i should have crashed the car

december 31st, 2015, 10:23 pm: i saw you for the first time. you were talking to a girl and i could tell that you were capturing her with every syllable that left your mouth. and i knew why: you were beautiful and bright, and i was drawn to you even then, like the planets are drawn to the sun.

december 31st, 2015, 11:58 pm: we met standing in line for the bathroom. you introduced yourself, and asked for my name, smiling when i gave it. “lovely,” you murmured, and repeated it a few more times, rolling the letters around in your mouth like a new food.

january 1st, 2016, 12:05 am: i could still feel you on me, your lips, minutes, hours, months later. the clock had struck midnight and you just grabbed me, didn’t ask if it was okay until it was over. you were laughing, brushing it off, all teeth and well-kissed lips, but i knew i saw you blushing. 

january 21st, 2016, 1:12 pm: you got my number through the mutual friend that threw the party. i still don’t know how you got my address. i didn’t remember telling you. you couldn’t tell me, either.

february 14th, 2016, 9:12 pm: you took me out to dinner and bought me chocolate and roses. it was all so cliche, and i loved every second of it. when you kissed me good night, i swore i could feel the rest of my life, pressed right up against my lips.

february 26th, 2016, 11:33 pm: we made it official. i remember how you asked me, how shy you got, like you didn’t know what the answer would be.

march 17th, 2016, 5:43 pm: we spent the day at the saint patrick’s day parade, and you filled yourself with beer and kissed me hard against the bar bathroom door. i drove you home and that was the first time you told me you loved me.

march 18th, 2016, 9:24 am: you called me and told me you loved me again. “i want to make sure that you know i still mean it when i’m sober,” you said.

march 24th, 2016, 1:09 pm: i met your parents at easter brunch. you had demanded i come with you, and i was glad i did. your mother was kind and beautiful, and your father was warm and handsome, just like i knew they’d be. after we’d eaten, your mother got me alone. “he’s never brought a girl home before,” she told me, “normally he isn’t very open about who he’s dating. but you, you’re different. don’t read into this, but i think he may really think you’re special.”

april 12th, 2016, 8:31 pm: you saw me naked for the first time, and you kissed every inch of my skin. i’d never felt that much love from anybody before that night, and i haven’t since. not even you could replicate those few hours.

may 5th, 2016, 4:57 pm: we fought for the first time. i ran into my ex at the grocery store and wanted to chat for a few minutes. you didn’t. when we got in the car, you told me that if i was still in love with somebody else i could just leave, and i told you that you should trust me and not be so insecure about our relationship. we screamed the whole way home and you slammed the car door when i dropped you off. i almost crashed three times on the drive home.

may 6th, 2016, 8:03 am: you came by with flowers and breakfast. “I’m sorry,” you told me, “you just mean so much to me, and the thought of you ever being anyone else’s makes me sick.” i smiled, “but you don’t have to worry about that now. i’m yours.”

june 16th, 2016, 10:51 pm: for my birthday you took me out to dinner and gave me a beautiful necklace with a silver chain and pearl pendant. we drank expensive wine and stumbled back to my place and fucked. i had never been fucked before, not like this. i woke up the next morning with bite marks on my neck and hickeys all the way down my stomach, but you were gone. “had to run,” you’d written on a post it note, “i love you.”

june 18th, 2016, 2: 41 pm: i hadn’t seen you since my birthday and you weren’t picking up when i’d call.

june 19th, 2016, 3:13 am: “ had to run,” the post it note had said. maybe you were running from me. i couldn’t tell if it was the 3 am darkness talking or the part of me that already knew.

july 1st, 2016, 4:01 am: i looked over at you, sleeping in the darkness beside me. when we were together, things felt perfectly normal. but now, i could feel the shifts. “are we falling apart?” i whispered to you, and although i hadn’t expected an answer, the silence broke my heart all the same.

july 4th, 2016, 6:47 pm: we were at a barbecue and i saw you across the crowd, talking to a girl. i saw the way she was drinking up every word that escaped from between your lips, and that’s when i knew. that’s when i knew you weren’t mine anymore.
july 21st, 2016, 7:08 pm: i brought it up to you. “i think we’re starting to grow apart,” i said, “there’s a distance between us that wasn’t here before.” you reassured me that it was all in my head, but i didn’t hear it in your voice. i didn’t see it in your eyes. you knew it was there, too, but unlike me, you weren’t trying to do anything to stop it.

august 10th, 2016, 11:37 pm: i lay awake and thought about what your mother said, all these months later. “don’t read into this.” but of course i did. i couldn’t help myself. fuck, i loved you so much.
august 15th, 2016, 1:12 pm: you invited me over and i discovered that the key you’d given me no longer worked. “i had the locks changed,” you said, “i’ll get you a new one.” it was a lie, and i knew it. you didn’t get me a new key.

september 8th, 2016, 2:00 pm: i caught you cheating. in a desperate attempt to revive the romance we’d had at the beginning of our relationship, i bought dinner and brought it to your place. when you finally opened the door, i saw it written all over your face; the way your eyes widened, the way your jaw dropped, the way your cheeks drained of color. i heard it in the stammer of your voice, the sharp intake of your breath, the grinding of your teeth. when the girl walked up behind you, half naked, asking who it was at the door, i already knew. “how could you?” i whispered, and you just opened and closed your mouth. the girl pieced it together and started screaming. she hadn’t known. i left the food at the doorstep.

september 10th, 2016, 1:49 am: you never called after that, never came by, never reached out, but it wasn’t like we’d needed to confirm anything. i knew it was over, but it took every ounce of willpower i had not to go back to your place and find out why, why everything.

september 27th, 2016, 6:20 pm: i kept finding myself huddled in a ball; in my bedroom, in my kitchen, in my shower. not crying, or yelling. just huddled, clutching my body close to myself, staring. still not understanding.

october 31st 2016, 9:01 pm: i spent halloween haunted by the ghost of you. your face was around every corner. i could still feel your touch trickling down my spine. that night, i lost it. the anger surged through the sadness and bubbled to the surface. i screamed until my throat was raw, screamed at nothing, about nothing, for no reason other than i was too full.

november 10th, 2016, 2:17 am: you called me when you were drunk and i answered. i listened to you ramble, vomiting up apology after apology. near the end, you told me you loved me. “call me tomorrow when you’re sober if you still love me,” i said.  you didn’t. 

november 25th, 2016, 7:15 pm: i went out on a date with somebody new. they didn’t pull me in like you did, but for a few hours, i forgot about you and i felt okay. i drank myself to sleep that night so i wouldn’t have to think about you. the next morning, the hangover hurt more than you did. it was a start.

december 24th, 2016, 8:12 pm: i was spending christmas with my family, and i was doing great until my aunt asked about you. i told her you cheated, but i was doing okay, and then i excused myself and threw up the appetizers into the toilet. i called you then, and when you picked up, i let out a sob. “you ruined me, you fuck,” i croaked, “and you can’t even apologize. not when you’re sober, at least.” there were a few seconds of silence, and then you hung up. i still hope that it ruined your christmas.

december 31st, 2016, 10:23 pm: i saw you for the first time in months across the crowd. it made me sick to know that even after all that had happened, you were still the most beautiful person in the room to me.

december 31st, 2016, 11:55 pm: you found me in the kitchen. “i wanted to tell you i’m sorry,” you yelled over the music, “and i miss you.” and in those final moments of the year, i thought about it. i thought about letting you back in. the countdown started, and you moved closer to me. and i.. i pushed you away. i turned away from you and said, “no. i can’t.” and i walked out of the room.

january 1st, 2017, 12:05 am: i have forgotten how you felt against me, your lips. and for the first time, i am finally okay with that.

—  a year in review -c.h. // instagram: @evanescent.love (via @poeticaffinity)
it’s always sunny in philadelphia sentence starters!

❝ Could we not base our decisions on what does and doesn’t happen in episodes of Scooby-Doo? ❞
❝ Look at me, psychological damage up to here! ❞
❝ I have contained my rage for as long as possible, but I shall unleash my fury upon you like the crashing of a thousand waves! ❞
❝ Am I gay for God? You betcha. ❞
❝ Be gone, vile man! Be gone from me! ❞
❝ Well first of all, through God all things are possible, so jot that down. ❞
❝ Yeah, but we didn’t come here to play with  stray dogs and trash, man. ❞
❝ Oh, get a job? Just get a job? Why don’t I strap on my job helmet and squeeze into a job cannon and fire off into job land where jobs grow on jobbies?! ❞
❝ I’m eating because I’m very uncomfortable. ❞
❝ I’m gonna have a really hard time if we’re both cannibals and racists. ❞
❝ I dropped my monster condom that I use for my magnum dong. ❞
❝ Everybody’s dying, bitch. Let’s get you some fruit. ❞
❝ When I’m dead, just throw me in the trash. ❞
❝ I will smack your face off of your face! ❞
❝ Take care of yourself… or whatever people say. ❞
❝ We all have cats we’d like to be playing with right now. ❞
❝ I will eat your babies, bitch! ❞
❝ I’m relaxing, I’m getting blackout drunk, and you’re leaving me alone. ❞
❝ Later, boners! ❞
❝ Do not call these shorts white trash! ❞
❝ If some old boner gives me attitude, I’m gonna spit in his face. ❞
❝ I eat stickers all the time, dude! ❞
❝ I’ve got the stride of a gazelle. A beautiful, beautiful gazelle person. ❞
❝ You know, you light one bitch on fire and everyone freaks out! ❞
❝ Cats do not abide by the laws of nature, you don’t know shit about cats. ❞
❝ If you don’t have car insurance, you better have dental, because I am going to smash your teeth into dust! ❞
❝ I can go from flaccid to erect in a moment’s notice. ❞
❝ I mean, trees? Everywhere trees?! What the hell is this place? ❞
❝ I’ll tell you what’s not cool: crashing my car into a building, exploding a grenade inside of it, and then convincing your friends and family that you’re dead! ❞
❝ Oh my God! She just ate an entire sleeve of Chips Ahoy! ❞
❝ Hello fellow American, this you should vote me. I leave power. Good. Thank you, thank you. If you vote me, I’m hot. Taxes, they’ll be lower… son. The democratic vote is the right thing to do, so do. ❞
❝ I stepped in front of a bus and it missed me. I can’t even get a bus to hit on me. ❞
❝ I’m having feelings again, like some kind of fourteen year old kid or something. ❞
❝ I don’t think these dogs have masters, I think they play by their own rules. ❞
❝ I have a bleached asshole! ❞
❝ With real power comes real responsibility and I don’t want to do any of that shit. I just want the money… and the illusion of power. ❞

Car Breakdown - Jeongguk

genre : smut, Mecanic!Jeongguk
words : 5,2k
contains : nipple play, oral, a bit of fingering and spanking, teasing, sex, Dom!Jeongguk, praise kink
sum up : You never had luck, especially not with your car, which just broke down again in the middle of the road -again! But well, this time, it turns out better than excepting, really better.

You’ve never trusted your car, not even when you bought it for the first time. It was a particularly old one, dented and stratched, and the person who sold it to you warned you that you might have some problems. And you did. In the first months, it was approximatively alright, but it started to get worse on the fourth month, when you first had an alarming problem with the engine coolant. You had paid fifty bucks to get rid of it, hoping that it would get back to normal, but of course it was only the beginning of a series of problems; no matter if it was with the breaks, the windscreen wipers or the several engine failures you’ve endured. Yet, you couldn’t afford a new car, a problemfree car. You had to do with this pain in the ass, always and constantly hoping for a safe trip.

Maybe it was the karma, or even bad luck, but apparently, wishing too strongly for something led you to the opposite situation. You found yourself in the roadside of a expressway, completely drenched from head to toe because of the heavy autumnal rain that kept falling loudly from the dark sky. You should have noticed the red warning in the corner of the dashboard, or hear the faint yet continuous bang in the front of the car, but you didn’t. You were too focused on the music echoing against the sides of the car, and you were desperate to eventually go home after this dreadful work meeting about your company’s management, which was, by the way, one hundred kilometres away from home.

You wished to get there quickly, aiming to let yourself dive into the warm waters of well-deserved bath, a glass of wine in the hand to help you relax. Of course, you don’t always get what you wish for, and you realised it he second your fucking car started to be deprived of speed, slowing its pace into brusque and hasty movement, only allowing you enough time to stop on the verge. You had taken a few seconds before realising that you just had a car breakdown, in the middle of nowhere, and you had screamed. Violently getting out of the car, you decided to see what was happening under the bonnet, as if you’d knew something about it –which you didn’t.

You lashed out at engine, knocking the bonnet down before running a hand to your now wet hair, fighting back the tears that threatened to falling down your cheeks. Feeling the light cold breeze hit your wet outfit, you made your way back inside the car, not willing to, on top of that, get sick. You took some minutes to pull yourself together, staring blankly in nothing but the night. You were cold, your clothes were soaked, you were lost. At the realisation, you let your head fall against the steering wheel, loudly, hurting your forehead in the process; but you didn’t fucking care anyway.

Taking a long and deep breath in, you straightened your back against the seat. You had to do something, and he only thing that you could do was calling a car mechanic to help you out. You looked to your side, and rushed your hands through your purse, looking for your smartphone. After a frenetic research, you eventually found it, an unlocked it.

“This must be a joke.”

24% left. Your life depended on these very 24% of battery of your phone. You gulped, and browsed as rapidly as ever the number of the closet garage on google maps. ‘The Jeon’s garage’ was open, and offered mending and towing services. They were you only last hope before being left here all alone freezing amidst nowhere. So you called them, desperately wishing for someone to pick up your phone call, for charitable soul. Surprisingly, it happened, right before the fourth sound of your reach out, a hoarse voice resonated into the speaker of your device, grumbling a wannabe polite “hello.”

“Hello! Oh my god thank you for replying. I’m Y/N. I’m sorry to bother at such time of the night but you’re the only garage open in the area and my car just broke down and I don’t know what to do, I might die here.. No. Anyway, can you come and tow my car or something?”

A regnant silence appeared after your quick monologue, making you feel nervous from the absence of sounds. You licked your lips before gaping them slightly, ready to ask if the person was still there, but they beat you to it. “Wait wait wait. Do you know where you are?” They asked, and from the tone of the voice, you guessed it was boy. “I need to know where you are so I can help you.” He justified immediately, and you frowned you eyebrows when you heard some struggling pants through the speakers.

“Apparently, I’m fifteen kilometres away from you,” you indicated, looking back on the map on the screen of your cell phone. “On the National Road 4.”

“Ok, I see. Did you try to restart the car and all?”


“Ok. Did you try to look under the bonnet?”


“Ok. Don’t ever do that again, it’s dangerous. Especially in times like this. Wait for me in the car, but put some warning triangle behind your car. Do you get me?” He asked, after hearing you muttering some ‘Why is he ordering me around exactly?’

“Ok. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

Even if he had been ordering you around, at least, he was on time. He arrived sixteen minutes after your phone call to be precise, in a recovery vehicle with way too bright lights shining in the horizon. It looked like the light of your freedom though, that would save you from this hell. Yet, it only symbolised another hardship on the way to your paradise, but, perhaps, it would lead you to something better than the shitty situation you found yourself into. At least, you wished so.

You saw him alight from the truck, dressed in a large waterproof coat, rushing to the side of the driving seat of the car, knocking on the window. Understanding the message, you lowered it down to hear him out. You couldn’t decipher his features well, the association of the big lights and the hood hiding his face from your sight. However, you managed to glimpse some cute purse lips and thick eyebrows.

“Y/N?” He spoke over the sound of the rain hitting the metal of your car.

“Yes, who else?” You said, chuckling a bit, trying to ease the mood, but he didn’t laugh, so you pursed your lips lightly, fighting back an embarrassed grin.

“Yeah. Go inside the truck, I’ll take care of this. Take all your important stuffs with you.”

“Okay, thank you.”


You grabbed your pursed, previously placed on the passenger seat, and pulled got out of the car, running to the lorry after the gentleman opened the door for you. Rushing inside, you were glad to find that the heating was on, warming you and your cold body up; even though you were still drenched. Rubbing your arms with your palms, you watched in the wing mirror the man running around the car arranging ropes here and locking things here. In a matter of minutes, he came back into the passenger compartment, sighing.

“Okay, don’t panic. The truck is going to move a bit, and there will be weird noises but it’s normal.”


He pressed a button, and just as predicted, it happened. But you didn’t really pay attention to it as you finally put a face on this cute raspy voice. Under the light of the car, you noticed his golden skin, his dark hair, his chocolate and fizzy eyes and a sharp jaw. He was beautiful, almost graceful with the beam of the car.

“You must be freezing,” he stressed, tearing you away from your reverie over his face.

“Yes, a little bit.”

“Here,” he said as he offered you the plaid he just took out from behind his chair.

“Thank you very much.”

“Of course. I’m Jeongguk by the way. Now we will go to he garage. It’s around twenty minutes long.”

“Nice to meet you,” you greeted and agreed, side-watching him check if everything was alright before starting the engine. He nodded his head to himself and pressed on the accelerator pedal, driving you and you cursed car to his garage. The drive was silent in the first minutes, yet it wasn’t that uncomfortable.

“So, what were you doing here at this time of the night, by this weather, if I may ask?”

“I had this work reunion in this city, and it finished super late and all. So yeah, I’m pretty unlucky.” You sighed, covering yourself with the plaid a bit more to keep you warm.

“At least, you were lucky enough to find an opened garage,” he joked, flashing you a quick smile from the driver seat.

“Yeah, maybe. But I was so excited to go home. I was really looking forwards to get off…”

You realised, from the stare of the man siting right next to you, that your choice of words was as bad as your luck. You probably were cursed at this point.

“I mean, to relax…” You whispered, sinking in your chair to make yourself as small as possible, fleeing the judgemental eyes of Jeongguk and trying to hide your flushed cheeks.


“I’m sorry Y/N, but I can’t repair it tonight. I need a piece that will be delivered tomorrow. We ran out of it a few days ago.”

You looked at him with a blank face on, registering the information he was giving you. So you had been waiting for one hour, freezing in a cold garage and in wet clothes, at 10 pm, all for nothing. You couldn’t go home tonight. A nervous laugh past pass your lips, and you looked down at him still laid on his board, his lower body still under your car.

“I’m sorry.”

“No no, it’s alright it’s not your fault anyway,” you said, defeated. “I should have foreseen this anyway. But what should I do? Is there a motel or a place that I could crash nearby?” You asked, the last syllable swallowed in your throat as Jeongguk raised to his feet, standing close to you. Suddenly the atmosphere felt tensed in the large room, partially from how you –out of a sudden- found that Jeongguk was sexy in his mechanic outfit and messy hair and that you couldn’t avert your eyes from the sight, but also from the way his eyes tried to avoid your wet –and so see-through- white dress shirt.

“No, there is unfortunately not. I know this might sound insane, but…”

If one day someone had told you your current situation, you wouldn’t believe them. You wouldn’t believe that you had agreed to sleep in the room –note, not home- of a stranger, of a person that you barely know and who could be a psychopath. You would not believe either that you had taken a shower there and accepted his clothes to sleep in. Neither would you have agreed that, after a long fight over the subject, you ended up sleeping in the same bed as said perhaps-psychopath.

Yet, here you were, laid on your back, on Jeongguk’s bed, pressured under the heavy and awkward atmosphere that filled his room. You hadn’t talked since he left the shower to plunge himself under the covers next to you, his body not close enough to let your skins touch but surely enough to let you feel the warmth of his body. You wanted to get rid of it, because you wouldn’t fall asleep this way anyway.

“I’m really sorry, Jeongguk.”

“It’s alright,” he chuckled, looking at the ceiling, “don’t worry.”

“Yeah but still, I invite myself here and borrow your clothes and take a shower and all and it’s just-“

“Hey, you need to relax, it’s okay, really.” He stated, trying to reassure you in your apologising monologue. He was now looking at your face, a smile evident on his lips, almost teasing. “Or, should I say, you need to get off.” He laughed at his joke as your cheeks turned into a deep shade of pink.

You wanted to laugh along with him, but for some reason, you couldn’t. You could only notice how his jawline was sharper when he was laughing, how his smile was cockier, and how his eyes sparkled darkly. You realised that you were turned on by the guy laying right fucking next to you.

“Maybe I want that too.” You whispered, not confident enough to completely let it out in audible words, but not too coward not say out loud what you though, because after all, what did you have to lose from this? You dignity because you were dying to get laid after so long? You self-esteem for trying your luck with a guy who was way too attractive for you to handle? Yeah, not much anyway… but you might regret this for a long time from the silence left by Jeongguk.

“Don’t say things you don’t know about,” he broke the silence, allowing you to notice a change in his voice. It became more hoarse, deeper, something that made you oddly weak at the knees.

“What If I do?” Unlike his, your mouth was not above a whisper, and it was weak and unassured. Your eyes lifted to meet his own as you saw him get closer to you, his face now just right in front of yours. You could feel his breath caress your cheeks, and his lips brushing past yours.

“Are you sure about what you’re saying, Y/N?”


With your consent, his lips crashed on yours, sealing into a hot and messy kiss. It was passionate and bold, your tongues soon dancing a sensual dance together as he pressed his body closer to yours. His hands found their way to your waist as he left some heated kisses along your jaw and neck, making you shiver from the touch. You fell his thumbs dig into the skin of your hipbones, and you bucked your hips into his touch, wanting to feel more, more of him and more of his way too soft caresses. You wanted his hands wandering everywhere, from your waist to your butt, from your butt to your boobs. You craved this.

You realised he desired the same when you sensed the obvious bulge in his boxers as he brought your body closer to his. This new proximity, leaving nearly nothing between your bodies, allowed him to firmly grab your bottom, his two hands gripping your lower cheeks fully, earning a moan from you as he started to suck a blossoming mark on your left collarbone.

Just when you started to feel yourself get lost in the pleasure, he gently pushed you on your back to hover above you, his lips never leaving your skin in the process. You appreciated his wet kisses which slowly moved forward your neck to reach your jaw, eventually crashing on your own again. You ended up kissing hungrily, tongues dancing passionately and teeth crashing in hurry.

Your hands grazed over the skin of his muscular back, heading for his neck to grip at his hair, pulling the small locks that stuck to his flesh, expressing a silent demand for more. Just as you let out a throaty whimper past your lips, he drove away from you, “Let me take away all of your clothes.” You’d almost moan from his thirsty eyes, almost. But you nodded your head quickly, your fingers already tugging at the side of your shirt.

He smirked at your actions; seeing you desperate under him pleased him. He enjoyed the fact that he was making you crave his hands and touch. So without a second thought, he took off his own shirt, and stood up on his knees to allow you to do the same. Soon, in a matter of seconds, you were both naked, and Jeongguk was now overhanging you again, his mouth trailing wet and hurried kisses from your neck to your breast. He reached your perky nipple, and didn’t waste time as he swathed his lips around the bundle of nerves, sucking and nibbling it. His fingers massaged your other boob, softly yet with eagerness, sometimes brushing his thumb over your nipple just to tease you and feel you jolt under him, something he found him appreciating quite a lot.

You felt yourself getting wetter from his attention and ministrations, and even more when you sensed him grind his crotch on your thigh. The moment you wanted to complain about wanting more, he stopped his motions, taking one last kitten lick over you nipple and earning a quiet whimper. He lifted his head up, his eyes directly plunged into yours and you noticed how they were burning with desire.

“Can I eat you out? It’s better if I make sure you’re wet enough for when I pound into you.”

You gulped at his words, not excepting them to get out of this mouth this filthy. Though, it made the blood rush to your cheeks as you nodded your answer after he squeezed your waist gently.

“I need to hear it out loud, sweetheart.”

“Yes.” You replied, trying to make your voice assured.

“Yes what?” He asked, an obvious teasing smirk plastered on his face as he already made his way down your body.

“Yes, I want you to eat me out.”

He chuckled darkly at your answer, kissing chastely your pubis before spreading your legs wide for him to settle between them. You bucked your hips slightly to the new sensation of the fresh air on your drench folds. You witnessed how the smirk on his face made grew bigger, and just to have fun, he blew some fresh air on you, and you whined.

“I didn’t phrase it like that, but I’ll stick with it.”

He didn’t let you the time to properly comprehend his words and dived in right away, teasingly lapping your labia and purposely avoiding your clitoris. You sighed from pleasure, interlacing your fingers into his hair as you felt him massage your squeeze your thighs. He kept leaving kisses here and there, teasing you to no end. You tried to rush him to business, casually thrusting your hips upwards, but it only fuelled his want to tease you.

“Jeongguk, come on.” You complained into a whimper.

“You kept teasing me with your words and outfit and attitude all night,” he spoke against your pussy, the vibrations sending shivers down your side and making your head fall back on the pillow, “but you’re lucky I’m so fucking hard right now. I’m going to make you cum just with my tongue, baby. Then you’ll get what you’re asking for if you’re a good girl.”

Your cheeks couldn’t possibly be more pink as you realised that he might me into dirty talk. Yet, you didn’t give it a second thought when you felt his tongue gently rasp your clitoris a few times, making you moan silently and close your eyes. After taking a few kitten licks on your clit, he let his tongue enter your vagina and graze your walls, allowing his upper lip to tease your folds gently. You tried to close your legs under the overwhelming feeling, but he kept them down, bringing them to your sides to keep you in place.

After a few seconds, he stuck out his tongue to make it rub against your whole pussy’s lips, tasting your juices and humming against you. “It’s so sweet. You taste so sweet, kitten. All this juices for me,” he purred against you against as he brought you even closer to his mouth. “Such a good girl, completely soaked for me.” He carried on licking everywhere, devouring you as if you were his last meal. You sensed his tongue and lips everywhere at the same time, and the pit in your stomach started to form, warning you that you weren’t far away from your orgasm; just like the way your panting breath.

“Moan out loud for me, baby. I wanna hear you when you cum over my tongue. I want to hear how good I make that little cunt of yours feel good.”

His lewd words made you spread your legs wider, if that was still possible, and buck your hips to get more of him. The sounds of your moans soon echoed on the walls, satisfying Jeongguk’s ego. He was eager to make you cum just with his pink muscle, and he wasn’t going to let that go, so when he heard your shaky whimpers and desperate moans, he made it his mission to make you climax right away. He nibbled on your clit and hollowed his cheeks to suck on it as the same time, willing to give you as much pleasure as he could.

He loved seeing his partners begging to cum, begging for him to let them release. That was what made him hard. He lived for this feeling of dominance, for this physical superiority, for this capacity to control of someone else’s orgasm. So he continued his ministrations, occasionally alternating with long laps all over your lips.

“Are you going to cum, sweetheart?” He asked, tilting his head to side to dive back his tongue right in your vagina again. He purposely teased you a bit before going back to clit. “Cum for me.” He ordered in a whisper, his rasping voice sending shivers down your spine. Suddenly, it all became too much, your vision started to get blur and you couldn’t help but desperately buck your hips into an unsettled rhythm. He kept on sucking your clit through your climax, your moans and whines stimulating him to do so. He only stopped when he felt your hands faintly pushing his head away, your arms obviously lacking strength.

“Good girl. Such a good girl.” He praised you, crouching on his knees between your legs. You were tired, but exited for what was going to happen next. You smiled at his words, and your lips curved upwards even more when you saw his hand travel down his stomach to reach his throbbing dick and pump it gently. You licked your lips at the sight. You haven’t paid attention to it until now, but the view was quite mouth-watering.

“Do you want to be a good girl and suck my cock with that pretty little mouth of yours a bit?”

You locked your gaze with his, and crooked a grin before lifting your back to end up lying on your stomach in front him, a pleasing sight for the both of you. You noticed a teasing smirk on his lips, but it didn’t restrain you to wrap your lips around the head of his dick, never averting your eyes away. His lips parted slightly at the sight, and you smiled around his member, taking him in your mouth a bit further, you tongue grazing the tip.

“Damn, you make me feel so good kitten,” he confessed, patting your hair away from your face, “You take me well. I bet you take me even better with that sweet pussy, wet just for me.”

You hummed around him, going down a bit more and swallowed around him. A long and pleased moan past through his lips as he threw his head back. You decided to focus more on his dick, making your tongue brush past his member as your cupped and massaged his balls with the strength you had left. A lot a praises fell from his lips from the new sensation, but he stopped your motions by grabbing the back of your neck. “I’d love to cum in your mouth and see you swallow each drop like the good girl you are, but I’d rather fuck you right now.”

“Yes, please.”

He chuckled darkly at your begging, still hovering above you with his dick near your face as your upper body was supported by your elbows. He caressed your cheeks with his thumb for a few seconds before stepping down the bed.

“Don’t move, stay like this. I’m just putting on a condom. Can I fuck you from behind, sweetheart?” He asked as you gazed at his fingers, rolling up the rubber on his dick.

“Fuck.. Yes.”

A smirk found its way on his lips, and he climbed on the bed again, already settling down on the back of your thighs, his hands squeezing your ass cheeks, hard. You moaned from the sensation, loving the way he gripped at your flesh. Suddenly, he slapped your ass, the sound echoed in your ears, and you couldn’t repress the gasp from escaping your lips. Yet, the light burning sensation was bearable, and pleasing in the end, particularly when caressed the spot he just slapped. He did it over again a few times, fond of the noises coming from your mouth, encouraging his actions.

“Damn, kitten, I think I could spank you all day, damn, your butt is so plump and meek,” he moaned, squeezing your cheeks together. “But I’m so fucking hard right now,” he confessed in a hoarse voice that made your pussy even wetter than it was before. “Can you feel it, sweetheart?” He questioned, and you’d nearly jerk from the new presence amidst your arse, which was nothing else than his rocking cock. He thrusted his member between your butt cheeks. “I asked a question, can you feel how hard my cock is for you right now, sweet cheeks?” He teased.

“Yes.” You replied, raising your waist to create more friction for him, “I’d rather feel it inside of me though,” you whispered, feeling your clit pulsing between your legs in excitation and anticipation of what was going to happen next. He stopped his thrust and stilled his dick between your cheeks, “I’m going to fuck you so good.” It was all he said before freeing your butt and spreading your legs a bit. You sensed two fingers at your entrance, coating some of your juices, “Sweetheart, you’re so fucking wet for me, you’re such a fucking good girl.”

You breathed out at the praise, your head falling forwards. “Just for you,” your voice was not above a whisper, but he managed to catch your lewd words anyway, which made him smirk. He didn’t except you to say this kind of things, but he was still delighted by your horniness and will to have him inside of you.

He dived two fingers in, slowly and sensually, and started to caress your folds, wanting you to become a begging mess under his touch. And you did, letting several “please” and “Jeongguk” pass past the barrier of course, some louder than the others when he scissored his fingers to stretch you well. When he valued that it was enough, he took them out, “Turn your head and look at me.” He ordered, and you obeyed, only to be encountered with the sight of his fingers in his mouth and his other hand pumping his length. You couldn’t tear your eyes away from the view, which only made his smirk grow wider and cockier on his lips.

He removed his digits and wiped them on the skin of your thigh, his eyes still profoundly plunged into yours. The atmosphere felt heavy, hot and tensed, but in a good way. It was built from the arousal you both felt, and you couldn’t wait anymore to have him inside of you. You needed it, you needed to get off for good. As if he sensed it, he directed his cock to your entrance, “I’m going to enter you now kitten.”

And he did, painfully slowly. After the few seconds of empty torture, he finally completely in, and you both released a long sigh from the sensation. You felt full and hot under the touch of his hands on your waist and the burning of the skin of his thighs on yours. He filled you just the right way, and a long throaty moan echoed in the room from the new sensation. “That’s right kitten, moan for me. I want to hear you, be a good girl and let it all out.”

He started to move when you began to thrust yourself onto his dick, weakly. “You’re such a good girl Y/N, laying down here, taking all of me, begging to be fucked.” The more he talked, the faster he went. You could feel his cock throbbing inside of you, and the way his hands griped harder on your waist. He liked it too. “God, you feel so fucking good around me, tight, hot and wet.”

Moans couldn’t be refrained from escaping your mouth, not that Jeongguk wanted to anyway. He loved to hear that his partner was well pleased. He loved to see his cock go in and out of you, wetter after each thrust, something that made him go speeder and deeper. He couldn’t help it, the sight turned on way too much. Yet, after another strangled moan from you, he deciphered a “harder.”

It was all he needed to placed his hands flat by your sides and started to bang into you, animalistic-way. You could hear the sound of your skin slapping against his, his erratic and panting breath, and even how wet you were. The whole mix made the burning pit in your stomach grow bigger, and you felt yourself clench around him. All of a sudden, he reached the special spot inside of you that made you go crazy, letting you moan out loud various “right here” and “yes, please, I’m going to cum.”

“Are you going to cum for me baby? Are you going to make me feel how good you feel around me when you come and clench all over my dick?”

“Yes, yes,” you kept repeating, hands lost in the sheets as you sensed yourself getting closer and closer to the edge of your orgasm. A new heat warm your back, and you realised that it was Jeongguk’s chest. He had lowered his upper body to lay completely on you, allowing him another angle in you, “cum for me then.”

At his words, you climaxed, hard, for the second time of the night. You saw stars in your eyes and felt soaked between your legs, but you were in a state of bliss and pure physical pleasure, your legs shaking a bit from the intensity of your orgasm. Jeongguk’s moan in your ear became faint for a moment, but then he took his cock out of you as he raised to knees. You heard the sound of your wetness on his dick being rubbed rapidly, showing that he was pumping himself. After a few breathy and high-pitched moan, some thread of white cum landed on your back, but you were still too high in pleasure to care.

After a few seconds -or minutes, you didn’t know anymore- Jeongguk crashed by your side, pearls of sweat sticking his hair to his forehead sexily. “Damn, it felt so fucking good.” You didn’t have the force to reply, so you just granted him a smile, to which he responded with a smirk. In the end, this car might be a problematic hell, but at least, tonight, it sent you to paradise, for once.

© 2016 Wang-banana. All rights reserved.

Dean goes first. It’s their anniversary, and even if his angel husband keeps trying to tell them that the gift-giving portion of the evening isn’t a competition, Dean knows it’s just because Cas always wins. As thoughtful as Dean tries to be, Cas knows what the ex-hunter will love, even if he doesn’t know it himself.

Dean thumbs Cas’s gift inside his pocket. He didn’t bother to wrap it, but he hoped Cas would appreciate it, anyway. Angels, let alone husbands, could be extremely difficult to shop for, and this gift… well, it was a bit of a risk. But, they’d both agreed not to spend money this year, so maybe it would level the playing field a little. Maybe…

So, Dean feels relieved when dinner is over and they are finally relaxed, cuddling on the couch, his Led Zeppelin mix tape playing in the background. At least he’d gotten that one right…

Dean’s clears his throat, looking at his handsome husband, blue eyes crinkled at the sides with the start of a smile.

“Cas,” he says, getting lost for a second, then, reaching in his pocket, he pulls out the small object.

“I didn’t wrap it,” Dean says, unable to look at Cas, though his cheeks are heating up, because, even after five years of marriage, sentimentality still makes him want to polish his guns for an hour. Even if he secretly loves these moments more than anything else.  

So, unceremoniously, Dean sets the gift on the table in front of Cas, licking his lips in anticipation. And, he’s watching Cas’s face like a car crash waiting to happen, his heart thumping to the rhythm of: “you should have gotten a better gift, now I’m going to pump every vein in your body with anxiety.”

Cas leans forward. His mouth falls open, and there’s a look in his eyes. It’s brief, but Dean knows. He knows he got the right gift. And Cas is smirking. He picks up the key, shakes his head, then full-on-laughs.

“Only took you five years to give me my own set,” said Cas. Then, he reaches over and kisses Dean deeply, nearly knocking him off the couch.

Dean smiles, looking at Cas’s face, wondering why he didn’t do this sooner, because he thought he’d never been happier than at this very moment. And he can see what it means to Cas. Cas catches him staring, and Dean clears his throat.

“No taking her on gravelly roads,” the ex-hunter says gruffly. “And keep her tank above half.”

Cas smiles again at the key to the impala:

“Thanks, baby. It’s perfect.”

Dean leans back, putting both his hands behind his head in satisfaction: “So,” he says, “I won the anniversary, huh?”

But Cas is smiling mischievously as he pulls out his gift, which is wrapped ornately with an obnoxious bow on top. And Cas is smiling proudly as he places it on Dean’s lap.

Dean sees how excited the angel is to have him open the gift. The ex-hunter looks at the key to the impala on the table, biting his lip, then at Cas again.

“Damn,” he says. He hasn’t even opened the gift, and already he can tell, he’s lost.

* * *

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Unexpected Love || Part 1

Prompt: Tom and his dad got in a car crash, Tom making it out alive. He’s trying to cope with his father’s loss, but is having a hard time doing so. So they send you to help fix him from up above. (AU)

Warnings: Mentions of dying, Smut, God, car crash, sexual things.

Word Count: 2,431

Pairing: Tom Holland x Angel!Reader

A/N: This is based on that audition tape Harrison did that was on Tom’s Instagram. First time doing smut tell me what you think. Sorry for the lack of my stories I’ve been busy. Hope this makes up for it. :)


Tom didn’t think his whole life would change. He kept telling himself what if he never went out and gotten drunk at that party. What if he stayed in and spent time with his family. What if he didn’t call his dad to come and get his drunk ass. He’d be alive right now. All he could do is keep blaming himself, but every time Tom does his family would tell him that he and his dad couldn’t have known that a semi would ram into their car or that everything seems to happen for a reason. Tom couldn’t help but get lost in his own thoughts.

“Mum, dad I’m heading out alright” He called out to them as he reached for his coat on the rack.

“Woah there, at what time do you suppose you’ll be back?” His mum asked.

“Come on mum I’m like 20 now” Tom rolled his eyes. She wasn’t having any of it though. She gave him a stern look.

“I don’t know 11:30 maybe midnight”


“Don’t worry I won’t do anything stupid, promise, besides Harrison is going with me”

“That should give us plenty of reasons to worry” His dad pitched in. Tom tilted his head back in a groan.

“Alright we’ll let you leave, but only if you text us that you made it back to your apartment safely” She added on.

“I promise” He closed the door behind him as he saw Harrison’s car out front.

“Hey mate ready to have the time of your life?” Harrison greeted as he got in.

“Are you sure you’re not drunk already Harrison?” He teased.

“Ha ha your hilarious” With that they drove off to the party where they would be spending their time at.

The party was in absolute full swing. People grinding on people, couples making out in various places, music going at full blast, and lots and lots of booze. Harrison had been trying to hook him up with a pretty girl, until he told him to bug off, then Harrison was out of sight just like that.

He had a beer in his hand and was leaning up against a wall by the staircase. As he went to take a sip of his drink, a girl walked up to him, she was quite beautiful in his opinion, gorgeous brown eyes and hair, yet he couldn’t quite pinpoint the look in her eyes.

“Hey handsome” She gave him a coy smile

“Hello darling” Tom waved with two fingers that were holding the bottle in my hand.

“What’s someone like you doing here all alone?” She tilted her head.

“Well I am here with a friend, although I don’t seem to know where he is at the moment?” He gazed around the house.

“Well would you care for some company?” She offered.

“That would be great!” He half yelled over the music and gave her a smile.

“You wanna go upstairs, it’s a bit loud don’t you think!” She shouted.

“Yeah!” She grabbed his free hand and led him upstairs, she pulled him into a more secluded area, which happened to be someone’s bedroom. They entered and she shut the door behind them locking it.

She turned around. “It’s much quieter now”.

“Yeah it is” He chuckled.They fell into an awkward silence and sat at the edge of the bed, their knees touching.Tom took another sip of his beer.

“Do you mind if I take my shoes off?”.

“No go right ahead” He shook my head.

“I’m Vanessa by the way”.


“Tom what was your ideal for tonight?”.

“I don’t know, get drunk, hang out with my best mate, and go home.” He shrugged.

“Let’s have some fun then?You and me” She questioned.

“That’s quite an offer love” He said.

“Oh come on it’ll be fun” She stood in front of him.

“I don’t even have a condom” The girl bent down and pulled one out from her boot.

“You came prepared” He teased.

“I was hoping to get laid” She retorted.

“Well then you just got lucky” Tom pulled her towards him placing a firm grip on her waist. 

Tom didn’t know what to expect, he didn’t know if it was the hormones or the alcohol, but after she pulled down her dress completely bare, no undergarments, he just couldn’t help himself. He pushed her onto the bed. In an instant Tom was on his knees, spreading her thighs and pulling her legs to settle over his shoulders. She tangled her hands in his hair, and leaned her head back onto the bed, watching him with hooded eyes while he kissed the inside of her thighs. He was staring up at her, so intensely it took her breath away. She was pulling on his hair and bucking her hips waiting anxiously for him to began working his magic on her. Tom eyebrows rose at her anxiousness as he began licking her folds and sucking harshly against her warmth. His relentless tongue, lips, and teeth working aggressively to get her off. He focused on her clit, tongue swiping rapidly over the tiny bundle of nerves. “Come for me, love,” he moaned against her, the vibrations making her back arch. She was trembling and squirming in his hold.

The roles reversed and then everything became quite a blur afterwards. He wasn’t aware of what happened. Tom had called his father at an unreasonable time and then everything became quite a blur afterwards. He wasn’t aware of what happened. Tom had called his father at an unreasonable time and then he was picked up. There was a bright light and then everything went dark…

“Tom you in there mate?” Harrison said waving a hand to get his attention.

“Sorry I was just thinking”

“Well it must’ve been great cause you slipped back for a couple minutes” He playfully punched his best friends shoulder.

“Do you believe in God?” Tom blurted out.

“I’ve just said his name a few times” Harrison gave a laugh.

“Come on I’m serious! God, heaven, angels…miracles”.

“No I don’t think so, do you?” Harrison quirked an eyebrow at him. Tom sat still not giving a response leaving an awkward silence for a brief moment.

“Did I ever tell you about that night? The car crash” Tom asked.

“Not really I-I know your dad he-”

“Died. I think I did too or at least I should have, b-but there was this” Tom paused.

“This what?” Harrison was so confused.

“Hand. Like- this hand…there was this hand that reached out and I-” Tom wasn’t getting nowhere with his best mate. “You know what forget it, it-it’s nothing” Tom sighed.

“You sure?” Harrison wanted to make sure his best friend was doing alright.

“Yeah man you go do what you need to do” Tom waved him off.

“We could always go down to your favorite pub, Find you a pretty girl or a hot stripper” Harrison joked.

“Harrison I don’t need a stripper!” Tom exclaimed.

“Alright, j-just know I’ll be there if you need anything, we all will” Harrison was referring to his family that lived only five minutes from him. He patted his shoulder and stood up.

Tom let out a short. “Yea”.

He watched as Harrison walked out his front door. Tom glanced at his watched and saw it was already getting late and thought to just head off to bed and sleep off his stress. He dragged his feet and pushed opened his door. Tom was completely oblivious of his surroundings because he was rubbing his eyes. When he removed his hands he wasn’t expecting for the sight in front of him.

“Hello” You waved sitting at the edge of his comforter. Tom blinked and rubbed his eyes more replaying the walk upstairs, thinking if he could have hit his head in the process.

“Hi” He said hesitantly. “W-Who are you?” He put a good few feet in between himself and you who showed up out of god knows where.

“I’m Y/N, it’s nice to finally meet you” You stood in your place but extended your arm out. You showed a genuine smile. Tom didn’t bother shaking your hand, but you still kept on your smile.

“Tom..” He stared at you. 

“I would have introduced myself sooner, but I didn’t want to scare off your friend” You apologized with a sad smile.

“You mean Harrison?” Tom pointed behind him to the hallway.

You simply nodded.

“Did he put you up to this? God I told him I didn’t need a stripper!” He groaned.

“What’s a stripper?” You titled your head to the side.

“You don’t know what a stripper is?!” He stared at you as if you had two heads attached to your body.

“No” It was an honest answer.

“You know. Poles, taking your clothes off for money, sex with random guys” He explained.

“That doesn’t sound too endearing” You furrowed your brows.

“Tell me about it…” He shook his head. “W-Wait don’t change the subject, who are you, and what are you doing in my house?”

“I’m Y/N? I was sent down to help you get through your pain” You finally stood up.

“Sent down..What are you talking about?!” Tom failed his arms around.

“Your hurting Tom and it’s my mission to fix it” You walked towards him.

“Listen Y/N” He placed a hand on your shoulder, you glanced down at it. “You seem like a great girl, but you need to leave okay. I’m tired and want to sleep so” He pushed you into the hallway. “I’m sure you can find your way out the front door” With that being said he slammed his bedroom door in your face. You flinched at the sudden sound. You have never met anyone with bad manners.

Tom sighed as he closed the door. He leaned against it turning around. “That wasn’t very nice” You sat in the same spot he found you in, but you had a slight pout on your lips. All Tom could do was stare in shock. He vastly yanked his door open looking into the empty hallway and back to you. 

“H-How…y-you were…b-but…What?” He stammered.

“You can’t get rid of me that easily Tom” You giggled softly but not in a creepy way.

“I’m loosing my mind” He ran his hands through his hair.

“Nope, you just haven’t fully comprehended what’s going on” Tom glanced at you. He saw nothing but pure innocence. You had offered him a small smile. He was curious to say the least. He found himself thinking back to that night.

“What’re you?” He muttered

“What do you think I am?” You spoke softly.

“I have a guess, but it seems too good to be true” He finally got his courage back and sat down next to you.

“Anything is possible” You smiled.

He nodded. Tom took a breath and asked. “Are you an angel?” His eyes shined with some hope behind them.

“Yes” You whispered. Once he got his answer he started firing you with more questions.

“Do you have wings?”


“Can I see them”

“Within time yes”

“Is God real?”

“No ones really seen him so I guess it’s just how you choose to believe in him, but in a way, yes he is very much real”

“Is there a heaven?” 


“Does everyone look like you?” He was getting rather flirty.

“Ha, no everyone has there own unique form” You giggled.

“What did you mean by you were sent down here to help me?”

“We see everyone up there. We see the people being happy. Broken. Mad. Sad. We see them all” Your voice trailed off.

“But why me” He looked at you. You glanced up to meet his eyes. “Because you’re special, and your heart needs to be healed” You placed your palm on top of his heart. He nodded. “You should rest” You got up.

“You should too Y/N and sorry about slamming the door in your face” His nervously scratched the back of his head.

“You meant well” You smiled. “Oh and we don’t really sleep”.

“You don’t sleep?” He asked. You just shook your head no.

“Then what do you do?” 

“We watch over everyone” 

“So your just going to watch me sleep then” He raised his brow.

“Does that make you uncomfortable?” You frowned.

“Um no not at all I’m just saying wouldn’t you prefer to do something else?” He shrugged.

“What do you have in mind?”

“You can watch a movie in the living room”.


“Don’t tell me you don’t know what that is either” He whined.

“Sorry” You sheepishly smiled.

“Alright well let me get changed real quick and I’ll put you a movie okay?” He smiled.

“Okay” You thought better to walk down his hallway rather than disappear into thin air.

A couple minutes past by as you sat patiently on his sofa. His house was very fascinating, nothing you’ve ever seen before. You heard footsteps descending down the hallway. You turned your head to look at Tom. You were merely confused, he said he was going to change but wasn’t wearing a shirt. He seemed to notice your confused state.


“You didn’t change?”

“Yeah I did?” He stared down at his long pajama bottoms and his bare chest.

“You’re still naked?” You furrowed your eyebrows together.

“W-what, oh no, Y/N that’s just how some of us guys prefer to sleep” He chuckled.

“You sleep half naked?”

“Well no…n-not technically” He stuttered.

“Strange” You whispered raking your eyes up and down his torso. It was an innocent act. You didn’t think much of it, but Tom clearly turned bright red under your gazing eyes. 

He cleared his throat. “Anyway, how about that movie love” You caught on to the last word not knowing what it meant.


He clicked a few buttons on a rectangular remote control. He went to something called Netflix and started scrolling through all the different varieties to choose from. “So here’s all the movies, you can choose whatever you find interesting okay” You nodded but were still a little uncertain on what to do, but decided against telling him, not wanting to keep him up any longer. So you’d just figure it out on your own. “Okay” You told him with a smile. He returned it.

“I’m going to bed now, if you need anything just wake me up” He called out over his shoulder going back to his room.

You looked back at the remote in your hand and started pressing the down arrow button. It seemed to make the tv move down and you smiled because you started to get the hang of it. You picked a movie that seemed intriguing and spent the whole night watching movie after movie.

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request:  it ain’t a secret, baby, everybody saw us

hello loves! i’m getting closer to emptying out my ask box and the quicker that happens, the sooner i will post my next blurb list. and trust me, its a good one. but in order to clear my ask box quicker, im going to start making my writings a little shorter so that its not taking as long. anyways, keep sending in requests! hope you enjoy!

You were never one for relationships. You usually did one night stands, not liking the commitment that came with the word relationship. One night stands were perfect for you. 

But after you had met Harry, you didn’t mind the word so much. He didn’t make you feel like he was going to bolt at any moment, you liked the feeling that he gave you, and you didn’t want to waste one night of passion on what could be years of a good time with him. Thus, you began dating. You had been dating for nine months, and in those nine months, lots had happened. You met each others families, you talked about your future, you spent Christmas together, but never once did you think about coming out to the public.

You both liked having a relationship where no one knew. It felt like you were spies, trying to sneak around and hide. Some might have felt like Harry was trying to hide you because he was ashamed of you, but not you. You fully supported his decision and never once made a fuss about it, as you enjoyed hiding out as well.

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Stitching Up the Seams

Summary: Phil can’t help but notice the boy with dead eyes who wears baggy jumpers all the time and barely talks anymore. Not being able to stand how sad he looks, Phil begins to slip notes into Dan’s locker in hopes of raising his spirits.
Word Count: 2216
Warnings: Implied self harm (doesn’t describe it at all, just implied), cussing, depression
Title Credit: Such Small Hands - La Dispute

There is a boy with mocha hair and caramel eyes that turn slightly mahogany in the sun who has a dimple in his pale cheek and has long fingers that shake slightly whenever he talks or even when he reaches for things or writes. There is a boy with dark circles under his eyes who comes to school sometimes with curly hair and wears baggy sweaters that he constantly pulls over his hands like he’s nervous about something.

Phil didn’t know what he was nervous about.

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Caffeine Challenge #15

“It’s kind of like the Hangover,” Selene observes. She’s not even breathing hard, power walking down the hall of their hotel in heels like she does this every Friday night. “You know? That move with Zack Gal–”

“Oh - my - god,” Heather pants, fingers twisted tightly in the fabric of her skirt so that it doesn’t get caught under her wedges. “Oh god, we’re in a dude movie!”

At the head of the pack, Ryan stops, spinning on her stiletto to glare. She’s the only one in a dress short enough not to have to hold it and she puts her hands on her hips.

“We are not,” she hisses, “in a dude movie. This isn’t like the Hangover because we haven’t lost her!”

Heather and Selene look at each other and then back to Ryan. They’ve been following her lead all night, respecting her place as maid of honor, but Ryan knows it’s only a matter of time before that changes.

Witches don’t particularly like playing follow the leader.

“Well,” Selene says at last, “do we know where Kim is?”

“No,” Ryan says, “but–”

“Has she responded to any of our messages?” Heather asks.

Ryan pulls her phone out of her cleavage to check her messages and winces. “Well, no, but–”

“Does anyone remember what happened this afternoon?” Selene asks.

Heather wrinkles her nose. “There was a unicorn? I think? Or a donkey with a very convincing aura.”

Selene does jazz hands. “We lost the bride and we’re in the Hangover.”

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Sherlock Holmes BAFFLED!

I genuinely never thought I’d see the day. Sherlock is BAFFLED! He hasn’t got a clue! He’s flummoxed! He’s bamboozled! .

He’s stuck.

He’s… quiet.

Keeps playing the violin when I ask him if he’s alright. 

As you know, there was a plane crash the other day, just outside Dusseldorf. Everyone died. Obviously, it’s a real tragedy but there’s something very strange about one of the passengers. He was found in a car boot in Surrey!

According to the flight details, he was checked on board. His passport has been stamped in Berlin Airport. He should have died in the plane crash. But he didn’t.

Obviously, I haven’t got a clue but neither does Sherlock. He just can’t work it out. It’s actually and literally impossible.

Any suggestions, feel free to leave them below. I’ll be sure to pass them all on. I think he needs the help! ;)


Word Count: 1072

Pairing: Writer!Dean x Writer!Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Written for @impala-dreamer ‘s One Prompt For All Challenge. Prompt was: “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to kill me.” Unbeta’d. 

Summary: I don’t typically do summaries, but, I felt the need. This is an AU in which Dean and the reader are both writers. It’s a total crack fic about people who take themselves way too seriously (we all know the type) that makes no sense. 

“You’re still slaving away at this, huh?” Dean practically sauntered into the bedroom where you were sitting at your desk, staring at your laptop and tapping your fingers angrily on the desk. You’d been working on the start of your latest novel for days now with no success, trying to spit out any possible words you could. Never in your life had it been so hard for you. Dean, on the other hand, had just published his latest novel and was basking in the glory of it. A bottle of beer suddenly appeared next to you and you took it willingly, chugging half of it in one gulp and wiping your face with the back of your hand.

“Yeah, I’m still slaving away.” You smirked, unable to stay annoyed with him for too long. Dean grabbed your hand and your laptop, pulling you to the bed. “What are you doing, jackass, I need to work!”

“I wanna show you something, I think you’ll get a kick out of it.” Dean chuckled and pulled you into the bed next to him, wrapping his arm around you and snuggling you close. He propped the laptop on his lap and opened it up, navigating to a website you recognized all too well. “Lisa reviewed my novel.”

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jordenstiver  asked:

Can I get RFA+V+Saeran taking a long road trip with Mc? like driving cross country with them 😂 i think that would be cute and funny❤️

Hello! Sorry this is late but I was taking a little trip with a friend. But anyways I hope you enjoy! :)



  • When you suggested that you both should go on a road trip he was packing his bags straight away
  • You’re driving because you don’t trust him enough for him to go behind the road because he zones out a lot
  • Little puppy is having some LOLOL withdrawal
  • Both singing along to your special playlist that you made for the trip
  • He probably is holding one of your hands the entire time as well
  • Screamed when he saw an advertisement for a LOLOL merchandise and you almost crashed the car
  • He was SHOOK
  • Takes little naps in the car and you can’t help but look at him because c u t e
  • Actually the best road trip in your life


  • Turns on Disney and musical karaoke songs
  • Keeps distracting you trying to drive because he’s so LOUD and he keeps shaking the car with trying to dance
  • You had to drive because Mr. Albino can only drive a motorcycle
  • He keeps trying to give you kisses anywhere he can reach but you keep pushing him away because um HELLO YOU’RE TRYING TO DRIVE
  • You have to constantly stop because boy can’t hold in his pee
  • This whole trip is like a singing party let me tell you


  • You have to beg Jumin to let her take a few days off for vacation because she was working really hard lately and she was getting stressed
  • When you surprised her saying you were going on a road trip EXCITED JAEHEE
  • She puts on Zen’s musical songs in the car and quietly sings along
  • Also reads in the car but later gets car sick and has to put it down
  • Mini sing-a-longs which are very very good
  • She is LIVING for being off of work
  • Work is basically all she has known
  • Wants to stop at a lot of different coffee shops because they’re e x o t i c
  • So relaxing and cute and awwww


  • Cue more constant begging for him to take off work and take a road trip with you
  • “MC, we can just fly there it would be easier”
  • Jumin honey STOP RUINING THE FUN
  • Finally gives in and takes off work sorry Jaehee
  • Buys a brand new stinking car that’s so great for this one trip????
  • You’re driving because you at least want to get another cat before you die
  • He would also hold your hand the whole entire time on the trip
  • He finds it so relaxing and loving this time with you
  • Elizabeth the 3rd is in the backseat with her own little car seat
  • Constantly telling Elizabeth to look at all of the buildings and cool architectures he sees


  • He picks out his favorite baby and stocks it full with Honey Buddha Chips and Dr Pepper
  • Tbh he’s even worse then Zen is in singing in the car
  • You both are jamming out to Smashmouth, Taylor Swift, and Hannah Montana
  • Keeps barking at any dog he sees because he’s speaking to them
  • Makes up little games for you two to play in the car
  • Also asks you if you want to see him chug down 4 Dr Peppers
  • No Seven you’re driving
  • He’s also pretty upset that Saeran didn’t want to come with you guys
  • You don’t blame him for not coming Seven was very hyper


  • Little cinnamon roll was the one who suggested it in the first place
  • He would’ve drove but…you know…
  • He wanted to go in the first place because he wanted to take some pretty nature shots
  • You stop every once in a while because he finds a really nice spot
  • Sometimes asks you to pose with some flowers or something like that
  • The conversations in the car are so sweet it makes my teeth hurt
  • You both are constantly talking with some music playing quietly in the background
  • He also really likes to take pictures of you while you’re driving because you keep smiling and laughing and he wants to cherish the moment forever
  • Such a sweetie the whole entire trip


  • You trick him into thinking you were both getting ice cream to lure him into the car
  • You knew he would refuse to go on a road trip with you because EdgeLord™ would probably ask what’s the point of it
  • When he finds out he gets all pouty and sort of angry
  • But you felt really bad because he was really sad and so you took him to get some ice cream
  • His mood lights up a bit and he starts really liking the trip
  • Every ice cream shop you pass he makes you stop and get some
  • you aren’t complaining tho
  • When you said to put on some music he probably puts on The Emo Trinity (Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance (r.i.p), and Fall Out Boy)
  • He keeps falling asleep and he is just the cutest when he sleeps
  • You maybe take some pictures of him while you are at a red light and put them as your wallpaper on your phone


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I showed OneShot to my 7yo cousin and he really loved Niko and the way he interacts with the player! Cousin asked if he could tell Niko about his favourite food and shows but since the game didn’t provide for those dialogue options, I improvised him a little chat. Click on the pics to find out what they talked about.

PD: When my cousin left, he said, “Bye, Niko! See you in my computer!”

PD2: He just kept telling his parents about Niko like he was a new friend, only he was inside a computer. This game already have me too many emotions when I finished I cant deal with this


Stiles x Reader

Lydia swerved as the sky darkened and flared into shades of pink and purple while a dark navy blue area near them twirled down like a tornado and exploded, sending all the electronics near haywire.

“What the hell was that!” Aiden gasped as Lydia straightened out the car and hurtled around the corner, spinning into the car park so she didn’t crash into a second wave of bright light.

“I don’t know but we should find out.” Lydia sighed as she pressed the button on her steering wheel so she could dial Scott.

“Yeah hey Lydia did you see what’s going on in town?” Scott asked as he shushed someone in the background. 

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LAURA: What did Skeeter say?
CRAIG: He’ll take a look at it. He said there’s not a lot of front end damage.
CRAIG: Just something with the bumper and the headlight.
LAURA: Will he have it fixed in time?
CRAIG: He said he’d look at it. He never said he’d fix it.
CRAIG: I have to take it to someone else for that.
LAURA: Well, who?
CRAIG: Don’t know.

LAURA: Craig, what’s going on?
LAURA: You keep getting piercings, you broke your arm, you crashed your car!
LAURA: What’s going to happen next?
CRAIG: It’s fine Mom. I promise.
CRAIG: I’m still getting good grades and stuff.
LAURA: Still. You’re worrying your poor old mother.
CRAIG: It’s not that bad.
LAURA: It could be.
LAURA: I think you should have a more positive influence. God knows I haven’t given you that.
LAURA: I’m serious.

LAURA: I’ve contacted your father.
LAURA: Your real one.
LAURA: His name is Ethan.
LAURA: He’s an artist, sort of like you.
LAURA: If you have some time or a quarter off, I think it would be good for you to go up and see him.
LAURA: He lives in Maine. Here’s his phone number, and his address.
LAURA: By all means, you don’t have to.
LAURA: I just think it would be nice if you did.


Car Breakdown - Jungkook

genre : smut, Mecanic!Jeongguk
words : 5,2k
contains : nipple play, oral, a bit of fingering and spanking, teasing, sex, Dom!Jeongguk, praise kink
sum up : You never had luck, especially not with your car, which just broke down again in the middle of the road -again! But well, this time, it turns out better than excepting, really better.

You’ve never trusted your car, not even when you bought it for the first time. It was a particularly old one, dented and stratched, and the person who sold it to you warned you that you might have some problems. And you did. In the first months, it was approximatively alright, but it started to get worse on the fourth month, when you first had an alarming problem with the engine coolant. You had paid fifty bucks to get rid of it, hoping that it would get back to normal, but of course it was only the beginning of a series of problems; no matter if it was with the breaks, the windscreen wipers or the several engine failures you’ve endured. Yet, you couldn’t afford a new car, a problemfree car. You had to do with this pain in the ass, always and constantly hoping for a safe trip.

Maybe it was the karma, or even bad luck, but apparently, wishing too strongly for something led you to the opposite situation. You found yourself in the roadside of a expressway, completely drenched from head to toe because of the heavy autumnal rain that kept falling loudly from the dark sky. You should have noticed the red warning in the corner of the dashboard, or hear the faint yet continuous bang in the front of the car, but you didn’t. You were too focused on the music echoing against the sides of the car, and you were desperate to eventually go home after this dreadful work meeting about your company’s management, which was, by the way, one hundred kilometres away from home.

You wished to get there quickly, aiming to let yourself dive into the warm waters of well-deserved bath, a glass of wine in the hand to help you relax. Of course, you don’t always get what you wish for, and you realised it he second your fucking car started to be deprived of speed, slowing its pace into brusque and hasty movement, only allowing you enough time to stop on the verge. You had taken a few seconds before realising that you just had a car breakdown, in the middle of nowhere, and you had screamed. Violently getting out of the car, you decided to see what was happening under the bonnet, as if you’d knew something about it –which you didn’t.

You lashed out at engine, knocking the bonnet down before running a hand to your now wet hair, fighting back the tears that threatened to falling down your cheeks. Feeling the light cold breeze hit your wet outfit, you made your way back inside the car, not willing to, on top of that, get sick. You took some minutes to pull yourself together, staring blankly in nothing but the night. You were cold, your clothes were soaked, you were lost. At the realisation, you let your head fall against the steering wheel, loudly, hurting your forehead in the process; but you didn’t fucking care anyway.

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Let’s Make Out (Archie Andrews x Reader)

An Archie Imagine! Hope you enjoy!

Request: Yes 

 @lukezsmilee Hey! Can you write an imagine where Archie and the reader are best friends and they go to the movie drive in the last night it’ll be open and some guys start flirting with the reader and he gets really protective then it ends with a kiss or something (fluffff😂) sorry if it’s confusing , thanks! Love your writing btw

@willy-wonka-is-my-soul-animal Archie x Reader

Originally posted by riverrdxle

“Look at that fine girl over there.” A jock hollered to his friend, pointing in your direction.  You grimaced at the thought of being near either of them.

Archie’s head popped up from the bag of popcorn that he had been devouring gleefully and scowled.

“She’s a nice piece of ass.” He continued approaching your seats.  “Hey sweet thang!” He started, “What’d ya say we get out of here, and ya show me what you can really do.“ His voice screaming:  Let’s make out.

Standing up, you splashed your drink in his face and grabbed the popcorn from Archie, who was fuming, and dumped the remains on the creepers head.

“Puddin’ pop,” the other guy smiled, “you’re a feisty one, how about you come home with me?” His smiled grew wickedly as your blood boiled.

Do not talk to her like that.”  Archie stood up, grabbed your hand and got back into his truck, starting up the engine to leave both men in the dust.

“I’m sorry (Y/n/n).  I had to leave or else I would have really hurt them.”  You smiled at your best friend lovingly.

“It’s alright Arch.  You did the right thing, and thank you.”  You stood on your tiptoes and placed your lips on his.  You were still in his truck, but now parked in his driveway.

It took a second for him to kiss back, but he did, and boy did he enjoy it.  Kissing you was like realizing what he was missing.  Running his hands through your hair as his lips devoured yours like he had with the popcorn earlier was like being on a cloud.  You gasped as he climbed over to your seat, flipping you over, which left you straddling him.

“My god.” Archie moaned throughout the kiss as you both pulled back.  Panting heavily, you stared intently at each other.  You were so dazed by what you had just done, that you didn’t notice Archie pull you into another kiss.  This one was sweeter, and more relaxed.

Climbing off Archie to sit in the drivers seat of the truck, you smiled.

“Woah.” You breathed.

“Yeah.” Archie replied.

“Didn’t know you were such a good kisser Archie.” You teased.

“Should have done that sooner than (Y/n/n).” He moved slightly to reach up and move the hair that was in your face.  “I don’t want to sound cliché and all, but I love you.”

“You do sound very cliché, but I love you too Arch.” Your words made him feel a lot better. “I also don’t want to sound cliché, but, can I kiss you again?”

The moment those words left your mouth was the moment his lips crashed back onto yours without hesitation.  You groaned slightly at the feeling as Archie moved you to the backseat of the car, where he was on top.

“Do that again.” He murmured.

“Do what again?” You groaned almost automatically when Archie found your sweet spot.  He shuddered hearing that sound.

“That.” He said causing you to moan again.

“God do I love you.” You both pulled back, breathless once again and layed in the back of his truck.

“I love you too.”

Yoongi Scenario: Heavy In Your Arms.

Request: Hello can i ask for a story of yoongi with the song heavy in your arms by florence and the machine? I want something angsty like a desperate love or something like that please and thank you so much if you write this

Genre: Romance / Angst.

Warning: Unhealthy Relationship.

Yoongi pressed hard the accelerator, the curses left his mouth almost at the same pace the messages came to his phone. He was going as fast as he could over the speed limit but the cars around him didn’t understand his urge.

I just didn’t want to believe you’d be capable of this, I just realized I can’t be with someone like you.

He read the message and groaned, turning sharply to pass a car that was way too slow for the moment. His phone sounded again.

Best thing for me is look for someone else


He was almost there, so close, but as he thought of all that could happen he entered in panic, so he drove like a madman not caring about the ticket of if a nearby patrol came to stop him, even of the high change he might crash with his insane driving. In his current state there was only one thing on his mind, you, you and the words that you sent him through the messages, what might happen because of them, Yoongi thought about what could be better to tell you at the moment but he wasn’t thinking quite right as his pounding heart just urged him to get to you, to not let you feel like you were feeling at the moment.

I knew I should have put an end to all this, it will always be the same with you, if you don’t care about me or about this then what is worth anything? I was such a fool for pretending to think you were any different from other men.

A loud horn noise startled him as he dodged a car just in time to not collide with it, but Yoongi’s panicked state hadn’t anything to do with his hell driving or the high chance of a crash, the thought of you thinking that way about him, of ending things with him, it made everything else lack sense and he wasn’t rational anymore. He couldn’t let it happen, as much as he felt angry at you at the moment the fear was bigger so he acted upon it.

Go to hell Yoongi, I tried, I really did but I can’t do this anymore

-Fucking shit- Yoongi grabbed his phone and pressed call but you didn’t answer, so he groaned, seeing your apartment coming just two blocks away. Yoongi rushed there, parking and up in the elevator. He knew your password so getting in wasn’t a problem, neither was going through your apartment which he knew like it was his own.

He saw you, crying and cursing at him as soon as your eyes landed on him.

-So you came, gracing me with your presence you came- you strutted until you met him and pushed his shoulders. -Go away-

-Y/N, please-

-Don’t, fucking don’t-

-I don’t even know what the hell is happening Y/N, you call me saying all these things and pretend to ignore it? You wanted me to come here-

You nodded, whipping your tears as you searched something with your eyes in the living room and then you found it, a little box. You went to take it and then came back to shove it on his chest.

-What is this?- he struggled with the box and after he opened it he knew what was going on, inside the box there were a couple of wedding bands and suddenly Yoongi remembered what day it was today. -Shit Y/N, I don’t…-

-Shut up, shut the fuck up- you cut him. -It was a nice detail of her sending this, I imagine you are going to celebrate with her later? With your fucking ex wife-

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