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Useful Bandom-Sheets

@coastingon-potential said I should share my Research-Papers. And @rosiedoestumblr could really use a Warped-Timeline (which means my work is already contributing to society *don’t crush my hopes and dreams*)

So here you go!

Warped 2005 is a timeline - Date, Venue + Distance in miles from Venue to Venue with an estimate driving time (based on whatever traffic information google used at the time).

FOB-Peterick Timeline is a timeline from 2001/2003 up until now with relevant FOB Dates and Events (like album/single releases, awards, touring dates) + a few Pete/Patrick events (in a Peterick-View, so no mentions of Marriage/Girlfriends/Wives or Children). 

Obviously the Fall Out Boy/Peterick-Timeline is a WIP (I’m sure I’m still missing a lot), but feel free to use, maybe reblog - sharing is caring - so other people can see/use this.

If I missed something/got something wrong, please do tell. 

Hamilton: Ooh, this next paper’s going to be a good one!
Hamilton: But what to call it?
Hamilton: I know!
“Alexander Hamilton Delivers Sickest Burn In History”
Hamilton: Perfect! But how should it start?
“Sit down, John, you fat mother beeeeeeep!”
Hamilton: Wow! My best work yet!
Burr: Did you really write out beep?
Hamilton: *sniggers*


8.2.17// library day at HU Nord. I did my readings for friday and I spent hours on  an email I have to send to my Prof.
I have to write a kind of abstract for my paper, since I’m not going again at the colloquium. I prefer to collect my thoughts and to write her than give an oral presentation of my topic. I’m kind of shy, especially in German, and I should write an abstract anyway.
It was a quite productive day after all, even though I had some problems with my eduroam connection (I hate that damned thing, at FU it works though!).

“Once I was seven years old my momma told me, go make yourself some friends or you’ll be lonely”

I listened to this song as a joke because Shiro is like 6 but this part really hit me in the feels just ahhhhh this is a WIP I guess? :V I want to make a longer version eventually. My first AMV I’ve been wanting to make one for a while and this song just inspired me. I guess it’s a late Shiro birthday thing too?

Song: 7 Years - Lukas Graham Cover by Tanner Patrick

work thoughts

I have so many little sheets of paper with stuff written on them, here we go

-all my friends/mutuals should know that my text hearts (<3) are No Romo.  I love my friends!  but I’m not flirting with anyone so…pls take them platonically.

-the first step to not having anxiety about a distressing situation seems to be learning to bear it.  at work and in social situations, I’ve been slowly getting better at just being uncomfortable and experiencing it fully and accepting it.  it sucks and it’s real hard but I’m not full-on miserable as often?  so that’s nice.

-the other day I was trying to remember ryan gosling’s name and the first thing my brain coughed up was “Reynold Duckberg”

-I need a haircut so bad, ugh

-I like to picture myself in this one clothing commercial alongside its immaculately-dressed + made-up models.  not in like, a bitter way, I just think it’s funny?  the theme of the commercial is “come as you are” or something and everyone at this sexy party has long, slender arms and perfect hair and smiles that aren’t quite wide enough to be inelegant.  and then also toasty’s there, wearing pajama pants and a waffle weave mens’ shirt

-I don’t think I’m being clever pointing out a lack of realism in a clothing commercial of all things, but I’m amused by the idea that there are people who really spend their alone time in their artsy studio apartments looking photogenic and perfectly dressed.  that said, if they’re out there more credit to them.  I hope you’re having fun at your sexy elegant parties.

-you do not have to lie to compliment someone’s art–I don’t care how young or inexperienced or “””cliche””” they are.  look for their potential, find what pieces you think are cute or appealing or funny, and don’t be backhanded about it.  and unless they want a full critique, you don’t have to tell them what’s bad about it either.  there’s plenty to be said for positive reinforcement!

-I never lie when complimenting someone’s art.

-”If you see her in the street/walking by herself/talking to herself/grumbling at herself/swearing at herself–”

-the keys to easily understanding someone with a heavy accent or speech impediment seem to be 1. exposure and 2. relaxing.  Focusing Real Hard and getting freaked out unfortunately just makes it harder, in my experience.

-I like the fact that when a story mentions that someone was “shyly biting their lip” or whatever, they can specific lower lip but they don’t have to–it’s assumed.  but just for kicks, the next time you see that, you should imagine them biting their upper lip instead. :>[ 100% story improvement + laugh factor.

-the word “consternation” doesn’t seem to have any remaining grammatical forms in English?  no one ever says “I’m consternated” or “that was very consternating”.

Benedict Cumberbatch. Going back to the white bristol paper, just to see if I could work with it again. I can, but I don’t like it as much as I used to. *sigh*

Mats used: Staedtler Pencil 2B, 3B,  6B and 8B (wich is actually Carbon, so very dark but waxy) , Palomino Blackwing pencil and General’s Powdered Graphite on Canson Mixed Media XL White Paper, (11X14 )

Thanks for looking! 

My Art Tag

Klaine Valentines Challenge Drabble - “Outside In” (Rated G)

There’s a man that Kurt’s been trying to work up the courage to meet, but what Kurt doesn’t know is that there’s a possibility that the feeling’s mutual. (1508 words)

Written for the Klaine Valentines Challenge 2017 prompt “Your Song”.

Read on AO3.

Oof! Oh my God! I’m so sorry!”

“No, I’m sorry. I should look where I’m going.”

“Well, so should I, so I guess we’re both at fault.” Kurt kneels down to pick up his dropped books, a few of them being handed to him while he shuffles through a mess of papers that are part his sheet music and part someone else’s Music Theory notes. He passes the notes along to their owner, peeking up and smiling at a set of hazel eyes he’s seen more than once, a pair of rosy lips he’s envied time and again, and a face he’s wanted to find the nerve to talk to, but hadn’t yet.

This isn’t the way that Kurt wanted to meet this man, colliding with him on his way out of the NYADA campus coffee shop, but he’s not exactly complaining.

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03.18.17 // @gradblrchallenge day 13

Today I didn’t set an alarm, stayed in bed for three hours after waking up, and only got up to make waffles. It was so glorious! After that I finally convinced myself to get ready and come into campus.

So far I’ve spent about an hour and a half reading a 14 page paper and making notes as part of the reading response for one of my classmate’s papers. Giving constructive feedback is definitely a tough skill to master. The lines notes were fine, but the 500 word typed response is killing me.

I’m going to attempt another hour and half of work, then get dinner and see a play with a cute lady I’m seeing. Should be a pretty good day!

anonymous asked:

some bugger put a sticker on my cello, so i've tried to wash it off with a weak hand soap + water solution, but there's still a sticky residue. what do?

Anything designed to get sticky stuff off should work. As for what won’t damage the varnish, I’d say go for rosin cleaner or a VERY small amount of Goo Gone on a folded paper towel. Rub in small circles. If the varnish starts looking cloudy as you’re rubbing, stop and switch to a dry section of paper towel.

And if all else fails, I find spit and a finger to be particularly useful at getting what water won’t. Disgusting? Sure, but don’t knock it til you try it.

25/03/2017, @gradblrchallenge day 20 

Morning work: Some reading and paper edits I should have finished yesterday but didn’t because my mood was crap and my PMS was acting up. I did end up reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell instead of Lord of the Rings, but my decision to ignore my work in favour of self-care and rest was still the best decision I made all day yesterday. 

I’m nearly done with all my really urgent tasks, which is good because it’s museum night in the nearby city and I’m going out with friends later to see dinosaurs! (And lots of other things/museums. But I’m particularly looking forward to the dinosaurs. :D) 

Office Slut

I walked into Ms. Lovato office and set the papers down on her desk. As I was on my way out I ran into her. “Mind watching where you going?” she said. “I’m sorry.” I mumbled. “Do you have the paperwork I asked you for?” she said taking a seat. “Uh… yes. It’s right there on your desk. ” I said pointing to it. Ms. Lovato picked it up and flipped through the papers. “Thank you yn.” She got up from her chair and her heels clicked as she walked over to her door. She closed it slowly and locked the top part of it. “I-I should probably get back to work.” I tried to get past her but she wouldn’t let me. “You don’t have to worry about that. Take care of me first babe. ” She walked closer to me and placed her hand on my back causing my breathing to hitch. “People will hear us though…” “It doesn’t matter. You want to show them how good I’m fucking you anyway. ” Demi pushed me towards the desk and threw all the stuff on the floor. “Strip for me.” I felt my heart start to beat and my hands were sweaty. “I’ve never done that before.” There’s a first for everything right?“ demi replied seductively. I blushed hard and moved my hand towards my shirt. I unbuttoned the white blouse slowly and threw the shirt at her. Ms. Lovato was her sitting on her desk with her legs spread wide open and touching herself through her red thong. I felt my panties instantly become soaked from the sight of her. I placed my hand down my skirt and turned around. I looked behind me and bit my lip. I slowly bent down and stuck my ass out for her. "What are you thinking about Ms. Lovato?” “I’m thinking about fucking your pussy.” I shimmied out of the skirt and tossed it towards her. I took off my panties too and shoved them in her mouth. “who do you think you are?” she yelled. I blushed and became embarrassed. “I’m sorry Ms. Lovato.” “no call me mommy now.” she took my hand and made me sit down on the chair. “have you ever been fucked by a girl yn.” “no… I have a boyfriend.” “I don’t care. your pussy is mine right now slut.” demi reached in her desk and grabbed a 12" dildo. “how big is his dick?” she asked. “around 8 inches.” I blushed. “that’s pretty big. well I’m gonna fuck you 2x as better.” “I’d love to see you try.” I mumbled. “excuse me?” “nothing.” demi bent down and blew on my pussy making me jump from the contact. I ran my fingers through her hair and pushed her more into me. demi took a long lick from my asshole to my pussy. I let out a soft moan and squirmed in the chair. “oh fuck baby.” I murmured. demi slapped my pussy, “I told you to call me mommy you slut.” “im sorry mommy.” I whimpered. demi grabbed my hand and pushed me over the desk. she started massaging my pussy and nibbling on my ear. “you like that?” she whispered in my ear. my jaw dropped open and I nodded my head. demi placed the cock at my lips and shoved it in my mouth. I frowned at her and choked on the cock as she shoved it to the back of my throat. I bobbed up and down and sucked on it, getting it nice and wet. she smirked and instantly shoved it in my pussy without warning. demi spread my ass cheeks with one hand while she fucked me hard with the other. “tell everyone what an office slut you are yn.” I reached out to grab the edge of the desk and I moaned loudly. “Im a slut mommy! I deserve to be punished.” “yeah you do whore.” she said still ramming the cock into me. “it feels so fucking good.” I said backing my ass up on the dildo. “holy shit!” I said still moaning. “God you look so hot right now yn.” I slapped my hands on the desk and cried out her name. “Let everyone know how good your boss is fucking you.” “Oh fuck! You are demi!!” I was on the verge of cumming and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I released on the dildo and my legs were still shaking. She slapped my ass and there was a red handprint left on my ass. “You should get back to work.” Demi said smirking. “But I didn’t make you cum.” “Then that means you can come back later.”

Feedback is appreciated!


wanna get back to posting on here more often bc i love you all.

  • breakfast; read the papers
  • admin: change nurse appt, book country pub for lunch (!), ask for borrowing rights at soc anth lib
  • library by 10, work on article for two hours (only managed one)
  • zumba!
  • lunch
  • study date with a friend, work on article for at least two hours (super-productive!!)
  • weird irrelevant lecture my supervisor-to-be has suggested i should go to because it ‘looks fun’
  • post-lecture drinks
  • dinner
  • call my grandmother
  • another hr on article
  • read some of the story of the lost child
  • bed

this is what my life looks like now! it’s slow and pleasant and i’m generally content


I know that I’m a few days late, but I’ve been really enjoying all of the “Current Journals” posts inspired by @journaling-junkie ’s January Journal Challenge, so I knew I had to post my own.

My Current Journal/Sketchbooks: (These guys typically go with me almost everywhere I go.)

1. Handlettering Practice Book #2—Guys, this sketchbook is AMAZING. It is a Canson XL Mixed Media 7"x10" sketchbook that has a really solid medium paper weight at 98lbs. I love the paper. I love the size (you can put an even 2" mat around your artwork to fit a standard 11x14 frame; I’m a framer, this is how my brain looks for paper sizes). I love that it’s spiral bound, so it will lay flat while I’m working. 10/10 definitely going to purchase again when this one is full. I should mention that the page on the left in this picture was inspired by a post by @girlfig that made me laugh pretty hard.

2. Bullet Journal—I’m not entirely sure where I got this journal from (I had it for years before I finally found a use for it). It’s not really my style, but the cover is made out of canvas board making it really sturdy and impossible to bend. This journal is where my brain goes to organize itself. I haven’t posted pages from my bullet journal on here because I don’t take the time to decorate the pages; it’s a no-nonsense place for lists, schedules and brainstorming.

3. My Art Journal—This is where my brain goes to unwind and feel free. I had a hard time finding a page that you guys haven’t already seen, so here’s an in-progress page, even though it doesn’t have too much further to go before it’s done.

4. “Adventures in White” Book—If you’ve been following my #adventuresinwhite tag, you know this a sketchbook of solid black paper, and I’ve been experimenting with every sort of white medium that I can get my hands on. The page shown here is, of course, still in progress, but the lettering is being done with a Gellyroll white gel pen and the galaxy on the right was done with General’s Charcoal White pencil.

5. A Small Collection of My Favorite Words & Phrases—It was $3 from Target and all graph paper, which I thought might be nice for lettering practice. The pages themselves are pretty lightweight though, so I don’t want to use most of my pens and markers for fear I’ll ruin their tips. It’s been pencil-only so far and there’s a good chance it will stay that way.

This makes for a happy Emily. 💛

Post your current journals! I know we’re a few days late here, but I love getting a glimpse of how all of my favorite artists operate behind the scenes.

Charles Xavier Request- Ice Cream

Request: Could I request a Charles Xavier X reader with “Who the heck crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go for ice cream?!”

Hey lovely! So I love love love this request! Ivory and I both saw it and were like ‘Yes. This will be fun to write!’ But I won rock paper scissors… no, i’m kidding. She had to take another fic ‘cause it was apocalypse based and I haven’t seen it yet, so I won this round XP My master plan all along! XP Nah, but as I was writing this it started writing itself… idk how that works but it did. Also, if you’ve never tried Hazelnut gelato… I reckon you all should. Unless you’re allergic… but I tried some the other day just out of curiosity. It is amazing! Anyway, Happy Reading!


4am. There was a shuffling at the window. Your room was two storeys up… surely it must be racoons… or possums… something like that. Some kind of cat-like mammal that wasn’t a cat. You ignored it and turned over, ready to go back to sleep… or to try to despite the creepy rustling sounds. There was a knock. You shot out of bed, grabbing the first thing nearby that could act like a weapon… A pillow. This was going to have to do as a weapon for the mean time. You flipped on your lamp light switch and looked towards the window, pillow raised in self defence. Charles’ face was looking back at you. He’d climbed a tree to get up to window level. You threw down the pillow and angrily strutted over to the window to unlatch it. Charles pushed himself through and landed on the ground, and stayed lying there, face up.
“What took you so long?” He muttered, “It was cold out there.”
“You nearly gave me a heart attack, you arse! What the heck?!”
“I wanted to go and get ice cream.”
“Who the heck crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go for ice cream?!” You whisper-shouted at him.
“Don’t whisper shout at me! I thought you liked ice cream!”
“I do like ice cream!”
“Then we should go get some.” Charles nodded and got up, brushing himself off of leaves and debris from climbing the tree.
“Seriously? It’s 4am!” You told him, quite flummoxed at this whole scenario.
“Yes? So? It’s an hour, just like every other hour on the clock? What makes one hour more socially acceptable to get ice cream than any other?” He asked.
“The fact that I usually like to be asleep at 4am.” You shot back. You were tired, this was a perplexing situation to be in, but surprisingly, you felt pretty witty at this hour.
“Well, sleep is boring. Come on! Grab a coat! We’re getting ice cream!” Charles walked out the doorway. You grabbed your long, red button up coat. Luckily you’d gone to sleep in trackies so it wasn’t like you were indecent, and the length of the coat mostly hid what kind of pants you were wearing anyway. You pulled your coat on and buttoned it all the way to the top, hiding your pj shirt. You followed Charles out of your bedroom door.
“See? You look divine! Let’s get going.” Charles was wearing jeans and a fading t-shirt, and it was the most casual outfit you’d ever seen him wear.
“Why so casual?” You asked.
“Please, y/n, not all occasions require a suit!” He told you, strutting towards your front door. You both went down and left, locking it behind you. You got into his car and drove to an open-all-hours cafe nearby that coincidentally did gelato. Probably wasn’t a coincidence. Charles probably read someone’s mind and discovered the place existed. You both placed your orders.
“Hazelnut gelato? Are you sure that’s nice?” Charles asked as the waiter left.
“Are you kidding me? That stuff is divine!” You told him, nodding eagerly.
“See? This was a brilliant idea!” He told you.
“This…. was admittedly a brilliant idea.” You shrugged. When he was right, he was right.
Charles chuckled and rolled his eyes.
The waiter returned quite promptly with a hazelnut gelato and a chocolate one, Charles liking chocolate.
He set them down and walked away.
“That was quick!” Charles exclaimed, picking up his spoon, and grabbing hold of the base of the ice cream bowl.
“We are the only ones in here!” You laughed.
“Apart from our gentleman waiter friend here.” Charles corrected you. The gentleman waiter friend shrugged and walked into the back storeroom, probably trying to prove Charles wrong. You both laughed.
“Alone, but with ice cream.” Charles stated.
“I wouldn’t say alone, we’re in good company.” You shrugged, meeting his eyes.
“I’d eat to that” Charles said, raising his spoon.
“I’d eat to that,” You laughed, each preparing to take a gigantic bite. “Here’s to good company.”

Things We Didn’t Say (Sam Drake x Reader)

Requested by @xnanami.

A/N: I’m back with another Sam Drake request. This is a bit long so I hope you guys won’t be tortured reading this rubbish. Got a bit of Sully in here too, well what can I say I tried guys. I feel like that should be my new life motto or something. Anyways hope you like it!

You were working through some papers for a job that Sully had passed on to you. Skimming past the last remaining ones, checking every small detail to make sure it’s up to standard your eye lids were starting to become heavy, but you kept on going as you wanted to finish it by today. Completing the last checks on the final piece, you lay back in your chair with a great sigh of relief, “All done.” You manage to mumble out to yourself.

Turning your head slightly to your side you notice the endless ticking from the clock on the wall, as the small hand pointed to the number four. However, it wasn’t four in the afternoon, but morning instead. Turning your head back to face the ceiling, you rest your eyes for a moment thinking about the day ahead. Ever since you began working for Sully these early mornings had become a regular occurrence for you, but over time you didn’t seem to mind it at all. The paperwork was only a small part of what you had to do, there was always more exciting things that followed like all the travelling you got to do. You always looked forward to that, and it definitely was fun with the three of you together, you, Sully, and Sam.

You sigh once more just thinking about Sam. Sam Drake really was quite something, you could make an endless list about him, but more importantly he was your good friend. Replaying back to the moment when you first met him, you both hit it off straight away. As it turned out both you and Sam had a lot in common and you seemed to get on pretty well which led you to become such good friends.

Over time as the days you spent together with each other become more regular, you found yourself developing almost what seemed like a crush. Oh but it wasn’t just a crush, it was a lot more than that. Finding it difficult to ignore these new found feelings of yours, you tried your best to hide them away. You didn’t dare risk telling anyone about this, especially Sam. After all he may not feel the same way about you, and you didn’t want to ruin the friendship you had.

As the days continued things seemed normal again, and nothing seemed out of place. You really did place a lot of effort in hiding your feelings from Sam hoping not to seem too out of place, but soon enough all that had changed. This time it wasn’t you who was acting out of place but rather it was Sam. Not being able to exactly place your finger upon the issue, it seemed as if he was acting a lot more distant towards you almost as if he didn’t want to be around you. Had you done something wrong? The thought lingered in your mind, you admit you were a little hurt over this.

You really wanted to make things right again between you and Sam, but it was difficult to begin even thinking about where to start or what you should even say to him. You decide it was best not to dwell over this as it won’t make things change, instead you chose to chase up Sully with the complete paperwork.

Getting up from your current sitting position, you shuffled the papers together in a neat pile picking them up from the desk before heading for the door. Heading down the corridor over to where Sully’s room was, you lightly knock on the door soon noticing that it was left slightly ajar. Hearing no reply, you decide to go in further, creaking the door open and entering the room. Having a quick look around you realise that you weren’t the only one here.

Instead of Sully, it was Sam who was here in the room. With a smoke in his hand, he was currently looking out the open window admiring the view. “Hi.” You gently greet him not wanting to disturb him. He turns to look at you giving you a weak smile, “Hey.” You felt a little relieved, this wasn’t going so bad.

“Have you seen Sully?” You ask him as you approach to where he was standing.  "Nah, think he’s out.“ Was the only reply he gave you, before taking another puff from the cigarette in his hand releasing the smoke back into the air.

"Finished with the papers?” He gestured to the ones you were holding in your hand. “Yeah.” You nod. You felt your throat knot up and your heart began beating faster, this wasn’t good.

Turning to face the window with only the awkward silence following after, neither of you said a word. Dabbing the smoke in the ashtray placed on the windowsill as the fresh breeze of air followed into the room, Sam finally speaks up, “(Y/N) I think I better get going, got some things to looks over.” There he was again leaving you. He doesn’t spend too much time looking at you before making his leave, but before you let him do that you decide that now was the time to make things right again.

As Sam is about to turn away and head for the door, you grab a hold of his hand making him look at you, “Sam please don’t go.” You plead him to stay, noticing the surprised look on his face. Admittedly he wasn’t the only one surprised by your actions, you felt your hand shake as you hold on to his. “I’m sorry if I’ve done something to hurt you, please let me make this right…I just want us to be okay again.” There was no going back now.

You watch Sam as your words reach him. He doesn’t back away, “(Y/N) I’m the one who should be sorry…It’s difficult to explain.” You sense a hint of sadness in his voice.

“Sam please, just tell me.” You see him think it over for a brief moment, “How about I show you instead?” A little confused by his choice of words, you wait for what was going to happen next. Moving his hand from your grip, he reaches out cupping your face. Your heart beating faster than before, as he leans in closer until your lips meet.  You didn’t hesitate to kiss him back, deepening the kiss, his sweet taste lingering in your mouth a little longer. You wanted this moment to never end, but both of you soon found yourself pulling away for air.

“I hope that explains it.” Looking at each other with the realisation of what just happened, you feel a smile forming but you weren’t done yet. You lean in for another kiss, as Sam places his hands on your waist pulling you closer to him, both enjoying each other’s closeness once more.  

“Well it’s about damn time!” The voice coming from the doorway startled the both of you, leading you to break the kiss apart before turning to look at none other than Sullivan.

“Sully! How long have you been here?” You ask him slightly embarrassed about what he just witnessed. “Long enough kid.” He puffed from the cigar in his mouth, self-satisfied with his newfound discoveries.

You felt the heat rise up all the way to your cheeks, Sam just rubbed the back of his neck as the both of you tried to come up with an excuse. “I think this is our cue to leave. C’mon I think we have a lot to talk about.” Sam gestures to the door, looking at you with a smile on his face. You don’t hesitate to follow Sam, apologizing to Sully as you rush past him hearing him mumble something about being too old for this.

You giggled at his comment, it finally felt right again. You hoped that this time it won’t change.

Oh, the fight between “should I go to sleep now and wake up early to do my paper?” And “should I stay up late and get no sleep at all trying to do this paper?”

Think I’m gonna sleep now, wake up at 6 so I have an hour and a half to work on it, go to my 8am, work on the paper for another hour and a half, go to that class, hand in the paper, go to my meeting with my prof, do her disc post, and then go to her class? IDK THIS IS TOO MUch, I shouldn’t have gone into work today because I can never keep up with assignments when I have other classes, work, and I go to the gym, I have to make time to eat, I have to clean my stuff up, do laundry, and I walk everywhere I go so that takes time too.

10 study tips for college freshmen

Before I begin I’d like to remind everyone not every studyblr owner is perfect. We do have trouble studying and our study ways do fail. We are all humans. So please DON’T think that all the advices from tumblr are a straight, simple way to success.

Also, those are adivces based on my expiriance with architecture major, but I guess they’ll do for other courses too. And I’m not putting obvious advices here, more like my observations.

1. Make small study sheets. Mind maps don’t always work on subject in college, especially on technical studies. You should really try and understand what you’re learning and write it all down on one paper sheet using 100% your words and describtion. Do not play in theoretical, grammatically correct long sentences because when you go back to sheets you will have to analize and understand it all over again. Plus, space saving for the rest of the material helps too. The less you have study sheets the better. You will not feel overwhealmed when you actually sit down to study it all before an exam.

2. If you’re doing some project or drawing or poster that requires only your manual work and not mind focus, play on some fast music. Colleges are known for demanding fast work on us, so if you listen a fast, catchy music when you’re working, your hands are automatically moving faster as well. I don’t know if it works this way for everyone but you can always try ;)

3. Take notes in class but only if you really know it’s what you need and what you’ll have to know for exam. Many people would probably confirm that things that you learnt on lectures are only like 10% of the stuff that will be required for exam, or even worse – none of it will. So figure out what works for your particular class and decide whether to make notes pointlessly or spend this time on discovering things different way, as in books or internet and already making your own notes.

4. When you study math, you have to check if there’s some online course to buy/download before you run to someone for extra classes and lose money. Not that extra classes are bad, but first, you usually have to pay for them a lot more than for online course. Second, you can never pause, skip or play again your teacher lol. It really helps you understand what you don’t know. During extra class with someone you can always ask them to repeat but you time does not stop! You’re losing your time as well as money and let’s be honest this is what matters here.

5. Try to talk to as many older students as you can. When they want some help from you, give it to them, they will soon be more helpful to you than you can ever be to them!

6. Don’t buy the textbooks. There are milion ways to get those in pdf online on your tablet or smartphone and you can carry many of them everywhere.

7. Don’t push anyone to be your friend, more like try to live in a moment. It’s not coiscidance you are there right here in this moment. Look around, talk to random people about random stuff and ALWAYS BE NICE. Bad day is never an excuse.

8. Take advantage of every opportunity you come across. You may think you won’t need it, but soon it could turn out to be very essential and you’ll regret not taking it.

9. Now when you saved some money on books and extra classes, you can go and get some good food. Treat yourself, especially during exam session. You need it!

10. It’s okay to fail. There’re many ways in college to fix it and your mental health is more important than anything. Besides, crying over something that already happened and can’t be undone is useless, there are more important things in life, and you did everything you could, you know it.


hi fronds~~~~

soooo i having been planning to do this for quite a while, and some of you might have noticed I haven been less active on tumblr nowadays as well! It’s the final yr of IB for me, and i have been really busy and stressed trying to keep up with all the deadlines and stuff. 

Today is the start of Term 2 for me, and I feel like I should start working harder and prepare myself for the final exams at the end of the year, as well as finish all my IAs and EE and mountain of papers to write! So, I decided to finally go on semi-hiatus, or at least make it official anyway (i mean, I have been on a lot less already sooo)! 

I might comeback occasionally, especially if svt/bts comebacks or smth, but I wont be here daily anymore! My queue is always running thou, so if u see bts stuff its my queue (bc my queue is strangely made up of bts hmmm)

ANYWAYS, enough rambling, gist of this is that im going on semi-hiatus! I’m probably gonna come back at the end of this year after my exams:) But for now, goodbye and i’ll see you guys soon i guess?? love you guys a lot 

Pokemon Go 'imagine your otp’ ideas
  • It’s 3 in the morning and I’m supposed to be finishing a paper due tomorrow, but you just activated a lure across campus and I need fresh air.
  • ‘where the hell have you been for the last couple hours, what do you mean you went on a 10km walk?’
  • We live in the suburbs and you’re going into the city for work/shopping/ect. There are zero pokestops or gyms near here, please take me with you.
  • We’re not on the same team, and this is the third time you’ve put a Pokemon into a gym after I defeated it, explain yourself right now.
  • ‘do you have a charger? my phone just died and i need to evolve my pikachu.’
  • The servers just went down as we were camped out by this Pokestop, now we either have to acknowledge each other or sit in awkward silence.
  • I have a car, you somehow have 10 lures, and there are a bunch of Pokestops clustered together at the park. We should go right now.
  • I haven’t seen anything that isn’t a Weedle, Pidgey, or Rattata in an hour and- where the hell did you get that Onix?
  • Our boss has just banned Pokemon Go because there’s a Pokestop in our building, but I see you playing under your desk. Pop a lure on the Pokestop and I’ll keep your secret.
  • I’m so glad you finally got Pokemon Go now we can play together and… that is not the team I joined, what have you done.