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Flowers - Alfie Solomons

Can I ask for an Alfie imagine? His wife is his total oposite, sweet, calm and hes totally whipped. Im just a sucker for romantic Alfie😍 


“Mornin’ Ollie!” I call as I walk into the ‘bakery’.

“Mornin’ Mrs Solomons,” he mumbles before turning back to whatever he was doing.

It’s always the same when I walk in, a mumbled greeting and then complete avoidance of eye contact. I don’t take it personally because I know Alfie’s threatened each and every one of these men, individually, about making eyes at me, but I still always make the effort to know them all and engage in friendly conversation.

“How are you feeling now Ollie?”

“Umm, not too bad I suppose,” he replies, keeping his eyes on the book in front of him.

“Honestly? Because if you need some time to rest up you can-”

“No! Alfie would kill me, he needs me here.”

I’ve learnt over the years not to argue with Ollie when it comes to Alfie; his loyalty will always prevail over common sense.

“Well, I know a doctor who’ll see you out of hours. Want me to give him a call?”

His lack of objection says enough.

I place a gentle hand on his arm. “Take it easy though, yeah? You don’t need to go at 100% all the time.”

He nods and mumbles his thanks before rushing off clutching his books and papers to his chest.

I carry on towards Alfie’s office, greeting the men I pass on the way.

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Kuroshitsuji  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I was born to end up alone.”
  • “You really have no standards.”
  • “I don’t need to justify my actions.”
  • “Something, once lost, will never return.”
  • “Quite the commotion going on out there.”
  • “If it’s your wish, I will follow you everywhere.”
  • “Is there truly any human who is not arrogant?”
  • “How sad it would be if laughter should disappear.”
  • “It’s more fun when it hurts a little bit though, isn’t it?”
  • “I’m waiting… for them to come and try to kill me here.”
  • “They should all die! All of them! Everything, annihilated!”
  • “You should keep your distance from me if you want to live.”
  • “Someone really ought to take care of them. Don’t you think?”
  • “No. I won’t abandon hate. If I do, nothing would be left of me.”
  • “If we are to die one day, wouldn’t it be better to have no regrets?”
  • “To hate something that you used to love is such a painful feeling.”
  • “What are you laughing for? Are you trying to kill us, too, you idiot?”
  • “We have no need for the past. All we need are the present and the future.”
  • “Now stop asking these tedious questions, and let me know if we have a deal.”
  • “Pain tends to heal as time passes, but personally, I don’t want time to heal my wounds.”
  • “Only two kinds of people exist in this world, those who steal and those who are stolen from.”
  • “I am not so noble that I would stake my life for someone else. Nor am I so forgiving that I would sit by and allow someone to trample me.”
Rival Mine: Prompt Collection

Anonymous said:Sorry this is so late! I completely forgot to hit the actual “ask” button! 😥 could you do some more prompts on the villain using the hero’s rival to get to the hero? (More specifically could you elaborate on that certain prompt where the rival said they hated each other and the villain asked the hero if they heard that they didn’t love them back) thank you so much! I hope you never ever stop writing! ❤️❤️❤️

Anonymous said:Ooooh I love your prompts where the rival has a secret crush on the hero, or at least doesn’t hate them as much as they pretend to. Any more? 

Anonymous said:The hero accidentally stumbles upon their rival’s terrible dark secret that changes every, except…

1) “Aw,” the villain said. And here they came all this way, to hand themselves over, to save you. That’s hatred for you, isn’t it?”
The rival felt utterly sick. 
After a beat, the hero strolled into view. “Alright?” the hero asked the rival, softly. 
It felt even worse that they were still asking that question, ever so gallant, when the rival had just done the equivalent of spitting on them. However unintentionally. They ached to explain themselves, to say that they couldn’t possibly admit to anything in front of the villain in fear of being used against each other. They’d thought the hero hated them, that their feelings could never…
“You can’t be here,” the rival rasped. “You have to go.” Please, run. 
“I love this,” the villain said cheerfully. “ I should make popcorn. Or maybe I should put a hundred volts through their body, what do you think?”
“You’ve got me here,” the hero bit out. “You don’t need them. Let them go.”
“But I haven’t even made you cry yet.

2) “Kiss me,” the villain demanded. “Kiss me like you imagine kissing them.”
The hero shot the rival an agonized look, so painfully obviously humiliated by having their feelings revealed and so painfully desperate to do anything to protect them still. When they thought the rival hated them. God, the rival had thought the hero hated them, but that look…
They opened their mouth to -
“Ah ah,” the villain interrupted them, gaze still fixed on the hero. “Not you, casanova. Keep your tongue behind your teeth and your mouth shut or I’ll pull them out, the grown ups are talking now. You might even enjoy this. You hate them right?” 

3) “They never hear about this,” they warned. “Got it?” 
“I think they just did.” 
They whipped around, horrified at the thought of being caught defending their rival. Being nice. Ugh. 

4)“I always knew you had a soft spot for me,” their rival purred. 
“You did not!” 
Their rival paused, blinked.
The protagonist realized with horror that they had essentially just admitted to - oh no. You did not. Not I do not. Not, I hate you. Not anything good. Crap. They moved to flee the same second their rival pounced to keep them there. 
“You have a soft spot for me,” their rival said. 
“I mean-” the protagonist floundered with the sudden close proximity, fumbled for some excuse. “I don’t-”

5) “I’m not going to tell anyone, you know.”
“In exchange for what?” their rival snapped. 
“Seriously? In exchange for nothing, prick. I’m not blackmailing you over this. Bloody hell, what kind of monster do you think I am?” 
They stared at each other. “…thank you.”
“What was that?” 
“Fuck you.” Some of the tension eased.

6) “Always nice to know that I can count on you being a complete and utter git.” 
“But, of course. You know I’d never let you down, darling. People need stability in difficult times.”
The rival snorted, and if it sounded a little too close to a sob they graciously ignored it. Just for this once. 

Introducing Youkael

Hi!! alright so obviously- this isn’t quite evak. Instead, i was rolling with the tidal wave of movement we got yesterday and decided to introduce myself (and maybe some followers of mine?) to youkael! Who’s pictures are super cute and i am here for it! But obviously, i am probably wrong about everything regarding this ship so i apologize. 

but enjoy in the mean time!


“Do we want to do Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty?”

Mikael glanced in between the two games, weighing the pros and cons of each. “Car chases or blowing shit up. Decisions, decisions.”

There was no responding scoff- no derisive snort saying come on Mikael let’s play something that doesn’t involve death and destruction. 

Which, like, Mikael would then respond with it’s 2017 dude. What? You want to paint each other’s nails instead?

It was a tried and true conversation. One so familiar that Mikael already had the retort on the tip of his tongue, ready to spout out without missing a beat as if his and Yousef’s conversations had been choreographed for a millennia. 

But there was no response.

Mikael looked over his shoulder and frowned. Yousef had apparently fled the room in the .02 seconds it had taken for Mikael to look through his games.

“Yousef,” he calls out, “Where’d you go, man?”

There was a hum of voice outside of his room, and then a hand waving distractedly in the doorway. Mikael got the hint and shut up, shrugging before returning to the matter at hand.

Several seconds pass in relative silence before Mikael turns around again and sighs. 

Yousef is at the doorway, leaning against the grainy wood with nothing but a long white towel secured around his waist. And Mikael is only human alright? He can’t help but let his eyes trail down for just half a second, tracing the natural lines of his best friend’s chest. Or noting smooth dark skin and-

Mikael chuckles and pulls a strand of floppy hair away from his face, turning back towards the games, “Which one? And why don’t you put some clothes. Shower time is over.”

Yousef shrugs and waves his hand. The iphone in it blinks awake, showcasing for only a millisecond a picture of the two of them. Of Yousef and Mikael sitting together on the wooden picnic tables at Bakka. Of Yousef leaning to him, looking all the more the lazy bad boy Mikael knew him to be.

He blinks at the brief flash in his eyes; that afternoon, laughing and relaxing in the afternoon sun- just the three of them. 

“So one of my cousins goes to Nissen, right?” Yousef pushes off the wall and makes his way to the edge of the bed where Mikael had been sitting. At his gentle nudging, he fell back, rolling his eyes when Yousef contorted himself to an odd angle that allowed half his body on his bed, and the other half dangling oddly off.

But his head was now pillowed firmly on Mikael’s stomach, so he couldn’t complain. 

“I don’t know if you’ve ever met her. She’s only a second year.”

“What about her?”

Yousef turns a bit, cheek sliding against the fabric of Mikael’s shirt and heating up the skin below, “She knows Even.”

And that’s just. Mikael swallows and tries to release the tension that had suddenly spasmed up in his muscles (in his very core) “Oh… how uh- how is he?”

“Apparently he’s been spending a lot of time with a boy in her year.”

Mikael’s face twists, “I’m sure Sonja loves that.”

“Mikael,” And that’s Yousef’s calm voice, his quiet ‘i am so wise beyond my years’ voice. He had always been the calmest of the three of them. While Even and Mikael had run off to film wacky stunts and adventures, Yousef had tagged along with a quiet smile and enough money to bail the two of them out of trouble. “You should call him.”

“I tried that,” Mikael cuts in sharply, and hates himself a bit for the way Yousef flinches. He lowers his voice, “I tried it and he didn’t respond. Not once. Not after- what happened.”

“Maybe its time to try again.”

The silence that lapsed was uneasy- but not oppressive. Never oppressive with Yousef. Sometimes filled with heat, with the weight of unspoken words and hard glances, and whispers to remind Mikael of Yousef’s limitations and fears regarding his family, his religion, and why they-

Well. That’s a story for another time.

“Who’s the boy with him? Did your cousin mention anything more about that? Is he…”

“She didn’t mention it. And she wouldn’t have.”

“The plot thickens,” he tries to joke, “I um- let me think about texting him. I just need a bit more time. He just- he left, Yous. Just had his thing and left without a word. Who does that?”

“Okay,” Yousef responds easily enough and then heaves himself up, “So what are we doing? Video games? Come on, Mikael, can’t we play something that doesn’t involve death and destruction?”

Mikael can’t help the grin that twitches at the corner of his mouth. 

William Nylander ~ I hate you, I love you

Thinking of starting my new series very soon, so please send me some ideas on who I should write about! Requests for normal imagines are also open as always and I’ll still be doing them, so send me them as well!

Requested: Yes

“hello! can you write something with willy nylander please? something where you guys “hate” each other but you’re good friends with the other guys so you’re always hanging out together and one day he says something really hurtful and they finally confess their true feelings? sorry if its a bit messy hope you understand what i mean!!”

Warnings: A couple small swear words, and a bad hockey reference

For: @ausmatthewss Sorry for the wait!

Originally posted by savemichaellatta

You sat on the couch between Auston and Mitch, resting your head on Mitch’s shoulder.

Auston was having a small gathering with some of the younger guys on the team and you had been invited along, due to your close relationship with the boys.

You had grown up with Mitch and the two of you had been best friends from a young age, and were practically inseparable. The rookies, as you still referred to them as, had adopted you into their group and you had grown closer to them all as a result.

Well, everyone expect William.

Just like all the other guys, when Mitch first introduced you to them, he was nice to you and treated you like one of the boys. However, after a few weeks his attitude towards you changed and he constantly gave you dirty looks or made comments to you, leaving you confused and hurt.

So you decided to treat him the exact same way.

It was probably childish of you to do so, to not be the bigger person, but you didn’t care. You hated the boy, and the way he made you feel when you were with him, which you actively tried to avoid.

Tonight you weren’t so lucky though.

Mitch stood up from the couch, breaking you out of your little daze.

“I’m gonna go get another drink, you want anything?” He asked as he stood up.

“Nah, I’m good thanks.” You replied with a smile.

You heard a scoff, and turned in the direction it came from, not surprised to see William in your view. You shot him a look in reply and turned away again.

Zach, sensing the tension, and being the nice guy that he is, quickly changed the subject.

“So, Y/N, you been on any dates recently? Found ‘the guy’ yet?”

“Sadly not. I’ve been on a few dates, but all the guys just turn out to be idiots or boring.”

“You should let me set you up, I have a few friends that would love to go out with you.” Brownie told you, sparking your interest.

“Yeah? That would be nice, thanks Con.”

“Pft, as if you could find a guy willing to date her. Poor guy would take one look at that and go running in the opposite direction. I mean who wouldn’t…”

Auston quickly cut off William, “That’s enough Willy, too far man.”

“I’m just telling the truth.”

His comments hit you like a puck to the chest, knocking the air out of you. You were used to his comments, hell this wasn’t even the worse thing he had said before, but for some reason this hit home harder than anything before.

You quickly stumbled to you feet, threw goodbyes in the direction of the boys, and took off out the door. You heard the boys shouting your name, but kept going.

Only once you were outside Auston’s building did you realise that you had gotten a lift with Mitch and had no way of getting home. You had also left your jacket inside, and the temperature was quickly dropping. You really didn’t want to go back inside though.

You pulled your phone out of your pocket and were about to text Mitch when the front door of the building opened and you were met with the sight of William standing infront of you.

“Come to dig the knife in deeper? What else do you want to call me? Ugly has already been taken, fat maybe? Stupid? Worthless? Hmm, which one do you want? All of the above?”

You watched his face quickly turn remorseful and shameful as he reached up and pushed his hair from his face.

“No, I came down here to apologise. I should never have said those things.” He said in a whispered voice, meaning you almost missed it.

You laughed at that, “You, apologise? How funny, did one of the guys tell you to do that? Bet you, you wouldn’t or something? Cause I really…”

He cut you off by shouting, “Damn, Y/N can you just shut up and listen for once!”

You were taken aback by his loud volume and quickly stepped away.

Obviously sensing your fear, he quickly steeped closer and continued.

“Look, I didn’t mean to shout, I just… this is so hard for me. I came out here to apologise for being an ass to you for the last few months, I should never have said all those things.”

“Then why did you?” You asked in a timid tone.

“I didn’t know at first. My feelings towards you began to change and it confused me. I saw how close your were with Mitch and it made me jealous I guess. I thought you guys were together in the beginning, and I didn’t like it.”

You were beyond confused by this point, “What, me and Mitch? We aren’t together and never have been. You’ve heard me talking about other guys, hell, we were talking about them tonight.”

“I know, I realised that. Then I realised that it wasn’t Mitch I was jealous of. It was the thought of another guy being with you; getting to call you his; getting to hold you; getting to kiss you, and it terrified me.”

You attempted to meet his eyes, to try and understand all this, but he was looking everywhere expect at you.

“So wait, let me get this straight. You’ve been pretending to hate me all this time… because you like me.”

He let out a sigh, “I guess it was my way of dealing with my feelings, and I realise now how horrible of a decision that was. And now I’ve probably ruined everything for myself because I’ve been treating you like shit for months because I’m in love with you and was too scared to tell you.”


He finally met your eyes as you uttered that.

“You’ve never called me that.” He said with a small smile.

You let out a small laugh at that and stepped even closer to him, placing a hand on his cheek, which he leaned into.

“Tonight, what you said, it really hurt. More than anything you’ve said before ever has,” you could see the hurt flash across his eyes, “No, hey, I realise now why. I think tonight I finally understood what my mind has been trying to tell me for so long. I’m
in love with you Willy, and I think I tried to convince myself I wasn’t because I didn’t want to get hurt.”

Willy reached up and covered your hand with his own, “I love you so much, I’m so sorry for everything that I’ve done. Do you think we could maybe start over?”

“I’d love nothing more than that.” You replied with a grin.

“Oh thank god.” He let out a sigh of relief and bent down and placed a small kiss on your lips, which you quickly reciprocated.

You heard shouts of ‘Finally’ and 'Way to go’ and pulled away from Willy to see the guys standing at the door cheering you on.

Willy wrapped his arms around you and the two of you shared a laugh.

Finally, indeed.

Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading!!

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I haven’t been very active in the mm fandom lately but I just wanted to throw my two cents regarding the release of V’s route promo video.

Listen I love V (prob just as much as Jumin and he’s my fav) but he did a lot of shitty things and lied to the person who was closest to him. He had an unrealistic image of his relationship with Rika which further triggered her mental illness. It’s not just that he allowed Rika to manipulate Saeran and Saeyoung, he did so as well and kept lying with the excuse that he was “protecting” the other RFA members.

Regarding Rika, no, mental illness does not excuse her actions but we also shouldn’t demonize her. All through her life she had no help whatsoever, even from V who supposedly loved her. Whether it was him or Yoosung or her parents, she always had to play the role of the perfect big sis, the perfect girlfriend, the perfect daughter and eventually she snapped. V was the only one that knew how bad her situation was and he never told another soul about it. Remember that Rika actually tried seeking professional help but eventually stopped going and V just accepted that. In order to keep this train wreck, he called relationship, V allowed her to do whatever she wanted to whomever she wanted without consequence.  

I’m really happy that Cheritz decided to go with V for the new route because both him and Rika got the worst endings from all the characters. V gets killed and Rika is sent to Alaska? Sloppy writing on their part, which they’ve probably realized and now are trying to fix.

That being said, I have a hard time understanding why the fandom gets divided in regards to the two of them. You have every right to enjoy Rika as a character despite all the things she did. Again, those were terrible decisions with grave consequences but no one said she has to be a saint in order for her to be an interesting character. You can also love V as long as you accept that he was irresponsible and made many wrong choices that hurt his friends. 

I believe that V’s route will give us a further insight in regards to their relationship and their motives. Although I dread the idea of playing as Rika (which I highly doubt will happen) we still shouldn’t ignore that she and V did have happy moments together even if they were short lived. I would really hate it if Cheritz turn her again in the villain just to create drama for the MC. If we’re going to have some redemption arc for V I want something similar for Rika as well. I hate their relationship, I think it was toxic and both of them are to blame, that’s why it’s a bit unfair how the fandom only sympathizes with V in this regard. From the promo I can tell that Cheritz wants us to understand that even though their “love” was unhealthy and hurt both of them, they still cared for each other, they were happy at some point and the fandom should accept that. That’s why, even though she’s my least favorite character, hating Rika and calling her a snake seems disrespectful to me.

The Heart Wants What It Wants - Chapter 7

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Jared and I were lying next to each other on the corner sofa for some time, when I realized it’s been more than 2 hours since I had left the office. I tried to get up and go to the bathroom to clean up, but he wouldn’t let me budge.

“No, I’m not letting you go just yet,” Jared said as his arm laid across my chest squeezing me into him.

“I really have to go, or I’ll be in some serious trouble,” I said and caressed his cheek.

“Aren’t you already knee deep in problems,” he asked with a nasty grin.

“Yeah, thanks to you, I am. Now, let me go, or we’ll both be screwed up,” I said and moved his arm finally able to stand up.

“I’d say we’ve covered that part half an hour ago,” Jared said and laughed.

“Very funny, Leto,” I said as I picked my blouse and my panties from the floor, and rushed to the bathroom to fix my make-up and wash up.

I was such a mess. My hair was all tangled, and make-up almost all gone; thank God Jared took off my blouse right from the start, or it would be completely ruined by make-up. I washed my face, put on make-up from the start and combed my hair, looking decent again. It wasn’t long before I stepped out of the bathroom, that Jared was standing in front of the door waiting for me.

“Oh, waiting to escort me out,” I giggled and went to pick my blazer up from the floor and take my shoes. Jared grabbed my arm and tugged me towards him. He hugged me, while I wrapped my arms around his waist. We looked each other and smiled, like two teenagers at the beginning of their relationship.

“Stay,” Jared whispered and leaned in to touch my forehead with his.

“You know I can’t,” I said and closed my eyes letting out a small sigh.

”You can, you just don’t want to,” he said a bit pissed off and pulled away.

“That’s not fair,” I said and went to pick up the blazer. I put on my shoes, and headed towards the door.

“That’s it, you’re just gonna leave,” Jared asked clearly irritated.

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I can definitely see why people didn’t like the episode but I didn’t mind it really. There’s no way Aaron is going to listen to Rebecca, didn’t he have a similar conversation with Chrissie once? He’s going to prove that family wrong again and again. It was never going to be easy for Aaron to get through this and Robert has a LOT of making up to do and I’m glad it’s not easy for him atm (much as I love him). I can’t see them wanting us to think that Aaron should leave him anyway. I think it’s to show how Aaron’s feeling at the moment and the insecurities he’s desperately trying to ignore and overcome. Rebecca’s projecting too, she still doesn’t understand what the two of them have together.

I think Maxine’s episodes have still saved them for me, underneath this lesser storytelling we have the narrative she’s made for us: both of them desperately trying to stay together because they love each other so much.

I still hate that they made Robert cheat in the first place though. I think it was a bit arrogant tbh, expecting people to swallow it with the promise of happier times at the end. The journey is important too, as I see so many people saying. Anyway, I do think Aaron will try to come to terms with everything and they’ll get through it together.

exorcistsakuri  asked:

If it's not any trouble, could you do a headcanon of RFA reacting to MC not being able to speak fluently in their lanuage and messing up alot/always switching to their mother tongue by accident? (P.S I love your headcanons have a great day)

i wrote most of the dialogue in english but just…pretend they speakin Korean OK :3

~requests are closed as of the time i am posting this, nov 30, 2016~


  • since MC had only recently learned Korean they did this thing where they would forget the word that describes one specific thing
  • like they’ll be out grocery shopping with Yoosung for the week
  • “oh, Yoosung! we should get…”
  • they look down, thinking hard for a moment
  • “…w…whats the word….?”
  • Yoosung honestly thought it was the most adorable thing ever
  • he looked at them, their eyebrows scrunched together
  • Yoosung decides to offer some help
  • “well, we’re out of-”
  • “shhhh! i love you but i got this!”
  • MC, without looking up, pushed their finger against Yoosungs lips
  • he giggled and kisses the finger
  • “c’mon, MC! think! think!”
  • they places a finger on each of their temples, as if trying to summon the information out of their brain
  • they sigh, looking defeated
  • “follow me”
  • MC pushes their cart to the produce section, Yoosung walking by their side
  • the pick up an apple from a fruit display
  • “this! we need these”
  • Yoosung takes the apple from MC, holding it up with a bright smile
  • “sagwa”
  • MC takes another apple, holding it up to Yoosungs
  • “sagwa. sagwa sagwa sagwa”
  • they were staring hard at the apples, determined to remember the name
  • Yoosung giggles again
  • gosh, they are just the cutest thing!
  • his little apple


  • although MC was pretty good at speaking Korean, they often had trouble reading it
  • which sometimes caused problems whenever Zen asked them to read lines with him
  • they wanted to help so bad but!!!
  • sometimes their reading is a little slow
  • “i never th….thought you w…would be able to l..lie to…”
  • MC smacks the papers into their forehead
  • “i’m sorry i’m so stupid, Zen…i wish i could be more helpful…”
  • Zen moves the papers aside so he can look at their face
  • their cheeks were red with embarrassment
  •  “sweetheart, you arent stupid at all. hey, i cant only speak one language”
  • MC avoids his eyes, trying to stay upset
  • Zen grabs their hands and leans in close so they cant ignore him
  • “i’ll make you a deal, baby”
  • “a deal…?”
  • “yes. i’ll teach you how to read Korean if you teach me how to speak english”
  • MC looks at him, a grin forming on their face
  • they let go of his hand and hold it out for a handshake
  • “deal”
  • Zen has english tutoring monday wednesday friday after his rehearsal and MC has Korean reading lessons tuesday thursday after breakfast
  • Zen will never stop making jokes about how he has a crush on his english teacher
  • sometimes if he’s having a hard time with the lesson he’ll try to be all flirty and get out of it and MC’s just like yea OK Zen
  • “we can stop the lesson if you can flirt with me in english”
  • …..
  • “thats what i thought”


  • Jaehee decided to bring some snacks to MC’s house since they were recently complaining about being low on food 
  • she packed a care package with ramen, rice, and little cakes!
  • MC was sure to love it :)
  • she knocks on the door
  • when MC opens the door their face lights up
  • “Jaehee! what a pleasant surprise!”
  • “good afternoon, MC. i hope you’ll accept this gift. i thought you might be hungry”
  • MC grabs the basket from Jaehee
  • Merci!”
  • MC laughs, covering their mouth
  • “oops! kamsamnida”
  • Jaehee looks at MC, confused
  • “Merci…? what does that mean…?”
  • MC rubs the back of their neck as they let Jaehee inside
  • “it’s french. sorry, i grew up speaking french and it just slips out sometimes”
  • Jaehee blushes
  • Merci…that sounded kind of cute…
  • “what else can you say in french?”
  • MC laughs
  • “anything, silly! it is my first language, after all”
  • when Jaehee looks down, MC realized that Jaehee asked because she wanted to hear more french
  • while unpacking the food, they start to speak
  • “Jaehee est mon amour”
  • “hmm? you said something about me! what did you say?”
  • MC smiles smugly to themselves
  • “dont worry about it, youll find out soon enough”
  • Jaehee is so innocent


  • it was pretty common for MC to slip into english when they were really sleepy
  • when Jumin says MC’s cute when they’re tired, he doesnt just mean how they look
  • he adores the way they switch from Korean and english, sometimes multiple times in one sentence
  • he’ll just run his hand through their hair softly as he gives up on trying to understand them
  • he’ll just hear “Jumin oppa….” and then a ton of mumbled nonsense
  • but it was adorable mumbled nonsense
  • thanks to that, though, he now knows how to say “good morning” and “good night” in english
  • he also knows “i love you”
  • one morning MC’s eyes flutter open to see Jumin laying next to them
  • he was looking at them with a warm smile
  • “g'morning, Jumin” they say in english with a groggy voice
  • “good morning, i love you”
  • he cant help but smile even bigger as he says good morning to MC in their own language
  • they were too sleepy to realize that Jumin just spoke english
  • they scoot closer to him, burying their face into his neck
  • “s….saranghae…”
  • Jumin wraps his arms around them tightly as they drift off again
  • what a little cutie, he thinks
  • he’ll just show off his english skills later when theyre more awake


  • when Seven ignored MC there was only one real way they could make themselves feel better
  • the english language
  • “MC, i told you to leave me alone. i’m trying to work”
  • MC would walk away, mumbling in english
  • “yea, this is fine. sure. i just love it when you push me away, Seven! i’m begging you, please never stop. it’s not like i’m in love with you or anything”
  • or even
  • “Seven, i’m going to eat soon, do you want me to make you something?”
  • “no. im not hungry. just eat alone”
  • MC mumbles in english again
  • “fantastic! i love eating alone. isnt it great to be inches away from the man you love and not even be able to make him a simple meal? yup! love it”
  • one day MC was sitting back to back with Seven and decided to call him
  • he answers the phone
  • “what?”
  • “Seven..! i was just going to ask if..um..you needed anything?”
  • “no. why do you keep calling me?”
  • MC answered him in english, knowing he wouldnt understand
  • “oh, i dont know. because i’m thinking about you every second of everyday and hoping you’re okay and when all you do is sit in this corner and work i get worried and i’m in love with you?”
  • Seven lets out a long, heavy sigh
  • “stop saying you love me”
  • MC stops breathing
  • he….he just spoke english…?
  • oh god, all those times they said all that stupid shit
  • he…he knew…
  • he heard it all. he understood it all
  • they hang up the phone and bury their head between their knees
  • how could they have been so stupid??
  • MC’s body starts to shake, their back still against Seven
  • then Seven decides to do something he knows is probably a bad idea
  • he turns around and wraps his arms around MC, pulling them into his lap
  • he doesnt want them to cry, please dont cry
  • Seven speaks to MC in english
  • “i dont hate you, MC. i do this to protect you….i know sometimes it hurts but just know that you’re very important to me”
  • he tries to cheer them up
  • “hey, MC! remember this? honey, i love you~”
  • MC giggles and sniffles a little bit
  • “yea…just like the teddy bears, right? thats the first time you called me cute..”
  • Seven feels his face heat up
  • “i should…get back to work”
  • MC’s still upset, so he lets them lay their head in his lap while he works on his laptop
  • this was probably a mistake but he really liked it


I honestly think Skins 2x05, Chris’s episode, is the most quotable in the entire series. I mean think about it. All of these quotes are from the same episode:

“I’m a bit lost” - Chris

“Fuck it” - Chris

“Do you remember them coloring-in books from when you were little, Jose? I hated them. If I’m gonna do a picture of a house, I don’t want someone else telling me what it should look like, do you know what I mean?” - Chris

“Where are you staying?” “Oh, you know, nowhere” - Chris and Cassie

“Have you ever been in love? Do you want me to describe it to you? Do you remember when you rode with in the ambulance after I tried to kill myself? That’s what love feels like” - Cassie

“When you were young, did you ever read the Very Hungry Caterpillar? Aww it’s a classic. It’s about this caterpillar, yeah, and he basically eats a loud of stuff, and then he gets in a cocoon and becomes a butterfly. And after my brother died, my parents were just…. You know I’d get inside my duvet and I’d just read it over and over.  And it made me think that, when I came out, I didn’t want to be different. I just wanted what was outside to be different.” - Chris

“Money - it’s just bits of paper, or numbers on a screen, innit really? But these walls, they exist. If you can imagine memories happening in them, then that’s real, innit? I just… I want you to imagine dying. Right, I know that it sounds weird, but just, right… you’re really old, and you’re in your bed, and you’re remembering your life - your daughter’s first birthday, shagging on a Sunday afternoon, just getting up in the garden with the kids! When you do that, is this the house that you see in all those memories? Because if it is, then a few bits of paper here or there don’t really seem to matter.” - Chris

“I’m thinking of leaving school, growing a beard, and joining the circus” - Cassie

“Oh, wow, but… fuck you” - Cassie

“That’s people. We arrive, consume what we can, and then leave. Like locusts.” - Cassie

“You know what hurts the most about a broken heart? Not being able to remember how you felt before. Try and keep that feeling because, if it goes, you’ll never get it back. Then you lie waste to the world - and everything in it.” - Cassie

“I had everything I wanted - I lost it all. Hurts like fuck. But Chris, I’m going to get it all back, piece by piece. What else is there?” - Tony

“It’s kind of easy when you got nothing because nothing can’t be taken away from you. But I don’t want nothing anymore.” - Chris

“Are you the only person in the world that’s been let down? The only one that’s been hurt? Abandoned? Are you? So what gives you the right to act like you are?” - Jal

“Yeah, let’s do that! Let’s build something and we’ll tear it down.” - Jal

“You’re an empty, poisonous smile.” - Jal

“I was perfectly happy killing myself, right? But then you asked me to try. And for the first time in my life, it felt like someone actually gave a shit, and that that person was worth trying for. And, now, I’d fucking, I’d make the world record’s biggest sandwich if you asked me to! I’d kick old grannies in the tits, I’d fill the rivers with Panda Pops! I’d… I fucked up big time. I’m more than sorry. I love you Jal. You’re my whole world.” - Chris

This, and so much more great dialogue, happens in one forty minute episode and that is why I love Skins.

anonymous asked:

Can you do some HCs where the gangs S/O has two different eye colors. Like that ship post that you did

I’m really sorry for taking so long!!!

-stares into them all the time????like holy moly he loves them
-thinks their eyes are like gems and compares them to gemstones all the time
-loves watching their pupils dilate (he’s a weird boi)
-could swore he saw them sparkle one time
-draws portraits of s/o and uses their eye colors at the color scheme
-“those eyes belong in an art museum”

-y'know that post about the people finding rocks on the beach that matches their eyes on a date? yup, that’s soda
-one bucket for the right eye rocks and one bucket for the left eye rocks
-he keeps all of them???? but lets s/o keep their favorites
-wishes his eyes were heterochromatic because of how beautiful they are
-thinks they should be a model

-loves how their eyes look in photos
-will d e s t r o y anyone who bullies s/o
-can tell how s/o is really feeling just by their eyes
-“the stars sure are beautiful”
“they ain’t nothin’ compared to those eyes”
-if they wore sunglasses to hide their eyes he’d buy them stickers to decorate the sunglasses
-slow dancing in the living room w a lot of eye contact

-describes their eyes as “tuff”
-hates when they hide their eyes and thinks the world should see their beauty
-takes them to prom and matches the boutonnieres/corsage and boutonniere with s/o’s eyes
-(nsfw) eye contact while love making
-sometimes he gets so distracted by them hhhhhh
-s/o will be telling them a super important story and he’ll be like “start over i was looking at your eyes”
-so incredibly mesmerized by them
-“you know i can’t say no to those eyes”

-butchers the pronunciation of “heterochromatic”
-“my s/o? they’ve got heta…heto…hippa…they’ve got different color eyes.”
-he’s so proud!!!
-loves when s/o gives him butterfly kisses
-would wear matching sunglasses with them
-kisses them on their eyes????
-it’s cuter than i make it sound i swear

- totally did the “do you have a map? because im lost in your eyes” pick up line
-thinks it’s adorable when they go cross-eyed
-has a favorite eye
-describes their eyes as a “genetic lotto win”
-actually so infatuated with them but he wants to maintain a tough demeanor so he doesn’t show it
-“EYE love you”

here are the ones i did already: 
-gets excited when he sees cats with heterochromatic eyes because they remind him of them 
-“i saw a cat with eyes that looked just like yours! it was so beautiful…” 
-if people refer to s/o as ‘the one with the weird eyes’ he gets SUPER defensive 
-“you shut it now, y'hear?! my s/o’s got the prettiest eyes in all of tulsa!”
here are some additional ones!!
-never refers to then as the left and right eye, he calls them by their colors
-“which eye hurts? *color* or *color*?”
-gets chills when staring into them
-adopts a heterochromatic cat!!!!!

-everyone in the gang would never do anything to offend s/o and if any of these came off as offensive they’d be sincerely apologetic and never do it again

(requests are open!)

genderfluidluffy-deactivated201  asked:

kassali or sinju,, 001


001 | send me a ship and I will tell you:


  • when I started shipping it if I did:

i guess not long after kassim’s first appearance. childhood friends ships are my faves, and there’s so much angst in kassali i mean



I JUST CAN’T— these two are too much im so in love with this ship…

  • my thoughts:

they love each other so much! no matter how much kassim has tried to hate alibaba, he doesn’t truly hate him, he’s just envious of how much of a good person alibaba is. but he actually loves that about him. alibaba is like a sunray in the dark— it burns your eyes which are used to oscurity, but it’s still a light and if you give it a chance instead of shutting your eyes, eventually you’ll be able to see more clearly.

alibaba too always admired kassim, but they never knew this about each other and it led to lots of miscommunication.

i think they both have reasons to feel guilty towards the other. alibaba left to live with his father, the king, and never came back — leaving kassim and mariam in poverty all alone, which caused mariam to die of starvation. that’s also alibaba’s fault, because he didn’t think about them when he was filling his stomach with all the nice food of the royal palace.

kassim, on the other hand, tried to kill him and everyone he loves out of revenge (because his anger was justified at the beginning and so were his intentions — that is, starting a revolution — but then as he fell into depravity he started losing focus of that and making it all about hate and revenge).

but in the end they forgave each other and i think that’s what matters. i also like to think that kassim’s last words, which he couldn’t finish saying, were meant to be something along the lines of “We’re in love, aren’t we?”

  • What makes me happy about them:

They’re childhood friends! And also, the fact that even though they’re so different and at the same time so similar, they care about each other a lot, to the point of crying during their final fight. They went through a lot, but they still trust each other, even though the trust they put in each other ends up betrayed by both parties (kassim hoped they’d be together forever, but alibaba left when they were kids; alibaba trusted kassim with his plans of revolution, but kassim betrayed his trust; kassim trusted alibaba to stay by his side until the end, but alibaba sided with aladdin and the others instead; etc).

  • What makes me sad about them:

tfw half of ur otp is dead,..

  • things done in fanfic that annoys me:

none so far? i’ve even seen some kassim→alibaba dubcon and it still doesn’t seem so ooc to me, honestly. it’s just one way to interpret kassim’s character, and the darkness that was flowing through him as he fell into depravity.

  • things I look for in fanfic:

slice of life stuff is more than enough for me! but also angst and introspection.

  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: 

i like alimor!

and idk about kassim… maybe with judal? that could be interesting. i can’t really imagine them them together romantically though… idk haha

  • My happily ever after for them:

KASSIM SURVIVE S and joins alibaba and the others! everyone glares at him at first, and kassim feels very unwelcomed, but eventually everyone starts believing that he’s changed and one day the two of them get married and kassim carries alibaba around bridal style while traditional music plays and everyone is laughing and clapping their hands aaahhhh ♥

i also headcanon kassim to be the type who would give alibaba cheesy nicknames and call him is “babe” or “boo” or even call him “alibabe” kdjsfjff

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon:

kassim is the big spoon most of the time, because he feels safer like that, being used to watch his back and feeling like in that position he can both respond more easily to an attack and protect alibaba with his body. even if they’re in a safe place. no place is 100% safe, kassim has learned.

  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity:

holding hands, sparring with each other, competing at literally anything, drinking together and having fun!


  • when I started shipping it if I did:

since the very first appearance of judal! i mean honestly they’re so obvious. judal is so ambiguous when he’s around sinbad, and he says all these ambiguous things

also the scene where judal pretends to cry??? and sinbad immediately reaches out for him even though he’s his enemy?

THE GENUINELY CONCERNED LOOK IN SINBAD’S EYES… like seriously, sinbad always looks ad judal is this way that is just so sad but never hateful. sinbad doesn’t hate judal, even though he probably should. and judal doesn’t hate sinbad either. he actually wants sinbad by his side, he wants to conquer the world together with sinbad. judal is an overgrown child, he’s capricious and he WANTS sinbad.

it’s like impossible not to ship them at least a little bit like please

  • my thoughts:

i think i said everything above lol

  • What makes me happy about them:

again i think i said everything above haha. but i really love just how much judal clearly wants sinbad by his side. and i love how sinbad (along with kougyoku) seems to be the only one who understands that judal is not okay, that judal is in pain. he can see through judal’s façade. they know each other much better than it might seem at first.

  • What makes me sad about them:

that they will never be 100% canon :-))))

  • things done in fanfic that annoys me:

i haven’t read many fics about them (there aren’t that many magi fics on ao3…) so i wouldn’t know ;;

  • things I look for in fanfic:

pls just. break down judal’s psychology. i want to see introspection, i want to see angst, i want to see all the aspects of this complicated relationship. i don’t necessarily need smut for these two (but that’s always appreciated) but i want good interactions, i want judal teasing sinbad and sinbad tensing up, knowing he can’t resist him forever. i want them to break down each other’s defenses, slowly.

  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: 

idk much about hakuju since i haven’t caught up with the recent chapters, but it sounds like an alright ship so why not? i’d say hakuryuu for judal.

and for sinbad, i also like sinja so yeah, i’d say ja’far.

  • My happily ever after for them:

This one is hard… it’s hard to imagine them after all the angst and teasing and not being able to quite reach into each other’s hearts. I honestly don’t know what to say here. Judal doesn’t look like the type who would just settle down or get married but maybe, who knows, he might even do it if it’s with sinbad. but marrying sinbad would mean that judal would become king too, and a whimsical one at that, causing lots of problems to the country. sinbad still doesn’t know if marrying him was a good idea after all.

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon:

big spoon sinbad of course! judal looooves to curl up against sinbad and feeling him breathe against his back~ judal loves feeling protected. he’s never had a mother or anyone like that to be that close with or feel that warmth that says “i’ll protect you no matter what”, so it’s incredibly good for him to have sinbad spooning him!

  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity:

flirting probably lol i feel like that’s one of the things they’re really good at. they flirt all the time. everyone wonders if they will ever get tired of doing that but NO

Title: in love and war

Rating: T

Summary: Her betrayal had made that seed of hatred further bloom…and yet right along with it had bloomed its twin – love. The two were intertwined, couldn’t live without the other.

Word count: 1,572

Warnings: angst, parallels, annalogia (kinda), character death, angst

I haven’t written anything solo in so long… So this is an apology as well as a thank you for being so patient with me, you guys!! You’re the best!! Please enjoy this twisted heartbreak, if you will ◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡

He stilled at the sight of her.

Even with the temptation of three dragons nearby, their scents making his stomach pull hungrily, the sight of her was enough to stop him dead. She was standing just behind one of the dragons, the one that smelled like ash and sickness, as he had an arm thrown out in front of her. Even though he wobbled on his feet, his battered body barely able to stand, he stayed firmly placed.

Protecting her at the cost of himself?

The fool.

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BTS announcing, that their girlfriend is pregnant on a fansign

I’m sorry, that it took me so long, but this theme was something utterly new to me, so I was really lost, to be honest, and it’s very long and who knows if it is good or how many mistakes are there, so I’m apologizing beforehand ><’’


He was looking at all the girls, which were sitting in front of him. He felt, how his heart was beating, so strongly and fast, because he knew very well, what was he risking. Not just him as a personality, his reputation, his work, fans, everything, what he was so hard working for, but all BTS members, his brothers, they all could lose most of their fans, their hard work could be destroyed. 

He was caring about those kids for too long to not be afraid of anything. This could be the most hazardous thing in his whole life.

But it was the same, when he was annoucing his dating with you publicly, and not just that: all of his fans were happy, they were appreciating his relationship, supporting him and his girlfriend.

Even though, that he was scared a lot at the moment, he knew, who his fans were. Fans of Kim Seokjin. Fans of Jin. Fans, who loved him.

His fans.

He gently took a microphone in his hand and vigorously put it in front of his mouth, so vigorously, that he almost knocked out his teeth. It wasn’t on purpose and it hurted a lot, but when he heard laugh of people all around him, his heart calmed, his usual confidence was back with a good words to say on his mind.

“Well, guys,” he said and smiled, “do you think, that my kid is going to be that clumsy too?”


Ah. I want to sleep. His thoughts were actually the same at fansignes. He loved to interact with his fans, seeing their blushing faces, hearing their laugh or having a chance to thank them, because just because of their fans he could still live, produce his music, dream and hope.

Because of his fans, he could be everything he ever wanted. A beloved man, loving man and now even dad.

He didn’t want to sleep anymore after thinking like that. Yoongi straightened in his chair, still kind of lazily reached out for a microphone. He didn’t speak at first. He was just holding it and looking at the table in front of him. He was listening to the lyrics, what he wrote, his voice rapping about his life before debut and what he wanted to reach in the future.

But is this the future? Is it a right time? He quickly looked at other members. Yoongi knew, that all of them were incredibly tired, but they were happy. Like every other time. They all came to the music industry to reach their dreams, produce music or just because they were trying to find themselves. But being a singer in this group showed them much more.

And one of this “more” was that strange love between them and their fans. Something more, than just fans and something more than just singers.

They were family. Strange, crazy family, always there somewhere, to support each other in any possible situation.

So, when events like this are happening, family is the first, whom you let to know as first, right?

On his face formed his gummy smile, he just couldn’t control his facial muscles. “You all, guys, do you think that I’m a genius?” he waited for the loud response before he continued: “Well, would you anticipate another genius with the same genes in the future?”


He was happier this day than ever before. Smiling for so long, that his face already hurted, laughed at every possible stupid thing so loudly and happilly, that tears weren’t going off of his eyes, he was dancing and playing and just fooling around, because he was so happy, that he just couldn’t control anything.

He was so happy. But still, something was making him worry all this time.

He was going to announce, that he will be dad in a next few months. But Hoseok wasn’t sure, about reaction of the fans in front of him, fans all around the world. Of course he was worried, but the main thing, what wasn’t leaving him to sleep at night, was that one big question always popping in his head: Is he really ready for family?

Yes, he loved kids, loved, you, his girlfriend, but he wasn’t sure, if he can take care of you, bring you that much happiness as much as he wanted to, and he just couldn’t imagine that day, when his woman will be in the maternity hospital, but he would not be able to be there with her because of work.

Hoseok already knew from the begin, that having a child meant leaving his work for some not that short time. So announcing something like this was simultaneously announcing, that he’s going to leave stage. 

“Guys,” he spoke into his microphone to his fans, heart pounding in his chest and hands a bit shaking, “what would you say, if I told you, that I’m going to leave stage for some time?” 

Aish, why did I ask this question?! he screamed in his head when he saw faces of people all around him changing their colors into bright white. Fans began to scream, weep and do some noises, what he wasn’t able to differentiate one from another.

He quickly spoke one more time with nervous laugh: “Yayaya, I didn’t tell, that I’m not going to come back,” he laughed and noise in the room a bit lowered. “I meant, what if I’m going to leave the stage - just for some time - but that I will come back to you with one more small Hobi, with 2 kilograms and screaming a bit more than me?”

Fans started to cry and make noise one more time, but now, while dying inside, they were putting up their thumbs and trying to laugh and wishing him the best, while making Hoseok the happiest person on the world.


Well, he felt kinda fucked up, to be honest. Yes, he was finding his perfect girl for so long, his woman, his world and his life love, to whom he wanted to write the most beautiful poems ever, but he didn’t expect this at all.

His head was full of hesitation, thinking and planning. Of course, he was incredibly happy about… this, about his kid, you, his family, him… firstly after a long time he felt happy to be him, but he was drowning in his brains.

He didn’t even know how, but he was, for some strange reason, counting, how long it already was since their debut, how old are his brothers, how old is his mother, how old is he or you, he was counting, how much money he had, if he was able to take care about you, if he was able to take care about Bangtan as before, if he was able to work while growing up his kid, if he is able to be father, if…

If he was strong enough.

In those years, he learned a lot and he wanted to learn even more. He did a lot and he wanted to do much more. He knew, that he was kinda egoistic, he wanted to have everything, Namjoon didn’t want to give up on something, what he was working for so hard. But he was so unsure, if he was strong enough.

Well, it depends on the people in front of me and there in the world, if I will be able to continue in my work even after becoming hasuband and father, this thought ran over his mind and made him pick up microphone without hesitation. But he stopped right in front of his mouth. He felt, like he was on the stage, so nervous, so shy, so hesitant, still the same guy as when he stood on the stage for the first time, when he spoke to his fans on his first fan meeting or when he had his first date with you, who is going to be mom of his kids.

Still the same… I am, right?

Sentences began to hail down from his mouth with and unbelievable flow, even Namjoon wasn’t sure, if it was his normal way of talking or something more like rap, he was talking so fast and so strangely, that when he ended and looked up at people all around him, no one really understood, what he was talking about, even other members, altough if they knew, what he was going to say.

Namjoon sighed and mentally calmed himself down a bit. Licked his dry lips a bit. Sweated… a lot. “I need you all to know something.”


Oh my God, and what should I do now? Jimin really didn’t know, what should he say while he was holding microphone and staring in front of him with mouth slightly opened. Like, he already asked his hyungs and even Taehyung and Jungkook, they all helped him with some small details, but at the end, they just said, that he needs to chill… Or more like they told him to fuck of and think about it alone because you are his girlfriend who’s pregnant not their.

Thank you, he growled in his mind while putting down microphone, with blazing hate looking at members sitting next to him from each side, thank you very much, my dearest brothers.

Yoongi turned attention to Jimin with the same cold expression as most of the time. He nodded at him, asking, why Jimin didn’t announce his news yet.

“And what do you think I should say, Yoongi-hyung?” Jimin whispered to him with despair.

Yoongi shrugged his shoulders and looked to the front of him as before. “I told you yesterday, just tell them, that you’re going to be a father. Most of them are your fans, they will cry but still love you.”

Jimin sobbed a bit: “I don’t want them to cry, is it necessary? I mean-”

“It is,” Namjoon joined their conversation and leaned closer to them. “Every time, when I was searching about us something on the internet, most of your fans were obsessed with kind of unhuman ideas and deluding themselves, about dating you and doing other things, what are you doing now with your girlfriend, so -”

“You’re not helping him, Namjoon,” hissed Jin, leaned over Yoongi, who looked like he was ready to punch someone. Jimin looked at him with his back covered in cold sweat. The more they were talking, the more he was unsure about this decision of making pregnancy of yours publicly known.

Namjoon just raised his hands in defense and sit up back to his previous pose, same as Yoongi and Jin.

Why are they always making everything worse while trying to make it better? sighed Jimin in his head. Well, I should try something… anything…

“Sooo,” he giggled into his microphone with blush, members turned to him with face expressions changing into some horror grimases. Jimin tried not to look at them. “Do you remember that one story, what parents were telling us, when we were kids and we wanted to know, how kids are born?”

“Oh God,” facepalmed Namjoon next to him and Yoongi turned on his chair with back to the auditory, while others were just waiting, what is Jimin going to tell next.

Jimin continued: “Shortly said, there was a grandma and a grandpa, they were living in the small cottage next to the river. Once the river brought them a peach, peach almost big as their cottage. They wanted to eat the peach, but when they cut it half a half, inside was a small boy and the boy became their son. Tadan, that’s the end.”

After a short silence in the room one of the fans asked, why did Jimin tell them this.

“Well,” giggled Jimin again, “In the next 7 months we with my girlfriend are going to find our peach.”


For him it wasn’t that hard to imagine, how he’s going to announce those amazing news. He was literally talking with stomach of yours since the moment you told him, that you’re pregnant, even if there was just a small embryo. He wanted to be all the time with you, he wanted to spend every possible minute with you and then he wanted to be with his kid, to be the best dad ever.

Almost as much, as he loved you and his family, he loved his brothers and their fans, who allowed him to be what he was now. Thats why, even if he was the happiest man, he was still worried.

Taehyung looked up and brightly smiled at woman in front of him, he leaned his arms across the table to reach for her album to sign it up, but then he noticed small hands hardly holding edge off the table. Tae leaned over the table to look into big, black eyes of a small girl with pink cheeks and two cute pigtails. 

Tae blinked.

Girl blinked.

Some strange sound came out from him when he felt totally beaten up by cuteness of the girl. Before he even noticed that, woman picked up girl with big smile and held her like some piece of vegetable in front of Taehyung.

He happily seated her on his lap and smiled at her so brightly, that girl couldn’t hold herself, strongly blushed and hid her face in her small hands.

“What’s your name?” asked Tae and tried to look into her hidden eyes.

She looked on him through her fingers, whispered her name, but before Taehyung could say anything, she shyly asked him: “Oppa, do you have any younger brothers?”

Taehyung raptly blinked. “No, I have only few younger cuisins,” he smiled, “why do you ask?”

“Just,” her face was redder than tomato, “just… oppa is sooo handsome!” she hid her face once more, the only thing, what could Tae see, were her red ears.

“Then,” he smiled at her and changed his expression like he was telling her some secret, “you can date with my son if you want. But he is still sleeping in tummy of his mommy, so you’ll need to wait a bit.”

Tae looked up, when it suddenly became too quiet in the room. All of the fans were staring at him. He blinked. They heard me? How? He looked on members by each side with uncomprehending eyes.

Jungkook, who was trying not to laugh, pointed at Taes hand, which was still holding microphone.

Taehyung didn’t even realize, that he was talking into the microphone all the time.


Is there any kind of name for maknaes, who are having a children even sooner than his hyungs? he thought while staring to the front of him without any expression. What will fans say when they find out? Or not even fans but people, who will hear about it.

He was thinking. He was thinking for so long and hard, that he could actually feel, how his brains were broking apart. Thinking about it all day and then dreaming about the same when he slept. It was so tiring, but still, he was trying not to show it to his hyungs or people, who were worried about him.

Even if he loved you dearly and was actually unbelievable happy, it still was a problem for young male idol like he was. And he knew, that it was his problem, thats why he didn’t want to put it’s weight on seomeones shoulders. 

He sighed and swallowed nothing into his dry throat. With still the same expression he reached for his bottle of water. Jungkook quietly began to drink.

He actually didn’t want anyone to know about you at first. But somehow it worked out like this - everyone knew about it.He thought, that it will be like last time, when he had to do such decision, but this happened and he was lost again. 

Lost in his good emotions, which were telling him, that he is happier than ever, but on the other side, his emotions were telling him, that he can ruin everything. And what about his fans? Fans, who were giving him the chance to do, what he loved the most, to reach his dreams and improve himself in so many ways. Just thanks to them he was there, where he was now and he felt very sorry to them because of everything, what he did in last few months.

“Jungkook,” said Jin on his left side. When he looked on his eldest hyung, Jungkook felt their age difference, what wasn’t happening that often. Jin had that strange thing in his eyes, what was easily showing him, that he really is older and he really is an adult, who knows, how to take his responsibilities better.

Seokjin continued: “You know, that you don’t need to be that pressed. You’re always worrying about smallest details, but right now, first time after so long, everything, what you need to worry about, is you and your feelings.”

Jungkook looked down on his hands laid on the table with veins strongly protruding through his skin. “But… hyung, w-”

“Don’t even care about fans,” Jin didn’t even leave Jungkook to resist him. “Everyone should understand, that you’re not just our Golden Maknae, but a human being too. Your fans said earlier, that they’re happy for you, to be in relationship. So, if they meant it genuinly, they should have expect something like this to happen. After all,” he smiled at Jungkook, “you’re not that same boy in his deepest emo period of puberty, who you used to be.” 

When Jungkook was just staring at him with the same stare, Jin raised his eyebrows a bit with a small sigh. “Well,” he corrected his words, “maybe you still are… kind of.”

Jungkook couldn’t hold himself anymore and began to laugh, because, even if Jin-hyng tried his best to make him feel better, Jungkook still felt depressed, but he was so depressed, that he (it seemed like it was first time in his life) just closed all his worries in small small box inside his mind and with smile, which didn’t leave his face until the end of the day, he took a microphone in his hand.

(to be honest, I imagined these situations after a years from now on, bcs I think, that they aren’t going to have their own family until reaching some peak in their career… or maybe after amry, lmao, who knows, I just hope, that they will be always happy >3<)

I Love You

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kickthepj imagine | fighting/fluff

word count: 423

You and PJ were sitting on the couch, watching Doctor Who together. He had just finished filming his latest video. You guys recently started dating, but you didn’t want his audience to know because you were scared of how the fans would react.

He cared about you, and he didn’t want to see you receive hate but lately keeping it a secret has gotten on your nerves. You guys can’t go out because PJ is afraid you will get spotted together. You rested your head against his chest, watching his face as he focused on the tV. After a little bit of silence, you finally spoke up. 

“Peej, I think that maybe we should tell the fans.” you mumbled, as he looked down at you. You could hear him sigh, as you have brought this topic up many times. 

“I just don’t want you to end up hurt, babe.” he said, pouting as he looked at you. You sat up, facing him.

“I just can’t handle hiding it, I want to be with you and I don’t care what people think. It should matter, should it?” you said, getting a bit defensive. You were about to tell him that you love him, but it didn’t feel right just yet. You guys haven’t said it yet, but you definitely felt that way towards him. 

“I’m just not ready to come out about it to my fans, I love them so much but I don’t want them to hate you.” he said softly, giving you a worried look. You understood where he was coming from, but it was irrelevant… because he isn’t dating his fans. 

“You aren’t dating your fans. None of this should matter, your fans should love you no matter what happens!” you got up, getting a bit angry. You didn’t like to fight with PJ, it made you feel gross. 

“Look, (Y/N), I love you! I love you so much it hurts, and I don’t want you to get hurt. I don’t want the love of my life to get hurt!” he yelled back at you. You were in shock. The way he just came out and said that… was so sudden, 

“I- I love you too, Peej. That’s why you shouldn’t let the fans opinions get to you! I can handle it, okay!” he sighed, and you could tell that you won, 

“Fine we’ll tell them, but if they give you any hate I swear to God-” he said, trying to sound protective, but failing. You smiled, and hugged him. 

anonymous asked:

(SFW + NSFW if that's okay!) If one is a visiting professor hoping to ask for some help on the history of trade between Asia and the New World, who would I approach? I suppose the most obvious would be Prof. Reyes and Prof. Shimada the Younger, and perhaps Prof. McCree, but if you have any other suggestions I would be open to them. Also, is there anything I could do/say/bring to make them more receptive to my request for help?

I think you have a good start on who you should reach out to! If all of your questions aren’t answered I sure they can direct you to the right professor.


Professor Reyes
Despite his gruff exterior Professor Reyes loves sweets, especially carmel like his…ahem…he also likes coffee. If you bring him any of these things you are on a good start. Just don’t bring him canned coffee, he hates that stuff.

Professor Genji Shimada
Homemade goods. I mentioned before that this man has a bit of a sweet tooth. So make him cookies, cakes, cupcakes, etc. He’d spend some time answering some questions before he either has to grade papers with his TA.

Professor McCree:
He likes authentic leather things so I’ve heard, along with western things, I also heard he has a soft spot for Asian related things. Perhaps a leather book cover? Leather coffee sleeve? He’s a pretty easy going guy I’m sure a cup of coffee would be just as good.

NSFW-ish below:

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Things I have learnt as a revert in the past 6 years

I took my shahdah at 17 and entered the beautiful world of Islam. I have grown and learnt so much since then, and have so much that I look forward to learning yet. Here are some things I noticed that may or may not be of help to someone. (I am not the perfect muslim, you may not agree with me on everything).

1. The grey area.

When you revert, some of us have an urge to want to know/do everything perfectly. It doesn’t help that some people like to throw information at you and expect you to automatically do all your fasts, cover up etc. I call it the beautiful grey area. If you rush into everything it may be overwhelming. I’ve seen fellow sisters find it too much and leave Islam due to it. Take comfortable baby steps. Its not a race, do what you can and don’t compare yourself to others. What I personally found was the more you learn and fall in love with Islam, your outwards appearance and actions will reflect it. So read, listen and pray.

2. People won’t always understand.

You will find a ton of people who mean well and want to help. My mum once screamed to me in a rage of fit that no-one will accept me because I won’t fit in. Now this isn’t true. I’m sure people will accept me, my beautiful friends have. But I won’t fit in, not fully. It’s a feeling of being an outsider to your own and to other muslims sometimes. Find a good base of people, friends, reverts. People with whom you don’t need to fit in but will accept you anyway. At the end of it don’t rely on people too much, you have been chosen by your Lord- who better do you have to turn to?

3. Don’t answer any questions you don’t want to.

Muslims are beautiful and accepting and I cannot tell you how much help I have received by beautiful Muslims around me, But don’t feel the need to answer everything. People are curious, they find revert stories as a source of inspiration and love to help. A question I get a lot is “how did your family react?” I hate it. Personally it fills me with dread to have to explain to this stranger how my life is falling apart, I tend to laugh and say “not great” and change the subject. I’ve had a lot of invasive and more personal questions thrown at me which looking back I shouldn’t have been pressured into answering. Some people want to help; others just want an entertaining story. It is not your duty to give them that or share anything that you don’t want to.

4. You don’t have to tell your family straight away.

I personally struggled with the guilt of hiding it from my parents. I’ve been doing it for 6 years now and it has become easier. I wouldn’t suggest doing it as long as me but I have my reasons. But you don’t have to deal with it all straight away. It’s a bit overwhelming to revert and then have to deal with the reaction of others. I’d say take your time; tell people when you are comfortable enough with it. (I am aware that not all families will react badly)

5. The guilt.

Now I’m from a Hindu family where Islam is taboo and doing what I’ve done makes your family socially outcast. This plus the guilt of hurting the people I love can be a bit much. I have caused unbearable amounts of pain to my parents by accepting Islam and in turn hurt them more then any child should and the guilt of that weighed on me for a very long time. The way I had to see it and the way I hope others would is that by accepting Islam and unleashing this pain onto them. I have introduced them to Islam. Now whether they hate it or not, they are aware of it, and time changes things in ways we can’t imagine. Yes I’ve hurt them but if it turns out they learn a little about Islam and accept it one day and then it will be worth it.

6. The fear.

One thing I struggle with as a Muslim is the fear that my parents will die without Islam. Knowing the punishment of the hellfire, no –one could ever want this for their parents. I’m sorry I can’t offer advice here, all I can say is Allah knows best. Make dua for your parents every day. Make your actions be the best dawah possible, and the rest is left to your Lord.

7. Ramadhan.

Ramadhan is a beautiful and daunting time for a new Muslim. What I would advise is don’t try and do everything at once. Do a few fasts before so you are prepared. Don’t feel disheartened if you don’t manage to fast all of your fasts for the month. Do what you can and take the time to learn and enjoy the peace that comes with this blessed month. A tip a fellow revert gave me to was to eat slim fast bars and have nourishment for sehri. Now it sounds odd and can be sickening. But it releases energy through out the day and curbs your cravings, I found it helped for me but it may not for everyone. Also it is an easy thing to have snuck in your room and quietly munch!

8. The creeps

Now I wish there wasn’t but there a few guys who will take advantage of a revert sister. You are new to this world and at your most vulnerable, just be on a look out. Not all brothers have bad intentions but a fair few might. Don’t believe anything you are told without checking it out and do not feel pressured into something.

9. Good Vibes.

I keep a tiny (miniature) Quran hidden on my top shelf in my doll house. I feel like having it in the house protects me. In the past while I sleep I have got a Quran app on my phone and played it out all night. I plugged my headphones in and kept volume low and just left it on my bed. It soothes me to just know it is being played and there even if I am not listening to me.

10. Pray.

I know it isn’t easy for everyone. I hide behind the door and pray, half listening out to people approaching. But pray, and talk to your Lord it helps everything. If you can find a local mosque or uni prayer rooms but make sure you keep praying or at least trying to.

I wish I could say it is going to be easy, it’s not. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, and it really does test you. But you’ve been chosen for this path and if Allah thinks you can do it then no-one can tell you that you can’t. Learn, ask questions and just enjoy it. It is so beautiful if you let it be. I am nowhere near being the perfect Muslim, I mess up and sin so much. Repent and don’t feel like you’ve ever done something so bad that you can’t repent. He forgives all. This is such a beautiful gift that you have been blessed with. It will be your own journey, your own experiences, probably very different from what mine has been so far. But I hope that maybe this helps at least one person out there.

I’m here if anyone wants to message me and if I’ve said something that offends you or you disagree with then please accept my sincere apologies!


Translation: ‘Religion’ - 29.11

Text from Isak’s father

Isak! That’s enough! I’ve tried to get ahold of you for days.
I know you’re angry with me and that you probably think I’m a coward for leaving mom, but I couldn’t help her. I hope you’ll understand that one day.
I’m doing the best I can.

(Isak scrolls through all the messages from his father)

Isak replies:

Fine. I’ll join you for the Christmas concert. Bringing my new boyfriend, his name is Even. That’s a boys’ name.

Don’t quite understand if you’re making a joke right now?
It’s very nice if you have a boyfriend, Isak, I really want to meet him, but you know how mom is, she gets stressed easily.

(Isak starting to type a reply)


(He puts the phone down without sending)

Sana: Hey.

Isak: Hey.

Sana: Forgot about the essay?

Isak: Yep.

Sana: Did you see the link that I sent you?

Isak: Um, no? What was is?

Sana: It was just a link to an article.

Isak: Okay, what’s it about?

Sana: Just about some research about…evolution. And homosexuality.

(Isak looks at Sana, then continues to work on his computer)

Sana: I was just thinking about that discussion we had a while back, and uh, I rarely get things wrong, but it turns out I was wrong. In that discussion. Because homosexuality has been a..well, had a natural function in evolution. And there’s…lots of new and interesting research about it. So uh…I was wrong.

Isak: What..about Islam, then? Anything new and interesting to report, or is it still the same?

Sana: Islam says what it always say: That all people in this world are equal and that no person should experience people talking behind their back, that no offence should be made against them, that they should not be judged, or made into a laughingstock. So if you hear anybody use religion to legitimise their hate, then don’t listen to them. Because hate doesn’t come from religion, it comes from fear.

Teacher (off screen)
We’ll start the class by you handing in your essays to my email.

Sorry guys, I’m at work so I don’t have a lot of time; i know that some of the sentences might sound a bit weird.


EDIT Also one thing.. In the translation, I use the word boyfriend, but in Norwegian we use this word ‘kjæreste’ (meaning: loved one/dearest) and it’s a gender neutral term for a lover. That’s why Isak’s being extra snarky by emphasising that Even is a boys’ name, when writing to his dad.

Multi-Fandom HiddenKard Tag

thank you for tagging me @jellyseph !

1. How did you get into KARD?

some of my friends were talking about kard and kept trying to make me listen to them, and it wasn’t until a little bit after don’t recall that i really started liking them.

2. Who’s your bias (if you have one)?

honestly, i love every single one of them a lot, but if my bias in the group isn’t already obvious by my profile picture, it’s bm!

3. How long have you been a Hidden?

i can’t exactly pinpoint when i became a hidden, but i can confidently say that it sometime between don’t recall and rumor.

4. Any ships you’re interested in in the group?

romantically talking, i don’t ship any of them. but talking about friendships, i love b.seph!

The Other/Relevant Questions:

1. Which kpop groups/bands do you like?

there are a lot, but the ones that i can name at the top of my head are kard (obviously), vixx, aoa, nct (more so nct 127 than the other subunits at the moment), got7, bts, and exo.

2. What other fandoms are you in?

kpop wise, i already listed some in the previous question. talking about stuff outside of kpop, i really like the harry potter series, the percy jackson series, the flash, and criminal minds, just to name a few.

3. Boy group or girl group stan?

i definitely stan more boy groups than i do girl groups, but even with the girl groups that i don’t really stan, i can’t deny that they’re all definitely really talented.

4. Which of your favorite groups would you like KARD to interact with?

i actually never thought about this, so i’m not too sure.

5. Which group got you into kpop?

vixx was the group that got me into kpop about two years ago.

6. Who did you 1st listen to in kpop?

again, it was vixx, with the first song that i listened to was voodoo doll; for a good few months, vixx was the only group that i listened to.

7. Do you like any solo artists?

i don’t listen to very many solo artists, but the ones that i do listen to are mostly from aomg.

8. Do you like any other artists from DSP?

i’ve never actually listened to any other artists that are under dsp.

9. Besides KARD, are you into any other co-ed groups (both currently active or disbanded)?

i’ve never listened to any other co-ed groups aside from kard.

10. Have you tried showing any friends kpop? If so, how’d they react?

i did introduce kpop one of my friends that i used to go to school with and she did grow to like it and started to listen to a lot more groups afterwards, but when i talked to her last, around a few months ago, she said that she didn’t really listen to it as often as before since she’s been busy with stuff. then with my two best friends, they did used to listen to kpop before i told them about it, but i think they were like really casual fans and didn’t listen to it very much. it wasn’t until i continuously kept trying to make them listen to bts that they started listening to kpop a lot more and became just as much trash as i was. and then I got the girl that I sat next to on the school bus, who is sorta a friend, into kpop and she’s always fangirling about it with me.

11. Which concept has been your favorite out of any group you stan?

honestly, i love all of vixx’s concepts a lot. fantasy and shangri-la are my favorites, and the concept for error is definitely up there.

12. If your biases from the different groups you stan were all in the same room, who would you try to speak to 1st (y’know, after most likely freaking out)?

after obviously freaking out, i’d probably try to speak to either bm or jaehyun at first because honestly, whenever I see them in a video or something else, i’m always just like !!!!!!!!!!!

13. Aside from ‘Hola Hola’ (pff obviously), which debut/comeback has been your favorite in 2017?

no doubt that shangri-la was my favorite comeback this year! i did like cherry bomb too, but it wasn’t my favorite.

14. Is KARD your bias group? If not, then who?

they are definitely up there as one of my bias groups along with vixx.

15. If you could hang out with any kpop group for a day, who would it be?

can I just say all of them? because it’s too hard to choose between my favorite groups.

16. Do you have any favorite fansites out of all the groups you stan?

i don’t think i have any specific favorites.

17. In anticipation for KARD’s future lightstick to be made/released who-knows-when, whose lighstick do you like most?

right now, i really like shinee’s current lightstick!

18. Fandoms can be problematic and make it difficult to show pride in being in them. Which fandom are you most proud of being a part of?

i’m definitely the most proud of being a starlight!

19. Which fandom name do you like the most?

i know that they’re known as highlight now, but I really like the fandom name B2UTY from when they were known as B2ST. 

20. If you could only listen to one kpop group for the rest of your life, who would it be?

this is actually a pretty difficult question, but i would have to say either nct, vixx, or kard (i listen to rumor on repeat so much; it’s ridiculous).

i tag @querencila, @cypherbaek, @shinohiras, and really anybody else that wishes to do the tag!