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Train Escapades || Diana & Steve

Pairing: Diana Prince x Steve Trevor

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1545

A/N: There wasn’t enough time to show Diana & Steve’s train ride to the front in the film so I was inspired to write what I would like to have happened. Idk what time it was so I just made it the afternoon for fanfic’s sake. I’d really appreciate some feedback! (:

The sound of chugging trains and chattering people filled the afternoon air as a certain, Amazonian princess munched the last of her newly-found love, an ice cream cone.

“That went fast,” said Steve Trevor, grinning ear to ear. He didn’t know if he’d ever smile again, until she stepped in his life.

“I’ve never tasted anything more delightful,” Diana replied gleefully. “How do they make it?”

“With milk, and a ridiculous amount of sugar.”

“We should try some day.”

“We will,” he spoke assuringly, although his smile faded, for he was actually unsure if that day would ever come.

Steve ushered her through the crowd until they finally reached their train. He opened the door and like a gentlemen, he held up her hand as she stepped through before him. His action was puzzling but she forgot it as soon as she caught sight of the car’s interior.

“There’s two beds!”

“What about it?” He set their bags down.

“Now we don’t have to be married to sleep,” she teased, nudging his arm.

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