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how can someone have such an acute lack of self awareness that they go and thoroughly, single-handedly sabotage their own marriage and drive their family away but then tell you they miss you and act like they don’t understand why you can’t be close anymore with them and are so confused about how it turned out this way like

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The deep soft fog of sleep broke without warning, pulling her out of her deep cubby of slumber, like they knew exactly where she’d been hiding, knew exactly what it took to coax her out…

Something warm and soft tickled her neck.

Felicity giggled, so quietly and gently it came out sounding more like a squeaky hum. He paused, and then she felt the ground beneath her moving as he slid down lower on the bed, dragging his lips down her chest and between the valley of her breasts. His stubble scratched at her sensitive skin, and she bit her lip, her fingers carding through his hair.

Oliver pushed her legs apart and situated himself between them. A soft smile tugged at her lips, her eyes still closed as he laid on top of her, his chest pressing right against her very naked everything down there, and rested his chin on her stomach.

“Good morning,” he said, the movement of his jaw and throat pressing his stubble into her skin, tickling her. Felicity giggled, wiggling underneath him and Oliver responded by digging his grinning face into her playfully.

“Hey, no… stop… stop… so mean,” Felicity laughed, her voice coming out in a husky croak, pushing his face away from her. “Morning tickles are mean!”

“I’m sorry,” Oliver whispered, but the dopey grin she heard in his voice said the exact opposite.

Oliver rested his chin on her stomach again. Felicity ran her nails over his scalp, reveling in his delicious weight as he slowly grew more languid on top of her. He pressed a kiss to her naked stomach.

“Waking you up keeps getting harder and harder,” he said, amusement coloring his tone.

“Mmm, you can only blame yourself,” Felicity replied, stretching, clenching handfuls of his hair so she didn’t lose contact. She took a deep breathing, still not opening her eyes, and settled further into the mattress, more than ready to go back to sleep. “You keep me up all night, what do you expect?”

Oliver pressed a kiss to her stomach, and then another, and another.

Felicity bit her lip again, arching into his touch, her body growing warm underneath him… well, growing warmer. She was barely awake, but her body knew exactly what it wanted.

She was very aware of what she wanted, what she needed.


Like, overly aware.

It hadn’t taken long for her to recognize the deeply intrinsic something that had always drawn them together was growing stronger; it had always been there, dancing up to the surface so many times only to be pushed back down in denial, or anger, or pain… but now, now they were both in - all the way in - and that bond had only grown deeper…

One month.

It had been one month since they’d left Starling, since they’d driven for hours - days, even - on end, with no destination and no plan save for each other.

Oliver’s tongue dipped into her belly button, yanking her out of her thoughts, and she grabbed a handful of his hair again, pushing herself up against his bare chest. She felt the tiniest bit of friction and it was enough for the rush of wetness that pooled between her legs.

“Why are you all the way down there?” Felicity tugged on his hair. “Too far.”

Oliver smiled against her stomach, dragging his tongue over the supple slopes, and he pressed his chest against her sex. She gave him a low, uneven, “Aaahh,” and he did it again.

Felicity felt her juices smearing across his chest - if this had been twenty-six days ago, that would have mortified her, but now it only made her want more, want him more. She spread her legs, yanking on his hair, urging him up.

Oliver hummed his approval, following her direction, and crawled up her body. 

Felicity grabbed his face and their lips crashed together. Oliver settled over her, rocking his hips against hers, and Felicity keened, pressing her naked chest into his. The heady scent of her arousal on his skin filled the space between them.

But why wasn’t he naked?

“Oliver…” She gasped as he moved down her neck. She lifted her feet, trying to hook her toes into his boxer briefs “Why are wearing these?”

“You wanted to go…” he started, his tongue finding that spot on her neck and Felicity’s mind blanked. “On that tour.”

“What? What… oh, Oliver…”

“The tour. Of those caves,” he continued, and then he sucked on that spot. 

Felicity cried out, arching into him, hiking her legs up higher.

Oliver’s hand slid down her leg, over her thigh and calf, his touch loving and firm, pulling her closer. His large fingers wrapped around her foot and he pushed it around him, wrapping her leg around his hip, and he pressed his very evident hardness right against her…

“No, no tour.” Felicity shook her head rapidly. “I  don’t care about the tour.”

Oliver chuckled and she grabbed him, pulling his face back to hers. She cut his chuckle off with a searing kiss, one that he immediately responded to, and his hand tightened on her foot, pushing it tighter around him, his hips thrusting against her heat.

“No tour,” he rasped against her lips, nodding, and then he reached down and shoved his boxers out of the way.

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I… just told my mum about how I’m not feeling well after keeping it all bottled up for years…

No offense but I hope White Diamond is a stone cold bitch.

The number of times I’ve gently corrected people that Rory isn’t a teacher in the revival makes me hate all entertainment “news” sites with a passion. 

remember when it was the best sleep he’d had in a very long time?

remember when he wanted to cook her breakfast?

remember the allusive but satisfying smile?

remember THE HANDS?

remember the hair fixing?

remember “a bit of heartbreak and a touch of self-loathing”?

remember “who Tinkerbell said I was destined to be with. I should have listened to that stupid fairy”?

remember THE NOSE KISS?

remember “are you really that much of a pessimist?”

remember her opening up about the book

remember “you’re not the Evil Queen anymore”?

remember “I’d be happy to have more than a conversation”?

remember “Regina, let me help”?

remember “this cannot happen a second time” AND THEN IT DID?

remember him backing her against the wall, THE SMILES, that kiss, more hands, THE LIFT and the squeak at the end?


and I’m probably (definitely) never getting over it

Go Go

Hiccup would be lying if he said he hadn’t noticed the blonde staring him down all afternoon. She was here with those other kids - the twins and another blond. A quartet of blonds. He wondered if they were all related, or if it was just a coincidence. Maybe they were part of an all-blond gang or something.

Hiccup turned, about to pull on his helmet, and caught his cousin flexing behind him. He glanced back at the blonde, with her narrowed eyes and tight mouth. Maybe she wasn’t staring at him at all. Figures. Snotlout’s biceps were the size of Hiccup’s waist after all.

“Do you have to flex at all the customers?”

Snotlout snorted at him and kept flexing. “Why do you think they come back?”

Hiccup sighed and shook his head. He climbed into his Go Kart and started it, the familiar rumble of the engine jolting through his body. He glanced at the blonde again and saw that she was crossing the track toward them. Had Snotlout’s nonsense actually worked?

The girl stopped beside the kart and narrowed her eyes at Hiccup.

“You,” she said.

“Me?” Hiccup asked.

“She probably meant me,” Snotlout said, sliding between Hiccup and the girl.

Hiccup sighed as the pretty blonde was replaced with Snotlout’s ass in his face. Who was he kidding? She probably did mean Snotlout.

Suddenly, Snotlout went flailing sideways and the girl was there again. She frowned at a distraught Snotlout.

“There are some kids who need help over there, junior,” she said, jutting her chin down the track.

Hiccup bit back a laugh as Snotlout stumbled away. Then the blonde’s eyes were on him.

“I want to race you.”


“I hear you’re the best. I want to race you,” she repeated.

“Well, I hope you like losing, then,” Hiccup replied with a smirk. He didn’t miss the way her lips quirked upward.