i should go read comics and nap


Best Option
Good Option
Bad Option
Worst Option

Jabberwock Park:

This looks like a great spot for napping.
Let’s climb some trees.
What a weird statue.

If only there were food stands…
Let’s pick up some trash.
Let’s climb that statue…

Let’s sit down for now.
The scenery is so nice…
Let’s take a walk.


Let’s tan!
Let’s swim!
Let’s make a sand castle!

Let’s run for now.
Let’s take our clothes off.
Let’s do some fishing for now.

Let’s gather some seashells.
Let’s drop some coconuts.
Let’s split some watermelon.


There’s not much to do here…
This is a great place to kill time.
I could get some studying done here.

I guess I should read some comic books…
I guess I should read some technical books.
I should look at some photo books…

Let’s take a nap.
It’s quiet.
Let’s look for treasure.

Movie Theater:

There’s also anime.
Let’s watch some action movies.
A yakuza film, huh…

I think I’ll get a hot dog…
Never mind. Let’s leave.
We need to have popcorn.

I might fall asleep in the middle…
Let’s sit at the very front.
3-D, huh…

Amusement Park:

Let’s ride the carousel.
Let’s go inside the haunted house.
Let’s ride the rollercoaster!

Where’s the mascot?
Let’s climb that castle.
Let the battle begin!

Never mind, let’s go home…
This place looks fun.
This place looks exhausting.

Military Base: 

Where’s the warship?
I wonder if there’s a fighter jet.
Let’s ride the tanks.

I have a bad feeling about this.
This is a little exciting.
Never mind, let’s go somewhere else.

Let’s look for food.
Let’s look for fuel.
Let’s look for weapons.

Kokoronpa/Shot Through The Heart:
waste of time, negation
eliminate anyone who gets in my way, negation
eliminate anyone who gets in my way, affirmation
waste of time, affirmation

Wrong Answer #1
Wrong Answer #2

anonymous asked:

Omegaverse with Mukkun's s/o having her first heat? I really want to read omegaverse right now and if you have any other omegaverse stories I can can read will you please give me a link?

Hello Anon, I have this Here if you’d like to read it. I haven’t written much for the AU yet, but might I recommend Kurokonoaskuburogu, amoralyn, and basketballbakas? They also write omegaverse and produce amazing work if you’d like to read what they have to offer. 

“_____-chin should go home,” Atsushi grumbled as he tottled after you, his large figure looming worriedly over you. Waving off his concerns, you simply patted his shoulder and told him that you would be fine. Your mate wasn’t very protective, more possessive by nature than anything else. You ranked high on his list of valuables, even beating out sweets and naps by margin. 

Atsushi could be clingy, you found, and it was often comical. Luckily, you enjoyed his smotheringly childish affection and the way he’d gently poke the random sweet at your lips in an instinctual attempt to keep you well nourished during the school day. Unfortunately, his idea of nourishment included deep fried or sugarcoated morsels. For the last week he had been trying to get you to eat much more often, shoving cookies by the dozens and umaibo by the handful at you until you had to stop accepting his offers.  

That led to lots of grumbling on his end and a lot of reassuring kissies from you that yes, you loved him and no, he was not failing at keeping you well fed. 

The craziness seemed to continue even now with him trailing after you like a puppy, the tapping of your shoes was ever followed by the lazy dragging of his across the floor. “Atsushi, I’ll be fine,” you reassure for the umpteenth time that afternoon. “Please let me run my errands in peace.”

Another grumpy pout crossed his lips. 

You sighed and reached upwards for his face. Automatically, he leaned down so you could place your hand on his cheeks and pull him in for a gentle kiss on the tip of his nose. A small smile broke the scowl. “I’ll stop by and watch your practice afterwards and then we can walk home, okay? You have a match coming up soon and need to go, remember?”

He mulled over your words for a little before nodding his head. Turning around, he waved at you over his shoulder, “I’ll be waiting for you _____-chin~”

You smiled at his lazy voice and continued onward with the stack of papers you had been carrying, noticing with a small smile the gumdrop he had placed hopefully upon it. 

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