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Legolas reports back to his father.

‘But it is a heavy burden. So heavy that none could lay it on another. I do not lay it on you. But if you take it freely, I will say that your choice is right; and though all the mighty elf-friends of old, Hador, and Húrin, and Túrin, and Beren himself were assembled together your seat should be among them.’

"I do care for her. More than I should": Legolas Imagine

Imagine for: vanillasonata

Word count: 665

Relationship: Legolas x Reader

A/N: Here it is! I hope it’s not too bad, I spent quite a while writing this even though the word count is 665. Requests are still OPEN :)

Enjoy! :)

It had been a long day of walking through a big forest and you felt really tired, so naturally you got happy when Aragorn said that you would settle down for the night. Boromir found a place to start a bonfire. Gimli settled down next to the bonfire and complained about his feet hurting. You rolled your eyes and laid down so you could get some sleep. Even though you were tired, you could not manage to sleep, so you just laid on the ground looking up at the stars. You turned over so you faced the forest. You could hear Legolas walking towards you, probably checking if you were asleep. He looked over your shoulder and then turned to the bonfire.

“Looking after miss (Y/N), are we?” you heard Boromir say with a somewhat different tone in his voice than usual. You were confused and curious for what he was talking about, but didn’t turn around.

“Always.” Legolas said short. Boromir and Gimli chuckled.

“What?” Legolas asked. Gimli and Boromir looked at each other.

“Don’t think we don’t know, laddie” Gimli said.

“We can see how you treat her. How you look at her. How you behave around her.” Aragorn said. Legolas tried to look confused at them, trying to hide the fact that he was starting to blush.

“You like the young lass, don’t you?” Gimli teased.

“Please behave like an adult, Gimli.” Legolas said and blushed even more. He sat down next to Aragorn and looked down at the ground.  

“Look at him, lads, he’s blushing!” Boromir said and poked Legolas with a stick. Gimli laughed and Aragorn let out a quiet chuckle.

“Love is nothing to be ashamed of, Legolas.” Aragorn said.

“We have more important things to talk about than this.”  Legolas said, not only to try to avoid the conversation, but he thought they were being really childish. Boromir, Aragorn and Gimli was quiet for a second.  

“Why won’t you just admit it?” Gimli said. Legolas was starting to get mad at the other ones now. He got up and walked away from them. The three others were left alone in silence.

You were still awake and hundreds of thought was running through you mind. Did Legolas fancy you? Had you noticed it? You thought about it for a while and everything seemed to fit in place. All the times he had looked after you, helped you, talked to you. Usually you were the one to notice things like this quickly, but not this time. Looked like the boys had found out about it before you did.

After what felt like could have been twenty minutes or so, Legolas came back in hope that the other ones had fallen asleep, but Aragorn and Boromir was still awake, Gimli was clearly asleep judging from the snoring. Legolas didn’t say anything, he just sat down next to Boromir. No one spoke for quite a while.

“Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m going to get some sleep now.” Aragon said and he laid down on the ground.

“Fine.” Legolas said. Aragorn and Boromir looked at him confused.

“What?” Boromir asked. Legolas got quiet again. It was as if he didn’t know how to say the next words. Like he had forgotten how to speak. When Aragorn was about to lay back again on the ground, Legolas spoke up again.

“I do care for (Y/N). I really do. More than I should.” A wide smile appeared on Boromir’s face.

“I knew it!” he said, but Legolas hushed him gesturing to you and Gimli afraid you would wake up, even though Gimli was the only one asleep and you had heard every word that had been said tonight. You smiled and got a warm feeling inside you when you thought the thought that Legolas did in fact like you. You were happy and tomorrow, you would tell him that you feel the same way about him.

Red’s Love your “Flaws” Writing Challenge

There is no milestone for this challenge, it’s about celebrating the uniqueness of YOU. This whole idea for this challenge is explained here .  There’s so much pressure to be perfect out there, magazines want you to be a size 2, there’s skin bleach to lighten freckles, cream to reduce scars, pills to help you lose weight etc etc. But.. “In a world where you can be anything, be yourself” (Etta Turner). Is there anything wrong with wanting to improve yourself? No, but do it for you not because you fell pressured. Be healthy, but don’t starve yourself. Know that freckles are cute and scars show how strong you are. And that there is nothing wrong with being different from what society deems normal. 

So I challenge you to pick a “flaw” from the list and write a (preferably) reader insert with the flaw being part of the character. Make a character that readers can relate to. From too many freckles too scars and everything in between. This isn’t about writing the perfect reader insert that the character of your choice would immediately fall in love with. It’s writing about a real person who has real “flaws”, one that is not perfect by society standards but still gets the guy (or girl). And most importantly, have fun with it. 

And I say “flaws” but I don’t see them as flaws. At all. I have two scars on my face, one that I have had since I was 5. And I love them. They are uniquely mine, but some people see them as ugly etc. To them, I’m flawed… marred. And yes, there have been comments about before, lots of “I’m sorry that you have a scar” and “You can get a cream for that.”. But they are not hurting me or anyone else, they are just “ugly” to most people and this is about embracing what makes you, you! 

Check out the rules and the list below the cut. Let me know if anything needs to be added or taken away from the list!! I will tweak it if anyone has any suggestions :) 

And it’s multi fandom!!! I’m not picky about the fandoms at all, I just want to have the love your “flaws” message spread through all the fandoms. 

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immagayjedi  asked:

So two things. First, do you have any pictures of, or know where to find good pictures of, wizards and mages that look slightly more realistic and not super over the top and stuff? Also I'm working on creating a gnome Mage for a DnD character but I'm struggling to come up with a personality that's not super bookish and posh as most of my wizards are. And help or advice for a more unique or varied wizard creation?

Hello there!

What do you mean by more realistic/not super over the top & stuff? More like a common traveler? Like this:


Or like that?


Ok the second one was more obviously a wizard… But still, not over the top at all for me.

There was a post saying that mages should dress like noblemen (so they are not immediatly seen as the target to kill first but more like a valuable hostage). So you could take a look at any GoT or LOTR character not wearing a heavy armor and it could do the trick I guess.

Same goes if you do not want something too bookish and posh. I’d say “Jonathan Strange”

Originally posted by vicivefallen

For me he’s more of a sorcerer while Mr. Norrel is a pure (and bookish as hell) wizard. But still. Strange needed some books too.

As for the personality part… At some point, a Mage will need to study. So maybe try te replace the bookish part with curiosity? I’d like to see a archeologist Mage who only learns spells engraved on the walls of some ancient ruins. He has not read a single book in years. It would probably an interesting idea to make him of a good alignment and nomadic.

Some sort of a traveler, wandering around the world, helping people. Often mages are try to be all stylish and think they are better than everyone around because of their magic powers. Create a character who doesn’t like to use his magic powers or does so only under certain circumstances. It could be an original twist…

Now, I must admit it’s hard to find gnome adventurers… I found this one:

(Icewind Dale character)

If someone has more, feel free to help.

As usual, I’m free to chat about your character, and I hope my suggestions help. Even if you do not use them, I guess they could give you new ideas. I’m sure I have more nice pictures, if you tell me more about what you need (can you show me one you like so I can look after similar things?)

Good luck and good game!

ollybollytrolly123  asked:

Hello! I'v seen the painting on your blog and there amazing. I'm not a painter or drawer but do you know any The Hobbit/Lord of The Rings diy and crafts I can do ? I'm in a really Tolkien mood today and can't find any diy/craft inspiration

Thank you. ;) So maybe you want to do a cosplay craft? I’ve recently made a Nazgul sword from a tutorial at http://www.stormthecastle.com/ , it’s out of foam board and I made it very cheaply. They even had patterns in the tutorial. I think they might have other LotR sword tutorials there. Maybe you should try one of those!

If you’re not interested in cosplay then maybe try stenciling on your clothes? I found this goth girl on Youtube that made a clothing stenciling tutorial with spray paint, I think it was her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrW6ek2__Iw

I used one of her tutorials to make an Elric of Melniboné themed jacket with a symbol from that fantasy series, (basically drawing/printing on sticker paper and then spray painting on that), maybe you could do that with the Tree of Gondor or the Eye of Sauron or something.

I also put tape that i drew on with sharpies and sticker paper that i printed on my laptop to make the apple into Barad-dûr/the eye of Sauron, that was a fun craft. ;)

It’s always a good time to learn traditional/historical sewing, and since the Lord of the Rings is based on a medieval world maybe you could try to hand sew yourself a medieval tunic from a medieval costuming book, these costuming books are great resources anyway if you plan on learning to draw too. This is a good one that can be found in libraries and on Amazon. I picked up a lot of my sewing and embroidery skills from reading about and making American Revolutionary War era clothes actually, and books like Colonial WIlliamsburg Costume Close up can give you some ideas for clothing that is pretty similar to hobbit clothing.

If you like Middle-earth themed cooking Happy Hobbit has recipes you might want to try.

You could also try cross-stitch which is relatively simple. Check out this blog:  @dreams-pass-in-time

I’m not on Pinterest but I’ve heard that other people go there for inspiration. Maybe try asking @vampiraptor or @wraven52.

Tolkien’s books continuously celebrate traditional craftsmanship so luckily you can be in the spirit of his books no matter what skills you have.

LotR watch party

I come bearing news regarding our quest to make sure everyone has seen the masterpieces that are the LotR movies at least once!

So, since one does not simply organize a watch party where one person streams a video from their local drive and everyone else gets to watch and interact I still owe you the answer as to how we’re going to do this. I have an idea which involves Skype but I need to have a look in installing some additional software on my laptop to be able to share the sound and… well, I owe you.

I did look into Rabb.it (which, might I add, is also nice in a stew with potatoes) but unfortunately that only lets you share a browser tab and that will not work since people have these movies on DVD’s…

ANYWAY, since we need to find a good time for everyone I thought I’d make this post already. I’d like to know if everyone would be good to do this this weekend and, if so, are you available on Friday night/Saturday/Sunday (whole day, certain times, etc.)? I’ll need to know your time-zone (please also give me the time-difference with UTC to make my life easier because time-zones confuse me) and perhaps also how many movies you’re up for watching… There’s 3, they are LONG so I doubt we’ll be able to do more than one but let’s see!

Frodo managed the impossible so we should be able to hold a watch-party…

I’m tagging the people who have shown that they much desired to be included in this (and for all of you who haven’t seen LotR yet, I do apologize for stuffing this post so full with references that it might as well be a Hobbit after a good party…)

@pinkamour1588 @auduna-druitt @mccoymostly @captainsbabysitter-blog @mcbonescoy @yourtropegirl @starmission @texasblues


Citadel/Games Workshop - Lord of the Rings SBG

Rivendell Guard - Pt.1 - Heroes

So I’ll be honest; I never had any intentions of playing the LotR SBG. However my best friend got back into wargaming and had always been a massive fan. He managed to persuade me (read: asked me once) to start and go to a tournament with him in November. I needed 300pts. I now have over 1200pts (mostly donated by another friend) and am still expanding.

The army is currently themed around the Rivendell Guard, and based on the art in the 'Hobbit Chronicles: Art & Design book’ (see Pt.2). I feel that that age has the most scope/potential, although I do really like the alternate timelines proposed in the Battle for Middle Earth 2 video game and what would have happened should Sauron have regained the One Ring.

from top-to-bottom:

- Gil-Galad, King of the Elves

- Elrond, Master of Rivendell

- Glorfindel, Lord of the West

- Erestor, Chief Councilor of Elrond, Captain of Rivendell

- Arwen Undómiel

- Legolad (Legolas’ more loutish identical twin, says ‘bro’ a lot, loves to get smashed on mead)

Tolkien Society

OK, is anyone else miffed about how Tolkien Society has been using its OFFICIAL Twitter account to state one side’s opinion? Somehow, they seem to be so infatuated with the idea of Amazon’s LOTR that they can’t take any criticisms. I know some die-hard Tolkien fans can be a bit of curmudgeons when it comes to media mix, but I think the concerns are valid. After The Hobbit, can you really blame them? What about Amazon should convince me that they’ll do an awesome job? Amazon paid a hefty sum to get the rights and they themselves have said that they hope to do SEVERAL series and a possible spin-off. That sounds like milking to me. Why should I or other fans be not concerned? Am I asking too much to want a series free from American politics and glorification of war? Because really, I don’t know about other people, but that’s what I’m asking for. 

Maybe the series would be awesome. I like being wrong about these kind of things. But as of now, I’m still concerned–even more so after seeing some of the responses. By the way, this is coming from someone who’s really for media mix and collaborations. Also, unlike some folks, I’m usually for pushing the technology in movies (CGI…) as that’s part of my studies. Unfortunately, I’m also aware how greedy producers can ruin a good work so it looks like poor Celebrimbor on a stick by the time they’re done. 

Let me rephrase a quote from Oscar Wilde (originally super sexist quote) that I feel like sums up corporate producers as well.

“… they always want a sixth act, and, as soon as the interest of the play is entirely over, they propose to continue it. If they were allowed their own way, every comedy would have a tragic ending, and every tragedy would culminate in a farce.”

anonymous asked:

do you think amazons has the potential to actually make a good lotr reboot, because it's been like a decade and im craving some good new content.

Hey there Anon!
Even though I would love to see new lotr content as well, I really doubt that amazon would succeed in creating a decent/good remake of this brilliant masterpiece…
I mean, no one could direct this movie (or series whatever they want to do…?!) like Peter Jackson and no one could play the characters the way the cast played them.
I’ve seen the appendix a thousand times and watched the movies a million times and I’m sure nothing will ever touch me the way Peter and his little family did.
Maybe, MAYBE they should try to make something out of the Silmarillion or Tom Bombadil’s stories, but they should not try to repeat a breathtaking journey like the lord of the rings.

Thanks for the ask and have a wonderful day! 💕

Putting Aragorn into perspective

I have always been feeling a little weird about Aragorn taking the Throne of Gondor after the War of the Ring, and even though surely he is a good King (who probably has to learn a lot, but still), his claim to the throne looked a little weird to me.

However, I am aware that things in Middle-earth work somewhat differently. Different life spans, for example, and surely Aragorn’s deeds during the War of the Ring and some old prophecies did play a huge part in the legitimisation of his reign. Plus there were Elves and Gandalf who were generally trusted by the population, mainly because they were old.
Still the time spans during the events of the Third Age just seemed incredibly long, so I decided to put things into perspective.

Aragorn used the fact that he was the heir to Isildur to legitimate his claim to the throne, and since it is mentioned ridiculously often in the books, so I did some research.
Isildur, last king of the United Kingdom, died in the year 2 T.A. in the Battle of the Gladden Fields.
Aragorn Elessar becomes king of the Reunited Kingdom in 3019 T.A. That’s 3017 years.
If Aragorn had been crowned in 2015, Isildur would have lived in 1002 BC.

So, let’s have a small look at the world back then:

  • Rome had not yet been founded
  • No one on this side of the pond had any idea that America existed. Not even the Vikings!
  • humanity had just discovered that Iron is actually useful to make tools

Or, in other words it is like someone would come to Egypt, claim to be the heir of pharaoh Psusennes I. and demand to be made king. 

But who can actually tell if Aragorn is Isildur’s heir? The Kingdom of Arnor split into three parts in 891 T.A., and Aragorn is heir of the Kingdom of Arthedain, the longest surviving of those three.
The line continues until the kingdom fails in 1974 T.A. and it’s last king, Arvendui, dies in 1975 T.A. due to his incapability to take advice. That’s still 1044 years to go which is, looking back from today, 971 AD when:

  • The Vikings had just discovered America
  • The world’s human population was 200-300 MILLION. This is less than 1/5 of today’s population of China alone!
  • Otto II was Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
  • In Europe this period is called Early Middle Ages

So, now imagine an heir of Otto II would come to Germany and demand to be king - even if someone would do that (because they had no one else and wanted a monarchy), how could that fictional heir of Otto II support his claim? Would anyone believe him? Even if he wanted to solve one of the many crises in this country he would have a hard time to get into that position to begin with, so I think not.

Anyway, surely the life spans of the race of men, especially of the Dúnedain were somewhat longer than those in our world, but even for them 1000 years is quite some time.
I do believe that no one would have made Aragorn king of Gondor if he hadn’t led them well and saved their asses during the War of the Ring.

livesinalibrary  asked:

D&D sounds intense, how does t work?

aight so here’s what you do

first you gotta have at least one person who knows what they’re doing because you gotta have a DM (or GM) which stands for Dungeon Master (or Game Master). They are your god now. What they say, goes. They giveth and they taketh away. Fear your DM, because god forbid if everything’s going smoothly and you see them roll a few dice and grin, shit’s about to get real.

So you have your DM. Now gather some friends. The wackier/more imaginative/more diverse the better your campaign’s probably gonna be because ain’t nothing like eight people who all wanna do something different to whatever the DM just spawned in front of you and the more minds to solve problems the better.

You are also gonna need some dice. Now, I’m terrible with managing my money and have an unnatural attraction to bright and/or shiny objects and get overly attached to fictional characters so I have one set for every character I play. This isn’t necessary but people tend to find certain dice like certain characters/situations/games better than others, so it’s up to preference and a not-so-small amount of superstition. Your typical DnD dice set will have seven dice, your d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and a percentage dice (a glorified d10 that has a 0 behind all the numbers). Basically the d stands for dice and the number is how many faces/values it has, so a d20 goes from 1 to 20 and you can guess the rest (a d6 is a normal cube dice you’ve probably used if you have ever opened a board game). You can buy sets from any comic or game shop, if you’re confused just ask the person behind the counter and they’ll help you out. You can also make your own sets because most places that sell dice also sell them individually for like 20 cents each so you can mix n match

So you got dice, friends, and some poor sap who agreed to be your DM. now what? you make a campaign. This is usually up to the DM, since they’re the one who has to make the world and everything in it be real to the players. For example, I am in a superhero campaign that’s set in modern day, a hunger games campaign, and a traditional dnd campaign (think LotR, actual dungeons and dragons are plot relevant). Each one of these has a specific goal, environment, and aesthetic, essentially, so you’re not gonna wanna make the same character for each one. Your DM should probably provide all of you with character creation sheets with campaign-specific skills, specifications, and other shit like that.

So now you make your character. Usually everyone in a campaign does this together so you don’t end up with like twenty fucking bards unable to do jack shit, and you get a good distribution of strength, defense, magic, healing, and other good stuff amongst your party (this is important because if you leave a weak spot you will probably get fucked over by it, for example in my traditional campaign we have no healer. you can imagine our struggles). There’s a bunch of classes and races that can be googled or looked up in a DnD handbook that can tell you the different abilities, strengths and weaknesses of basically anything you want to make. Also, you can probably barter with your DM a bit as long as you’re reasonable. I convinced mine to let my character be a half-giant, which is essentially the modifiers of a half-orc with some tweaking. I had a campaign where the DM let one dude be a centaur. I’d say when making a character go for something out of your normal zone, but something you can actively stay in character with. Nobody wants fifteen white straight Neutral good fighters. It’s boring. Bring some spice to the table and your game will be SO MUCH BETTER. (also never try to be true neutral it’s impossible don’t do it). Give your character a backstory and motivations and quirks and a life and fall in love with your character so you will actually try to keep them alive.

So you got a character and dice and friend and everything else. It’s time to play some fucking DnD. You all sit around a table as your DM describes what your world looks like and where your characters are. After some exposition, they may ask ‘what do you want to do’ and depending on how cooperative everyone is, you take turns saying what your character would do in that situation (if you’re not as cooperative you may roll initiative to see who goes in what order, with the highest rollers going first and then just going down the line). Typically there is a main plot that the DM steers you towards, and the characters work together to get there (there are also player-versus-player things but for most campaigns it’s a party deal). You rolling dice determines how well you do at certain things. For example, the DM says you come to a bridge over a canyon. Maybe Rick over there wants to cross it, but Suzy wants to check how sturdy it is first, and Helga decides she’s gonna roll to check it too because two heads are better than one and what if Suzy doesn’t roll well. Suzy rolls her d20 and gets a 17, and adds her spot modifier based on her character sheet. The dm tells her that her character observes the bridge is mostly sturdy with a few rotting boards. Helga rolls a nat 1 and the DM tells her that she got distracted by a butterfly and didn’t even notice there was a bridge. However Ricky over there rolled a nat 20 to fucking jump across the ravine entirely to skip the bridge debacle so he’s already on the other side laughing his ass off.

I will admit, a bunch of nerds sitting around a table rolling dice may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world, but listen. You’re writing a story with these people, with your party members and your DM. You are acting out a grand adventure as whoever you choose to be, slaying dragons and getting loot and rolling your dice countless times to sense motive on that freaking creepy ass dude your paladin summoned who won’t stop repeating ‘i am the husband’ and following you around because YOU DO NOT TRUST YOUR DM NEVER TRUST THE DM AND SENSE MOTIVE ON EVERYTHING DEAR GOD

Good luck and don’t EVER split the party amen


Based on chapter 24 of determamfidd’s awesome fic Sansûkh, which you should be reading if you have not done so yet.

Gimli comforts Legolas after Aragorn goes and falls off a cliff.

Soo… this may or may not have been finished for like a month and I may or may not have forgotten about it. One of these days I’ll forget my own head.  

Trying to make Legolas look like he was sleeping with his eyes open was difficult, really, because he kept looking either dead or awake. Still looks kind of awake, but nothing to do about it.

anonymous asked:

What to do after subMITting the app? ;-;

Things I did: 

  • Pick up a senioritis project–something to do in the time that you procrastinate all of your other work. Mine was learning to longboard, a couple friends of mine tried to learn elvish from LOTR. 
  • Search “things to eat __(your city)__” and go to all the places and eat the things :3 (I actually am doing this now, in Boston, not back in Denver, but I should have!!) 
  • Go to whatever downtown, small or large, that you have, or take public transportation somewhere you’ve never been and just waste time. Window shop. Get some ice cream. Whatever. 
  • Use a countdown app to countdown the remaining days until winter break/school ends/this one class you have ends
  • Try to write a short story or a serial 
  • Invest more time than you previously would into extracurriculars–I put extra random effort into Robotics and Chinese Club :>
  • Write!! About anything and everything. Write badly. Laugh at it. 
  • Make a reading list. Try to finish it
  • Read book reccommendations from friends
  • Ask your parents lots of questions–ask them things you have never asked before, however meaningful or totally random as you wish. 
  • ^same, but with your siblings
  • Try drawing 
  • Listen to lots of different music
  • use whatever mode of transportation and go everywhere. I didn’t have a car in high school, or a license for that matter, and I even lived in Colorado, which has decent but not the best public transportation. I took the lightrail, and then longboarded or walked. I explored downtown Denver thoroughly, and took a road trip with my friends to go camping over the summer.
  • In the winter months, watch TV shows and movies. 
  • Have lunch by yourself on top of the school bleachers and wonder about life. 
  • Have coffee with a friend and wonder about life
  • Realize that existentialism is not the way to go. 
  • Have adventures with friends at night (e.g., suprising another friend at their music performance)
  • Hang out at friends’ houses and wonder about life
  • Talk to friends about wondering about life
  • Mutually agonize over the future
  • Eat pizza
  • Pet dogs
  • Hang out with the little kids and tweens
  • attempt exercising
  • Cook something interesting (I made bao zi with my mom)
  • Cook something interesting with friends (we made a buttercream cake!)
  • Cook something interesting with friends part 2 (kim bap. So good.)
  • Go to the movies! 
  • Realize that  you’re so over your 12 year old self and some of his/her past interpersonal relationships. U don’t need them gurl. 
  • Realize that you wish you stayed in touch more with friend who moved away.
  • Get to know people completely different from you that you have never hung out with before
  • Hang out with the freshmen (they are so cute) and the underclassmen in general
  • Vent to someone
  • Be vented to, and comfort the vent-er
  • Cry a little about things/academic and life pressure (TBH still happens every year of college at least once….^^””) (but it’s honestly healthy once in a while) (I am generally still a happy person :3)
  • Stay up til 3AM just talking and playing games
  • Be even better friends with your friends, or the people on the “fringes” of your friend group
  • Plan an extravagant senior trip, which may or may not happen. 
  • Plan a much less extravagant senior trip that actually happens

Most importantly, hang out with your friends and family!!! Appreciate them being here, with you, in this snippet of space and time in the infinite universe. It will never be quite the same again, even if you do dislike high school (which I often did lol).

Make a man out of you - LOTR version (Be A Nerd)

Let’s get down to business
To destroy the Ring
Did they send me Strider
Or is that the king?
You’re the saddest bunch
I ever met
But you can bet
Before we’re through
Mister, I’ll make a nerd
out of you!

Tranquil as a wood elf
But a dwarf within
Once you find your wizard
you are sure to win
You’re confused and scared
ignorant noob
And you haven’t got a clue
Somehow I’ll make a nerd
out of you!

I’m never gonna beat
my fate
Say goodbye to those
who knew me
Boy, was I a fool before I’ve read the books

Dark Lord’s got ‘em
scared to death!
Hope he doesn’t see
the hobbits
Now I really wish that I
could find the sun!

(Be a nerd)
We must be swift as
the Rohan riders
(Be a nerd)
With all the force
of the Gondor king
(Be a nerd)
With all the strength
of a raging Gandalf
Mysterious as the
power of the Ring!

Time is racing toward us
till the Orcs arrive
Just obey Lord Elrond
and you might survive
You’re unsuited for
my headcanon
So pack up, go home
you’re through
How could I make a nerd
out of you?

 We must be swift as
the Rohan riders
(Be a nerd)
With all the force
of the Gondor king
(Be a nerd)
With all the strength
of a raging Gandalf
Mysterious as the
power of the Ring!

We must be swift as
the Rohan riders
(Be a nerd)
With all the force
of the Gondor king
(Be a nerd)
With all the strength
of a raging Gandalf
Mysterious as the
power of the Ring!

What have I done
..okay but I must say I am quite satisfied with the result, although I am aware it’s nowhere near perfect.
I also wanted to make references to the palantir and the ents (and probably a few other things but I forgot which ones lD) but couldn’t find a good place to put them in, so..

Imagine Haldir becoming jealous when another elf flirts with you

Rate: For everyone.

Characters: HaldirxReader, plus some elves

Summary: Imagine Haldir becoming jealous when another elf flirts with you

Words count: 1311

Note: Resquested by anonymous from this imagine. I needed names for the other elves so I made up a few names, they don’t represent any actual elves. It’s silly. 

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Fma & Lotr crossover Cast

Now, i have seen that there are alot of people quite interested in this verse (quite alot in fact i was really surprised and happy to see that i’m not the only one <3), i think i should share some things about the “cast”.

Warning, Huge ass post below.

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