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On Nazis and Freedom of Speech

I want to just say something real quick about my Nazi post and some misconceptions I’ve been seeing. Maybe my mileage varies from yours regarding white supremacy and Nazism and such. If so, great. I’d love to think that I, living in a very racially divided Southern town for college, had a uniquely horrifying experience with antisemitism and just…uneasy encounters with people who just didn’t get why I wasn’t laughing when they joked about Hitler, or about nationalism. I’d love to think you all are so far removed that you don’t have friends who lived near the KKK and had run-ins with them. Or that you don’t see confederate flags flying large enough to see for miles. I’d love to think you don’t watch a song on Youtube, scroll down to select another song and have the misfortune to glance at the comments, which invariably are some variation of “gas the Jews.” I’d love it if you felt safe walking in synagogue and sitting down and you didn’t have one eye on the door all the time. 

But that’s not my experience, as I’m sure you can gather. It’s not. I cannot, as some have suggested, compromise my safety by “just discussing” things with Nazis. I will protest them, but I am not going to discuss whether or not I’m human with them. 

For all Tumblr’s talk about protecting minorities, many of you do a real shitty job with Jews. Maybe you just don’t realize. Maybe you think we killed Jesus or something, I don’t know. But do ya’ll know how much backlash I received for having the audacity to say Christians should not host a seder? I’ve been called a fascist, a communist, a Zionist–I’ve been called so many things with no provocation. I’m watching you all tear Gal Gadot apart for having the audacity to care about Israel and denounce A TERRORIST GROUP and ya’ll don’t fucking care. Some of what ya’ll are saying, like her being responsible for the deaths of children, is blood libel. Before you say, she was a soldier though, she’s responsible–she was a fucking personal trainer. She saw no combat. She did her required service. It’s really clear to me that Jews are not a minority you want to protect. It’s so, so clear. 

I just want to state, for the record, that I never claimed to know the law inside and out. As a Jewish student, I just wanted to express my deep concern at the white supremacism that I have seen festering in many places, particularly the Deep South. I want to say that I am not attacking conservatives or liberals–but ya’ll both have some serious issues in your camps. 

For all of you saying, well, you’re calling people you don’t agree with Nazis, I want to tell you all how deeply fucking wrong you are. I have listened to people tell me to my face they think being gay is a sin, or that gay marriage shouldn’t exist, but never once have those people said, “oh yeah and also we should kill all gay people.” I think those people are incredibly wrong, and I will protest them, but they are not a direct threat to my safety. White supremacists are. They think they are a superior race and that oppressing other races is their duty. People who are Neo-Nazis are not “just talk.” They’re spouting an ideology that killed millions of my people, of Romani people, of so many people who weren’t up to their fucking standards.

I am not for censorship. I’m not. Let Nazis speak wherever they want if you want to, but I’ll be damned if my school, or any other school, should have to pay for them to come on campus and intimidate the hell out of students who should be able to walk around without someone telling them they think Hitler had the right idea. Don’t tell me it’s a First Amendment right for them to get paid to speak on campus. It’s not. They can spout their hate somewhere else. I, and other minority students, deserve to have a safe space on campuses. 

Think long and hard about why you speak up about the First Amendment for Nazis, but stay silent when Jews are harassed on campus, or killed, or assaulted. Think real carefully. Are you sure you’re just an ardent supporter of freedom? Are you sure. 

some sex during pregnancy sentence starters as requested.

’ are you sure you want to have sex while you’re pregnant? ’
’ oh, oh, wait… i think maybe my water may have broke. ’
’ oh, wait.. i’m getting some cramps. ’
’ i don’t know if i can manage having sex since you’re pregnant. ’
’ i read that having sex while your in late pregnancy can help being labor on. ’
’ can you still have sex even though you’re pregnant? ’
’ i can still have sex, just because i’m pregnant, doesn’t change anything. ’
’ being pregnant has made me so horny lately. ’
’ mmmm, i’m super wet and super pregnant, come over here. ’
’ you have a fetish for fucking pregnant women? ’
’ i have a fetish for pregnant women. ’
’ this is a little weird, you’re belly is a little in the way. ’
’ should i run your belly while we fuck? ’
’ it’s okay, it’s just the baby kicking, keep going. ’
’ maybe we should try doggy style.. ’
’ oh, shit! oh, what was that? jesus. ’
’ you’re not going to go into labor while we do it, right? ’
’ i think i’m going to cum… ’
’ oh, my! oh, wow! the baby is really kicking hard. ’
’ do you think i’ll hurt the baby if we do it? ’
’ should i still wear a condom even though you’re already pregnant? ’
’ it’s okay, just come on before you ruin the mood. ’
’ yes, it’s perfectly fine, now come on already. ’
’ wait.. wait, hold on, i can feel something.. ’
’ oh, wait… a minute.. what is that? is that your baby’s head or something? ’
’ it’s okay, just keep going, it’s probably the baby you’re feeling. ’
’ wait, hold on now - i can’t cum on your baby’s head. ’
’ there’s something in there, what is that? i’ve never felt that before. ’
’ are you going to talk about it the whole time? ’
’ it’s not a big deal, jesus. ’
’ are we going to have to go to the hospital afterwards? ’
’ i can’t believe you’re making me do this. ’
’ oh, yes, come on, a little faster! ’
’ oh, god! i just felt it again, what is that? how babies are in there? ’
’ wait, i can’t do this! there is something in there! ’
’ what is that i’m feeling? it’s like hard. ’
’ i can’t believe we’re getting cock blocked already… literally. ’
’ just keep going, don’t think about it. ’
’ i promise you it is okay, just keep going. ’
’ oh, yes! right there! that’s the spot all right! ’
’ are you okay? you need me to stop or slow down? ’
’ no, no, no… don’t stop, don’t slow down. ’
’ i can’t tell if you’re in pain or pleasure… ’
’ can i rub your belly while we do it? ’
’ don’t touch my stomach while we’re doing it! ’
’ you’re belly is huge from being pregnant, how is this going to work? ’
’ listen here, we are going to get through this one way or another. ’
’ you are not finished until i said so! now get back in there! ’
’ we have some unfinished business to tend too. ’
’ you ever wanted to have sex? even though you’re pregnant? ’
’ there is really no difference, other than my belly being huge.. ’

I just realized something…

So Daryl storms into the house, with his crossbow, ready to fight whatever he has to fight, asking for Sasha and Rosita like he is really worried about them.

And…Jesus must have told him they kinda went on a suicide mission and he just sits down next to him and talks about it and does nothing…what we have to assume had happened because on their mission, Jesus picks up the topic and Daryl is still relaxed and calm about it and didn’t went after them like it looked like.

So now I am starting to think Daryl maybe looked for a reason to go talk to Jesus. (Just think of how he checked him out when he saw him) Or does anyone believe after Daryl’s reaction to Jesus telling him he should have tried more, that Daryl and Jesus argued about going after them for rescue or that it was more like this:

“Everything okay?”


“Went to the sanctuary on their own…kinda risky..but I drew them a map and just realized maybe I shouldn’t have..”

“Okay. You ate anything today, I’m kinda hungry, wanna eat something, like..with me…and you tell me more about it and then we just chill because I have nothing else to do but look I brought my crossbow. I was really worried before I knew what’s going on but now I’m okay and just..  hi, btw..”



Heather Chandler x Reader
Prompt: N/A
Warnings: Hospitals, bleeding, poisoning, ear infections, vomiting
Requested by: Anonymous
Y/N: Your Name
A/N: AU, where Heather lives, is top notch A++. Also projected my own emotions about living with a chronic ear infection aka Hell.


Hospitals were something you had become so accustomed to visiting, sometimes you forgot that it wasn’t a normal occurrence to go there every 2 weeks. You had been in and out of multiple healthcare all your life. No, you didn’t have a terminal illness, or a mental illness or really anything that. Your pain and repeated visits lay inside the repeated stupid decisions you’d made as a child.

Time and time again, you would hear your parents tell you “Don’t stick your fingers in your ears, Y/N, you’ll get an ear infection.” But did you listen? No. Because you were a dumb seven-year-old who didn’t think shit about what she did with her fingers or where she had been. And sure nothing happened the first few times. Clearly, your parents were wrong. Probably just trying to make you more ladylike and poised. Nothing happened when you shoved your grimy hands, covered in harmful bacteria in your earhole. Nothing at all. Nothing except the sudden, continuous stinging pain you would get when you tried to go swimming at a beach. Nothing but bleeding for 10 minutes while one of your parents looked for ear swabs and the other yelled “I told you so’s”

Nothing but the lifelong, incurable shitshow that was the internal ear infection.

You couldn’t swim, you couldn’t take showers for too long, you couldn’t join in water fights, you couldn’t listen to loud music or buy light coloured pillow cases for fear that the mixture of blood and earwax that would seep out of your ear during warm nights would stain the fabric. You would throttle 7 year old you of you had the chance.

And today? It was no different. Sitting on one of the wards in a bed so that the doctors could take samples of your earwax and study it to make sure they weren’t getting more fucked up than they already were.

What was new, was the appearance of a girl you’d never met before. She had been moved to your ward the previous morning, after a recovery from what you assumed was an awful sickness. The circumstances of whatever injury had happened were horrific and severe from what you could tell. She had been coughing up blue-green fluids when you came in from the bathroom an hour ago. Taking another glance sideway, you saw her sitting upright. Her long blonde hair was pulled back from her face, looking quite knotted. She was a sickly pale, a sheen of sweat covering her skin and giving it a shiny effect. Dressed in a hospital robe which made her look unhealthily slight, you could’ve mistaken her for a ghost had you found her walking the hospital halls at night. Her face looked gaunt and her eyes were hollow and sad. Had she not been afflicted by her ailment, you thought she’d probably looked like a famous actress. Here, she just looked washed-out and tired. You felt your stomach twist in sympathy for her.

Several times you’d tried to pluck up the courage to start a conversation and each time you had failed. But now it was for real, now you were going to try and reach out. It wasn’t like you had anything else to do. Taking a deep breath, you turned yourself to face her, steeling yourself and pushing away the anxieties.

“Uh… Hi!” You tried your friendliest smile, sitting cross-legged in your seat. The girl glanced at you, eyes raking up and down your figure, making you suddenly self-aware of how strange you probably looked, fully clothed with a pair of fluffy cotton balls poking out of your ears.
“…Hey.” Her voice was croaky and broken as if she had swallowed fire and burnt her voice box to a crisp. The way her face screwed up told you that it hurt her to talk. Or maybe she just didn’t like to talk to weird girls with cotton balls in their ears. Yeah, that was probably it.
“Uh… I’m Y/N.” You responded a little nervously, watching as her face changed, probably to decide whether you were worth talking to.
“…Heather.” She said simply, again with the raspy voice. You frowned at the sound, wondering if it would be insulting to point it out? It would be a good conversation starter in the least.
“So uh… what’s with your voice?” That came out a lot blunter than you intended, but you weren’t really sure how you could’ve worded it any other way. Heather stopped to think for a moment, before blowing out a breath of air and shrugging.

“I got poisoned.” She said simply, as your eyebrows shot to the ceiling. She got what now?
“Y-You what?!” You asked, immediately regretting the question as she bristled, eyes filled with sudden rage.
“Are you thick? Poisoned. I. Was. Poisoned.” She snapped at you angrily before breaking into a heavy coughing fit. You froze up, not sure what to do, or whether you should help or call the doctors. In the few seconds you had of indecision, she grabbed a nearby bucket, vomiting up bile, that was not good. You were at her side in an instant, one hand gathered up her long hair and held it back from her face, the other rubbed her back comfortingly.

“It’s ok, you’re ok.” You said gently as she spat out the last of the vile liquid. Her body shook a little, as she turned her head, frowning. It wasn’t a hostile expression, not at all in fact, if anything she regarded you with a look of confusion at your actions that made your own gaze soften.
“You didn’t need to do that.” She said, no aggression in her tone.
“But you needed me to.” She stayed silent at that comment, but you could’ve sworn you saw that icy glare of hers melt a little.
“…Thanks.” She said a little quietly, as you leant back and took your hands from her, watching her carefully. After checking that she truly was ok, you returned to your bed, swinging your legs as she looked for something to say. Anything to change the subject.

“Why are you here? You don’t exactly look sick.” Her eyes travelled to the cotton in your ears and you felt your face flush.
“Ear infection.” You responded simply, you were used to these kinds of questions. Albeit, not from pretty or popular girls like her.
“What’s that?” She asked, nose crinkling up in a rather cute fashion. You tried to find the words to explain the condition.
“It’s what it says on the tin, really. Both my ears are infected with a virus. Can’t swim, can’t shower for too long and sometimes they bleed.” You shrugged, no sympathy searching in your tone. It is what it is, really. No changing it now.

“Eugh. How long have you had it?” There were a lot of questions coming from her, but you didn’t really mind.
“I’ll have to think. What’s today’s date?” You pretended to think, your smile almost spoiling the joke you had planned.
“March 2nd.” She said, not having to check at all.
“I’ve had it eleven years.” You stated, watching her eyes widen in horror.
“Jesus fucking Christ!” She swore loudly as you erupted into laughter, raising a hand to your lips to cover your mouth.
“What the hell are you laughing for? Doesn’t it hurt?” You shrugged and smiled.
“I mean, yeah. You get used to it after a while.” You hummed as she shook her head at you.

“What about you, huh? How did you get poisoned?” You asked. It wasn’t exactly a normal thing to happen, unless you were a spy. Or in a movie. You were pretty sure you weren’t in a movie. Heather huffed and leant back on her pillows.
“Long story.” She said simply, staring up at the ceiling. You leant back on your own bed as well, copying her actions, you rested your hands on your stomach.
“I’ve got time.” You shrugged, listening as she shifted a bit.
“I made friends with this new girl, we got into a fight and then she showed up at my house with her boyfriend to apologise.” She began, and you nodded along, listening close.
“I told her to make me a drink to make up for it. Something alcoholic and…” Your eyes widened as she trailed off.
“She put in drain cleaner. Not on purpose, she was talking to her boyfriend and got distracted and put it in. He noticed, apparently, but didn’t say anything.” You watched as her expression fell, your heart ached for her. What happened to her was awful, it was completely horrific and disgusting. It was something no person should ever have to go through.

“Jesus, Heather. I’m so sorry. Are they being prosecuted?” You asked, keeping your eyes solely on her as she shrugged.
“I don’t know. My parents said they’d handle it.” She said simply keeping her eyes trained on her hands on her lap. You stared back up at the ceiling, the weight of the situation pulling you down.
“I hope they get prosecuted. That’s just… God, it’s so fucked up.” You felt anger at the incident well up inside you, anger at the treatment of a girl you barely knew. But when you looked back at her you saw no anger in her eyes, no indignance. Just exhaustion. Just the stare of a tired girl who’d been through a lot in a short amount of time. You took another breath, shutting your eyes.

“And what about you, huh? How’d you get that infection?” She asked as you shook her head.
“That? Now that is a long story.” You sighed, turning your head to hers again. A small smile crossed her face, filling your chest with a warm feeling as she turned to you, meeting your eyes.
“I’ve got time.” She said simply, as both your smiles grew.


A/N: Alright it’s a Benny x Reader after this! Hope you enjoyed and thank you!


With the conclusion of that chapter and Volume 3, I think I have to admit that I’m just really not enjoying the manga at all. Even the odd moment here or there isn’t offsetting my overall feelings toward it, and it’s only getting worse the further we go. When I started this, I told myself that I’d reexamine when I got to the point of using #jet wolf versus the manga about as much as I wasn’t. And so here we are.

I don’t think I’m really bringing anything that needs to be brought, at this point. I’m not even motivated to particularly embrace or expand the parts I enjoy, so it’s just vague “this was okay” alongside “RAAAR”, and it’s just not a fun experience.

Plus I’m on edge waiting for the drama to come and smack me full bore in the face rather than flitting around and taking potshots, and jesus wept, no thank you.


I’m going to stop liveblogging the manga, in the more traditional sense of my liveblogs. We’ll still keep to this schedule of the manga (Tuesdays/Thursdays), and that’ll be happening every week until I’m done with the whole series. Please keep telling me when I should slot in the side stories!

But for the most part, those liveblogs will be silent. I’ll post the title page so you’ll know where I am. If there’s something I truly compelled to talk about, I’ll make a post. And when I finish the issue, I’ll write up a summary of what happened in my own words, sort of how I did for the end of Act 14. THEY MAY WELL NOT BE FLATTERING WORDS, but my feelings will be in one easily skippable post.

I’ll also stop reading the manga an hour or two earlier on its scheduled days than I might have otherwise, and instead spend the rest of the day focusing on Asks pertaining to the chapters I read. If there’s a plot point or panel detail you guys want me to talk about, I’m happy to! Don’t hesitate to send me questions (positive or negative) and point me where you’d like me to WORDS.

Otherwise, I think the liveblog process as it currently stands is just going to lead to frustration and upset for most everyone, including me, and there isn’t enough no thank you in the world. I’d rather just zip through the thing and move to something I can enjoy.

Any questions, just ask! I hope everyone finds this to be a smart move all around, but feel free to let me know your thoughts.

Jesus x Younger! Shy! Reader - Don’t Change Yourself

Requested by youngand-beautiful

Originally posted by richonnegrimes

Summary: You have a huge crush on Jesus, but your uncertainties about his feelings towards you push you to try and alter your appearance to appeal to him. However, Jesus finds you stunning just the way you are.

Warnings: Cheese Beyond Belief


“Y/N, he’s here!” Maggie hissed to you. You made a strange noise between a gasp and squeak, freezing completely on the staircase. “I-I-I don’t know if I can-”

“Don’t you dare,” Maggie warned, glaring at you dangerously with her pale green eyes. “I did not do your hair, make up and outfit for nothing! You are going to talk to him!”

“I’m scared!” you moaned, gripping onto the banister for dear life as Maggie grabbed your other arm and tried to drag you down the stairs. You were currently in her house, which was also within a good view of the main gates, meaning you could monitor who was coming in and out. Maggie had done an amazing job with your appearance and keeping a watchful eye out for Jesus, but the hardest task yet was actually getting you to approach him.

You reckon you must’ve fallen in love with the man the moment he bumped into you on that run with Rick and Daryl. Albeit, he did swipe the keys from your back pocket without you noticing and stole the truck, but he still had an overwhelming charm to him. Maybe it was his bright azure irises or his long chocolatey hair - you didn’t know. All you knew is that you had it bad for Paul Monroe.

Lately, he’d been coming to Alexandria quite a lot to meet with Rick and discuss trading arrangements. Somehow, you’d always have an excuse to go to Rick’s house and talk to Jesus about little things like the weather or crop growing tips, but just him acknowledging you never failed to make your heart flutter. “Woman up, Y/N. Go do it, now,” she demanded, finally yanking you down the stairs and onto the ground level. “Take a moment and just look at yourself, look at how beautiful you look!”

You caught a glimpse of yourself in a nearby mirror and you couldn’t help but agree with Maggie. You were wearing a white summer dress with red floral patterns decorating the skirt and your short/long hair was curled into tight ringlets. Maggie had even adorned your lips in dark rep lipstick to match the design of the dress. You did look attractive, yes, but you still had a low self-esteem level. What if he rejected you, or laughed in your face? You’d never be able to leave the house again.

“You can do this, Y/N. I know you can,” Maggie reassured you. You gulped and took a moment to take a deep breath. “Alright, I’m nowhere near ready to go anywhere near him yet, but…you’re right. I forced you to go through all this hard work to make me look presentable, so I might as well,” you said. Maggie smiled sweetly at you and gripped your shoulder, giving you the proud look a mother gives her daughter on their way to her graduation. “Go,” Maggie encouraged, faking tears playfully. “Go find your love!”

You laughed and hit her shoulder, before walking out the front door. You felt the sun shine down on you and you felt a warm feeling spread inside your chest. I’ve got this, you thought to yourself, walking towards Rick’s house.

But your confident facade faded the moment you saw the man of your dreams, conversing with Daryl. You seemingly choked on air and hid behind the bushes near the pond, calming your throbbing heart and peaking around the corner to catch a second glance. He was dressed casually, wearing a white button up with the sleeves rolled up to the crook of his elbows and blue skinny jeans, combat boots coming up to his shin. You watched as he was nodding at something Daryl said, his eyebrows furrowed and and lips pressed into a thin line. Then, he suddenly laughed loudly and clapped Daryl’s shoulder, blue eyes bright with humor. I swear, his smile could outdo an angels’s...

You then saw him turn and walk away and you noticed that your opportunity was slipping between the cracks of your fingers like sand grains. You stood up and sped-walked towards Jesus, ignoring Daryl’s wolf whistle as you passed him. “Uh, hi, Jesus,” you spoke from behind the older man. You cringed at how shaky your voice was. Jesus turned around and grinned at you, taking in your attire.

“How’s it going, Y/N? You look good,” he complemented. Your cheeks heated up and you giggled a little, happy that he had noticed your efforts. “Oh, I’m fine. How’re you?” you asked back. He nodded.

“I’m doing alright.” he answered. You desperately searched for something, anything to kill the silence but you surfaced with nothing. What is there to even talk about? Oh hey, Jesus, I totally wanna participate in a game of tonsil tennis with you right now! Not creepy at all! Maybe you should just do it, just ask him out! I mean, the worst he could say was no, right? You began to work up the courage and smiled at your long-term crush, your heart beating wildly.

“Jesus, I was wondering maybe if-?”

“Hey, listen, I gotta go and meet with Rick and talk about some trading conditions, but I’ll catch you later, alright?” Jesus didn’t wait for your reply as he walked away, leaving you standing there like a gaping fish. You didn’t even register what had happened until he was but a speck in the distance, and you felt hot tears fill your eyes.

Rejected. Again.

You felt your bottom lip begin to quiver and your hands start to shake, a deep dread filling your body. You felt so stupid, how could a mature, handsome man like Jesus possibly even spare you, a barely eighteen-year-old girl, a second glance? You didn’t even stand a chance now, let alone how you look every day.

You took a few steps back, before making a mad dash back to Maggie’s house, furiously wiping at your salty tears and nearly falling multiple times in your dumb heels. You burst through the front door and startled a relaxing Maggie, running straight upstairs and ignoring her demanding to know if you were alright. Devastated, you threw yourself onto the bed and furiously wiped away your lipstick with the back of your hand, sniffling and coughing like a child.

That’s what I am to him, a child.

He probably had a whole line of grown women waiting for him back at Hilltop, and then some. Because he’d always just be out of your reach, even though he was literally ten minutes away from you. There was a gentle knock at the door and Maggie walked in, a concerned expression on her pretty face. “Y/N, what happened?” she whispered, coming to sit next to you.

“I-I feel so stupid,” you sobbed into your friends’ shoulder. Maggie shushed softly and brushed your hair back from your face, holding your head up and wiping your tears with the edge of her shirt. Her sad eyes demanded an explanation. “I-I-I was about t-to ask him out, b-but he cut across me as if he knew what I was ab-bout to do, like he tried to avoid the question. Oh Maggie…” you gripped her tightly as your burrowed your face into the crook of her neck. “Oh, honey, that don’t mean a thing!” she told you, but you shook your head fiercely. “He doesn’t like me, Mags, I told you!”

“Maybe he’s more nervous about you than you think,” she suggested. You laughed coldly at the idea.

“Jesus? Nervous? Are you kidding me? This is the man who stole our supply truck, and then came after us again when we took it back. Nervous my ass,” you said. Maggie smiled grimly and sighed, taking a tight hold of your hand. “I see the way he looks at you sometimes, almost like how Glenn looks at me. There’s something there, Y/N, trust me.”

Just as Maggie said these words, the doorbell rang and she got up to go and answer it. You closed the door behind her and laid on your back once more, sighing in a depressed manner. More like he looks at me the way Carl looks at that Ron kid.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Come in, Maggie, I don’t know why you’re knocking,” you mumbled. The door opened and in walked none other than Jesus himself. You shot up and your eyes went wide with embarrassment, both from how you acted earlier and your current state: mascara ran down your cheeks and your lipstick was smudged like a clowns. Your eyes were bloodshot from crying and it was pretty obvious that he could tell from the look of sheer pity that he was giving you. You folded your arms and looked away.

“What do you want?” you said coldly, your voice still shaking as always.

“I’m sorry that I upset you earlier,” he said, walking in and closing the door behind him. You nodded.

“It’s…Whatever,” you said distantly, pretending not to care when you really did. Why was he here? Just say sorry? “No, it’s not. Because I hurt you when I didn’t mean to-”

“Look, Jesus, I get it. You’re not interested in girls like me. I understand,” you cut across him swiftly, taking a deep breath after to restrain yourself from crying again. He cocked his head to the side in confusion. “Girls like you? What do you mean?”

“Girls who’re too young, who are too immature for you. Girls aren’t attractive or pretty in any way. I’m sorry for thinking I stood a chance,” you admitted, letting your arms hang limply by your side.

“What? Y/N, no, no, I-” Jesus walked over to you quickly and held both of your smaller hands in his large ones, the heat radiating from his skin onto yours. Your heart jolted and butterflies fluttered in your abdomen. “What on earth made you think that I don’t find you attractive?”

“Wh-what?” it was your turn to be confused, now. “I thought you liked women who were the same age as you and who were more pretty than girls like me,”

“Well, you thought wrong,” he said, looking at you earnestly with his sapphire eyes. “Y/N, I don’t judge people based on their maturity and their looks, I judge them on their personality and their qualities. Besides, why would you try to change yourself for me?”

“Because I like you,” you blurted out. “A lot.”

“Oh, well that I knew, but that still doesn’t answer my question,” he said, a hint of a smile creeping onto their lips. You blushed stop light red and your mouth opened in horror. “You knew? This whole time you knew that I-”

“Liked me? Yeah, of course I did. It’s pretty obvious,” he chuckled. “But that still doesn’t mean you have to try to change how you look, how you act for me. All in all, I found your little attempts pretty adorable because you’re such a sweet girl, but really…I think you’re perfect, just the way you are, just the way you look.”

Your stomach began contracting; your mouth became deprived of any moister; your heart began thrashing inside your ribs. He…he thought you were perfect. He actually felt the same about you. He actually cared. “So, just stay exactly the way you are. After all, that is why I’m quite sure I love you,”

“You love me?” you choked out. This was all happening too fast - just a second ago you were convinced he was creeped out by you and now he was confessing his love to you? “I’m almost 100% sure of it, yeah.” he said. He had said it. He just said it, but there was still that little box of doubt in the back of your head that held you back from taking his word completely. “Yeah, but what if-”

Soft, moist lips met yours in a forceful kiss, his calloused hands wrapping around your waist like a vice. With your body pressed to his like the laws of physics did not exist, you felt all worried melt away into oblivion. The only people that mattered right now were you and him. One of his hands trailed up your back and laced itself into your hair, yanking it harshly so you would gasp and his tongue would have a chance to enter. You couldn’t help but moan as the damp muscle writhed about in your mouth, lashing at your own tongue while you sprawled your hands onto his chest. Your lips moved with one another in sync, a deep carnal desire blossoming in the very pit of your stomach.

His name may be Jesus, but you were sure about to do some unholy things to him if he didn’t stop tempting you.

Finally, he broke away and panted heavily, looking directly at you.

“No ‘but’s. No 'what if’s. Just trust me, that’s all I ask of you,” he said simply. “Can you do that?”

“Well, it depends,” you said, equally as breathless.

“On what?”

“If you’ll kiss me like that again,” you said, before pulling him in for another make out session.


That was terrible xD I’m sorry!

Angle of View

 A Superman!Sterek AU featuring Derek Hale as Superman and Stiles Stilinski as Lois Lane’s cameraman. 8k

A big Thank You!! to Leda (@andavs​) for the inspiration and the beta and the title.

Derek meets Lois Lane long before he decides to start working at the Daily Planet. He meets her first while saving her from a burning building (she tries to get too close while reporting) and then during a hostage situation (according to reports, she had run into the bank to get the best story) and then finally, agreed to a one-on-one interview with her as Superman. Because it turns out the previous two encounters had won her over to his side and she was doing her best to sway the whole city to support him and as she had told him the moment the hostage situation was handled, “Give me the exclusive and I can make sure they love you.”

And “being loved” wasn’t the point of being Superman but he had learned from the mistakes of other Superheroes who had gone before him and there was no denying that having the cooperation of the police and firemen would be useful.

So he’d agreed. They’d met on the roof of the Daily Planet, alone, and she’d done her part in putting out a good story that outlined what he was trying to do (be a good person and keep Metropolis safe) and why the city should trust him.

She is still too curious about his past, about who he was before he showed up at Metropolis, but she is a good writer and a bit fanatical about keeping her sources to herself so Derek decides he likes her.

He likes her enough that his next move is to get hired as a new reporter at the Daily Planet. Because what better way to keep a finger on the pulse of Metropolis than working for its number one newspaper?

(Well, probably being a policeman would be better but he would have a partner there and his disappearances would be noted and, generally, it would be a lot harder to explain away his many, many odd quirks.)

As a reporter, no one thinks it’s odd if he leaves in the middle of the day to “follow a lead.” No one cares at what rate he finishes his projects, as long as he turns it in before his deadline. Most importantly, when chaos strikes, no one notices if he doesn’t come back to the office and instead “works from home.”

Which is vital. Because Derek’s main disguise to keep people from realizing that he is Superman is his beard. Sure, the glasses and hunching help, but the beard is what he thinks really does it. He uses his super speed to shave in thirty seconds before flying out and it grows back fast, but he still needs about 8 hours before it is back at stubble level.

So, reporter at the Daily Planet it is. He can make sure Lois doesn’t get too close to figuring everything out and use their alert system to make sure nothing too big goes down while he’s working and actually use his English Literature degree to a certain extent.

His first day there he gets introduced to everyone - the editors, the other reporters (including Lois Lane which is a bizarre experience and he is ready to flee if she notices him. Luckily she seems too busy to even look at him too carefully), a few of the marketing guys, and… Stiles Stilinski.

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Character VS Awkwardness.

Person- you got a second, *name*?
Character- There is only one of me.

Person- what’s the word, *nickname*?
Character- a shortened version of my name.

Person- Son of a bitch…
Character- Actually, this man is entirely human, and his mother was in no way a canine- oh okay, I didn’t get it.

Person- sticks and stones may break my bones-
Character- actually sticks when sharper can stab people, not just break their bones, and boulders actually have the capability to crush a person’s whole body, including their internal organs.
*screams in the distance*

Person- go talk to him.
Character- *stares at crush, who is doing something amazing*
Character- maybe I should leave and not take your advice at all.

Person- there has to be a way to stop him, like a cage or-
Character- put him on a leash, since he’s dog-like.
Person- kinky

Character- *picks up a note book*
Character- why did the chicken cross the road?
Character-…Probaly to get hit by a car and become roadkill.
Person- Jesus Christ

(Meeting crush for the first time).
Crush- Heya~
Character- Hello.
Crush- not much of a talker then.
Character- quieter people can take the time to hear the screams of their enemies
(Everyone facepalms while crush stares in shock).
Character- thankfully there’s only a twelve percent chance of that happening.

(Meeting tall person).
tall person- hi.
character- hello.
tall person- you’re really short.
character- well that’s because you’re very tall for your age. Of course, this would mean you have a mutated gene that causes gigantism which slowly leads to bone and back problems. I would assume that you will die by the age of 34.
(Tall is speechless and wants to press the leave option).


Once a friend of mine was very insecure about coming out to me because I’m Christian. Until one day she accidentally mentioned forgetting I was around and became super worried and tried to convince me otherwise and then the following talk happened:

“Girl, I knew already,”
“I already knew you were bi… It was supposed to be a secret? Sorry I didn’t know…”
“no, it’s ok it’s just… You’re Christian, aren’t you going to say anything?”
“Should I? Uh… I love you sister in Jesus??? I don’t get it…”
“You didn’t try to convince me to change like all others did.”
“It’s not something you can change. You’re bi so what? At least you’re not an asshole.”

After this day another 4 come out to me because they felt secure to do so and relief I wouldn’t say they would burn in hell, but that they were still loved and their choice to love was none of my business so nothing would change.

I’m telling this cause I know how LGBT+ community suffers from religious people (I mean, even being demisexual I have no intentions to come out to my parents about it since I don’t know if they would understand). 

I just want to reassure you’re safe with me if you’re out openly or closed or never thought about it and would like to talk to figure out (or just talk, your choice), my message is always open to you in case you wanna talk :)

Stay awesome and safe everyone!

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Firstly your blog is amazing, I absolutely love it!!! Second, can you please write a small scenario of a small altercation with Mino about him over protective please? Ty 💕

Sure thing baby girl

“Jinwoo stop! You’re so mean to me.” She said, slapping the face of Winner’s arm.

Jinwoo laughed, once again tugging gently on a box braid as she cut up some onions at the counter.

As she reached her arm out to smack him again, Jinwoo caught it rubbing her fingers with his own.

“You know you love me.” Jinwoo replied, smiling as he brought her fingers to his lips.

Jinwoo was a flirt now that he was used to her. Coming over to the dorm to cook for him, and her boyfriend Mino. He especially liked to tease her when Mino wasn’t around. Also, when he was but that was a different type of teasing then. He didn’t think she knew, but Jinwoo had a small crush on the brown skinned girl. Her plump lips and oval face attracted him anyway; but it was her style her confidence and sure sense of self that drew him in once he knew her.

She took her hand from his lips shaking her head. “Mino is gonna kick your ass, keep getting flirty with me. Get out of here Jinwoo.” She shook her head smiling.

“Whatever, what’s Mino gonna do?” He continued to sit on the counter watching her sauté a few onions.

Sighing deeply, she would give a frown to Jinwoo, as he popped a piece of cooked chicken in his mouth. She said nothing however, finishing up the onions and placing them in her gravy. She had plain rice ready, and mashed potatoes. She had grilled and fried chicken snd was waiting for Mino to come back from the studio. It was supposed to be their date night but apparently only Jinwoo was here now.

“So, what do you see in Mino anyway?” Jinwoo asked, sliding off the counter, to lean back on it.

Turning the stove off she prepared the table now. “What do you mean what do I see in him?” Tilting her head to the side, the braids falling to one side.
“He’s hardworking, smart, funny, very attractive. He’s also a sweetheart and romantic when he wants to be.”

Jinwoo shook his head, sitting down at the table. “I’m romantic. We are the same age. You’re older than Mino, I can also sing.”

“Stop comparing yourself.” She set down some chopsticks. “I like you. I love Mino.”

“You better love me.” Mino said just as he came into the dining/kitchen room. “What are y'all talking about?”

He asked, setting down his bag and walking over the table.

“Jinwoo is annoying me.” She said, planting a small kiss on Mino’s lips as she pointed to the food. “Eat.”

Mino’s hand grabbed her ass possessively as he stared Jinwoo in the eyes. He knew his fellow member had a crush on his girl. He wasn’t in the habit of leaving his woman around Jinwoo, but he trusted her. He trusted Jinwoo too but he knew it was smart to never push a man too far. Jinwoo stared back at him, grinning.

“Aw, you aren’t going to tell him, why you chose him over me?” Jinwoo began to spoon rice into his bowl as he spoke.

She turned around raising an eyebrow at Jinwoo. “He knows why. Don’t start shit, Jinwoo. Just eat.”

Mino rubbed his teeth along his top lip, looking back and forth between the two. What exactly had they been talking about while he was gone? He went into the kitchen as his girl was cleaning up, and wrapped his arms around her waist, his chin on her shoulder.

“Was he behaving?” He whispered, kissing her ear gently.

“A little.” She whispered back, shivering at the contact of his lips.

“No sex in the kitchen!” Jinwoo said with a mouth full of rice.

Mino gave him the finger, leaving her in the kitchen as he sat down at the table across from Jinwoo and began to spoon rice and chicken into his bowls. The two members looked at each other while they ate, in silence until she came over sitting down with them.

“Quiet over here. Jesus guys talk.” She picked up a piece of chicken, biting it.

“Like in your bedroom.” Jinwoo joked, licking his lips.

She chuckled. “You must not be able to hear well.”

“I can hear fine. Mino struggles. You should let me show what’s up.” Jinwoo joked with her.

She laughed lightly shaking her head. Jinwoo may have a crush on her, but she knew he was all about jokes with her. He would never do something like that. Mino on their her hand was protective of her. He even forbade her to go to underground clubs where he used to go. She rubbed Mino’s arm knowing he was getting annoyed. After dinner, she went to their room to gather her clothes for a quick shower when Mino came in behind her closing the door.

“Why do you laugh at his stupid ass comments? It just eggs him on and it pisses me off.” Mino pushed his back against the bedroom door, arms crossed over his chest.

“He’s harmless. Making jokes. You know Jinwoo would never make a move on me. You also know how you make me come fast. Why get mad?” She tried to move past him out the door.

Mino grabbed her arm. “I don’t think it’s funny. I trust you, but I don’t trust any man with you. I’m serious.”

Pulling her arm away from him, she rubbed it. “Stop being so jealous, yobo. You know that’s not cute. I’m with you, not him.”

“I don’t give a fuck. He works on my nerves. You know how I feel about that.” He tapped under her chin so she could look at him.

“I don’t like it when you’re overprotective. I’m gonna shower and you can think about why you shouldn’t be.” She tried to leave again to no avail .

“You’re beautiful, jagiya. You have to know that.” Mino backed her up towards the bed, when the backs of her knees touched it he made her sit. “I don’t wanna think about any other man near you. You’re mine.”

“I’m yours, yes. Trust me. You say you do, but you really don’t. Why is this always an issue?” She pulled on his arm so he cold sit with her.

Watching his face frown, she placed her palm on his face. He turned into his kissing her hand gently. Saying nothing Mino sighed, he rubbed his fingers over her thighs, stroking the smooth, cocoa skin.

“You know what happened to my old group. I was supposed to be in Block B. Underground rapper. All those failures. What if I fail at this? What if I’m not good enough and lose you?”

He lovingly touched her face, moving her braids from his touch. He pulled her into his lap, his hands stroking across her exposed stomach. Finger running under her crop top. Mino kissed her neck, pushing his pelvis into her bottom.

“I keep thinking what if I’m not good enough for her? What if there’s something wrong with me, and I don’t get to have what I want?” He held her quietly after that. His head on her back, listening to her breathe.

I’m with you. I chose you.“ She turned in his lap to hold his face in her hands. “Out of anyone else. I looked at you and wanted you. Hell, I didn’t even know who you were! I just knew that I hadn’t seen anyone like you. Even now, everything about you I love. Even your quirky ways and when you get like this. I just need you to trust me.”

Mino shook his head yes, raising his head to kiss her lips. He traced his tongue over her lower lip, before quickly moving positions so she was beneath him on the bed. He could give himself a chance. He loved her, even though he could be insecure, and over protective. He trusted her. As he slipped his tongue inside her mouth, he knew that could be enough.

Hope this was what you wanted!

ISTP Problems
  • I like to try to get my point across by saying as few words as possible but there’s always going to be that one asshole who misunderstands you or says you’re being too vague
  • When you’re being sarcastic or exaggerating for a funny effect and someone tries to correct you. Honey, I’m being freaking sarcastic. What? You know, never mind. Just drop it. No! I’m not mad. Just- oh my god just forget it. This is so unnecessary.
  • When someone’s telling you a story and they spend SO MUCH time on the tiny little details- holy shit just get to the point iM GETTING FRUSTRATED
  • Why do you keep asking me questions? Alright, well I’ll tell you- why do you even care this literally has no effect on you whatsoever and taking the time to answer you is annoying me… This is a waste of time can we talk about something that’s actually important? Oh Jesus Christ I hurt your feelings now? Oh my god, j u s t s t o p t a l k i n g
  • “Why are you always so quiet?” Why are you always so annoying.
  • “Are you sad?” No, this is my resting face. 
  • “You should talk more!” You should fall into a frozen river more.
  • “Explain yourself” Alright well let me go open microsoft word and give me a couple of hours
  • do not breathe within a five foot radius of me
  • why are you touching me
  • do i know you
  • wow i am very interested in this thing show me a five hour long presentation on how it works
  • [15 minutes later] im bored now can this be done
  • oH OKAY giant burst of creative energy im going to draw this and mAKE A FORT AND BAKE SOME STUFF
  • [stares at the wall for 15 minutes thinking about the meaning of life]
  • [falls asleep for 12 hours]

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tell and quiet for kevin and wymack? :')

Quiet Me” one character trying to calm another down &“Tell Me” one character confessing something to another. SO, this was meant to be a drabble but I got carried away and its a little over 1k enjoy what I wrote all today in the span of 5 hours straight after work! (BTW this starts directly after Neil’s conversation with Wymack after page 298 of TKM) also (I kind of added ‘quiet me’ hope its okay!)

The sound of feet shuffling through his doorway made Wymack pause reading the paper in his hand. He was expecting Neil again since he only left his office barely two minutes ago, to thank him of all things. That kid needs a real break, Wymack thought seriously. He was definitely not looking forward to the aftermath of Neil talking to the press.

He glanced up and instead met Kevin’s rigid stance, and eyes that made Wymack instantly wary.  

Wymack was exhausted. After dealing with Neil and Baltimore, the press hounding him for comments and trying to book flights to meet new recruits, he was not at all in the mood to deal with whatever Kevin was about to tell him.

He still tried to lighten the mood but he didn’t know if it was for Kevin’s sake or his own.

“Don’t tell me, in the two minutes since Josten left this room he’s already managed to piss the press off when we agreed on next week?”

While softly closing the door, Kevin’s brows furrowed in confusion, “What- no.”

Before taking a deep breath that sounded more painful than it should have been, Kevin focused his eyes on Wymack’s shoulder as he came to stand in front of his desk. Taking pity on him, Wymack offered him a seat but Kevin only shook his head and stayed standing.

“I-I need to talk to you about something.”

Wymack silently gestured to go on as he watched as Kevin tried to compose himself after being caught off guard, or maybe what he wanted to say truly was frightening him. Please don’t tell me he’s going to confess to killing someone. I can only handle one at a time on this team, Jesus Christ.

He didn’t think he was going to like whatever was about to come out of Kevin’s mouth either way if he was being honest.

“Something,” Kevin continued as he lifted a trembling hand to trace the outline of his tattoo, “That I should have told you a while ago.”

Wymack was not exactly a patient man by nature, but as he watched Kevin struggle to form words, he remained uncharacteristically silent. Maybe it was because he was exhausted himself. But something was telling him to wait even though every part of him was screaming to prod and pry, just to get this over already. A nervous, sober Kevin was worrying in itself.  

Of course, not missing the way Kevin had touched his face, Wymack’s mind immediately raced with possibilities.

I swear to God though, if he gives me one more fucking ‘surprise’ about the Moriyamas again…

The silence was grating on Wymack, Kevin had started breathing heavily now, working up a slight sweat, looking sickly. “Would you calm the fuck down already, Day? Whatever you did-“

“You’re my father,” Kevin croaked out suddenly, interrupting Wymack as if he was ripping off a band aid.

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Quick Mingzan Fic (Cause HELLO!!!)


“Shut up Ghazan.”

“I just said ‘so’ Ming-Hua,” said Ghazan as he smirked at Ming-Hua. He had asked her a million times to go out with him. Just one date. Yes, they were in a middle of a complicated situation, but it didn’t mean having to say no to a romance. Ming-Hua always gave a stupid excuse as to why they couldn’t start anything.

“I know what you’re going to say and it’s still no,” she snapped and looked away from him. In truth, she wouldn’t mind being with Ghazan, but she wasn’t sure how she truly felt about him. She didn’t want to enter into something without being absolutely certain it was something she wanted to do. It was excuse after excuse using the same “now is not the right time” reason. She knew Ghazan wasn’t the type of guy who gave up on something he set his mind to.

“Ghazan, are you trying to get Ming-Hua to go out with you again?” interrupted P'Li as she drank her green drink, “Jeez you two should just get a room already. We all know the avatar’s friend was right about that unspoken attraction.”

“Shut up P'Li. I really don’t need the go-for-it talk from you,” grumbled Ming-Hua.

“Right because I’m totally not in a relationship because I didn’t go for it,” smirked P'Li. It was so obvious those two were going to end up together. Ever since they formed the group, they’ve always been together. Even if Ming-Hua kept denying it, the attraction was always there. She would always want to sit next to Ghazan or behind him at least. When P'Li was rescued, Ming-Hua was so upset she couldn’t sit shot gun; nobody gets that upset about not sitting shot gun. When Zaheer would have to enter the Spirit World, P'Li would always see Ming-Hua giggling like a ridiculous school girl whenever Ghazan would make one of his ridiculous lava jokes. When Ming-Hua wanted to put her hair up, Ming-Hua would always ask Ghazan even if he did a crap job at it and would end up P'Li fixing the mess Ghazan made. Ming-Hua may deny it for now, but P'Li knew Ming-Hua wasn’t going to deny it forever.

“Well Ming-Hua, anytime you feel like melting away, I’m always here,” laughed Ghazan.

Ming-Hua smirked to herself and rolled her eyes at Ghazan. He was always a possibility. Maybe not now, but he was always going to be a possibility. Her thoughts were interrupted when Zaheer entered the holding-room and reminded her of the task at hand.

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i'm super conflicted abt the update because jack seemed so MEAN about parse, but I also wonder what kent did or said to make him say things like "we owe each other a lot of apologies" and "you have to grow up a lot to realize a person isn't good for you." cause now I get why Jack owes Kent apologies (like holy hell does he...) but what did Kent do?? Does it have something to do with the way he spoke/baited him at epikegster, like maybe they'd fight like that a lot? IDK IDK

substance abuse cw

  • i feel like jack isn’t MEAN so much as he is DENSE. like, he wasn’t trying to be cruel to parse? that doesn’t make jack ghosting on him any less sad/tragic/uncool, but it’s not like jack MEANT to be cruel.
    • …. though tbh that almost hurts me more? like??? JACK DOESN’T EVEN KNOW??? HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT HE DID TO KENT!!!!
    • relatedly: this makes me so worried for the zimbits future. i know they’ll work it out eventually, but like… what are they gonna suffer before the end???? jack’s emotional IQ is ………………… bad. it’s bad y’all.
  • anyway to your second question: jack says the “we owe each other a lot of apologies” line after epikegster which….. oooobviously kent owes jack an apology for that lmao
    • i’m also 100% certain kent “gets angry when sad” parson got into fights with jack about (1) his meds/drinking/anxiety and also (2) hockey/jack’s future in the NHL/etc and maybe even (3) their relationship/their future TOGETHER but who knows 
      • (re 2: you can’t tell me jack didn’t say shit like “i don’t know if i’m meant to do this right now” re: the draft to kent, and you also can’t tell me that kind of stuff didn’t INFURIATE kent)
      • (also re 3: imagine jack saying “obviously we’re gonna go to different teams, that’ll be it” and kent saying “JACK I’M NOT GOING TO ABANDON YOUoh my god the #miscommunication)
    • anyway i’m SURE kent wasn’t always nice during those fights
      • like tbh imagine these two dumbass 17-year-olds:
        •  are you okay, you’re getting wasted like every night and are you …. supposed to mix your pills with booze like that, jack, it doesn’t seem safe
        • i’m fine, kenny, leave it
        • no i really think– you should talk to someone, about this, it doesn’t seem like… you’re okay, it seems like–something–someone–we should–
        • i don’t wanna fucking talk about it, jesus christ, it’s fine
      • now repeat that conversation over and over again until they’re both frustrated and upset and you might end up with kent yelling shit like, “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? ARE YOU TRYING TO DIE RIGHT NOW, JACK?”

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


I had no idea sex could be this… amazing. And long. But mostly, amazing. The only problem was that the never ending guilt I felt after he made me reach my highest high four times in a row was just eating me alive.

I was lying in his bed, he was asleep next to me, which wasn’t surprising considering the fact that he used all of his energy just to make me feel better than I ever did in my entire life. I didn’t even think that he was a human being, how could he do that for so long?

This was wrong on so many levels, but on the other hand my body was telling me “more, more!” constantly and I was tearing apart.

I took my phone out of my jeans’ pocket and quickly sent a message to Elena.

“I fucked up… and him. Help.”

I thought it would be the best if I just left. So I gathered my clothes and tiptoed out of the room. By the time I was dressed up and left the apartment Elena replied.

“I’ll meet you at your place. You have to tell me everything.”

And I did.

Elena and I got to my place almost at the same time and I couldn’t do anything else that just tell her everything and that how confused I was about what was going on with Cameron and me. She listened carefully not interrupting me and waited until I was finished. But then, she was just staring at me and I didn’t know why she didn’t say anything.

“So, what do you think?” I asked scared of her answer. She nodded once to herself before licking her lips.

“I just want to know one thing.”


“Why in the name of Hell don’t you want to date him?”

I sighed letting my shoulders fall. I shook my head giving her a tired look.

“Because we work together and I’m supposed to be the victim of my previous relationship who is struggling with the breakup.”

“But you only work together for the rest of the week. That’s four days, Zena. What’s after?”

“I have no idea!” I shouted groaning. I fell back on the bed hiding my face in my hands. Just the thought of Cameron made me feel sexually frustrated and I couldn’t think straight. “What did I do to deserve this?” I whispered more like to myself than to Elena, but she answered it anyway.

“You mean, to deserve a hot guy who could please you in any way? You were just being your successful and irresistible self, girl.”

I gave her an eyeroll, but before I could say anything my phone buzzed I got a text. We turned towards it at the same time and when we saw the name Cameron on the screen we jumped at the phone at the same time.

“I want to see it!” she screamed as I was trying to not let her get it. We were wrestling for a few moments before I could kick her off the bed and check the text without her seeing it.

“I hope I didn’t scare you away. See you tomorrow, hope we can work this out.”

“What is he saying?” Elena asked climbing back to the bed next to me. I showed her the text and her reply was just a hum.

“Work what out? What is he talking about?” I asked looking at Elena.

“Well, I don’t know. Ask him.”

“Ask? How? Hey, what did you mean? Our partnership at the show or the amazing sex thing? I can’t just ask it,” I shook my head staring at the screen of my phone.

“Give it to me.” She grabbed my phone and started to type, then showed me the result that she hadn’t sent yet.

“Nothing can scare me. What do you exactly want to work out? ;)”

“Jesus, Elena, this sounds like… Like something what a sixteen year-old would write,” I frowned deleting the lines. “That’s not how I should handle this.”

“Than how?”

“I don’t know!” I snapped. I checked the time and realized I had a meeting in one hour. “I have to go now.”

“You are literally running away from your problems. You have to talk to him, because it’s going to ruin you, Zena,” Elena warned me as I gathered my stuff and grabbed my purse. I sighed turning to her as she was lying on my bed. She was right, but I didn’t want to admit it.

“Close the door when you leave,” I told her and then left.

I quickly typed a reply to Cameron as I got into my car and headed to my meeting.

“We need to talk. Come to my place around eight.”


Meetings weren’t really my thing, but I had to attend them in order to know every important information about my jobs. We finished around seven, I headed home but before that I quickly get some dinner at a fast food restaurant not even caring if it was healthy or not to eat burgers at that time. I just got home and changed into some sweats and a shirt when Cameron arrived.

“Hey, I have burgers, if you want. And if you don’t, I’ll eat them either way, just so you know,” I informed him when I opened the door for him. He just chuckled and turned down my burgers. We sat down to the dining table

“Your text was a bit scary, is everything okay?” he asked and I gave him a “really, bitch?” face before turning back to my burger.

“So you think what happened today was totally okay?” I asked raising my eyebrows at him.

“I didn’t know having sex was something that belongs to the not okay category.”

“Very funny,” I fake laughed. “But we really have to solve this whole thing. I’m supposed to be the victim of my previous relationship, but sleeping around with you doesn’t help me in this.”

“No one knows about it,” he pointed it out.

“But nothing stays a secret for too long. I already learned that in my career. So we can’t keep doing this.”

“And do you have an idea about what we should do?” he asked crossing his arms on his chest. This pose really brought out his amazing muscles and I had to force myself to look away from his arms.

“Why do everyone want me to solve everything? You are in this too, why can’t you make a plan?” I snapped at him taking a huge bite from my burger just to drown my anger.

“Okay, first of all, calm down,” he laughed shaking his head at me. “Second, you are the one who is not satisfied with the situation, even though you looked quite satisfied earlier at my place.”

I threw a slice of tomato at him for his comment but it only made him laugh.

“I’m serious! If I get busted you’ll be the shitty person who seduced me at the wrong time.”

“And is that true?”

“Of course not! I honestly don’t give a shit about Larry anymore, but I have to keep up the image for the press. Will you please help me?” I sighed tired of this whole thing.

“Okay. Let me think about it for a moment.”

He brainstormed while I finished the rest of my burger and then nodded to himself glancing at me.

“You have something?” I raised my eyebrows at him. He really looked like he had a brilliant idea. but then…


I spent the next five minutes with summarizing my life. Everything. I went through every little detail, my career, my life before acting and how things turned out in my life. I realized that in the past few years I had been pleasing everyone else around me and the only thing that was my own, my very own thing was my relationship with Larry. But now there was no Larry, there was no relationship. I had a free spot in my life, a spot that was supposed to be a thing that could be my own. A some sort of relationship. Maybe a friendship. A friendship with benefits that could be my secret.

I stood up from the table and walked over to Cameron. He looked at me in confusion but didn’t say or do anything. I lightly pushed him until his back met with the back of the chair and then just simply sat onto his lap. His hands immediately slipped to my thighs, but his look was still confused.

“I have an idea,” I quietly said.

“I’m listening,” he whispered licking his lips.

“Let’s keep the physical party between these walls and be just friends out there. What do you say?” Our lips were so close they almost touched, but I was still waiting for his answer.

“I’m in,” he mumbled before crashing his lips to mine senselessly.

The Partner

Written using this post as a prompt. Didn’t go anywhere near where your elaboration went, @thenarator, so I’m putting it up anyway. 

And in other news I kinda want to write the further adventures of Joe’s new partner and his little science nerd. (Preferably featuring said partner discovering things about his nerd’s life that appall him and might definitely end up with him punching Harry in the face.)

Anyway whatever here’s a short fic I just wrote. 

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Change- A Sam Wilkinson Fanfic- Chapter 22

Previous chapters here

Im so so sorry i hadn't been updating the fanfic lately. I had a lot of school stuff and i couldn't find the time to write and i’m so sorry. My ask box was full with people asking for this and i’m so sorry i made you wait so long! but the chapter is finally here! I hope you like it! ily

Chapter 22

I desperately pushed people away trying to reach the center or interaction. Although it was evidently difficult, I pulled my brother away from Sam, who quickly stood up and cleaned his face with the sleeve of his sweater. He just looked at me for the first time since the fight, turned around and started walking away. I turned to my brother who was irradiating anger, his fists were still clenched, and his face was red.

“What the hell is wrong with you Tyler?” I tried to lower my voice as everyone was watching us, but I couldn’t control my anger. Although I understood his reasons, I was just angry. Sam didn’t deserve it, if Jack was right; he was sort of regretting what he did. And I knew the Sam from the party wasn’t the real Sam.

“He deserved that, I told you if he ever did something to you, I…”

“You shouldn’t have done that!”

“What did you expect me to do huh?”

“Get out of my way” I said coldly as I pushed him away, I started running trying to catch Sam, but he was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t even know if it was the right thing to do but something told me I had to find him.

After looking in some classrooms I went to the parking lot. For my surprise, he was sitting in his car holding his head with his hands. I quickly ran there and calmly knocked on the window glass. He jumped and although he was more than surprise and probably confused, he opened the door. I sat beside him not really looking him straight in the eye. My heart was beating a hundred per hour.

“Are you okay?” I asked shyly. He nodded without showing any expression.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know he was going to do that and…”

“I guess I deserved it” he shrugged and finally looked at me. I trembled when our eyes met.

“No you didn’t” I said quietly looking down, “not really”

“y/n I” he started and I knew he was going to bring the whole thing up

“Sam, we can talk about that later, now I have to take care of those” I said looking at his wounds. How the hell was Tyler able to do that in a matter of seconds? His nose was bleeding, his lips were cut and he had a more or less deep cut on his right cheek. 

“It doesn’t matter”

“Let me” I said while I took a disinfectant wipe out of my bag. I started to clean his wounds the gentlest way I could.


“Sorry” I whispered, he shook his head while I continue to clean. I could feel the tension and it was so awkward. But somehow it felt right. I felt right.


I stormed inside my house and ran up to Tyler’s bedroom. For my surprise Isaac was there too, sitting next to him while they watched TV.

“Hey babe” he said winking. I didn’t even bothered in looking at him; I just ignored him.

“Tyler can we talk?” he nodded while he shrugged.


“Oh, come on you can tell me whatever in front of Isaac, right?” he asked and Isaac nodded.

I sighed, “Fine, why the hell would you hit Sam?”

“He cheated on you, that son of a bitch deserved that”

“Who told you that?” I asked and he pointed Isaac

“Have you heard the full story? Because I’m pretty sure what he told you is not completely true”

“What do you mean?” he asked confused.

“Ask him” I exclaimed unemotionally as I left the room.


After I changed into other clothes, I yelled to my mom I was going to Jenn’s to start a Biology project, we supposedly had to do together. I couldn’t know, because as a consequence of my lack of sleep of last nights, I feel asleep in most of the classes. I texted her asking if I needed to take something, but she told me she had everything under control.

“Do you want me to take you?” she shouted back.

“No thanks, I’ll take the car” I went outside and started driving towards Jenn’s house. Although I didn’t have my license quite yet, my parents let me drive the car only if it was short distances as a way of practicing for the future. And her house was less than 10 blocks so it was fine.

I knocked on the door twice, and a thin blonde woman opened the door. She was wearing a flowered blue dress and some cool necklaces and bracelets. She had a bohemian style. Taking away all the small wrinkles of her face, she looked really young. She smiled widely at me.

“Hi sweetie, you must be y/n, am I right?”

I nodded my head and smiled, “That’s me”

“I’m Ivy Black” she exclaimed while she hugged me tightly as she had known me for her whole life, “I’ll call Jenn”

I nodded while I sat in the kitchen table; some seconds later Jenn came down and sat next to me.

“How are you, honey?”

“Great, what about you?”


“Girls” Ivy said stepping inside the kitchen and resting her elbows on the table, “I want gossip now”

I giggled while Jenn rolled her eyes.

“Y/n, Jenn told me you’ve been seeing Sam? Way to go girl!” she exclaimed happily and I blushed slightly, I could notice how Jenn glanced at her mother with killing eyes.

“Um actually we are not seeing each other anymore, sort of”

She swallowed, “Oh my God, why’s that?” she had her eyes wide opened.

“Mom” Jenn stated threatening.

“It’s fine” I said, “Um in a party on Saturday, a guy I had been ignoring kissed me and I pushed him away instantly, but unfortunately, Sam saw that and in ‘revenge’ or something, he made out with another girl” I didn’t know why I was telling this to a crazy bohemian woman I had just met but I felt like I could trust her. And she was Jenn’s mom after all. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

“Oh, Jesus” she exclaimed, “This teen drama situations” she touched her temples. “Ok, this is what we are going to do, because you definitely have to fix this dear. Sam is a good boy as far as I’m concerned, and you seem just as nice. In my times they called me love guru for something”

“Mom, oh my God, do you have to do this?”

I laughed, “It’s okay”

“Now, you will have to talk to him about it, and maybe don’t start your passion relationship at once, but you can take things slower. You should start with being friends” she did a strange gesture with her hands.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea” I smiled, “It’s difficult to talk to him though, it feels weird and awkward”

“I guess, but you want this, right?” I nodded, “If there’s something I always tell my lost cause” she pointed at Jenn ”is that if you want something there’s nothing stopping you but yourself.”

“Thanks mom” Jenn said and I laughed.

“That’s great, thanks Mrs. Bla…”

“Don’t you dare…” she exclaimed raising her hand.

“Sorry, Ivy” she nodded.


I sat in Jenn’s bed while she sat in a plushy couch she had in her room “So, your mother is…”

“Out of her mind I know”

“I was going to say pretty cool but fine” I laughed and threw her a pillow.

“Bitch” she giggled while she threw it back at me.

“Anyway, should we start with this Biology thing?”

“Um about that”

What?” I asked “Jenn”

“There’s no biology thing”


“As we didn’t go to the Mall yesterday as we were supposed to, the boys and I thought it would be ideal to go today”

“What? There’s no way in hell I’m going”

“Oh, yes you are, you are part of the crew”


“So you don’t break the tradition”


“Nope, tradition is tradition”

I sighed as I hit my head against the wall. I was so screwed. 

the-golden-summer-rose  asked:

Okay, as a Christian, I have to disagree. Yes, the criminals should pay for their crimes. That's how it works. But, by accepting Jesus, the price gets paid for them. It's still paid, just not by them. I mean, if we're to go by "all bad things deserve punishment" then everyone should be punished. Everyone does something bad. There's not a single person on the Earth who hasn't done something wrong. Yes, the bad guy's crimes are worse to people, but to God, all sins are equal.

No. This really offends me. You know why?

Go read “Lisa” by Jack Chick and then we’ll talk.

This little girl was being molested by her father and passed around to his friends. She got STDs from him.

And he and his wife were beating her.

They don’t take ANY punishment for this, instead they ask God for forgiveness and act like that suddenly makes everything okay even though this little girl STILL has STDs and is likely suffering from immense trauma

It doesn’t fucking work like that so please get that notion out of your head that ‘all sins are equal’ because they just fucking aren’t and God is not an excuse to get away with something terrible. You can’t just say “god forgives me so it’s okay”

Because it’s not

The people who NEED to forgive you are the people you hurt

Telling them you’re better because 'God’ is not going to help them in any way, shape, or form. It’s just going to look like you’re ducking responsibility for your shit actions against other people.

anonymous asked:

So i have a bestfriend, she's Catholic and I'm a Christian. To me, it doesn't matter what religion you are, just as long as your faith is strong with God. But, it's weird how catholics seem like they are mindless robots worshipping just cause. Anyways, i tried inviting my friend to one of my youth events. I invited her cause it's what we're called to do right? We argued because she thought i tried to convert her. I feel like giving up on sharing and guiding her towards God. What should i do?

Ok, hold up… We’ve got to break this apart a little bit. 

1) Almost all of modern Christianity has it’s roots in Catholicism. There are differences of opinion on sacraments and some theology, but it’s the same Jesus that we’re talking about. I’m not a Catholic, but I don’t think that anyone who prays to Mary to pray to Jesus to pray to the Father is outside of the fold. We’re all going to get to heaven and find that we understood something wrong. 

2) It DOES matter what religion you are. There’s a story in the Old Testament about a prophet of Jehovah and a couple hundred prophets of Baal. Our God’s guy called down fire from heaven that consumed everything it touched. They screamed and cut themselves and didn’t even get a spark. There’s the one true living God, and there are false gods. 

3) We’re called to preach the gospel whether they come to our church or not. You preach that God loved so much that He sent His only Son down to us to pay the penalty for our sin and enable us to live right with God. Tell them He’s coming back soon.

4) DON’T GIVE UP ON PEOPLE!! If they don’t know Jesus, then you’ve got to tell them!! It’s literally life and death.