i should go sleep tho

Me: maybe I am going a little overboard on the theory that dreamworks is being purposefully vague about Allura so they can find a ship they want to develop. People must be sick of hearing it over and over I must sound so annoying-

Allura: *is mysteriously characterized the same way she was in seasons 1 and 2 now that Shiro is back and Keith was gone, Matt has joined the team and has a crush on her, and Lotor is presumably going to be redeemed*


Do idols know we know they are tired sometimes?
Do idols know we also like them without makeup?
Do idols know they don’t have to have abs (boys)/be skinny (girls) to be liked/stanned?
Do idols know we don’t get mad at them if they get sick and can’t perform?
Do idols know we know they are human?
Do idols know we wouldn’t mind if they dated someone?
Do idols know we want them to go visit their family sometimes?
Do idols know we know they also have bad days?

Questions I ask myself all the time


Tucker Appreciation Week: Day 5 - Celebration  

I had no idea what I could draw for this day, I was sitting and staring at sai and then this came out

Well it has something to do with celebration :^)

Learn Korean with SHINee: Occupations
[More Korean with SHINee: Colours]

@gounderoos I’ve been silently lurking reading about all this tomdaya stuff because I’m dead neutral on the topic but I found the screenshot

Here’s a quick idea:

Someone (sick for some reason of your choice) is walking alone of with only one person, back to where they live. They’re nauseous. It hurts. And they know they aren’t going to make it. 

Their only response to this is to crouch down, and puke between their legs with both hands planted on their knees.

Just imagine that situation for a moment.