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Resentful // Taeyong

I’m so sorry anon this took soo long I hope you understand.

Resentful // Taeyong

Pairing: Reader x Taeyong

Word count: 970

Genre: Angst, fluff

Description: Taeyong gets jealous of his girlfriend, who is one of NCT’s stylists, showing Jaehyun too much affection.

You entered NCT’s dressing room, you were so incredibly lucky to be one of their stylists, meaning that you could spend a lot of time with your boyfriend, Taeyong, who you’d been in love with for a long time, and the fear of becoming distant to him diminished when you were hired by SM to be their stylist ‘on the go’. It was an incredibly crucial time for NCT, they had just debuted, and you were trying your absolute best to comfort Taeyong as much as possible, he was understandably very stressed and worn out from all of his consistent hard work, and lately, as a result, you had noticed he had become very easily irritable.
You were supposed to go and sort out Jaehyun’s hair, they were getting ready to perform on a live show, and they were all so nervous. You went over to Jaehyun in an attempt to calm him down.

“Hi oppa!” you said playfully, Jaehyun looked up in the mirror at you and smiled greeting you back. You started straightening his hair, getting lost in a conversation. Once you had finally finished he looked approvingly at his hair, “You never fail to impress me y/n” he said, and you felt yourself blush slightly. Just then he reached out to take something out of your bangs, it was a little piece of foil which he let fall to the ground, “Maybe I should have left it there” he said ruffling your fringe, and you pushed him away as a joke, and his parting messed up slightly. You told him to stop joking around so much warning him that you’d quit your job, and he pouted.  You fixed his parting one last time, “How do I look?” he asked posing, making you giggle, “You look amazing as always”
You turned towards the door to see Taeyong stood there, his eyes burning through you, you couldn’t tell if he was annoyed, tired, or stressed, he didn’t even smile back at you, he just stared, his cute bangs partially covering his eyes. He just entered the room and slumped in his chair behind the mirror without saying a word, and with that Jaehyun left you both smiling reassuringly at you

The atmosphere was so tense and apprehensive; you gulped slightly as you walked towards your boyfriend, firmly placing a hand on his shoulder, to which he did not react at all, he was motionless. “Tae I’m so excited for the performance” you attempted to make conversation, picking up the straighteners plugging them in, and he faintly hummed in response. “Don’t worry you’ll do amazing as always” you reassured, picking up a strand of hair that was framing his face to start straightening it, but Taeyong forcefully pushed your hand away making you flinch in shock, almost dropping the hot straighteners, you were so taken aback and shocked by his actions, and you looked at him, confused. He sighed in annoyance and left the room without even making eye contact, leaving you just standing there, immobile, throat dry, eyes stinging. You had seen his small scar at the corner of his eye, several times, and he had never reacting in this way before, you didn’t know why he was being so sensitive. You slowly walked towards the other dressing room to see your colleague doing Taeyong’s hair, you felt your heart sink, perplexed about what you had done wrong.


Whilst watching the performance, you didn’t feel the usual upbeat hype you did, it was instead replaced by a consuming anxious feeling, you were jumping to all sorts of conclusions in your head, you wanted to know why Taeyong snapped at you all of a sudden, why he had been behaving this way. Just then you were snapped out of your daze by Mark, “How were we noona?” he asked, so full of energy. “You all did so well” you forced a cheerful tone, but inside you felt deflated, you traced Mark’s footsteps to go and find Taeyong, on the way you encountered every other member, except him. You then opened the door to the dressing room he had been in earlier, and saw him sat alone, his back towards you. “Oppa” your voice trailed off when he slowly turned around, when you walked towards him, he stood up to face you. “What have I done wrong?” you asked naively, straight to the point.

“Wrong?!” he snapped, he had never spoken to you like this before, and you felt a lump forming in your throat. “You’re such a slut why don’t you go see if Jaehyun’s okay” he spat, and you felt your eyes welling up, you came to the sudden realisation that he was jealous earlier, but deep down in your heart you knew that it meant nothing, you were just good friends with Jaehyun, and Taeyong knew that.

“Tae, we’re just friends, if it makes you feel better I’ll just go..far away” you sobbed, voice cracking, and as you took a step back from him, his dark eyes finally softened, full of concern. He darted towards you, holding your shoulder firmly, “y/n I’m so sorry I didn’t mean that, I just…well…I’m just scared you’ll leave me for someone better….like Jaehyun” his voice trailed off, he was unable to make eye contact with you.

You placed a hand on his cheek “Tae I love you for who you are, I’m in love with you, you’re always telling me not to care about my appearance, so why are you being such a hypocrite? You look amazing all the time, and I don’t even know what I did to deserve you” you said, your fingers lightly tracing his scar, he grabbed your hand and moved it down, before his lips collided with yours, and you felt him smile in the kiss…


get to know me meme - [2/5] otps
  ↳ peter bishop & olivia dunham

“Olivia Dunham, my wife, was everything to me.  When we first met, I was a nomad, moving from place to place, job to job.  She gave me a purpose; she taught me to believe in something bigger than myself.”


make me choose

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Hai there, yes. Uhh...

So, I think it was @ayuzawakuran who asked me to make some pictures of the boys with slicked back hair, and I still plan on making them

Buuuuut…I literally only found pics of Ruki and Aoi with exposed foreheads. So, for the other 3 (and I’m asking everyone here), is it ok for them to have a bit of fringe, or should I just do Ruki and Aoi? Or should all of them have a bit of fringe just to have a sense of being uniform?

I’ll try to find pics of the boys having similar color hair to the pictures I was gonna use for the memes and I’ll keep searching for good pics of the other 3. This would mean that the completed project would most likely be posted tomorrow

Just let me know what you guys think I should do. I’d be down to clown with any suggestion. Thanks in advance 😊

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I know im going to regret this so going onto anon to hide my shame but if you still accept requests... oh man i can feel myself dying already... minjoon star crossed lovers? /sprints away from you grace

ᴏᴛᴘ: ᴍɪɴᴊᴏᴏɴ
ᴘʀᴏᴍᴘᴛ #42: sᴛᴀʀ-ᴄʀᴏssᴇᴅ ʟᴏᴠᴇʀs ᴀᴜ (+ ɪɴᴛᴇʀsᴛᴇʟʟᴀʀ ᴀᴜ??)
ᴡᴏʀᴅᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ: 2.3ᴋ
A/N: For my darling viv♡ I hope this doesn’t break your heart. Enjoy!

He was the kind of love that stained your fingers with desperation first, and then hatred, before Despair will sit next to you like an old friend. 

“I’m sorry for your loss,” It’ll grimace, to which you will reply, “Don’t be.”

“He was never mine to begin with.”

“Hyung!” Jimin laughs breathlessly, trashing in the sheets as he chortles. “Hyung! Stop. I said stop!”

But Namjoon is merciless. He grabs hold of Jimin’s wrists and pins them onto his chest. It leaves Jimin’s sides exposed and Namjoon tickles him there. 

“Ah! Namjo-” Jimin jerks, peals of laughter escaping his lips in fits and gasps. He tries to wrestle his way out of Namjoon’s strong hold but to no avail. Namjoon’s grip is tight. “Stop! You suck! I hate being tickled. You-”

“Alright, alright.” Namjoon finally relents, grinning so widely that his eyes disappear into slits. “I’ve tickled you so many times. Don’t you ever learn?”

Jimin pants as he wipes the tears away from his eyes. Oh God, it felt as if he’d visited the gym with Taehyung and ran a good 3 kilometers. He sits up on the bed and catches sight of his reflection in the full length mirror of Namjoon’s apartment.

“I look like shit.” Jimin complains and hurries to card a hand through his messy hair. His shirt is very much crumpled too. “You called me over just to tickle me?” Jimin whines in frustration when one particular strand of his fringe refuses to cooperate. “I should have gone over to Seokjin hyung. At least he’ll cook for me!”

“What do you mean just to tickle you? We watched a movie together.” Namjoon says, affronted. He stands and points to the kitchen. “Okay fine, do you want me to cook for you?”

“No.” Jimin scrunches his nose up and frowns. “You’ll drop plates, break the pots, explode the kitchen and then I’ll have to call for the ambulance plus risk my hair getting singed by the fire.” 

Namjoon looks scandalized. “That, was like… ages ago!” He defends. “I’m an astronaut now. For your information, I’ve been through endless rounds of trainings and I’m a whole lot careful now!”

Jimin folds his arms and smirks. “You’re the only astronaut in our circle of friends. You can say whatever you want and nobody will know.”

“Excellent.” Namjoon snorts, feigning annoyance. “Here I am, trying to be a nice, wonderful, magnificent hyung who just wants to cheer my dongsaeng up because I heard he was getting way too stressed for exams.” He places a palm on his heart and pulls on an exaggerated, musical actor-worthy pose. “And he, good lord, tramples all over my heartwarming intentions.”

“Korean, hyung. Speak Korean, not Shakespearean gibberish.” Jimin laughs. Namjoon hmphs petulantly and tries to walk away but Jimin grabs his hand from where he sits on the bed. “Okay, okay! I’m sorry! You’re the best.”

Namjoon cracks an eye open and sighs. He steps backwards so that Jimin doesn’t have to stretch for him. “But really Jimin.” Namjoon places his other hand on Jimin’s hair. “Are you feeling better?”

Jimin’s heart skips a beat. “B-Better?” He asks. 

“One moment you’re telling me to speak properly and when I do, you don’t understand me?” Namjoon jokes and his fingers begin to massage Jimin’s head, ministrations soft and comforting. It makes it harder for Jimin to focus.

“Let me rephrase that. Are you feeling less stressed?”

“Yes.” Jimin looks up and beams. Namjoon’s face catches a slant of the evening sun and his skin radiates. To Jimin, Namjoon will always be his beacon of light. “Thank you hyung.”

They fall into silence and Namjoon just continues caressing his hair. Jimin’s heart plummets into his gut. 

“Anything for my dongsaeng.” Namjoon smiles. “Aren’t you glad we met in high school? That you have this awesome hyung to care for you?”

With the rays of the setting sun splaying gracefully across Namjoon’s floor tiles, the moment seems too nostalgic, too painful, that Jimin’s mind lurches for a way out of it. 

“Well,” Jimin licks his lips nervously and tries to respond with a joke. “Not gonna lie but I’ll be even happier if you can cook for me, because I’m starving. It’ll be great if you don’t break any bowls.”

Namjoon groans exasperatedly and pulls his hand out of Jimin’s grip. “God! You’re so mean!” He accuses, to which Jimin throws his head back in laughter. “I’ll cook for you, you little brat. But for the last time, I’m a trained professional. I’ve not broken a single thing in years, give me some credit!”

But hyung. Jimin smiles ruefully as Namjoon stomps into the kitchen babbling half-hearted insults. You’ve broken my heart more than once. 

Jimin tips himself back onto Namjoon’s bed with his arms and legs sprawled out. When he closes his eyes, he sees Despair knocking on the walls of his heart, reminding him of its presence.

He doesn’t acknowledge it. Not now, when Jimin lets himself drift. In a perfect world, Jimin will return from his university lessons and Namjoon will hold him on the very same bed. They’ll make love and Jimin will listen to Namjoon speak passionately about the stars and their romance with the planets.

But this isn’t a perfect world. Never was. Never is. And never will be.

“You should tell him, you know.” Taehyung plops himself down next to Jimin, ignoring the fact that Jimin is trying to cram the last three sets of lecture notes for his finals. “Before it is too late.”

“What are you saying Tae? Can’t you see that I’m studying?” Jimin points out lamely, gesturing towards the organized mess of books and stationery that has accumulated on his table. “I need to finish these.”

“You know what I mean.” Taehyung sighs. Gently, he pries the pencil out of Jimin’s grip and takes his hand. “You should tell Namjoon-hyung how you feel.”

They’ve had this conversation before, but each time they talk, it hits a dead end. “You know my answer to this Taehyung.” Jimin breathes. “Namjoon-hyung doesn’t like or love me in that way. I’m just his dongsaeng.”

This was something that Jimin had difficulties admitting, that Namjoon sees him as nothing more than a friend, a dongsaeng whom he needs to guide. But Jimin has learnt to swallow it down along with his feelings and settle for second best.

“I’m contented being friends with him, Tae.” Jimin reasons. “What if I confessed and he doesn’t like me back? It’ll get awkward and shit.” 

Taehyung’s gaze is deep, almost penetrating and Jimin gets a little lost in his stare. “Park Jimin, which is more painful for you?” He asks, in a voice so low it resonates in Jimin’s chest. “Regret or rejection?”

Regret, comes straight to mind, like a freight train crashing into the end of its tracks. Yet, Jimin is stubborn and he nips the word with his fingers before it escapes his lips. “Whichever that doesn’t remove him from my life.”

Taehyung sighs and releases Jimin’s hand. Disappointment floods his expression but Jimin pretends he doesn’t notice it. “Jimin, love is a matter of effort. It’s not going to fall from the stars into your hands without you reaching for the sky.”

Jimin thinks about Taehyung’s words. In fact, he thinks about them so hard that it drives him crazy. 

It drives him crazy enough to buy a bouquet of flowers, to book a table in Namjoon’s favourite restaurant and to ask him out for dinner. 

Give me ten minutes, Jimin. I’m sorry I’ll be late. Something cropped up but I’ll be there soon! 

So Jimin spends the waiting time fiddling with the flowers. He holds a petal of the red rose between his fingers as he rehearses the script he’d mentally prepared. It’ll start with ordering dinner and he’ll find a way to confess. It’ll flow, Jimin thinks, with some courage and some alcohol in his system. 

Namjoon pushes the door of the restaurant open exactly ten minutes later and Jimin shoves the bouquet beneath the table. 

“I’m sorry I’m late.” 

Jimin looks up. He wants to wave Namjoon’s apology away, but he notes the sheen of perspiration on Namjoon’s forehead and the way his face is pale, almost stricken and Jimin’s brain surges into an overdrive.

“Hyung.” Jimin stares, wide eyed. “Are you alright? You look ill.”

A waiter steps closer, in an attempt to hand them the menu but Jimin politely asks him to come back later. Namjoon still hasn’t said a thing. He’s staring at the tablecloth.

“Hyung?” Jimin prompts again and this time Namjoon looks up, startled. He meets Jimin’s gaze but Jimin knows Namjoon is looking past him. It’s like his body is present but his mind is somewhere else. Worry pools in him and thickens. 

“Jimin, I-” Namjoon opens his mouth and closes it. Opens it again and closes it promptly. This makes Jimin frown. 

Namjoon is seldom at a loss for words. In fact, he is someone good at them, someone who can string them up into persuasion when he tries to convince Jimin to take a decent break or piece them together like a knife when he tells Jungkook off from playing truant.

“Hyung.” Jimin’s heart is hammering against the material of his sweater. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m going to space.”

Namjoon’s honesty slams into him so hard, like a punch to his gut that it knocks the wind from his lungs. Jimin lets the piece of information soak through his skin, into his bones. 

“You’re what?”

“The government…” Namjoon visibly swallows. “The government suspects life in Kapteyn-b-star and I have… I’m being sent, with a team, to that extrasolar planet that’s 13 light years away to check for extraterrestrial life and -”

“Hyung.” Jimin interjects weakly. “Korean, please.”

Namjoon laughs, voice void of emotion and its the ugliest sound. “Basically, Jimin,” He sucks in a deep breath. “13 light years means I’ll be away for 90,000 years.”

What?” Jimins’s throat closes on itself and he chokes. “You’re… you’re joking, right? 90,000 years isn’t… it’s not possible!” 

“I’m not joking.” Namjoon covers his eyes with his palm. “The experiments have been increasing at an exponential rate and scientist have found a way to hibernate our bodies in an air-tight container. It’s like encapsulating our youth and life in a time-frozen shell so-”

And he’s ranting. Jimin realizes. This is Namjoon’s mechanism to buy himself time to react. 

“Hyung.” Jimin cuts him off. Grief rises like the tides in a monsoon and they bring tears to his eyes. “So… so you’re telling me, that you’re going to leave us all behind?” Jimin glares at him fiercely. His vision blurs and he blinks his tears away. “You’re going to be 35 years old 90,000 years later while my ashes rot in the dirt?”

“Jimin.” Namjoon winces. “Jimin, don’t. Don’t say it like that.”

“But it’s the truth, isn’t it!” Jimin lashes out, voice higher and stronger. “You’re going to…” You’re going to let me die alone. Tears stream unbidden down his face. “You’re going to just walk away from our future? Jungkook’s graduating next year because he listened to you enough to go to school. Taehyung’s getting a breakthrough in his medical research. Seokjin-hyung is probably going to get married next month. Yoongi and Hoseok hyung are about to finish their master’s program and you’re just going to miss all of that?”

And what about me? Jimin screams into his mind. What about me, hyung? What about us?

“I don’t have a choice Jimin.” Namjoon answers sadly. Tears are streaming down his face, too. “I was chosen and this… space… being an astronaut had always entailed that my life is bound to the galaxy.” 

“And so you choose to give up on the life with me.” Jimin stands up and his knees knock against the table. His glass of water topples over and dampens the table cloth. He takes a step to his left and his foot crushes the bouquet of flowers. 

“Listen, Kim Namjoon.” Jimin’s thoughts are all over the place, but he catches the one he needs to say the most. “I don’t ever want to see you again.”

Taehyung meets him in the playground near their apartment. 

“Jimin! What-” 

Jimin is still crying at where he sits on the swing when Taehyung falls into his knees before him. 

“Bro, hey,” Taehyung cups Jimin’s cheeks. “What’s wrong? Is it Namjoon-hyung? Did he say no? Don’t cry.”

“He didn’t say no.” Jimin chokes on his sobs. “He didn’t answer my question. I didn’t get a chance to ask.”

“Why?” Taehyung thumbs away his tears. “What happened?”

So Jimin tells Taehyung, in a broken voice and a fresh onslaught of tears that Namjoon will live when they die, and they will be long dead when he dies. 

Taehyung is speechless at the end of it and Jimin’s last ray of hope falls to the ground and splinters. He’d been hoping Taehyung would burst into laughter and push at his shoulders. Namjoon’s teasing you chimchim! You believed him just like that?

But it doesn’t come. It never comes and Taehyung looks torn as he leans forward to envelope Jimin in a hug. 

“Love isn’t a matter of effort, Taehyung.” Jimin fists the back of Taehyung’s sweater and sobs into his neck. “Love is a matter of luck and fate. And I have none of that. 

Taehyung doesn’t say anything. He hugs Jimin, squeezes him tightly and cries along with him. 

That night, Despair knocks on the walls of his heart and Jimin answers him. 

“I’m sorry for your loss,” It grimaces and Jimin cries once more. 

“Don’t be.” Jimin whispers.

“Namjoon was never mine to begin with.”

A/N: not very interstellar-ish and not very star-crossed lovers-ish but I’m a mega vicious bitch when it comes to angst, so yes. I’m sorry viv. I hope this lives up to your expectations!!! ;~;


Could you write an imagine where you’re a med-jack and you have the night-shift of taking care of Newt, your best friend, after his suicide attempt and you start talking to Newt, crying and saying how sorry you are for not noticing how sad he was, and that you will try harder to be a better friend, and you end up letting your feelings for him slip out and you don’t think he can hear you because he’s on a lot of drugs for pain and it keeps him in a deep sleep but he really hears every word?

Requested by theprinceofneverland

Newt in the morning, Newt at break, Newt at dinner, goodbye before bed. That was how it had been since you got to the Glade. You brought your hand up to cover your mouth as you laughed about something he said. He joined in with you softly as you brought your eyes to his.

“I’ll see you at dinner?” you asked as you always had. Something in Newt’s eyes flickered, his smile disappearing for a fraction of a second.

“Right love.” he said, then reached down and squeezed your hand, and reassured you nothing was wrong.

“I had no idea, none whatsoever.” you said to the motionless boy in the cot. “We spent so much time together. We were always smiling. I’m your best friend. I should have known.” you sniffed, flipping some fringe from your face. “And I worked on you that night. Three days ago. Um, I heard Alby shouting, and when I ran out to see what was going on, it was you. Bloody and torn-up clothes. But it’s not the clothes I cared about.” your voice cracked. “It was the broken boy behind them.” you bit your lip. “Why didn’t you tell me? I could have helped. It’s not your fault though Newt… It’s mine.” you realized, then took your friend’s hand. “I should have known.” you repeated. “I should have seen it. But I couldn’t. I only saw the good things. Even as you lie here, I still only remember good things. The way you make sure every new person feels welcome, or at least safe. The way you worry about Minho if he doesn’t come back from the Maze in time. The way you treat me.” tears were pouring down your face now, and words poured out your mouth before you could stop them. You weren’t sure if you wanted to stop them. “I’m so so sorry Newt. I only saw the good things because that’s all you’ve ever had for me. I love every little thing about you. I love you Newt. And I wish you had known that. I wish I could have helped.” your tone grew bitter. “Wishes don’t come true in the Glade.” Newt hadn’t woken up yet, and Clint and Jeff had stitched up his leg while you took care of him. Newt had been barely awake. His eyes had looked at you the entire time.

As if he were sorry.

Newt would never, ever, be as sorry as you were in the moment.

And now, Clint and Jeff thought he was going to die.

“I… I love you Newt.” you whispered in his ear. He was on to much medicine, medicine for pain, healing, anything. He couldn’t hear you anyway.

You hated that.

“I wish I could have made you happy.”

And there he was at the fire.

Alby had you with him the entire day. You froze in spot as you saw Newt smile at a group of Gladers.

“Griever attack.” Alby said from beside you, then spoke under his breath, “You’re the only one who knows y/n. Newt is well-liked around here. If everyone knew he gave up hope…It’d be the end of all the order and happiness Newt worked for.” He nodded in the dirty-blonde’s direction. “Go to him. You made him happier then you know.” You looked at Alby.

“If I had made him happier, none of this would have happened.” you said, walking away before Alby could say anything. You stopped a few feet short of Newt, but he noticed you anyway, and turned around and started walking toward you.

You choked when you saw his heavy limp.

“Oh my god Newt.” you said when he stopped. “You-” Newt looked at his leg.

“It’ll take some bloody getting used to I suppose.” he said. You didn’t say anything. “Love?”

“Don’t-Don’t call me that.” you said, suddenly feeling a rush of different emotions. Newt looked confused.

“Y/n, I’ve always-”

“Yeah, I know. And it needs to stop.” Newt sucked in breath.

“Okay… Why?”

“I just, I can’t-”

“Why?” Newt almost sounded pathetic. He sounded how you had felt when you sat at his bedside.

So then, you were screaming.

“BECAUSE IF I WAS ACTUALLY THAT, I COULD HAVE SAVED YOU. YOU NEVER WOULD HAVE GONE INTO THE MAZE, YOU’D NEVER HAD GOTTEN A LIMP, AND… I could have saved you. Like you saved me.” you swallowed. “I’m sorry. I don’t know why-”

And then he kissed you. Newt kissed you in front of the Gladers, in front of Minho, Gally, Frypan, even Alby, and he didn’t care.

“Shuck y/n, you were the- I was going to do it the day you came up in the box. I was gonna show the new greenie around, and then, I was going to do it.” Newt leaned in so close his lips brushed against yours when he talked. “But… I saw you. Like the Creators were God, I thought they had sent down an angel. And when you opened your mouth, and I swear you are just that. You are the only reason I held on. When I jumped, I saw your eyes. And I broke my fall. Landed wrong. Got a limp. Was out for days. But the last part wasn’t bad. I had you, whispering all those things in my ear. And I will take as much pain as I have to for you to be in my world.”

“Newt, I-”

“It isn’t your fault. You saved me y/n.”

“And I love you too.”

You gave Newt a comforting hug. Or maybe he gave you one. It didn’t really matter, the two of you needed one.

The two of you needed each other.

Now she can add one more responsibility to her roster: serving as the new celebrity global brand ambassador for Crest and Oral-B 3D White. The campaign is all about the power of a smile, and Yahoo Shine had the opportunity to speak with Shakira in Barcelona last week about her newest gig. We also got the scoop on her beauty tips, her must-have fashion items, and why she feels a smile is the ultimate accessory.

Yahoo Shine: Something people may not know is that you always do your own makeup. With access to so many experts and artists, why do you do it yourself?

Shakira: Because I’m good. [Laughs]

I’m cheap. I’m fast. [Laughs]

What’s something special you do before a red carpet appearance?

Sometimes if I’m dehydrated from flying, I put vitamin E capsules from the pharmacy on my skin. They’ll make you glow. And not too much makeup. Sometimes I look at pictures from when I was 10 years younger and I look older in those pictures. I was wearing way too much makeup ‘cause I had a makeup artist then. [Laughs.] More on Yahoo Shine: Shakira’s Style Evolution

Speaking of the past, is there one outfit you look back on and really regret wearing?

Usually I remember performances, but I don’t remember the clothes. But I do remember stuff that I should have never worn! [Laughs.] Red shorts with black leather fringes that I wore when I was 14 or 15 for this TV show, and a studded red jacket with fringes too? Uh-uh. Not a pretty picture… Obviously that happens to every one of us with fashion. You see pictures of yourself and think, “Why did I decide to wear that that day?” I’m a little more cautious with my decisions [so I don’t] wear something too risqué.

What are your go-to fashion items and designers?

I’m a jeans girl. I love being in my old pair of jeans. I love Alaia. He’s one of my favorite designers and people in the world. He’s a good friend. I love Helmet Lang and Versace. My Helmet Lang T-shirts are like a faithful dog. Something that’s always there and you can rely on.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever gotten?

Wear sunscreen. That’s the best advice. I don’t fry under the sun. Yeah, it gives you the cool look like you’ve been on vacation all the time, but it lasts, what, a week? And then you have to live with the damage it does to your skin.

What is your typical beauty routine when traveling?

It’s very important to keep it simple, so I try not to use too much, just to keep my skin clean, and remove my makeup at night… I discovered that vitamin C does wonders, so I apply vitamin C every morning before I put my makeup on. Or even if I don’t put makeup on. For my hair, I try not to use products with too much alcohol because they dry your hair, so I use more natural oils. Blondes really need it and with specially treated hair, you need a lot of nutrition. I’ve had every bad colorist in the world do my color and burn my hair. [Laughs.] My hair has a history of tears and sweat. But you overcome it eventually, and you have to take care of it.

Do you have any beauty tips you can share with our readers?

I sometimes scrub with natural sugar and moisturizing cream, and I rub it on once in a while to get rid of dead skin.

Why is having a great smile so important, and what is the secret to a great smile?

The secret to a great smile is being uninhibited and open and sincere. I think that people who smile ear to ear aren’t hiding anything, they are genuine, and I think that’s appreciated by others. My mother-in-law—well, she’s not my mother-in-law, but Gerard’s mother—she smiles from here to here [points to her cheeks]. And it’s such a beautiful, honest, and inviting smile that makes her so approachable. I realize that people who have that kind of smile are very friendly and project that image.

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What truly makes you smile?

Seeing my own son smile is an instant incentive. Seeing Gerard smile. Witnessing when [Gerard’s team] Barça wins. [Laughs.] Being onstage and performing for a big audience and seeing them sing along to my tunes. That’s an incredible feeling that usually makes me smile. Good news in general makes me smile. I’m a smiler—I’ve done it my entire life. Sometimes in an annoying way for some people. For example, photographers sometimes when I’m in a photo session, they’re like, “Can you stop smiling for a second, please?” and I’m like, “I can’t help it!” Because they want the sexy picture, the Angelina Jolie, and I always go back to my smile. I’m thrilled to be part of a campaign that promotes smiling. There’s no better makeup than a smile.

Young girls are under so much pressure to achieve unrealistic beauty ideals. How do you define beauty, and what advice do you have for young women struggling with their own self-confidence?

Artists also sometimes feel under that pressure ourselves. We have to struggle with the fact that you are not perfect and there are so many expectations of being perfect and achieving those impossible beauty standards. I love my work, but sometimes it has disadvantages where you can’t go out on the street because you just woke up. You can, but you won’t like the pictures you’re going to find the next morning, especially with the paparazzi. We preoccupy too much with finding the right accessories and the right dresses and the right products and makeup and all that, and yeah, they do help, but what’s really vital for us is to work on our self-confidence and trust ourselves. I think there’s nothing sexier than loving yourself and not trying too hard. When you are yourself and you show that self-respect, people tend to do the same to you. I would say all those accessories and products out there are great to help us improve, but the most important thing is that we believe in our inner beauty and project it.


“Etta would want us to be together, you know? She would want us to survive this. I just… I love you.”

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