i should do some scanning lol

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You also should try drawing Ford with your non-dominant hand! I wonder if we can make it a minor meme, him in the Non-Dominant Dimension.

Pfft, I was already sort of wondering to myself what it would be like to try to do that…  So yeah.  Inspired by sovonight’s earlier wonderful examples.

Absolutely not corrected in any way (besides some original left-handed erasing on the original sketch).  I scanned the sketch in case I seriously screwed up the ink.  (For certain values of “seriously”, I guess, judging by the end result. Good lord, it’s like drawing on an Etch-a-Sketch.)

To be clear, I’m right-handed, and these were done left-handed.  Biggest difference, to me, was the fact that I seldom picked up the point off the paper, whether it was the pencil or the pen.  

I absolutely encourage other folks to try it!  It’s fun! And it’s a common exercise in art classes.  (For me, lo these many years ago.)

But WOW did that cramp my hand.

Does anybody remember about one of the last X-positions where Cullen Bunn said the team would have new members soon including Polaris and Rachel? Well here they are. Polaris and Rachel in the cover of Deadpool & The Mercs for Money #7.

I came across a few people asking me what I think about “Inhumans vs X-men” and also if this Polaris is the “real” Lorna Dane or it she’s “dead”.

So what do I think about Inhmans vs X-men? Oh boy. I don’t really know. Felt an unspecific dread. IMO, It just another story where we will see the X-men losing once again. Be prepared that this is the event where we’re going to see Magneto getting beaten, Cyclops getting killed (again) and Storm getting hauled away probably by Medusa, the Queen of Attilan (inhumans). There is a reason why Marvel put Storm in charge and it’s not that she’s going to “save the day”. She’s probably going down with the rest of the X-men unless there is a miracle. But seeing many covers out there of IvX are depicting the contrary. Do you think X-men are going to win? Do you think Storm can beat the Queen? Again, the thought of those covers filled me with dread. Let’s just not worry about that now, right? It’s too early to speculate and criticize something that is not on the table yet. Additionally, same goes with the assumption of Polaris.

Now, What do I think about Polaris AKA Lorna Dane? It she dead? Is that the real Green-haired? The real daughter of Magneto? Well, the question is why would she be dead? Why might she  not be the real Polaris? Future, Past, present it’s still Polaris. Let me put it this way. Descriptions remain unclear, period. Whether Deadpool and his crew caught themselves going to the future and predicted a war that is about to happen which this can indicate, she’s damn well alive. If memory serves, Polaris was last seen with Magneto and his right hand, Briar Raleigh, who is still a mystery. I noticed people are not questioning whether if that’s the “real” Magneto or Briar (or the rest of the X-men) and obviously they are. Same with Polaris who was with Briar when the universe merged and everything remained unspecifically blank. I’m sure Bunn can’t mislay them from that point on. Although I was comparing Polaris with the second cover Deadpool & The Mercs for Money #8 and for some reason her headdress certainly appeared different from the cover #7.

Not only does the headdress appear more like a warrior, but she looks amazing. doesn’t she? In this cover, Xorn is participating and to me it’s the same Xorn who joined Magneto. The Xorn who’s teaching Elixir how to control his power. This is the same Xorn no hesitation. I’m positive Polaris is alive and well but let’s not worry about that now Let’s worry about Storm. I mean, WTF is Storm doing with the Inhumans? I’m pretty sure that’s Storm even though she might be from the “future” but W.T.F? Is this a traitor Storm? It she with the Inhumans instead of the X-Men? Is that her destiny? I have noticed Marvel is undermining Storm on many levels lately. I mean, Did you see how badly she was treated in Extraordinary? She was getting her ass whooped by a team from another dimension (nothing new really she was depicted like crap and getting beaten many times before where I see many of you don’t even want to talk about it, but I will soon and will also post some scans). Ever wonder how she’s going to be treated in the upcoming IvX event? You should be filled with dread, lol. Anyway, who I’m I to criticize, right? Clearly the motive for Cullen Bunn STILL remains unclear but most important is that the Mistress of Magnetism is back. So be happy that she didn’t vanish.

What do I think about this? I think somehow Marvel is protecting Polaris from those crappy stories (from being treated as such) and from Fox. I don’t think Marvel wants Fox to see her prospective. There’s a massive reason why Marvel didn’t kill the green-haired. She deserves all the prosperity and deep inside Marvel knows they ain’t done with her. How exciting!

*kerPLUNK!* I finally finished him! Okay, okay, I finished him a while back, I just finally scanned him. But still, it took me a really long time finish this!

So in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m basically in love with BOTFA Fili like I can’t EVeeENNn *cries* Like, that costume is just my favourite in the whole trilogy probably, out of everyones. I mean it’s really hard to pick a favourite, since I love all the costumes but I remember the first time I saw the pictures of Fili’s outfit I actually kinda died and may have (may have) licked my computer screen. I think it’s the belt placement or something. And he’s got a bit of a “Dorito” thing goin’ on. And who doesn’t love Doritos! (Captain Erebor, anyone?)

…Anyway, so I’ve been on a quest to draw it, and finally with the release of the BOTFA EE I’ve been able to get some BTS pictures making it a LOT easier to reference.

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Easy Like Monday Morning

During a test in English 10, one of my students is tapping his pencil very loudly, distracting his peers.  I walk over to his desk so that I can whisper to him.

Me:  “Hey, do you mind not doing that?”

He looks around.  His classmates are shooting him dirty looks.

Him:  “Why’s everyone in such a pissy mood?”

Me:  “You know, some people find tests stressful.  And you drumming on your desk is not helping them concentrate.”

Him:  “Then they all should have prepared like me.  This test is easy.”

There are groans of protestations from some students.  Some comments are not so nice.  He’s smiling, rolling with it.

I quickly scan his test answers.  Half of his answers are wrong.

Me:  “Um, did you really study?”

Him:  “Writing the test is easy.  Doing well is a different story.  Either way, why stress?”

Me:  “You worry me sometimes.”