i should draw something seriously for once

Okay but like…

Once you hit a point where you’re writing and drawing something like “swapfell” you should probably step back and think about how much of the original source material you’re actually using anymore.

Because chances are, it’s not a lot, and at this point you should seriously consider taking what you have and breaking it away from the fandom to create something fully original.

I’m serious, and I’m not saying this in a mocking way.

I’m saying this as someone who actually did hit a point in a couple other fandoms where I realized “hey, what I’ve been making is so far removed from the source material, it would be pretty easy to just remove the remaining references to the source material and just make my own story.” So I did. And I don’t regret it one bit.

I am 200+ pages into a script for a fully original comic, with nearly all of the characters in it being fancharacters I reworked into original ones.

Seriously, if you’re at the point where you’re combining AUs that create characters doubly more removed from the source material, consider turning them into something original. You won’t regret it!