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2x20 “What Is And What Should Never Be”
God, can you imagine waking up next to him and him sleepily looking at you like in the first gif? :’)


I was like; “This is stupid, this is in your head, no one is into it, they don’t care what happens to Brendan and I, or Michael and Maria, or these people playing them,” or, whatever. So, I put it on hold. But, then we wound up attending the Austin Television Festival, and not only did we end up seeing so many fans that made me realize there really was a need for this type of genre, but it so mimicked in a weird way what I had already written that it felt so incredibly meta to me.


Way To Tell You vs. +confrontation+ 

(aka me grasping for basically anything beadick)


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You broke the kiss, gently grabbing his wandering his hands, “Did I go too far?” He asked quickly, breathing heavier.

You shook your head, “I… I should’ve told you ages ago but I was nervous. I-I want to wait until marriage before I…”

“You do? (y/n), that’s totally okay!” Stiles smiled, “It’s your choice so you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. You never had to be nervous to tell me. I love you no matter what.”