i should give him more piercings


My fan apprentice for The Arcana (Claire he/him) he’s like, pretty much me more or less. Except like with tattoos and piercings and cute people want to date him, but other than that, pretty much me.

I’m hesitant to give him a backstory until i find out how he met Asra. But the tattoos are mysterious~

i’m posting it here even tho its not TI but everyone should go play the arcana cause its gay >>

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We all know about your pure and undying love for Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014, 2hrs16min) but WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE PARTS

I would say everything between 00:00:00 and 02:15:54. 

But if you want specifics… 

  • Steve running at the same time as Sam and lapping him just so he could do the “on your left” thing, instead of saying hello and introducing himself like a normal person trying to make a friend would
  • A police car pulling up beside Nick and him immediately being suspicious of them like how #real 
  • The first appearance of The Winter Soldier where the camera focuses in through the bulletholes in the windshield onto him like strutting along the road and then after he blasts the car he just sidesteps out of the way casual as anything whilst The Winter Soldier theme plays 
  • “This isn’t freedom. This is fear” - The tagline for the “free” world 2k16
  • When Natasha finds out that Nick has been hurt and it’s probably the most open and vulnerable we ever see Natasha and you see how scared she is to lose him and get an idea of how important to her Nick is 
  • When Steve goes to talk to Pierce and he has no real reason not to trust Pierce yet, but he’s still suspicious of him anyway
  • The elevator scene where Steve is so observant and quick and puts together what’s going on from the moment the first person joins him in the elevator. 
  • Peggy calling Steve a drama queen. 
  • Any time Brock Rumlow got punched, or kicked, or hit, or had a building dropped on him, or was hurt in any sort of way. Seriously, fuck that guy. 
  • When Computer Zola is telling Steve that everything he lost, everything he “died” for, was for nothing bc Hydra still got what they wanted and Steve punches the computer and smashes it - Steve has so much hurt in his heart and it’s never really addressed, the extent of his loss and his grief, but it comes across strongest in catws 
  • Sam having met Steve literally twice for like 5 minutes and already inviting him and Nat into his home and cooking them breakfast and getting back into the good fight and he and Steve have that little bonding moment when he see’s the picture of Riley
  • When Sam shows up to a gun fight with a knife and wins 
  • “Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky” 
  • Maria Hill tasing that guard and seeing Sam and being all “who is this guy?” 
  • The entire scene in the bank vault. Not being funny, Sebastian should have been given every accolade going for his performance in that scene. 
  • In the flashback when it shows Bucky being given the metal arm and he wakes up and just fuckin….chokes the asshole doctor that gave it to him, like !!!! that’s my son right there!!!! 
  • “I don’t think he’s the kind you save…he’s the kind you stop” “I don’t know if I can do that” “He might not give you a choice, he doesn’t know you.” “He will.”
  • The entire flashback scene to after Steve’s mom’s funeral. Like I have so much to say about this scene, I’m not going to go into it here but just the symbolism of home and happiness is like !!!!!!
  • Alexander Pierce dying. Personally I believe it should have been slower and more painful but, what are you gonna do y’know. 
  • Steve dropping the shield!!!! “I’m not going to fight you, you’re my friend” “You’re my mission” “Then finish it. Cause I’m with you to the end of the line”
  • Bucky’s face when he hears that and it’s like you can literally see the walls in his head collapsing and the onslaught of memories that flooded his brain. 
  • Bucky saving Steve after Steve saved Bucky and then Bucky leaving so he could start to save himself, and going to the museum and reading about the man he was before hydra tried to wipe him from existence.

I realise I have actually basically just described almost everything that happened in the movie but like…the whole thing is a masterpiece. Marvel haven’t done better since, Marvel probably won’t match it again. Iconic. A beautiful example of how wonderful cinema can be when every element comes together and moves in perfect harmony with each other. 

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Could you do something with McReyes? I really like the idea that Reyes is some sort of demon/vampire when he comes back. So maybe something with McCree finding out or feeding off him? Thanks love!

Anon asked: How about some McReaper with demon/vampire Reaper? :3

Idk what the hell this is lmao have fun

“You…look…terrible…” came the strained voice.

“Looked in a mirror lately?” McCree scoffed, looking down at the slumped form. His hand went to his hip, ghosting over his peacekeeper, ready if the man before him dared to move. Though in his current state, Reaper was barely a man. More mist than human.

“Fair point,” Gabriel finally grunted after a considerable pause. He glanced at his fallen shotgun, discarded among the shattered remains of his mask, but it only existed now to taunt him. If he reached for it Jesse would likely finish off what little of him remained. But at least it would be quick.

“You’re dying,” Jesse pointed out, clenching his fist to stop the twitching of his trigger finger. He should have left them to finish his former boss off. He should have left him to die. He should just end it here himself. But after everything…Jesse still cared.

“No shit. Still as observant as ever, recruit.”

“Y’aint my boss anymore! I don’t have to put up with your shit.”

Gabriel chuckled, but the sound caught in his throat as Jesse bent down and pulled a knife from his boot. Reaper let his head fall back against the wall, too weary in body and spirit to bother fighting this. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying to stretch out his final moment by taking in every detail. The smell of trash, urine, and gunpowder was suddenly penetrated by one overpowering scent. Blood.

Reapers eyes snapped open and locked on Jesse, who was currently dragging the blade along his good arm.

“What are you doing?!” he snarled, backing away. His hunger pushed him to the brink but his care for that damn cowboy suppressed the beast. For now at least.

“Well I know you’d be too darn stubborn to accept my help on your own… So I’m giving you a hand- well, an arm. Listen to your instincts, Reyes,” Jesse told him, kneeling at Reapers side and holding the back of his head to keep him still. Tendrils of black smoke wrapped around McCree as he moved closer. “Drink.”

“Fuck off Jesse, that’s a damn order!”

“I told ya; y’aint ‘commander’ Reyes anymore. Now shut up and drink. I’m a big boy, I can handle it.”

Gabriel clenched his jaw, trying to resist. But as McCree pressed the wound to the vampire’s lips all resolve broke. Reyes clamped down, sharp fangs easily piercing the skin. Guilt rose in him as Jesse hissed in pain, but he was too far gone to stop and apologise. As he drank his form became more solid, the beast inside became sated, and he became more human. If only a little. Once he was finished he ripped away from his feed.

“B-better?” Jesse asked, giving a weak smile before collapsing next to Gabriel. “Man, I could use a nap.”

Reyes wrapped an arm around the younger man and pulled him close, resting McCree’s head against his chest. They should really get out of here, find somewhere more pleasant to rest and recover. The alleyway was no five-star hotel, but, as long as no one came in shooting at them, it would do for now. It didn’t take long for Jesse to pass out. Exhaustion and blood-loss had taken its toll. Despite the accommodation, being in Gabriel’s arms provided him with the best sleep he’s had in a while. Maybe he had dreamed it, but Jesse could have sworn he heard Gabriel whisper his thanks while pressing a kiss to his wound. Definitely a dream…

Pater’s Rose7*

SOOOO here is part7 of my story, it’s a long chapter I know but I had to tell a little bit more ;) 

I hope you will enjoy it!! And of course as always let me know what do you think!!! I’m looking forward to hear from you!!! 

Enjoy the reading. 

P.s. don’t forget the tissues!! 

All the love, as always 

E. xx 

Emily’s eyes are closed; her head tilts back and she inhales sharply. Olivia frowns, and I can hear the wheels in her head. I don’t dare to look at him. Nervously I play with my hands, looking down at them. From below I try to catch a glimpse of him. He stopped in his movements. His napkin is still at the corner of his mouth. I can see how his fingers crunch the white fabric between them until his knuckles become white. His eyes rest on me.

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sedated (daddy issues ch. 1)

Originally posted by iminlovewithderekhale

naomi meets the hale pack and immediately becomes smitten with isaac. he, on the other hand, does not seem impressed. (and derek has angst sex.)


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20 + bambam ♡

drabble prompt:Oh right, I do love you.” [ 20 ]

love | bambam

You were sat next to BamBam on your comfy shared bed, staring at him, admiring his beauty while he watched a video on his laptop. He was loosely holding your hand, his grip not as tight as it was before. After a few minutes, BamBam felt your piercing stare and he glanced over towards you.

A smile spread across his lips as he saw you, love overflowing from your eyes.

“Hey.” He spoke, his eyes having the same twinkle as yours.

“Hello.” You replied, giggling slightly.

BamBam paused the video and then shut the laptop, “I should give you more attention, I could always watch this video later.”

You nodded before giving him a look, “Yes, now stop ignoring me!”

He gasped dramatically, “I’m not ignoring you, I’m talking to you right now!”

You shook your head, “I had to stare at you for ten minutes before you noticed.” You let out a sigh, “Do you even love me?” You questioned, quite teasingly.

BamBam looked away from you and placed a finger on his chin, tapping it slightly, “Do I love you? Hmm, let me think about it.”

Playfully, you nudged him to which Bam fell over to his side as if you decked him in the face. You rolled your eyes, but the profound smile on your lips proved that you weren’t annoyed at all.

You hovered over BamBam, who was laying on his back, pretending to be passed out. Poking his cheeks, you let out a giggle as he stayed still, but you could see it was taking him every ounce of his energy to not let a smile crack.

“Stop being so dramatic.” You chuckled while shaking him.

He continued to stay still so you decided to fall on top of him and wrap your arms around him, “Bammmm.” You called out, nuzzling your head against his chest.

You looked up to find him staring at you and you instantly gave him a bright smile. A grin formed upon his lips soon after, finding your smile absolutely stunning, “Oh right, I do love you.” He chuckled, his arms wrapping around your waist, “Now c'mere.” He mumbled, pulling you closer towards him to give you a kiss.

Love is when two people who care for each other get confused.

Bob Schneider

The One After Her: A Relationship in Pieces

A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction 3

Featuring: Spencer Reid x Female Reader  Setting: Between Season 10 & 11

Pieces 1 & 2

A/N: I am so glad you all are liking this series. I hope weekly updates are enough to keep you reading! xoxo Stu

It was a measure of time: the time before the admission from Spencer about his hang ups over his ex (if that is what one labelled a girlfriend that passed away) and the time afterwards. It wasn’t that you qualified it as a fight. The night he tried to make up for it, however, was most definitely your first major argument.

It was a quiet, yet exciting Sunday evening. You were watching PBS holding a pillow and Spencer’s head in your lap; casually playing with his hair. Cell phones were set atop the coffee table awaiting an update from Will. JJ was in the hospital, Penelope was watching Henry and Baby LaMontagne Watch 2015 had commenced.

“Second deliveries labor times average about half as long as first born’s.” Spencer pointed out.

“That’s good, I hope everything goes quickly for her. JJ is so tough, she’ll power through it and still look like an angel afterwards.” You couldn’t get over how she just glowed. She was beautiful, but something about being a mother added to her charms.

“I remember when Henry was born.” Spencer started.

“Of course you do! “ You giggled at his nearly perfect memory.

“Well, it’s that I was awestruck at the tiny bundle JJ handed over. Her trusting me with her children, should anything ever happen to her and Will, was one of the proudest moments in my life.” Spencer mused.

“JJ is an excellent judge of character, Spencer. You’re an amazing godfather.” He slid one of your hands out of his hair to play with your fingers. Spencer with the BAU kids was definitely a view that messed with your hormone levels.

“Thank you, Y/N, that’s very nice to hear. Though I wish I could do more with him.” Spencer admitted.

“Well, with the new baby around, Henry will need some one-on-one time. Perhaps we should schedule something once JJ and Will are situated at home?”

“Yes, we should.” His voice changed. “You constantly amaze me, Y/N. Your simple suggestions put me at ease and give me things to hope for.” Spencer sat up now, piercing you with his dark eyes’ honesty. “I want you to know how much that means to me.” Spencer still idly holding your hand, kissed it like a fairy tale prince. You flushed at his affection and the intensity of his words.

But Spencer couldn’t stop once he started, his words spewed from his soft lips like a twelve car collision on the Interstate. “I want you to know that you’re not a placeholder, Y/N. You are special to me in ways that I didn’t know I needed. You’re thoughtful and kind, but you’re–”

You gasped. Seeing him in a new light, your blood chilled. “Spencer, stop.” His eyebrows perched in confusion. You reached forward and covered his mouth with the palm of your hand. “Placeholder? Placeholder Spencer?!”

His face shifted, he was scared now. His voice muffled into the meat of your hand, but you refused to hear him. You couldn’t believe it, you had barely had the strength to write it. And here he was, this certified genius using your own words against you. Well, he was trying to reassure you, you knew, but you didn’t want to think about that just yet.

“What an interesting word to choose, Dr. Reid. Please, elaborate, why would I be considered a Placeholder?” Your voice dripped with venom. You took your hand back and crossed your arms over your heaving chest. Spencer was finally speechless. He had no way to dig himself out of this hole and you both felt the inevitable approach.

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76. “I need you to pretend we’re dating…” jerevin

trigger warnings: transphobia (not by the main characters), transphobic statements (not by the main characters), past abuse (not-explicit), stalking

words: 618

Contrary to all evidence Jeremy does not do well under pressure. Which is why when Connor walks into the bar that Jeremy is in he panics. Just a little bit. Which is why he stands up and immediately walks towards the bar.

It’s a conscious effort to get him near the bartender, and also near the bouncer and judging with the way Connor’s lips curl he knows that.

Jeremy’s eyes drift towards the bathroom at the end of the bar. ’Goddamnit Matt,’ He thinks, ’Come on,’ The bathroom door stubbornly remains closed. Jeremy watches out of the corner of his eye as Connor slowly seems to realize Jeremy’s rising panic and his eyebrows shoot up before he smiles to himself. The fucking bastard. He starts walking towards him and Jeremy’s panic reaches a peak just as a person leans down next to him to talk to the bartender.

“I need you to pretend that I’m your boyfriend,” Jeremy hisses into their ear. “Please,”

The person next to him gives him a startled look and fuck he’s hot with blond hair and golden sunglasses and now he thinks Jeremy is a freak. “Please,” Jeremy adds one last time just before Connor’s broad hands land on his shoulders.

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Inspired by the Stony fic tropes that are making the rounds. It mentions Steve watching Tony in the workshop, and I wondered about Tony watching Steve in a studio. This turned…uh, a little sadder than I’d originally intended. It could be pre-slash or platonic. Open to interpretation.



“You seen Steve?”

Nat twisted in her chair, her expression carefully blank, and Tony suddenly knew that his hunch was right. Something had happened.

“Why are you asking?”

“I haven’t seen him in a few days. Normally I’m the one who has to be dragged out kicking and screaming into the sunlight, and he’s usually doing the dragging.”

“Aw, did no one come feed you?” She was smirking, but Tony didn’t fail to notice that she immediately held out her chocolate bar to him.

“I ate. A while ago. But that’s not why I’m up here. Where’s Steve?”

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Gajevy Week 2017 Bonus Prompt: an au

AU: Crazy cat hoarder and their allergic-to-cats neighbor

Rating: G if that’s how rating books even works, idk I should really look that up

Levy sneezes to herself for what feels like the fiftieth time that morning. She frowns, searching the web for an allergy medicine that doesn’t possibly end in death. It’s a lot harder than it should be. Giving up yet again, Levy shuts her laptop and sneezes. She scratches her arms and legs. “I can’t keep living like this,” she says to herself.

Levy had a neighbor move in across the hall from her. Her apartment complex allows pets of pretty much all kinds, and her new neighbor is a crazy cat hoarder. The funny thing is, you’d never be able to tell by looking at him. With his facial piercings, intimidating red eyes, and an all black wardrobe, he seems more goth than a cuddly cat lover.

At first, Levy was excited to have a new neighbor. The last tenants enjoyed themselves a little too loudly and too carelessly at night. But this guy is quiet, he rarely talks and he didn’t even ask anyone to help move his stuff. But then the cats moved in with him, and Levy’s been throwing constant sneezing fits for days now. “That’s it, I’ve got to say something,” she says to herself.

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EXO Reaction to Y/N Getting a Belly Peircing

From: Anon <3


You lifted your arms to stretch and your tummy peeked out of your shirt. He noticed and grabbed you by your hips to examine it. 

“Wow, when did you get this?”

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Lu was on the bed stretching when he saw something twinkle on your belly from out of the corner of his eye. He turned to get a closer look and he noticed that it was a belly ring. 

“I swear, she never tells me anything.”

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“I didn’t know your were into piercings and things like that.”

“Well, I’m not really into them, I just wanted this one.”

“You should get more.” *thinks you look hot af*

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You two had been talking about your belly ring for hours.

“I don’t remember giving you permission to get one.”

“…I’m an adult!”

“Sure~ you are.”

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“I looks so cute. But, did it hurt?”

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You and Baek went swimming and you tried your best to hide your piercing from him, wrapping your arms around your tummy whenever you aren’t in the water. You ran for your towel and wrapped it around yourself but the towel snagged on your piercing. You fumbled with it for a while before covering yourself up.

“Mmhm, I saw that.”

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Chanyeol started to tickle you out of no where. As you wiggled around, your shirt bunched up. When your bellybutton was exposed he stopped.

“I knew you were hiding something.”

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“How long have you had that?”

“Just a few days.”

“Don’t lie.”

“Four months.”

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“So you just weren’t gonna tell me?”

“Tao, we’ve been together for three years, how did you not see it?”

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“You told me?”

“Yes, and if you listened to me instead of playing that game, you would have known months ago.”


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“I got my bellybutton pierced today.” You lift up your shirt a little to show him.

“Cute.” *uninterested*

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For writing prompts - I get that you just reblogged a fanart of this but how about... OtaYuri sleepover? ~ Just something cute and sweet like that ~

“This is stupid,” Yuri grumbles out, and he hears Otabek let out a huff of laughter as he lays out the blankets on his bedroom floor. “What are we, fourteen year old girls?”

“It’ll be fun,” Otabek replies, and Yuri can tell he’s trying to stop himself from laughing at him even more. Really, he should be laughing at him for proposing such a dumb idea in the first place. “Besides, you’re the one who kept complaining about hotel prices. And you’re the one who insisted on visiting me, anyway.”

“But a sleepover?” he insists, exasperated. “We might as well call it a slumber party and paint each other’s nails.”

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request for: @girlfuckewd

pairing: Reader x Cas

song: Ghost by Halsey

word count: 1,333


When you first met Cas, he was a sweet, innocent angel hellbent on following heaven’s orders. One day, however, everything changed. You watched as Castiel switched his loyalties, protecting you, Sam, and Dean at all costs.

“Y/N,” Castiel appeared before your eyes. “I want to give you something.”

You put your book aside and gave your full attention the angel standing in front of you. “Is everything okay, Cas?”

He pulled an angel blade out of his sleeve. “I want you to be able to protect yourself. If we are fighting against heaven and hell, you need to be able to kill both angels and demons.”

You took the cool, blade from his hands. He gave you a small smile as his bright, blue eyes connected with yours. “What about you?”

“Do not worry about me,” he told you. “This is not my first fight.”

You placed your hand on his cheek. “Let me help you.”

“I do not want you getting hurt.” He traced your lips with his thumb before pressing his lips against yours. You closed your eyes and pressed back lightly. When you opened your eyes, he was gone.

I’m searching for something that I can’t reach

I don’t like them innocent

I don’t want no face fresh

Want them wearing leather

Begging, let me be your taste test

I like the sad eyes, bad guys

Mouth full of white lies

Kiss me in the corridor

But quick to tell me goodbye

The next morning, you walked into the kitchen, only to find Cas sitting with Sam and Dean. You took a seat at the table across from Cas. “I want to help.”

“No, Y/N.” Cas said, harshly.

“It’s not your decision.” You snapped back.

Cas stood up and walked over to your side of the table before picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder. You kicked and screamed, telling Cas to let you go. He opened the door to your room and set you down on your bed.

“Cas!” You grabbed his arm, pulling him back towards you. “What are you doing?”

He shook his head, gently pushing you back towards your bed. “This war is no good for you, Y/N. I am no good for you. It is better if you stay away.”

Cas walked out of your room, locking the door behind him.

You say that you’re no good for me

‘Cause I’m always tugging at your sleeve

And I swear I hate you when you leave

I like it anyway

You paced back and forth in your room for hours, waiting for someone to unlock the door. Dean brought you some pie and a burger around lunch, but that was the only time someone had come into your room. After a few more minutes of pacing, you put your pajamas on and crawled into bed.

The door slowly creaked open and Cas walked in. “Y/N.”

“What do you want Cas?” You asked, exhausted.

He didn’t say anything. Instead, he crawled into bed and wrapped his arms around you. He watched over you as you drifted off into a deep sleep.

By the time the morning light poured into your room, he was gone.

My ghost

Where’d you go?

I can’t find you in the body sleeping next to me

My ghost

Where’d you go?

What happened to the soul you used to be?

“I’ll call Meg.” You heard Castiel announce as you walked into the kitchen for breakfast.

“Morning, Y/N.” Dean smiled at you, giving you a hug.

“Morning, Dean.” You smiled back, before walking over to Sam and giving him a hug.

“I told you that you are not going to help us.” Cas scolded you.

“I need to eat.” You fired back. “And you’re in the kitchen.”

It bothered you that Cas would go to Meg for help instead of you. You wanted to be the one that Cas went to for help. As much as you hated to admit it, you were jealous and being around Cas right now was only making it worse.

You grabbed a bagel and walked back to your room. The angel blade that Cas gave you a few days ago was haunting you, teasing you even. Without a second thought, you grabbed the angel blade off of your desk and walked back into the kitchen.

“Cas.” You called out.

“Hey, Y/N.” Meg taunted you, giving you her signature smirk. “How’s it going?”

“Y/N, you should not be in here you got your breakfast.” Cas looked at you with his piercing blue eyes.

You held the angel blade up. “I came to give you this back”

Cas grabbed your free hand and pulled you out of the kitchen. “Y/N, I told you to keep it.”

You shrugged. “I don’t need it. It seems like Meg will need it more.”

“Y/N, wait-” Cas pulled you back to him and pressed his lips to yours. He ran his fingers through your hair as you wrapped your arms around his neck. “I do not want anything to happen to you.”

“I know how to fight, Cas.” You told him softly. “I want to help you.”

“You can help me by staying here.” Cas placed his hand on your cheek.

“Of course,” You gave him a warm smile. “I’ll stay.”

Tonight, you were going to join the fight, with or without him.

You’re a Rolling Stone boy

Never sleep alone boy

Got a million numbers

And they’re filling up your phone, boy

I’m off the deep end, sleeping

All night through the weekend

Saying that I love him but

I know I’m gonna leave him

You grabbed the bag of food and your angel blade before walking outside.

“You said you would stay here.” You jumped at the sound of Cas’ voice.

“You know I’m not the person to let other people fight without me.” You spun around, looking him in his baby, blue eyes.

“Y/N-” You cut Cas off.

“No, Cas, you listen to me. I don’t know who you are anymore and- and, I hate that I like it so much. You keep me out of plans, lock me in my room, and yet, I still find myself falling for you.” You cried out. “And then you disappear on me so fast like I’m imagining all of this. You act like a ghost.”

Cas took long strides over to you, wrapping you in a tight hug. “I am sorry, Y/N. I just wanted to keep you safe.”

He flashed the two of you back to your room. “Cas, what are-”

“It is okay,” He reassured you, tucking you into bed before crawling in next to you. “I will watch over you.”

“Promise me that you’ll stay with me until morning.” You pleaded.

Cas shook his head. “I cannot. I am no good for you.”

You say that you’re no good for me

'Cause I’m always tugging at your sleeve

And I swear I hate you when you leave

I like it anyway

“Don’t say that, Cas.” You told him. “It isn’t true.”

Cas gave you a small smile. “Sleep, Y/N.”

You sighed, closing your eyes and falling asleep.

My ghost

Where’d you go?

I can’t find you in the body sleeping next to me

My ghost

Where’d you go?

What happened to the soul that you used to be

You woke up in Cas’ arms that morning. And the day after that.

Cas pushed back a strand of your hair. “I will never leave you, Y/N.”

“What about heaven and hell?” You asked him.

“Let them come,” He smiled at you. “I am not afraid anymore.”

He placed a kiss on your nose and pulled you closer.

I’m searching for something that I can’t reach

My ghost

Where’d you go?

I can’t find you in the body sleeping next to me

My ghost

Where’d you go?

What happened to the soul that you used to be

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your punk/nerd valdangelo au is so amazing! But I need more!! Do they slow dance? Who kisses who? Do Nico's punk friends get along with Leo? I NEED MORE OF THIS AU! 😍😍

I’ve been meaning to for awhile so why not

  • It was definitely one of those situations where it was like “well you don’t have anyone to go with… And I don’t have anyone to go with… Maybe… We should go together? AS FRIENDS OF COURSE”

  • When Nico asks him, Leo is just trying his best to look calm but on the inside he’s screaming.

  • When they slow dance they both argue who has to do the girl part lol.

  • It ends up being Leo cause he’s a smol baby.

  • Fast forward to after the dance and they are the lasts ones to be picked up. Nico just keeps shuffling closer to Leo and Leo is panicking on the inside cause holy shit his crush is finally going to make a move on him and he has no clue how to kiss.

  • So Nico slides Leo’s glasses off and keeps getting closer to his face and that’s the worse thing he ever could have done because “holy shit you look really good without your glasses and I should put them back on before I go insane”

  • Leo turns to face Nico and he just dives right in so then bonk foreheads and Nico is just like “dude wtf??” and Leo apologizes madly because it’s not his fault he couldn’t see!!

Idk I was gonna be like “then they kiss for real” but since I’m a sinner I’m gonna give you angst.

  • Nico keeps bugging Leo about how he should get his lip pierced or something cause he would look good with “more metal” as Nico calls it.

  • Leo is just like “but I have enough metal in my mouth” and then points to his braces. At first Leo is like fml why did I just say that??? But then Nico cracks up cause that was pretty dang cute of him to say.

  • One day Leo is like “Hey, can you please stop teasing me in front of your punk friends?” And basically they get in a huge fight about how Nico does this and Leo is like “That’s not how friends treat each other!” And without thinking Nico is like “Oh yeah? And how would you know?” And everything gets really quiet because Leo never had a friend before and Nico is like shit shit shit and he starts to apologize but Leo is like “You’re right, I wouldn’t know.” And storms out of Nico’s room.

  • And Leo doesn’t go to school the next day and Nico keeps calling him but he won’t answer his phone.


  • So she makes him promise that he will make it up to Leo somehow then they eat ice cream and Nico just tells her how much he misses Leo.

  • Then Leo goes back to hiding out in the library during lunch and back to his small mythomagic club that has like three people in it.

  • While Leo is avoiding him, Nico is ripping the school apart trying to find him.

  • So Nico finally finds him and his heart is going to burst because nobody should be able to rock an adventure time shirt like that.

  • Then Nico is pulling Leo into a empty stairwell and spilling his guts to him about everything, including the bit about the adventure time shirt.

  • So Leo is stares at him the whole time in shock of what he just heard and kisses him quickly but he’s scared people will see so it’s short and he tells Nico he forgives him.

  • sin sin sin sin sinsin sni sinsin

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Same question, Pierce and Arcann. Then... the winner of both vs each other. >.>

Ooooh, more asses! I am so awful, lol. 

Pierce and Arcann. I’m gonna have to give that one to Arcann. Pierce is so large…I’d almost imagine him not having much of an ass to speak of. Like my hubs…he’s built like a bouncer…and has negative space where an ass should be. I’m sorry hun…love ya though! *kisses!*

But Arcann…I imagine him being built almost like Theron, but not quite as cut. He’s so active and is totally obsessed with his lightsaber forms. He’s gonna keep Nox very busy in the sparring ring. 

Alright…the final winner. So I said that Nik won out over Theron. To compare Nik to Arcann…I’d have to say that Nik would take it, again because Nik just has the most to chew on. To go in order, I’d have to say after Nik, it would be Theron with Arcann ever so close behind (heehee…”behind”) with Pierce in last. Sorry Pierce! 

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Hello! Sorry I keep requesting a lot! I was wondering if you could do a scenario where the GOM+ Kagami + Himuro comfort their s/o after they had a bad day? Thank you for everything you do <3

Eh? D: It’s completely okay to request a lot! [IN FACT DO IT MORE AND MORE. AIKA IS THIRSTY FOR REQUESTS c:] This request is so cute, and it spoke to me on a personal level because gah, all my days are so busy now T^T I managed to squeeze a few minutes in to get this request done, but I’m not as pleased about it as I normally would be. I still hope you love it, though, because I gave it my all c: Thank you so much for requesting, and please keep on supporting me! 

“Is something the matter, [Name]-san?” Kuroko’s soft, sincere and gentle voice floated to your ears within the darkness of the room. He lay next to you, his fingers tangled with yours under the sheets that rose and fell with your breaths. Moonlight filtered in through the curtains outside, and the atmosphere was serene. Yet you were still awake and Kuroko must’ve found something odd in that.

When you finally spilled to him that you had a bad day, he remained silent for a second. Then his fingers tightened around yours and he sat up in order to give you a soft, slight smile. His hand escaped yours in order to trail up your arm and card through your hair.

“Do not worry, [Name]-san.” He said gently, leaning down to softly kiss your forehead. “I will be happy to listen and relieve you of your problems at any time.”


Midorima lifted his nose from the book he was reading as soon as you mentioned that you had a bad day. He studied you from the corner of his eyes for a moment before putting the book down on the table in front of the sofa.

“Come.” He said quietly, if not just a bit tentaviely, adjusting his position on the sofa so that he was facing you with his back against the armrest, one leg tucked underneath the other, which dangled toward the floor. You were confused but complied, edging towards him uncertainly until you were almost sitting on his lap.

“Turn around.” He guided, and you followed, tentatively leaning back against his chest after you did as he said. Behind you, Midorima stiffened and you were further bemused as to what he was doing.

Your thoughts were answered when his long, slender, and taped fingers reached up to gently press against your temples, beginning a soothing rubbing motion. You immediately relished the calming sensation that settled on your nerves.


“I read that massages help relieve stress.” He explained briefly, and one of his hands brushed back a stray hair that had fallen onto your face; a sign of his reluctant affection for you. “I-It would be disparaging for my self respect if you are not relaxed, nanodayo.”


“Hm, come ‘ere.” Aomine grunted sleepily from his side of the bed, and his arm reached out under the sheets lazily to wrap around your waist and pull you closer to him. You found yourself buried pleasantly within the warmth of his strong biceps, inhaling his deep, musky scent. His fingers skimmed up your spine gently as his lips brushed the top of your head.

After a while of soothing silence in this position, Aomine’s sleepily husky voice (one which you liked very much) filled the air again. “Question is, do I need to punch anyone?”

You laughed against his skin quietly, oddly relieved by the sensation of his lips moving on your scalp. “No, no,” you reassured him, “this is fine.”

He grunted contentedly again, and he gave you a firm but gentle squeeze before drifting off to sleep.


“This smells really nice, Ryou.” You murmured to Kise, breathing in the relaxing scent of cherry blossoms and tilting your head back to give him a smile, which he returned in kind. His eyes lit up at the compliment, and his legs, which were on both sides of your body, shifted as he pulled you even closer to him. His firm torso was comfortably warm against your bare back, and your eyes closed in satisfaction as the soapy water swirled around your body. Kise had offered to take a relaxing bath together when he found out that you had had a bad day.

“This bath bomb must have been expensive, though,” you frowned a bit, leaning back further into his body until you were comfortably settled into the crook of his neck.

“Ehhhh?” He whined, sounding a bit more sly than he should have. “For a rich model like me? [Name]-cchi, you say cute things sometimes.”

You scoffed teasingly and reached up to tug at his pierced ear playfully. “I’m serious, Kise.”

You couldn’t see him, but it was easy to imagine the pout on his face. His arms crossed around you as he trailed his hands up your torso to begin rubbing your shoulders gently.

“Do you think I would mind even if it was expensive, [Name]-cchi? I’d give up all the money I have just to see you smile, you know?”


Himuro gave you a reassuring smile at once when you reluctantly confessed you had a bad day, and reached out to wrap his arms around you.

“Let’s relax a bit, [Name]-chan,” he said, pulling you onto his lap. He paused the movie and allowed you to bury your face in his neck as he ran his fingers through your hair in a soothing motion. You were fine with just this, because the crook of his neck was quite comfortable and his light and slender fingers felt good on your hair, but then Himuro began humming softly. He let you lie in his lap this way, listening to the soft whisper of his musical voice until you eventually drifted off to sleep.


Kagami panicked, initially, when you told him that you had a bad day. He knew he fumbled when it came to words, and he had no idea what to do in order to comfort you. Then his eyes fell on his ipod, and he got a sudden brainstorm.

At first you were mostly bewildered when Kagami suddenly swung his legs off the bed and began blasting My Humps on his ipod on full volume. You understood, and then barely inhibited your laughs, a moment later when he began dancing to it. Kagami was a terrible dancer, and more so because he kept stealing glances at you with this idiotic grin on his face every now and then, until finally you couldn’t help yourself and you eventually joined him. The two of you toppled back onto the bed in pleasant exhilaration, one atop the other, as soon as the song finished. His lips eventually found yours, and that was the beginning a completely different kind of dance.


You didn’t say anything to Murasakibara, but for some reason he noticed your distress. You were catching up on a show you watched together on his bed, but your eyes were rarely on the laptop, and you mostly opted to lean against him and sigh throughout the majority of the episodes. He must have been unable to help himself, because he finally paused the video and rolled off the bed. For a second you were confused and sort of hurt, wondering whether he was annoyed by your dismay, but then he returned from the cupboard with a bag of junk food and dropped it into your lap.

You were confused, and watched him carefully as he settled back against the headboard and pulled the laptop onto the pillow on his lap. Murasakibara rarely shared his snacks. “S-Should I unwrap this for you, Atsushi…?”

His eyes flicked to you for a second before he wordlessly wrapped an arm around you and pulled you against his body. Your bewilderment intensified, but you sure as hell weren’t complaining. 

“Nn… you can have those, [Name]-chin. You seem like you need it more than me right now…”



When your tentative voice cut through the darkness of his room, you heard Akashi shift on his side of the bed. The fabric of the silken sheets ruffled a bit, and then his sleepy but still firm voice reached your ears.

“What is it?”

“I can’t sleep.” You confessed. “I had a bad day.”

There was a bit of a silence albeit for the rustling of the sheets while Akashi stretched in his position on the bed sleepily. You heard him give a contented grunt before he switched on the lamp by his side of the bed. Then his arm reached out through the sheets to hook under your waist and pull you closer until your head was lying on his bare chest. His hand trailed up your spine to card through your hair. This helped soothe your agitation, and you settled into the crook of his arm comfortably.

“We will talk about it further in the morning.” Akashi said firmly. “It is very late, and I want you to get some sleep.”

You smiled against his chest, feeling grateful for his soothing presence. “I love you, Sei.”

You didn’t see him, but you imagined he must have been smiling. “Hush, flower. Rest for now. I will express my love for you in the morning.”

And despite the fact that he was extremely tired, he waited until you finally drifted off to sleep before allowing himself to follow.

Bts reaction to you their girlfriend getting a piercing


To that say that Jin would be shocked is an understatement I mean you left the house with no hole in your eyebrow and then you come home with a mental hoop through it jin:Y/N-ah what happened to your eyebrow not that it looks bad or anything but wow I actually really like that on you.You look even more beautiful if that is possible.

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rap monster:

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He would be one hundred percent supportive  in fact I think that he would go to the piercing shop with you and pay for you to get your tongue pierced Y/N:Oppa should I get a tongue piercing? Rapmonster: Yes if you really want to I will pay for it in fact come on let’s go to the mall right now to get it done princess.


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suga I feel would be unsure of your lip piercing at first but he would learn to love it because when you guys make out it gives him something to play with suga: Y/N what is that thing on your lip? Y/N: It is a lip piercing Oppa please don’t be mad I have always wanted one. Suga: I don’t know what to think what if it gets in the way when I try to kiss you? 

J-hope: Just ignore jungkook lol 

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I wouldn’t be able to tell you is J-hope would be more proud of you for actually following your dream of getting your belly button pierced or be able to take the pain of the needle going through your skin J-hope: Wow jagiya I am so proud of you,It looks really cool see I could never take a needle going through my belly.how painful was it. Y/n: aww thanks oppa and it didn’t really hurt that bad but I will most likely feel it later.


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V would be surprised because you and him talk about you getting your septum pierced but he never thought that you would actually do it but he would highkey fanboy over it  V:Omg Jagi you actually did it omg it is so cute. Y/N: you like it right oppa. V:like it I freakin love it Y/n it is so cute OMG.


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Jungkook wouldn’t be with you when you decided to get your nose pierced, he would be on tour with the boys however you post a selca on Instagram and he will see it and brag to the boys about how badass his girlfriend is Jungkook:Omg guys I have the most badass girlfriend ever look at my Jagiya’s new piercing isn’t it cool guys.


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Jimin would be touched that you decided to get your cartilage on your right ear pierced just to match him but be careful he may be a little cocky about it. JImin:Y/N did you get that just to match me that is so cute but if you want to be just like me you could have just asked then I would have told you. Y/N: Jimin oppa  yes I did get it to match yours but I also got it because I wanted to and at least I have jams you would say while laughing that would shut him up lol

A/N okay peoples this is just something that i came up with right now while i was bored I don’t own any of the gifs credits go to the rightful owners if you have any questions about what any of these piercing are not that you will but if you do just google it lol I hope you enjoyed them and if you like these reaction things just let me know and the same rules if you post anywhere please ask and give credit~Zero 

The Future King [Ivan Chernenkov - Oneshot]

            “This is Ivan when he’s 5. He wetted his bed every night and won’t admit it. If we pressed him, he’ll cry,” Olga showed a picture of Ivan crying in front of his bed, holding a pillow.

You giggled, “Ivan is so cute.”

Tatiana took the photo album from Olga and flipped the page, “You have to see him when we dressed him up as a girl for a costume party in Nobel Michel!”

A big hand grabbed the album from Tatiana’s hand before it reached you.

Everyone looked up and saw Ivan looked down, frowning.

“Enough. I think you already have enough fun. Now, please take care of Misha. He’s sleeping,” Ivan put the album back on the table and gave the little boy he was holding back to Tatiana.

Another boy hid behind Ivan’s leg and peeked from it.

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“Come with me.”

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: “If I just saved you, then you could save me, too.” (x)
Words: 1,715
Warnings: nothing bc I DIDN’T SWEAR IN THIS 😱
Notes: for arfrona — i don’t think i wrote it how you wanted but ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯

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