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okay so i’m working on a jungkook smut, it’s like 7k long right now and i’m starting the smut tomorrow so it should be posted tomorrow or the day after. it’s kind of writer!jungkook, enemies!au where they’re stuck in a motel, in a room, with one bed. i’m evil.
Artemis Fowl The Musical: When I See You Again

So I stayed up way too late reading The Arctic Incident and suddenly had a lot of feelings, so I wrote this. It’s a really short song about how Artemis is feeling about the whole adventure and it probably doesn’t make much sense considering it’s been spawned from serious sleep deprivation, but I hope you like it anyway.

*Holly, Artemis, Butler, and Commander Root are sitting around the glow cube. This is the end of the scene from The Arctic Incident where it is decided that the group has to go back to Haven to defeat Opal and Cudgeon before rescuing Artemis Senior.*

Artemis (Speaks) : What dawn? We’re in the arctic, remember.

I don’t know what I should do
I’ve been trying for so long just to get back to you
Now I’ve never been so afraid
Forced look straight in the eye of all the mistakes I’ve made
I thought I knew it all
Always had my plan
But now nothing ever seems to quite work out

I thought I had this right
I thought your life was safe in hand
But what should I do now
Father I’ve come to know
That even people like us have to have souls

Somewhere along the line
Yours has intertwined with mine
I won’t let you go
But it can’t be tonight
When I see you again

Artemis (Speaks): I’m sorry.

(Mod’s notes - Unfortunately, we cannot use the title When I See You Again, out of copyright infringement, so any suggestions for the same will be welcome!)

look dear anons you don’t come into my inbox and talk to ME about a red riding hood au and not expect me to get both nasty and thirsty enough to stay up late to scribble a wolf!JJ before bed

You see, at first, I did regret you. I regretted ever giving you that satisfaction of having me so easily. I used to regret ever being so vulnerable for you. I would regret the memories we had created at 2PM as well as the ones at 4AM. Now, I’m just so thankful for you. You taught me that there is nothing wrong with showing a man just how crazy you are for him, it is not my fault you were incapable of loving me back. You taught me my worth. That I should not lose an ounce of sleep, crying over something that is completely out of my hands. You taught me how to love myself enough to let you go. Because of you, I know what I deserve now and I will never settle. You did that. I am forever grateful for you.
—  You were a life lesson. Thank you R.
  • 2 weeks to due date: Na, that's heaps of time. I'll start it later
  • 1 week to due date: I should probably get started on that assessment... na I still have ages
  • 3 days to due date: okay I'm going to start it now... oh look a new fanfiction.
  • Night before due date: I have approximately 5 hours to finish this, get a good nights sleep if I plan this right... but first let me scroll through Tumblr
  • Hufflepuff: Time to get up and greet the morning!
  • Ravenclaw: *incoherent mumbling*
  • Hufflepuff: You really should get out of bed.
  • Ravenclaw: *more incoherent mumbling*
  • Hufflepuff: *sighs* I'll make you waffles if you get up now.
  • Ravenclaw: ...okay.