i should have eased up on the darkness of the cavern

Request Fic!

For a lovely anon who asked for sick Lance giving his food to the others: thanks for sending this request! I hope this is okay! I tried really hard!

Lance grimaced as Keith passed a ration bar from Shiro’s pack. He knew that he should eat it–he hadn’t eaten anything all day, and only half a ration bar the day before–but even just looking at the food made his stomach churn.

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New To You

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 1,810

A/N: Oh my god, this is so much longer than the other parts! But that is because it’s the LAST PART. I know we probably all expected it to be longer, but if you want the honest answer, I kinda lost the inspiration to write more to it? Instead, I’ve become so excited about all these different ideas I’ve been getting from this latest season, so I want to write those while they’re still prevalent for you guys to enjoy! I hope you like this, let me know how you feel! 

Part OnePart TwoPart Three - Part Four - Part Five 

With a duffel bag slung over your shoulder, you stumbled through the motel door while laughing at yet another joke Dean had said during your walk back from the laundromat. Dean was hot on your heels as he smiled wide, his eyes trained on your back.

“Job well done.” You stared at your clean clothes as you pulled them out and re-folded them. Dean locked the door and dropped his phone onto the table before looking over at his brother, who lay asleep on one of the queen beds. In silence he slipped out of his jacket and kicked off his boots. You glanced over your shoulder, and decided you had enough time to change your shirt while Dean was turned around. So you pulled the camisole over your shoulders and began to work quickly on tugging a freshly washed t-shirt on.

“Goodnight.” You said, even though for the first time in a long time, you didn’t want to stop talking to Dean.  He nodded and shut off the bedside lamp while you crawled under the covers. With your eyes open with nothing to stare at but the immediate darkness that took over the room, you listened carefully to his movements. You heard him drop a pillow onto the couch and then eventually, himself. He turned from one side to the other, over and over again.

Finally, you shut your eyes. Minutes later, he flipped back over and you opened your eyes once more.

“Holy shit, just stop moving!” You whispered loudly, so beyond tired that you didn’t care how rude it sounded.

“Maybe I would be able to if I had a big ass bed like you do, princess.” You could practically hear him roll his eyes.

You sighed and rubbed your eyes. “Then get in.” You said sharply.

At first, it was silent. Eventually though, he pushed down his blanket and made his way towards your bed. The bed dipped dramatically as he lay near you.

You shut your eyes. Your back tingled knowing he was just inches away. It took all your strength not to turn around.

Meanwhile, Dean found solace in watching your body rise and fall as your breathing became deeper. He wanted nothing more than to grip your hip in his hand; to have your skin beneath his fingertips. Instead, he lay. He lay next to you as still as he had ever been before.

Morning came with its light filtering itself through the blinds that no one cared to shut.

You inhaled and opened your eyes as you sat up, allowing them to adjust to the bright sunlight.

“Finally.” Sam said from the kitchen. “It’s already ten.”

“Ten?” You nearly jumped out of the bed. “Why didn’t I wake up soon-” Your eyes landed on Dean, whose arm lay in the spot you just stood up from.  

Sam bit his tongue not to smile, instead choosing to busy himself with his bagel.

“I got you one too.” He said, but you weren’t paying attention. You rubbed your eyes before running your hands through your hair, and tugging.

Did you really sleep the whole night with Dean?

Better yet - why was it the best sleep you had since…ever?

You hastily grabbed a toothbrush from your bag, and made your way to the bathroom. You stared at your reflection in the mirror as you brushed.

“Dude.” Sam tossed a pillow at his brother. “Get up.”

Dean groaned and flipped over, completely unprepared for what Sam was about to ask him.

“Did you guys-” Sam made a few obscene hand gestures before saying, “while I was asleep?!”

Dean blinked quickly, then looked at where he was.

“No!” He exclaimed and got up from the bed. “Really? You thought I would-”

“You have before!” Sam laughed and took another bite of his breakfast. Dean nodded smugly, then pulled on a flannel.

“Anyhow.” Dean changed the topic, “We’re killing this son of a bitch today right?”

“We’d better.” Sam nodded, “Let’s head out after you guys eat.”

Dean agreed and changed his pants before knocking on the bathroom door for you to get out.

“One minute!” You shouted back out.

Within the hour, the Impala was back on the road. A small dirt path was your destination; you visualized it from what the witness, Yafa, had described beforehand.

Eventually, forest was the only thing in your view.

“Why isn’t it underground?” You asked, remembering where you had thought you killed it.

“It must be looking for a new area since we attacked it.” Sam explained as he looked ahead. Birds flew overhead, scattering themselves among the branches. You watched while Dean parked, as a squirrel ran up a tree. How could such an evil creature make home amongst this beauty? You thought.

“Here.” Dean shoved a weapon into your hand. “Sam has the lighter.”

You nodded, “So we shoot, then Sam lights his ass up?”

“Exactly.” Dean shut the trunk and immediately everyone’s senses were in full effect.

Dean walked first, leading you and Sam deeper and deeper into the foliage. It was strange hunting during the day, but the cloudy sky sent chills up your spine.

“Is it gonna rain?” You whispered to Sam who shrugged.

“Hopefully, no.” He looked up to the sky as well. You looked forward to where Dean motioned to move right.

“Wait.” You grabbed his arm. He turned his head to you.


“Look.” You pointed to an area about a couple yards ahead. “That looks homey.”

Sam furrowed his brows as he looked at the area. An opening to what looked like an underground area was adorned with rocks and what looked like clothing remains.

“Shit.” You began to walk, eyes trained on the green t-shirt that lay strewn on top of one of the rocks.

“Rock, paper, scissors?” You tried to lighten the mood for whoever had to jump in the hole first.

Dean looked at you and before you could protest, he lowered himself into the cavernous hole.

“Go, I got you.” Sam motioned for you to go second so he could lower you down.

You tucked your gun into your jeans and gripped the largest rock, easing yourself down. When you landed, all you saw was darkness.

“Dean?” You whispered and suddenly a hand was on your shoulder, and you jumped.

“Shit!” You nearly shouted, “Wrong time to scare me.”

“Take this.” He passed you a flashlight, and you shined it up at Sam who finally landed on solid ground.

Then, you shined it around the rest of the space.

“This…” You trailed off, remaining speechless at the view before you.

“Let’s keep walking.” Dean said quietly as he stepped over what looked like a human hand.

It was silent for a few minutes, but that was too good to be true. A flash of movement caught your eye, and you nudged Sam who seemed to have seen it as well.

“Dean!” Sam hissed, “Here.”

Dean took a few steps back and you looked up at him. “It went through there.” You shone the flashlight towards the left.

The three of you made your way until you heard a voice.

“Sh.” Sam said, stopping in his tracks.

“I’m here!” Your voice shouted, but it wasn’t you.

Dean’s eyes widened and he took a step back.

“That’s not me.” You exhaled a shaky breath.

Dean grabbed your hand tight, “You stay by me.” He commanded.

Sam looked at his older brother, worry etched all over his face.

You entwined your fingers into Dean’s calloused ones, squeezing tight.

“I need help! Please help me!” The wendigo shouted again in your voice. Dean clenched his jaw and began moving, tugging you alongside him.

As you entered the next area, the monster finally showed itself. Dean let go of your hand and raised his gun, letting out round after round.

“Stop! Stop, please!” Your voice shouted, and Dean nearly lowered his gun. You watched him waiver as a reaction to your voice and you shouted for Sam to light him up.

“Now!” You said about a hundred times. Sam flicked his lighter and quickly got to making the fire large enough with his spray can.

The wendigo screamed so loudly that you nearly covered your ears. Dean yanked you back from the flame, “Get back!” He exclaimed, all the while the creature screamed in your voice.

Once it was dead, the three of you stood in silence.

You looked over at Dean who was already staring at you, hearing the screaming play over and over in his head.

Next thing you knew, you were back at the motel room packing up to leave. The ride back was spent in silence, it still loomed heavily over the three of you as you packed.

You passed Sam your duffel, and he grabbed his brothers as well. You watched as he walked outside to stuff everyone’s bags into the trunk.

“How you doing?” Dean finally spoke.

“Fine.” You answered, “I should be asking you.”

“Why me?” He tilted his head at you.

“You…when you heard it scream, you froze.” You said slowly.

He dropped his head before looking back up to meet your eyes, “It sounded like you.”

“I know.” You said in what came out as a whisper. You watched as he stepped closer to you.

“Your voice, was screaming.” He stated, and walked over until his toes nearly hit your own.

You looked at him, his nose mere inches from your own. Reaching up, you gripped the edges of his open shirt, and tugged them so that you could rest your head on his chest. He rested his chin on your head while he held you.

“I love you too, you know.” You finally said it.

Immediately, he gripped you tighter. He placed a kiss on your head and immediately you inched back and reached for his hair instead. You pressed your lips to his, pulling him in closer and closer as your hands traveled down to his neck. He squeezed at yours sides.

“Guys-” Sam opened the door before stopping, and going back outside. You smiled, nearly breaking into a laugh.

“Wanna go?” You asked against his lips.

“No.” He laughed and pulled you into his embrace once more.

You pulled away with a smile, “We’ll continue this at home.”

His hand reached down to yours, and for the second time that day you entwined your fingers with his. He rubbed his thumb against your hand as you walked, with your head pressed against his shoulder.

“Let’s go!” Sam exclaimed from the passenger seat, happy to finally go back to the bunker.

You reached up once more and placed a kiss on his cheek before sliding into the backseat. You watched his eyes crinkle through the rear-view mirror as he smiled.

“Let’s go.” He affirmed his brother and started the engine.

Dungeons and Dragon (Age)


Because let’s be real, Varric would make an awesome Dungeon Master…

(Pavellan, approx 2500 words, most under the cut)

Varlen stared at the board, his face slack with shock, his hair pulled back into a scraggly bun. A few unruly strands had already sprung free over the course of the evening, tumbling down the side of his face.

“So… wait, I’m what?” he demanded, eyes wide. Varric nodded somberly, barely visible from behind his DM screen as leaned down and hastily scribbled what might have been a sequence of numbers. Or an epitaph. Varlen hated when he started writing like that. It always made him nervous.

Eaten,” Varric repeated, flashing Varlen a whip-crack of a smile. “Sorry, kid. With a dex check like that, purple worm bites, purple worm swallows.”

Mouth open, Varlen watched in horror as his bard, Taliden High-Strung, was removed from his square and placed atop the purple worm’s tile. Around the table, voices rose in a chorus of protest.

“What, so there’s nothing we can do?” Dorian demanded, leaning forward, pensive behind his clasped hands. “A reaction, perhaps? A counter of some description?”

“Hey, you tell me,” Varric said with an easy smile, spreading his hands. “You’ve all got your sheets. Impress me.”

Dorian, Cassandra, Iron Bull, and Josephine peered down at their character sheets, brows furled in concentration. Paper rustled as Dorian leafed through his spells, lips pressed into a thin line. Cassandra and Bull were the first to sit back with resigned looks on their faces. Josephine took a few more beats before letting out a gusting sigh and casting worried eyes across to Varlen.

“Nothing,” she said sadly, as though she had personally failed him. “Sorry, Varlen.”

Desperate, Varlen just nodded and turned his gaze to Dorian. The man was glancing back and forth between a pair of spells, but already it was clear there was little that could be done. Slowly, reluctantly, he eased back in his seat and cast a dark glare towards Varric. “Unfortunately,” he said through clenched teeth, “I have nothing prepared to deal with this particular… circumstance.”

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Winnipeg (Kenny Omega Imagine)

Kenny Omega x Reader
Warning: SMUT. Pegging. Hair pulling.
A/N: Literally based on a pun. Also just kept the other Kenny imagine tag list, if you’d like to be taken off or added let me know!
     Tagged; @tatyanawaka @shadow-of-wonder @kurominonsense @kelstenkiara @sietefinns @castielscamander @oraclegazes @socyd @lindseyrae20 @eliza-kitty-cat @daintymissdevitt @nickysmum1909 @50shadesofadamcolebaybay @raphaelvavasseur
~1000 words

When time allowed, Kenny lived for all day sessions.

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An excuse to give a certain Jedi all the hugs

Ok, this is entirely @forcearama ’s fault - her recaps not only got me into TCW, but gave me all sorts of Kenobi feels. I’m not completely happy with this, but It’s been hanging around on my drive unfinished for long enough, so here, have a silly Mortis AU created purely to ensure Obi-Wan gets a well deserved hug.

Outside the thunder roars, a cacophony of light and noise as the planet tears itself apart in an orgy of chaos and destruction. Inside the cave however it is quiet, the silence only broken by the  crackling of the fire and occasional rustle of clothing as Ahsoka shifts in her sleep. Obi-Wan should be sleeping too. Who knows what new impossibility Mortis will throw at them in the morning?  But rest eludes him. The visions have left him unsettled, his mind turning itself over and over in an attempt to make sense of it all. Ahsoka had refused to speak of what she had seen, but if it was anything like his own experience… ( “you must realise with his power this is a very dangerous place to be” says a ghost ) 

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I’m sorry. For everything.

“Son, you seem distraught.”

Arcann heard his mother’s voice but was reluctant to tear himself out of contemplation. The air was cold above the canyon, the breeze made sounds dissipate faster and he wasn’t aware of her footsteps when Senya approached him near the railing. Her gloved hand pressed upon his right shoulder.

“Is everything alright?”

“Yes, mother.”

It was alright. Odessen was safe, the Eternal Fleet was theirs again. The Commander was working hard to rally factions for peace. She worked day and night, sometimes days at a time when deployed to another system.

He barely ever saw her anymore.

“Ever since last week, when we returned from Zakuul, I have noticed you were absent from your chambers. I can’t help but worry.”

“I need to stay busy,” he replied with an assuring nod. “The Alliance needs all the help it can get, we must stay alert against any uprisings. We have known these times when father was alive.” He recalled traveling Wild Space and the Outer Rim with Thexan, crushing the resistance against the Eternal Empire. “I know we can’t afford the same mistakes twice.”

“You are valuable to us all, Arcann.” She leaned over to catch his gaze, and he faced her with a certain difficulty. “But watch yourself not to get overworked.”

His teeth were locked tightly and he managed a pinched smile if only to dismiss her concerns. It was a vain attempt, a mother always worried about her children. Arcann needed to actively remind himself that she had only one left.

He sensed her pain and her mental exhaustion. Senya looked down in turn, clutching at the railing that separated them both against a deadly precipice. His lips twisted with dread before he circled his mother in his arms.

“Oh,” she breathed with surprise. “Thank you.”

He held on to her for a moment, sufficiently long enough to realize how much he’d missed the comfort of another person being close to him.

Long enough to want more. From someone else. Of something else.

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A Father’s Comfort

I blame @meldy-arts for this…after the episode we kind of freaked out together and then I got this idea and I just needed to write it…because angst followed by space family comfort/fluff is just one of my favorite things <33

I realized I haven’t always posted summaries of my drabbled recently, at least I think I have? Anyways, this is basically aftermath of all that happened, particularly Ezra and Sabine having nightmares and their space dad comforting them because that’s what Kanan does <33

I totally didn’t listen to “I Am Moana” the whole time I was writing this I don’t know what you are talking about…

Fic below the cut because of spoilers!

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Inuvember: KagKik

A/N: It’s almost 2k words! 

Summary: When Kagome’s friends get kidnapped by Naraku, she decides to ask for Kikyo’s help to get them back. 

“You have to work harder.”

Kagome groaned low in her throat and notched another arrow up to the slant of her cheek. She held her breath, and then let the weapon fly.

It missed the mark. Again.

Kikyo didn’t look away, staring at Kagome’s shame with a distasteful glare.

“You’re not trying hard enough.”

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Showered With Love - Soryu Oh SMUT

Forgive me, this is my first Soryu smut -rolls away-


The door creaked open, revealing your tired self after working a double shift. Barely closing the door behind you, you dragged your aching feet across the hallway.

“I’m home…” You called out, dropping your purse on the kitchen countertop. Instead of your boyfriend, only silence answered you. Confused, you called out again. No answer. You checked your phone if it had any new messages, but there was nothing. Weird. Usually if there was a last minute meeting or something, Soryu would text you about it.

Swinging the bedroom door open, you stripped out of your icky and sweaty uniform and slipped on a tank top and some comfortable shorts. You belly flopped onto the bed and closed your eyes, feeling all the tension in your body dissipate. A comfortable silence that blanketed the area almost lulled you to sleep. Well, almost.

A loud squeak from the shower and a sudden downpour of water from the bathroom startled you awake. Was someone there? Rubbing your eyes, you sat up, grabbed your phone, and hoisted yourself off the silky sheets and cautiously tiptoed to the bathroom.

Steam was leaking out of the cracks of the door and you twisted the doorknob, quite surprised it wasn’t locked. You cracked the door open just enough for your head to poke in. As your eyes adjusted to the bright light and steam, your ears perked up when a familiar voice started to hum a tune.

You blinked several times, your large (E/C) orbs finally making out a dark silhouette behind the shower curtain. Wait… Isn’t that-?

Your cheeks flushed a deep red and your breath got caught in your throat. No matter how hard you tried however, you just couldn’t pry your eyes off the naked man. Although you couldn’t clearly see him, your thoughts subconsciously traveled to… kinkier ones. You could clearly remember how his muscles and skin would stretch at every movement, and how warm his calloused hands felt against yours. His toned stomach was pressed snugly against you, and let’s not forget about his long and erect d-

You snapped out of your thoughts when the shower squeaked once more, ceasing the deluge of water. Panicking, you slammed the door shut and made a beeline for the bedroom, praying that Soryu didn’t see you peeping. Pressing a hand against your chest, you reached in your pocket and fished around for your phone.

“Wait where’s my-?” A wave of dread and horror washed over you as realization slammed you against a brick wall. “ … Oh God.”

The sudden slam threw Soryu in fight-or-flight mode. He instantly reached for his gun right beside the shower and pointed it at the door, beads of water and sweat rolling down his brow. All was silent, except for the drips and patters of the water. Slipping into his black briefs, he slowly exited the shower while his sharp grey eyes checked his surroundings, checking for any subtle differences. Taking a few steps forward, his eyes caught a phone that looked very similar to yours. Brows furrowing, he picked it up and pressed the home button, quite surprised to see your homescreen.

A dirty smirk crossed his lips as he chuckled menacingly, playing with the phone in his hands. “It looks like someone needs to be punished…”

You paced around the bedroom, chewing and gnawing your nails. Do you go back? Has he already seen it? What will he say or do if he saw it? How will you retrieve your phone without raising any suspicion? Oh, if only you resisted the urge to peep on him, you wouldn’t even be in this situation!

The door clicked open, suspending your heart from beating. A cold sweat slithered down your back and you gulped. Just play it cool. You swallowed your worries and shot your hopefully unsuspecting boyfriend the warmest smile you could possibly muster.

“Hello darling. How was work?”

“Fine,” He mumbled, drying his hair with a white towel. “(F/N), I have a very important question.”

“Oh?” Oh God, please no. “what is it?”

“Choose- movies or dinner? Or both?”

Your words got stuck in your throat and it took you a few moments to properly process what he just said. Relief washed over you like a tide and you were pretty sure some color returned to your cheeks.

“Um… Both sounds nice…”

“Good.” A half-smile broke from his lips and he sat down, patting the spot beside him. You sat down with him, completely at ease. Maybe he didn’t spot it after all. Wonderful! You’ll just get your phone in the morning then.

“Oh, speaking of which…” With an ominous smirk, Soryu pulled out something from behind. All the color in your face drained and your stomach plummeted. Oh shit.

“Why was your phone in the bathroom?” He hummed knowingly, still wishing to hear your lame excuses for his own personal amusement. 

“I… That’s…” You were absolutely tongue-tied. You not so discreetly wiped the streams of sweat off your face and your eyes darted back and forth. Of course he would see it. He’s a freaking mafia leader. He has the eyes of a damn hawk. Sighing, you resigned to your fate and decided to come out clean to him.

“Alright Sor, I was watching…” Although you felt a little bit better coming clean, trepidation quickly filled the confines of your heart. Unable to bear his intense gaze any longer, you looked down at your hands and twiddled your thumbs, bracing yourself for whatever came your way.

To say the least, Soryu was quite astonished that you didn’t even bother making up some lie. Probably because he knows that you know what he knows if that makes sense. Unbeknownst to you, a rather ‘dirty’ idea concocted in his head.

“Spying on me while I was showering? Naughty girl…” Your brows twitched and you looked up, taken aback by Soryu’s words.

In one fell swoop, Soryu covered your lips with his and he forcefully pushed your body down until your back was pressed comfortably against the cushion. His mouth hungrily sucked your bottom lip, raising a lusty moan out of you. He took advantage of the crack between your lips and plunged his hot muscle in your wet cavern, exploring it and leaving every inch untouched. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer. One hand grabbed both your wrists and held it high above your head while the other rested on your thigh, caressing and massaging the soft skin. His tongue darted here and there, teasing your slow tongue with fleeting contact. He angled his head, bumping noses with yours several times. You could feel his breathing turn heavy and hot air blew against your cheeks, sending a pleasant shiver down your spine.

His fingers slipped past your shorts and stroked and played with your dampening underwear, quite pleased of how wet you’ve become. You were starting to see stars and that was partially from lack of proper oxygen. When you pulled away for a moment, Soryu captured your mouth once more with heated fervor. You punched his chest weakly, feeling your consciousness slip away.

“…air… I need… a-air…!”

When darkness began to cloud your vision, Soryu finally pulled away, his hungry eyes never leaving your coughing and wheezing form. You recognized that dark gleam in his eyes. Although his overall face was as stoic as ever, his eyes held such love, such carnal desire for you it made your heart melt and insides all mushy.

You took a large swig of air and your lungs jumped for joy. You’ve had your fair share of makeouts before, but never have you experienced a kissing session so heavy, it nearly made you pass out. After your breathing has mostly returned to normal, Soryu bent down to your unmarked neck. He puffed a hot breath against the skin, making you moan.

“Naughty girls should be punished,” He bit the sensitive flesh of your neck, making you gasp. “thoroughly.”

Fear, excitement, and lust coursed through your veins with every beat of your heart as he proceeded to undo the buttons on your blouse, throwing the bothersome article away to an unknown corner of the room. He eyed your breasts in a feral way, especially its hardened peaks. His hand deserted your thigh and went to tweak and pull your stiff tips, sending your mind into a frenzy. His lips brushed over your cleavage and sucked on your collarbone teasingly, a smirk playing on his lips.

“I can see why Luke loves your collarbones so much… Sexy Bones.”

You felt his teeth sink into your skin and you inhaled sharply, feeling your flesh break. Not that you minded though. In your lustful craze, you wrapped your legs around Soryu’s waist and pulled him closer, slightly grinding your damp entrance against his crotch. A moan broke out of his throat and he sucked on the tender wound fervently. After he was satisfied, he pulled away with a popping sound and admired his work.

“Soryu, that’ll leave a mark…” You pouted, glaring at the pleased mobster.

“Good,” He grunted, trailing his tender lips teasingly down your body. “now everyone will know that you belong to me.”

“Since when did you become Eisuke?” You mused.

“I’ve known him for a long time. I guess he just kinda rubs off on you after awhile.” He chuckled, taking the hem of your shorts in his mouth. With a few tugs, he had your shorts to your knees. Still holding your hands above your head with one hand, Soryu grabbed your shorts with the other and flung it behind him to who knows where. You were now fully exposed to him, your lacy (F/C) lingerie in full view for all to see. 

His eyes narrowed dangerously, taking in the site before him. He had sex with you on a regular basis, but he was far more excited than usual. His eyes feasted on your curves and he could feel his boxers growing painfully tight. 

“Lace looks so sexy on you…” He muttered unconsciously, reaching behind your bra and expertly unclasping it. “but you look better naked.”

Discarding the alluring bra first, his grip unconsciously went lax and you slipped your wrists out of his grasp. In rather flustered movements, your arms and hands went to cover your private areas. Soryu clicked his tongue in disapproval and gently took your hands in his.

“Don’t hide them. They’re- You’re- beautiful.” Those words seemed to be enough for you as he gingerly moved your arms to the side. He took a hold of your underwear and shimmied it down your legs, in which he happily threw aside.

He bent down and took a hardened nipple in his mouth, suckling and nibbling on the hard peaks. You threw your arms over his neck as his tongue danced and swirled around the base of your nipple, slowly working its way up. 

His digits traced invisible circles over your torso and you shivered, loving how warm his fingers felt against your skin. He traced lower and lower until you felt a slight stroke along the lips of your entrance. You gasped and arched your back, electricity jolting through your spine.

“Shh… Relax…” Soryu pulled away and gave your lips a quick peck, brushing your entrance again.

“M-Mm…” You threw your head back as you grew hotter and hotter under his touch. Soryu, quite pleased with what he was hearing, slowly pressed down on your clit.


God, he loved your voice. He loved how wet and aroused he could make you with just his lips and fingers. He loved how he was the only one who had ever saw you like this. You were all his. He chuckled and pressed down a bit harder.

You squirted a little into his palm and your eyes rolled back. Pleasure jolted through your veins and you were seeing stars. His fingers tweaked and circled your clit harder and faster. Your voice fluctuated into higher octaves and you felt a tight coil in your stomach just begging to be untied. When you thought it couldn’t get any better, he slipped a finger in. A deep moan arose out of you and your hips bucked against his fingers, hoping that he would be merciful enough to let you come. His finger pumped faster and faster, and it didn’t take long for him to add in another finger. And then another. Before you knew it, he already had three fingers pumping you to your core.

“F-Faster… Faster, Soryu, faster!” You pleaded, biting your lip. You could feel yourself propelling to your climax and just when you were about to reach it with a scream, it stopped. Everything stopped. Your eyes shot open into a glare and your eyes bore deep into Soryu.

“Soryu, why did you stop?” Despite your murderous expression, your voice came out airy and soft. A smirk you knew all too well curled his lips.

“Beg for it.” He commanded, taking his dripping fingers in his mouth and lapping up your nectar. The scene before you was more than enough to get you wet again.

“Do I have to…?” You whined.

“… Actually, I want to ask you a question.” He hummed, pulling his fingers out of his mouth with a pop.

Uh-oh. This can’t be good.

“What do you want more? My fingers,” He bent down and kissed your earlobe. “or my cock?”

The question made your already red cheeks flush into even deeper shades than crimson. How could he be so casual and upfront when asking such a question? It was more than obvious that you wanted the latter, but Soryu loved to tease you when presented the opportunity.

“I want… you know…”

“I’m afraid I don’t.”

“Yes you do!”




“I…” Taking a deep and frustrated breath, you exhaled. “I want your cock…”

“Hm? I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. May you repeat that please?” He snickered darkly, reaching into his tight briefs.

“I want your… your…” You eyed his fingers carefully as they brought out his stuff and erect cock. “…that.”

“‘That’? What’s ‘that’?”

“You know damn well what I mean.” You hissed, venom in your tone. All you got was a smirk.

“I don’t.”

Frustration driving you over the edge, you loudly announce, “Just… I want… I want your cock inside me, okay?! There, happy now?!”

Soryu’s eyes were as wide as dinner plates and you were pretty sure he stopped breathing altogether. A smirk. And then a menacing chuckle that didn’t fail in giving you goosebumps.

“Good girl.”

Suddenly, you felt something hot and big poke your entrance before it smoothly slid into you. You threw your head back and screamed, your walls pulsing and tightening around his throbbing member. Soryu groaned, your walls constricting his dick so tightly it almost hurt. The thoughts of him pounding you into the mattress made his dick swell further and he grunted. It wouldn’t be long until that fantasy comes true.

“Feel me…” He breathed out. “just feel me.”

You both stayed in that position for Heaven knows how long. After finally adjusting to his size, you slowly relaxed until he could freely move again. Slowly and gently, Soryu began thrusting his hips at an even rhythm. Unlike his thoughtful and gentle thrusts, his kisses were the polar opposite.

He plunged his tongue into your mouth and wrapped it around yours fervently, refusing to let go. He sucked and bit down on your bottom lip until it felt tender to the touch. But he wasn’t satisfied there. He pulled your tongue into his own mouth and toyed with it like it was his plaything. He pulled away from the heated kiss, making you want him more. He peppered butterfly kisses along the side of your neck, occasionally adding in a bite or lick here and there.

Seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours. His steady, soft thrusts evolved into erratic and almost feral poundings. He kissed and sucked on your soft breasts whilst he groped and squeezed them. The erotic sound of flesh against flesh, your sweet moans, and his deep grunts continuously echoed in the room. His member slammed against your sweet spot again and again, harder and harder. He would literally pull out and slam himself back in, always hitting you in your tenderest spots. As Soryu pounded himself in you, you found yourself barking orders at your boyfriend.

“H-Harder… Oh yes, hit me right there! Harder! Harder! Soryu..!” You dug your nails into his back and scratched him until trails of blood was running down his back and cascading his shoulders. But he didn’t care. It would hurt, but it would immediately be followed up with waves and waves of pleasure.

“Damn… You’re so tight… It’s kinda hard to move…” He moaned out.

You felt a familiar knot in your stomach and you knew it wouldn’t take long for you to reach your climax. “Aah! S-Soryu, I’m so close..!”

“Don’t… Don’t cum… Not yet…” He picked up his pace and grunted louder. Your walls were pulsing with pleasure and his cock was throbbing. You could feel his juice leaking out of his slit. “C-Cum with me! Now!”

With a mighty scream, you both came together. Your juices mixed and mingled as he shot his thick load into you. You shifted slightly under his touch, making him moan and shoot some more cum into your throbbing womb. You stayed in place for several seconds before he pulled out of you. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, taking in his cologne and his sweet scent. Unlike you, who was already half-asleep, Soryu was ready for a round two.

“Giving up now, (F/N)? We’ve only just begun,” He sat up and pulled you in front of his still erect member. “suck me dry.”

You wasted no time and flicked your tongue along his slit, swallowing the remnants of his salty yet sweet cum. He hissed and clicked his tongue as he eyed you carefully. Not looking away from him, you decided to tease him further by running your tongue along his length, licking away the thin coating of your juices and his seed. Soryu glared at you from the corner of his eye.

“Stop teasing me.”

“I’m not teasing you, sweetie.”

You chortled innocently, taking his balls in your hand. He moaned and threw his head back, grabbing the roots of your hair. Forcefully, Soryu plunged his member into your mouth. You triggered your gag reflex but you pinched yourself lightly, which helped a little bit. Still having a solid grip on you, Soryu forced your head up and down.

“Massage them.”

You did as he was told and massaged his balls, squeezing and rubbing them together. Soryu inhaled sharply and bobbed your head faster.

“Use your tongue and teeth too.”

You followed his advice and used your tongue whenever you had the chance. You could tell he was close by how fast he was panting and of course, being the tease you were, glided your teeth along one of his veins.

You were rewarded with one of the sexiest moans you have ever heard and his sweet and salty load. You felt his seed drip down the back of your throat and you instinctively swallowed. After he was mostly done, you pulled away with a popping sound and his milk dripped down your chin. You swished his cum in your mouth and after getting a good taste of it, you opened your mouth, closed it, swallowed the rest, and opened it again to show your boyfriend that you have swallowed it all. The tip of his member twitched and he squirted a little bit more on your face. After coming down from his high, he wiped his juice off your cheeks with his finger and held it up to your lips. You licked his fingertips cleans, making him smile.

“Good girl,” He patted your head like a puppy. “since you’ve been a good girl, I’ll reward you. Get on your knees and face the headboard.”

Excitedly, you did as he told you and got on your knees and turned around.

“Bend down.”

You did so slowly, earning you a harsh slap to your cheek. Squeaking, you finished your action and found your rear in his face. He hummed in approval and licked your anus, sending a shiver down your spine. Normally you would have jolted, but since you’ve gone through so much in just the past hour, your senses and reflexes were a bit dull. Discontent with your reaction ( or lack thereof ), Soryu snaked his tongue into the tight hole.

You screamed at such a new sensation and you buried your head into the pillow. You’ve never done it there before and honestly, you were a bit nervous. Soryu, perceptive as always, sensed your nervousness and pulled out, tensing up.

“Are you okay? We don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.” He massaged your ass with one hand and combed through your matted hair with the other. His fingers were enough to relax you a little bit and you shook your head.

“No, it’s fine… I trust you, Soryu.”

He nodded and kissed the back of your head tenderly. “I’ll go slow. Tell me when it hurts.”

After properly lubricating your hole and his member, he gently poked his tip at your entrance. Seeing you had no reaction, he slipped the tip of his dick in centimeter by centimeter, gauging your reactions carefully.

You winced and inhaled sharply, fighting the urge to scream. Was he always this huge? For some reason, he felt much bigger than normal. You were being stretched beyond your limit and you were about to break. You gritted your teeth and yelped, gripping the sheets until your knuckles turned white. Soryu stopped and rubbed small circles into your back.

“It’s okay, it’s okay… Take your time. I’ll wait.”

What have you done to deserve this man? When it comes to sex, he’s rough and passionate but gentle and considerate when necessary. You felt your muscles slowly relax into his deep massage and you loosened up a bit.

“Okay Soryu… You can move now.”

With a grunt, Soryu continued slipping the rest of his length in, periodically stopping to give you time to adjust. “Relax… Just like that… Good girl…”

After several painful minutes, Soryu was finally all the way in. You were locked in that position, him hunched over you while he seductively whispered words of love.

“Are you okay now?” He whispered, rubbing his thumb along your shoulder blades.

“Y-Yeah… Thank you for being patient Soryu…”

“If it hurts, tell me and I’ll stop.” He started moving his hips as slowly as possible, stopping from time to time. Your throat constricted and you took in shallow breaths. It hurt. It really hurt. But it also felt amazing. He grunted into your ear and he closed his eyes.

“You’re really tight…”

“And you’re really big…” That was meant for only your brain, but your mouth decided to share that to the world too. You immediately regretted ever opening up your mouth and you just wanted to get swallowed up by the earth when Soryu froze in place. An awkward minute ticked by until it was broken by a rather proud chuckle.

“Why thank you.” He slowly resumed his pace but you noticed he picked it up slightly.

Soryu was barely even moving his hips and you were already squeezing him this tight. It took all he had and then some to refrain himself from slamming inside you, hurting you in the process. He’ll be patient. This time.

After what felt like hours, you finally got used to him and he was now moving at a comfortable pace. He sent trails of kisses down your back and he blew hot air in between your shoulder blades. He picked up his face faster and faster, occasionally asking of your wellbeing. Your pants and moans jumped a few octaves, and Soryu took that as a sign to go faster.

While he moved his hips faster, he wanted to make use of his hands as well. Moving from your hips, he gave your cheek a firm slap, the sharp sound filling the room. You gasped and moaned, completely unfamiliar with all of these new yet quaint sensations. He slapped your butt again, harder this time, and loved how sharp the slap sounded. He squeezed and rubbed your cheeks and hips, kneading intricate patterns into your skin.

You could feel yourself reaching your high. One of your hands reached behind and held onto his arm while the other supported your body. Your core tightened around him and that seemed to be enough to throw him over the edge.

With an animalistic growl, Soryu plunged his cock in as deep as possible. He hunched over your body, his gasps and groans growing more audible. He was as close as you, and you both knew that.

“C-Come with me… okay?” You panted through uneven breaths, in which he responded with a grunt. With the last few pumps, Soryu shot his seed into you the moment you released, your nectars mingling into one. You screamed his name into the pillow, which made him grab you by your hair and pull your face up.

“Scream my name again..!”


“Yes… Good girl, (F/N)… Good girl…” Tiredly, Soryu pulled out of you and fell beside you. You collapsed in his arms and closed your eyes, immediately falling into dreamland.

“You deserve a good rest,” Soryu kissed your forehead and turned off the light. “goodnight (F/N)… I… I love you.”

“I love you t-too… Sor…” Your conscience slipped away into paradise but not before you heard a quiet murmur about ‘reservations for the finest restaurant in Japan’. Tomorrow was going to be a good day.

Unfinished Business Part 29


Genre: action, fluff, angst, strong language, +18 content, gang material,

Warnings: Character Death, Blood, Strong language

Read to find out who the reader will end up with. There will be several chapters of this so I hope you’re ready to die and anticipate many things. <3 love youuuu (don’t hate me)

Word count:2402

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the greater craftsman (the silmarillion)

Maedhros in the great forge of Angband. Inspired, originally, by this and this.

“It astonishes me how completely you Elves have failed to understand what we are. And yet it should not. None knows better than I how low a metal went into your making.”

Illustrations by kassmodeus

(also available on AO3)

the greater craftsman

“Ah, our guest,” says the great enemy, the black lord of Thangorodrim, when his servants bring Maedhros down to the belly of his fortress. The twisted form on the dark throne is not the form Melkor wore in Valinor, but his voice – deep, fierce, fair – has not changed. The Silmarils shine on his brow with a light that will never be seen in the world again, and the sight of the work of his father’s hands makes something lurch in Maedhros’s stomach. His oath, he tells himself.

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The Color Blue: Chapter One (Sans/Female!Reader)

Requested By: @thefallenmisfit

TW: Some fowl language. In later chapters there will be some skelly smut. You have been warned.

Chapter listings Here

Summary: The barrier is down, but the humans want nothing to do with the monsters. There are now 2 new rules in everyone’s everyday life. 1: Kill any monster you see on the surface. And 2: Do Not enter the underground… 

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Through the Looking Glass

Part 1 of a story I’ve wanted to write for literal years. It’s the ‘stuck in a creepy mansion’ Klaroline Halloween horror story no one asked for, filled with every trope in the book. Hope to get the second part up by tomorrow, for now, enjoy!

“This place is so creepy.” Caroline stood in front of the old mansion, taking in the ivy creeping up the stone walls, the imposing wooden door and the general aura of doom that was flooding the surrounding English moors. Or maybe it was just the thick fog. Vampire or not, Caroline was not immune to the creep factor and judging by the way the hairs on the back of her neck were standing up, this place ranked an eleven.

“Love, it’s just a manor house. I promise you’ll enjoy yourself.” Klaus was completely unfazed as he set their luggage on the stone steps leading towards the entrance, but Caroline ignored him while he tipped their cabbie and the car sped off. The old man who had driven them here had thought they were joking when they’d told him their destination, but a wad of cash did wonders, and here they were.

It had been Caroline’s decision to take a small vacation, but this was not what she’d had in mind. When she’d voiced to Klaus that their lives had become to cluttered between supernatural skirmishes and friends in crises, he’d been skeptical of taking the time away, certain that New Orleans would fall within a day. But after some persuasion (sans clothes, naturally) on Caroline’s part, he’d given in. And Caroline Forbes was nothing if not a gracious winner, so she let him pick the spot of their little getaway.

Apparently, he didn’t pick up on the hints that she wanted to go to the beach.

“Tell me again how long it’s been since you lived here?” Caroline asked, fidgeting from foot to foot as he came back up the drive.

“Early 17th Century I think? Sometime after Katerina ruined my plans for breaking the curse, but before we left England.”

“What part of the country are we even in?” Caroline muttered, trying to see past the dense fog. “How is the weather this bad in the middle of the afternoon?”’

“You shouldn’t have slept in the cab,” Klaus answered with a smirk, leaning past her to put a heavy key in the lock and swing the front door open. It creaked ominously, as if this wasn’t enough of a cliché and Caroline tiptoed inside, not wanting to break the heavy silence of the house.

The entrance hall was massive, and Caroline craned her neck back to take in the high ceilings, criss-crossed by wooden beams, her eyes trailing down the ornately paneled walls, all the way down to the parquet flooring. A grand staircase dominated the back wall, and a balcony ran against the walls, overlooking the foyer and leading off into several hallways. From where she stood, Caroline counted several doors just on the ground floor and got the sense that this entire place was maze she would easily get lost in.

“This is a house?” Caroline asked under her breath. It didn’t go unheard, and she jumped when she heard Klaus’s low chuckle right in her ear.

“Home to some Duke or Earl, not that I care to remember.” Klaus wound his arms around her waist, pulling her back against his chest and Caroline sank into him contentedly.

“Oh? I thought this place was yours?” she asked slyly.

She felt Klaus shrug. “It was customary back then to lodge with noblemen who would open their houses. Kings did it all the time - and I think we both know I was much more persuasive than any king.” The low timbre of his voice sent shivers down her body and Caroline didn’t need to turn around to know he was smirking at the effect he had on her.

“So where’s everybody now?” she asked, barely above a whisper.

Again, Klaus shrugged. “The family left abruptly at the turn of the twentieth century. It changed hands throughout the decades, received some modern improvement but no one held onto it for very long. Never knew why. Didn’t particularly care. But I remembered the property and bought it out in the sixties, not that I’ve had much use for it.”

Caroline rolled her eyes and pulled out of his grasp, spinning on her heel. “I wish I had castles lying around that I didn’t need,” she teased, stepping backwards slowly.

Klaus caught onto her game, matching her step for step, hands clasped behind his back he prowled forward. “Country house, technically.”



Caroline grinned, rocking on her heels for just a moment. “This place must be huge.”

“Only the best, obviously.”

“Want to play a game?” she asked slowly and Klaus’s eyebrow raised in challenge. Caroline felt the rush of anticipation and flashed forward until she was right in front of him, face tilted up to his. “Catch me if you can,” she whispered against his lips and with a peck, she was flashed off.

The hallways blurred past her as Caroline raced up the staircase, taking turns that led into different wings. She had no idea where she was going but the game was on, and the only reason she’d made it this far was because Klaus had let her get away, knowing that the thrill of the chase was worth it.

Caroline skidded to a halt down a dim corridor lined with similar looking wooden doors. Bedrooms probably, and when she tried the handle on one, she was proved right. It looked like it hadn’t seen sunlight in ages, heavy curtains drawn over the windows, sheets thrown over the furniture.

“Come out; come out wherever you are sweetheart!” Klaus’s voice echoed down the long corridors, and Caroline didn’t know how close he was, but this was as good a hiding spot as any – if she could actually find a spot to hide.

In her rush, she flashed towards the heavy wardrobe in the corner but her foot twisted in something and sent her crashing to the ground. It was one of the sheets and she flashed to her feet, barely stopping a shriek when she saw someone else in the room with her.

Blonde hair, blue jacket, brown boots, terrified face –

It was her. The sheet she’d brought down had been covering a large mirror.

She just caught a laugh of relief and embarrassment before the sound of approaching footsteps warned her that Klaus was still on the hunt and without thinking too much she dived under the bed in the center of the room. Childish maybe, but she hadn’t thought this through.

(Besides, getting caught was the fun part.)

As Caroline lay there on the dusty floor, she tried to keep her breaths as quiet as possible. It was probably futile, Klaus could hear ten times better than her and it was hard enough staying still in the narrow space between the bedframe and the floor. As still and quiet as she was trying to be, she became aware of the hairs on the back of her neck standing up…like someone was already in the room with her.

Not Klaus. She had nothing to fear from Klaus but there was no shaking the feeling of unease, as if there was something building, something inevitable and dangerous, the gut feeling of certainty that someone meant harm.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

It was quiet enough to hear a pin drop. Caroline didn’t move an inch. How long had she been under here? A minute? Two? Klaus wouldn’t drag things out but it felt like an eternity passed with every second, and she couldn’t figure out why.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

And then she felt it, the unmistakable sensation of another body lying right next to her.

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anonymous asked:

a fic request: tadashi and reader get in an argument and then start making out. Then aunt cass and hiro catch them?

Scoffing lightly, you turned around, slightly frustrated and ran a hand through your hair. “You piss me off so much sometimes, Tadashi!”

He glared at you, stomping his foot slightly, “Why are you even mad? Because I don’t listen like you want me to? WELL SORRY!” He turned away from you for a moment and picked his hat off of his. Setting it back down after running a hand through his thick dark brown hair, he snarled and looked back at you. “What do you want from me exactly? Do you want to know where I am all the time? What I’m doing all the time? Are you afraid I’m doing it with someone who isn’t you? Because that’s what you accused me of, was cheating! And I told you, I spend a lot of time with Hiro because he needs me!”

“Well, how would I know that when you don’t reply to text messages, or even phone calls for days at a time? And the times I do come over, Aunt Cass says you’re out and that she’ll tell you I was here!”

Tadashi took a deep breath in and moved towards you, grabbing hold of under your chin so you stayed where you were standing. You looked up at him, snarling your teeth before trying to move away. “Let me go, Tadashi!! I’m serious!!”

“I’m not going to let go, because according to you, I never listen.” He gazed down at you through his eyelashes, before pressing his hot mouth against yours. You moved against him, trying to get away, but as he turned his head to the left to deepen the kiss, you gave up and accepted what you were assuming to be an apology. He moved his hands from underneath your chin, down the crook of your neck so he could hold onto your shoulders tightly. Giving you a gently squeeze there, he propped open your mouth with his tongue. Snaking it inside of your mouth seemed easy enough, but getting you to play back with him nicely was a bit more difficult as you caught hold of his tongue with your teeth.

“Using your teeth,” He said against your mouth in a breathy tone, “Is like using your other fingers while playing thumb war.” You chuckled slightly, pulling him back to your mouth as you attacked him this time. Your tongue was dancing its way into his mouth with ease as his fingers found a home deep in the bushels of your hair. He gave you a gentle tug there before sitting down on his bed, you following suit to sit in his lap, but never breaking the mouth to mouth contact. Sliding his hands up your back, he smirked gently when he noticed you shudder. “Such a bad girl when you fight with me, aren’t you? You should learn I always win.”

“That’s because you don’t actually fight,” You pecked his mouth softly, “You suck my face off until I can’t take it anymore and give in.” He laughed breathlessly once again, taking off your shirt and reveling in your bare torso. Kissing your mouth once again, he nibbled your lips gently, you keeping your mouth pressed shut just to tease him. Tadashi was having none of this and took hold of your hair once again, giving you a forceful pull. You squealed, and he took that as an opportunity to slip his tongue into your wet cavern.

“Hey, bro, I heard screaming a couple of minutes and I wanted to know if you stubbed your toe aga—-.” Hiro looked at his brother, and then at you as you pulled away from Tadashi’s face. You were about to blurt out an excuse before Hiro turned on his heel, saying, “What did I say to you the last time I caught you guys?” You looked down at Tadashi with a small blush, “I’M TELLING AUNT CASS!!”

A Flared Soul

Ninth installment of the Castiel imagine series “At First Sight” (“At First Sight” - “You’re Growing On Me” - “Under His Wing”- “Wandering Thoughts” - “Warrior Of Heaven” - “When You Wake” - “The Ultimatum” - “A First Glimpse”), requested by a literal bucket of you, with plot ideas from the lovely spn-imagine! “Maybe the reader wakes up in her bed in the bunker to the sound of Castiel and the Winchesters talking outside of her bedroom door about how Cas cant stay away from here cuz he says she’s in danger with or without Cas so he rather be with her to protect her. Idk i hope this helps.” Hope you like it!

(All past and future installments can be found on the “The Story Continues…” page)

You were instantly aware of two distinctive sounds upon waking; one, the lullaby trill of Castiel’s wings, muffled by the wooden door separating your slumbering form from the liveliness of the bunker beyond your bedroom’s confines, the other being the hushed conversation of the angered Winchester brothers with the angel in question. Your mind clarified slowly, like the first blossoms of spring batting a hardened shell of frost to open towards the warmth of the sun. The wing song you’d gone so long without hearing echoed within your mind, diluted as if heard from underwater, the delectable noise of silvery bells pulling you from your dreams with ease, your ears perking up at the whispered argument unfolding beyond the wall. Your eyes shot to the threshold, the tired beam of yellow light from the library’s lamps disturbed by two columns of shadow, the murky obstructions moving with the tinkling of Castiel’s hardware, his footfall a mere whisper against the wooden flooring. A slam, shock absorbed by pages, no doubt, erupted as a book was thrown onto the library’s table, frustrated rage fueling the attack, louder footsteps approaching the guard standing vigilant outside of your door, the tips of his wings scratching against the walls with a musical clumsiness unavoidable in so small a space. Quills dragged against the grain of the wood, splaying themselves outward like a shield. Your ears followed their unseen movements, your mind connecting the formation with an oncoming threat. Castiel was in for quite the chewing-out from your adopted brothers.

“No, Cas, you can’t. It’s out of the question. You wanna tell us that after all that crap you dumped on her plate, you want to stay? After you left? No dice.” Dean’s voice was a violent storm of a hiss, promising of tempests the likes of which the angel had never witnessed. His voice struggled audibly against the undying urge to raise in volume, their assumption of your state of consciousness keeping their voices docked to a furious whisper. Castiel’s wings ruffled, uncomfortable under fire, their song agitated as their owner replied, his breathy whisper painted with his sincerity. The adoration was obvious in his tone. God, how you’d missed that sound, how your heart raced to hear the tenor of his voice after so long…

“You saw what they did to her, Dean, even after I tore myself from her side. They hunted her while she was with me, and they hunted her after I erased myself from her life. They will continue their hunt, Dean, regardless of you or me or anyone. With or without my presence, she has become a target. By affiliating myself with her, I’ve put her in danger. The closer I am, the easier it will be to shield her from harm. I couldn’t see that before,” he mumbled, the sound of his voice bringing the hairs on your arm to attention, your hands gripping the sheets, wrists screaming in remembered agony, your eyes staring down at the long-fingered ink stains left behind by your demonic encounter. The equally grotesque reminders of your experience with Castiel’s more orthodox kin were just now beginning to fade from sight, providing a faded canvas for your more recent injuries to paint over. Castiel’s wings seemed to lilt at your wince as your fingertips trailed along splotches of pain, your emotions transferred through the darkness, your soul relaying your discomfort to him. The doorknob twitched, metal flinching as he laid a tentative hand on the entrance. Sam’s grunt of disapproval halted your angel’s actions before the door could be opened. The wings you so longed to feel between your fingers returned to their protective stance, feathers hushing against your door.

“Sure, Cas, everything’s fine until you have to jet off. What then? Are you going to make her forget again? Cast a spell, toss her in some random-ass hospital battered beyond recognition? We can’t keep picking up your broken toys, Cas!” He docked his volume again, inhaling deeply to calm himself. “Look, I’m all for her safety, Cas, you know I am. Y/n means the world to me, to both of us. But that… that was too much. The poor kid’s been wandering around with fake memories and migraines whenever she so much as sees a book out of place. We’re running around covering your tracks, but we can’t erase you, Cas. You can’t just opt-out of her life. You’re everywhere, and she noticed. She was chewing Tylenol like Trident. So don’t do this, don’t stay, unless you’re absolutely sure you’re here for good. I won’t let you walk if you hurt her again. I’ve killed for her too many times to count. Don’t think you’re exempt. In or out, buddy, you’ve got to choose.” Dean replied, his hands falling to strike the denim at his thighs. The wings went silent, your heartbeat faltering as the tension in the air shivered. Castiel’s hand dropped from the doorknob, his feet progressing towards the other voices, the air practically vibrating with power. A high pitched ringing rang throughout the cavernous bunker, light emanating from beneath the doorway as Castiel’s temper took over his composure.

“You cannot possibly blame me for leaving her, Dean, not after what they’d done to her. You didn’t see…” he paused, emotion choking his stern response to silence. He cleared his throat, continuing his defense. “You cannot imagine what they had done to her. I healed what I could when I sent her to you, and still you were shocked at the extent of her injuries.” He paused allowing the brothers to digest this new information. Surely, if they had known, they would never have confronted the angel. “Do not reprimand me for attempting to save her life. I was given three choices, two of which resulted in her death. You would have done the same. Erasing her memory was the lesser evil. I did hat I could to protect her, but even after all I’d done, she was a flare. Every shade of the spectrum, of Heaven or Hell, wanted her dead regardless of her recollection. Deserting her was the most painful action I have ever taken. I would not willingly do so again. If you force me away, Dean, you force the hand of every executioner calling for her blood.” His footsteps returned to the door, his hand turning the handle. “You should be focusing on finding Ansiel’s location. There are greater evils in the world than me.” The light died down, the brothers silenced by Castiel’s speech, the ear-splitting toll of cathedral bells fading to the shimmering swells of song. The hinges groaned as the wooden entrance swung open, his eyes focusing on your form in the dark, the brothers staggering backward in his wake.

He walked to your side, his wings molding themselves like liquid to the door frame before expanding within the bedroom, feather strokes matching the charcoal smudges on the ceiling, his eyes lifting to the markings he’d made. His cheeks glowed a soft rose at the memory, heat radiating from his body, carrying the delicate scents of him on waves of warmth. With a roll of his shoulders and a gust of air created by the tremor running through his feathers, the door was thrown closed behind him, his wings sighing as they stretched for you. You wriggled beneath the covers, your body sore and slow, every movement a tedious, excruciating ordeal. Your body was anxious to feel the touch of his hand, his warmth, of anything after being deprived for so long a period of time. His wings refracted the limited light in your darkened bedroom, bending the shadows about him like a cloak, a thin veil of luminosity mingling among the ebony of the artificial night, the masses of feathers moving like a canopy, shrouding your figure as his arms wound around you. His palms were glowing before his body met yours, his hands moving to ghost over your attacker’s fingerprints, the familiar healing hue bursting over your injured flesh. His wings sighed as his breath left his lungs, his exhale disturbing your hair, his face glowing in the light he had summoned. You melted into his chest, your eyes glued to the prisms shattering over the fabric of his trench coat, small diamonds traveling across the cloth as his wrists bent, his fingers gracing each minor wound, every scrape, his hold on you never decreasing in strength or fervor. When he had finished mending your wounds, his hands went still, intertwining with your fingers, holding your hands suspended between your chests. His head raised, eyes drawing yours from his work to meet his stare, sapphires molten with passion, concern, and relief.

Surprisingly, there was no need for conversation. His eyes spoke a thousand phrases, including the apologies he need not offer. His wings shuddered above you, feathers brushing against your cheekbone, leaving a trail of sparks in their wake, his hand soon following suit, a human gesture replacing the otherworldly elegance he so easily possessed, adding a sense of affection more potent than the touch of his celestial extensions. It was… strikingly simple, these encounters, the pad of his thumb sweeping down from your cheek to your chin, pulling your face closer to his, his eyes flickering closed as his lips met yours, serenity blossoming behind your eyelids. The air shimmered against you with peace and bliss as Castiel’s lips pulled against yours, wings sighing sweet melodies as you twined together. His kiss was tender, sweet, and slow, tasting of a joy he had lived without for too long, his vibrancy returning in waves, the withered form he had taken without you swelling back to his former brilliance. His tongue swept over your lower lip, his hand moving from your chin to tangle in your hair, pulling you closer still, your head tilting as his kiss deepened. This was an angel testing the limits of his vessel. There was no restraint, no shield between you now. You were, in a way, experiencing Castiel for the first time. Your tongue stroked against his, braver now that you’d known loneliness, the affectionate trill of his wings masking the suctioning sounds of your lips as you separated, his forehead bending to rest against yours, his hands trailing to your torso. You smiled, warmth flooding to your cheeks, likely painting them a far more violent shade of rose than Castiel had exhibited, your fingers reaching into the canopy of feathers that had swaddled you. Castiel’s chest rose at the delectable contact, staring down at you in what could only be described as unadulterated relief, his skin speckled with borrowed light as his feathers shattered the darkness like crystals. It was a pure light, a colourless light, the simplest form of his wings you had ever seen. And he was beautiful.

“I take it you’re in, then?” you breathed, his lashes brushing against your brow, his lips turning upward at the sound of your voice. He smiled, ducking his face to your hair, his feathers tracing the formerly sore ridges of your spine as he chuckled, his hands squeezing around your waist, a simple pulse, sending thrills to your toes. He nodded, wordless at first, shifting so as to support you as he laid himself down, taking you with him, your head resting against his chest, wings forming a shimmering sky above, locking the source of their warmth beside you in the most brilliant cage to ever exist. His arms secured you to his side, your fingers tracing what little Enochian you had picked up from his mindless scribbling onto his abdomen, your touch light as air, his breath stirring your hair, cooling your skin. His hands traced down your back, holding you firmly to his chest. He inhaled slowly, seeming to relish the last of the silence before tainting it with his voice.

“There’s no place I would rather be,” he whispered, his wings collapsing to cocoon around you, feather tips roaming your skin with a soft integrity. His lips pressed into your forehead, your eyes drooping to the softest of songs, Castiel’s feathers whimpering an angelic lullaby. You found peace in sleep for the first time in far too long, a whispered “I love you,” the last sound to grace your ears before you surrendered to the dreamworld now so like your reality, your angel watching over you.

anonymous asked:

Out of curiosity since Steven Universe is occupying your realm of interests now, do you have any thoughts of a johnkat gem au?

Not for actually writing, although -it’s funny you should bring it up- I was rolling the idea over in my head yesterday. Mostly because I was comparing my two OTPs and I was kind of cracking up because one of my OTPs would be stable as fuck and johnkat… wouldn’t be.

Anyway I just spent about an hour an a half researching gemstones, but this is still a rough stab. Actual fic would require more research.


Blue Flourite ‘Blue John’ (yes really, this is an actual thing. Imagine my amusement)

About the gem:
Blue John is fluorite from the Blue John cavern in Derbyshire England. It comes in striped colors of mainly purple-red, dark blue, and yellow, which makes it name seem a bit odd to be called Blue John. The name supposedly comes from what the French miners of the past called it “bleu-jaune” meaning blue-yellow.  It’s reputedly the most expensive and prized fluorite in the world. Roman legend says that drinking alcoholic beverages from cups or bowls of blue john kept away drunkenness. Metaphysically, Blue John does have the properties of fluorite in general.  Additionally, it is especially good for bringing succor and relief to sensitives and mediums who give too much or take too much in. It is said to bring renewal and energy, as well as strength, health and well-being.  Blue John is said to be a catalyst for personal growth, encouraging experimenting, exploring, and understanding. It is a strong teaching and learning stone because of this.
Mohs hardness scale 3.0- 4.0
Place of gem: middle of tongue (he can still use some form of windy powers, Fluorite is associated with Air (as well as water) so some of his attacks are blowing gusts of wind at his opponent, or increasing the volume of his voice (when attempting to out-shout Karkat). Basically he barfs up a hammer when it’s clobbering time. Classy.

Why this gem? Mostly for the name and color, yes, but also for the words ‘renewal, energy, personal growth and flow’ popping up on different sites for this gem. Also Blue John cracks me up, okay?

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Trials and Tribulations Chapter 68

A/N: It’s midnight and the chapter still isn’t quite finished yet so I’ve split it as promised but I really struggled to find a good place so sorry if it’s boring and nothing much happens but that’s the compromise when I split them. Also, it’s not proof read so sorry for any mistakes.

Lauren pulled up outside Camila’s house in her red Chevrolet Cruze the following Wednesday after school, Ally, Dinah and Normani all huddled in the back of it, singing along to the stereo animatedly. She put the car in park and quickly shut the engine off, the girls groaning loudly in response to the sudden lack of music.

“Lo,” Normani complained, affronted that her friend would even consider cutting out the stereo whilst Beyoncé’s album was playing, her hard copy having found its way in to Lauren’s CD player with a little bit of persuasion. “Can’t you leave that on?”

Lauren turned around in her seat to look at her friend, one hand unfastening the safety belt as she did so to allow her body the freedom it needed to complete the movement.

“I’ll only be a few minutes,” Lauren said, laughing at the look of disappointment on each of the other girls’ faces. “Are you seriously telling me that you can’t go that long without murdering another one of her songs?”

“Murdering?” Dinah asked, feigning offense and holding her hand up to her chest as if wounded by the word. “Excuse you but we were totally killing it.” She said as Lauren twisted back around in her seat and opened the door to her left, climbing out of the car.

She shut it after her and turned around, leaning in through the open drivers’ side window to address her friends’ once more, a smirk plastered on her face. “I know you were ‘killing it’,” she said, meeting Dinah’s gaze levelly, “that’s exactly what I just said.”

“’Murdering’ a song, and ‘killing it’ are two completely different things you know?” Dinah reminded her and Lauren’s smile grew wide.

“Not when we’re talking about your rendition of ‘Flawless’” Lauren commented, “you guys really suck. You don’t have enough swag for a song like that.”

 “Would you just put the stereo back on?” Normani requested, brushing off Lauren’s playful jibe with a smile of her own.

“Fine,” Lauren chuckled, bending forward and reaching across the steering wheel with her right arm in order to turn the key in the ignition one click. “Just, try not to inadvertently attract every cat in the neighbourhood with your mating calls,” she joked as the stereo returned to life.

The girls immediately picked up where they’d left off and Lauren shook her head at them in amusement before making her way to Camila’s front door.

She paused outside and rang the bell when she reached it, holding down the small button and causing a long, noisy, drawn out buzz to be emitted. Lauren waited, her eyes scanning the space around her distractedly until the front door opened and an out of breath Camila appeared from behind it, apparently having run down the stairs.

“Hi!” Camila greeted Lauren enthusiastically, a large smile appearing on her face at the sight of her girlfriend.

“Hiiiiiii,” Lauren returned, drawing out the word and frowning at the large, dark, purple bruise which surrounded Camila’s right eye and spread out diffusely across her face. “What happened?” she asked concerned, reaching a hand up to caress Camila’s brow, her fingertips moving down to trace along the small cut which was visible on her girlfriend’s right cheek.

“Oh this?” Camila asked gesturing to the blemish with her right hand as Lauren moved aside and allowed her to step out of the house. She pulled the door closed behind her swiftly as she continued, the latch clicking firmly in place. “I took up boxing.” She joked. “If you think this is bad then you should see the other guy….”

“Camz,” Lauren protested knowingly, giving her girlfriend a pointed look.

“It’s nothing,” Camila reassured her, waving a hand dismissively in front of her face. “I had a seizure this morning and my head collided with the kitchen counter that’s all.”

“Jesus,” Lauren exhaled. “That’s all?” she asked, believing Camila to be downplaying the injury in order to pacify her worries. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” Camila told her as she reached down and picked up Lauren’s hand in her own.

She pulled it up to her mouth and kissed the back of it affectionately.

“It’s no big deal honestly,” Camila said grinning brightly. “Apparently it only lasted about thirty seconds in total and I’ve been sleeping pretty much non-stop since it happened. Luckily my mom was at home at the time…” she trailed off.

“So you’re not aching too much then?” Lauren asked her and Camila stretched out all her limbs testing the muscles there experimentally.

“No,” she answered shaking her head, her tongue sticking out between her teeth as she smiled once again. “I even managed to avoid biting my tongue this time,” Camila informed her happily as she tugged Lauren closer to her by their joined hands.

She studied Lauren’s lips meaningfully with her eyes, her gaze fixing on them in her eagerness to have them pressed against her own.

“Maybe you should check it though,” Camila said, lifting an eyebrow seductively, her chocolate orbs still on Lauren’s lips. “I mean, you know…if you’re worried that I might have injured it or something.”

“I think that would be best,” Lauren said, relaxing noticeably in response to Camila’s playful mood and realising that she wasn’t putting on a show just to soothe her anxieties. “It would help to put my mind at ease,” she finished, her tone mischievous.

Lauren released Camila’s hand from her own and tilted her head forwards, both hands cupping her girlfriend’s face as she pressed her lips firmly against the smaller girl’s before her. She felt Camila smile against her at the contact and Lauren used the pad of her right thumb to stroke her left cheek soothingly as she deepened the kiss further, her tongue exploring the cavernous depths of her girlfriend’s mouth. Camila’s hands found their way round Lauren’s waist, her wrists crossing over one another at the small of the taller girl’s back so that her fingertips lightly sat against Lauren’s denim covered buttocks.

“Mmmm,” Lauren moaned, the car horn blazing from where it sat idle just as Camila leant in to the kiss further, the weight of her body sinking against her girlfriend’s as she gently sucked on her tongue. “I think,” Lauren started breathlessly as she reluctantly separated their mouths to glare in the direction of the vehicle and the cause of the disturbance, Dinah, who was leant forward between the seats looking at them. “I think,” she repeated, returning her attention to Camila who was watching her with unrestrained affection. “That you’re all good.”

Camila’s beam widened and Lauren reached up and fondled a strand of long, dark hair which hung loosely over her girlfriend’s shoulder, their eyes seeing nothing else but each other.

“Oi!” Dinah called from the car impatiently. “Would you guys hurry the hell up?” she asked. “I’m starving!”

Lauren turned to glare at Dinah again for a moment before reaching down and grabbing hold of Camila’s right hand.

“Come on then Rocky,” Lauren joked in reference to Camila’s earlier story. “Let’s go and get something to eat.” She encouraged, pulling a little on Camila’s hand and leading her down the path towards her car.

Lauren opened the passenger door for her girlfriend and guided her in to the seat, pausing only long enough to kiss her quickly on the lips before closing the door after her. She walked back around the car and climbed in as Camila greeted the others, each of the girls asking after her with concern at the obvious bruising on her face.

“I thought it would be a good idea to try riding a unicycle,” Lauren heard Camila say as she buckled up her seat belt and turned the engine over with the twist of the key. “Turns out it’s harder than it looks.” She added thoughtfully. “I fell straight off and landed on my face. Apparently my reflexes are really really slow.”

“You’re such an idiot,” Dinah commented as Lauren pulled away from the curb and began their journey to Jimmy’s where they would be meeting up with Clare. “Why can’t you just say that you had a seizure?”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Camila countered evidently bemused by the thought and twisting around in her chair to face her best friend. “Besides, you don’t know that I’m lying. I might be telling you the truth. Perhaps I’m thinking of joining the circus and am practicing for an audition.”

“You don’t need to audition,” Dinah chuckled light-heartedly. “You’re clumsy enough without even needing to practice Mila.” She noted. “You’d make a great clown.”

“Thank you,” Camila beamed brightly and Dinah’s smiled grew to match her friends.

“It’s just a shame that you’re not really that funny,” Dinah added after a moment when Camila had spun back around to face the road. “That’s going to limit you a teeny little bit.”

“She could always be one of those mute clowns,” Normani offered encouragingly. “She doesn’t have to tell jokes.”

“Good because Mila’s jokes are awful,” Dinah responded thoughtfully, considering Normani’s words.

“Hey,” Camila protested, turning back around to pout in Dinah’s direction. “You laughed at me that one time….don’t you remember?” she asked. “You were practically crying because my joke was so funny…”

“What was the joke?” Dinah asked interestedly and Camila gave the impression of considering the question for a moment before shrugging defeated, her memory too poor to recall it.

“No idea,” Camila answered. “Just, trust me when I say it was hilarious.”

“I think that you’re funny,” Ally said and Camila smiled at the compliment.

“Thanks Ally,” Camila acknowledged happily. “At least someone does.”

“I think you’re funny too,” Lauren agreed as Camila faced forward once again.

Camila smiled at her and moved a hand over to sit on Lauren’s knee which she squeezed gratefully.

“You would,” Camila commented and Lauren lowered one hand from the steering wheel to take hold of her girlfriend’s.

“Yeah, you’re biased Lo.” Normani agreed. “So you’re vote doesn’t count.”

“Sure it does,” Lauren said glancing over her shoulder at her friend. “In fact as Camz’s girlfriend it should be the only vote that counts.”

“You really think I’m funny?” Camila asked, shaking Lauren’s hand slightly in her own for emphasis.

“Yes,” Lauren confirmed. “You say some of the funniest things sometimes Camz and you don’t even realise that you’re doing it. I think that’s what makes it so hilarious actually. You’re so oblivious to how witty you can be…”

“Oh God,” Normani said, rolling her eyes at Lauren’s words whilst Camila radiated pure joy at the compliment. “Are they about to get sappy?”

“Are they about to get sappy?” Ally tittered. “Mani, they’re always sappy.”

“Yeah, I mean its Camren,” Dinah agreed with Ally, shaking her head from side to side. “They are always sappy. I bet they couldn’t go five minutes without complimenting or touching one another. I mean, they seriously behave like they’re the only two people around most of the time. They forget that the poor unsuspecting public has to watch their sickening displays of affection.”

“You’re just bitter because you’re single,” Lauren told Normani, glancing back at her by looking in the rear view mirror. “You and Arin were just as bad when you were dating.”

“I think you two are cute when you’re like this,” Ally defended her friends. “Mani is just worried that she’ll end up as some crazy ass cat lady.”

“Someone in the group has to now that it won’t be Mila.” Dinah noted smirking in Normani’s direction, the other girl hitting her on the arm offended. “Ow,” Dinah complained noisily. “What was that for?”

“I’m not going to be a crazy cat lady.” Normani said grumpily.

“One of us has to be,” Dinah disagreed. “Ally is definitely going to find someone. She’s in love with the idea of being in love.” She said thoughtfully. “There’s no way she’ll ever end up single. Lauren and Mila will get married. I totally believe that. In fact,” she said, holding up one finger pointedly. “I’m willing to make a bet with you all now.”

“What kind of bet?” Normani asked. “Money?”

“No,” Dinah said thinking for a moment. “Something more fun than that…”

“Like what?” Ally asked, amused.

“Ok,” Dinah said decisively. “I bet you a trip to Hawaii that Mila and Lauren will get married one day.”

“So if they don’t you’re going to take us all on holiday?” Normani questioned, laughing. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah,” Dinah said.

“Well, how long are you going to wait?” Ally queried. “Maybe they won’t get married until they’re like, eighty or something…”

“You should probably put a time frame on it,” Lauren suggested.

“Alright,” Dinah agreed. “If they aren’t married in ten years then I’ll take you all on vacation.”

“Ok,” Normani said, shaking Dinah’s hand in agreement.

“You’re betting against us?” Lauren asked noticing Normani’s gesture from where she was sitting.

“I guess,” Normani said. “I mean, you’re young you know? A lot can happen in ten years…plus, Camila has a dodgy heart so there’s that too…” she joked, not really taking the wager seriously.

“Wait a minute,” Camila objected. “Did you just bet against us because you think I’ll drop dead before I have a chance to walk down the aisle?”

“Are you telling me that isn’t a possibility?” Normani asked and Camila considered the question.

“Yeah ok,” she said. “I guess that you’re right…”

“Camz,” Lauren griped. “Can you please not?”

“Normani started it,” Camila moaned. “Besides she isn’t wrong is she?”

“I suppose not but still….geez….” Lauren said, indicating as she turned in to Jimmy’s parking lot and pulled in to a space.

“So, ok….” Dinah recapped. “If Mila and Lauren aren’t married in the next ten years then I’ll take us all to Hawaii and if they are then Normani will.” Dinah clarified.

“Yeah,” Normani confirmed.

“So either way I’m getting a free vacation?” Ally asked happily. “That sounds great to me.”

“Me too,” Lauren agreed.

“I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii.” Camila commented and Lauren turned to look at her seriously for a moment.

“You better hope that Normani doesn’t win because you die then Camz,” Lauren teased playfully, squeezing her hand as she shut off the engine and removed the key from the ignition with her other hand. “Otherwise you’ll miss out on it.”

“God,” Camila grumbled. “I always miss out on everything because I’m dead or dying. I suppose I could come as a ghost.” She contemplates seriously. “It would save me having to worry about bringing sunscreen or, you know, luggage.”

“You’re such an idiot,” Lauren laughed, leaning forward and kissing Camila on the lips. “Tell you what,” she said. “If we do get married then we can go to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Ok?”

If we get married? If?” Camila said when they separated. “Well, I guess Normani’s going to win this one then isn’t she? I thought Dinah’s was on to a sure thing…”

“Aww, you did?” Lauren asked, smiling brightly as she leant forward to kiss Camila again, the smaller girl only allowing the contact for a moment before pushing her back, her hand pressed firmly against Lauren’s chest.

“I did,” Camila said, “now I’m not so sure though.” She taunted. “Also, just a side note but if we get married.” She said pointedly. “I think we should get married in Hawaii…”

“Like on the beach?” Lauren asked and Camila nodded.

“Only if we get married though,” she mocked. “Otherwise, when Normani wins her bet, I’ll be going to Hawaii to get drunk and party instead.”

“You mean you wouldn’t do that at your wedding?” Dinah asked, unfastening her safety belt and opening the car door, the others following her example and exiting the vehicle as well.

“I might,” Camila said closing the car door behind her as Lauren walked around to take hold of her hand. “I guess we’ll see.”

“Can you even drink?” Ally asked seriously, knowing that she’d been careful not to have anything which could have been spiked at the winter formal because of her medication.

“I don’t know,” Camila answered honestly. “I could probably have something but I’m not a hundred percent sure with the pills I’m not. They might react badly or something.”

“We should get you drunk some time,” Normani laughed, as together the small group made their way across the black tarmac and entered the diner. “It’d be hilarious.”

They located a booth in the corner of the room and descended in to the seats to wait for Clare’s arrival, Lauren sitting between Camila and Normani opposite the other two girls.

“I don’t think getting Mila drunk is a good idea,” Dinah disagreed. “She’s already disinhibited enough as it is. Could you imagine? She’d either go around punching the crap out of everyone or she’d kiss them. Either way, I have to protect my investment. I can’t have Mila making out with other people when I need a Camren wedding in the future.”

“Plus, I don’t think you’d want to reduce her co-ordination either,” Ally chuckled. “She’ll end up with another shiner like that one.”

Camila reached a hand up to here face, forgetting about the bruising there.

“Ok, so maybe we won’t get her drunk then,” Normani finally allowed. “It doesn’t mean that I’ll be the crazy ass cat lady though,” she continued going back to the source of their current conversation. “That could still be you Dinah.”

“It won’t be me,” Dinah said confidently. “I’ve too much swag for that.”

“You have zero swag Dinah,” Camila giggled lightly.

“Umm, no.” Dinah responded. “I have loads of swag. You’re wrong.”

“Dinah you hang around with one of the biggest dorks in the school,” Lauren said affectionately, wrapping an arm around Camila’s shoulder and kissing her temple. “She’s right, you have no swag. None.”

“She’s not my only friend you know,” Dinah countered genially. “I have other friends too. Cool friends….”

“Yeah, but we’ve only just started hanging out with you,” Ally joked and they all laughed at the remark, Dinah hitting her on the shoulder spiritedly.

“Lauren is right,” Camila said. “You’ve been associated with me for too long Cheechee. The damage is already done. There’s no way you’ll ever be popular now.”

“Good thing I like hanging out with you dweebs then isn’t it?” she asked unable to contain her smile.

“Yeah, good thing…” Camila concurred.

“Anyway, I’m allergic to cats so that still just leaves you Normani.” Dinah disclosed. “Sorry but it’s inevitable. Don’t fight it. The sooner you accept your fate the better.”

“You’re not allergic to cats,” Camila divulged a little tentatively, unsure of her memory. “Right?”

“Mila, you’re not supposed to tell her that.” Dinah groaned as the diner door opened and Clare arrived, sliding in to the seat beside Ally, opposite Camila.

“Hey,” she greeted them all, leaning her elbows onto the table, “sorry I took so long. The traffic was a nightmare.” She paused to look around at the assembled group as they all welcomed her warmly, her eyes stopping as they fell on Camila’s face and the bruising which was visible there.

“It was a misunderstanding,” Camila said, waving her hand dismissively and leaning back in her seat.

“A misunderstanding?” Clare asked and Camila nodded.

“Some government agents accidentally mistook me for an international spy and kidnapped me,” she said, her face neutral as she deadpanned. “They held me prisoner for three days in this underground basement and beat me up to try and make me spill all the secrets I’d learnt during my espionage…you know, like what exactly is in KFC’s secret recipe…”

“No, but really?” Clare asked turning to look at the others in search of the truth. “What really happened?”

“I just told you,” Camila responded pretending to be insulted by Clare’s lack of trust. “Geez, why does no one believe me?”

“Maybe because you change your story every two seconds,” Dinah said laughing.

“Plus, they’re all ridiculous.” Ally told her as the waiter came over to take their drinks order.

When he left Clare repeated her previous question, still not knowing the answer.

“She had a seizure and smacked her head against the kitchen counter.” Lauren explained.

“Yeah ok so I had a seizure,” Camila finally admitted, “but I had one because the agents kept electrocuting me with high voltage torture devices to try and make me talk. I passed out before they could get anything out of me though…”

“Should we be concerned that she sounds like she actually believes the crap that’s coming out of her mouth?” Dinah asked the others and Camila made a face at her best friend for trying to ruin her fun.

“You can’t just let me have my fun can you?” she asked. “You always have to ruin it. You guys are so mean.”

“I actually kind of like your story,” Clare said genuinely. “You have a great imagination. Have you ever thought about writing?”

“No,” Camila answered, pleased with Clare’s curiosity. “I mean, I don’t exactly have time to write when I’m busy travelling the world and selling top secret information to the highest bidder.”

“So can you tell me your codename or is that confidential?” Clare asked playing along with Camila’s game.

“Seeing as you’re the only one interested enough to ask me,” she said, glancing around at the other girls who were watching the interaction entertained. “It’s ‘The Cactus.’”

“The Cactus?” Dinah laughed.

“Don’t judge mine when yours would be ‘The Volcano.’” Camila scolded.

“That’s better than The Cactus,” Dinah commented, content with her nickname when compared with Camila’s.

“No it isn’t,” Camila disagreed. “A Volcano is obvious, unreliable and destructive. A Cactus isn’t. Cacti are awesome. They’re unique and they not only survive but thrive in the harshest conditions. They store water like I store secrets. No one ever truly knows just how much of either they hold but they know they do.”

“Shut up,” Dinah groaned in response to Camila’s carefully thought out response.

“Besides,” Camila continued smiling at having schooled her best friend, “have you seen Cacti?” she asked. “They aren’t the most attractive plants in existence,” she said comparing them to herself again, “but they’re total badasses with their spikes. Plus they can change people’s moods, perception and cognition with their psychoactive agents. All things which are useful when you’re a spy

“A volcano could be dormant though…” Ally suggested. “Then it wouldn’t be so bad right?”

“Who wants an inactive, undeveloped, sleeping spy?” Camila asked.

“I have to agree with Camila,” Clare agreed with the smaller girl. “No one would ever hire you with a codename like that Dinah.”

“Ugh, you suck,” Dinah whined at her best friend. “How are you still so smart when half your brain got crushed by your skull? That’s not fair you know…”

“More important question,” Lauren said tightening her hold on Camila and pulling her girlfriend closer against her side with the arm draped around her shoulders. “Why are you in such a good mood today? You’re normally completely out of it after a seizure…”

“I’m not allowed to be in a good mood?” Camila asked.

“No you are,” Lauren was quick to reassure her as the waiter returned with their drinks and placed them on to the table in front of them, Normani reaching for hers almost instantly and taking a large sip, apparently thirsty. “I love it when you’re happy. I’m just surprised that’s all. You’re normally knackered.”

“I told you I slept for most of the day,” Camila reminded her. “Otherwise it might be because my brain is still misfiring. I guess we’ll never know for sure though.”

Lauren studied Camila for a moment and she noted her girlfriend’s bright, care free eyes and the warm smile which seemed to have been permanently plastered on her face since she’d picked her up earlier. Lauren loved Camila, she loved everything about her, but this version of her girlfriend, the jovial, witty, interesting, untroubled version was by far one of her favourite.

“Ugh, you’re so cute,” Lauren said, leaning forward and kissing Camila on the lips firmly, her mouth lingering there as she enjoyed the contact. “Would you stop being so fucking cute please?” she asked pausing momentarily before kissing her again, this time maintaining the contact for even longer.

“I can’t help it,” Camila said grinning broadly when Lauren released her lips again. “I’m just cute. You need to accept that fact and deal with it.”

“I can’t deal with it because the fact that you’re cute makes me want to kiss you all the fucking time,” Lauren told her.

“So what’s wrong with that?” Camila asked smirking, her left eyebrow quirking up at the question.

“Nothing except that it’s starting to give me a bad reputation,” Lauren said continuing to kiss Camila, her mouth moving down to playfully bite at her girlfriend’s neck briefly. “People think I’m soft now because of you.” She explained, her hands tickling Camila’s stomach. “I mean, look what you’ve turned me in to…”

Camila squirmed in her seat trying to escape Lauren’s assault.

“No, please,” Camila begged, still trying to escape Lauren’s grasp. “Lauren!”

“Oh God,” Normani groaned drolly as she watched them. “It happened again. They do this all the fucking time!”

“Alright crazy cat lady,” Dinah teased, enjoying the sight of Camila so obviously happy. “You’re just upset because you know I’ll win our bet now. It’s ok. I know it must be hard for you….I mean, who’s going to look after all your little kitties when you’re paying for my trip to Hawaii?”

“You guys are so weird,” Clare chortled highly amused, shaking her head from side to side. “Except for maybe you Ally.” She rectified her generalisation.

“Thanks Clare,” Ally acknowledged. “Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to hang out with this lot?” she asked as Lauren finally stopped irritating Camila and kissed her again.

“You always tickle me!” Camila criticised, pushing Lauren off her gently. “You know that I hate it. You do it on purpose.”

“It’s so much fun though,” Lauren told Camila, her eyes glancing up at the person who she’d wrongly assumed would be the waiter approaching their table to take their food order.

“Hey,” Rachel said meekly, holding up one hand in some semblance of a greeting.

“Rachel,” Lauren responded, instantly feeling defensive and sitting up straight in her seat, ready for a confrontation. “What the fuck do you want?”

“I-ugh, I was wondering if we could talk?” she asked, her eyes shifting between the green-eyed girl and Camila questioningly. “I haven’t seen you around at school since I’ve been back.” she told Lauren.

“That’s probably because she’s been avoiding you,” Normani muttered, her defences also up.

“I don’t know if I want to talk to you.” Lauren answered honestly. “The last time that we talked I ended up with a couple of fractured ribs…”

“Look, I’m really sorry about that,” Rachel apologised. “I just-I wanted a chance to explain…”

“Yeah, a chance to explain that you’re crazy,” Dinah interceded, leaning one elbow against the table and turning to stare at Rachel intimidatingly.

“Can we please just, I don’t know, go somewhere and talk for a moment?” she suggested to Camila and Lauren. “I won’t keep you long I promise…”

“You want me to go somewhere with you?” Lauren scoffed. “Do you think I’m that stupid? I’m not going anywhere with you. You probably have David hidden away somewhere ready to attack me again.”

“I don’t mean outside or anything,” Rachel clarified. “Just, like, over there,” she explained, pointing to a vacant table near the front of the diner.

Lauren looked at Camila for a moment and saw her girlfriends’ eyes narrow thoughtfully in consideration of Rachel’s offer but she couldn’t read her thoughts and didn’t immediately answer the blondes’ request.

“Please?” Rachel pleaded. “I just want to talk I promise.”

“I don’t know,” Lauren said, her eyes studying her girlfriend again and waiting for some kind of indication. “What do you think Camz?” she asked when Camila still remained silent.

“Ok,” Camila agreed, making a move to slide out of the booth and stand up.

“Are you fucking serious?” Dinah asked her best friend standing up.  “You remember what she did right Mila?”

“Yes,” Camila replied. “Do you remember what I did?” She questioned emphatically.

“She provoked you!” Dinah said angrily defending Camila’s behaviour in the library.

“That’s not an excuse,” Camila argued. “She kissed me and I almost blinded her.”

“Are you seriously going to talk to her?” Normani asked also surprised.

“Yeah,” Camila replied, turning to Lauren who remained seated and offering her girlfriend her hand. “Are you coming?” she asked.

Diana Gabaldon

Third Sunday of Advent
The third Sunday of Advent is called “Gaudete” Sunday—“Rejoicing.” On this Sunday, we light the pink candle in our wreath and the priest wears rose-colored vestments. This is where we pause in our season of preparation and repentance, to remember what it is we anticipate. And to remember that joy does not depend on youth, beauty, or even good health—but only on the presence of love.

[This is our wreath in Santa Fe, where the snow is falling and the night is still.]

[Excerpt from THE FIERY CROSS, Chapter 85, “Hearthfire”]

I had any number of objections to hearthfire, ranging from splinters under the fingernails and pitch on the hands to blister, burns, and the sheer infuriating contrariness of the element. I would, however, say two things in its favor: it was undeniably warm, and it cast the act of love in a light of such dim beauty that all the hesitations of nakedness could safely be forgotten.

Our mingled shadows flowed together on the wall, here a limb, there the curve of back or haunch showed clean, some part of an undulating beasts. Jamie’s head rose clear, a great maned creature looming over me, back arched in his extremity.

It reached up across the stretch of glowing skin and trembling muscle, brushed the sparking hairs of arms and chest, to bury my hands in the warmth of his hair and pull him down gasping to the dark hollow of my breasts.

I kept my eyes half-closed, my legs as well, unwilling to surrender his body, to give up the illusion of oneness—if illusion it was. How many more times might I hold him so, even in the enchantment of firelight?

I clung with all my might to him, and to the dying pulse of my own flesh. But joy grasped is joy vanished, and within moments I was no more than myself. The dark starburst on my ankle showed clearly, even in firelight.

I slackened my grip on his shoulders and touched the rough whorls of his hair with tenderness. He turned his head and kissed my breast, then stirred and sighed and slid sideways.

“And they say hen’s teeth are rare,” he said, gingerly touching a deep bite-mark on one shoulder.

I laughed, in spite of myself.

“As rare as a rooster’s cock, I suppose.” I raised myself on
one elbow and peered toward the hearth.

“What is it, wee hen?”

“Just making sure my clothes won’t catch fire.” What with one thing and another, I hadn’t much noticed where he’d thrown my garments, but they seemed to be a safe distance from the flames; the skirt was in a small heap by the bed, the bodice and shift somehow had ended up in separate corners of the room. My brassiere-strip was nowhere to be seen.

Light flickered on the whitewashed walls, and the bed was full of shadows.

“You are beautiful,” he whispered to me.

“If you say so.”

“Do ye not believe me? Have I ever lied to you?”

“That’s not what I mean. I mean—if you say it, then it’s true. You make it true.”

He sighed and shifted, easing us into comfort. A log cracked suddenly in the hearth, sending up a spray of gold sparks, and subsided, hissing as the heat struck a hidden seam of damp. I watched the new wood turn black, then red, blazing into white-hot light.

“Do ye say it of me, Sassenach?” he asked suddenly. He sounded shy, and I turned my head to look up at him in surprise.

“Do I say what? That you’re beautiful?” My mouth curved involuntarily, and he smiled in return.

“Well…not that. But that ye can bear my looks, at least.”

I traced the faint white line of the scar across his ribs, left by a sword, long ago. The longer, thicker scar of the bayonet that had ripped the length of one thigh. The arm that had held me, browned and roughened, the hairs of it bleached white-gold with long days of sun and work. Near my hand, his cock curled between his thighs, gone soft and small and tender now, in its nest of auburn hair.

“You’re beautiful to me, Jamie, “I said softly, at last. “So beautiful, you break my heart.”

His hand traced the knobs of my backbone, one at a time.

“But I am an auld man,” he said, smiling. “Or should be. I’ve white hairs in my head; my beard’s gone gray.”

“Silver,” I said, brushing the soft stubble on his chin, parti-colored as a quilt. “In bits.”

“Gray,” he said firmly. “And scabbit-looking with it. And yet…” His eyes softened as he looked at me. “Yet I burn when I come to ye, Sassenach—and will, I think, ‘til we two be burned to ashes.”

“I dinna say it for pity, he said. “But ye ken…now and then my bones ache a bit.” He didn’t look at me, but spread his crippled hand, turning it in the light, so the shadow of the crooked fingers made a spider on the wall.

Now and then. I kent, all right. I knew the limits of the body—and its miracles. I’d seen him sit down at the end of a day’s labor, exhaustion written in every line of his body. Seen him move slowly, stubborn against the protests of flesh and bone when he rose on cold mornings. I would be willing to bet that he had not lived a day since Culloden without pain, the phyiscal damages of war aggravated by damp and harsh living. And I would also be willing to bet that he had never mentioned it to anyone. Until now.

“I know that,” I said softly, and touched the hand. The twisting scar that runneled his leg. The small depression in the flesh of his arm, legacy of a bullet.

“But not with you,” he said, and covered my hand where it lay on his arm. “D’ye ken that the only time I am without pain is in your bed, Sassenach? When I take ye, when I lie in your arms—my wounds are healed, then, my scars forgotten.”

I sighed and laid my head in the curve of his shoulder. My thigh pressed his, the softness of my flesh a mold to his harder form.

“Mine, too.”

He was silent for a time, stroking my hair with his good hand. It was wild and bushy, freed from its moorings by our earlier struggles, and he smoothed one curly strand at a time, combing down each lock between his fingers.

“Your hair’s like a great storm cloud, Sassenach,” he murmured, sounding half-asleep. “All dark and light together. No two hairs are the same color.”

He was right; the locks between his fingers bore strands of pure white, of silver and blond, dark streaks, nearly sable, and several bits still of my young light brown.

His fingers went under the mass of hair, and I felt his hand cup the base of my skull, holding my head like a chalice.

“To see the years touch ye gives me joy, Sassenach,” he whispered, “—for it means that ye live.”

He lifted his hand and let my hair fall slowly from his fingers, brushing my face, skimming my lips, floating soft and heavy on my neck and shoulders, lying like feathers at the tops of my breasts.

“_Mo nighean donn,_” he whispered, “_mo chride_. My brown lass, my heart.

“Come to me. Cover me. Shelter me, a ¬_bhean_, heal me. Burn with me, as I burn for you.”

I lay on him, covered him, my skin, his bone, and still—still!—that fierce bright core of flesh to join us. I let my hair fall down around us both, and in the fire-shot cavern of its darkness, whispered back.

“Until we two be burned to ashes.”