i should go to bed now probably

Okay, so, I’ve been thinking…

When I die, I need some of you to be there to make sure Soriel fan art/fiction/other means of content are placed in my grave with me. Now some might say this is some random thought, that popped in my head at midnight, after staring at words that are supposed to form a story, and should be ignored… But I think this is vitally important.


You know what, actually just completely bury me under the stuff. Forget the dirt. Just cover me in the fan art and fiction. I’ll decompose as I lived; buried under the crushing weight of fictional skelegoat love.


WOD 3/29

Full body workout

So I effed up my ankle somehow on Friday and I’m still dealing with it. Like I probably shouldn’t have even gone to the gym but I already had to skip Monday because of the chiropractor and I didn’t want to do it again. Monday and Tuesday my ankle was in pain and now it’s going between being really weak and slightly painful. It’s not swollen or bruised at all. Really have no idea how I did it. Oh I also dropped a barbell on my toe today. Luckily it was just the bar and not very far off the ground, more funny than anything since it was on the bad foot. I probably should go to bed before I hurt myself more.


Drabble #360

VI: you’re so pretty.

“You’re so pretty,” said Verity, perched on the edge of Theodora’s bed and gazing at her adoringly. “Am I really going to match with you at the wedding?”

Theo turned aside from the mirror, smiling. “Of course. We’ll be just as pretty as each other.” She bent down a little. “Would you mind undoing the top hook? I should probably take it off now. Theresa won’t be happy if I get a mark on it.”

Verity unhooked it. “Would she take you off being a bridesmaid, if you did?”

“Oh, no, she wouldn’t dare,” said Theo. “Don’t worry, we’re safe.”

Say it with me:

The showmance edit is NOT SHARNA’S FAULT.

The showmance edit is NOT BONNER’S FAULT.


You do not have to agree with my third point. You don’t. I can be cool with that. But I hope you at least have it in you to agree with the first two. Or even just the first one if that’s really all you can manage. That’s all I ask. 


FULL romance, as requested. Added the few scenes that were missing, this should be all of them now. 

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God I’m crying. 

Why did no one tell me Qrow is Edward?

Actually it was all over the internet but it’s been so long since I watched FMA and I just can’t remember character names for shit. I thought Edward was their father or someone else I don’t remember. 

And I read all the posts about it but I only now realised Edward just called Alphonse a pip squeak on RWBY.

Like Qrow doesn’t sound like Edward at all? Vic Mignogna doesn’t talk in his Qrow voice all the time? 

It’s five in the morning I probably should go to bed. 

I’m fucking crying. 

Missing a Friend

So, @meldy-arts and I talked about this even before we knew Sabine was going to stay with her family, and I’ve been wanting to write this for forever, so I finally did! I ended up including some stuff from “Through Imperial Eyes” in as well, but this takes place before “Secret Cargo.” It’s basically how Ezra is used to confiding in Sabine after missions, and how he has been slowly wearing himself down with all of his thoughts and regrets that he hadn’t told anyone about. BUt of course Hera sees what’s up and does something about it…

Meldy also drew this picture which totally goes along with this fic! 

I hope y’all like it!

Fic below the cut:

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Playing around with thejacketslut‘s futuristic moving text download. 

I love the end result once I figure out what I’m doing, but it might be too complicated for my tastes since if I were to ever use it for rpg bio graphic purposes (I’d have to go into After Effects and alter the character info, render it out, send it to imovie, etc, etc and I can’t even remember what weird thing I did during resizing the second image.) 

STILL, I freaking love the look of it. 

last night i woke up at 3 am to this bizarre and terrifying noise outside my window it sounded like a pulse that was undulating i’ve never heard anything like it so i figured “it’s probably aliens you should go look” but then i thought “if it is aliens then i can’t look because then i’ll go crazy and dedicate my entire life to proving their existence” so then i just went back to bed and here i am now

morgynleri replied to your post: PMS + steroids is a weird combination because I’ve…

*offers you a hug* I’d offer to find you someone to go Happen to, but all I’m aware of right now have been Happened to by someone, and it’s hit my bedtime window (not sleepy, not yet, still got two hours in that window before I hit “should be in bed already”), so I probably should not go looking for people who need Happened to.

Awwww <3

I really need to Happen to this twatwaffle of a Nurse Practitioner, but I need to also be less foggy to do that because it will need to happen over the phone, and meanwhile I forgot the words to say “You make a compelling argument.” a few minutes ago.

On the bright side, I got a letter from her office interpreting my x-rays of my sinuses (which I SAID weren’t going to show anything because bone vs. softer tissues) and it said “normal, no sign of chronic sinusitis”.

While I’m on day 4 of Clindamycin and steroids because her COLLEAGUE (who had purple streaked hair) said “This person appears to be sick”.  And oh hey, my snot isn’t full of blood anymore and I’m still having fevers sometimes but that’s because my immune system is WORKING.

In terms of “Things To REALLY Rub It In With The Vice President of Quality & Risk”, that makes the fucking list.

charlotteofcamelot  asked:

3, 8, 12, 23, and 26 for the "woah" asks :)

3- Last thought before going to bed last night?

Ngl probably had something to do with hating myself because depression always finds a way to sneak into my head right before I go to bed. :(

8- favorite song?

Right now, probably Ship To Wreck by Florence and The Machine (it’s so good and you should totally listen right now)

12- is there something you would like to say to someone?


23 - how have you felt today? 

pretty hopeless and worthless tbh. But i’ve surrounded myself with people who want to help me, even when i don’t necessarily want to help myself.

26 - is there anyone you’re really disappointed in?

only my freshman year history teacher because he really didn’t do his job and he just missed an opportunity to help welcome a group of kids into a new environment during a period of transition.

“Peeves usually showed some respect toward the teachers.”

Come on guys, THIS SCENE. We know Peeves has been lurking around Hogwarts for centuries, possibly since its founding, so he would’ve seen all the teachers as students when they attended Hogwarts. He knew them as students, but he still respected them as teachers. He saw them in their awkward pimply preteen years, but he still respected them as teachers.

But Lupin was a troublemaker. He was a Marauder, sneaking out of bed and going on adventures with his buddies James, Sirius, and Peter under the Invisibility Cloak. Peeves would’ve loved those guys, just like he loves Fred and George. I would bet money that Peeves used to call Remus “loony, loopy Lupin” when he was at school. 

So when he sees Remus back at Hogwarts, now as a professor, why should he show the kid the respect he shows the other teachers? Their relationship, I’m sure, went beyond Peeves seeing Remus in his awkward gangly preteen years. He probably helped the Marauders get into all kinds of trouble. 

And then you’ve got Professor Lupin who’s just like “dammit Peeves, you act like I don’t know how to deal with you.”

Guys, Peeves