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There you were, sitting on your velvet covered thrown waiting for your guests to arrive. Of course you weren’t quite fond of the situation, but with your mother gone and the kingdom constantly trying to get invaded, the only hope was to marry you off and see how the new king would handle the situations, like your father explained. Luckily, some of the most handsome and responsible princes from near by kingdoms were called in to see who was lucky enough to win your hand.

“Princess?” A small voice echoed through the room drawing your attention to whom had spoken. “all 9 princes are here, should i send them in?” Your servant continued. With a slight nod, you give her an answer, straightening yourself up and making sure your tiara wasn’t tilted. One by one the group of boys walked into the room, tall and proud. Smiling, each boy respectfully bowed towards you before you began to speak.

“I am Princess (Y/N), Daughter of widowed king (Y/F/N). My father sent invitations to those he thought were not only best fit to rule but, to open their hearts, and for that i congratulate you~” The boys clapped for each other before you continued on. “I suppose you boys know what you’re here for, but let me repeat it for anyone who would like to hear it again, The 9 of you are here to see who may win my hand in marriage and take the role of a strong leader. But before i start… i would like to know your names.” You stood up and gestured the prince to the far right to start.

“I am prince Oh Sehun from the Wind kingdom. It’s nice to meet you.” The tall one with dark black hair and round framed glasses spoke. His formal attire was black with a pretty wine red colored sash draped across his chest. After studying the youngest prince you focused your attention on the next. “ Hello princess, i’m Kim Jongdae of the Thunder kingdom.” Looking him up and down you noticed his white dress shirt had special looking studs and buttons, with a baby blue sash. You smiled at him before gesturing to the next boy. “I’m Do Kyungsoo from the Earth Kingdom, it’s nice to see you again princess.” You slightly remembered the shorter, dark haired boy from a ball he had invited you to a year or so ago.

One by one the boys introduced themselves. Sehun, Jongdae, Kyungsoo, Minseok, Baekhyun, Jongin, Junmyeon, Yixing, and Chanyeol, you repeated over and over in your head not wanting to mistake one of them or another. You flashed them a bright smile before picking up where you left off. “Because you’ve all traveled so far we will be providing all of you rooms in the castle. You will be fed and kept busy with activities and of course myself.” The boys chuckled along with you before continuing. “Depending on how well i believe we match, more dates will be added. Right now i have one mandatory date with each of you, but after that, it’s up to my preference.” You smile before clapping, “good luck boys.”

Prince Sehun, Prince Jongdae, Prince Kyungsoo,

Prince Minseok, Prince Baekhyun, Prince Jongin

Prince Junmyeon, Prince Yixing, Prince Chanyeol

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So this is really stupid but

Why does Blue Pearl not have socks?

I mean in ‘The Answer’ she’s completely bare foot, for god knows what reason…

Then when we see her again during Steven Bomb 5 she’s got shoes but no actual socks.

And I just find that really weird because it’s like ????

Yellow Pearl gets socks (granted they’re thigh-highs, but still socks) CG Pearl wears socks.

What does Blue Diamond have against socks? Why can’t her Pearl have some damn socks?? Wtf? Why even give her shoes if you won’t give her a nice pair of knee high socks to go with them? Hell even ankle socks would be fine.

I‘m sorry, I just feel as if this should be addressed.

The lack of computers in this hospital will be the end of me.

I get here at 6, track down a computer on wheels for rounds, change the battery, do my pre rounding.

I’m just about ready to round, when the med student needs me to show her something. I put my name on the computer, reserving it.

I step away for two minutes max, and it’s gone.

The way we do rounds here we need computers to place orders, open labs, and review images. So I go hunting.

I find thee computers just sitting in the corner in a hallway. Being a nice person I ask if I can take one for rounds.

Nope. I get a bunch of nurses giving me attitude about how I should just use my laptop.

Um…this is the ICU with a ton of sick kids. What part of that makes it a good idea for my 8 month pregnant ass to carry around a personal laptop thst can’t be properly sterilized around? Especially if there are computers just sitting there not being used. Why is this a daily battle?

here and now

this one wasn’t requested and honestly idek where it came from but I think it’s cute and I like it!! Hope you guys do too :)

Word Count: 2000ish

Rating: PG

“I’ll be less than an hour, I swear. C’mon Magnus, please?” Jace pleaded, toying with the ring around his neck as Alec gave him a knowing look. They were standing in Magnus’ apartment, both the older men still in their pajamas. However, Jace was already dressed for the day, eager to set his plan in motion.

“Fine, but if you’re not back in time I’m sending him after you,” Magnus gave in with a sigh, nodding back towards Alec.

“Get Izzy a new one while you’re there, since your girlfriend snapped hers. They should still have the same model,” Alec said as Magnus began to conjure the portal.

“She’s not my girlfriend.”

“Yet.” Alec winked before giving his parabatai a light push, sending him through.

The cold Idris air took Jace by surprise when he arrived, despite the fact that he had been there only a few days before. It was slightly colder than before, so he shoved his hands into his pockets, ducked his head, and made his way through the streets as discreetly as he could. Word travelled fast in the Shadow World and no one was particularly fond of the two young Shadowhunters who had let Valentine escape on their mission. Though no one would dare speak a cruel word to Jace – not in Idris, with the Inquisitor so close by. Herondale perks, as Alec would say.

It only took him a few minutes to remember the way to the old weapons shop he had ventured to the few times that he had managed to sneak out of the house as child. He’d never gone inside, but he’d always gazed into the windows, watching the sun glint off the seraph blades. They looked much smaller now than they used to. He shook his head a bit, as if to clear the memories, and pushed his way inside, the quiver-shaped sign shaking slightly above him.

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I’ll See You Again

Shitty current mood so here it goes.

“Sara please, give me time. Don’t give up yet.”

“Reyes…I am…I’m sorry Reyes”

“No.” He whispered. “No, please Sara! I need you. I can’t, not without you.” Reyes held her hand, rubbing it gently with his thumb.

“Don’t cry, Reyes please. It’s breaking my heart.” 

“I’m sorry Sara. Oh god I’m sorry.”

He leaned his head on her hands as he cried the words. “I should’ve been there for you. I can fix this. Just don’t give up.”

The chills went through his body, desperately trying to believe that this is all just a bad dream. 

“No one can fix this. And it’s alright, I’m okay with it.” She smiled warmly. “We had so many beautiful moments and I am so grateful for them. If someone turned back time, I’d do everything the same, even knowing it leads to this moment.” She murmured. “It’s not your fault.”

“I can’t let you go Sara! Not now. This is not the moment i let you go.” Reyes felt his heart splitting in half.

“I know, I know.” Her voice was calm. “But you have to…” She ran her fingers through his hair a few times. “…you know.” Her voice cracked as the tears fell from her eyes. 

“I love you.” Sara said it faintly as her hand slid from his head, hitting the floor.

“No, no, no! Sara! Come on mi Reina wake up. Please wake up, you can’t leave me. Please wake up.”

He cried loudly as he removed his hand from the wound and held her by her cheeks. Blood smeared as his hands touched her.

No response. 

He kissed her forehead and laid his head on her chest as he grieved. 

“I love you too.” He said it softly, wishing at that moment he’d just die with her.

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Did u watch the chicon main panel? Jared let it show how fed up he is with Cortese or it could be about Danneel too. At around minute 45 Jensen was asked what advice he would give Beyonce about twins, and he said it would be for Jay Z, like your first words should be what can I do for you, and then Jared went and HER first words should be as long as you keep paying my telephone bills and my automoviles the baby and I are chill. Look at Jensen's face he couldn't believe the shade

Hahaha! I love when Jared has no fucks to give! 

I really do think that was Jared getting a dig in at Cortese because when they went to the Winchester Mystery House she had made a crack how Jared’s face pays her bills (x). I know many just brushed that comment off as a joke, but I thought it was done in poor taste and it’s apparent that Jared found it a little fucked up as well.

Thank you for dropping in, nonnie!

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mom i'm feeling inspired but i have no ideas, could you please give me ideas on what i should write :') (also i love your art and your blog so much, you seem like a really nice person and i appreciate you highly !!)

write a girl and her brother exploring an abandoded ufo (it’s their hobby) and finding an alien except the alien looks like nothing what we think aliens look like

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A bit old but it still bothers me how Constance Wu was willing to support that mail order bride show as long as it meant giving an southeast asian actress visibility and good pay. It made me question if she actually cares about improving asian representation or if it's just a smokescreen.

I think her comment was making a statement towards the women’s wage gap, which is a major factor that sets back women today. However, when it comes to the wage gap, you can’t overlook race and misogyny. That mail-order bride show was literally a comedy about human trafficking of Filipino women. Should the show have gone on just because the lead actress would get paid better than the male actors? Of course not.

Constance has been very vocal about Asian American representation but she isn’t perfect and is prone to mistakes. Therefore, she should be criticized where she makes them. At the same time, I don’t think this incident is enough to drop her or make her suspicious. Cautious, sure. But you should always be cautious of everyone when it comes to social justice, even me lol. That’s the best part about social media, you can always find out someone’s stance on something by the things they say on it.

Angry Asian Guy


Mina: Please. It’s never been about the money. Even if it were, you expect me to believe you’d give up a cent of it to me? Assuming you ever got your hands on it, anyway.

Aidan: So, just so we’re clear, when I get the money, you don’t want any of it?

Mina: “When”? You should pretty confident.

Aidan: Well, since Toccata’s in my care now–

Mina: [scoff] Sorry, last I heard, she’d been missing since the day they dropped her off at your place. That was, what, two weeks ago? Three?

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Highspecs. "Here, hold my lance"

This is so incredibly OOC for Aranea. Or maybe it isn’t. I just really needed a vulnerable, funny moment between the two of them that didn’t involve her stabbing him with said pole arm. 

Tagging:  @mikia87, @hello83433, @hyperstorms, and @sternentreue

Word count: 559

“Here, hold my lance.”

In hindsight, because that was always 20/20, Ignis should have known better than to give his dragoon partner a second polearm. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he expected better her. Aranea was a dignified, classy woman with a particular knack for sass and a take no shit kind of attitude that drove him wild in the best ways possible. He had expected a woman of that nature to simply hold the lance until he was finished packing up the bag of curatives for their trip through yet another dungeon.

Perhaps, though, it was the lack of pleasantries that made the entire scene what it became. There was no ‘please’ or ‘thank you’, nor was there a response from Aranea of any kind as she took it from him. Hell, there hadn’t even been a nod. Ignis hadn’t thought much of it, far too focused at the task at hand, it seemed.

The first of the noises were brushed off, easily ignored. Prompto and Noctis often played with the weapons stored in the Armiger – though he had scolded them on several occasions that they weren’t toys. When he heard them a second time, he thought the same. It wasn’t until he heard the clank of weapons for a third time, followed by a very distinctive feminine giggle, that Noctis and Prompto were still off taking photos, or fishing, or both. Whatever those two did together.

Silently, Ignis stilled his hands and turned to look over his shoulder. Sure enough, Aranea had his lance in one hand, hers in the other, and were clashing them together, a war that Ignis internally dubbed as Black Crimson versus Blue Ice. (He would work on better names later.) The metallic sound of each ‘attack’ rang through the air and bounced from the treetops.

Whether or not Aranea was really into it was debatable, but Ignis caught himself completely enthralled by the battle she waged between the two lances. Only when he cleared his throat – which was just habit by now – did she realize that she was being watched. Immediately she stood upright and adverted her gaze as she huffed.

“What are you looking at?” she bit, and Ignis was almost as amused by the bashful reaction as he was the with the War of the Lances. Her cheeks burned bright red and she sneered at him when he didn’t respond immediately. “You’re done packing, right? Take it back,” Aranea growled and shoved the polearm back at into Ignis’s hands. The smirk on his face was wicked as he continued staring at her wordlessly. The longer he watched her, the more flustered she became.

“I’m bored, all right? Let’s just get this crawl over with.” She moved to brush past him, but stopped when Ignis forced down a snigger. “What’s your deal?”

Ignis tried to verbally answer. Truly. He had words lined up and ready to go. They never came. A hard chortle spilled from his lips and he leaned on his lance as he doubled over, hysterical laughter shaking his shoulders. All hope of using his extensive vocabulary was tossed aside.

“Laugh it up, four-eyes!” Aranea spat, and then she did turn away from him. One day, she would learn that he thought it was cute. Today, however, he was an insensitive ass because she deemed it so.

First Sentence Drabble requests are currently CLOSED. Prompts currently in my box will be filled on or before July 31st.

First Sentence Drabble Master List.

I still refuse to let go of the fact that Sana’s birthday is on December 24 (Norwegian Chistmas). The fact that it’s on a day of Christian worship is significant, seeing as she’s Muslim, but also…

Kids who have birthdays right around Christmas often get combined gifts and their birthdays are overshadowed. I think it’s safe to assume Sana and her family don’t exchange Christmas presents, so she should have nothing to be overshadowed by, right? 


If I had a friend who had a different religion, or didn’t believe in God, I know I wouldn’t give them something like this. It’s just another thing that adds to her feeling like an outsider.

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To what extent should you take veganism? For example, today my sister was eating a greek salad and she offered me the olives because she hates them and I love them. However the olives still had tiny little flecks of feta cheese on them from the rest of her salad. Should I like... wipe the olives off with a napkin? or does it really not matter at that point?

Personally, I take my veganism as far as it is feasible to do so. Effectiveness over perfection. It’s about the animals, not about me. So if eating that olive is something you feel comfortable doing, that’s up to you. Eating the olive isn’t going to contribute to animal suffering, unless your sister is specifically buying these salads to give you her olives (which I don’t think is the case, that would be kinda odd).

There might be other factors that would stop you from eating it. Are you allergic to dairy, or are lactose intolerant? If it was me, I would probably wash it off first because dairy increases mucus production and I have chronic sinus issues. Even a little bit of dairy can give me postnasal drip/a runny nose.

If those don’t apply to you, then it depends on your comfort level. Does dairy gross you out? Meat freaks me out to the point where, say, that was a chicken salad and someone gave me an olive, I couldn’t even wash it to eat it. The knowledge of where that meat came from and who it used to be, I wouldn’t be able to stomach it. I get that same visceral reaction with eggs, but not dairy, funnily enough.

So again, it’s up to you and your comfort level. Veganism is a social justice movement, not a purity test. :) Thank you for your ask!

can people stop saying taylor hates her fans just because she isnt active. you know that is untrue & you know how much taylor loves all of us. taylor is on a break but also she owes us nothing at all! not even a like on a post. taylor has an upcoming trial she will be focused on and we should all be supporting her and you know she is deep into working on ts6 era so we just have to wait!!! we are very blessed to have taylor and for what she gives us and does for us. I know how much you miss her because i do too but we just have to wait.

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Could I request headcannons of Roadhog trying to impress his female crush?

I find this hc to be so cute oml I hope you like it!


-Mako would be pretty damn nervous around his crush, but would try to impress her often causing Jamison to tease him.

-He would do silly things to make her laugh like crush cans on his head or make it seem like the whole hog on his tummy is talking.

-He would often feel awkward because he isn’t as good looking while his crush looks like something from a magazine to him.

-He would often try to impress her with his cooking, he just has to make sure his little rat friend isn’t lurking around.

-I feel like he would always buy or most likely steal stuffed animals or other special things for his crush.

-Would definitely give up his Pachimari plush for her to make her smile.

-He would give her the best bear hugs- or should I say hog hugs to make her smile or giggle.

-He would always spoil her and would do whatever they want just to make her day.

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You should probably give credit to LeahLillith for the twist headband since you used her mesh

Hey Nonny 😊 I made that mesh myself, its not the one from the Malibu hair! I credit all meshes I use so if I don’t then its my own mesh 😀


“Don’t worry” Hannah giggled as she took his hand “daddy won’t let him hurt you.”

Donovan relaxed a little reassured by her words. “Maybe we should just watch the movie” he suggested trying to move away from her when Hannah put a restraining hand on his shoulder.

“We don’t have to do that” she shook her head “give them time.” She indicated her dad’s with a nod “they’ll get used to it eventually.”

He gave her an uncertain look before settling back into her arms. “I feel like I’m taking my life in my hands.”

“Don’t be so melodramatic” she chided “if dad wanted you dead he could have left you under your car.”

He shivered a little remembering how helpless he felt pinned beneath his car. The thought that still haunted his dreams was whether he was the type to do whatever it took to survive or whether he’d give up and wait for death. Thankfully he hadn’t had to find out.

The Seer (Part53)

Summary: You and Loki discuss about how to proceed in rescuing your friends. Steve, Nat and Wanda get a bad surprise while surfing channels.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: geeky/nerdy reader, language in general / some swearing, angst, a little bit of drama, and this should be all… I think.

Notes: [M/L/N] stands for ‘your Mother Last Name’. The parts in italic are the reader thoughts and the alerts that her power gives her. While the parts between double lines are the reader’s visions. I would appreciate any feedback.

Word count: 1524

The Seer MASTERLIST for all the parts of the series.

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“So…” You stare at the galactic map open on the monitor in front of you, on which Loki has pointed out the junkyard planet and W9099. “We’d better go on the junkyard first because if it is as I image it they’re going to have very little to eat. And then we go to Bucky and Drax or Peter, whoever is with him.”

“Wouldn’t be better if we first find your lover so that”

“W9099 is further away from Ventrian than the junkyard is.” You cut off Loki. “And I refuse to leave a baby with potentially nothing to eat, just to try to set the record about my feelings right.”

“A baby?” Loki frowns.

“Groot. He is a flora colossus, and he is still a baby.”

“No, wait a minute.” Loki laughs. “Let me get this straight. You are telling me that you are not alright to leave for some more days that plant in a junkyard. However, you are completely okay that he gets involved in any kind of trouble with these so-called Guardians of the Galaxy. Is this it?”

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The stories fans make up based on a few set pics is astounding! I know there was a huge backlash directed at Colin after JMo made her decision & I'd like to think that, personally, they did end things on friendly terms. but I think that the drama that ensued showed them that maybe they should be more prudent about their on-set interactions, all the negativity that was directed at Colin came a certain sect of the CS fandom that should not be giving more ammunition to feed their delusions!

I don’t know who made up those speculations or what section they came from. I guess people will see whatever they want to see and believe whatever they choose, and anything they see (or don’t see) for them will be a “proof” for what they already believe to be a fact.

I don’t know how they parted ways, but I don’t see a reason why there should be any bad blood between them. I do believe that the behavior of certain “fans” can influence the way they behave on set or also in social media, but I have no idea if that is the case here.

Bottom line, any negativity directed at any of them can never be justified or even tolerated, and it’s not one tad better, just because it comes from CSers instead of SQers.