i should follow that person

at this point it’s getting harder to be professional about this cuz

i’m stalking the mailman every day and the charms still haven’t arrived…i’m so sorry i don’t know why it’s taking so long or if they got lost in the mail but i’m doing my best and i’m this close to just breaking down into tears because i’ve already got an upset customer and i dont even know how many of them follow me here but

i haven’t forgotten or gotten lazy. i’m just as impatient about them as you guys.


(Well this has been sitting in my drafts for a while……)


If you listen closely you can hear the sound of the Seijou third years laughing at Oikawa

(shoutout to @letsbetrashcans who noticed the wristband in my last kyoken post - I might headcanon the dog as as far out of the closet as they get, yes)


💘💕 yall cuties gave me 3k ty so much 💕💘 

I’ve made a lot of friends on here and talked to many many funny, lovely, n amazing ppl :’’) no one seems to mind my yelling unfunny ass lmao so thank u for all the cute messages and and for following me !! a lot of u brighten my days 💘💘 

ur all angels ~

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2017 sum up/follow forever ♡

i’m telling myself now that i’m not gonna make this long but I know good and well that’s a lie lmao

this year was a lot more positive than anticipated. me & my friends on December 2016 said we were getting too old for the bullshit & had to start being happier, none of us really believed we’d stick to it tho!!!!!!

coming into Shawnblr was by far my best decision all year (besides deciding not to spit on my ex-principal’s face @ graduation). so this is one thank you post to all those that have liked, reblogged, & replied to anything by/from me. to those who have asked anon or not, messaged & followed, I SEE you and i fucking love you ♡

this is gonna be long lmao;

@etherealshawn @mendes2k17 @mendesvibe @stormecloudyy @nocturnalmendes @portuguesemendes @goddamnitshawn @godriah @wdymshawn @siennarossi

@brittanyzelazno @ughood @shit-to-kinda-okay @shawnnsmendes @thehayley3blr @suixcidalouis @pinkanddepressed @illumelavender @illumegeoff @sourshawn @torontorose

@larryykindasharesthat @allcalum @illloveyouforever1 @ijustrlyluvboys @4evrfandom @deskdays @ifthisiswhatittakes @mendesruin @mendes-holland @1darigptx @5secondsofabockinseabass @royalwolfhard @thiccshawn @marshmallowmendes @shawn-bliss @shawnsjawline

this is a special thank you to;

@innocent-before-mendes @lovie258 @shawnforlifemendes @blinkinglightsandmusic @shawnsassymendes @ongly @shawnsfluffycurls @justadashoffangirling @captainharoldsstyles @shawnfrickfrackingme @emilylizthings @strangerthingsmendes & @ffsshawn

you guys have befriended me & given me so much kindness, so many smiles i thought i really couldn’t have anymore. you’ve probably messaged me & made me happy bc wow you thought of me, even if it was just something simple, it mattered a lot to me.

thank you.

thank you for an amazing year & i wish you all an amazing 2018 ♡

(creds to shawnnsmendes for the gif ily!!)

Happy New Year everyone! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

2017 was quite a year for me and I cannot wait to see what 2018 will be like!

Just feeling EXTRA emotional tonight so I decided to give these shout outs because my heart is SO full!

Extra is extra so ignore is if y’all want ahahaha. Or maybe cause I am so damn corny and sentimental lol.

To the core people, TO THE IT PEOPLE, to the more than ride-or-die people, to MY PEOPLE, to those who made a big impact in my life like no lie super big whether by a word or by more than a word, to @ceibos , @thinkingoverloves , @funesmori, @locelso , @puliszic , @messifangirl , @4fabregastasticxavi6 , @kaligaga , @neyvenger , @mascheranoi , and yes to you (I know you aren’t on anymore) @lionelimessi , THE WORDS AREN’T and WON’T be ENOUGH. I really want 2018 to be great for you. And wow this is so extra. I blame it being 2ish a.m. and I’m tired and need to sleep but 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

To the pals, to the chat, to the Gals I adore thee so, to @kingpique , @princesa-dybala , @pquessi , @blaugr4na , @barcelonarei , @jordiabla , @eatingcroutons , @bernardeschifederico , and oh shit I don’t have everyone memorized who’s a part of the shit but you know I love seeing the convos and fuck 💕💕💕💕

^^^^ I’d love to meet you all one day but if we don’t meet that’s okay too. Know that I got your back and I’m always sending you good vibes. ^^^^^^

Happy New Year to those above ^ and to my other lovely mutuals v (if I forgot to add you omg I am so sorry) : @ivanrakitic , @xaviniestah , @prince-dybala , @jordialba , @lionelsmessi , @lionelandresmessii , @neymarspassion , @bharatanatyamandballet , @neymar , @neymrjr , @silvaneymarjr , @livingtheculelife-e , @marcoreyus , @beyoncay , @jmenfoot , @atrophiedcompassion , @stickmarionette , @footieridiculosity , @neyfinhaaa , @senioritaaaa , @goatpopovich , @marcbartra , @rbuerki1 , @cantbeatus , @brazilaf , @billericaytobarcelona , @terstegenspeakingspanish , @mrs-messi , @iniestas , @heartsoftruth , @thebluesideofmyworld , @arinasassymessi , @rexosaurusrex , @messithehumble , @historiograph , @bat-boywonder , @mauriciopinilla , @the-fuckboy-dynasty , @thiagomaia , @enrichsergi , @sergirobaeto , @lukaszpizczk , @siempremessi , @galabartra , @sampers , @gerardpiqashian , @sashapique , @xavi-the-mushroom-hunter , @futbolaf , and many more!!!!

LMAO this ended up turning into a follow Forever.

Anyways, I feel so much joy right now. Hope I can spread some over to you all.💙💙💙💙💙💙

I’m not a republican or anything, but I do find it a little weird if Im honest that I havent seen anything on tumblr about the gop baseball game that got shot up today…. Like, even the dem team stopped to pray and everyone in the house or congress or whatever their political view joined together and agreed that this was fucked up and it shouldnt be divided by a political thing cuz they said its a human thing and? Like… im in no way trying to start something on tumblr cuz i dont care about politics enough or anything but dang like……….. super fuckin weird no ones said anything about the fact that a dude shot out a baseball game today. just saying.

my friend took a derpy photo of me 

so i decided to put it to good use


anonymous asked:

do you have any favourite blogs??? like any kind of blogs!! (just curious skmfmd)

This got outta hand so quickly. But here was my overall answer:

I follow a lot of seventeen blogs. Like a lot. But I also follow a lot of people who are generally nice and who have cute tags because they help brighten up my day. I like art blogs and those calming aesthetic blogs because they make my dash prettier. And I follow my in-real-life friends like @leechansthighs and @verifiedspheniscidae and @vernaans no matter their content (although their blogs are all still A+ content and I’d probably follow them regardless). And I like @myetie so much that I played Mystic Messenger just to better understand what was going on in her artwork because her art is cute and funny and I stumbled upon it accidentally so I had to catch up. 

But to get specific? Hmmm, well, in no particlar order…. 

Of course I have my mutuals like @miiinghao @kimbapkidding @thatgirlcatt13 @jeonwonxwoo and @kw0njisol who I probably forgot to reply to like 3 billion years ago in chat but are still amazing and I love with my soul but am too nervous to say anything to because I know the only reason we’ve stopped talking is because I’m disorganized af. 

And then, well, @fyhoshi probably dominates my dashboard with HD Hoshi pics (not that I mind, really). Seriously, if you’re a Hoshi stan, follow them (you likely already are). You won’t regret it. In a very similar way, if you’re a Woozi stan, then you’ve gotta follow @woozioppa for all her constant updates and flooding of your dashboard. Just from following her, Woozi jumped like 5 spots on my bias list because of all the Woozi content.

@pristeen-23 is honestly such a good friend (used to write on her blog but not anymore,,, GIRL I’M STILL MOURNING). She’s friends with so many people because she’s a beautiful human being and deserves to be loved and rolled into a warm blanket and fed good food bye. 

OKAY so who hasn’t heard of @woozifi? Honestly, whether it’s for Tessa’s art or Tessa’s writing (CHECK OUT HER AO3), she excels in whatever she does. Talk about multitalented. Her commissions are open here

I like art blogs a lot!!! @bodtster was probably the first fan art blog I ever followed and I am lowkey,,, in love,,, with Annie and her work (her personal @sailorpeach is hella aesthetic if you also wanna check that out.) Her commissions are open right here.

@94wnd Graphics man, graphics. She’s the pop of colour on my dash that always makes me stop and go “ooOoOhh” because her graphics are so vibrant and pleasing. And her writing is great too! Definition of that one mom friend who always makes you feel like honey, starlight, and warm hugs on a Thursday afternoon. She makes me feel good about my angst and I love reading her tags okay. 

I frickin love memes and shitposts, and I recently discovered @amemericans [I know, I know, y’all are all like “where have you been?” and ur rite where have I been?]. They’ve got the best memes in the business. We have recently formed the idol group Clickb8,,, and are accepting all applications – so rhymes, limericks, and haikus thx. 

@incorrect7teen always makes me laugh with her incorrect quotes and love for DK,,, She’s really sweet and interactive too. Her little window into her daily life and thoughts is really so entertaining, and one can’t help but want to be friends ^^

@doyomi has some great incorrect NCT quotes, so if any NCTzens are floating around. @gwikimchi is her main blog but she has like a million blogs that I apparently don’t follow even though I know them by heart??? FRICK I’M THE DAMN WORST. ( @lordyoungho for kpop horoscopes and @sebooty-lyfe for writing). 

Choco from @choco-seventeen is such a sweetheart and her writing is stunning. Legit, her writing will probably make you want to cry. Heck, I have cried while reading her writing. And I will continue to cry because she always gets better and better and is always looking to improve and wow everything she does motivates me. 

Did you know that if you looked up talent in the dictionary you’ll get @hansolmates? Legit when I saw her writing for the first time I blanched. I wish man, I wish. Her timing is terrific, her fluff makes me melt, and her angst makes me jealous. I wish I had an ounce of her skill. 

Another art blog I follow is @cutiepatoodieart, who never fails to impress. Joey’s style is absolutely breathtaking and I love her art so so much. As well, she always says what’s on her mind without holding back, which I think is admirable. Her commissions are also very open right here.

@hoshbrownie is precious. Absolutely precious. Eva will talk to you and make you feel like you matter. She will think about you and tag you in things and I’m actually teary-eyed because she’s so precious and every not-so-anonymous anon (hoshbrownie i see u) I get from her makes me so happy. 

@svt-husbands THE WELL OILED AND FAST WORKING MACHINE. You guys know who they are, of course you do. Great quality writing at insane speeds, these guys are everything I want to be bye. I remember first talking to one of the admins @squishteen , and I was like ??? How do such interesting people exist ??? She’s amazing and writes on her main as well, go follow her. I more recently started talking to @jeongguktm, and can confirm that yes she is as adorable and kind as one might expect her to be. ALSO JUST REALIZED THAT I RECENTLY MISSED HER BIRTHDAY and tf is wrong with me, this isn’t how you make friends. Happy belated birthday sweets <33

Jackie from @tookorean lowkey intimidates me because everything she does turns to gold. She’s hard working and loves Woozi and if that’s not enough reason to follow then I don’t know what is. Sometimes translates, sometimes does this. Another multitalented goddess on our hands, this is getting overwhelming. 

@vitaminniedk just read her tags and you’ll understand why I follow her. She also has probably the best theme around? Vivienne is as much of a sunshine as her bias, and you’ve probably seen her gifs floating around

Gen from @wonnhao is a gif goddess that you are probably all aware of and her interactions are really cute too so of course I’m following her. Aren’t you? 

@wasabi-duck who is on an indefinite hiatus but you should still see her writing anyway. She was the sole person who attracted me to the bullet-point style that’s getting more and more popular around here these days. My friends and I would like read her stories out loud at lunch over sandwiches and I feel nostalgic just writing this. She’s also very kind and I like the stuff she reblogs on her main @clockwork-lullaby.

@mounteenbase is back from the dead so check her out! Lots of fun lil blurbs and bullet-point fics. Fluff master and a lowkey meme master. Very cute and easy to talk to, fun and interesting as one can see from her main blog @mounteenbase-main

@saythename17scenarios is graceful. Perhaps that’s not the right word but heaven knows my vocabulary isn’t extensive enough to describe how I feel about Kimbap Mom. Her writing is distinctive and tactful, and she often finds the greatest of beauty in the simplest of concepts. One day she might write a full length multi-part fic and I will be here eagerly awaiting each update because I’m trash for her. 

@moodboards-and-profiles flowers and unicorns and everything pure. When we first talked she was legit one of the most encouraging people I’ve ever met, and I’m sure that remains the same despite our lack of communication! Actually has some really cute moodboards (that she should tag because she can gain some major attention winkwinknudgenudgeshoveshove). 

Oh and recently I started following @askjournalismsvt and this is probably my favourite SVT Tumblr AU ever. Sam and Kei perfectly portray Seventeen as members of the “Diamond City University journalism department” and answer questions with the cutest of doodles ack. They’re also hilarious and I want to be this funny. 

And whilst writing this, @puppetwritings popped into my head even though I just followed her like now. She was the first fanfic account that I got into way before I actually made an account and since I didn’t have an account I would just check her Tumblr constantly and put her in my bookmarks. I got busy after a while and then made my account after another while, but I can’t believe I forgot to follow such a phenomenal writer.

Anyway thanks for the question love! This was fun to write up and reflect on :)

lulumonnie  asked:



hello!~ it’s been a long time since my last follow forever. But i just want to thank you all so much for following this little blog and liking my gifs/edits even though they’re not that good ;;u;; Lately I’ve finally decided to enjoy myself and reblog what I want rather than what I think i should reblog. So its turned a bit multi-fandom but still you decided to stick with me and for that i’m grateful. I know i’m not that exciting to talk to but just a small talk with any of you makes me extremely happy and i’m super thankful~ Love you all lots <333

bolded=mutuals || ♡ = ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) ppl i’ve talked to or blogs i love~  || !=source blog


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