i should eat at some point today

I read this quote earlier today and thought I should share at some point because it is true…

“The last laugh, the last cup of coffee, the last sunset, the last time you jump through a sprinkler, or eat an ice-cream cone, or stick your tongue out to catch a snowflake. You just don’t know. ” ~Lauren Oliver

Ironically, tonight an individual decided he didn’t want to be held accountable, so he ran through a VERY red light and almost Tboned me.

I am glad I didn’t get to experience that. I hope he, the police, and civilians in his path are safe as well.

probable phancept:

it’s nearly noon, and dan and phil are just waking up. “dan, love, i know we both want to lie here the whole day but i haven’t gotten my daily coffee yet and i’m starting to get hungry. we should get up and eat,” phil suggests softly, knowing dan won’t easily give in to getting out of bed.

dan pouts, “but phil, i’m sooo comfortable and you’re so warm,” drawing out every syllable. “dan, come on.” “i can’t believe you’re trying to get out of cuddling your perfect boyfriend just to get a coffee,” dan smirks.

phil groans, “shut up,” but seems to change his mind about getting up, “okay, fine, we’ll stay here a little while longer. but you have to promise to get out of bed at some point today.” dan smiles and kisses phil’s bare shoulder. softly, phil whispers, “you’re lucky i love you,” which gets him another soft smile from dan.

creds: @phanconcept (i absolutely loVE your blog, thanks so much for your writing <3)

GOALS (just for today because anything beyond the next few hours is utterly and cripplingly terrifying to think about)

-tidy up this god forsaken mess that is my room
-cleanse and reorganize my altar
-honestly just organize my room this is ridiculous
-finish the orders from my shop and get everything ready to ship on Wednesday
-eat?? I should do that at some point???
-listen to music that makes me happy
-find roommate agreements online for me and my new roommate
-don’t cry
-wow holy shit I am just admiring the moon I painted on my door and I am just beyond words at how good it turned out it honestly looks so real and I am so PROUD of myself??????????? Holy shit???
-not kill myself

Non romance Pidge and Shiro HC
Shiro thinks of Pidge as a little sibling (and I say sibling because I don’t want to be rude to those who identify Pidge as a female or a male.)

When Pidge is feeling a little off, Shiro notices and starts to worry.

A lot

He starts from morning to night with his worries.

Why are you eating so little, Pidge? You should eat some more.

Shiro, I’m fine. Just not that hungry today.

Hey, Pidge. If you’re feeling too tired today, you don’t have to do all your tech stuff for us today.

If I’m not doing it then who else is?

A moment of silence passes by as Shiro is mentally going through who the next best candidate would be to sub in for Pidge.

Definitely not Lance. Keith? But he lived in a freaking shack for months without anything but a radio. Hunk could probably figure it out at some point. Maybe Coran, but he’s already dealing with something else.

They get back from their training and Shiro immediately makes everyone rest for the benefit of Pidge.

Keith – we haven’t even done our meeting today for tomorrow

Lance – stop being so uptight, Keith. We don’t need to have one every. Single. Day. ‘sides, I can get my beauty sleep today for once.

Hunk – oooh. Can I go bake more cookies? I promise I’ll make them edible this time.

Shiro – it’s fine Keith. We haven’t done much today anyways. We’ll just do it tomorrow.

Pidge – I’m going to go work on my computer.


Everyone stares at Shiro like he’s some crazy person

Pidge, you can’t go stare at that computer screen for several hours again!


Your eyesight’s going to get worse.! And what if your current glasses aren’t the correct prescription anymore? There’s no optometrist to get you a pair of new glasses here!

Pidge just leaves the room with Shiro’s complaints in the distant.

Hey Pidge, you’re resting now, right?

No answer

Haha. It’s fine if you ignore me. Just checking on you.

Still no answer.

Okay, Pidge. I’m coming in!

Sees Pidge sleeping, glasses still on its face and blanket on the floor.

Shiro takes off the glasses and sets it off to the side and pulls the blanket over Pidge.

Goodnight Pidge.
Today, I fucked up by telling my girlfriend her noodles were delicious.

So I had a super shitty day at work today (and I usually love my work). It dragged on and on and on… finally after 15 hours of stuff I hate to do I crawled home. One thing that kept me somewhat cheerful is the thought of my girlfriend making dinner for me. She is an amazing cook so I was really looking forward to it.

I get home and make my last call for today while she whips up dinner. She calls me, I sit down, pretty dead by that point, and she shoves a pot of something in front of me. I take a fork and eat it.

Wow-omg, it’s spicy noodles submerged in some sort of delicious soup! I had one sandwhich this entire day, and the noodles taste unbelievably fucking incredible to me. I devour them and with all but tears in my eyes tell my girlfriend this is the best thing she ever made, I am absolutely amazed, she should make this every week. Then I notice she’s just sorta… staring at me.

At this point I look down and realize what I am eating. It’s fucking instant noodles from a dollar store, still in that freaking plastic bowl they come in.

Apparently, I was braindead enough to:

  • crave instant noodles;
  • wander into 24 hour store, buy instant noodles;
  • thrust them into my gf’s hands and inform her I don’t want any of the steak and salsa she was planning to make, but in fact I want instant noodles
  • having no recollection of the above, eat instant noodles and act like it’s a god’s gift to earth.

Kids, don’t let this become your life

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  • me: *wakes up in the middle of the night frantically sweating*
  • me: kim minseok is so flawless he looks so damn good and at the same time he's such a sweet person I feel really bad about the fact that some view him as cold-hearted when he's really just very shy and mature also he used to be so unconfident about his appearance I hope he likes his looks now he worked so hard to get to this point also I'm worried about him isn't he too tired after today's concert I hope he ate well after the show he has to eat more to get some energy also he should drink more water staying hydrated is very important they move a lot on stage btw how many times did he go to the toilet today
  • me: *goes back to sleep*

sometimes you just have one of those mornings where you feel like nothing you do is good enough:  like your skill isn’t a skill at all, but a quiet failing everyone’s been too nice to point out, and maybe you feel like people don’t really like you and you’re not the good person you think you are, and maybe you should just go away to a quiet little corner and let the rest of the world roll on without you.

on days like that… on days like today, dear hearts, I feel like it’s never remiss to just drink some water, eat something you like (one of those salty chewy delicious peanut butter granola bars oh my GOD), and tell that little voice in your head to kindly go and eat a dick.

all my love to everyone and to myself too.  this granola bar is amazing.


I’m grateful that my parents are supportive enough that they let me become a music major, but it’s obvious that they’re just humoring me until I grow up a bit and realize how silly I’m being.

They think I’m going to wake up one day and go “welp that was fun, time to become an engineer”

I know what it feels like not to have money. Today I had to choose between buying a new toothbrush and eating lunch. But the thought of getting stuck in some corporate or research job for the rest of my life is terrifying.

I’m not even a particularly good musician, all my auditions are going terribly. I’m scared to start lessons again because I haven’t practiced nearly as much as I should. I don’t know what’s compelling me at this point except the certainty that doing anything else would make me miserable.