i should have bought some of that candy

anonymous asked:

I was feeling depressed and suicidal all day and then went and bought some soft drinks. After just one drink I felt reborn again all the depression symptoms went away. Maybe doctors should be handing out candy and soft drink instead of antidepressants?

No money in giving people carbs to boost serotonin! Give them toxic pills intead!

PS: Don’t tell them that those pills have side effects such as suicide and depression!

Frustration over people who thinks it’s ok to feed chips and popcorn to their rabbit, and “if they find some candy too it’s no problem, they like it.

I’m shaking with rage over this person, who doesn’t seem to realise they’re spreading some serious misinformation. Their argument is that they let their dog eat from their plate all the time, so why should the rabbit have any problem with it??

A rabbit is not a dog. A rabbit is NOT a dog.
Also, you wouldn’t feed your dog a chocolate bar unless you wanted to poison it, so please don’t poison your rabbit with things it’s NOT supposed to eat.