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Yo @walkingmelonsaaa you do know that someone who doesn’t agree with you doesn’t necesarily have to stop being your friend and stop supporting you right?.

Because, being all like “Oh you support THAT?, we are not frundz anymore!” Is like the most retarded, idiotic, close-minded, pathetic, and childish thing someone can say, and you should NOT in any way feel affected by it.

People like that does NOT deserve to be called your friend in the first place, much less being looked upon on.

So honestly Alyssa, screw that, I’ll buy you a coffee and roll you into a sushi until you feel better.

Sad and happy?

So people have been sending me a couple articles floating around that I’m featured in. It’s so kind and flattering to know that people think what I’m doing is cool, but I’m not “queen of cosplay” or innovative or even the best at it. Like I’m grateful and happy people like it but also feel guilty that people do? I just started this maybe a year ago? If even that. I don’t want anyone to think that I think I’m hot stuff. I know that my outfits could be WAY better and that there are FAR more talented people doing the same thing that should receive the attention I’m getting and then some. I know many of mine have been simple. Like I feel bad that my rag tag outfits are being shared as opposed to someone that has a completely amazing cosplay that looks way more complex and bad@ss. I just thought it would be cool to do some cosplays of people from our childhood, ya know? Bring some nostalgia to your TL I thought. I didn’t think people would really think much of it.

I also feel uneasy that ppl are getting upset bc they feel ppl would call cultural appropriation if it were someone of a different race. Which you know, maybe they would. It wouldn’t be right and I wouldn’t agree with it if they’re just dressing up as a normal character with nothing to even do or connected with the actual culture and not doing anything offensive. Idk I just feel kind of weird and bad but excited and shocked? Idk I know it’s not that serious, but I still feel uneasy :(

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Okie, so this is kinda a weird question, but for a while I've been thinking of trying new things, as in doing cell shading art and paintings like yours, realistic and cartoon, and I really, really wanna upload them but im afraid if people will judge me, like I feel if I do that they're gonna scream & complain how I changed my art, and that I should go back to doing cartoon ONLY do you think I should draw AND upload those different art types? Or just draw the same thing for the sake of the ppl?

well see the thing is, haters, critiques, and judgmental, and easily offended people, are going to be everywhere on the internet. But despite all those possibilities, and you probably run into those eventually, they are NOT worth holding you back from you doing what you love, or standing up for what you believe in. I mean, my goodness just look what happened with me? I’ve never faced so much hate before, but I’m ok with it because I know what I was signing up for when I did it. and held my ground. 

You gottah do the same with your art! :D Your art is worth supporting and getting your name out there, and doing no matter what negative attacks you may face one day. because your art is wonderful, and the best thing an artist can do it send it out in the world to try and start getting a name out there.

You got this! don’t be afraid of what people might think, and if you run into any negative feedback, you plant your feet in the ground, and stay firm, because you are strong! :D 

#100studytips Who ever said studying had to be boring and laborious! There are so many ways to study, and it doesn’t have to be painful and unenjoyable. It’s about finding what works and hopefully is still enjoyable. Studying in a study group may seem like too much fun, but actually it works, because you’re forced to discuss and coach each other at speed making learning the content more natural. It also brings context and memory hooks when you need to remember the information in tests later.

There are however some rules to doing study groups effectively. Because if they aren’t managed properly, they can be a massive waste of time. Here’s some tips to get more out of your study groups:

1. Choose similarly goal oriented students within the group.​

2. No distractor-types should be in the group. I think you know who I mean. 

3. Ideal number is 4. ​Any more, and it’s a party.

4. Choose people who contribute.​ You know what I mean. 

5. Do your ‘self-study‘ first.​ Don’t be a drag to the group and be clueless. 

6. Someone should be in charge of time-keeping, and stick to it.

7. Take turns asking questions.​

8. Present to each other.​ It’s learning at speed. 

9. Have Question & Answer group sessions.​

10. Be conscious of learning styles (Visual, Auditory Kinaesthetic) and try to apply it with the type of activities you are doing. 

11. Scheduled breaks & snack-time. Don’t snack while working. You end up talking about the food inevitably. LOL. 

Hope this is helpful!! 

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In amongst all the games and deceit (I'm struggling to believe in anything associated with SC at this point), your beautiful writing has been a bright shining light. Cannot wait for your next College AU or anything else that your fertile imagination dreams up. Better than some aspects of the original books in my humble opinion! Best wishes as you complete your residency (though I would buy your book should one ever be published).

Owwww bae 🤗. I know these last few days have been hard on lots of people in this fandom. On my worst days a good story always helps me find that light and hope again, so I’m amazed that I can do the same for someone. I’ll be here as long as you guys want me with my stories - even if I never write that book, I’m already pretty happy and fulfilled. Thank you for your words and much love to you! 😘😘

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Hi there I'm 17 and my dream has always been to be a doctor Thing is, I'm not the smartest person out there I'm doing a degree of Biomedical science as a pathway, but maybe I should just do nursing. Do you think it's possible for an average person to do medicine? I dont know whether to give up or not...

Hi. I have a secret- I’m not the smartest person either. There are many people with average intelligence in med school- the difference not intelligence alone but hard work, determination, compassion, drive. It comes down to personality and willingness to go the extra mile just as much as it does intelligence.

Now you do need good grades to get into a good school.  But you do not need strait As, you can even have a C and be okay.

Here’s my advice for you personally anon- you are young, you have time to explore medicine and see where you would fit in best. Medical Training is a long and lonely path, so if there is something else out there that you would be equally happy doing- do that instead. But if you want to be a doctor with everything you have- you will be able to become a doctor.

As an aside- if you go into nursing you will never be just a nurse. Please never think nurses are in any way less than doctors because they have less training. Many times the nurses are more important in patient care- they are the front lines of patient advocacy and compassion. Nurses change lives in meaningful ways every day they go to work. Nurses and doctors have very different jobs, but they are both  wonderful and noble professions. 

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What will you do if Marco isn't Trans and your entire theory is another case of queerbaiting? Will you be destroyed like TJLC and try to survive on arbitrary scraps or will you move on, to another show that will inevitably break your little hopeful heart once again? Don't you think you should admit the theory is likely shit now, before the fall? Or do you like to crash and burn so spectacularly, like those before you? Marco Diaz is a straight, cis-gendered mixed race male and you know it's true.

Congratulations! This is the most homophobic, transphobic ask I have ever gotten! I mean, you didn’t just attack me or the theory you attacked all LGBT+ people who want to see themselves represented in the media. Like, A+ phobing there mate.

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Funny how fellow Pharmercy shippers call each other cunts for not drawing exactly how they want. Smh honestly do these people even know what overlay is srsly if you don't know about how coloring digitally works then shut the fuck up. Frustrates me as an artist myself when people who have no knowledge of how coloring works, talk shit. Your art is amazing and keep up the good work. Even though I am a Gency shipper, your art is adorable as heck. It makes me open up to Pharmercy. Love your art ❤️

I’ve been putting this ask aside but I figured I should answer this. Truthfully speaking, I’ve been getting shit from both sides. Regardless what ship, I get accused of whitewashing or how my ship is trash in the comments how I’m not drawing this or that right how which ship is more superior to the other yada yada. And these are all Tumblr exclusive comments. Yay! #TumblrianPride 

It’s easy to devalue and disrespect someone over the internet because you’re not held accountable for what you say. You can discriminate someone behind your screen and think your words are not going to affect anyone. Considering how someone actually private messaged me just to shit talk me about how I don’t have any friends. Tumblr in a nutshell. 

I’m grateful my art has made you appreciate a ship that’s considered a huge NO to your OTP. That’s quite an achievement that I’m proud of. Sorry for the long rant, but thank you so much for understanding.  

How do you get out of bronze? I’m trying my best to play good but my teammates are tilting me so hard, I play bad cuz I get teamed up with people who are toxic toward me even if I don’t chat that often. I only chat when I think we need to push or disengage, and I know I’m better than being a bronze player :( WHY RIOT WHY

Confession by @resplandantefotografia

Artwork by @pinku-nnie

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Hello! I'm a baby witch, and I just recently discovered that I want to become a witch! Do you have any tips on starting out? Like what should I do?


First thing I would always recommend doing: research! Books, blogs, website, lore, they are all good starts. There will be things you’ll agree with, things that resonate with you, and things that you’ll find just stupid (there is always some craziness when you do research) or not fit for what you look for.

Don’t believe everything you read and see, so many people wants to put rules in witchcraft, but the truth is, you just do you. You do not have to work with deities, to have an altar, to have an athame, to believe in the three fold law, etc. Read everything with a grain of salt and make your own opinion.

All along, you can start collecting the information that makes sense to you, that you want to keep. Write them in a notebook, on your computer, whatever you prefer. You can start a grimoire if you want (ideas here)

Some posts for you:

Hope it helps!

here are my thoughts on the whole bts copying bigbang discord

do i think it was bts’ choice to have the ‘no signal’ thing as part of their performance? probably not, and thus i dont think we should be blaming the group themselves because, realistically, its unlikely bts have that much creative influence over what they do in performances

so no, i dont think we have a right to be angry at bts, but i do think we have a right to be angry that it happened (regardless who was responsible). VIPs are the only people (excluding those who know him personally) to even get close to understanding how much the Act Like Nothing’s Wrong stage meant to TOP. It had deep meaning for him and likely related to past mental struggles he experienced. He is a vulnerable man with a strong stage persona but decided to show some vulnerability on stage in the form of this performance. He used the ‘no signal’ screen to hide behind whilst performing to show how much it meant to him and how it affected him. It was the solo song he chose to perform as one of his last before enlistment. It was an immensely powerful moment between him and his fans on the tenth anniversary. And thats why i’m annoyed that something with such meaningful symbolism is being taken and used for aesthetic purposes.

its a shame that people have taken this misunderstanding as an excuse to have a go at each other, but i hope this helps some people understand why some of us are quite upset at this

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lol your reply made me laugh so hard. can't you do anything else, bitch? you should just give up & make aranea go for ravus or even ardyn cause she doesn't deserve any of those sexy boys. especially not ignis who's fucking gay for gladio. finally understand that and fuck off with your shitty ship.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

{ i can honestly care less about your pointless bitching . just because someone has a straight ship with ignis , you have to start bitching like a little spineless cunt & spread hate around . i wonder if you also write this bullshit to personal blogs who ship highspecs since there are people receiving hate out of community as well . i honestly don’t care what you ship . i don’t care about your opinion at all tbh . right now i am just gathering your messages as an evidence to compare you to people around & find out who you are . seriously , take care of yourself . you’re probably a gladio roleplayer that is so upset that he doesn’t have ignis to fuck , but sorry dude . this ain’t my business . so do me a favor & stop . people are annoyed , i am fairly amused & the fact you’re trying so hard to make me stop shipping my otp is making me ship it even more <3 }

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i'm vegetarian. do you know of any japanese food i can eat? i kind of need to know as next year i am going on a nine day school trip to japan.

HI! Oh there should be heaps of stuff you can still eat! Tofu, inari sushi…I’m pretty sure if you have okonomiyaki you can ask for a vegetarian option or ask that they just get rid of the meat, any soba/udon you can get with vegetable tempura instead of meat….and I’m pretty sure yakisoba has no meat??

I guess just let your supervisors and people at the restaurants know and there should be heaps of options! Hope this helped!!

things  that  should  be  a  thing  again :

- quill  or  fountain  pens    (   i  mean  commonly ,  not  just  for  people  who  do  calligraphy   )
- handwritten  letters
- personalized  wax  seals
- ending  a  letter ,  instead  of  sincerely  or  something  boring  like  that ,  with  your  obedient ,  your  obedient  srvnt. ,  your  humble  servant ,  et  cetera 

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I feel like Namjoon has changed and that he's trying to distance himself from the past and blacks in general so he doesn't get in trouble again but also since he wasn't really around poc when growing up we should be helping him instead of hating or judging him but some people are just extremists

i agree. he works really well with black artist and listens to people like Kendrick and J Cole and Wale so i’m sure he’s listened to their songs that talk about black oppression. I do believe he’s gotten better but I wouldn’t go as far as dating a black woman only because at the end of the day he is Korean and most Koreans tend to date within their own race

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I think it's so weird, but interesting at the same time how you answer asks, you use such non "common" words that people would use when getting complimented and it just lightens my heart that you don't just say a simple "thank you" like I do, cause my vocabulary can't stretch that wide XD Idk (ignore me lol)

No! I’ll never ignore you. I’m not used to getting compliments so often, let alone for my own work. I think it’s important that whoever takes the time to do so should get the same treatment my work does: time, love and care. Also, in regards to vocabulary, my love of reading and writing expands it, and it’s not difficult either. I believe you come across new words and styles of writing every time you lend yourself to a world of diverse thinkers. But back to how I answer asks, I also believe ‘thank you’ does hold value, but I think expanding on that holds even more because it lets the person know you appreciate their kind words. 

I can’t believe there are 200+ of you following me. I’m so grateful even if we haven’t interacted yet (which we should). Thank you all for sticking around and not finding me boring just yet. I wanted to give a small special shout out to the people who have put up with me the most/longest.

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foxiary replied to: when they call yennefer selfish

Awesome words. I think pretty good about Yen and have to say I never could decide between Yen and Triss.. thats why I played the game 3x. First round I got no one, second round Yen and third Triss. I do like both. Both backstorys are interesting and both girls are interesting in their way.

hello @foxiary !! :D

thank you very much, i am honoured! :) i do prefer yen for myself as for geralt but as we all are not geralt it’s us who chooses the love interest so we all should be happy and peaceful about it. i hated these waifu-wars ever since they started and do not intend to participate in them but i find it horrible that people go as far as to compare the characters and the fans to hitler and the nazis and/or trump. i find it very sad that there is so little room for discussion in this fandom. you are to enjoy yourself here but you have to expect people reacting to you blasting out hate everytime you log in.

love shouldn’t be a war where there is a winning side and a losing side, it should not be posed with diagrams and actual game and book sources should not be discredited for the sake of only starting a fight because someone set you off.

i don’t understand how people can deny entire characters (and you said so good, backstories) or even books to make it fit their picture of the reality. you can have your love interest without forcing everybody else to feel like you do. it’s your choice to behave like a dick or to be a fit grown up man/woman.

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Hey! I just wanted to ask how do you stay motivated like I give up really easily. Also I've my exams coming up and there's no motivation in me to study. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!

hmm this isn’t the easiest question to answer

but first, don’t rely on motivation to keep you going!! discipline is the most important thing!! motivation is study aesthetic, all those beautiful things that make you FEEL like studying. discipline is when you actually get yourself out of bed and start working.

here are some posts on this: 

how to develop discipline by @tbhstudying

self discipline tips by @marias-studyblr

quote by @seven-colors-of-highlighters

50 reasons why you should study by @studymedically


secondly, this is kinda rare idk but studyspo actually motivates me to study. not even the aesthetic of it but how devoted people on studyblr are. (also i’m an overachiever and im horrified of not doing my best, so even when im being really lazy and exhausted i overwork myself rip but that’s just me) 

i hope this helped!! and good luck with your exams <3