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Being Fred's girlfriend but she gets scared easily

if the title confuses you I’m sorry but it should make sense after you read these


•When you two first started dating he’s unaware of how easily you get scared

•He tried pranking you once and you almost started crying

•He hasn’t pranked you since

•He’s always really careful not to do a prank around you

•He would suprise you in your dorm sometimes

• You would jump and let out a small scream

•He always apologizes if he thinks he scared you

•He’s overprotective af so if anyone tries to scare you..

•They better watch out

•He’s really considerate and sweet awe

•He loves horror movies but never watched them with you

•You two just stick to comedies

•You hate halloween so much

• Because all the students scare other students and you just get freaked out

•Fred stayed with you in your dorm that night

•You feel better when he’s around because he protects you

TLC YouTuber AU

So I was watching YouTube and I thought “I should make a YouTuber AU” so here we are

• Cinder and Thorne are gamers and have a channel together (kinda like Game Grumps)
- Cinder gets angry easily at games and usually starts swearing like there’s no tomorrow (like Arin)
- meanwhile Thorne calms Cinder down and is there for moral support (like Danny) but he has his angry moments too

• Iko is a famous vlogger
- most videos are of her adventures with Cinder as they walk around the city
- sometimes she posts videos with advice about relationships or fashion

• Scarlet does a bunch of prank videos
- she mostly pranks Thorne
- Wolf helps her from time to time (he usually ends up pranking himself)

• Wolf also does vlogs
- half of his videos are of his and Scarlet’s pranks
- the other half are just of him hanging out with his “wolf pack” as he calls his childhood friends

• Winter does DIYs
- she does better than the instructions she goes off of
- everyone wonders how she’s so good but Winter always denies her success

• Kai makes little funny skits
- sometimes they’re parodies of movies or tv shows
- Thorne and Scarlet help him make scripts and everyone has starred in his skits at least once

• Cress sings cover songs
- she’s incredibly good (sometimes even better than the original artist)
- Winter joins her from time to time

• Jacin just helps edit everything with Cress
- he guest stars on everyone’s channel
- Winter has tried to get him to make a channel of his own but he never cracks

Strange Days (2)

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Part 5

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Part 8

“So you and Pete are close in your time?” Hank asks as we wait for the others at the car for our speedy get away.

“Yeah. I meant what I said about him being a great man. Just extremely misunderstood. Kind of like Erik.” I trail off looking at my watch.

They should be here by now.

“You and Charles seem to be the only ones with so much faith in Erik. Sometimes I believe he’s just a lost cause.” Hank says, running his hands through his hair.

“Yeah, he’s a little rough around the edges and a bit drastic but his heart is in the right place. He’s a hero in his own right. I like to think of him as the Malcolm X of mutants. He’ll use any means necessary to protect the ones he loves and cares for.” I say slightly defensive.

I’ve always hated when anyone judged Peter and his father. They were some of the most passionate people I knew and have both saved my ass on multiple occasions when I was apart of the Brotherhood.

“Back. What did we miss?” Peter says out of nowhere.

The backseat is suddenly filled by Erik, Charles and Logan and I’m moved to Peter’s lap in the front seat.

“Shit, kid.” I move my hand to my head trying slow my fast beating heart.

“Drive Hank.” Charles commands, and Hank does as told. 

“Kid, you’re vibrating.” I state after a long ass awkward silence.

Erik lets out an amused chuckle as he looks out the window.

“Can’t help it.” He says struggling to stop and I immediately feel bad.

“It’s alright.” I assure him, looking at the road.

After an hour car drive, we make it to a private jet.

“So this is goodbye. Thanks for the help Peter. Take the rental back home.” Charles tells the speedster and the rest of us say our goodbyes.

“Hey y/n, wait.” Peter says suddenly, stopping me.

I look at him in confusion while the other men board the plane. Logan gives me a smirk.

“What is it?” I ask, becoming anxious because he was nervous.

“Doyouthinkmaybeyoucangooutwithmesometime?” He says in quick gibberish.

“Imma need you to say that again but slower Pete.” I say with a chuckle.

“I said do you think that maybe you can go out with me sometime?” He asks again, this time more calmly but looking at me anxiously.

“Yeah sure, maybe when you’re a bit older.” I joke and kiss his cheek before saying goodbye and joining the men on the plane.

“What was that?” Logan teases me.

“Shut the fuck up Logan.” I flip him off, earning a chuckle from Erik and sit in front him.

In between us was a chess table and beside us, a bottle of champagne. I open the bottle and pour some into one of the glasses beside me. Feeling Erik’s eyes on me, I look up and he’s giving me a look that says what the fuck are you doing?

“Let’s play a game, yeah?” I ask setting up the board and then took a sip of my champagne.

“That may not be wise. I won’t go easy on you.” He says, sitting up and setting up his side.

“I’d be insulted if you did. Besides I might surprise you. I had a great teacher.” I say with a smirk and made my first move.

“And who was that?” He cocks a brow, seemingly impressed by my first move.

“You.” I state, staring him dead in the eye.

“So, that makes one person who doesn’t hate me in the future.” Erik says darkly, making me assume that they probably talked about this before I stepped onto the plane.

“As much as I want to hate you sometimes, I can’t seem to do so.” I sigh making another move, but he freezes.

“In the future, are we… lovers?” He asks hesitantly.

What the fuck? Hit on by Peter and then his father?

I hear Logan snicker, causing both Erik and I to glare at him.

“No. In my time, you’re about the same age as my grandfather. You were just someone that I felt that I understood and I admired what you believed in. Just not how you went about it at times.” I explain to him and smile as his looks soften.  

“What a shock there. Erik doing something drastic that does more harm than good. Just like you’ve taken all that’s mattered most to me.” Charles says sarcastically from his side of the plane.

“Well I’ve lost my fair share.” Erik says, solemnly.

However Charles laughs sarcastically, not taking him at all seriously.

“Dry your eyes Erik. It doesn’t justify what you’ve done.” Charles retorts.

“You have no idea what I’ve done.” Erik replies very calmly.

Here comes the calm before the storm.

“I know that you’ve taken all that’s mattered most to me.” Charles says angrily to his old friend.

“Well maybe you should have worked harder for them.” Erik retorts, his voice raising.

“If you want a fight, Erik, I will give you a fight!” Charles begins to rise from his seat and Logan (who hates flying) grips his seat harder.

“Charles.” I warn.

“No let him come.” Erik says, stopping me.

I remain in my seat and watch what’s about to go down.

“You abandoned me! You took her away and you abandoned me!” Charles yells, pushing Erik, who doesn’t even budge.

“Angel, Azazel” Erik’s silent rage begins to shake and dent the plane.

“Emma, Banshee, mutant, brothers and sisters all dead!” He continues.

At this point, Hank begins to lost control of the plane and it dents more and begins to tilt.

“Countless others experimented on! Butchered! Where were you Charles?!” Erik continues in his rage.

“Erik.” Hank says calmly, from the front trying to control the diving plane.

Erik ignores Hank and continues to yell, “We were supposed to protect them. Where were you when your own people needed you?! Hiding! You and Hank! Pretending to be something you’re not!”

“Erik, please.” I say softly which seems to make him calm down to where Hank could control the plane again.

“You abandoned us all.” Erik finishes and undents the plane.

Logan is visibly calmer and Charles seems to finally understand what Erik had been through.

He walks to the front of the plane to sit with Hank, leaving Erik, Logan and I in the back.

“So you were always an asshole.” Logan states, lighting a cigar and I give him a warning glance and mouth ‘Shut the fuck up’.

“I take it we’re best buddies in the future.” Erik asks him sarcastically.

“I spent a lot of years trying to put you down.” Logan replies continuing to light his cigar and Erik cocks a brow.

“How’s that work for you?”

“You’re like me. A survivor.” Logan says as puts the cigar into his mouth.

youngskrll  asked:

So my ex of 5 years, who is also my current best friend, keeps going for this girl that cheats on him with his roomates and i want to tell him its a bad idea but he knows its stupid and refuses to let all of his friends help him. what should i say because i cant watch a friend get emotionally tortured like that.

Damn…you should sit him down sometime and tell him that you don’t want him to get hurt chasing after this girl and that she cheats and sleeps around with all his roommates. Once a cheater, always a cheater, and I don’t think he’d want someone who’s guaranteed to hurt him in the end and be unloyal asf.

Going out on dates give me such anxiety.

Can I just not? I don’t like this. I am supposed to go on a second date tomorrow night and am feeling extremely uncomfortable because we are from completely different backgrounds. But he’s so nice and our first date was good and that was at the end of February so at least he’s kept in touch/understands I’m crazy busy? Everyone around me is getting engaged/married/pregnant and a few people keep asking me about being single and I’m like like stahp. I already have five weddings this year and am a bridesmaid in two next year. 

I watched Just Like Heaven and Safe Haven today while working. 10/10 should not have done that because they’re both love stories and I didn’t think about that at the time. Stupid heart. 

Sometimes I wish I didn’t know how great being in love is. Then at least I also wouldn’t know what having my heart broken feels like either. 


for spencerkate, hooked205, butterflycinderella, OUAT moms, anyone who likes the babysitter!Killy trope, and lovers of idiotic fluff everywhere.

“This was a terrible idea.”

“Four hours, Dad.  I’m pretty sure Killian can handle a toddler for that long.  And Mom has to learn to take time for herself SOMEtime.”

“The loft will be in ruins when we come back.”

“Oh don’t even start.  They’re just going to watch a little TV, and then when Henry gets home they’re all headed to the beach.”

“He’s taking Neal to the BEACH??”

Emma bit back a laugh.  "Not helping you calm down, I see.“

"Maybe I should stay, just to be safe…”

Dad.”  Emma put her arm around David’s shoulder and steered him towards the station.  "I need you back at the station.  Can’t do this by myself, can I?“  She gave him a reassuring smile.  "We’ll see them there in a little while.  Everything’s going to be fine.”

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I notice the way she stumbles over the names of my past lovers. I notice the way she never acknowledges the fact that we’re together. I noticed how she never said ‘I love you’ first because her mother always preached about how your heart is treasure that doesn’t belong to just anyone. She hates being vulnerable so she closed herself up instead and never talks about the feelings that brew in her chest. Even if she does, it’s always a whisper as if her emotions should be kept secret. Her mother told her that the world was a dangerous place that would hurt her if she didn’t keep her guard up but how do I tell her that sometimes mother doesn’t always know best? How do I tell the girl with chains around her heart that freedom can be something you give yourself, not just something you watch others have? She’s not really scared of vulnerability but rather getting hurt and how do I tell her that hurt is part of the human experience? Hurt is something to be embraced, not feared of because hurt can set light on new floors of happiness. I just want her to be happy. I don’t want her mouth to be stained with the blood of her tongue because she held it for too long. I want her to tell me how she feels and to not feel bad afterwards because I want to hear what she has to say. I want her heart chain-free and open and I want her to say 'I love you’ first next time. Her mind is probably filled with many names but I want her to know that those few names of the women I used love shouldn’t be the ones she remembers. She must know that the only name on the list of woman I love is hers and I hope one day our relationship can blanket her with comfort and warmth. Her mom was a wise woman but I’m quite wise myself and I’ll tell her one night that freedom tastes better than fear.

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Cross Your Heart (chapter 5)
Pairing: Oliver/Felicity
Rating: Mature
Summary: Felicity is Oliver’s tutor. High School AU

“Fine,” Oliver says, leaning back against the booth and crossing his arms over his chest. “How do you think it should go?“

Felicity shrugs. "I think you should like the person first, like as a person, not just a hot person. And, I don’t know, sometimes I think you just know, you know?”

“You just know?” Oliver repeats skeptically. “What do you know?”

Felicity pushes her glasses up on her nose, feeling self-conscious. “You know. You get that feeling in your stomach like butterflies, and you can’t wait to talk to them, and everything is just better when they’re around.” She shrugs again. "It’s just a feeling.”

“A feeling, huh?” He’s watching her closely, his eyes flicking down to her mouth, and yeah, wow. Butterflies. “So have you ever felt that feeling?”

Felicity clears her throat, the butterflies just humming away. “No,” she lies, looking down at the table. “Never.“

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