i should draw something seriously for once


notes | Shameless, ridiculous, basically plotless fluff. It was one of those super Monday-ish Mondays and so substance demanded to fall to the wayside :)

title | delirious

“I love you.”

“What?” Caitlin blinks, startled, at where Barry’s half asleep on the med table, looking terribly bewildered by his own outburst. His lashes flutter open and closed in a sluggish rhythm, belying the blood loss he’d experienced only an hour ago, his features still largely ashen, though some color finds its way to his cheeks as his gaze skitters everywhere but to her. “Did you? Um, did I? Uhh…” she stutters out, too tired, too surprised, too thrown to string her thoughts into something more coherent.

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Tumblr is basically a massive enabler.

Tumblr is great. It’s a place that fully embraces the right to free speech, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I mean, as far as societies go, being allowed internet access to share thoughts and say what you want and be free to believe your own thing, regardless of how fucking delusional that thing is- is actually kind of awesome.
You know when you’re a kid and your parents give you these things called boundaries? I mean, a lot of you won’t remember what boundaries are because you never hit one. Mom or Dad might have been too distracted to set you any, so they were like ‘sure honey, do whatever you want’. And that’s why you are how you are, constantly overwhelmed by your inability to accept that things aren’t the way you want them to be because no one ever told you in life that you don’t always get your own way- and not getting your way once in a while teaches you to be a better version of yourself. But alas, the internet happened, it allowed you to indulge your insufferable victim complex, your parents made a rod for their own back and now you’re all everyone else’s problem as we all compete in a sea of hypocritical nonsense in our self important quest to feel 'valid’.
If I see 'my pain is valid’ one more time I’m going to puke. I know that’s a 'problematic™’ thing to say on the hyper sensitive mine field of Tumblr. You know what, so is life. Life isn’t fair. It’s something we all have to deal with…
Moving on.
If you have to do mental gymnastics, if you have to resort to bullying people over semantics because you haven’t actually got a point- you really are not the snowflake you think you are. You’re actually a bit of a bully! You are in drastic need of this thing I like to call perspective.
Let me tell you about this magical thing!
Perspective comes when you realise that you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill, and in real life terms you should just grow the fuck up, and learn to deal with a reality that you don’t like, like a real adult.
Rather than lashing out at everyone for not being what you want them to be and doing what you want them to do, (like: calling everyone homophobic for simply not being gay or not shipping your ship) you search inward, and you realise that a lot of the things you are angry about don’t really matter in comparison to say, watching someone you love die.
Life is too short to complain about not getting what you want when you could be creating things and contributing to real life causes that actually help real people/ creatures/ the environment.
But here you are, still on your self important crusade for canon slash dressed as representation. Seriously? Still?
One day I can only hope that something happens to make you realise that the way you deal with not getting what you want is completely unhealthy. You should enjoy your slash fiction to your heart’s content, but once you start making it into something else- that my friend is a slippery slope and honestly I’m surprised more of you aren’t just done with it.
I used to draw back and retract my statements a little. I am always up for having an opinion challenged, but to be honest I have done a lot of growing up recently. I’ve realised all over again that it’s a tough world snowflakes.
It’s time someone told you how it is.
Ship your Destiel all you want. It’s fine.
It’s not going to be canon, you should just accept it.
You can’t always get what you want, life isn’t like that, and as someone who watches Supernatural how the fuck can you not understand that sentiment? Smh.

“So they only gave you one episode, too, huh? Don’t sweat it, kid. Maybe we’ll have better luck in Fusion Fall.”

“I have a slice of pumpkin pie in my lunchbox… Wanna’ see?”

“Nice try, sweetie, not gonna’ work.”

Possibly my all-time favorite minor villains in Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

These two seriously need more love <3

Anywho, this is obviously my first time drawing either of them so the mistakes should be rather notable (Pandora’s lunchbox is incomplete and her freckles are upside down) XD

Also need to do something about Jack’s pose, but we’ll see how that turns out once I redraw this

Oh well, enjoy for now

Grim Adventures © Maxwell Adams

anonymous asked:

ahh, where to begin?? i love your style so much and im learning to draw rn myself. so i have this skellyton character im trying to refine but i can quite get it right?? if you have the time, do you think you can kind of demonstrate how you envision/draw skeleton people? ive been looking for references and i love your stuff!

(Aaah my first art tutorial!) (I hope this makes a lick of sense)

When I drawing skellingtons, I stick to pretty general human anatomy that I learned in my figure drawing class. I try to focus on proportion first/keep it in mind. Nothing too fancy, and these are for people, but I use them for skeletons, too - 

That and drawing from real skeletons (well, real fake skeletons) is really good practice, either in person or from photos. Something I also do for practice (and I don’t know if other people do this, actually) is look at pics of heads and try to draw how the skull fits in there. I posted some a while back, and while I don’t think they’re perfect, it might be worth a try! 

Okay, with all that out of the way, here’s how I draw a cock-eyed skull:

I start with a general shape with crosslines for layout - 

Then I add more details for the “eyebrows,” cheekbones, teeth, and jaw - 

I add in the eye sockets and nose hole (which is actually a lot closer to the eyes than I used to draw it), add a center line for the teeth, and shade in the area behind them. Some pics I’ve seen of real skulls don’t really have this, but I keep it because otherwise my skulls sort of look like cheapo Halloween masks -

Then the teeth. I used to draw the teeth farther down and smaller and they looked like they were about to fall off the face - 

(Quick thing: I try to keep lines for the teeth light. They’re so small and in a tight space that drawing big dividing lines is, in my stuff, a little off-putting. It’s the power of suggestion~~)

Aaand then just some quick colors for this guy!

And for bodies (which I don’t draw as much as I should; I just like skeletons in suits, heeh), I do go for a little bit of that Skeleton Dance aesthetic of simplified, slightly rubbery bones.

But there are a lot of different directions to go with drawing skeletons, and you can definitely work on it until you’re comfortable! For other references, this blog has a lot of great resources for human anatomy. (And art things in general) I look there a lot, actually, when I’m not sure how to do something!

Hope this helped/wasn’t too much info all at once! Good luck with Mr./Mrs. skellyton!


So fun-mbti-analysis suggested we draw our functions, which I thought was cool so I did.

Ti, the nerd who runs the show. Except, he doesn’t really care about that. He rather spend his time reading excessively on Wikipedia or finishing large encyclopedias for the fun of it.

Ne, the idea (wo)man. Her hair is big because that’s where she keeps her ideas.

Si, I always imagine this function as a bit stuck up, tbh. But a somewhat nice function - stops things from falling apart and every once in a while, gives something to reminisce about.

Fe, the little kid who no one takes seriously. Until there’s a tantrum to be dealt with.

Okay but like…

Once you hit a point where you’re writing and drawing something like “swapfell” you should probably step back and think about how much of the original source material you’re actually using anymore.

Because chances are, it’s not a lot, and at this point you should seriously consider taking what you have and breaking it away from the fandom to create something fully original.

I’m serious, and I’m not saying this in a mocking way.

I’m saying this as someone who actually did hit a point in a couple other fandoms where I realized “hey, what I’ve been making is so far removed from the source material, it would be pretty easy to just remove the remaining references to the source material and just make my own story.” So I did. And I don’t regret it one bit.

I am 200+ pages into a script for a fully original comic, with nearly all of the characters in it being fancharacters I reworked into original ones.

Seriously, if you’re at the point where you’re combining AUs that create characters doubly more removed from the source material, consider turning them into something original. You won’t regret it!