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How long is Satsuriku no Tenshi? I've been thinking about getting it since it looks neat and you've been hyping it up, but I'm still not sure of getting it with the $10 price tag, especially if it's short.

i have 14 hours on it ! 

I want to play it again from the start because I’ve missed content, there is a lot of it (zack has a lot of dialogue especially when you examine things or talk to him a lot of times and examine inventory) and once you finish the game once i think it’s worth it to go back through it again. I think it was worth the price!

edit: This screencap alone should convince you

okay guys! i wanna organize something and we have no time.

I say we all get together and put into the mark///plier tag #IStandWithMarksThiccNips

A quick fanart, a screencap or simply just the hashtag. I think it’d be a funny community prank. 

We should all do it at 12 AM EST. Which means 3 hours to gather.

Please don’t put anything in the tag before hand relating to this. It just sounds like a fun thing we could all do to troll mark

please reblog, like or reply if you wanna do it :D let me know dudes. I know it’s such short notice but eh. who cares lol.

and please if you do it, please don’t be creepy about it! try to be funny and make it clear it’s a joke. for the goofs!

@lum1natrix thank you for being the catalyst for this lmao.


Ever wonder what Chris and Scarlett text each other? I have. I’m 90% sure this is what their texts would look like.

I made a bunch of these on my private/spam IG (I only have close friends on there) but I loved them so much I needed to SHARE! I deleted all my original screencaps so I had to screen capture my IG posts and crop them aka why it’s low quality. Next batches should be HQ. I also have a Steve & Natasha text series too! Ummm I don’t really have Tumblr friends but I like @heyfrenchfreudiana & @akurotori 😂❤ Please don’t take and claim as your own. I was too lazy to tag them.


Good morning Usagi! Posting both versions of this pan stitch because its softness is a deliberate morning decision they made, but i also like the clarity of black lines tbh? so. here have the original pan stitch i did and then the verson i enhanced due to Personal Preferences.


So @teal0gic tagged me in “me in a nutshell” meme (thank you!)
Unfortunately my phone is shite and I’m always out of storage, so I only have a tone of memes and fanart, my own photos reduced to snapchat screencaps and occasional actual photos.
So it’s not really me in a nutshell, it’s rather “I had to chose SOMETHING” so here you go.
And since I have no fancy app to make a decent collage, dumping photos as they are should do.

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If someone wanted to draw your Loki and Sigyn how would you suggest they start? Any tips, or hints?

I don’t know (I honestly wing it each time I draw them LOL Inconsistency thy name is Nanihoo s;djkfh;jhf) 

I think I had Sigyn about 5″8 to Tom’s Loki’s 6″2, She’s got a rather chunky jawline and thick eyebrows (both inherited from her dad). And her eyes are northern ocean blue, near identical to Njord’s. 

I know I tend to draw her in more teals/turquoises that lean hard on the green end of that spectrum. And while she has metal vambraces and jewelry she RARELY wears actual metal armor, all her “fighting” gear is leather

These are the colours I tend to use the most for her

I bounce around a lot tho, and alter them more than I should lol;ksljhfhf

For Loki I meant it when I said I stare at Loki screencaps a LOT. I have a growing reference file lol

(I also have a Loki art tag on my main blog that serves as a great place to find inspiration)

Honestly, there’s no exact science to her (or Loki). You can draw them however you like! See them through your eyes ;u; 

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL #1: How to Improve the Quality of a Screencap.


  • A screencap of your choice. You can find one from the Total Drama Wiki, Google Images, or just take a screencap from an episode. Make sure your screencap it’s at least okay quality. It can be a little blurry, but if it’s too blurry, it won’t work.
  • A copy of Photoshop. This tutorial should work for CS3 and onwards. If you don’t have Photoshop, I’d recommend searching through the Free Photoshop tag on Tumblr.

For this tutorial, I’ll be using Photoshop CS6 and a screencap of Lindsay with her dog I snatched from the Total Drama Wiki.


  • Open Photoshop and load your screencap. Look at the bottom left corner of your Photoshop where there should be a percentage. If it’s 100%, leave it the way it is. If not, change it to 100%.
  • If your screencap is too big for your liking, Use the Crop Tool on the left. If you don’t want to do this step, skip it.
  • You can also resize the screencap by going to the top of the screen (Image > Image Size). I’d recommend unchecking the Constraint Proportions box if you want to manually adjust the Height and Width yourself. For the Lindsay image, I changed the size to 245 x 245 pixels. If you don’t want to do this step, skip it.
  • Go to the top of the screen and click Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen. The edges of your screencap should stand out more, but now we’re going to blur the lines a little bit so they don’t look too crispy.
  • Go to the top of the screen and click Filter > Blur > Surface Blur… and a little box should pop up. For the Lindsay image, I adjusted the Threshold to 3 and the Radius to 5. I recommend keeping the Threshold to 3 or close to 3, and the Radius to 5 - 16. Anything bigger and your screencap will be too blurry.
  • After that, just click OK and add some coloring, text, etc. Make sure you save your screencap as a .png file. Saving it under a .jpeg file might dim down the quality.

Hopefully the screencap you edited looks nicer than before. If not, you either didn’t crop and resize, or the screencap you used might’ve been too bad quality to work with.


@chez-pezeater asked for Nooroo and Wayzz references, and I didn’t really see any screenshots at my first glance in my origins tag so I took some now! @miracurefladyblog, maybe you should add the new kwami? ;)


Tony Goldwyn on GMA 1.28.15

Zevran Arainai Week - March 22-28

It has been decided by a few passionate Zevran bloggers that we need more Zevran on our dash and so it has been declared that the week of March 22-28 will be Zevran Arainai Week.

 We’d like to fill up our dash with Zevran, but also focus on creating new content so get out your pencils, keyboards, tablets, sewing needles, whatever and create some Zevran! And if you do have older art* and fanfics that you’d like to share, reblog those as well. 

Post or reblog your work (new and old), tag me and I will reblog your post to my 1500+ appreciative companions!

And remember, when the posts start popping up on your dash, reblog, like and give positive comments in the tags. If it’s fanfic, pop over to AO3 and write comments and give kudos. Zevran content creators should ALWAYS be encouraged. :D

*art can be drawings of any sort, GIFs, edit, screencaps, whatever!

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About the whole debacle with Xivents.

Everyone please, bear with me and stay calm. This actually concerns quite a lot of people, so here’s hoping you’ll read it and try to see things from my point of view. My attempt here is definitely not to “hate” on anyone, but offer you another perspective on things. I will gladly hear any response from respectful CS shippers.

Be warned: I realize this will sound patronizing to a lot of you. It’s not my intention at all, honestly. I’m just addressing a number of issues that I hope you’ll be receptive about.

More under cut because this got really long.

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(Disclaimer: this screencap chosen purely as a visual portrayal of Quark in lipstick rather than intending to suggest that the text reflects the events of the episode - though if it did then that probably would’ve been much less offensive than the episode’s actual events)


please imagine there’s an outdoor pool in the second one

Takao looked over Rihito, who had a disgusted face : “Did you say something, Rihito?” He asked, worried about his friend.

“It’s nothing… but really I thought…” He stopped and looked over them again, and stared at the blonde guy with a dark smile. “Well, never mind. I think I can get used to them…”

Issei laughed a little bit and continued : “Yuzuki sure cares more about strawberries than himself, he even competes for them… And also, I think these guys are a bit lost.”

“They ARE lost, Dr. Sezaki. They should have been in the headqueartes since this morning.” Hideki turned to look them once again and started walking towards them. “Let’s go everyone, we should tell them where are their new rooms.”

Everyone nodded, since they didn’t want to start arguing with Hideki.

I’m sorry I was soooo late to finish this, but keep in mind I had to draw like 9 dudes and this is my first time doing this, and yes, I know, I’ve just grabbed 2 screencaps and redrew them, but still, why did I decided to do this. x'DDD

Anyway, I want to do moreeeee! Don’t mind me complaining seriously. I love doing this! xD So if you have requests or suggestions my ask box is open! Yes, o-p-e-n! 

Also I’m tagging nhiai93 and otomemasteraya : Your suggestions are here, and please let me know if you like them! *cries* i added zaizen because why not

off i go to play otomes~ woohoo~

Okay, so I’ve made it clear that I don’t like to publicly announce my stance on anything drama related in this fandom/community/whichever you like to call it. Because, my opinion can change, and frankly, I don’t have any foundation to voice it. I’m not here to scream about it, or scream at you to do anything.

However, this is something I’ve been asked about numerous times, and I’ve gotten messages from people saying they were leaving or taking a break.

But I chose to answer this one in particular because of the fucking tone of this ask. And the tone of everybody screaming in the Mark tag. I’m not going to call out individual blogs, or even posts, but this has really put a huge annoyance on my mind. 

The tone most of you carry is thoroughly irking to me about this situation. I chose to screencap this one specifically for this point I’m making right now. I am thoroughly hoping that the person in question did not actually take their life like they have claimed. It’s very disheartening that they were bullied off, their public information released, and everything of that sorts. Those of you who partook in this, should definitely be fucking ashamed of yourself. You pushed a person this far, and I pray to whatever exists out there, that karma comes and bites you in the ass for what you’ve done. I can’t believe anyone thought that this was okay, and it’s even more heartbreaking that someone had no second thought on doing this. 

But, quit yelling at the fandom like a whole. Quit coming to my inbox and expecting me to leave. Quit saying “How dare you call yourselves Markiplier’s Heroes” like we all took part in this. Quit screaming at us like we’re all in the wrong. You can’t blame all of us for the actions of a few. It’s beginning to piss me off seeing everyone absolutely scream at the fandom when most of us had no idea or any part. I didn’t know anything about this entire situation until someone messaged me saying they were leaving the fandom for a bit, and I saw Wiishu’s post in the tag. So please, stop screaming at us as a whole. We are not all responsible for this.

Secondly, I saw someone say “If Mark doesn’t address this, I’m going to be so pissed.” But honestly? What is he supposed to address? The bullying? What is he able to do about it? Everyone knows Mark doesn’t approve of this. He’s made it clear he wants us to be there for each other, and has stated numerous times that we’re supposed to help one another because he can’t. He’s already said what he wants us to be. The people who do this awful behavior are going against that – against his wishes. So what exactly is he supposed to say? “Don’t bully.” “This bullying needs to stop.” We all know that. We all know that it’s not what he wants. Those who are sending threats and digging up personal information are willingly going against this. There isn’t anything Mark can say that could even change any of this. Not to mention, as EmsArcade has also said, Mark is not responsible for the actions of those who follow him. Let me repeat that. Mark is not responsible for our actions. We are. 

Thirdly, I don’t know if any of you have seen Squid’s goodbye message on their homepage. It was the furthest thing from pleasant. They blamed Jess for their death and outright attacked her. They then proceeded to “thank” Mark for “sweeping it under the rug.” This entire scenario is a tragedy, and believe me, it hits so close to home as someone who has not only dealt with others who had suicidal tendencies, but as one who has my own. But none of that was okay. None of it. The entire post outraged me to the point where I was almost shaking. BUT. That in no way justifies their death. That in no way justifies that they were pushed to suicide. No one should be pushed that far, and it upsets me some people even did. That never should’ve happened, no matter how inappropriate and misguided their thoughts about this were. 

Bonus: I believe Mark handled what happened very poorly. I mean, immensely poorly. But, he is human, which a part of the fandom fails to see. He is human. He will make mistakes. He’s still very much learning how to guide, handle, and help 9 million of us to the best of his abilities. Mark can’t do it all. He isn’t going to know how to deal with all of us as a whole, and it’s a shame some expect this man to be the perfect angel they all want him to be. Mark is a human being. He’s going to mess up, he’s not going to get everything correct right off the bat. If you have those expectations for him, think about this: would you put those expectations on a friend? Would you leave them because they messed up on something they’re just learning? What happened does not influence you directly. It had no malice, no poor intent. It was not aimed at you. So how are you going to leave and get angry at Mark? Don’t. Be upset, sure. But learn to move on. He didn’t directly hurt you, don’t act like he did.

Fourthly: We as a whole are not toxic. Yes, there are very toxic people here, as there will be in every fandom. That’s how it works. But it is our responsibility to change that. We, the people who are involved and dwell in this community, are solely responsible for fixing this. Not Mark. Not anybody else. We’re the ones who make the fandom what it is. We are the ones who live in it, so it’s not fair some of you expect to involve him when it’s not his doing. We’re the ones who have to fix and better what’s been going on. We need better support systems, better outreach. We need to work better as a whole to fix what’s been done. It’s important that we do this, especially considering what’s occurred. 

Lastly, it’s important to also realize the good that we have done. You can’t forget that. We’ve raised thousands of dollars of money, we have fans who have started their own charity organizations in Mark’s name. I’ve talked three different people out of suicide, I’ve had one talk me out of one, and several, several talk me through relapsing with self harm. Someone has started working on the project Mark was talking about in his Changing the World vlog. Whenever I was down, I’ve gotten dozens upon dozens of countless nice messages, and have even made friends because of it. Friendships have been formed – strong ones, ones that are true and genuine, no matter how far apart they are. People have met at conventions, drawn artwork to make others happy. Lives have been positively changed within this community, mine included. Remember the lives that have been saved. Countless people have found hope and pride through this community, and that’s something we need to be proud of.

There has definitely been bad within the fandom, and this recent event has thoroughly been eye opening. It has definitely put some perspective into the community, but it’s the worst that it was suicide that had to do it. Squid, if they did end their life, was of course no martyr. Just a very tragic consequence of hurtful and foul bullying. But I hope that if anything were to come out of this, it’s that the people who mindlessly bullied Squid feel like absolute shit about this, and everyone needs to reach out more. 

While it’s been downward for a while, we need to fix it, not abandon and leave everything. I’ve also made another post in response to a different ask (I’m assuming from the same anon here) saying why I was here. I’m here because of my friends. And I hope that the ones that are still here feel the same, because while there is toxicity here, there is also a lot of joy and hope. We need to hold onto that and make a change.

I understand if you leave, or if you’re taking a break. It’s clear that this can be very anxiety-inducing and hurtful to yourself, but I just want to thank everyone who’s still here and willing to keep pushing through the bad. If we do make a change, and things do get better, I’ll definitely be proud to say that we stuck through to see that day. I do hope some of you see my points – I’ve given this a lot of thought.

If you want to argue with me or bully me off, go ahead and try. I’m here to stay. I’m open to polite and informative debate on my points, but if you want to be immature and unintelligible about it, you will be ignored and blocked. I’m not going to bother wasting my time with you. 

Thank you.