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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Seven

Summary: You explain everything to Kathryn after faking your way through the rest of the convention. Back in Vancouver, you and Jared have to have a serious talk about the future of your pregnancy
Jared x Reader (mentioned Jared x Gen, Jared x Reader x Gen), Jensen, Kathryn Newton
Words: 4.6k
Warnings: pregnancy, angst, smut
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Series Masterpost

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For once, you were grateful that you were flying back on Monday morning so that you were able to spend Sunday night in the hotel.

You promised Kathryn that you’d tell everything to her that night, seeing as the small break for lunch really wasn’t enough time to explain yourselves properly.

She agreed to keep it quiet and, seeing as she didn’t have any panels left where she might accidentally slip up, you trusted her.

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The photo comes up on the screens in front and behind her, and Diana’s heart melts. It’s a photo of Lori wearing a Supergirl costume. The host, the audience, and everybody watching at home can see how utterly happy Diana is to see her daughter by the beautiful smile on her lips.

“So tell us, how does it feel to see her in that costume instead of Wonder Woman’s?” The host asks good-heartedly.

“I mean,” Diana starts, her smile just as bright, “Supergirl is one of her other moms so I’m not taking it personally.” She chuckles. “But I’ll still get her to wear a mini Wonder Woman costume, you’ll see.” Diana says playfully, winking at the host who laughs along with her.

“But how about her other mom, Lena Luthor? She doesn’t wear a costume.”

“No, she doesn’t, you are correct, but Lori has many L-Corp t-shirts and hoodies.” Diana laughs softly.

“You brought a video to share with us, right?” The talk-show host asks. “Could you explain to us what was going on before we show it to the audience?”

“Of course.” Diana’s smile widens, and she sits up straighter. “Kara and I found this t-shirt that says ‘my moms are heroes’ and we couldn’t resist it, we bought it for Lori.

“On the video, Lena is recording us putting the shirt on her, and she asks Lori who’s her favorite hero.”

“That’s an adorable t-shirt! Let’s see what happens.” The host says, and the video starts playing.

It begins exactly how Diana described it; you can hear Lena’s laughter as a three-year-old Lori fussed while Kara tries to put on the shirt over the one Lori is already wearing.

“Stay still for your mom, will you, λίγο φως?” Diana asks on the video, and the audience can see the child freeze like a statue which doesn’t necessarily make things easier, but Kara manages to slip the shirt on.

“What does it say? What does it say???” Lori asks excitedly, making Diana and the host laugh in the studio, although Diana has a look of pure adoration in her eyes.

“It says ‘my moms are heroes’.” Kara replies on the video, and Lori squeals, running around saying, “I love it! I love it!” over and over again.

“Lori? Lori?” Lena’s voice can be heard behind the camera. “Baby, which one of your moms is your favorite hero?”

The child pauses to consider the question, and Diana takes the opportunity to say, “You can’t see it, because she is behind the camera, but Lena was smirking at us. She thought she was just about to start something.”

In the video, the audience can see Lori running toward Lena, getting way too close to the camera, forcing Lena to quickly readjust it. “My favorite hero is you, mama!!!! Because mom and mommy always tell me I wouldn’t be here without your smarts!!!”

The audience “aw’s” in unison, and Diana chuckles lowly. “You should have seen how hard we all cried, especially Lena, of course.”

“I can imagine!” The host says. “So she really had a combination of all of your DNA’s? All three of you?”

“Yes.” There’s a proud smile on Diana’s face.

“That’s astounding!”

“I know! And as Lori said, it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for Lena.”

“But how did she do it?” The host asks curiously, making Diana laugh heartily.

“You would have to invite her over so she could explain the specifics, but using Kryptonian and Amazonian tech and knowledge, plus Lena’s intellect, it was possible.”

“And was it a surprise to you and Kara?”

“Yes! Gods, it was!” Diana chuckles, but there are tears welling up in her eyes. “You know we can’t legally get married here, even though we are married by Amazonian convention, so when we started talking about having kids I just assumed it would be done with ‘men’s technology’, and that one of them would carry the baby since the two of them are the ones legally married here-”

“Does that hurt you? That it’s the two of them in the eyes of the government?”

“Do I wish we could all be married here? Yes. Does it pain me or cause any jealousy? Absolutely not. Our relationship is stronger than that.” Diana says with an easy smile.

The host makes an impressed face, and the audience laughs. “Alright, most of us can’t figure out how to make a two-person marriage work, but okay.” She chuckles. “But carry on, you were talking about Lena.”

“Yes, so I thought it would be done that way, with a donor, IVF, and one of them would carry it to term, but Lena had her secret plan.” Diana grins. “She found a way to combine our DNA’s and dispense the male donor.”

“How did you react when Lena broke the news to you?”

Diana looks almost as stunned by the question as she likely did on that very day. She blushes slightly, smoothing her palms over her thighs. “I… did not believe her, at first. Though I know her too well to think she would joke about something like THAT with me. I…” She pauses, reaching to discretely wipe the corner of her eye with her pinky. “Children are…. something sacred to my people. We, as you have likely heard, do not have them. So this meant so much not just for me, but for my Mothers, and my sisters…. and though I would have happily carried a child of just the two of them, the fact that she not only found a way to include me, but that.. they wished to do so. It was likely the best moment of my life.”

“We’re very happy for you and your family, and thank you for sharing Lori’s story with us, but before you go, we have a little surprise for you.” An assistant comes out with four shirts, one for each member of the family, including a tiny one for Lori, and he hands them over to Diana. “Our production came up with a mash of all your symbols.” The host explains, and Diana unfolds a shirt to see the resulted symbol at the same time as it is shown on the screens for the audience to see.

Hugging the shirts tightly, Diana thanks the host profusely as the show’s theme song starts playing and the camera zooms out to go to their commercial break.

{{written with the help of the wonderful @i-am-diana-of-themyscira }}
Someone to Watch Over Me: Part 6

Title: Someone to Watch Over Me: Part 6

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Series Masterlist

Summary:  You end up in the hospital; Dean and Sam have a suspect; things between you and Dean heat up.

Characters:  Dean Winchester, Female reader, Bobby Singer, Tiny, Sam Winchester, Georgia (OFC), Melissa (OFC-mentioned), Charlie Bradbury, Tyson Brady, Ash, Garth, Jo Harvelle, Gabriel

Word Count:  3708

Warnings:  nsfw, language, light smut

Author’s Notes: Inspired by but does not follow the Costner/Houston movie The Bodyguard.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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Puppy Love or That one time Logan accidentally set up his best friends

So i started this fic with out Anxietys name and I decided to finish it that way *shrug*

Puppy Love


That one time Logan accidently set up his best friends

Logan had been very worried about his friend Anxiety recently. Anxiety’s ,well, anxiety had been very bad lately. Attacks occurring daily, sometimes even multiple times a day.  He was at a loss for what to do, how to help. But a three a.m. thought had reminded him that he’d once read about dogs helping to ease anxiety. So with out much more thought than that he had gone out the next morning and adopted a puppy from the shelter.

They had shown him a litter of puppies that had been abandoned roadside. He had instantly known which one was the perfect puppy for Anxiety. In the enclosure of curly haired and playful puppies, there was one all black one. It was pressed into the corner, watching the others play. Logan had paid the adoption fee and picked up the necessary supplies before heading home. He was hardly through the front door when he was accosted by Patton.

“Is that a puppy?”  he squealed, Logan held the small thing out of both his and Roman’s reach.

“It’s for Anxiety.” He said marching up the stairs and rapping on Anxiety’s door, forgetting that at this hour there was no chance that anxiety would be up. Patton and Roman drifted behind him excitedly.  After receiving no answer Logan threw the door open and marched inside. He reached for Anxiety’s blankets, ready to throw them off, but Patton stopped him before he could. Instead the moral side sat on the edge of the bed and gentle called his name, brushing the hair from his forehead.

Anxiety scrunched his eyes against the light, glaring at them.

“You better have a damned good reason for waking me up this early.”

“It 11 am,” Logan said, but Patton spoke over him.

“ Logan got you a present.” he squealed, unable to contain his excitement. Logan held the small bundle of black curls out and Anx took it as though it were the most fragile thing in the world, wondering eyes moving between the Logan and the puppy.

“I thought she might help you, you know, feel a little better.” Both Anx and Patton looked up at him slightly teary eyed.  He beat a hasty retreat from the room.

“What are you going to name her?” Patton asked, reaching out to scratch her head.

“I don’t know.” he answered, holding her up to eye level. “What about Sari.”

“That’s adorable. She does look like a Sari.”

“Ah, my princess.” Roman said from where he lent in the doorway.

“What?” Anx asked, his sleep addled brain thoroughly confused.

“That’s what the name means, my princess.”

“Awwwww” Patton grinned, taking the puppy from Anxiety’s hands and nuzzling up to her.

“How do you know that?”

“It is my business to know all sorts of things pertaining to princes and princesses.” He said with a smirk before also leaving the room as well.

“I suppose you want to go back to sleep?” Patton asked setting Sari on the bed, and looking at Anx who had already settled back into his pillows. The puppy stumbled up the bed and curled into Anxiety’s shoulder. Patton smiled and left the sleeping two.

The two emerged later in the day, Anx cradling Sari close to his chest as he went down the stairs before setting her on the living room carpet. Patton immediately stopped what he was doing, coming to lay on the carpet and play with her while Anx rummaged through the fridge for something to eat.

He sat down on the couch with a yoghurt and watched Patton giggle as Sari licked at his face and stumbled and pounced around. He valiantly fought to keep a smile off his face as he watched.

That night Patton sat unusually close to him so he could pet the sleeping puppy in his lap during their movie night. Anxiety was hyper aware of his body, pressed up on his left side. More so when Patton’s head dropped onto his shoulder, as deeply asleep as the puppy now sprawled across both of their laps.  He felt a strange mixture of relief and disappointment when Roman gently woke him up and convinced him to go to bed.

The next morning had Patton passing by Anxiety’s door… often.  There was puppy in there gosh dang it. Eventually a bleary eyed Anx stumbled out to let the puppy outside. Patton followed them, trying to be quite, knowing that Anx couldn’t handle bright and bubbly this early. He played in the grass with the pup while Anx made himself a cup of coffee, and tried to hide his disappointment when Anxiety scooped her up and took her back inside.  

“You coming?” He asked, pausing halfway up the stairs to look back at Patton.

“Really?” he visibly brightened.  Anx rolled his eyes and continued to his room, flipping the tv onto a random channel, flopping on his bed and scrolling through tumblr on his phone. Oh, and also trying not to smile at how cute Patton and Sari were, playing with the small toy Logan had bought.  Speaking of Logan, had Anx ever thanked him? He hadn’t. He was the worst. The very worst. Logan had done this incredible, sweet, thoughtful and slightly out of character thing for him and he couldn’t even bother to thank him? What a shitty friend he was, what a shitty person. Logan probably hated him. Probably? Logan definitely hated him. He…

His thoughts were interrupted by a series of small wet licks to his face.

“Ugh Sari,” He said pushing her off, undeterred she snuggled against his shoulder and tucked under his chin. It was only then that he realised how erratic his breathing had become, he wrapped an arm around her snuggling her tighter.

“You okay dude?”

Anxiety’s heart lept out of his throat as he remembered Patton was still in the room. He stared at him wide eyed, trying to figure out the answer to that question.  He thought maybe he was, the puppy pressed against his chest calming his breath and the way the light was hitting Patton’s concerned face causing his racing heart to start doing floppy-floppies.

The following weeks had Patton spending a lot more time in Anxiety’s room. Which lead to spending a lot more time with Anxiety himself. And why not? He had always enjoyed Anx’s company.  He enjoyed the newness of their three a.m. talks, even if he couldn’t quite keep his eyes open and accidently fell asleep.

He enjoyed waking up tangled together. He even enjoyed the surprised look on Anx’s just before he pulled away from him with a shamed blush. (He did not enjoy that part.)  

He immensely enjoyed that Anx seemed to stay a little closer to him now, sitting on the counter as he made dinner, and choosing to sit next to him at the table. Hey enjoyed the way their humor bounced off each other, dry sarcasm answering his enthusiastic puns.

Patton sighed, rolling over and looking at the moon through his window. Honestly it had been awhile since he had slept in his own bed, alone. He didn’t like it. Not anymore.

He tossed and turned for awhile longer before getting up and padding into the hallway. He paused outside of Anxiety’s door. It was late, really he shouldn’t wake him. He should just suck it up and go to bed.

He swayed back and forth, unable to decide what to do. The decision, however, was made for him as the door suddenly opened and he came face to face with a surprised Anxiety. They stared wide eyed at each other in the darkened hallway until Sari jumping on his leg provided a suitable distraction. He bent down and scooped the excited bundle up, laughing quietly as she licked his face.

“She missed you.” Anx whispered, looking at him with a face that said he’d missed him too. Or least he hoped that that was what Anx’s face said. He hoped he wasn’t reading too much into it.

“I couldn’t sleep without, no, I didn’t want to sleep without you.” he said with all the courage he had.

Anxiety stared at him, then took a very deep breath, then surged forward and kissed him.

This. This was everything Patton hadn’t been able to admit he wanted. This, which had been here the whole time. Why had it taken a puppy for him to really get to know this wonderful boy?

“Bleck” Anx said pulling away and wiping the puppy kisses from his lips.

“Sari ,” Patton scolded teasingly. “It was my turn to kiss Anx, not yours.”  

Anxiety rolled his eyes at him, but grabbed his hand and led him to the bed. This time they were tangled together before they fell asleep, and in the morning Anx didn’t pull away from him, and neither of them noticed Logan’s surprised face as they held hands all through breakfast, while Roman finally got his turn to play with Sari.

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Foam Armor Tutorial

@thewouldbeswedish asked, and I had been wanting to at least make mention of my painting discoveries, so here it is.

I shall add mine to the million or so others out there. I watched damn near every tutorial I could find, scoured Pinterest and combined a few different techniques, as well as coming up with my own(at least I hadn’t seen it elsewhere)



Paper(for your template)

Tape Measure

Exacto Knife/box cutter

Floor Mat foam

Craft Foam

Contact Cement

Hot Glue

Acrylic Paint
black, metallic gun metal, metallic sterling silver

Textile Medium(can be found with the acrylic paint)

Paint Brushes


Rub ‘n Buff(totally optional)

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p-r-i-d-e007  asked:

A Bakugou x Fem reader AU-ish prompt?: All bnha main characters (class 1-a,b, support group, etc) are 3rd years and the school is throwing a kickass Halloween masquerade ball. Bakugou's been trying to find his s/o all night not able to tell cuz of the masks while everyone else is talking about some beautiful girl that he ends up complaining to throughout the night about not finding her, she convinces him to dance towards the end and he doesn't find out its actually his s/o till its over!

You’re prompts are always some on my faves~ Gosh this was so fun to write! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it! :)

Bakugou Katsuki:

“It’s the perfect opportunity!” Kaminari chuckled, pointing to the mask covering his face. “We basically have a clean slate tonight guys! No one knows who we are, nor do we know who they are!”

“It’s pretty cool, though I worry that this might cause issues later.” Sero mumbled, adjusting his tie.

“It’ll be fine! We’re all going to have a good time!” Kirishima cheered. “It’s our last Halloween together guys and UA is throwing a huge party for us to celebrate. So let’s enjoy it and not worry about anything!”

The three cheered and got ready to leave Kirishima’s room, only to pause when they realized that their fourth and loudest member was suddenly quiet and out of character.

“Bakubro? You coming?” Kirishima called out to the ash blonde who was still leaning against the wall, his orbs hidden and his scowl even missing. He looked like he was trying to fall asleep.

Bakugou blinked one eye open and glared at Kirishima. “This is fucking stupid…”

“Then why’d you get all dressed up, buy a ticket and even get a mask?” Kirishima asked then turned to the sounds of snickering.

Kaminari was laughing loudly, Sero trying to contain his own giggles.

“It’s pretty obvious why he’s going…” Sero began.

“(Name)’s gonna be there~” Kaminari finished and made a kissy face to Sero

Awe Katsuki! Please dance the night away with me!” The electric boy bowed to Sero.

Of fucking course my princess! I’d kill anyone for you!” Sero attempted to imitate Bakugou’s voice.

“Oh that’s right! You have a big crush on her, don’t you!” Kirishima turned back to a raging Bakugou.

“I do not! She’s just some shitty girl who’s been in class with us since we were 15! Just cause she has an annoying smile and laughs like a nothing I’ve ever fucking heard before does not mean I like her! I mean have you fucking seen her? Who would want to date that?”

The three boys exchanged looks. Yeah… he was enamored by her. Kaminari nodded to his comrades, ready to make sure of this mentally agreed statement.

“Well if you don’t like her, then that means I can ask her out.” He played it off, only to have his collar grabbed a second later. How Bakugou got from one side of the room at the click of Kaminari’s tongue was a mystery.

“Touch her and I’ll fucking kill you!” He shook the blonde and Kaminari gave him a thumbs up.

“He loves her.” Kirishima chuckled.

“He totally does…” Sero nodded.



“Let’s stay fucking together… I’m going to grab some punch… I’ll be back after dancing with her…” Bakugou mumbled, shoving past people as he made his way towards the balcony where he could get some fresh air and clear his head.

As soon as he and his so called friends had entered the party, all three were gone within a second. Kaminari was of course trying to dance with some girls he found cute, Kirishima was chatting with some others by the DJ area, and Sero had gotten thirsty and wandered to the refreshments.

Leaving the most anti-social of their squad to fend for himself. Luckily since he was emitting such a pissed off aura no one dared come try to talk to him. Now he was resting and looking out over UA’s campus, ignoring the terrible pop music playing in the background and the itch this shitty mask was giving him.

The air was calming, a smell of roses coming from the bushes of them growing towards the side pushing down some of his tense and angry emotions. At least he could be alone with his thoughts out here and not be bothered

He should have just worn his hero mask… but Kirishima said it was ‘too recognizable’. Hell if his hair didn’t already give it away that it was him, then his personality would. He really hated this…

His mind wandered to her pretty smiling face and over hearing her tell Round Face & Frog Girl that she was excited to attend the party. He bought his ticket that day, this terrible emotion called love forcing him to act like such an idiot. He hadn’t even seen her of course.

He thought he would for sure know her frame and body language when he saw her, but with so many people and each moving rapidly it was hard to spot her, let alone focus on one person.

“Not a party person either?” A figure asked and leaned on the railing next to him. It was a girl, her hair tied into a bun and her dress the color of the softest red roses, the same color as his tie. Her mask was covering most of her face, it resembling some type of bird, its colors being red, yellow and orange with feathers coming off on one side.

“It’s supposed to be a phoenix.” She spoke up again, obviously noticing him taking in her attire.

He clicked his tongue. “I didn’t ask.”

She chuckled. “You didn’t have to.”

He rolled his eyes and she chuckled. “You remind me of someone… maybe you are him.”

“That would fucking take away from this whole fucking thing.” He spat back.

“I suppose you’re right. Anyway, what are you doing out here stranger?” She asked him, this time turning her whole body to look at him.

“Got fucking tired of nothing going my way, so I left.”

“What hasn’t gone your way?”

“Why do you ask so many damn questions?”

“Humor me stranger. For all we know this will be the only time we ever see each other, so what’s the harm in telling a mysterious girl what’s on your mind. I don’t know you, so I can’t judge you after all.”

Bakugou clicked his tongue, mulling over her words. She was right, but why should he rant to her anyway? Fuck it… she was better than anyone else and like she said… he’d most likely never see or know who she was.

“Fine. I’m-”

“Not so fast.” The girl cut him off and he growled at her. Of course there was a fucking catch. “I don’t mind listening but I want you to dance with me.”

“Dance? You want me to fucking dance?”

“I came to dance and you are the perfect partner mister. So would you be ever so kind as to allow a lady a dance?”

She held her hand out to him and bowed. Bakugou groaned and moved away from her.  She stood up again and looked around for him. Did he really just walk away? Her stranger really did act strange.

Just as she was about to go looking out on the grounds again she heard him come back, a two roses torn from a bush in his hand. He was fiddling with one trying to put it in his jacket pocket.

“Here.” He spoke and tossed her the other one.

“What’s this for?”

“All the other couples have matching flowers!”

“That’s because they came together. So if you wear a matching one with me, it means-”

“FUCK!” He cried at the realization and tried to smash the rose, only to have his actions stopped by her hands.

“Don’t” She scolded him and placed the rose on his chest with a bobby pin. “Let’s continue this: our story is that we’ve been dating for 3 years. You are a prince from a far off land who fell in love with a simple maiden. The only way we can see each other is in secret. Except for the night of the masquerade ball, which happens to be tonight. These roses are the only way we can tell that’s it our lover.”

Bakugou blinked as she moved away and fixed her own rose on her wrist. He felt his cheeks light up from such a ridiculous story and her childlike attitude to it.

“That’s fucking stupid…” He barked and grabbed her hand and moved towards the dance floor. “So just shut up and fucking hold my hands and move to the music or whatever…”

She didn’t say anything about how obvious it was that he was nervous. Was this the first time he had ever danced? Slow danced at such at large party at that.

“Like this.” She moved one of his hands to her waist, the other remaining in hers. She placed her free hand on his shoulder. “And you lead.”

“I fucking know that!”

He didn’t but was too prideful to thank her from saving him from looking like a fool.

The two danced in silence for a moment before she spoke up once again. “So why are you so upset about tonight?”

He scoffed and sucked his teeth, his lips lifting in disgust. “The assholes who call themselves my friends fucking ditched me the second we got here.”

“Hmmm while I also think it’s shitty… its normal. I came with 4 others, the only difference being I didn’t have a date and they all did. So the minute we got in, they started doing couple things.”

“That’s pretty shitty.” He twirled her and pulled her back in.

“Guess we both were left alone tonight stranger.”

“At least I wasn’t a fucking third wheel or in your case a fifth wheel.” He chuckled at her expense and to his surprise she laughed back with him. He smiled a bit, liking how this girl could take his harsh jokes and not get upset by them.

“I suppose I am the more pathetic of the two of us. But I have a feeling that you’re letting up on something that makes you more lonely than me…” She winked at him and Bakugou’s grip on her hand tightened.

“Calm down. I’m joking.”

“Well you’re fucking right…” He trailed off.

“I am?” She sounded surprised.

“The whole fucking reason I came was to find this girl I’ve liked since first year… she makes me feel so weird… I thought that maybe if I could dance with her… then I could figure it out.”

“And what are you trying to figure out?”

He blushed and looked away from her. “My shit friends always fucking claim I’m in love with her… but how am I supposed to know?”

“Hmm… you’ll know.” She nodded as the song came to a close. Bakugou looked at her in confusion. She bowed to him, thanking him for the dance. “Trust me Bakugou, you’ll know.”

His eyes widened and he opened his mouth to ask her a question. How did she know it was him? Did she know him? Who was she? He had to know!

She turned around from him and moved away, the crowd separating him from this girl faster than he wanted. He shoved past people to catch up to her again, but she was gone.

He stood still, his hand still out stretched from when he was attempting to grab the girl in the rose red dress and the bird mask. But instead he was staring out at a crowd of people that wasn’t her.

“Bakubro!” Kirishima called out from his left side and the boy turned his attention to the three figures approaching him. “I didn’t know you knew how to dance.”

“I don’t.” Bakugou answered and pushed past the three away heading towards the exit. Tonight had been a bust: no (Name) and now he might be in love with someone else entirely.

This night was fucking terrible.


The dorms were still quiet, as he had come back before anyone else had. As he slammed open the front door he scowled at anything and everything. His mood had majorly fouled as he walked back.

Damn her! One dance and he suddenly had his answer! He was in love with her and not even a name! Not even something that he could use to recognize her!

He was as good as screwed when it came to her!

“Oh Bakugou-kun.” (Name)’s familiar voice called to him from the kitchen. She was at the sink, filling up a small glass of water. She was dressed in a large t-shirt and some sweats. Her hair was down and appeared to have been tied up earlier. “Welcome back.”

Bakugou scowled and felt his chest bubbling up at her smiling face. Fuck! He was in love with two girls! How much worse could this night get?!

“What are you fucking doing?” He called out to her and she shrugged, reaching behind her.

“Just wanting to keep it alive for a bit longer. Do you want a glass for your rose as well?” She asked, showing off the rose in the cup, its stem torn unusually.

“Wait…” Bakugou blinked and glanced at the nearly crushed rose on his chest, still held together by the bobby pin. Don’t tell him, no way in fucking hell. “W-where did you fucking get that rose?”

“Huh this? A prince from a far off land gave it to me. It’s the only way we’ll be able to recognize each other after the night is over.” She smirked and walked past him, carrying the rose cup carefully.

“H-hold on a fucking minute! That was you the whole fucking time?!” He shouted as he watched her retreat to her side of the dorms.

“What was me?” She teased him again. “All I did was dance with an angry strange who told me he was in love… I sure do hope he tells her. As I’m sure she feels the same way.”

Bakugou blinked, his hand shaking and his mind processing what the hell just happened and what the hell just came out of her mouth.

“DON’T FUCKING WALK AWAY! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE AND TALK TO ME, YOU LIL’SHIT!” He hollered and dashed up the stairs after her, making sure the rose on his chest was still attached to his heart.

Sequel to this~

A Helping Hand

//hey yall! inspired by a headcanon of my best friend @terfs-can-die , i wanna share the story of how jesse mccree got his first binder. because its about a time before then, there is some description of unsafe binding so warning for that (dont do it!) and also a warning for injuries and some hospital stuff. that should be all! please let me know what you think, and have a nice day!//

For Blackwatch operatives, injuries were unfortunately fairly common. With a height population of around a thousand, it wasn’t uncommon for a small squadron of ten people to leave, and at least four come back with some sort of laceration or other damage. Thankfully, technology has kept pace with their dangerous lifestyle, and the Caduceus technology employed by one of Overwatch’s head nurses has brought more than a few injured back to full health.

Jesse McCree is a fairly new recruit, but he has already made a name for himself in both his exceptional skill with his six-shooter, and his somehow increased likelihood of injury. He’s so brash, that on more than one occasion, Gabriel has suggested he wear a brighter color, because the standard black-and-grey gear doesn’t suit him quite right.

He lays injured and unconscious, just wheeled into the infirmary. The room is filled with a dozen or so of his coworkers, all in various states of disrepair. A few limbs are casted, some have still-healing lacerations, and more than one is sick with some flu or another. Angela comes to his side and finds the left side of his abdomen bloodied, the shirt providing blockage for the wound. It may have helped slow the bleeding on his way here, but now it is an obstruction.

Angela unclips his gear and removes it, causing him to stir slightly. She murmurs for him to rest, while she continues to assess the situation. With a confident hand and sharp scissors, Angela swiftly slices through his shirt; there is no room for privacy as he continues to bleed in slow streams. She is immediately greeted with two facts, and one shocks her far more than the other.

To little surprise, he has a graze across his stomach, probably from a bullet judging by the shape. A wave of her Caduceus staff and a few layers of bandages later and he’s healed in under a minute.

However, to her horror, the upper portion of Jesse’s chest is wrapped tightly in what appear to be bandages, causing a mild concavity of the ribs that should very much not be the case. A number of things click into place in her mind, but more prominent than that is concern for the health of her patient. “Gabriel!” she shouts over her shoulder, readying her scissors once more.

Gabriel knows better than to hover around Angela as she works. She’s a remarkably bright young doctor, and doesn’t need his fussing or protectiveness in order to do her job. But when he is called, he rises from his seat outside the infirmary and heads in, at her side in a second.

“What seems to be-” The question falls short as he looks over the unconscious recruit. After a pause, he sighs, and drags a hand down his face. He’s too young to be getting gray hairs - at least in his mind - but these kids have already given him a few. “Shoulda figured,” he tells himself, shaking his head slowly. “Rough life before…” The thought trails away, so he steps back and informs the doctor, “He’s gonna be out for two weeks.” Angela looks up at him, and the firm set of her brow is one that he’s seen before. She knows far more than him on this topic, and he is aware of that fact, and she is aware of his understanding of it.

“I can have him on his feet, mission-ready in three days.” She is confident of the matter, but Gabriel frowns.

“Two weeks. I want him out of missions for two weeks. Keep him in here if you have to, but Jesse McCree will not take another mission for two weeks.” He has his reasons, though he doesn’t want to share them just yet. He nods back towards the unconscious young man, turning the conversation back to the patient himself. “Get that off of him, and get him in some hospital stuff. I’ll be back tomorrow at ten AM, sharp.”

The next morning, Jesse McCree is fully conscious and almost entirely healed. He has some moderate scarring, but is most frustrated with the news he received earlier that Commander Reyes wouldn’t allow him to leave for fourteen days.

When Gabriel enters the room, he has his phone in hand. It’s an ancient thing, with touch-screen capabilities, rather than the more standard holo displays of the modern world. He puts it away and finds Jesse glaring at him, arms folded, looking about as sour as a lemon. “Why’m I chalked up for fourteen days, boss?” His tone is flat enough that his anger is thoroughly conveyed, even though he’s visibly still on the mend. Gabriel shuts off the screen, and pulls up one of the rolling chairs to sit beside his recruit.

“I’m approximating ten days for my Amazon delivery to arrive.” He speaks slowly, as though making an explanation, but it seems to have no effect on Jesse’s understanding. He begins to interrupt with a “Huh?” but Gabriel raises a hand to continue the outline. “Then two days for me to make adjustments to your gear once you have it on. Then-” But not even Gabriel’s still-aloft hand can hold back the sharp remark on Jesse’s tongue.

“You bought me something? What the hell?” His confusion borders on defensive, but Gabriel does his best to continue as though there was no interruption. He’s used to people not understanding his machinations, after all.

“Then two days for you to get used to the new gear. That brings us to fourteen, kid.”

Jesse is silenced only for a moment, until he demands, “What the fuck did you buy me?”

Gabriel withdraws his phone once more, turning it on and opening an app. He tosses it towards Jesse, and it lands on the recruit’s lap with a soft thud. On the screen is a website, specifically Gabriel’s recent Amazon orders. The older orders show various fabrics, knicknacks, clasps, and miscellaneous items. But an order from the previous night is a simple black binder. According to the item title, it’s designed for movement and breathability, and comes in a dark grey color. Jesse picks up the phone in hands that shake more than a gunslinger’s should, but Gabriel makes no comment on his disbelief. In fact, he only gives another vague explanation.

“My number one concern is the safety of my operatives.” He says firmly, leaning back in the chair to let Jesse process his words. “I won’t have another instance of you fucking up your ribs with bandages, okay?” He can feel Jesse’s eyes on him now, switching between him and the phone without a single word of interruption. With a small sigh, Gabriel continues, “If you don’t like the one I picked out, or you don’t wanna wear one at all, that’s okay. Come talk to me and we can work something safe out, but you don’t need to endanger your health and your life for a flatter chest, kid.” There is silence between them for a stretch of seconds. Jesse’s eyes are wide, and vaguely shiny with tears, and the hope in them makes Gabe have to grit his teeth a little to keep from mirroring his expression. But after he processes, Jesse nods.

He nods bouncily and over-extendedly, swallowing to get his voice working once again. “Yeah, okay.” He agrees, a bit hoarse, as he slowly hands back Gabe’s phone. “Sounds good.” Jesse smiles, and Gabe knows his little lecture was worth it as Jesse promises, “Sounds real good.”

break | j. jungkook


Title: Break (Jungkook)
Genre: Angst, fluff
Words: 1174
A/N: I remembered I had this in my folder so I took it out and forced myself to write. I hope me posting a scenario doesn’t offend anybody. I want to move on with everything because everything has been pulling me down and depressing me and it’s kinda worrying me. Enjoy!

p.s. I’ve got like 3 unposted Jungkook fics here lol.

Originally posted by mimibtsghost

“Okay, that’s enough! Let’s take a break and rest for a while!” Hoseok hollered as he walked across the room to the stereo to turn the music off. He didn’t need to shout it though, everyone had dropped on the floor, breathing slowly and trying to catch up with their breaths.

Jungkook barely caught his breath when he sat up and looked at his hyung, proudly looking at everyone’s tired states. Hoseok’s eyes landed on the younger one, “Jungkook?”

“I…I have a date with Y/N, hyung. I forgot.” Jungkook fussed as he pushed himself up and walked over to the older dancer. Hoseok beamed at the maknae, very proud and happy with everything he’s going through.

“Ah, you lovebirds are cute!” Hoseok grinned, playfully punching Jungkook’s shoulder. Jungkook grinned bashfully. “Well, go on! I don’t want to send you off to Y/N like that! Ugh, ew!”

Jungkook grinned and smothered the dancer in a sweaty hug. Hoseok squealed and pretended that he didn’t like it but soon hugged back, “Okay, go now. We don’t want Y/N to be waiting.”

And Jungkook took off; Hoseok watching him run like a proud parent.

“Ah, young love.” Namjoon sighed, causing everyone to burst into waves of laughter despite their exhausted state.

To Jungkook, you were his everything. You were–no matter how cheesy–his muse, his inspiration, his apple. You were the piece that completed him. You were everything Jungkook wanted. To him, you were flawless and beautiful.

It was one of those nights where everyone was cramming for their finals that Jungkook first met you. He had decided to camp in the town library when he remembered that he had finals that week. It was three days before the tests and nothing had stayed inside Jungkook’s mind. All he that stayed was the fact that he was stupid enough to let procrastination consume him.

“That’s what you get for spending the whole weekend binge-watching that Anime series you kept raving about,” Namjoon shrugged Jungkook’s plea for assistance off. He reclined in his La-Z-Boy recliner and spread open the novel he was invested in. “I can’t help you, I’m extremely busy.”

And that’s when Jungkook came to his terrible idea: to sneak into the library and stay there for the night. He shuddered as he entered the building and hid in one of the secluded places. Jungkook knew that the librarian wouldn’t bother to check that place, no one came there often. And so, hours passed by as Jungkook repeated equations and facts to himself until he heard the click of the light switch and the thud of the closing doors.

Jungkook looked around with wide eyes. He was finally alone.

But not-so-alone when he stood up and came face to face with someone. It was you. Jungkook let out a small scream and you jumped away, your back hitting a shelf.

“Who are you?” Both of you whispered-screamed.

“Don’ttellotherspleaseI’mJungkook.” Jungkook let out the string of words in surprise.

His reaction had brought out a small laughter from your lips and suddenly both of you were laughing. Jungkook had realized that you, too, had probably the same idea as he and it was rather amusing.

“Are you preparing for the finals, too?” You said and Jungkook relaxed under your gaze, slowly taking in your features under the moonlight.

“Yeah, I had to binge-watch this series,” Jungkook smiled at you.

“I’m Y/N,” you say, sticking out a hand. Jungkook takes it, muttering your name, trying out the syllables on his tongue…and realizing that he liked your name.

Both of you had studied together after that, and later after passing the tests, meeting up for study sessions and watching Anime. It was the friends of lovers cliché you see in movies and Jungkook was glad that it wasn’t that complicated. He was happy and contented to have you and him in love with each other.

“Y/N!” Jungkook spotted you across a distance in the park. Small light bulbs hung around the park, illuminating your figure aesthetically. You stood up from the bench and offered a weak smile.

He ran towards you, making him breathless when he went near you. You could smell the fresh mint scent he always carried. Jungkook wrapped his arms around you, tightly hugging you. He felt you stiffen under his wrap. Jungkook pulled back.

“Is there something wrong?” he said, looking at you with his deep brown eyes, concern shading over the hue.

You stepped back a little, giving you and Jungkook a friendly distance.

“Can we…can we have a break?” you say, not wanting to be direct. You didn’t want to hurt Jungkook. You wanted this to be easy and smooth but no break-ups were easy and smooth. Everything ends up messy. “I just…I feel like we’re too young…this is too rushed…you and I are busy with everything. I think we should have a break.”

Jungkook understood you perfectly.

He noticed the distant look in your eyes whenever you were with him. The short and blunt replies whenever he asked you something. The loss of conversation. The gap stretching between the two of you. Jungkook had tried to fix it with weekly dates and morning calls and visits every other day. He tried so much to sew everything back. He didn’t want you to leave him.

He couldn’t imagine living without your smile, your laugh, your witty comebacks, your starry eyes.

Jungkook loved you too much to let you go.

It would be too much for him to lose what you and he once had.

“Y/N, we can work this out,” Jungkook said in a shaky whisper. He was trying to hold back the river of tears pricking his eyes. His hand tightly gripped the teddy bear he had bought for you. Don’t let me go.

“Jungkook…we can’t. I’ve…” you slowly say, the sight of Jungkook slowly breaking was stabbing your heart.

You continued to say the words that Jungkook had feared.

I’ve fallen out of love. I don’t love you anymore and I don’t think I ever will.

“Y/N, please–” Jungkook started but you held up a hand.

“I’m sorry, Jungkook. I hope you find someone better.” You say, turning around and walking away away away from him.

Jungkook watched you turn into a small dot among the crowds and the light bulbs, his vision was blurring and he felt the stuffed toy fall from his grasp. It hit the ground soundlessly.

“How was the date?” Hoseok asked Jungkook. The boy had arrived late for practice. But Hoseok stilled when Jungkook faced him. He saw the shadow under the boy’s eyes, the frown threatening the small line of his lips, the sadness inside his hollow eyes.

“We had a break.” came Jungkook’s reply.

Camera Shy (Part 2)

Summary:  AU. Jughead is an aspiring photographer. His final project requires him to shoot nude photos of someone who inspires him. With no one else to ask Jughead asks Betty. Insecure of her body Betty is quick to shoot the idea down, until Jughead reminds her that she owes him. - Bughead leading to eventual smut.

Part One

Read on AO3 here

A big thank you to everyone who has liked, commented and reblogged this story so far. Your support means so much to me and I love you all so much. I hope you like this next installment.

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We All Fall Down - Seventeen

You didn’t sleep or at least you didn’t think you did. You spent most of the night laying face up on the guest bed, tears that you rarely let anyone see flowing down your face. Minutes blurred into hours as you questioned yourself over and over again, how had you let yourself end up here?

The things Will had told you had made your blood run cold, yet at the same time you found that you weren’t all that suprised. Not now that you thought about it. Spencer HAD been fixated on you, you’d figured that out long ago. So why should you have been the only one it had happened to. And why had you been the only one that had allowed themselves to get trapped by him?

You knew the answer really. Because you had been that low at that point that marrying someone you didn’t love but who’s child you’d been carrying, had seemed like the only option you had. And Spencer WASN’T a monster, or at least he wasn’t what you would consider one. He’d treated you right for the most part, provided for you even if that meant you having nothing to call your own, he’d left his position at the university and moved to New York for you. Although now you thought about the second incident Will had mentioned, that all made perfect sense. But even though you didn’t love Spencer Reid and you would never love him, not truly in the way he wanted you to or at least he used to want you to, you didn’t hate him. You were for the most part indifferent to him which was quite possibly worse. You hated yourself for ending up here though, but was that his fault?

Was it Derek’s?

Surely it had to be yours.

But now, with everything Will had said, the comments the others had made about him having issues, being obsessive and easily infatuated and that making someone dangerous. And the events of the evening, and him grabbing and bruising your wrists the day of the funeral.

You now didn’t know what to think.

At some point you must have dozed off a little, you could hear a knocking on the bedroom door and it took you a few befuddled seconds to react to it. Emily entered the room carrying two mugs with her. She held one out to you and motioned towards the mattress, sitting on it when you nodded. You took the drink, smelling strong coffee and you sipped on it gratefully, your eyes feeling like someone had rubbed crushed up glass in them and your banadaged hand still throbbing.

“How are you feeling this morning?” Emily asked you although you were fairly sure that your face gave it all away.

“I honestly don’t know how to feel about everything.” Your voice was hoarse and quiet.

“That’s fairly understandable. Well, you’re welcome here as long as you need it babe.”

You nodded, knowing that you didn’t have anywhere else to go. “Emily, did you know Spencer when he was younger?” From the things she’d told you you were under the impression that she was from around here.

“Not really. We went to the same high school but he and JJ were in a different year. I remember being aware of them because most people from this area are, it not often there’s two award winning writers in one family, especially one as young as Spencer was, but I didn’t really know them. My grandmother and I lived on the other side of town so it’s only since I moved back that I got to know the family.

“Your grandmother?”

Emily shifted on the bed, getting comfortable as she drank from her cup. “Yeah my grandmother bought me up. I lived with her until I left for college. She passed away a few years ago.”

“Where were your… erm, where were your parents?” It wasn’t an unwarranted question to ask but you felt awkward asking all the same.

Emily pushed a lock of her hair back before beginning. “Well my mom….. My mom’s an actress, quite well known in soap opera land actually…. Anyway, I came along at a rather inconvenient time for her I guess because when I was about four months old she decided she wasn’t cut out for motherhood and dropped me off with my Geema. She’d turn up once or twice a year and take me out for the day, buy me whatever the latest barbie doll was and then I wouldn’t see or hear from her again for months. Growing up, I saw my mother through the TV screen but rarely in person. And I don’t know who my father is. She won’t say but I suspect it was one of her co stars at the time, an actor called Jason Gideon.”

That name rang a bell in your head and you suddenly knew who her mother was. “Wait your mom’s Elizabeth Prentiss?” You could totally see the resemblance now.

Emily nodded. “I’m not totally sure I’d bestow the title of mother upon her though. I mean our relationship is better now that I’m older but I think it’s only a because she doesn’t have to take care of me.”

“Do you still see her then?”

“Not regularly. I didn’t see or hear from her for about six years in actual fact. When Tara and I first got together though, we were talking abouts families and our parents and I ended up slipping into about a three month long depression which we figured out was caused by wondering why she didn’t want me. So after some pushing and prodding from Tara, I tracked down her address and went and asked her outright.”

“And what did she say?” you were both intrigued and somewhat jealous. At least Emily had been able to speak to her mother.

“Pretty much that I was an inconvenience to her career. She was terribly apologetic about it to my face, it just wasn’t the right time for her to be a mommy and she regretted leaving me and all that. We do see each other occasionally now but I still can’t understand. Why have me if she didn’t want me? What kind of person abandons their child? Especially someone who was earning good money as well.”

“My mom left me,” you blurted out suddenly. Emily’s eyes widened at the realisation that you had this in common.

“She did?”

“Yeah. She left me and my dad when I was seven years old. Not even her sister knew where she’d gone. She didn’t leave a note or anything. I just came home from school one day and she wasn’t there.”

“Jesus Y/N. How did your dad take it?”

“Extremely poorly apparently. He drank himself into a bottle and died from cirrhosis when I was eleven. My Aunt bought me up, mom’s sister.”

“My God, parents suck sometimes.”

You nodded in agreement. “People suck sometimes.”

“This is also true,” Emily patted your leg through the comforter. “But I don’t suck…. At least not dick anyway,” she grinned at her own joke. “You wanna get up? Ill make pancakes? Then I could use your help. I gotta try some new recipes out and I need a guinea pig.”

Being Emily’s guinea pig sounded incredibly appealing and you told her so.

“Excellent. If you wanna shower there’s fresh towels. And Tara washed your clothes from yesterday, even managed to get the blood out too. Apparently she knows some formula for removing it that she learnt in medical school. I’ll see you downstairs in a few.”

After Emily left you hauled yourself off the bed and moved to the bathroom, finding a toothbrush in a wrapper set out for you. You didn’t want to risk wetting your bandage so you decided not to shower, just brushing your teeth and washing your face instead. Your eyes were puffy and red and your hair hung in rat tails, the results of the rainwater.

You looked a mess, which seemed incredibly fitting.

The rest of the day was spent in Emily’s huge kitchen, her feeding you dish after dish whilst her cat Sergio, sat purring on your lap. You got the distinct feeling she was holding back from you, she wanted to ask questions about what Will had referred to last night but she also wanted you to open up to her in your own time. And you decided that you would. Emily was quite possibly the first friend you’d had in years and her and Tara had opened their home to you. You just would do it slowly, you told yourself.

Tara arrived home later and the three of you sat down for a meal you’d like to say you helped prepare, but really you just sat watching Emily cook, amazed at how quickly she could turn a pile of ingredients into a meal fit for a queen. Just as you were about to begin eating, the doorbell sounded, the three of you pausing and looking at each other.

“I’ll go,” Tara put her cutlery down. “It’s probably Will checking up on you.”

She disappeared and minutes later she still wasn’t back. You and Emily listened carefully, your eyes widening when you realised you could hear your husband talking.


“I know. She won’t let him in though, not if you don’t want her to.”

You did want to hear what was being said though so you both moved to kitchen door.

“Spencer, she’s not here.”

“There’s nowhere else she could be though Tara. You’re the only people she knows in this town. I just want to speak to her, to find out what happened.” Spencer sounded desperate and you closed your eyes briefly knowing exactly how his face would look.

“If you’re that concerned Spencer, then perhaps you could speak to your brother in law,” you could hear a slight hint of venom in her voice as she continued. “I’m sure the police department would be very interested to hear how your wife just decided to go for a walk, in the middle of a storm without her phone, bag or keys and not come back. I’m sure they’d also be interested to know why you’re only looking for her now, 24 hours later.”

“She’s here, I know she’s here. Y/N?!” he began calling out loudly. “Y/N!!”

“Go home Spencer. If you’re really concerned about her, speak to Will. And tell him what actually happened rather than the bullshit story you just fed me.”

With that, she slammed the door in his face.



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kevystel  asked:

FIC PROMPTS I'M SO EXCITED could you maybe write a little something about how yuuri feels about everyday-yuuri-anxiety and normal-person-butterflies-around-crush-anxiety and how he deals with Viktor Feelings

Ahhh, I’m so glad you mentioned this, because I have been turning this over in my head since your post! (Because really, anything involving anxiety and excruciating mutual pining is going to be my jam.)

This got a bit longer than I expected so tossing in a cut - I hope you enjoyyy:

“You should go,” Yuuri says.

Victor doesn’t so much as look up from the Japanese textbook spread across his lap. “Hm?”

“Your yukata will go to waste,” Yuuri says. It’s a really nice yukata. Red, with silver dragonflies. It would be a crime to deprive the community of Victor Nikiforov in that yukata.

“Didn’t you say there would be more festivals?” Victor frowns as he traces the practice sentence. “Besides, I’m learning causative verbs.”

 So it’s a stalemate. Again. They’re good at those.

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Love Unintentional (Part 4)

A/M: Here is part 4 for you guys. There probably isn’t going to be too much more soon. I love how much support I have been getting from this story and thank you for liking it and especially telling me how much you’re enjoying it:) Things get a little complicated in this one. But I hope you guys like it. Tell me if you do Xx

Word Count: 3381

Other parts: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Five , Part Six

–One month later–

You stayed at Harry’s the rest of that day, but you didn’t want to take advantage of his hospitality and had gone home that night

once you had felt a little better.

It was already a month later and your place remained quiet in a lonely kind of way. Your ex was gone for good and it still felt bitter on your tongue.

You missed him like crazy, wanting to pick up the phone to make amends. You’d scroll to his contact and stare at the number and picture, wondering if he was doing the same. Wondering if he truly did miss you as he had said he had every time he’d come back for his things.

But he wasn’t the person you once thought he was and remembering everything he had done always made you sick.

You’d try to go out a little more often, but now with your rising career and an identity of being “Harry’s girlfriend” going out alone, even for groceries was a little bit of a struggle to do with paparazzi that always wanted to ask you things or take your picture.

“How’s Harry?” They’d often ask, and you’d answer them.

“He’s out of town, visiting family.”

“He didn’t take you with him?”  

You shook your head, “Well obviously. I’ve been busy and my family is coming.”

“Oh. So family reunions for the both of you.”

“Exactly” you smiled, “I’m about to celebrate my birthday.”

“Really? Well Happy Birthday.” The paparazzi said.

Taking it half heartedly you replied a thanks and kept walking.

When they saw that there wasn’t a story there they would often leave you alone and move on.

The stunt was proving to work as your fanbase and popularity had grown substantially from Harry’s popularity, and it worked for him as his audience had grown as well. The media had appealed to you both as a couple and based on a few people, you and Harry had appeared to be a great match. But you suddenly began thinking about the whole stunt and PR behind it. Now that it had achieved what was wanted, was there still a necessity for it?

Your family came to celebrate your birthday, and to make sure you were okay after the horrible breakup. They had liked your ex just as much as you had and they too were blindsided by what he had done when you told them what had happened. With their visit you got to see your young niece and nephew again the both of them improving your mood and making the place not feel as lonely as it once felt, aside from when Harry would come over.

Besides Harry being gone for almost two weeks to go back home, you both would visit each other at least twice a week; once at his place and once at your place. It would usually involve some lunch or dinner depending on the time, and a movie, a board game or going out somewhere, even if it was a walk around town. Ever since that night your friendship was closer than ever. He had seen you at your worst and still wanted to see you, and not because he was forced to.

Tonight having come back a few days before, you invited him back over to your place for dinner.

“Let’s do something.” He suggested.

You raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean do something? I’m already cooking, you can help me if you’re bored.”

“Yeah, okay.” He agreed coming over to help, “That’s not exactly what I meant though. I think we should do something. Besides eat and watch a movie or whatever’s on TV.”

You gave him a look, “I’m not really in the mood to go out tonight Harry.”

“We don’t have to.” And he left the kitchen looking around your place.

Things had obviously been missing since they had belonged to your ex, but you made due. The real important things were yours to begin with anyway.

Harry bent down and picked up one of the toys you had bought for your niece and nephew. A giant and brightly coloured plastic microphone. “What’s this?”

“A microphone? Please Harry, with your experience I’d figured you’d know that pretty easy.” You teased.

He chuckled, leaning over the breakfast counter in front of you with the item still in hand, “Not exactly what I meant, though I would love to have this design when I perform.”

You finished putting on the last touches to the food before it was ready to go into the oven as he continued to speak, “I was wondering why you had it.”

You smiled, “It was for my niece and nephew. Surprise surprise they like to perform too.”

“Hm. I think I know where they get the talent from.” You heard him say, which caused you to blush.

You picked up the tray and turned to go put it in the oven behind you, “Speaking of family, how was going back home?” You asked.

“Great. They always like to see me back. The whole town does.”

You giggled, “I thought you went back to be with family.”

He laughed, “I did. But the whole town loves seeing me back. To them I’m family.”

You both just laughed, “Must be nice to be so loved.” You said as you closed the door to the oven.

When you looked up you found him with the TV remote in hand.

He had become quite comfortable with you as he already knew how things worked at your place.  

“What are you putting on?”

He just smirked as he continued doing what he was doing without saying another word as he then took out his phone.

You walked over and by the time you had, his search was on the TV screen and showed he was on youtube looking at different videos that had karaoke versions of songs.

You started laughing, “Harry-” But before you could say anything else The Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” was already starting and he started singing along with just as much passion as he had the night you had first met.

You couldn’t stop laughing at his over exaggerated dancing, but like you had once shared publicly, his singing of course was pitch perfect… when he wanted it to be anyway.

When he finished he smiled at your little applause, and he took a bow, “Thank you, thank you”

“You’re a dork.” You laughed and he began to smile.

“Thank you, I take your laughter and comment as a compliment.” He said which caused you to blush, “I haven’t heard you laugh in the last couple weeks. It’s lovely.”

You giggled softly, “Thanks Harry.”

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Anon Request: “You’ve been out all night. Where have you been?” Title: Maybe This is Christmas Now.

A/N: I decided to make this a continuation of ‘Meeting John Wick for the First Time’. Off to work on Part Three now, hope it’ll feel less repetitive than this! But anyway, I hope Mr/Ms/Dr. Anony likes this :D

Part One

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Well... There Goes the Angel Tablet

A/n- The next part of Long Lost Sister. This is my first time writing Cass so hopefully y’all like it.

Series Summary- Sam and Dean meet their sister, Adam’s twin, on a hunt and things don’t go all that smoothly at first. The series follows the brothers as they struggle to connect with their new sister and the trials of being a Winchester.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Long Lost Sister Masterlist 


Y/n winched as she sat on the couch. Dean tossed her an ice pack, “Put this on your shoulder.”

She rolled her eyes and threw it on the floor, “What, now you’re talking to me?”

Dean shot her daggers, but ignored her, turning as Cass returned to the room.

“The other demon escaped. I bound the one I caught in a devil’s trap. I’m gonna interrogate it now, but first I am confused. I was not aware you had a sister. I thought it was just the brother that is in the cage.”

“Dude,” Dean tried to wave off Cass, he might be mad at Y/n, but now was really not the time to go down that road.

“You mean the one you left down there when you saved Sam?” Y/n snapped, crossing her arms.

“Guys, let’s focus on the case at hand for now.” Sam intervened, “Cass, where the hell have you been?”

“I’ve been hunting demons,” he answered, taking a seat.

“So this is you, why?”

“I’ve been searching for the other half of the demon tablet.”

“Without us?” Dean asked confused.

“I’ve been trying to help, Dean. In my search, I uncovered that Crowley has sent out demons to find Lucifer’s crypts.”

“Lucifer’s crypts?” Y/n was confused, why did he have crypts and more importantly, what was inside?

“Dozens of them, apparently.”

“What they hell are they looking for?” Sam wondered.

He paused, “They’re looking for parchment that would allow them to decipher Crowley’s half of the Demon Tablet, without a Prophet.”

“Great, because that’s exactly what we need,” Y/n groaned.

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prince of cats

chapter seven: you do wrong your hand too much

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Marinette keeps trying to get back to the building, but it’s almost impossible to go against the flow of the crowd.

Firefighters have shown up. They’re pulling people away from the building. Smoke is billowing out in dark clouds. Marinette feels sick.

She wants to shout that someone’s in there— Adrien is in there. There are probably other people too, still trapped in a burning building, but she only knows one and she can only find enough energy to care about one.

Her eyes are watering and she isn’t sure if it’s because of the smoke or not.

Someone pull her further away from the entrance. She’s holding onto her bag as tightly as she can in an attempt to ground herself, but it’s hardly working. She feels like she’s drowning, like she’s suffocating, like everything around her is going dark.

There’s too much noise.

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genre -  angst

summary - facetime with jimin for the first time in a long time…inspired by the gif below…also loosely inspired by thief by ansel elgort 

a/n - no idea where this came from, but yeah it just happened..i kinda started thinking about this at 7:30am in math class after seeing this jimin gif on my dash lol + sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes, i don’t proofread much

It had been three months, maybe four, heck you’d stopped counting, since you last talked to Jimin. It was easier that way. He was always too busy to talk, too tired, something, anything. He always had a reason not to talk. And you figured you’d quit putting in the effort.

You two have been together for a little over two years now, and sure things were great at first. You were in the honey moon phase. But now that he and the boys had become so popular, hardly taking a break, constantly promoting, you realized you were no longer his number one priority.

But you still were a supportive girlfriend, whether he was actually paying attention or not. You still bought all their albums, watched all their music videos and variety show appearances. Hell you even went to a concert without telling Jimin, because it wasn’t like he’d actually have the time to see you after. It was off to another city just like that.

So here you were, like most nights you lay awake, wondering how his day went. If he ate, how tired he must be from practicing so hard. Sure you’d texted and received a few replies, but that didn’t fill the void. You missed his voice, his laugh. God you loved that laugh. To be blunt, you missed him.

You rolled over, pulling your laptop from your beside and opening it, the bright light blinding you, but your eyes adjusted. You opened to FaceTime, scrolling to his contact, your mouse hovering over the call option. You could practically hear your heart beating in your chest, but you said fuck it and you sat, waiting, hoping that the call would connect.

Just as you were ready to close your laptop, he picked up, causing your heart to skip a beat.

At first the screen opened to an empty hotel room, and you were a bit confused. But soon Jimin appeared, sitting on the edge of his bed. He was in ripped jeans, your favorite, a black hoodie and black hat, and had sunglasses on. He looked great.

Neither one of you said anything, as if waiting for the other. Jimin took down his hood, then sat with his elbows on his knees as he looked at you, though you couldn’t tell because of his glasses.


“Hi.” His reply was short, and almost harsh. You ignored it, continuing on with whatever questions you felt like asking.

“Where are you guys now?”

He sat back, tilting his head to the side, seeming annoyed, but you tried your best to convince yourself he was just tired.

“Japan, and no Jungkook isn’t rooming with me. No one is.”

“I wasn’t going to-” you stopped yourself from getting angry with him, knowing it would get you nowhere fast. “How are you, you seem tired?”

Jimin sighed as took of his sunglasses, tossing them onto the dressed his laptop was propped up on. “I just came back from our concert.” His voice was a bit hoarse, he sounded exhausted. Taking off his hat his ran a hand through his air, which was now black, news to you. He tossed it aside with his glasses as well.

“I’m sure you gave the fans a great show.”

He scoffed at your words, leaning back on his hands as he stared at you. You could tell by his body language he was annoyed. “Y/n, why did you call me? To try and figure out what’s going on between us, or just to ask about my day?”

Both, that was what you wanted to say, but this being the first time you’d talked in so long, not knowing when you would get another chance to confront him, you had to be bold.

“I mean, what is going on between us? It’s been what, four months since we’ve actually talked, and I don’t mean your idea of us talking on the phone for five minutes before you have to go do something.”

You didn’t notice your tone until he adjusted his posture, as if surprised that you were as upset as you were. “Look, I’m just busy these days.” He ran a hand through his hair as he sat up, his eyes connecting with yours.

“I barely have time to sleep, I’m constantly going to different countries, performing. Coming back to shoot music videos and commercials. Sorry if I don’t have time to call you.”

“You should make time Jimin!” You practically startled yourself, Jimin just staring at you through the screen. “If you loved me, if you cared about this relationship anymore you would make time for a simple phone call every once and again.”

He laughed as he licked his lips, growing angrier the longer this call became.

“If I loved you? If I cared? Y/n, you think I haven’t thought about what I could do,to make things better? For me, you, for us? I have, I did, trust me I did. But, things just take a backseat when other important things come along.”

Tears were filling in your eyes, but you were trying your best to not let him see you upset, you swore long ago you would stop crying over him. Sure you still loved him, and you still would no matter what things he said to you. But, this Jimin, he wasn’t the Jimin you’d fallen in love with. “More important, right. That’s what I thought.”

“Y/n! Come on, I tried to fix myself, for so long. I tried to think how I could be a better man to you, to be what you deserved. But I got tired of trying to change myself. I couldn’t be the man you’d fallen in love with, people change, I changed.”

The next few minutes were filled with silence, and the occasional sigh until Jimin finally spoke again. “Let me guess, you’ve spent countless nights awake, wondering if I was okay, if I was eating well, how my schedule were treating me? Yeah well I had plenty of nights like that too. Wondering how you felt about me, what you thought of me now. And, one day I no longer cared. I didn’t spend those nights thinking of you, wondering what had happened in our relationship. I just, didn’t care.”

How? How could he simply just not care, you’d still been there, regardless if he knew or not, for months. Still supporting him, still loving him, missing him, wanting to hold him, kiss him, anything. How could he just stop caring about any of that?

“What are you trying to say?” Your voice was a bit shaky as you finally spoke, surely he’d seen your tears now, but you could care less, just wanting his explanation so you end the call quickly.

He sighed, shrugging as he looked at the clock at his bedside, telling you he was just ready to get this call finished. “I just, I don’t love you anymore y/n. I’m sorry, but, I stopped loving you months ago.”

Those words practically ripping your heart from your chest. While you had still been hoping for something to change, he had made up his mind, while you were made to believe there was still a chance for some sort of fix.

“So, while you’ve been texting and calling, barely, with me these past few months, that whole time you’d felt nothing. You were just going to let me believe there was still something there, until I finally confronted you about it? How can you do that to me? I’ve been by your side for how long, and you just play with my heart and emotions? I could have moved on long ago, I could have saved myself all the stress and pain these last months have brought me. But because you didn’t have the balls to come right out and say it, I’m the one who has to suffer?”

He put his hands in the air, as if to say there was nothing done wrong on his end, but you were over it.

“Well you got what you wanted Jimin, you don’t have to worry about fixing things because this relationship is done. I wish the best with everything, tell the boys I’m sorry for bringing the into things. I can’t believe I looked like such an idiot because of you. Goodbye Jimin.”

You closed your laptop, surprised you didn’t break the thing in half with how hard you slammed it shut, and set it back on your nightstand. As you laid down you were a bit shocked, you thought that if, and when you and Jimin ever broke up, your reaction would have been much different then it was now. But you had no tears, no sadness, instead almost the feeling of a weight being lifted off your shoulders.

Now you no longer had to worry, or stress over when he would finally answer a call or reply to a text. Sure you would miss him, but you’d held on for too long when you should have let go.

As you tried to go to sleep, your phone dinged at your bedside, and you questioned who would be texting you so late, and as you looked at the screen you laughed.

[Jimin]: I’m sorry things had to happen that way

Rolling your eyes you clicked his contact name, scrolling to the bottom of the screen until you saw the block button appear, pressing it and smiling as you tossed your phone back to it place on your nightstand.

Ugh my endings suckkkkkk, but like I hope you all like this? Idk where it came from but I got super inspired by a gif and a little by a song and that rarely has happened to me lately so enjoy it because who knows when I will find inspiration for a new scenario again hahha

Restaurant Dates Are The Worst! (Seb Stan x Reader)

Summary: You agreed to go on a date with a co-worker and it turns out horribly boring. Luckily for you, the handsome man sitting nearby sees your distress and steps in. 

Word count: 3.5k


Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Final Part

You looked around you, scrutinizing your surroundings, letting your eyes wander on the walls, the chandeliers, the dark-red faux velvet chairs next to the bar section of the restaurant – you looked anywhere but at the man sitting across from you, ungracefully shoving his spaghetti into his mouth all the while talking to you.

The reason why you hated dates just came rushing back to you but it was too late to back down now, you said yes – God knows why – and you showed up to this restaurant where your date told you to come. Although it has been a while since the last time you actually went out with a man romantically interested in you, you were pretty sure that if he didn’t even make the effort to pick you up, the least he could do was to arrive on time. After three glasses of water, a couple bread sticks and a glass of whiskey, the waitress started to feel sorry for you and you spotted her whispering something to her co-worker while giving you a sympathetic glance. That’s it, you were going to leave. But of course that’s when he finally decided to show up, apologizing profusely and explaining that he came with the metro and he missed the station and had to walk two blocks before arriving here. Great, so now you knew that he wasn’t going to drive you back home either.

His name was Robert - “call me Bob,” he said, but there was no way, it was already difficult enough for you to process that you agreed to go on a date with a guy named Robert. Probably about ten years older than you – how would you know? - his hair was gray in some places, his forehead had a beginning of wrinkle and he seemed like the annoyingly flirty type of man whose smiles you couldn’t trust. He was a gym teacher in the school you worked for a couple days a week – you were a nurse – and he was all over you since day one. Although he seemed pretty insistent, you had seen him hit on other women so you didn’t think that he was really interested in you, more like aroused by the whole ‘nurse’ thing.

So why did you say yes? Well, you were kinda bored, you figured that maybe you had misjudged him and would spend a nice evening, and if not, maybe he would finally give up on trying to get in your pants. To say that you were beginning to regret your decision was the understatement of the year. So far he talked about work, his mom, football and his ex. If he intended on seducing you, he needed to take a course on how to seduce women because that clearly wasn’t going to work. It itched you to throw your drink to his face but it was good wine and you didn’t think he was worth a fine Chardonnay.

“I’ll go out for a minute, want to come?” He asked, making you blink a couple times and focus back on him. He was giving you a questioning look and held a cigarette between his fingers. To dismiss himself like that without even asking you if you minded smoke made you reconsider throwing your glass his way, but you figured that you couldn’t exactly expect more given how this date started.

“I think I’ll stay here, have another drink,” you said, quickly gulping down the last of your wine. He was so boring you actually had the time to smell and taste the wine until you had figured out all the components.

He shrugged and stood up, not saying another word as he walked away from you and out the front door. Suddenly your brain started functioning again and you could almost hear the gearing creak from the lack of use these past two hours. You had reached dessert, the torture would end soon enough, right? Was it worth throwing some money on the table and escaping through the back door? Should you wait for him to come back and pretend you received an urgent phone call and had to leave immediately? Should you suck it up and stay anyway? Honestly, you would have ran away if you weren’t going to see him again at work – but that would make your meetings too tense for you to bear.

You decided to stay, but if you were going to endure this whole evening, there was no way you’d do it sober. You headed to the bar, sitting on one of the leather stools and gesturing the barman to come over when he’d have finished serving the men at the far end of the counter.

“A gin tonic. Without tonic, if you please,” you ordered, sighing deeply and rubbing your eyes, not really caring about your makeup. Your eyes drifted to the clock above your head. Ten twenty-three. You just wanted to go home and forget about this evening. This date definitely made it on your list of decisions you regretted.

“Rough night?” Someone beside you asked, causing you to snap out of your thoughts.

Glad someone had noticed your distress, you barely registered that he was attractive and simply went to answer.

“The worst! Never going out again!” You scoffed, glancing towards the door behind which you knew your date was standing.

“I figured,” he laughed. This time you took notice of his laughter. It’s low and a bit raspy, pleasant to hear. “Saw you glaring at your date with your fingers on your temple a few times. I thought you were going to jump to his throat,” he joked.

“It was a close call. In my defense-,” you started, placing your hand over your heart, “he slurped while drinking his wine.”

“Unacceptable,” the stranger said. He tried to pull off a severe face but the small wrinkles at the corner of his eyes and the way the corners of his mouth twitched upwards betrayed him.

You had absolutely no idea who this man was but you welcomed your first interesting conversation of the day with a huge smile and shifted on your seat in order to face him.

“Online dating and regretting it?” He asked out of curiosity. He brought his bottle of beer to his lips and chugged down the last of it. This gave you a glimpse of his forearms and boy, oh boy, were they nice. You cleared your throat.

“No, not at all. He’s a co-worker of mine. The 'regretting it’ part is correct though. He’s been harassing me for a date for months and I gave in last week but that sure wasn’t a brilliant idea,” you explained quickly, fumbling with your glass of gin and trying not to stare at the man too much.

“I actually considered coming to your rescue a couple times but I decided against it,” he told you in the most casual way.

“Why?” You frowned.

A smirk grew on his face at your question, as if he was pleased to see how disappointed you seemed to be that he didn’t come.

“Well I didn’t know how you’d react to a stranger interrupting your date, regardless how disappointing,” he said and you had to admit it was a valid reason. Your hopelessness to ever get out of this date didn’t help to make you think straight. “For all I know he could have been your husband.”

Your eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

“God forbid,” you declared before taking a sip of your gin. It burned your throat but it felt good and warm. “And for the record, if you had interrupted us, I would have bought you a thank-you drink. Probably,” you added with a smirk and a wink, meeting the man’s steady gaze.

You took a little time to really look at him. He was muscular – he had arms for days – almost beefy but not the steroid type. His chin was covered in dark brown four days stubble and his blue eyes were deep and playful. You noticed that his smile reached his eyes too. He wore his hair mid-long and styled it back – you noticed how he kept running his fingers through it to push it back when it fell in front of his eyes. This man was truly stunning, in this peculiar, lumberjack-ish manner. His navy shirt stretched over the most muscular parts of his arms and chest – a sweet sight for sore eyes – and he wore black jeans and black leather boots which adorned him with a rebellious style that didn’t quite displease you.

“Probably?” He asked, his eyebrows shooting up in bedazzlement.

“Definitely,” you corrected yourself, blushing furiously. Were you drooling? How long have you been staring? The whiskey you had while waiting for Robert, added to the wine you drank during the dinner and now the gin in your hand started to kick in and you couldn’t tell how long you eyed him like that. You just hoped it didn’t make him uncomfortable.

“Please do help me if he starts talking about his ex again,” you gave him permission to cut short to your agony.

“I can do it,” he said, almost eagerly. “I mean, for the drink of course.”

“'Course,“ you agreed and finished your drink.

Your date would be back in no time now.

“Should I be the jealous ex boyfriend or the man who just caught his girl flirting with someone else?” He asked most seriously.

“You’re really going to do it?” You asked in a laughter, baffled at how this stranger whose name you didn’t even catch was willing to help you out of this catastrophe of a date.

“Sure, I can’t leave you in this guy’s company any longer than I already did. His poor attempts at flirting are an insult to all single people out there,” he shrugged as if it was an everyday thing for him to rescue damsels in distress like you. But you didn’t miss the fact that he casually dropped his current status as a single man. God bless.

“I give you free hand, you can do anything you want as long as it’s really awkward and makes him take french leave!” You grinned and shook hand with the man, sealing the deal.

Your smile dropped when Robert came back into the room.

“Gotta go,” you said, pouting slightly as you slid the money for the gin on the counter.

“Wait, what’s your name?” The man asked.

“(Y/N),” you smiled.

“Sebastian,” he introduced himself, shaking your hand before letting you make your way back to the table you shared with your date.

“Hey, sorry (Y/N)! I chatted a bit with another lad, hope you didn’t miss me too much,” he tried – and failed – to joke. You gave him a sarcastic smile and told him how insufferable the wait was.

“You know, I’m really glad you finally agreed to go on this date with me. I knew we’d click,” he told you confidently. “It was only a matter of time, but I figured it was protocol for a woman to reject a man a few times before giving in,” he kept on rambling, digging his own grave.

You were thinking of different ways to kill him with his dishes in your head.

“(Y/N)!” You heard Sebastian’s voice call from behind you in a shocked tone. You closed your eyes and silently thanked heaven for his intervention. “What are you doing here?” He asked, making his way to the table and standing there next to you and Robert – who kept giving you questioning glances which you royally ignored.

“Sebastian!” You said in an enthusiastic yet slightly uncomfortable tone. “I’m… having dinner,” you said, refusing to qualify this as a date in front of Robert who still had no idea what was going on.

Sebastian’s expression suddenly changed when he finally laid eyes on the man, acknowledging his presence. You had to hold back a snort when you saw Robert’s face go white. To be honest even if Sebastian was sitting too, he would still be intimidatingly tall and large, but standing tall and towering over Robert like he was made it a hundred times worse – or better, in your case.

“You’re on a date?!” He almost shouted, crossing his arms over his chest to make his biceps more impressive – which was pointless in your humble opinion. “With this guy?” He pointed his finger to Robert to increase the rudeness, and looked at you, awaiting an answer.

“I wouldn’t call this a date, Seb, we’re just two co-workers going out for dinner!” You slowly got into character and tried to justify yourself, raising your voice too. “What’s the harm in that?”

“The harm is that you canceled our night out for this loser!” Sebastian barked.

“Hey!” The said loser protested but both Sebastian and you ignored him and glared at each other fiercely.

It was becoming really hard to uphold his gaze without breaking out laughter, but it was for a good cause.

“You’re the one who’s always so reluctant to commit! I figured I might as well find myself a man who’s not afraid of showing himself at my arm!”

You had no idea where this was going and simply shouted his way whatever came to mind. This is honestly the most fun you have had this week.

“Don’t you try and make this about me, (Y/N)!” Sebastian replied, looking genuinely angry. “This is on you! If you want to go out with him, fine! But at least tell me if it’s over between us!”

“Why do you always have to be so dramatic?!” You faked a sigh and threw your arms in the air.

“Uhhm… maybe- maybe I should leave you two alone to speak for a minute,” Robert mumbled uncomfortably, ready to jump off his chair and run away.

“Oh no, stay Robert,” you gestured him to sit down, not gracing him with one single look as you kept your eyes bored into Sebastian’s. “He was about to leave.”

“Out of the question, I’m staying,” he said before taking a nearby chair and making room for himself between Robert and you.

“You can’t do this, for God’s sake! Have you been raised by wolves?” You protested.

“I- I should really go-”

“Stop interrupting us, Bob!” Sebastian turned around and shot him daggers with his eyes. “Where were we?”

“I was telling you how boorish and obnoxious you were,” you snapped at him, leaning back on your chair and crossing your arms on your chest.

“Well, isn’t that your type of men?” Sebastian asked pointing to Robert with his chin. Honestly that come back earned him a high five you’d be sure to give him once Robert leaves.

You faked a look of hurt and even made sure to quiver your lower lip.

“Did you come here only to say harmful things, Sebastian?” You asked, your voice considerably lowering and making sure to display as much emotion as you could. Emotions made most men uncomfortable, hopefully it would also be the case of Robert.

“You know what? I didn’t see how late it was, I should get going,” he tried to escape once again, not earning any reaction from the two of you.

Sebastian reached out for your hand but since you had your arms crossed, he simply rested his hand on one of your forearms.

“You know that wasn’t my intention,” he said in a soothing tone. The tension was so thick between the three of you that you could cut it with a butter knife. “I’m sorry I got upset when I saw you with him in our restaurant,” he said. Damn, he was good.

“I’m the one who set up the date here!” Robert felt the need to say, earning a stern glare from Sebastian, whose warm hand was still on your arm. Why was it so hot in here? “I-I mean, this is a pure c-”

“A coincidence, ugh?” Sebastian scoffed. “Listen man, if I was you, I’d be careful. This is my girl you were hitting on,” he practically growled at him.

Robert raised his hands in surrender.

“I didn’t know, she didn’t say-”

“Are you saying it’s me who insisted on going out with you?” You asked, making sure to sound offended and a bit dramatic in your body language.

“N-no, I-,” he struggled to get the words out.

“What are you still doing here?” Sebastian asked, giving him a look that clearly meant 'get the fuck out of here’, and Robert threw the money for the dinner on the table with shaky hands before running off, almost forgetting his jacket in the process.

You waited for the door to close behind him before saying, “Took him long enough.”

“Well, that was fun!” Sebastian said, pulling his chair closer to the table and adopting a more relaxed demeanor. You both laughed it off and cheered at your victory.

“I can’t wait to see the colors leave his face next time I see him in a hallway,” you told him. “The sheer thought makes this whole evening worth it.”

“I think I scared him,” he laughed.

“Oh you did! He was sweating from fear two minutes into it,” you confirmed his statement. “I propose a toast!” You grabbed your glass of water and handed him Robert unused one after filling it.

“To what are we drinking?” He asked.

“To the free spaghetti I had tonight and to you, the gentleman who saved me from my horrible date,” you suggested. Sebastian smiled and nodded, bumping his glass of water against yours and drinking it.

“How about dessert?” He asked, already gesturing the waitress to undress your table and bring the dessert card. “All this acting has me famished!”

“I never say no to dessert, as a principle,” you gladly agreed.

He didn’t switch chairs and stayed on the one next to you instead of taking Robert’s empty one who was across from you. You preferred it this way, it was much less formal and job-interview like. Sebastian turned out being funny and intelligent – added to the fact that you couldn’t keep your eyes off of him more than a minute or so. You spent the rest of the evening talking and laughing and whispering to each other in a playful tone. You learned that he lived around the corner and came here quite often, that he was currently on a break and that his full name was Sebastian Stan. You told him how you were a nurse and worked part time in a middle school, where you had the displeasure of seeing Bob every so often and were faced with his constant flirting. He frowned at that, and told you that if he ever bothered you, you could call him anytime and he’s be your boyfriend of the night all over again.

That’s how he gave you his number.

“I still can’t believe he fell for it!” You shook your head, blushing a bit. Now that it was all over, you felt a bit ashamed for your behavior. It was acceptable back in high school but coming from two adults, it was rather ridiculous. But what was even more so was the fact that it worked.

“You pulled it off pretty well,” Sebastian complimented you. “That lip quiver was perfect.” He held back his sappy comment on how your lips looked perfect anyway and bit his own lower lip.

“Thanks,” you laughed it off. “But that was nothing compared to you! Where did that come from? I didn’t expect it at all!”

“I had an idea when I came up but then I saw you looking at me and saying my name and my mind went completely blank. I had to improvise,” he admitted, earning a blush and a smile from you.

“Have you ever been told that you’re a very good actor?”

Sebastian made a funny face and shrugged before mumbling, “'couple times, yeah.”

The evening came to an end and you knew it. You’d seen the restaurant and the bar slowly empty and now you were left alone with the barman, your waitress and a sleeping drunk sitting on a stool at the bar. You didn’t want to leave just yet.

“I still owe you a drink,” you said, as a false pretext to stay just a little longer in his company. “What can I get you?”

“Oh,” he said, as if he had forgotten about it. He looked up to meet your eyes and without breaking eye-contact, he moved his hand towards you and suddenly, you felt his hand take hold of yours and squeeze it lightly. “I’m saving this one for our next date,” Sebastian chuckled, grinning at you.

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You Could Be Happy (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

i cried writing this even though i don’t relate to the song but i am tired and need sleep cos i gotta rise like the dead at 6am tomorrow to go to london 

lemme know if you want a part 2 


Song; I Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol (pls listen while reading it’ll make it more emotional)

Other characters featured;


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; just 100% pure sad angst type shit 

Word count; 1143

lyrics are in bold/italics and flashbacks are in just italics 

Originally posted by bucha-nan

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Siren (4/4)

Here it is, the conclusion to Siren a.k.a. the summit I’ve been struggling to climb for the last four weeks. It was rough goings, but that’s my own fault. I simply cannot wing multi-chapters.

There are some author’s notes at the end and a question for you all so please keep reading all the way :)

I kind of hate this, but I hope you don’t.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Steady beeping through muted ears alongside pinpricks of light despite heavy lids are Finn’s first sensations. Next comes the horrid taste on his equally weighty tongue. He thinks he could be sick if his mouth wasn’t so dry. Gradually, his mind registers the state of the rest of him: the soreness of his muscles, the fogginess in his lungs, the gentle sting of his skin. It’s as if his body is learning how to feel again, but at least he can feel.

Finn figures this must be the result of having walked through hell and back and…Oh. Might not have been hell, but there was definitely fire. He winces as he tries to adjust so there wasn’t so much pressure on his spine and he hears an audible gasp, followed by a chair scraping against the floor. He opens his sticky eyes to find a very dishevelled, very sooty, very angry looking Chop.

“Good, you’re awake! Now I can murder you.” Chop glares at him before rolling his eyes to the ceiling and running his hands through the short hairs on his head that look even flatter from his helmet.

“Hey, mate,” Finn offers weakly.

Chop turns incredulous eyes towards him, finger up accusingly. “Oh no, don’t you ‘mate’ me you daft son of a -” Chop cuts himself off, shaking his head and turning away, muttering under his breath. Finn thinks he hears the words “just came back to life” repeated throughout.

“Chop, I-”

“Do you have any idea how much danger you were in?! How much you risked running in there? Not just yourself but - but the crew and the people Finn! The fucking tenants! You – did you think about them?!” Chop is pacing the floor, arms flailing wildly. “No, of course not! You didn’t fucking think AT ALL!” he answers himself, head shaking.


Chop turns to him then, his gaze unwavering. “I had to pull you from the fucking wreckage, Finn. I thought…you could’ve - ” Chop takes a hard swallow before continuing. “Do you know what it was like having to call Gary? Hm? Having to tell your da’ that his dick of an only son is unconscious ‘cause he ran into a fucking burning building without so much as a word?” His voice has quieted, but it’s no less calm. It’s worse, Finn thinks, because it’s so full of meaning and he’s sure he sees Chop’s lip quiver against an emotion bigger than anger.

“Chop,” Finn starts but pauses, expecting another outburst. Chop just stands there chest rising and falling heavily, eyes bracketed with tears. “I’m sorry,” Finn finishes lamely.

Lame or not, it’s apparently what Chop had been waiting for. His tensed shoulders sag and he surges forward to wrap Finn in a fierce embrace that conveys even more than his words had. Finn twines his arms around him as well, recognizing that this is different from any other slap-of-the-back hug they’ve shared before.

“You’re a complete and utter bellend and I’ll never let you live it down,” Chop promises wetly in Finn’s ear. After a beat he pulls away and plops back in the chair he’d abandoned, rubbing at his face roughly. “Gary is just grabbing summat to eat, so while we’re alone you can tell me what the hell you were thinking.”

Finn swallows his own emotional lump, a new pain recording itself tight in his chest. Rae. “It was her Chop,” is all he gets out before he has to clench his lips and fists against the returning panic. He can hear the beeping on his heart monitor increase, and hopes Chop won’t notice.

The room is quiet for a long moment before Chop asks, “Pussy unicorn?” Finn looks up at that, the tiniest smile momentarily cracking his lips despite it all. Chop grins back, knowing full well how his cheeky response would deflate the tension in the room, before his expression grows serious again. “I figured that much, lad. Knew it had to be someone you cared about.” When Finn doesn’t respond, he adds, “we’ll find her mate, it’ll be alrigh’.”

It wasn’t alright. It’s going on three days since the fire and Finn’s still not seen nor heard anything from Rae. Chop had used his charm on Izzy, – a nurse at the hospital who Chop’s not-so-secretly in love with (and Finn’s pretty sure she fancies him right back) – convincing her to look up Rachel Earl in the patient system. She hadn’t come up, which was simultaneously reassuring and unnerving. It could mean she was safe, fine even, but then where was she? And what if she wasn’t fine to the point where she couldn’t tell anyone her name? What if she was alone, labelled a random Jane Doe? Finn had thrown these same questions at Chop, who then had to physically restrain him from barging into every room in the burn unit.

It didn’t help that Finn was making himself sick over the fact that he never gave Rae his number. At the time he hadn’t even thought of it since he always called her first, but now he kept staring at his phone willing it to ring, though he knew it wouldn’t. He’d taken to dialing her number sporadically, as if the irregular attempts would surprise it into answering, hoping to even just hear her voice through the message on her answering machine. But at the back of his mind sits the image of said machine crudely melting in her front room and he knows it’s useless.

Finn’s hope that she would show up at his was purposeless too, seeing as although Rae knew he lived on the same stretch of road, she wouldn’t know what building it was. That didn’t stop him from chain smoking on his balcony on the rare occasions he was home, hoping to catch a glimpse of her on the street below.

To top it off he’d been suspended from active duty. The chief had been furious at his stunt, going on the same rant Chop had, and Finn knew he deserved it. He was surprised he hadn’t been sacked actually, concluding he’d probably looked pathetic enough to warrant some leniency.
Doctors and his dad had insisted on bed rest but Finn was too antsy, adamant that he would work a desk job until his suspension was over. He didn’t need to be at home drowning in anxiety. It felt better keeping busy, when he could feel the aches of his joints and the roughness of his healing skin against paper. The physical discomfort both a reminder and a welcomed distraction. Plus at his desk he had resources, and he’d spent his time phoning every hospital and clinic in a 50 mile radius to no avail.

He’d started sleeping at the station too, even going as far as to bring in a set of clothes and a shower caddy. He told the lads it was easier to not commute but no one bought that flimsy excuse. By now the whole company knew what had happened; about the missing girl. About Rae, the flame to Finn’s proverbial moth. There was no need to mention that the true reason he’d set up camp was because it was the only place he figured she could find him. Which she had to do, because he would not accept any scenario of her not being out there, somewhere.

“Mate, you should go home. Get some rest.” Chop is perched on the corner of Finn’s desk, arms folded and ankles crossed.

“M'fine here. Busy,” Finn replies without looking up, making a show of shuffling papers around.

“Finn -”

“I’m not going home,” he interrupts defiantly, biting back the she can’t find me at home that wants to chase after his words. Finn looks over at him with finality and Chop exhales heavily, scrubbing at his face.

“How about you run a little errand then? Grab some drinks and sandwiches from the cafe for the crew. You know, see the outside? Get some fresh air or summat.” Finn starts to protest, reaching to grab for a file folder but Chop’s hand lands on it first. “You can come right back and I’ll be here the whole time, alrigh’? It ain’t healthy for you to be cooped up for so long.” Finn just stares at his hand on the file so Chop stands and opens the top drawer to pull out Finn’s Walkman and headphones, tossing them on the desk in front of him. “Go for a walk and listen to the bloody music you’re always on about. Need you out of my arse for a tick.”

Finn sighs dejectedly and stands. “Fine. But I’m coming right back, and I’m getting you the tuna mayo you hate.”

Chops flashes him a gap toothed grin. “Wouldn’t expect anything else, lad.” He claps Finn’s shoulders and steers him towards the exit.

“Bloody Chop,” Finn grumbles to himself, as he opens the door to the cafe. It’s crowded everywhere as it’s just gone noon, and he’s frustrated that this is going to take longer. He stares at his feet until he’s up next at the counter, avoiding eye contact to prevent any small talk. After he orders he secludes himself at a table in the corner away from the bustling customers, headphones on, Pulp’s Something Changed playing loudly. He can’t help but think of the list he’d been making for the mixtape that wasn’t about Rae (but was completely about Rae), this song in particular being the first track. Finn has to shut his eyes for a second to check his emotions and when he opens them he notices the woman behind the counter saying something, clearly annoyed, so he pauses his cassette to hear.

“Two teas?”

Finn is about to resume the song since he’d ordered much more than tea, but then she repeats herself.

“Two Earl Greys with a splash of milk, for Raymond?”

Finn nearly pulls the muscles in his neck he pivots so quickly. He knows that order, and he knows that name. Then he sees her, Rae, emerging from the crowd on the other side of the cafe. She looks fine, perfect even, and he’s so shocked and confused he can’t move for a second. Worries she’s just a mirage his sleep deprived mind has cooked up from his subconscious; a hologram of his hope projected in real life.

Rae picks up the teas, smiling down at the name scrawled on the sides of the cups. She looks up then and her eyes lock with Finn’s. Her mouth falls slightly, and a soft vulnerability overtakes her face. Finn thinks that maybe she’s about to cry and knows this must be the real thing, because the Rae in his head never has a reason for tears. The table wobbles on it’s legs and his chair topples to the ground as he trips over himself and air to just get to her.

“Finn. I was just heading to the station -” Rae starts, but the rest of her words are knocked out of her, along with the drinks in her hands, when Finn crashes into her body, grappling her to him.

Their trousers and shoes are soaked with hot tea but Finn doesn’t notice, doesn’t care about anything but the girl he’s constricting. Hands and arms and all of him greedy for her. His sole focus is the fact that she’s there, right there. Real. Alive. And holding him just as tightly.

The gap between their bodies is nonexistent, yet it’s filled with so much: apologies, gratitude, relief. Finn buries his face in her neck, inhaling that same apple scent, wishing they weren’t in the middle of a crowded room. He wants a wall or a bed or any applicable surface that he can press her into until she’s permanently moulded against him like a second skin. He feels the small area he’s tucked into grow humid from his panting breaths and tears he hadn’t known were falling, and the lack of oxygen reminds him of the fire and all his questions.

“What the hell happened Rae? Fuck, I – When  I saw your flat, when I heard it was you… I was so fucking scared. And then I couldn’t find you, and I thought…Where were you?”

“I’m sorry Finn,” Rae whispers urgently, as her hand cards through his hair. “I was helping Mrs. Dewhurst move her couch when it happened. We got out before it reached her floor but she was so shaken up I had to take her to her sister’s house which happens to be right by where my mum lives and when she found out about the fire she went mad 'cause she didn’t want me to move in the first place saying how unsafe it was in the city and she made me stay. Basically locked me in like a prisoner! Like I was the one who burned the bloody place down. I wanted to talk to you but I didn’t have your number or your address and I’m so sorry.” Rae’s explanation runs together, pleading for him to understand and Finn can only shake his head against her throat. “But it’s okay. I’m okay. We’re okay.”

Rae’s words quake in his ear and the last time her lips trembled they were against his own, and he needs to taste her now. Needs to feel them both shake with something other than worry. Finn kisses her lips her cheeks, eye lids, forehead, chin, jaw, coming back round to her tongue. Messy open mouthed kisses that, for Finn, are still not enough. He latches on like she was water and he’d been parched, which in a way he was. He’d been starving for days and now he was going to devour her; swallow her whole so he’d always know where she was.

“Oi, you trying to eat me?” Rae asks against his incessant mouth, and he has to laugh because of course she would know what he was thinking. Of course that’s something she would say. Of course she could ease all the tension in his body with a handful of words that cause a smile that takes over his entire being.

They part without really parting. Foreheads, noses, torsos still fused together. Finn moves his hands to grip her face between his palms, thumbs stroking her cheeks adoringly. “Hi, girl.”

Rae’s eyes close at the endearment and Finn wipes at a tear before it tracks down her skin.

“Hiya, Finnley.” Rae smiles small, before leaning into his touch and placing a gentle kiss to his palm. She looks down at the mess of tea and laughs through a fluttery breath. “Look at us. S'like we pissed ourselves.” Shifting her eyes to the side, they widen as her grip on his shirt tightens. “And people are watching.”

“Let them.” Finn licks over her bottom lip. He wants everyone in here to see this. Wants them to go home and tell their friends and families that they witnessed something so odd and beautiful and confusing that they’re not sure if it was real or just a scene from a movie. Rae laughs and it’s the same vibration through his chest and finally Finn’s happy again.

“Nice to be learning your kinks, but I think I’d rather be alone with you right now.” Rae wipes away the moisture from Finn’s cheeks. “Think it’s time you show me your place, hmm?”

The next time Finn kisses Rae it is just the two of them, but his rhythm is different. Stronger yet softer, with a tender harshness; contradictions of want and need. It’s the most aggressive gentleness he’s given to another person and he hopes she can taste his intention behind his teeth and on the tip of his tongue. He pulls her closer, and closer still, and when he wakes in the morning in a tangle of limbs, it’s with the memory of another perfect first.

A/N: We have reached the end! I’m relieved, are you? I apologize if that was just a shade too dramatic. I appreciate that the cheesy stuff isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, though it is definitely mine. I hope I didn’t go too overboard.

I should say that this whole thing started off from a prompt, which I didn’t mention in the beginning because, spoilers. I can’t seem to find the link to the post but it was basically “I’m a firefighter and you live near the station I work at and we talk/flirt. One day my team get called to put out a fire and it’s your home ablaze. You don’t make it.” Except I didn’t have the heart to kill off Rae. After the disaster of season 3, I feel like my fiction just has to be Rinn endgame.

As much as I complained about how hard this was for me to write, I’ve had a little spark of a light-bulb to write an epilogue for this universe. It might be more fluff and maybe even a little saucy? I’ve (surprisingly) gotten some requests for me to attempt smut, so maybe? If you guys are interested? Let me know if that’s something you want. If not, no hard feelings. I just don’t want to put myself through the stress for nothing haha.

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