourself from the anger that still rose inside of you from before. “You should have come in- I could have explained. Instead you spent your birthday thinking I forgot to celebrate because I was too busy cheating on you-” You were a little more than cross- 

He picked his head up off your lap sensing your feelings towards him- “You’re mad at me now?” he cocked his head to the side wondering how the hell the tables turned on him. 

“You made me feel worthless for not wanting to have children with you, and really it was an ego trip for you because you thought I was cheating- and if you got me pregnant I couldn’t go back to him-” you crossed your arms being positively done with whatever excuse he was cooking in his mind. 

You’re right-” he stood before he spoke, towering over you with purpose, but not spite. He knew he was wrong- the alcohol washed away for just a moment to clear the air. “I was jealous- and I couldn’t bare the thought of someone else having you.” He keeled down in front of you taking both your hands in his and taking his sweet time kissing your palms- “Couldn’t bare the thought that you wouldn’t be mine-” 

The hot breath on your open palms, that same hunger in his eyes- how could you even think about what had just happened. You knew he was sincere- but you couldn’t let this raw tension go to waste- “Make me yours again-” 

Without a second thought he pulled your wrists forward so they’d latch around his neck giving him time to scoop you up around his waist. Taking the mecca to the bedroom was making itself difficult- each wall hit was another place to center yourselves and remove some clothing. His kiss was wet hot and devoured you, it was like he was craving a taste of something that he could only get a hint of. Tensions were running high and there was not time for sweet love making- you needed each other like a candle needs a flame, so you settled on the wall between the hallways making it easy to assert the switch of dominance. 

He had your body flush against the wall while he make short work of your blouse. “Make me yours again- oh baby you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into-” His voice was horse and strained from the energy he put into kissing you. He left not inch of skin untouched and coated every part of your body with his strong grasp- taunting and pulling at you wherever he could. Once one of your secret birthday gifts were reviled under your clothing he couldn’t help but bury his face into the crook of his neck to calm himself- you’ve never seen him so ravenous- “Are you trying to kill me-” He spoke through moans and circles drawn by his fingers through your brand new lace- 

“Happy birthday baby-” you hugged his body closer straining your legs just enough to make him feel trapped. His skin started to crawl just looking at your image- spreed out in all black, and just for him. 

I’m going to have you right here against this wall- I don’t care how many neighbors we wake up- I want to devour you until our muscles can’t function-” he slyly hooked his finger around the cover of your lace and moved it to the side- you could feel his length eagerly awaiting entrance to your sanctuary. “I want you to scream my name- claw your fingers into me until I bleed- and I want you to cum when I tell you too-” He brought one hand around to cup your chin once more- “Are we clear-” 

All you could do was nod- he was already thrusting into you, his gaze never leaving you forcing you to bare it all to him. The weightlessness of being held in the air by sheer force and the feeling of your ass hitting different places on the wall gave such a strange euphoria and only made you more wet for him. 

That’s it baby- come down harder-” He made a machine out of fucking you, thrusting, then lifting giving your body no time to adjust as your sweet spot was being attacked over and over by his sticky hot shaft. Your eyes began to roll back into your head, but he couldn’t let you, not yet at least. “Did I say you could cum?” You snapped back using all the forced left in your body to stop yourself from exploding, the knot in your stomach was growing by the second. “No- no I didn’t princess- so why do I feel you tightening up- huh?” You couldn’t speak, the feeling was too much, all you could do was focus on not reaching your end. But he felt so damn good slamming in and out of you- “I said- why do I feel your pussy clenching around my cock- princess?” 

You were a goner- his words seemed to send shock waves straight to your core. You clenched down so hard you were surprised his parts were still intact. He let you ride out your orgasm- but you could tell by his expression that he wasn’t pleased. He made you stand on your own for a few moments before turning you around- you tried to steady yourself on the wall, but there wasn’t time. He’d already thrust deeper than he’d ever been before- your chest was displayed against the wall as he reached once hand to grope a tender nipple- while the other ghosted to your thighs. He caressed the skin where your joints come together to attach to your pelvis, before he began to slowly spreed your legs wider- and wider- until he thought you’d reached your breaking point. His hands were so smooth, but he carried out the task ruffly- each inch moved was a small punishment. But he knew how much you loved to be punished- so tonight was to feed both of your needs. 

After he had you in the correct position- he continued to message your breasts and moved his hand lower just a breath away from your clit. He began to rub you quickly, but not without skill. He was gifted in this, and knew it because only moments from your last orgasm- you were about to cum all over his cock again. “Hold it baby- yes- that’s a good girl-” his breath was wet and snaked in and out of your ear like the wet between your legs. He was doing more than making you his- he was possessing you, and you were loving every second of it. You body tensed up and your back began to spaz- he brought a tender and steady hand to caresses every one of your vertebrae “Just a bit longer baby- shhh- relax-” kisses ghosted along with your touch and you melted into submission knowing how well he cared for you- especially after things got so rough. “I’m going to let you cum now baby- but you have to tell me who you belong too-” you whimpered under him wondering how one earth you were going to utter words- the pace of his fingers quickened as his his thrusting- you could hardly make sense of anything at all. “It’s okay baby- let it out- scream it if you have too-” 

Your body felt as if it ripped in two- one half screamed his name like your life depended on it, and the other spontaneously combusted with pleasure and the next thing you knew you were in his lap sitting on the ground. You could still feel his length pulsating inside of you. 

Was it too much- you’re still shaking-” he ran his hand along your forehead displacing the beads of sweat and getting a better look at your face. His skin felt to tender on yours and all you could think about was fall asleep right there in his embrace. 

No- Ji, it was amazing- when was the last time we got to do that?” You couldn’t stop touching him, every inch was meant to be marveled at. 

“It’s been too long- you know what black lace does to me-” 

Exactly- Happy Birthday baby-” 

I love you- don’t worry, I know we’ll talk more tomorrow-” He kissed your forehead and proceeded to lift up your limp body and carry you to the silk sheets and Jiho’s strong embrace. 

Pabo- if you keep fucking me like that you wont have to force me to stay-” he blushed secretly out of triumph for winning you back- and wondering why he thought he’d lost you in the first place. He made a mental not to make more time for moments like these.  

And Another Point To Make!


For those who don’t recognize that line, it’s from Game Grumps’s LP of Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, which I’ve watched on YouTube recently (it’s hilarious, go check it out). I bring this up because I randomly had the thought that a fourth Kirby representative would be nice, since Sm4sh was made by the same person who created the Kirby franchise. And Return to Dreamland actually provides a promising candidate, so I might as well whip up a quick moveset for him. Er, it. Whatever.

It’ll probably be shortened to Bandanna Dee in Smash, but you get the ‘point’. XD

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After Class

Pairing: Professor!Bucky x Reader

Summary: AU where Bucky is a professor of English at the university that the reader attends.

Word count: 2000+

Warnings: Sexual tension and contextual use of Sir.

This is a converted version of my Supernatural series: Yes Professor.”

Tagging: @vigorousxangry @younonothingrosie @castiels-forbidden-angel (let me know if you want to be tagged!)

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So I saw Frozen a few hours ago…

First, superficially, I have ‘Let It Go’ stuck in my head and the baking hot streets of the southern hemisphere certainly feels less grand having come out of the winter wonderland meticulously animated and emblazoned across the screen for the past hour and a half. I can see why everyone has adopted Elsa as their queen and Anna as their precious derp princess. I don’t know what was up with the trolls and the snowman and why the reindeer acted like a dog. I did not notice the animation flaws, but I only watched it once. Verdict: no, it isn’t Disney’s greatest masterpiece, but it was enjoyable enough. I do have a bit of critique though, but mostly just… questions.

Shoom shoom.

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