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Actual, Real, Immediate Things You Can Do to Improve Your Writing Now

A lot of people with “writing tips” give very general, and somewhat unhelpful bits of advice.  “Try to keep the theme!” screams one blogger.  “Here’s a bunch of fun words to replace said!” declares another.  Well, Janice, that’s well and good, but I want to improve things QUICKLY.  RIGHT NOW.  And I can handle improving my structure and skills on my own!  My writing just clashes with the ear.  How can I fix it?

Well, here’s a bunch of tips I use to fix my writing.  They will 100% make your writing stronger.  Guaranteed.

1. GET RID OF EXTRA WORDS.  On its own?  General.  Here’s actual words to get rid of: really, very, help/helps/helping, just, some, many.  Get rid of them.  Now your writing is better.

2. USE SAID.  For fuck’s sake I want to die every time I see one of those “a hundred words to use instead of said!!!” posts.  The point of using a generic word like “said” is to make your dialogue tags disappear.  Readers should read the dialogue and sense the tone without all your nonsensical caps and italics.  Write so that the tone is implicit.  Use said, unless you REALLY need to swap out for volume.  Whispers/shouts are the only really good exceptions to this rule.  Replace everything else with “Said.” Now your writing is better.

3. READ IT OUT LOUD.  Problems of all sorts will become clear to you when you read out loud, even if you’re just muttering it to yourself.  Sentences that take two breaths to read are too long.  You’ll notice words you overuse, or vague statements, even misspellings that the brain typically glances over when you read in your head.  Stop whenever you need to and change stuff.  Now your writing is better.

4. DELETE YOUR FIRST PARAGRAPH.  Odds are you took anywhere from a paragraph to a chapter to find your stride.  Whether you rewrite or you just get rid of it is up to you, but either way it helps.  Delete delete delete.  Now your writing is better.

5. WRITE IN THE ACTIVE VOICE.  As a general rule, the active voice is stronger than the passive voice.  There are exceptions to this rule, but it holds pretty firm overall.  How do you know when something is in the passive voice?  If you can put “by zombies” after your verb and it makes sense, it’s passive.  Here’s an example: “I ate by zombies the cake” makes absolutely no sense, so it’s active voice.  “The cake was eaten by zombies” makes perfect sense, so it’s passive voice.  Rewrite any passive sentences in active voice.  Now your writing is better

There’s a bunch of other stuff to do, of course.  There really aren’t many wrong or invaluable pieces of writing advice out there– they’re all good.  Sometimes you just need a quick fix to stop yourself from giving up.

Feel free to add more!


Figured I might as well finally make a Redbubble account, so if anyone’s ever wanted one of my drawings on a shirt, mug, bag etc etc, that’s possible now. 

Currently only have the Alolan and Kalos teams up as seen above (pictures are the default ones by Redbubble), I will remake Kalos to include Pikachu and Goodra at some point, but I still like the composition on this one.

If there’s any other drawing of mine you’d like to see up here, let me know~


World of Nintendo 4″ “Error Version” Inkling Boy

World of Nintendo finally gave us a 4″ scale Inkling figure and it does not disappoint! (aside from some minor gripes) Fully articulated with the odd exception being the head having any up/down range, He can get into a great many poses!

Let me first get out of the way that this is the possibly-rushed out first run. The Inkling’s packing the wrong color ink in his pack and Splattershot! This has been confirmed changed to blue for all but the very first shipments, so that’s great and a relatively quick catch!

The figure itself is just about everything it should be, the sculpt is 100% on point- maybe even Jakks Pacific’s best so far! He looks as if he stepped out of the game! The paint work leaves a little more to be desired. The shoes are great, but he’s missing detail on his shirt tag, pack straps and most notably is “tentacle tie” and ink pack. It shouldn’t be too hard to add some detail if you really want and it’s possible it’s already fixed like the ink color (the pic I saw was too small to tell) You may also notice my Inkling is perpetually looking upward. His pupils are also lowered in the new version, but I’ll be glad to have both for a little variety!

The gripe I have that doesn’t have an apparent solution is the size of the Splattershot accessory. We arguably have three scales of Splatoon figures so far and 4″ Inkling’s weapon of choice not only doesn’t match up with him, it’s smaller than even the amiibo’s perfectly scaled gun. It actually most closely matches the 2.5″ Squid in size. Jakks may have seen relative newcomer Splatoon as a risky choice for a full sized figure and didn’t want to go the route I’d suggest- making a Splat Bomb as the “accessory” and having a larger Gun as a pack-in like Link’s Swords/Sheaths. I really hope they decide to make this jump in future releases (for Inkling Girl and repaints) because this is one sad Splattershot folks. I’m hoping to undertake a custom N-Zap for now because he has to hold something!

Since Inklings have never been seen with other Nintendo Characters (And Smash DLC sadly didn’t work out) We can only assume this figure scales well with our other characters. I think it looks great and he’ll go on my Smash Shelf anyway. I’ll just call it foreshadowing…

Undead, Beating Heart pt 2

Read Part 1 here.

A/N: Here is the second part to my The Walking Dead/Supernatural crossover series. Thank you so much to @balthazars-muse for helping me out with this and listening to me bitch. You’re the best. I hope you enjoy it! As always, like, reblog, follow, and send me feedback! I love to hear from you. I appreciate all of you so much. xo

- Violence.
- Language.
- Zombies.
- You’re gonna hate me so much. Sorry ahead of time.

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How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed, and why?

Dean looked over to Sam, trying to silently communicate to his brother on what they should say. Rick kicked some dust up with his boot, clearly getting impatient.

“Today fellas,” Rick said, pointing the shotgun between Dean’s eyes. Daryl kept his crossbow fixed on Sam’s head. “I don’t need you wasting my time!” Dean cleared his throat, the dry air making his mouth bone dry.

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anonymous asked:

What's happening to me? SUGA's been looking more good-looking (perfect looking) to me than usual. I mean, in my opinion I've always seen him the most good-looking in BTS but it was like "OMG SO HANDSOME", now it's "OMFG HOLD ME TIGHT BRB MELTING WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS YOU ASSWIPE STOP STOPPP GO HOME GET AWAY FROM ME BYE FOREVER"...



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i saw you reblog a thing about cosplay about cosplayers being minors and costumes being fragile. in your tags to said the last one is very important, are you trying to say that cosplays matter more than cosplayers being assaulted? i may be wrong, but that's the vibe i'm getting here.

Uh yeah you are wrong.
Of course the cosplayer is the most important thing. I don’t even doubut it.

The reason I added that to the tags is because self experience..Some girl ran at me and huged me tight when I was wearing my Hiro Hamada armor and she scratched it. And that armor is very vERY difficult to fix.
Maybe I should had add that to the tags but please understand my point