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I’m here for the #lgbtqpjomeetup!
My name’s Audrey, I’m pan, sixteen, ¼ Okinawan and I love Snapchat filters and Percy Jackson! Tell me about yourself!

Does it make me a bad person that I am so excited over that spoiler pic of Aaron having a panic attack. Sure, I’d rather he didn’t have to suffer through it but Robert’s going to be there, which is what I wanted from the last time he had one, and hopefully this means Aaron’s going to get some proper help because they’re not just dropping his mental health issues. 

Not to mention the fact that it’s looking more and more likely that he’s going to get spooked by Robert as he comes up behind him, which is then going to mean he’s going to lash out, and the fall out from him hitting Robert is going to be amazing, and they’re going to actually talk about what happened to him in prison, and it’s going to make Robert feel even worse once he finds out the full extent of it. (and breathe)

Yep, pretty sure that I should not be getting this excited about someone having a panic attack and hitting their husband.

hey guys! we just wanted to state that neo-nazis are not welcome here and if any of you happen to support a certain neo-nazi artist, unfollow us please!
and we’d also like to state that every single person who actively reblogs from said artist is HATED by both cecil and carlos because cecil is canonically jewish! it’s true, guys. he told me.

following spree

I just realized I follow over 600 blogs wtf and most of them either post or reblog 80% #art. That’s cool, but I desperately miss seeing gfx on my dash, so, if you’re a graphic / gif / edits maker, if you reblog that kind of content or you know anyone I should be following, please comment / like / reblog this post. What I’m interested in (but not limited to):

  • seasonal anime
  • voltron
  • literature
  • ghibli
  • sports anime
  • all for the game
  • moritat
  • manga colorings
  • anime in general
  • or if you just think you’re a cool person and I should be following you :)

“Top 2 Fandoms Going Wild On Your Dash Right Now”

A lil update to thank all of you as I just reached more than 5k followers! Schedule’s tight as usual for me, but rest assured there will be more artworks to come. Meanwhile you should follow my Instagram where I post exclusive traditional sketches (and some personal nail art).

I will no longer be posting pictures from winwins fansite winter white, it’s come to my attention that she is also a saesang and only took pictures of winwin to make money. I don’t support any kind of saesang behavior and I don’t support someone who doesn’t even care about winwin. I’m honestly so disappointed and hope you all unfollow her.

i was feelin crumby one day so i drew stevonnie and then i felt better ;v;

(better quality version of the one on instagram)

first contribution to the sb69 fandom … shimiswans doods 4 the soul

So I heard someone out there wanted a Tea?

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