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The Boy Who Couldn’t Hold His Breath Underwater…

I could not get this moment of the series out of my head, even though there were SO MANY beautiful moments, I saw Isak on the back of that bike in episode 4 and thought “…dear god he looks like a Caravaggio Painting!” (And don’t even get me started on the art historical/thematic implications of that visual reference…) And I knew I just had to draw it.

Anyway, so here it is! For some reason, it looks weird when I take it out of the drawing app but regardless,  Enjoy!

I might also make this available as a print eventually if anyone is interested

Fairy Tail Chapter 526 Review

Wow. This chapter.

So looks like “FT memories” is going to be a running theme of covers. On the one hand, I kinda like since the series is ending. On the other hand, you probably should remind people “Hey remember back this was really good”

So picking up from last chapter, we have tons of fighting.

Little side note, the spell Gildarts is using is called “All-Crush” which is also the name of the dark bring from Rave Master which was the inspiration for Gildarts’ powers

August impales Gildarts on his staff (that I didn’t know had such a sharp edge) and talks about love between parent and child (again)

Okay. I get this whole importance of parent and child, and it’s an okay message. The problem is when you put it on infinite repeat. All the dialogue is just prose on this theme and it’s so annoying. I mean, isn’t the theme of fairy tail family as in family that isn’t blood related to you?

So Gildarts rushes forward at August. then we cut away.

Yeah Zeref keep making that hole bigger why don’t you.

And bomb shell, Larcade is a demon. Honestly I’m not surprised but I’m impressed with how he said that he was the best experimental boy for Natsu because when we saw END for the first time people referenced that there were these destroyed containers meaning there was possibly of failed ENDs. But I guess that Larcade had the demon programing like all of Zeref’s demons to want zeref so maybe Larcade’s manifested as, “he’s my father”.

“Look failure Natsu, I have real Natsu to pay attention to so piss off”

Umm before I go into this, no Hades she’s not a grown woman, she’s in her mid teens at best. Mentally fine she’s an adult but she’s not fully grown. Also how did you deliver the baby?

So Hades doesn’t know what to do with the child and I really like the call back to Hades arguing over light and dark because his whole thing was on the true nature and origin of magic. That was what his philosophy was.

Okay let’s go through this panel by panel, first, WOW Hades you are crappy elder. I mean you were guildmaster, you basically were in charge of being the father figure of the guild, good to know you improved.

Next, So wait your magic involves memories, how?

And finally, looks like Zeref is randomly wandering, again.

That’s… Really clever. Like when August ot shot with Crash he made a comment on Gildarts having “an interesting magic”. Meaning he didn’t have knowledge of it before.

Again really clever idea and way of beating him. I just have a few questions, what about the heat pillar he used on Natsu, or the sleep magic on brandish, or the bullet magic on Mirajane? Do you naturally know that magic because no one who knows those magic were in the area.

okay I don’t like this joke of Cana being tsundere-like about her dad it’s really not funny for me.

I’ll break this down panel by panel. So this flashback is interspersed through the action. Again just talking about Zeref.

Also, Gildarts I get what your saying, I just didn’t think that the prosthetic was a magic item I assumed you just could use crash without it breaking.

Oh I so hope August isn’t beaten by this. Mainly because the faces they are making is not the face of the final blow being struck.

Dun Dun Dah, August is Mavis and Zeref’s kid! Oh boy how do I feel about this well I wanted to say this was a stupid twist because it faked us out but the whole point of a twist is to fake you out. Thinking about how the clues have been laid out: August when talking to Jellal never said Larcade he just said “his majesty’s child, also he says how Mavis was the only one who can beat the child and we saw Sting beat Larcade so that would make what august said pointless, August is an old man meaning he’s probably lived those hundred years that pass from the flash backs to the present, also the why didn’t his majesty not love his child at first seemed rhetorical but then became literal possibly due to his memory and living this long. So all the the things laid out was this a good twist I would objectively say yes. My problem kinda comes from Larcade having the color scheme that makes him look like Mavis which if he was a clone of Natsu, why didn’t he look like him? So yeah, the twist is good, however, what will come from it is what needs to be good as well.

Post Chapter follow up: This was a mixed bag. For the cons the repetitive dialogue is annoying. I’m sorry but this parent child thing is just so droning. Also a lot of the facial expressions do not match of the fight they seem reallt cartoonish.

On the plus side, Very good idea with the copy magic. It’s like a magic version of perfect copy from Kuroko no Basket. Really the solution of using only an item type of magic is also clever. I gotta give props to Hiro on that.

The stuff with Larcade does need a little more explanation but I do like that he was the closest to Natsu that Zeref created before END.

The twist may be hit or miss for some people but I guess I have to say I think it’s good I just don’t know how much I like it. Hopefully what comes from it is good.

Final Verdict: 7/10

  • Good ideas
  • Good twist
  • Little bit of annoying dialogue

Aligned Soundwave’s chronological design changes are weird af 

I mean he goes from Barawave during the very beginning of the Great War:

To a retro G1-like style in War for Cybertron to Fall of Cybertron (this design is also in Dark Spark but I honestly have no clue if that game is canon in the Aligned Continuity):

Lots of IDW readers should be familiar with this design since it was later reused in the 2012 ongoing series Robots in Disguise (later dropped to avoid confusion with the upcoming 2015 cartoon that had the same name)

Then finally we go to the present where Aligned Soundy has his much more debatably iconic look which also brings back his old head:

Of course don’t get me wrong at all, I do not hate ANY of these designs, in fact I love’em and personally think they are kinda cool in their own ways. But I just think it’s pretty funny that over time he goes from a beefcake, to blocky boombox/truck/lamppost, to silent Slenderman.

… and possibly back to beefcake if the RiD2015 Warriors Class toy look is going to be canon in the show (and IF he returns again):

So after Christmas I went on a book buying spree at Barnes and Nobles, and I went to buy the Selection Series, but The One wasn’t out on the shelf so I asked a very attractive worker if they had it. He said that they should so he went in the back to get it, but it took him a while to find it. When he found it he like rounded the corner and smiled at me and said, “GOT IT” and it was adorable. So when he came back I bought it and everything and just today I went to read it after finishing the first two books and he had put a note in it that said, "Hope you don’t think this is weird, but you’re cute" with his name and phone number.


And to the guy who gave me the book: I’m so sorry I took so long to get to it!

Stolen Heart: Part 4

AN: This is the last part. Just some fluffy goodness. And with this I mark the series Complete.

Words: 505

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

You listen to the conversation through the open window. “I honestly don’t get the appeal.”

          Damian just scoffs, “That’s no surprise Todd. This life isn’t for everyone.”

          Tim just laughs, “Says the guy dressed like Andy Griffith? You should have named your kid Opie.”          

          You smile to yourself before moving back to the kitchen table. You smile at the woman sitting there. “You ready to pull your hair out yet?”

          Selina just smirks, “You’re crazy. You do realize that, right?”

          You shrug, “For wanting a normal life?”

          She shakes her head, “No. For actually marrying Bruce Wayne’s demon spawn.”

          You just stare at her, “You married his father.”

          She stares right back at you, “I got lonely without you around.”

          You lean back into your chair, “And now you’re a combination aunt/ grandmother.”

          “Don’t call me the G-word.” She simply hisses, and you can’t help but laugh.

The two of you go silent for a few minutes. You listen to the guys talking outside, and then you say, “I’m glad you guys came.”

Selina smiles, “It was about time we met the kid. I have seven years of spoiling to catch up on.”

You smile as the sound of footsteps pounds up the stairs of the porch. Gideon comes barreling in a moment later. He’s covered in dirt, and there’s a gap in his smile from losing his first tooth recently. Before he can head into the den and collapse on your couch you yell, “Don’t you sit on my couch covered in dirt. Shower first.”

There’s a groan, before you hear him trudge up the stairs. Turning back to look at your sister you find her smirking at you. “What?”

She leans back in her chair, “Nothing … June Cleaver.”

You scowl, “Not cool.”

Her smirk just widens. “You’re in a dress.”

“It’s a sun dress. It’s too hot out for pants.”

“You’re in an apron.”

“I’m cooking!”

“You have a cake in the oven.”

You throw your hands in the air, “It’s my kid’s birthday!”  

The two of you end up bickering until it’s time for cake. It’s a simple yellow cake with chocolate frosting. And as your family surrounds you; Damian’s father, brothers and butler, and your sister, you can’t help but think that things will never be completely normal. And as Damian’s arm wraps around your shoulders, and your six-year-old turns into a seven-year-old by blowing out some candles; you can’t help but feel like that’s okay.

As Bruce cuts the cake Dick asks, “So nephew, what did you wish for?”

More than a little interested you turn to Gideon. He’s never been one to share his wishes. But looking at his uncle he says, “The same thing I wish for every year, a little brother.”

You choke on your water, as all eyes turn to you. And one look at Damian’s smirking face makes you want to punch him. But before you can say anything Damian simply says, “Done.”

You really do punch him for that one.

I’ve rooted for Stelena for years & tonight the series is ending. All I can hope for is that Stefan and Elena will get the ending they deserve. I believe in soulmates & I believe in an epic love; I believe that they should come back together as one. Stefan and Elena deserve that epic ending.
—  i can’t imagine the show ending without some sort of closure for these two.

petal-cub  asked:

ok so im just getting back into the warriors series after reading the first Arc and part of the second Arc before getting fed up with how dumb literally every cat was and I'm going to start reading them again WITH the like special editions? Like Blue and Tall's books. But is there like a specific order I should read them in chronologically? Like do I need to finish the first arc to have no spoilers for Blue's story and Tall's story? Also how many other special editions are there and what order?

here’s the reading order i would recommend - (note this is just my opinion, obviously the best way to read them would be chronologically by release date)

The Prophecies Begin (into the wild - darkest hour)

Tallstar’s Revenge (super edition)

Yellowfang’s Secret (super edition)

Bluestar’s Prophecy (super edition)

The Rise of Scourge manga

Firestar’s Quest (super edition)

Cloudstar’s Journey (novella)

The New Prophecy (midnight - sunset)

Tigerstar & Sasha mangas

The Power of Three (the sight - sunrise)

Graystripe’s mangas

Leafpool’s Wish (novella)

Dawn of the Clans (sun trail - path of stars)

Moth Flights Vision (super edition)

Omen of the Stars (fourth apprentice - last hope)

Dovewing’s Silence (novella)

Hollyleaf’s Story (novella)

Crookedstar’s Promise (super edition)

Mapleshade’s Vengeance (novella)

Tigerclaw’s Fury (novella)

Goosefeather’s Curse (novella)

Bramblestar’s Storm (super edition)

Mistystar’s Omen (novella)

Skyclan’s Destiny (super edition)

A Vision of Shadows (apprentice’s quest - thunder & shadow)

Hawkwing’s Journey (super edition)

The Matchmakers - Part 1

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

A drabble series I’m working on with @setthestarsxnfire, please enjoy! 

<    12:31    -    ZEN, MC    >

ZEN: But how did we get on this topic?
ZEN: Let’s go back to the main subject – Jumin Han
ZEN: Lately he’s been more annoying than ever

MC: Maybe you guys should talk to each other

ZEN: Hah! That would imply he actually listens

- Jumin Han has logged in -

MC: Hey Jumin!

Jumin Han: Hello MC.

ZEN: Are you seriously ignoring me?

Jumin Han: I wouldn’t be if you greeted me properly.

ZEN: Why would I have to do that just to get a simple hello?

Jumin Han: Also I see you’ve been insulting me again.
Jumin Han: If you were as productive in looking for jobs, you’d already be working full-time.

ZEN: Excuse you, I just got hired for a musical that will launch next year!
ZEN: What have you got to say about that, huh?

Jumin Han: I would say
Jumin Han: Congratulations.

ZEN: …
ZEN: Thanks.

Jumin Han: And that you should still consider my offer for the Holistic commercial.
Jumin Han: It’s good to have different options.

ZEN: And for a moment I actually thought you were being nice
ZEN: I can feel my allergies working up
ZEN: Go bother me another time, my break is over

- Zen has logged out -

Jumin Han: …

MC: Maaaybe you guys should meet up and talk?

Jumin Han: I don’t think it’ll go anywhere with someone as stubborn as he is.

MC: Right. So, the weather’s been pretty strange lately huh?

Jumin Han: I have to get back to work.
Jumin Han: Please ask him to think about it when he comes back.

- Jumin Han has logged out -

MC: …

- Yoosung★ has logged in -
- Jaehee Kang has logged in -
- 707 has logged in -
- V has logged in -
- Saeran has logged in -

MC: See guys, I told you.

Yoosung★: Wooooow, you were right.

707: Wait hold up, lemme do this real quick~!

- Private Mode activated -

707: There, now anyone who isn’t here can’t see this chat. :D

Yoosung★: You constantly tried to change the subject and Zen kept going back!

V: I suspected it earlier – whenever we talk, all it takes is the slightest of hints for Jumin to start ranting about Zen.

Jaehee Kang: Even if I didn’t know Zen had a new musical role. ;.;

707: Jumin really wants to see Zen in those cat ears hehehe

Saeran: It’s true, they’re complete morons

MC: Does that mean you guys are all on board?

V: Yes, I believe it’ll make them happy.
V: And it’d be nice to have less fighting in the chat.

Yoosung★: Not wasting hours when planning parties sounds like a win to me
Yoosung★: I might actually not be late for LOLOL evening raids on meeting days!


Saeran: Might as well, Saeyoung is going to force me into it anyway

707: Aww come on, I don’t want you to feel left out!

V: You’re lucky you have someone who cares so much about you, Saeran.

Saeran: Maybe you should be his brother instead

V: I’m not sure how I’d feel about that. ;;

Saeran: See, even V understands

707: (ಥ﹏ಥ)

V: Wait, that’s not what I meant.

Yoosung★: Saeran, stop picking on Saeyoung! D=

Saeran: Of course you would take his side

MC: Oi oi oi

Yoosung★: I’m not taking anyone’s side!

MC: Guys, focus!!! D:<
MC: Jaehee, you’re pretty quiet

Jaehee Kang: I don’t know
Jaehee Kang: I feel a bit awkward interfering with people’s love lives like this.

MC: Jaehee, how much more cat projects does Jumin give you whenever Zen says no?

Jaehee Kang: …Good point.

MC: At the very least, having them realize what tension there is between them will help us all out
MC: Let’s do it for everyone’s sanity!

707: My hacking skills are at your service (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

Yoosung★: I’ve got a few ideas :D

V: So do I.

Jaehee Kang: With my vast array of Zen merchandise and my job, I’m in the best position to help out.

MC: Yay Jaehee <3
MC: Then let’s get to work
MC: Operation Matchmaking has started!

Saeran: Just try not to be too obvious guys =.= 

I’m probably gonna get some shit for this but I’ll post it anyway. 

A lot of people are arguing about who should take responsibility for Lincoln’s death. Some are saying Bellamy and some Octavia but I think it’s important to look at the situation like this. Lincoln’s death was caused by a chain a reaction of events that culminated with his death. Each of those events was set in motion by something another character did, hell if we looked back far enough we could blame the entire series on The 100 being sent to Earth in the first place.

My point being, we shouldn’t be completely blaming or absolving any characters of the responsibility of Lincoln’s death and we should acknowledge all of their decisions lead to this. 

For example, Bellamy was semi-responsible for Pike rising into power which in turn caused a chain of events that lead to Lincolns death.

Octavia too stopped Bellamy from helping save Lincoln which also caused a chain of events which lead to Lincoln’s death.

I could even blame Abby and Kane for holding an election which got Pike elected and lead to a chain of events that caused in Lincoln’s death.

Not to mention, Lincoln did sacrifice himself which is important to keep in mind.

tl;dr: None of them are innocent, they all played a role in what happened and we should acknowledge that.

Washing Machine

request: Teaching Shawn how to work the new washing machine please

Shawn let go of the suitcase he was dragging when he saw you, and ignored the screams of the fans as you two hugged for the first time in months. “I’ve missed your hugs,” You whispered, kissing Shawn.

“Yeah? I’ve missed your kisses.” Shawn replied, kissing you once more. Geoff whistled, and Josiah said that the car wasn’t gonna wait all day, and that the lot of you should probably get going before they pick someone else up.

Back at the apartment, you walked into your bedroom and changed into leggings and one of Shawn’s sweatshirts, while Shawn drumped out a bunch of clothing onto your bed. “What’s this?” You asked, picking up a wrinkled shirt.

“Laundry that I never got around to washing. They’re from the last few shows, and I figured I’d wait to wash them here rather than in some laundromat on tour.” Shawn explained. “And I can learn how to use the new washer, too.” He had seen your Snapchats and tweets about how the old washer overflowed with suds and forced you to get a new one.

“Oh,” You hummed, sitting on the bed. “Do you wanna do that now, or do you wanna relax?”

Shawn shrugged. “I slept a lot on the plane, so I’m pretty relaxed. Maybe we can eat lunch, though. I’m starving.”

“You’re always starving!” You joked, poking Shawn in the ribs as you walked past him into the kitchen.

After you two ate some food, Shawn mentioned the laundry. “Wow, you really wanna learn how to use the washer, don’t you?”

“Well, sooner or later you’re gonna go back to school and I’ll have to learn how to use the washer anyway, so why not now?” He asked, voice growing quieter as he walked into the bedroom.

You followed him, nodding. “Alright, do you wanna do lights or darks first?” You asked, separating the clothing into two piles, just like your mother had taught you how to do.

“Darks, my favorite shirt is in there.” He pointed to the Harry Potter shirt he constantly wore, and you rolled your eyes.

“Ok, follow me.” You grabbed the load of laundry and walked into the laundry room, dropping a few socks along the way that Shawn picked up. “So, throw the clothing in the washer.” You tossed the wash into the washer and looked at Shawn, who was nodding. “And then you turn the dial to where it says dark wash, ok?”

“Yeah, and is the one that says delicates for the lights and stuff?” Shawn asked, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Damn, you’re smart!” You giggled, nodding. “But yeah, that’s fot the lights and stuff.” You grabbed the detergent. “And the salesperson said that we can use those Tide pack things, but we still have some of this detergent left, so I’m gonna finish this off, first.” You screwed the cap of the detergent back on, and looked at your boyfriend. “And those packs are expensive!”

Shawn laughed, kissing your cheek. “You’re adorable. But I mean, the wash looks pretty simple, thank God.”

You nodded, “Maybe you’ll be able to do the next load all by yourself!” You teased, speaking in a high-pitched vouce you use to talk to your infant cousins.

“You’re very mean.”

“You love me.”


a/n: short and sweet. I might post another thing in a bit, if you guys want that since I didn’t post yesterday

Tease II - Brett Talbot

Summary: Brett wakes you up early in the morning because he is in the mood, but you’re to tired…[Edited Version March20th 2017]

warning: smutty

pairing: Brett because he is my fave x reader

Originally posted by iistrawberry

“Y/n are you awake? Y/n?”  This has been gone for like 4 minutes nonstop, you thought Brett would realise that you were ignoring him. But he didn’t give up. “Pssst Y/n?” “WHAAT? Brett it’s like 4 in the morning? Why are you even up?” You yelled almost to loudly, rubbing your eyes with your fingers, trying to adjust them to the darkness of the room.

“Oh good that you’re awake babe, I thought you were sleeping.” “Well I was… until you decided to wake me up!” A groan left your mouth after you rolled your eyes at him, trying to figure out  why he would be awake so early in the morning. Brett’s lips formend into a sinful smile, his eyes filled with lust while he carefully moved closer to your body.  “But… I couldn’t sleep and was thinking about you and yeah..um, I need your help now.“ “Help huh? You’re a big boy Brett, you don’t need my help.” You mumbled annoyed, as you tried to continue to sleep as he lifted up the covers in order for his ‘problem’ sticking straight up to you in form of his boner.
 "Are you serious you are waking me up for this?“ Frustation was building up inside of you, you couldn’t care less about the trouble in his pants. The only thing that mattered for you in that moment were the 3hours of sleep that were left before the school would start. So you quickly put the covers back on him and turned around so that your back was facing him now.
“Try to get back to sleep, you pervert!” “But baby..” He whined in his raspy and deep morning voice, it was making you weak already.
Brett shifted again, closing the gap between your bodys so that he was perfectly spooning you. He softly placed one of his hands onto your waist, tracing light patterns with his fingers on your skin. It indeed did feel nice but you were to sleepy to keep up with him and his needs. “Brett please, not now I’m tired.“
“You’ve been tired all day Y/n!”
A almost inaudible sigh left his mouth as he was a little bit upset by the fact that you were rejecting him again. “But mean if you’re already awake..at least we can have some fun now.“ Brett suggested while planting a tender kiss on to your shoulder, your skin warmed up with every touch that followed. “Hmm fun in form of?”
You hummed in respond and snuggled your face into your pillow, keeping your eyes closed but listing attentively to his voice. He used his fingers to push some of your hair away, giving himself perfect access to your neck, Brett leaned down as the goosebumps already started to rise because of his sudden close presence. He felt how your body responded to his actions and knew that you craved him too. “Umm anything you up to, we can watch netflix, or have sex, order a pizza, or get a cat and name it Sam.” His breath tickled your ears while his lips ghosted around your neck. “Have sex? Pizza what?” You repeated to made sure you heard him right, trying to understand the nonsense of his sentence. “Wow babe I thought you want to get a cat but if it’s sex that you want, I ain’t complaining either!” “Wait I was-” But you couldn’t finish your sentence as Brett grabbed your waist  and placed you onto his lap, causing you to laugh.
“You won’t give up? Don’t you?”
“Nope, not until I get what I want.”
He whisperd and finally connected his soft lips with your sweet spot, earning a slight whimper from you. You impatently searched for his lips and tugged on the hem of his shirt. In order for Brett to carefully wrap his strong arms around your body, tracing his hands along your back and opening your bra, that quickly landed on the floor. Brett admired your body with the most sinful intentions in his mind, taking his time to place kisses on every part on your skin. His touch was driving you insane. You moved again to straddle him and wrapped your arms around his neck, carressing his hair softly. Again, pushing your body against his hips made you feel the adrenaline rushing through your blood. A light moan escaped from his mouth and you couldn’t wait any longer. “Baby I need you right now.” You whispered into his ear seductively, ready to take all of him. As you suddenly felt how his hands were grabbing you by the waist, pushing you of his lap. After he burst out in laughter and tried to catch his breath. “What the hell Brett?” “I’m sorry babygirl I’m too tired.”
He mocked, in the same tone as you did before but pecked your cheeks as you rolled your eyes. “Don’t be mad, always remember that two can play this game” He stated proudly, amused by the fact that after all you couldn’t restist him. Brett stretched out his arms and yawned, after he turned around. Leaving you very unsatisfied on your side of the bed. “Well then let the games begin.” You mumbled and looked at the ceiling.


Marvelmas (13/13) FINALE - December 25 - Avengers x Reader

Words: 1224
Pairing: Avengers x Reader
Featuring: okay honestly only a few characters actually talk, but everyone is mentioned. This is more of a reflective part, as it is the finale, and all of the previous parts led up to the big party!
Warnings: kinda a cheesy ending (except jadyn said it isnt so take her word for it).
Marvelmas Series!
Authors Note
: IM CRYING ITS OVERRR NOOOOO. This series was so much fun and I want to thank all of you for sticking with me through the crazy ride that was The Thirteen Days Of Marvelmas! No matter what you celebrate, I hope it goes/went amazing and you have a happy holidays! (also, posts should be going back to normal soon and i should be posting requests haha)

Marvelmas Masterlist. Masterlist.

Just because you are Avengers doesn’t mean the Barton children were going to be denied a normal(ish) Christmas. They would still wake up before the sun screaming for everyone to get up, then run to where the tree is to find that Santa came!

Of course, everyone was awoken by the screams of the children. But watching them get so excited was nice, especially from the many pains this year has caused. It was finally coming to an end, and hopefully, next year will be better.

And later, all the Avengers would head over to the venue. Tony knew it would be difficult for most people to attend his party, as it is on Christmas, so he made it open for any time in the afternoon to early evening his friends could come. He suspected most people would either come earlier or later at night, not right when it started. But that gave you and the Avengers time to relax at the big venue that was rented out.

And who knows, maybe this entire party would be a big bust. Of course, you were sure some people would come, and with the RSVPs responses, it would be a fun and enjoyable time.

As there were not many kids involved with the Avengers, it was up to the Barton children to have the best time of this holiday. They were ripping the paper off the presents they were handed, and they were very happy with the decent sized pile they had under the tree. What they didn’t know was that Tony likes to spoil, especially since he’s so close with Clint. And they screamed in joy when they saw Tony bring in more and more gifts for them. What can he say? It’s his chance to be an uncle!

Keep reading

I found his jumper 15 || D.H.

First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part, Fifth Part, Sixth Part, Seventh Part,Eighth Part, Ninth Part, Tenth Part, Eleventh Part, Twelfth Part, Thirteenth Part, Fourteenth Part

A/N: I want to apologize for this part in advance. It was planned like this from the beginning (check part 1). This is the end of the IFHJ series. Thank you for reading it. x

Word Count: 2.1K


Originally posted by penguinoinahat

“When’s dad going to be home?” Jacob asked, pulling at my shirt with his small hand to get my attention.

“I don’t know, honey. But he should be back any minute.” I answered the dark haired 5-year-old. He had clearly inherited Dan’s hair colour, that looked like milk chocolate.

“Daddy said he’d play with me tonight.” Jake told me, and his eyes started glowing at the thought of all the Lego and games he could play with Dan.

We had just eaten dinner and I was in the kitchen, putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

“Can I watch TV until he comes back?” my son looked at me with puppy dog eyes and it was so hard to say no.

“Okay, just today. But don’t be too loud your little sister needs her sleep, right?” I gave in and before I had even finished my sentence the little man had already sprinted into the living room and jumped onto the couch.

I laughed at his enthusiasm and turned the TV on for him since he couldn’t handle the remote control very well. He made me zap through all kids channels we had until he discovered that they were showing his favourite show on nickelodeon. He shouted for me to stop and seconds later his eyes were glued onto the screen.

“I’m going to check on your sister, honey. Tell me if you need me for anything.” I said softly, while ruffling through his hair.

I walked up the stairs of the house me and Dan had bought four years ago. Jake was one year old when we moved in and it was a pretty hectic time for both of us back then. I slowly opened the door to our daughter’s room. She was now 11 months old and the whole family loved her to bits. I had expected that Jake would be a bit jealous of her, like all kids were when they got siblings, but he wasn’t. Jake was a typical older brother figure, he wanted to protect the little thing and he always asked me if he could hold her. I had put Ava to bed right after dinner and just wanted to check if she had already fallen asleep.

I was careful not to make any noise when I walked up to her cradle. Ava was already sound asleep. Her tiny body was hidden behind a little blanket that she held onto with her little hands. One could only see her round head. She looked like an angel and her and Jake made me proudest mother in the world.

Dan had finished studying law at university a long time ago and took over his dad’s law firm. That’s why he wasn’t home for dinner tonight. He had crazy working hours and was very successful, but he also loved what he was doing. He had been in New York for the last three days for a business meeting and I had already started to miss him dearly. He had called me in the late afternoon, telling me that he couldn’t wait to be home and spent time with me and the kids.

Dan was a great daddy. He played games with Jake whenever he managed to have some free time. They went to football games together on the weekends and Jake was already on a junior football team because he wanted to be as good as his dad. Dan loved his son and daughter equally and he was the one who fed Ava her baby food and read her good night stories. The cutest thing was that whenever Dan got home late from work he’d give me a peck on the lips as soon as he returned and then he’d sneak up to the rooms our kids were sleeping in to give them a little good night kiss on the forehead.

I watched Ava sleep for a minute or two just because she was a tiny bundle of cuteness and looking at her made me feel all warm inside. I checked if the baby alarm was turned on before I left the room and closed the door behind me. Shortly before I was about to walk downstairs my phone started ringing. It was Dan.

“Hi, baby.” I answered and walked into my bedroom so I wouldn’t wake up Ava.

I had expected that Dan just wanted to let me know that he had safely arrived at the airport and that he was going to be home in half an hour, but it wasn’t Dan who was on the telephone.

“Who am I talking to?” the person on the other line asked. She sounded like a middle-aged lady.

“Rose Howell.” I answered, confusion in my voice.

“Is Daniel Howell your husband?” the woman wanted to know, sounding concerned.

“Yes, I am. What happened?” I asked and suddenly my heart was racing.

“Mrs. Howell, I am calling because you are your husband’s emergency contact.”

The word emergency contact started ringing in my ears and I sat down on the edge of the bed I shared with Dan. I swallowed hard to prepare myself for what the lady was going to say. I nervously kept fiddling with my wedding ring.

“I don’t know if it’s already on the news, but the New Yorker aircraft had serious technical difficulties during the landing. Mrs. Howell it breaks my heart to tell you that, but I’m afraid that your husband didn’t make it.”

And in that moment the world stopped turning.

My phone hit the ground after I had dropped it out of shock, but I couldn’t hear the loud thud it made. Somehow the whole world went quiet, deathly quiet. All air had left my lungs and I had troubles breathing, unable to comprehend that Dan wouldn’t return home in twenty minutes. We had hung up a huge picture from our wedding day above our bed. I couldn’t help but stare at the dark-haired beauty who stood next to me and smiled into the camera. The thought that I would never be able to see that smile again send waves of endless pain through my body. Never before had I ever felt such hurt. The feeling was unbearable and indescribable at the same time. I thought I’d sink to the ground but in reality I was just sitting on the bed, unable to move and stared into the void. It was surreal.

There couldn’t be a world Dan Howell. I sat there on my bed, swallowed by horror and sadness and I didn’t understand why time hadn’t stopped ticking. It was just a simple phone call and suddenly my live was turned upside down. There were no goodbyes, just a ‘see you in three days’ and maybe that’s why it was so hard for me to understand that 3 days would pass without him coming back.  

I remember the time I broke my arm when I fell out of a tree. It hurt like hell and Dan ran back to my house to get my mum. Later he signed my cast and told me that everything was going to be alright. That wouldn’t happen this time. There were no casts for broken hearts. And Dan was gone. Forever.

“Mummy, why are you crying?”

I removed my hands from over my eyes. My faces drowned in tears and snot. My whole body was shaken with sobs. I wanted to shout and cry out in misery but Ava, our daughter, was still sleeping next doors. She and Jake would have to grow up without their father.  

Jake had walked up to me. There was a sad look on his normally so happy face. He examined his mother’s tears. I took him into my arms and pressed his little head against my heaving chest. I caressed his chocolate brown hair and held him as close as possible.

“When is daddy going to be back?” he asked.

When I started sobbing heavier instead of saying ‘soon’ he started crying too.

“Mum, we are going to be late for my football game.” Jake whined. He was all dressed and ready to head out, but stared at the staircase with an annoyed and awaiting look on his face. Jake grew up to be a very handsome teenager, just like his father. The similarity was striking. He was the quarterback of his high school football team and I was sure that Dan would be very proud of him.  

“Ava, please hurry up.” I shouted and seconds later my daughter came running down the stairs.

“Why do you always have to take hours to get ready?!” Jacob complained as his little sister put on her jacket and shoes.

She stuck his tongue out at him as a response.

“If you two don’t behave, uncle Phil will not take you to another game.” I threatened. They groaned but didn’t keep fighting.

Phil was patiently waiting for the kids to get ready. He was taking them to Jake’s game today since I didn’t have time to do it myself. Over the past couple of years he had visited us a lot on the weekends. Phil barely missed one of Jake’s games, being a football player himself he loved to support his godchild. He was always there to help when times were rough and I could tell that he always enjoyed spending time with the kids since he didn’t have his own family.

“Good luck, honey.” I said and kissed Jake’s left cheek.

“Ew, mum!” he protested and wiped over his cheek with the sleeve of his sweater.

I shook my head laughing. “Have fun.” I shouted and waved as the kids hopped into Phil’s car.

“Thank you for taking them.” I told Phil, giving him a quick hug.

 “No problem, Rose. You know how much I love those little bugs.”

The reason why I didn’t have time to attend Jake’s match today was that our house was being renovated on Monday and the attic had to be empty till then. I hadn’t been on the attic for years. It wasn’t big and we still had unopened boxes from when we moved into the house fifteen years ago up there. I wasn’t really a fan of spiders or small rooms, but the work had to be done. After I had climbed the foldable attic stairs I found myself in a crammed room filled with boxes and spider webs.

 I had cleared out most of the cartons when I discovered a box that somebody had written “important” on. It most have accidentally ended up here along with all the other useless stuff. I carefully tore it open and found a few pictures that we took in college. There were Phil, Caleb, Hayley and I and of course Dan. We were laughing on most of the picture. There was a picture of Dan, smiling so wide that his dimples were showing and a picture of me sleeping that he must have taken without me noticing. I also found Dan’s old football jersey and on the bottom of the box there was something soft and dark grey. I pulled it out and before I had even realized with it was my heart had started racing and I was crying again for the first time in a few months.

“Hello, my name is Rose and I found his jumper” I said, my voice trembling.

“Hello, Rose. It’s nice to meet you.” All members of the self-help group replied.

And then I started telling them my story. I told them about my childhood best friend, who I watched the sunset with. I told them about the jock that I hated in high school. I told them about finally being with the boy I had loved for years in college. I told them about our ups and downs and the first time he told me he loved me. I told them how we finally got married. I told them about our two beautiful kids. Then I told them about the plane crash and the day he didn’t return from work. I told them about the love of my life, knowing that he was long gone. And I told them about the jumper that he gave to me, that I cuddled with whenever I missed him or I was sad. I told them it was the same jumper I found in the attic and the one I needed to fall asleep now.  

“I will never forget about you. You will always be my best friend. I promise.”

Dan whispered and smiled at me gently. There was only one last glimmer of the sun left and just as that vanished as well I felt Dan’s hand on top of mine.  

Dan, do you remember the one time we watched the sunset on the last day of our summer break before you started high school?

I asked you how long forever is and you said:

“Forever is the amount of time I want to spend with you.”  

Mistletoe (Thomas Jefferson)

Word Count: 461

AU: Meh. Probs modern? (Again, I hope I’m the only author you know that literally just lets you choose which AU you think fits best)

Warnings: cussing, minimal drinking, some tipsy Peggy that should be it

A/N- Mistletoe Series (King George’s has the explanation)

Historical Jefferson was an evil dick, yada yada yada Jefferson from Hamilton. We good? We good.

The glasses… and the bow tie… I can’t…

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Someone yanked on your wrist and you were forced to spin haphazardly into his chest. Recognizing the sickening magenta coat you had fallen into, you promptly shoved him away.

“What do you want.” You snarled.

“Oh, aggressive.” He commented.

“Get to the point, Jefferson.” You rolled your eyes.

“Look.” He pointed upward, you sighed and tipped your head back to look at the ceiling. “Mistletoe.” You could almost hear the smirk that you knew was plastered on his face. You were about to roll your eyes again and leave him behind, but instead you walked to him, pushing your body against his. You slowly drew your hands up his arms, letting your leg twist around his. Your hands finally anchored in his dark curls, pulling his face closer to yours. You could tell you had him wrapped around your little finger, the expression of a content puppy melting onto his face.

“I’m an atheist.” You whispered, your lips barely touching his with your words. The events had left a tingling sensation on his mouth, his heart begging for more. You stepped back quickly and turned on your heel, leaving him confused and… well… extremely frustrated.

You couldn’t wipe the grin off of your face after leaving him speechless.

“What’s got you so happy?” Peggy asked, taking your arm.

“Go look at Jefferson.” You responded, nodding toward him.

“Shit. He looks…” She said.

“I know.” You grinned.

“Jesus (Y/N), what’d you do?” She asked, throwing her head back to take another gulp of whatever she was drinking out of the plastic cup in her hands. You shrugged.

“I guess I just have that effect on him.” You smirked.

“Walk with me. I’m getting drunk.” She stated abruptly. You giggled and followed her, your gaze lingering on Jefferson for just a half second longer.

A hand fell on your shoulder and turned you around. Before you knew what was going on Jefferson’s lips were pressed to yours as he pulled you against himself. He backed away abruptly, leaving you almost dizzy.

“I-I’m s-sorry.” He stammered, flustered for the first time since you’d met him. Obviously you’d noticed that he was attractive when you first saw him, but right then, right there, you actually saw for the first time. You reached up and brought your hand to his neck. And you kissed him. You kissed Thomas Jefferson. Your life-long archenemy. You kissed him and it felt like the essence of the sun was trapped in that kiss, begging to be released, filling you up with a burning desire. You snapped out of it. What? You were kissing fucking Thomas Jefferson. You stepped back and your jaw dropped at what you’d just done.

“(Y/N)?” Thomas asked nervously. “Can we… Can we give ‘us’ a shot?”


5ds sketch dump!

so since the last time i did one of these yugioh sketch dumps a few months back i’ve managed to amass enough drawings to, UM, HAVE TO SPLIT UP THESE MONSTERS BY SERIES…i have a bunch of gx and zexal sketches to throw together too but i figured i should start with my (((MAYBE A LITTLE OBVIOUS))) favorite

christmas 2001-2002 /// emily au /// 3rd in series of christmas ficlets

i should note that this was originally just supposed to be the second half but i couldn’t resist a dose of angst


William cries almost all night on Christmas Eve, which seems to align with the consistent sharp pang in Scully’s chest. Emily blinks blearily, sadly up at her from the doorway to her bedroom on the third time she has to get up. She tries to smile, says, “Santa can’t come if you can’t go to sleep, sweetie.”

“I don’t care about Santa,” Emily replies sadly. She disappears back into her room, shutting the door sharply before Scully can call out to her.

She hates the new apartment with a passion. It may be bigger, and Mulder’s inheritance may cover the rent, but it’s unbearably lonely. She wants somewhere that he was at some point, some echo of Mulder still in their lives. She paces around William’s room, staring at the walls that Emily and Mulder had painted together and made a spectacular mess of, and tries to soothe him despite not being able to soothe herself. “Shh, it’s okay,” she whispers to her son. “Your mom’s here.” Your dad should be here.

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When the boys are acting all playful and your little sibling appears

I had a request and I realized I actually haven’t made a real scenario since February (oh my oh my), so I thought since I’m going to be finishing my chaptered series soon, I should start to get a jump on the previous requests I already have!

(ps, I felt major nostalgia while writing this due to when I would only write scenarios back in the day o(╥﹏╥)o )

Y/S/N - your siblings name

Jinwoo -

His hands warm up your sides, his lips peppering kisses all up and down your neck every so often. You attempt to ignore Jinwoo’s wandering warm fingers, climbing higher and higher up your oblique. It was a small gesture, honestly, but it warmed your heart beyond belief.

That is until he takes one of those fingers, jabbing it right beneath your bottom rib.

“JINWOO! JINWOO!” You scream, somewhere in between a laugh and a yell. He giggles, continuing his advances, his body now thrown on top of yours, your torso straddled between his legs.


Oh no.

With one swift push, Jinwoo is now lying on the floor next to you, his eyes as big as saucers from the sudden intrusion of your little sibling that you were supposed to be watching; emphasis on supposed to.

“Y/N-ie, was Jinwoo trying to kill you?!” Your sibling asks inquisitively, finger tapping the small cleft on their chin.

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