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“Who I Am Inside” Part 15

A/n: I know it has been awhile. I’ve just been busy with other stuff. I’ve been feeling very guilty lately for not posting as much and I will try harder too! Here’s chapter 15! Let me know what you think.

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   Sam’s Pov

“Can I talk to you for a minute, Sam?” Dean asked me, before taking a seat across from me in the Library and handed me a beer.

   “Where’s Y/n and the rest of the gang?” I asked, as I noticed they weren’t in sight.

“They all hit the hay early. The case wore them out. I wanted to apologize to you for what I said earlier. I never meant to get so angry at you.”

“I know you didn’t really mean it, Dean. You were just upset about, Y/n.”

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“do you like it?” Napoleon asked, watching you with concern.

“you should sit down and eat some.” you suggested, taking a bite. you practically melted, “oh my god this is sooooo good. can i hire you to cook for me like all the time?”

“well you see, my specialty is breakfast. so if by chance you and i are together in the morning, maybe when you wake up, you’ll get to try my pancakes. and every morning that we are together i will make you a feast fit for a queen.”

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate Sakamaki Intro Translation

*Since I’m not fluent in Japanese and I’m actually learning my Japanese with translating, it can be a bit off. There can be mistakes in there,but I did my best.
*It’s not always a literal translation either. I have tried to put the actual meaning of what’s been said in the translation. So some parts might seem to be roughly translated.
*If you are looking at this and you see a mistake, or you know the correct way of translating something that I had difficulties with,please don’t hesitate to let me know.
*A great thank you to Lil0 for checking if there were mistakes.
*After a choice I’m putting an (x) where you can click on, that will take you to the post where it continues from that choice on. If you can’t click on it yet, it means I haven’t translated it yet. However I will do it with time anyway. (I am planning to translate everything of Dark Fate, unless a route is already been translated).
* I’m putting it on a read more cut since it’s pretty long.
* Enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

Okay no offense but there are a ton of better writers out there than you, like especially in the Lashton part of the fanbase. Please don't tag your fics in the Lashton tag anymore because they are not that great and no one wants to read them, as you can already see.

Do you think I don’t already realize this?

Also, yeah, my favorite blogs and everything might not reblog my fanfics or say anything about them but that doesn’t mean it’s going to ruin my morale to write anymore. 

Maybe I should post them in every possible tag in the world.

Bitches will be looking up ‘bird crap’ and Luke getting fucked up the butt by Ashton and a vibrator at the same time will be there.

‘Pancakes’? You can bet Ashton having a five course dinner inside of Luke’s mouth is going to be there.

Oh and don’t forget ‘5sos het’!!! Luke riding all three of Ashton’s dicks while drinking liquid Vegemite will definitely be there.

Basically, fuck off.