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did your.... profile photo change??

xD Yes it did, and I have a funny story about that

So I was changing my theme, and I decided to change the sidebar image as my last one was too big for the new theme. So I switched it to match my avatar, but for some reason, the lion moved to lie on its side?? So I tried flipping the image, but the lion was still sideways.

So then I tried changing it in settings but that just made my actual avatar lion go sideways too.

I have no explanation for this. I tried everything to fix it, including flipping the actual image in my files, but in the end I just had to change the actual image. So now I have a photo of the same lion, just from a little more distance

(I made the lion by the way xD)

So yes, my profile photo did change, but I was hoping no one would notice but you caught me, lovely anon

You know, I’ve been thinking about this, and considering that tweet that got dug up about Cullen not being available to male Inquisitors because they run out of time to fix the final animations, I feel like they should just confirm it in the next game.

I doubt he’d be a LI again - just because they’ve never done that even with Leliana - but he might have some kind of smaller part. And I think it would be great if they could just add *something* for male Inquisitors who flirted with him (similar to what they did for female mages and Cullen from da:o).

Just some kind of small recognition, I don’t know he could say he never worked up the courage to say anything to the Inquisitor (would be in character as well).

Also it wouldn’t be difficult to just add a tile in the Keep for da:i where you can indicate you flirted with Cullen.

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hey julie! i just read the updated 'about the books' page on your authorjbo book and it's making me very hyped!!! it's just uh, one thing? and i'm sorry if this is rude or anything i don't mean it to be, but in the bio for summer you say "it’s wake" and it's supposed to be "its" (aaah i swear i love you this isn't supposed to be mean i just thought you should know)

Oh! Thank you for catching this, I’ll fix it when I get a chance!

You know what, the ‘suddenly, there’s 5 more Winter Soldiers’ subplot

has gotten a lot of flack, and I don’t disagree that it could and should have been handled a lot better, but even as it is, I really really like what it says, or rather, confirms about Bucky.

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Giraffe Boy gets a Giraffe Mug for his rainy day at the café ♡


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house


This is a precious moment if we analyze it a little more in depth. I think it’s not arbitrary that Trunks is the one who offers Vegeta to hold Bra. When he looks back, he looks at his newborn daughter, but he also gives a meaningful glance to his eldest son Trunks, knowing that he failed him in the past. In this scene, Vegeta seems to be debating with himself: “Should I behave with Bra as I did with Trunks or should I fix my mistakes?” Luckily, he chose this last one. And in front of Trunks, showing him the kind of father he’s now.
For that, I’m happy with how they handled this scene. They chose to pass from a cliché scene in which Bulma offers Vegeta to hold Bra, to give place to a beautiful moment for Vegeta’s parental role. Bulma was only Vegeta’s moral support in the distance: “Mom says to hold her.” That was amazing. I’m impressed by this episode. We constantly complain about Dragon Ball Super’s general script but I can’t imagine this moment being otherwise. Although it lacked fluff (we didn’t have any labor moment), I think this fits better with the overall style of the series.

i have noticed a wave of new content for these two and the ship in recent weeks and its honestly a goddamn blessing

not that these are particularly shippy but they’d been in my math notebook for a while so i just figured i’d redraw them when i had some time before finals