i should do it to my tv next

Unpopular opinion:

The show is doing the concept of Shadowhunters far more justice than the books, and the deviations from canon have so far been good and thought-provoking and exactly what a TV show should be doing.

The characters are more fleshed out. They’re far more compelling than the books. I’m genuinely interested in where the writers are taking this season, and not just making my way through the book to get to the next mildly interesting fight scene.

And, of course, Malec being adopted by the production and given background and substance is the best thing to happen to the franchise since the writers lost Captain Crunch’s phone number on purpose probably.

This isn’t an attempt to get book fans to fight me.

Well, maybe a little.



Lucifer • What Is Punishment? // Lucifer & Chloe

“What is punishment? Being in jail isn’t punishment if you didn’t like it on the outside. And neither is death if it was painful to live. I tell you what punishment is for me: It’s hoping there’s someone for you. And after years of no one you find him. And you can’t have him.”

I had the pleasure (and privilege) to edit the German tv spots and promos for season 1 of Lucifer at work and I got hopelessly hooked on the show. You should think that after editing 15-20 trailers that I would be happy to continue with the next project but here I am. At home. In my spare time. Editing it. I’ve gone insane… Haha.

Anyway I was watching a movie called “Infamous” and the “punishment” quote is from it and it’s so powerful and fits Lucifer so well that I simply had to do something with it.  

Hope you like it!

Song: “When she went away” by Max Richter

Ok, I don’t understand why people post/reply with hate on Twitter… Sometimes I feel attacked and unsafe… I don’t know how the writers put up with it.

But seriously it kills my mood and respect for that certain group of fans like why? What have I done to deserve this hatred?
I mean I understand you might be in pain and angry of not getting proper representation in Tv. I get it.

But what do you mean that I clearly don’t support LGBTQ community? 
Bitch please,I have life outside of Once and I’m actually a growing film maker and have plans to possibly write for the LGBTQ community in my next couple of projects.

So don’t judge people you don’t know.

Also why comments like, ugh typical cser, rapist hook, robin should stay dead? Mood killer much…

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I loved ur theory for black lion lance 👀 very compelling writer tho like A++ u gotta tell me ur an English major or something

Ahh I’m glad you liked the theory!! I could talk all day about Black Paladin Lance so I’m excited that there are other people out there that agree that he could do it!!

As for my major, you are absolutely correct lol. That theory could be probably be summarized as: “hello yes I’m an English major with too much free time on my hands and an obsession with children’s tv shows so here’s a 4000 word dissertation on why my fave should fly the magical black robot lion next”


Also! I want to do some cosplays and the next cons I go to, so based on how I look, who should I cosplay? I’ll take suggestions from any tv show, anime, video game, etc!

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how do you make your subtitles???

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difficulty: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

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Man Out of Time [Part 2]

Here’s Part 1 in case you missed it.


‘Don’t ask me to do this, Steve.’

‘I just need some time.’



“I think tomorrow I will be the one to give Sarah a bath because if I have to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar one more time, I’m going to tear off my arm.” Bucky groaned when he slumped onto the couch next to me. He rubbed he hands over his face and grabbed the TV remoter from the coffee table. I should have said something more to express my gratitude but I think letting him change the channel when Downton Abbey was on was appreciative enough.

God, I couldn’t understand why he hated that show…

I offered him a sip off my beer which he happily took before handing the bottle back to me. After surfing through the channels for a bit he tossed the remote back onto the table. Our bodies mirrored each other. We sat slightly facing each other with one foot tucked under our knees. “Did you eat?”

“You went after that guy, didn’t you?” We both spoke at the same time and for the next few moments, neither of us looked at the other.

“I had to make sure he wasn’t a threat.” Bucky confessed after some time. He was just like Steve. “Are you mad?” He asked hesitantly while studying my expression. I wanted to be. “I am just trying to keep you and Sarah safe!”

“How are you going to keep us safe if you are dead?” I snapped and readjusted my position so that I was facing him with my back against the arm of the couch. His eyes met mine and widened. “I can’t lose anyone else; I can’t lose you, Bucky.” My voice quaked towards the end. Bucky inched closer and knelt in front of me. He cupped my face in his hands and gazed into my eyes,

“You won’t.” I watched the words fall from his lips before I met his eyes again. He looked at me in a way I hadn’t been looked at in a while. “I will never leave you.” He promised and suddenly, I became hyperaware of the small space between us. He traced his bottom lip with the tip of his tongue before leaning forward and pressing his palms onto the arm of the couch. My heartbeat quickened. Wisps of warm breath tickled my cheeks with every disappearing inch of space between us.

Bucky.” I purred as I placed my hand on his shoulder to keep him at bay. He leaned back and brushed his jaw against my hand. I let out a soft gasp. He did it again and watched as my lips parted with another shaky breath.  “Please don’t look at me like that.” I pleaded before pulling my hand away and bringing both my knees up to my chest. He slowly pried my legs apart and crawled up my body.

“Why not?” He asked, looking down at me wickedly. I was sure he could see my heart beating in my throat. I watched his eyes steal down my body and up again, before resting on mine. My hands moved up his chest and settled on either side of his neck. There was nothing hidden between us anymore and all that remained was the trust; the friendship; the overwhelming lust that had been festering in the last six months.        

“Because I won’t stop whatever comes next…” I whispered, moving closer. “…and I don’t think I want to.” A shiver passed down his body,

“Wait! I need to tell you something first. Steve is…”

“…not coming back, Bucky.” I finished before I moved in and laid a soft kiss on his Adam’s apple. It bobbed against my lips. I locked my hands around his neck and used his weight to pull me to his mouth. “You taste like dew drops in the spring.” I giggled before placing my hand on his cheek.

My body hummed at the glorious sensation of his metal fingers moving down to my thigh. He gripped the soft flesh firmly and pulled my legs around him. I swallowed, hard trying to block out the deafening thump of my heartbeat. I was filled with nervous anticipation. The intensity in his gaze seared into my mind, and illuminated a thought I had been fighting for so long. It was a thought that resurfaced every time I watched him with Sarah or every time he would do something, anything actually, to make me smile whenever I missed Steve. It was a feeling I felt every time I heard him laugh softly or look away shyly when I would stare at his face and wonder how a person who had experienced so much pain and misery had remained so kind.

Finally, his lips found mine. And the seams of my world ripped open. I couldn’t see or hear anything beyond the soft crashes of his lips. Soft moans filled the air every time his lips lost contact with mine. I twined my arms around his neck, buried my fingers in his soft dark hair pulled him tighter against my lips. Bucky responded with equal enthusiasm, dipping his tongue between the slit of my lips and slid against mine in a fight for dominance.

When we finally separated, we kept our foreheads pressed together. “We should take this to the bedroom; I wouldn’t want Sarah walking in on us.” I chuckled softly and pressed even closer to his muscled chest. He didn’t need to be asked twice. I clung on to him like tree in a violent storm as he lifted me into his arms and carried me towards the bed for what was to be the most passionate night of my life.

Bucky and I fell from each other – sweating and panting – at around 2a.m. He lay on his back and stared up at the ceiling with a satiated smile. “What are you thinking about?” I was curled up under his right arm and my cheek rested against his chest.

“You.” He admitted as I began tracing the lines of his torso with my index finger. His chest was a map of rough and smooth skin, with a rim of scars separating the flesh and metal. As gently as I possibly could, I glided my fingers over the scarred tissue and watched him flinch. After all this time it was still sensitive.

“Does it hurt?” I asked, rolling on to my stomach and propping my head up with my hand. Bucky turned onto his side and caressed my cheek gently.

“You’re beautiful.” He observed before leaning forward and planting a tender kiss on my lips. His words made my heart flutter.

“Are you attemptin’ to woo me with kind words, James Buchanan Barnes?” I teased, doing my best impression of a Southern accent.

“That depends… is it working, ma’am?” He drawled which made me laugh.

“You’re dadburn right it is.” I pecked his lips to enunciate each word. He threw his head against the pillow and laughed softly. Seeing Bucky laugh, I couldn’t help but think ‘I can do this all day.’

“What?” He asked when he caught me staring at his face. I shook my head and curled up in his arms again. His chest rose and fell in a slow breath as his arm wrapped around my waist. My eyelids began to droop. It didn’t take long afterwards for me to fall asleep in his safe embrace.  


I felt the bed shift under Bucky’s weight when he rolled out of bed the next morning. Lazily, I opened an eyelid and saw him standing in front of my dresser with a picture frame in his hand. His sweatpants were low-slung and hanging loosely off the deep indentures of his v-lines. Damn, he was stunning.

I crept out of bed and wrapped my arms around his waist before planting a soft kiss on his bicep.

“What are you doing, babe?” I asked as he looked over his shoulder. He placed the frame back onto the dresser and turned around with a warm smile.

“You’re giving the neighbours a good show.” He chuckled before handing me his t-shirt. Pouting petulantly, I threw the t-shirt over my head and stood on my toes to kiss him. “I should take a shower; do you wanna join me?” He grinned suggestively and stroked his thumb along my cheekbone.

“Maybe next time, I should go check on Sarah and put on some coffee.” I stole one last kiss before twirling off to Sarah’s room. She was already up but lying in bed. “Good morning, sweetie.” I chimed planting a soft kiss on her forehead. She rubbed her tired eyes and held up her hands for me to pull her out of bed. “Did you sleep okay?” I asked as I carried her to the kitchen and set her onto the counter while I brewed a fresh pot of coffee. “Wait here, sweetie.” Sarah nodded obediently. I was hoping to sneak up on Bucky in the shower.  

On the way to the bathroom, the photo frame that Bucky was looking at caught my eye. I hadn’t looked at it in a while.

It was a photo of Steve carrying three month old Sarah in his arms at her baptism. It was one of my favourite pictures of him. I smiled endearingly at before setting it back down and slipping into the bathroom. Fortunately, Bucky had left the door unlocked.

The shower was running and I could see the silhouette of his frame through the steamy glass. I parted the door slowly and stepped inside. He had his back to me and I took the moment to admire his muscular ass.

Damn, talk about ass in assassin…

I guffawed at my own joke and got him to turn around. He was happily surprised to see me and wasted no time in pinning me against the wall of the cubicle. “Sarah is in the kitchen,” I warned as he wrapped his arms around me. The water from his arms dripped onto the t-shirt which made it cling to my body. Bucky cupped my face tenderly when we heard Sarah shout from the kitchen.

“Mommy, there’s someone at the door!” I sighed in exasperation before stepping out of the shower and drying off my legs. “Mommy!” She called again and I could hear the clinking of keys in the door. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed Sarah,

“Go and wait in mommy’s room for uncle Bucky, okay?” She ran off to my bedroom and shut the door softly. I exhaled sharply and examined my attire; it was hardly appropriate for answering the door but I didn’t have time to change. The handle of the door stopped rattling and was replaced by soft knocks. It’s probably just the landlord, I repeated to convince myself, before taking a deep breath and unlocking the door. In a million tries, I would never have guessed who would be at the door.

“Hi Honey.” My supposedly dead boyfriend Steve Rogers greeted with a broad grin before holding out a bouquet of red roses. I scoffed in disbelief.

This cannot be happening…

A/N: Please give me some feedback on this. What do you think of Part 2? Was it what you expected?

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Can you do "So, how should we break the news that they’re going to have a new baby brother or sister?" With Tony and Pepper x Ticklish! Daughter! Reader???

Ohhhh my god this is adorable!!!!! Thank you!

“So, how should we break the news that she’s going to have a new baby brother or sister?”

Tony hummed in thought, “Hmm…. I think I might have an idea. Willing to play along?”

Pepper smiled and nodded, “Ahalways.”

Tony beamed and kissed Pepper on the lips before going with her into the living room where you were, watching TV. 

“Hey, Y/N,” Tony grinned and plopped down next to you. Pepper sat on your opposite side.


“Watcha watching?”

“Reruns of Supernatural. Wanna watch it, too?” you grinned.

He chuckled, “Nohot my kinda thing. But hey, do you remember the games we played with you as a kid? Me and mom were thinking of them.”

“Uhh… like what?” you asked. 

“Airplane,” Pepper smiled, brushing her fingers through your hair lovingly, pushing it out of your face.

“Monster Daddy.”

“The Name Game.”

“Wahasn’t I like a baby when you did that?”

“But it was still cute,” Pepper smirked.

You rolled your eyes, “Alright, why are you bringing this up?”

“Because pretty soon you’re gonna have to do the same games,” Tony said simply, looking at you.

You rose a brow, utterly confused, “What does that mean?”

Pepper bit her lip, a wide smile behind it. 

“Well, we’re gonna have to play games like, umm…. tickle monster,” Tony smirked, reaching over and wiggling his fingers on your sides, “With your new little brother or sister.”

You gasped when your father tickled you and started giggling. When you heard the second part, your eyes widened, “W-Whahahahat!? Seheheriously!!!?”

Pepper chuckled and fluttered her nails across your neck, “Yehehes, baby. You’re gonna be a big sister.”

“Nohoho wahahay! Dahahahad stahahap!”

“I’m juhust showing you even though there’s a new baby coming we won’t forget about you and we won’t forget to tickle you,” Tony smirked, finally stopping.

You panted and giggled, throwing your arms around your father, and then your mother, “Thahahat’s amazing!”

Tony and Pepper kissed each of your cheeks, “Wehe love you very much.”

“And I’m gonna be a kickass big sister,” you grinned.

Tony ruffled your hair, “Yehes you are.”

Behind The Scenes 2 (5/16)

Author’s note: I hope you all enjoy this “scene”, For me, this was one of my favorite parts to write because it had just suddenly come to me out of nowhere. I will try to post on Wednesdays, Fridays and/or Sundays. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Idk honestly

Word count: 2476

Summary: You tag along with BTS to their TV interview and everyone learns something new about Jungkook.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series. 

For the next few weeks you stuck to BTS as they practiced day after day. You watched them as they practiced everything over and over and over again and as they fought over which songs to songs they should do and what order they should do it all in. You just sat back as you tagged along to all the events they had to do to promote the tour. You heard them repeat the same topics and do the same songs they’ve already done thousands of times.

As more time went by, you felt as though you were punching bag for Jin and Rap monster, a verbal punching bag for Jimin and Jungkook and once again a diary for Suga, Jhope and occasionally V.

Rap monster was somehow able to fit a few major deals into the already busy schedule.  He always took V and Jungkook with him. Only a few times did Jimin and Jin tagged along. It was when drugs deals would go wrong that Rap monster would treat you the worst, taking it all out on you. Suga or Jhope would jump in, but that just dragged Jin in to help Rap monster and then V would jump in to try and bring the peace.

Jimin must have been in some type of trouble or something because the manager would pull Jimin out of practice to talk to him. Jimin would always come back upset and it wouldn’t be till the next day that he would take his anger out on you.

The manager was confusing on the way he treated you. He would give you some mutual respect, but also hinted that you were more of a nuisance to him. You didn’t blame him though. You had to stick by him everywhere he went while the boys were busy on camera. Sometimes you would hear him mumbling under his breath, but he never told you anything directly.

When you were with the guys at their events, you would try to occupy yourself by reading whatever you could get your hands on, just trying to hide away from staff and crew. In order to get ready fast and to better be invisible, you gave up on looks. You just put on something that was decent enough to go out in public in, something that wasn’t too flashy, but not too run down that you seemed out of place.

This was the day BTS had some TV show appearance. At this point you were so used to the hecticness of this new schedule, you couldn’t care less about what the guys had to do. You just made sure you did what you could to stay out of the way and save yourself from stupid bullshit.

Rap monster woke you up at 4 am with a few kicks to your mattress and a stern warning. You made breakfast and washed up after Rap monster was done and they began eating. You got dressed into a pair of jeans, one of Suga’s old hoodies and a pair of black sneakers. Then you came back and ate your share of food while the rest of the guys moved all over the dorm to get ready.

Rap monster took a second look at you and he already seemed upset. “Why are you wearing that?”


“All that shit! Those ugly ass clothes! Go change!”

You didn’t fight him.  You just went to your room to change. “Stupid ass motherfucker! I’ve been wearing shit like this for weeks now! Why the fuck is he asking me to change all of a sudden?” you mumbled to yourself as you changed.

You changed into a long sleeved pink shirt and slipped on a nicer pair of white sneakers. You came back and stood a few feet in front of him for approval.

He analyzed you from head to toe, “Better.”

“The fuck are you talking about? She still looks like shit!” Jimin broke out.

“She’s fine!” Suga fought.

“No, Jimin is right.” Rap monster said, “Y/n, go change. Make it fast, the manager will be here soon.”

You ran back to your room full of frustration. You went through your trash bags for something more presentable, something good enough that you won’t have to change again. Your search ended when you came across a small pink dress at the top of one of your trash bags. It was a simple pink dress that had thin straps and went down you just above your knees. You had forgotten that you even had that dress. You grabbed it and quickly changed into it and switched to a pair of black flats.

You took a long look at yourself in the mirror. It had been a while since you wore something even remotely cute. To be honest, you caught yourself by surprise. You looked like a completely different person. For a second you smiled at yourself, at how beautiful you felt. Sadly, that feeling soon went away when your eyes fell upon the scar on your collar bone and picked up on the little bruises scattered all over you.

“Y/n! hurry up!” Rap monster’s voice travelled down the hall.

You quickly grabbed a black cardigan and ran back and stood in front of Rap monster again.


“The bitch needs make up!” Jimin commented. “Her face is still shit.”

“Jimin stop!” Jhope said

“Quit your shit!” Suga shouted hitting his fist into the table

Rap monsters phone rang. “Shut the fuck up!” Rap Monster shouted. He answered his phone, but soon hung up. “He’s here! Let’s go! Tae, stay with y/n as she grabs her makeup.” He said heading to the door

You and V ran to your room. You grabbed anything that could make you look decent, then you and V ran to the elevator. You began doing your makeup as soon as you stepped inside.

“Don’t worry y/n. You look great.” He said giving you a small smile.

“Thanks Tae.” You said patting your face.

You two ran to the van. Since you were the last one in, the guys sat as they did on the rides back to the dorm you wrapped the cardigan around your waist and went over to sit on Suga’s lap. You finished your lips and only worked on your eyes whenever the car stopped at a sign or at a red light.

You looked at your finished product and let out a sigh noticing that your makeup skills were not as on point as they used to be. “Well this is as good as it’s gonna get…”

“Don’t worry y/n. You look so pretty!” Jhope said giving you a warm smile.

“Yeah!” V said backing up Jhope’s comment.

“Are you guys blind?!? She looks like she climbed out of some dumpster behind some sleazy strip joint!” Jimin snorted.

“Eh, I don’t know. She’s still a bit fuckable… If I had a few drinks in me” Jungkook laughed.

“You look great.” Suga said. His voice was soft as he gave your hand a small squeeze and threw you a tiny smile. Then he threw both Jimin and Jungkook the finger while Jhope again reassured you that you looked great.

Before you got out of the van, you made sure to put your cardigan on to cover up all your bruises. Upon entering the set, the guys went straight to makeup as usual and you and the manager took a seat behind the cameras. You two sat in silence as you waited for the show to begin. You played with your sleeves since you didn’t have a book with you and the manager crossed his arms and played a game on his phone.

You soon broke the usual silence. “Um, do you know why Namjoon wanted me to be all dressed up today?” you softly asked the manager

He kept his arms crossed in from of him. He gave you a quick side glance. “No idea.” He said blankly.

“Oh ok.”

The buzzer went off signaling the show was about to begin. The tall host walked onto the middle of the set and began introducing the show and announcing BTS as the show’s guests. The show had barely started and you were already bored out of your mind. You were tired of hearing them talk about the same things over again. You were basically spaced out the whole time until you heard a roar of laughter coming from the set.

The chorus of cackles shook you out of your thoughts. You sat up and looked to the direction the loud sounds were coming from. The image of all the guys dog piled on V appeared on set. The host of the show was laughing while he was rolling the members off of V one by one.

“Ok, ok, ok, let’s go back to talking about some other stuff!”  the host laughed, failing to regain his composure.

The guys got back on their feet and sat back in their respective stools.

“Ok, ok… Let’s go on to our next topic.” The host said, now sitting back in his own seat. “Now, you guys have been idols for 5 years. How do you all like it?”

“Well I think I can say this for all of us.” Rap monster began. “We love being idols, we love being together as BTS and we love ARMY so much for supporting us!” he smiled as Jhope danced in his seat and made hearts with his hands to the camera.

“We love that we get to make our own music and write our own lyrics.” Suga added.

“We love dancing!” Jimin and Jhope said at the same time and then burst into more laughter.

“Despite all the work we put in, it’s all worth it in the end. We try really hard to be positive and send out good vibes to ARMY.” Jin concluded.

“That’s great to hear… So you guys are all older now. For me personally, I am surprised that none of you guys have announced that you are in a relationship. There haven’t even been any major rumors about it. Are any of you guys dating?”

“None of us are dating.” Jungkook stated. “Like Jin kinda implied earlier, we all work really hard to try be the best we can be. Right now we are all still in the mindset of just focusing on our work.”

“Pfft. Lying piece of shit. He can’t even think straight if he goes two days without fucking someone.” You whispered to yourself, earning another side glance from the manager. Surprisingly, he chuckled at your comment.

“Really! None of you guys are dating?” the host asked in disbelief.

“None of us!” V said. “Well, at least I’m not. Are any of you guys dating?” he double checked in total seriousness making everyone else laugh. “Ha! Just joking, none of us are dating.”

“C’mon! You can’t be serious. You can’t expect me to believe handsome guys like you all are single… Jungkook! I see the look in your eyes! You are dating someone aren’t you?” the host accused. He was giving Jungkook a very suspicious look.

“Nope. I’m single and ready to eat all of the Pringles Jin has hidden at the dorm.” Jungkook laughed.

“You know it’s not nice to lie to your elders little maknae! We’ve heard from a little birdy that you are, in fact, dating someone.”

Jungkook looked a bit annoyed being referred to as “little maknae”. “Well, that little birdy was the one that was lying because I am not in a relationship.”

“Ah, but this anonymous someone gave us proof!”’

“Proof?” Jungkook asked raising an eyebrow.

“Roll the clip!” the host shouted.

On the large screen behind them, CCTV footage of an empty elevator appeared. The elevator looked a bit familiar, but the image was too fuzzy to see the finer details.

About five seconds into the clips, two people walked into the elevator. Your heart stopped the moment you saw them. You knew exactly who the people were. The footage being shown was of the elevator from the dorm building, the two people were you and Jungkook, and the video was of you two from the night you first went over to the dorm for your movie date with him.

You freaked out and began whispering apologies to the manager. “I’m sorry! I didn’t do it! I didn’t say anything! I swear!” you were gripping onto his arm for dear life. You tried so hard to get him to believe you.

“Shhh! Calm down!” he whispered, trying to keep you from starting to cry.

While you were too busy trying to beg that manger to believe you, Jungkook became a babbling mess. “I- that’s- uh- no- I can- Namjo- no- um- I, I, I can-“. He was frantically trying to get his words out to the host and to Namjoon.

The rest of the boys, sat in shock as the footage continued to play. The video didn’t end until Jungkook gave you a kiss goodbye.

You wanted to run away. You grew terrified of what Rap monster was going to do to you now. You just wanted to run away. You wanted to literally run for your life and get as much distance between you and the monster. Your fears weren’t comforted when you noticed that the manager looked just as panicked as you felt.

“See… Now that doesn’t look like a single man.” The host said with a big smile on his face.


“Jungkook…” Rap Monster said softly, placing a hand on Jungkook’s shoulder. He let out a long sigh. “I think it’s time you just came out with it…”

“But! I, I, I-“

“Okay, you know what? I’ll say it for him!” Rap monster said cutting him off again.

“Yes! Please!” the host begged. He was giving Rap monster all his attention.

The rest of the boys stared at Rap monster, waiting to hear what he was about to say.

“Our little maknae here is… dating someone!… Actually! She’s here right now with us!”

“She is? Really?” the host asked looking past the cameras and crew members. “Where?”

“Why don’t I bring her out? Is that okay?” Rap monster offered.


“Jungkook, is that okay?” Rap monster asked turning to Jungkook

Jungkook was without words. He jumped back and forth from nodding ‘yes’ to shaking his head ‘no’.

“… I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.” Rap monster smiled.

You watched in horror as Rap monster took steps towards you. You felt as if you were watching him move in slow motion getting closer and closer to you. However, before you knew it, he was standing in front of you with an evil smile on his face. “C’mon y/n. It’s time to go up with your boyfriend.” He said reaching his hand out to you.

Codename: Kids Next Door Challenge

I’ve never actually finished one of these…I always start them and then write too much, or forget half way through. But in honor of the G:KND video that was posted and the resurgence of the show into my consciousness, I figured I should do something to pay tribute to my favorite kid’s television show of all time! At least to get my feelings out there…

Challenge found here:


So here it is! Kids Next Door. Operation: C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E. 










…wow that’s harder than it looks. XD

DAY ONE: Favorite Character! 

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Here’s a little idea that I came up with a few days ago while thinking about the “my life as a romantic comedy” meme…

Dr. Catherine Halsey, renowned UNSC scientist, is in danger.
She is retired and living a peaceful life on a modest Sangheili neighborhood on 26th century California, but they have found her and they want her dead. The Covenant, humanity’s greatest alien enemy, has sworn to vaporize the good Doctor in revenge for her supposed crimes (which helped the humans to win the war) and for her own safety, the UNSC deployed a SPARTAN team to deal with the problem. For weeks, Blue Team has been in disguise expecting any kind of alien (or human) attack on Dr. Halsey, which also unfortunately means to cope with the old lady and her two eccentric daughters, Miranda and Cortana. However, Cortana might be the whole reason behind the threat and it’s up to John, one of the finest SPARTANS, to keep her safe… sometimes even from himself.
Join Humanity’s bravest and best as they settle in the empty house across the street and try to pass on for brothers and sisters recently moved into the neighborhood.


John-117 as THE TALL, BROODING, HANDSOME MALE PROTAGONIST. Facing a potential forced retirement due to an old injury, John is given his last chance to keep working for the UNSC. He was made to live in the line of fire and the perspective of retirement is as awful as it can get, but he sure wasn’t expecting this amount of bullshit. He’s a tenacious man of few words with little patience for stupidity and annoying neighbors. Especially children. And Dr. Halsey’s younger daughter, Cortana, because she constantly pisses him off with her witty comments.

Cortana as THE CUTE BUT WEIRD SMART GIRL SLASH FEMALE PROTAGONIST Dr. Halsey’s youngest, kind-of-hippie-but-actually-smart-and-hot-beyond-your-wildest-dreams daughter. She is the real target behind the Covenant’s threat and ultimately becomes John’s little shield and sword, since her wits more than once save everyone’s lifes. Literally she can’t stand him but deep down she has a really big soft spot for the big guy and only wants to understand him. She loves children and animals and making things blow up, also, she might or might not have discovered a very important secret that could destroy the Covenant forever.

Fred-104 as THE TEAM LEADER. UNSC Lieutenant Junior Grade Fred-104 was originally commissioned with the mission. He thinks he calls the shots but he doesn’t, he’s really the team’s mom, always looking after everyone else. He helps old ladies to cross the street and he’s even a decent cook. Seriously, he’s such a good guy that it’s annoying.

Kelly-087 as THE CUTE INNOCENT RABBIT being most likely the fastest SPARTAN alive, Kelly is quite spirited and the team’s absolute badass along with John; and like Fred, she cares about her teammates but more than once she misunderstands their feelings and ends up breaking uncomfortable havoc. She likes to make jokes that nobody understands.

Linda-058 as SNIPER GIRL she’s a quiet loner, most of the time she stands at the background, just staring. Always with a sniper rifle in hand, she barely leaves the house or her spot at the attic, from where she watches out for the street and Dr. Halsey’s house. Her only vocabulary consists in deadpans. She always takes the night shifts.

Charley K-90456 as JOHN’S SURVEILLANCE GADGET. UNSC enhanced war dog Charley is the perfect partner for long-term surveillance missions slash perfect decoy. If a German Shepherd of the size of an adult lion can be considered a decoy. John uses her as an excuse to patrol up and down the streets early at morning and late at night.

Dr. Catherine Halsey as THE TARGET quite-not-so-okay-in-the-head scientist slash miracle worker. A long time widow with some issues about personal space, personal morals and people by themselves. Sometimes she spaces out in the middle of a conversation and she strongly believes that she can solve all the problems in the world; which is why she keeps working in her secret basement’s lab against UNSC permission. She thinks John is a good boy and always invites him and his “siblings” for dinner, but she actually wants Fred to cook because she can’t even make a fried egg.

Miranda Keyes as THE POLITICALLY CORRECT DAUGHTER Dr. Halsey’s older daughter; she married Sergeant Avery Johnson of the Marine Corps and currently is on maternity leave because of her second child, having a vacation at her mother’s house while her husband is on duty. She is always in her right mind and full of older sister’s wisdom, but like her mother, sometimes she spaces out in the middle of conversations.


Jameson Locke and fire-team Osiris as THE TOP DOGS WHO LOOK DOWN ON OUR BELOVED BLUE BABIES. They act like a bunch of a***les but deep down they admire Blue Team and aspire to become as trustworthy and badass as them. Vale has a thing for Usze but she’s too shy to make a move.

Thomas Lasky as THE BOSS. He looks like a cinnamon roll, but he can kill you. And fire your ass. He protects John because they went to the Academy together.

Sarah Palmer as THE HARSH ASS SPARTAN COMMANDER. Like J. Jonah Jameson, she can’t decide if she likes Blue Team or if she wants to get rid of them forever, but since they always get the job done with the average amount of domestic damage, she ends up filing requests for more medals. She yells a lot and probably has a thing going on with Lasky but we can never confirm.

Thel Vadam as THE ALIEN NEIGHBOUR. A retired Covenant Shipmaster who traded secrets with the UNSC in exchange for a quiet, simple life with his wife. He’s the president of the Home Owners Association, doesn’t like SPARTANS stomping on his lawn and pretty much keeps to himself. Unless the SPARTAN’s dog decides to make a crater where his roses used to be or the newspaper doesn’t arrive in time every morning.

Rtas ‘Vaduum and Usze Taham as THE SECRET AGENTS acting as two Sangheili college students, Rtas and Usze are the backup team that most of the time fixes everyone else’s fuck ups. And boy, they fuck up a lot.

Jul 'Mdama as THE TRAITOR YOU NEVER EXPECTED Another neighbor. Enough said.

Kurt-051 as THE NOT SO DEAD FRIEND THAT THINKS HE’S TUXEDO MASK. He’s always in full armor so we really don’t know it’s Kurt until the end of the story, but he mysteriously appears and disappears in the middle of impossible combat situations, saving everyone’s asses from time to time.


Fire-team Majestic as THE BACKUP. Recurring characters with no personality whatsoever, they’re here just in case.

*Charley is my OC, get your hands off my dog.


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Last song I listen to: my friend is playing sims next to me so ive been listening to the sims creation music for like 3 hours.

Favourite TV shows: steven universe, mob psycho 100, criminal minds

First fandom: pretty sure it was sailor moon, sonic, or ruronikenshin. those were the first shows that i actively looked up fanfiction for so ill count those.

Hobbies: watching DIY videos on youtube,. playing pokemon, and just,…chillin.

Books I’m currently reading: ihavent read anything but fanfiction and manga in ages.

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National Akatsuki Geographic

Taking a small break from cosplay projects.  Watching some tv and relaxing….until I come across nature documentaries.  Which are my all time weakness.  And this documentary got me thinking silly thoughts.

Turn a shark upside down, it goes into tonic immobility.

Kisame is based around sharks, has the look and fascination for the predator.

I noticed we never see Kisame doing flips, or anything all too special, because why should he?  He’s big and bulky, all over a tanker.  What if, and this is a big crack what if, he was vulnerable to Tonic Immobility.  

I don’t remember ever seeing him knocked over, maybe at most, we see him pushed to his knees, but never his back.

So like……if we put him on his back, would he just blank out, unable to do anything like a baby kitten?

“….Let’s flip Kisame over.”

anonymous asked:

what is/are your fave movie/tv shows about wlw? :)

okay im so bad at this because i always feel like i don’t have time to watch stuff so i haven’t watched nearly as many movies and tv shows and stuff as i should but okay


  • imagine me and you
  • jenny’s wedding 

tv shows: (most of these aren’t really ABOUT wlw, but they do have wlw as either the main character or one of the main characters) 

  • south of nowhere 
  • the fosters 
  • lost girl 
  • wynonna earp 
  • it’s definitely less prominent in this than other stuff i’ve mentioned, but Degrassi: The Next Generation was one of my all time fave shows growing up and they’ve had several different main characters that ended up being either lesbians or bi girls 
  • faking it  
  • sugar rush


an-axe-for-the-sea-within  asked:

From the prompt list, no 2: 'I know it's 3 in the morning, but I can't find my cat', please. And the ship I'm asking for should be obvious, I think.

Hello love,

Thank you. Here you go (also Ayesha asked for this one or another so will do that one separately)   Hope you like it, even just a bit. 


Zayn’s halfway through killing dozens of zombies when the knock on the door comes.  Its quiet enough that if he was asleep, or had the sound a bit louder on the TV, he wouldn’t have heard it but he wasn’t and it wasn’t so he does.

He glances at the clock next to the TV, its 3am and he wishes he was like that bloke he plays in the video game, that had he some kind of weapon to defend himself with though come to think of it not many burglars or mad axe men announce themselves with a knock at the door.

But thing is, he’s watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds to not be a bit jumpy so when there’s another knock on the door,  he gets up, glances at the door as he walks into the hall and then hurries left to where his kitchen is, rifling through drawers and peering into cupboards looking to find something, anything that’ll defend him against whoever’s lurking behind that door.

He finds nothing, well a packet of Frosties and a can of baked beans, with an expiry date of..well 3 years ago so if all else fails he can force feed his assailant dodgy beans but there’s nothing else as he loaned all his cutlery to Niall for his birthday party and he hasn’t thought to ask for it back yet. 

There’s another knock on the door then and well Zayn has to give this person credit for being persistent as well as polite and its clear they’re not going anywhere soon so he takes a few long strides to the door, and then hands shaking as he turns the key, opens it.

To be confronted by someone who resembles a snowman, and well damn, in all the attention he’d been paying to the game he’d not realised there was a blizzard outside, and it’s still snowing.

As he looks a bit closer though at Frostie the snowman, he can recognise him, even though his lips are fast turning blue, and there’s snow covering the hair on his head and his beard is flecked with bits of snow in it too, he recognises him, he’d recognise those lips anywhere and yes he knows how that sounds which is why he’d never say it out loud.  It’s not just anyone, its Liam Payne.  

Liam Payne, fit neighbour. and fireman who’s also a little bit of a TV star thanks to the programme about Fire Rescues that he co presents with Daisy Smith, the BBC presenter of the moment. 

Liam who’s mumbling a ‘sorry’ but his lips are trembling, and he’s shivering, looking like he’s about to freeze on the spot and okay Zayn doesn’t know him from Adam but there’s no way that this guy’s a danger, so he reaches his arm out and goes to pull him towards him and into the warmth of the house. 

Instead of mumbling his thanks and following Zayn into his house where Zayn’s already wondering where his secret stash of mugs is and whether he’ll be able to find the hot water bottle he last saw about 18 months ago, he shakes his head. 

‘No, you don’t understand and I’m sorry I know its 3 in the morning but I can’t find my cat,’ he heaves the heaviest of sighs which turns into an even bigger shiver and he sounds like he’s about to cry though more out of frustration than being upset. ‘Except it’s not my cat, its my ex boyfriend’s cat and he’s going to kill me and I locked myself out and Mr Tibbles is probably sat in front of the fire right now like the little shit he is, and well like owner like cat right and well I know you know the previous owner of the flat, and he mentioned something about you having a spare key’

Liam stops talking then, out of breath and Zayn hates the snow okay but even if Liam wasn’t fit there’s something about him, something that makes Zayn want to help him, and not just help him by letting him into his flat with the spare key that Louis gave him years ago when he first moved in and which he used on too many occasions to mention when Louis locked himself out or simply forgot his key, but he wants to magic up Mr Tibbles from nowhere and then do whatever he can to warm Liam up, okay maybe that’s because he does fancy him. 

Liam doesn’t know that, doesn’t have to know that and Zayn distracts himself from that thought by grabbing his coat from the peg by the side of the door and then reaching into the drawer of the little cabinet that’s just below the mirror opposite the front door and pulls out the key, holding it up in triumph.

For the first time since he knocked on his door, Liam smiles, just briefly and its as good up close, even if he is still freezing to death, as it is on the telly but as Liam shivers, Zayn steps out into the cold, slams the door behind him, reaches for one of Liam’s hands, which is like a block of ice and pulls him back towards the direction of his house.

20 minutes later and he’s preparing a hot water bottle for Liam, the cups of tea that he’d made for Liam earlier still untouched, Liam’s sat in the settee close to the fire, a blanket Zayn had found in a cupboard wrapped round him, and each hand clasped round one mug as they balance precariously on his lap while he continues to shiver.

Mr Tibbles as Liam predicted was sat in front of the fire and the moment Liam walked in, laid eyes on him and practically fainted in relief, he’d arched his back, tail rising up into the air, turned his head and scurried out the room and hasn’t been seen since Zayn found him sat on top of the toilet upstairs when Liam had begged him to make sure he hadn’t escaped again. 

The kettle boils and he pours the water in, screwing the lid when it’s full and walks in to the living room.

Liam’s still there, still wrapped up, hands still clasped round the mugs which must be cold by now anyway and he’s still shivering, though when he sees Zayn he looks up and smiles, 

Zayn puts the hot water bottle under his shoulder for a moment, takes the mugs from Liam’s hands and sure enough they’re cool to the touch now, he puts them on the coffee table in front of Liam and then hands him the hot water bottle.

Liam breathes out a ‘thank you’ and then he shuts his eyes as he wraps his arms round the hot water bottle hugging it close.  

‘You can go now Zayn you know I’ll be alright, just thanks for rescuing me and Mr Tibbles even if he was a bit ungrateful,’ Liam pauses for a moment and then opens his eyes and with all the sincerity in the world adds ‘I owe you one, well several in fact’

Zayn nods, walks towards the door and he should go, he’s got work in well, 3 hours, and yet something stops him, maybe its the shiver that’s still there as he turns and sees Liam hug the hot water bottle tightly or maybe it’s that he’s suddenly remembering what its like to be with someone in the early hours of the morning, sat in front of a fire and all the nostalgia that brings and maybe just maybe, there’s a big dollop of the fact that he likes Liam.  A bit. A lot okay, he likes him a lot. 

So he does something he doesn’t normally do, takes a leap and what’s the worst thing that can happen? Liam will say no, and Zayn will just walk out the door, sell his house and he’ll move to the other end of the country. Easy. 

‘You’re still shivering,’  He edges a bit closer as he says it and Liam looks up, and he could be mistaken, he always is on this type of thing, but he’s sure he sees a ghost of something and a slight upturn at the corners of Liam’s mouth. 

‘I am,’ is all he says though in response and well just his luck that this is going to be dragged out, that it has to be Zayn to do this.

Zayn scratches at his chin for a moment, and he knows he’s grimacing in that way he always does when he wants to say something but can’t bring himself to say it, except he has to ‘cause Liam is still shivering and well needs must.

‘Well I’ve heard on one of them discovery channel documentaries that Louis, the lad who used to live here, makes me watch to try and impress Harry his boyfriend who’s a Doctor, and it was all about someone getting stuck on Everest and they were with their mate and they weren’t even that close, this bloke and his mate and one of them had hypothermia and they said the best thing to do was share body heat, i mean they had to strip off like and I’m not saying we have to, not at all cos that’d be weird but…,’


He doesn’t hear Liam initially, too busy staring at the floor, wanting the ground to open up and swallow him whole but then Liam says his name again, louder this time and he looks up and Liam’s grinning.

‘I think stripping off on our first date might be a bit forward Zayn and I don’t think I’ve got hypothermia on the level of someone who was on Everest but I definitely wouldn’t be averse to a little bit of body heat,’  it’s Liam’s turn to blush now and well thank fuck Zayn’s found someone as shit as him at this. ‘As long as its your body heat you’re offering that is’ 

Zayn finds confidence in that, the common ground and he walks the short distance to the settee, sinks into it and wraps his arms round Liam and it shouldn’t feel as comfortable as it does the moment he does it, and yet it feels so normal, like he’s been doing it for years almost, like his arms were made for this moment.

So he distracts from it, from that thought because it’s all happening so fast and thing is he’s so out of practice with all this, maybe its just him except Liam did say first date and so maybe just maybe, he’s not wrong but he won’t take the chance.  ‘So Mr TV Fireman, how you going to explain locking yourself out and having to get rescued by your everyday average heart-throb for a neighbour then?’ 

Liam snorts, adjusts his position slightly and leans his head onto Zayn’s shoulder. ‘I’ll just say it was planned,’ and then as he raises his head slightly for a moment and looks at Zayn, he adds with a wink that to Zayn looks more like a blink ‘and maybe just maybe it was’

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ikka the great

it’s Mammootty’s birthday tomorrow and I’d like to share some of my favourite award show quotes by the legend himself:

“Honestly, television shows/serials are a waste of time. Watch movies”- Mammootty at the Asianet Television Awards 2015 , in front an audience of serial directors and actors

“I’d like to thank my fellow actors for not acting as well as me”- Filmfare Awards 2015

“I’m not going to say bye because by the looks of it I’ll probably be back next year as well to accept this award again”- Asiavision Awards 2015

and my personal favourite:

“They think the Hindi film industry is the only industry in the country and it is the ‘Indian film industry’. Maybe those films of mine you make again must have come from the sky. I think it is time to respect regional cinema. How can this be called International Indian Awards when the competition is only limited to Hindi films?…Indian cinema is not just Bollywood, and Hindi is not the only language. Why should our films be called South Indian cinema instead of being under the banner of Indian films? Hindi films should stand up to the competition of our films before calling themselves ‘international’”- IIFA 2006 

in front of the biggies from Bollywood

to which they never invited him again after that

idk if you do smut but if you do, you should do demon or teacher luke

AN Hey friends, those of you who haven’t come here by my other acc, I do have another imagines account, that’s here if you want to check it out. It’s an All Time Low one. I’ve decided this one is demon Luke, because who doesn’t love demon sex? I’m naming your little sister Maddie. PS don’t play Ouija in your house that’s like the worst thing you could do. Enjoy xx

Warning: demon smut

Your POV

I should have seen enough scary movies and television shows to know that Ouija boards are not to be messed with. So why am I sitting here in the middle of my living room with my little sister next to me? She wanted to know if dogs went to heaven, and so when I said yes she begged me to try and contact him. I should have said no.

“Come on, Y/N!” her tiny voice screamed at me. “I wanna talk to Gizmo!” We named him Gizmo after my sister saw Gremlins for the first time. Poor little guy passed away way before his time was up. Car accident.

“Maddie, I don’t know if you can contact dogs with a Ouija board.”

“Can’t we just try?”

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