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‘Joong-Ki and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’

Some stuff to note about Lotor from the teaser

1. Probably not the person Keith saved in the belly of the weblum

- Similar armor, not the same

- Their hands are different

- I Still think the one in the belly was a lady because Lotor dun seem as curvy. 

So, most likely connected, but not the same person. (Although since Altean shape shifting is still a thing I will leave some room for doubt)

(Also seems to me too predictable for that person to be Lotor? I dunno if they will go the cliche way of “hero saving someone who turns out to be the main bad guy”..)

Now, as that person was a bit small for a Galra, I’m guessing they are half Galra half Altean aswell (hand like a Galra, helmet seems to be similar to Allura’s) So we got Galra, we got Alteans, and a hybrid “race”. 

And I am saying “race”. Because Zarkon says “ I shall wipe that foul race from the universe forever ” when talking about Alteans, while Haggar is standing right there. So seems like she’s not considered Altean in Zarkons eyes, also, she’s purple. (also Lauren kinda hinted at her being half Galra on twitter)

So these half Galra half Altean ppl, however they came to be, are something else. It’s not just Lotor, there are more of them. 

Also interesting to note, the ship is fueled by the Lavender quintessence. That color is associated with the Blade of Marmora. (Also “Zarkon’s” bayard had a bit of that glow) and the blue chest symbol, that is unlike the Galra army magenta symbols. (Maybe these hybrids got their own planet, their own government, their own army I dunno. Possible Pollux connection?)

2. The Galra don’t know who Lotor is

And to those who think it’s because he has a helmet on, Lotor is also wearing uniform. That thing on his chest is a Galra rank. (I suppose? because besides that, Lotor has no Galra symbols on his suit like the person in the weblum did.)

So the Galra generals not recognizing it (assuming Lotor is a high ranked soldier like a prince should be..), does mean something.

And I wonder, was it a flashback? Was Zarkon hiding his half Altean son until then? They do know who Lotor is at the end of season 2..

Ofcourse that whole clip was edited as a teaser and is most likely very deceiving, so they might not even be talking about Lotor, might have been talking about someone else..

Like I dunno… maybe Shiro? Maybe Shiro and Lotor faced eachother in the arena, maybe that’s how Shiro lost his arm? 

Also, what is Lotor even doing in the arena?

If I remember correctly, in DotU one time he gets thrown there by his dad, and another time he jumps in to defeat some monster and show his skill.. wonder if it’s one of those.

3. Lotor has an Altean accent

And how would he have one unless.. he grew up on Altea? I mean he could have gotten it from his mom, who is not dead this time, and didn’t let him hang around his dad and the Galra much? (like Haggar is also “Altean” and she dun have Altean accent.) Or maybe some of those half Altean/half Galra people kept their Altean accents?

Anyway, seems like Lotor has been around before Altea was destroyed. And I’m guessing the Lotor and Allura past connection is confirmed.


How did you know?
It’s the little things. (x)

Update April 24th, 2017: added default replacement versions. One small mention: I don’t have Decades Stuff and can’t check if YSL’s version (whom I got and cloned it from) is cloned or not.

This is an edit of two objects: a gift from Seasons (’Rainbow Light’, the wire lamp), and the disco ball sculpture from Decades Stuff (’Lightsplosion’). For some reason, EA decided to make them decorative sculptures even though they absolutely should be lamps.

+ Basegame compatible, do not require Seasons or Decades Stuff.
+ Rainbow Light costs $25, Lightsplosion! costs $75.
+ Both can be found under Bedroom, Nursery and Table Lamps.
+ They can be adjusted just like any other lamp; you can also pick them up and move them around in Live Mode.
+ Both have 2 recolorable channels and 3 presets.
+ Credit for the Lightsplosion files: Yves Sim Laurent


Default replacements (require Seasons or Decades Stuff)
Non-default replacements

Note: the Seasons Easter eggs are officially on indefinite hiatus as I can’t quite figure out why the textures end up so damn crappy in-game. In other news, I’ve learned to slooowly drag vertices around in Blender! Several at a time! :D

I decided that I’m going make a master post of all Natsume Yuujinchou seasons with their corresponding manga chapters. I plan on doing that starting at the end(or maybe middle) of next month. Idk… just soon I guess.

EDIT: I should probably wait until season 6 is done tho…

EDIT 2: I’ll make sure to put in links and stuff for mobile users :)


                                 I love you, Farkle.
                                                  And I love you.

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If you like Outlander so much why are you constantly complaining about it on Twitter? It's all you do.

Why do you follow me, then? Why do you care what I think? Easily remedied: Unfollow/Mute/Block, whatever. You would not be the first. It’s not all I do, by the way. Yes, I complain about Starz, because they suck. And, yeah, I thought Season 2 was pretty subpar/underwhelming. Critics panned it, so it’s not just me being mad they left out such and such scene or edited scenes down to within an inch of their lives. But I still hold out hope that Season 3 will be better. So *verra* sorry about that.

Maybe you should not read my Twitter. Because on here, I’m pretty sure all I’ve been doing is celebrating the good moments that remind me why I love this show/series. And hopefully doing the same for others. But I should just shut down this blog if I’m going to get messages like this.

Was Ramsay Bolton redeemable?

I understand Ramsay is dead now, still I’d like to discuss this.

I am a firm believer, that a character redemption, depends on the morals of the fictional world. If the fictional world is like my little pony friendship is magic, and a pony kills a child on there, then I doubt that the pony is redeemable.

In real life I have a moral compass based on societies laws, as well as my conscience. However in fiction I prefer to develop my moral compass in accordance with that fictional world.

Jamie Lannister didn’t succeed in killing Bran, however I think if he did succeed, there would still be this redemption arc for him.

Theon is still going through his redemption arc. But having the balls to save Sansa despite all the torture, torment, and brain washing he’s gone through, has given him a lot of brownie points. But IMHO he still hasn’t redeemed himself yet. 

Being tortured by Theon wasn’t Theon redeeming himself, it was Theon being tortured. It wasn’t until Theon saved Sansa, that his redemption arc had begun.

So yes I think Ramsay is redeemable, but I do NOT think he would have ever been capable of redeeming himself, if he had been allowed to stay on the show. Also given Ramsay’s numerous crimes it would take awhile.

The greater the characters crimes on GOT, the longer it would take them, IMHO, to redeem themselves.

If Theon will take 1 or 2 seasons of being good. Like I mean actively good. Not just avoiding doing the wrong thing, but actually doing the right thing to be redeemed, then it would take someone like Ramsay triple or quadruple that amount. 

So TL;DR: Ramsay is redeemable by GOT moral standards. But I don’t think he has the kind of nature where he would be able to redeem himself, even if he was given the chance. He’s just that wicked. 


I also thought I should go into more detail, as some people may have misunderstood me. I use the shows idea of morality to determine if a character is redeemable or irredeemable. 

For example in a show like MLP:FIM a pony murdering another innocent pony is irredeemable, because the morals on that show are of a higher standard.

However I use MY OWN moral viewpoint to determine if a character has committed a crime or not.

For example some people have argued that Theon hasn’t committed any crimes according to my argument. Which is my fault, as I wasn’t clear enough, in stating that I use my own opinion to determine what’s a crime, and the show’s opinion to determine what’s redeemable and irredeemable.

For example:

If one character commits a crime, and is redeemed, then that same standard must be held for all of the characters.

Like Drogo the rapist warlord, kind of had a good light shined upon him, which indicates Ramsay can have a good light shined upon him, in spite of the rape crimes he committed.

However I reiterate that even if Ramsay was given the chance to redeem himself, he would NOT be able to do it. He’s evil to the core. But I’m just saying that he can be redeemed, it’s just that he wouldn’t be bothered with it.

But my main point is by GOT’s shitty moral standards, even someone as horrible as Ramsay is redeemable. But he’s still wicked, very wicked.


I will also mention that whilst I think Ramsay could be redeemed, if he became a good person for many seasons. I would NOT have wanted him to be redeemed. I liked the fact that he died. I also hated the character, or at least disliked him, for what he did to Theon.

But I’m simply pointing out from a GOT moral p.o.v pretty much anyone is redeemable, even someone as horrible as Ramsay.


Captain Swan thinking that the other doesn’t care but them telling each other that they do.(Season 2 Finale | Season 3 Finale)

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Hello~ What do you think about Park Woojin from Brand New Music? And do you think he should get more screentime?

Well I actually feel bad for all the trainees. Of course, because of the large number of trainees, I understand mnet can only give a limited time to every trainees. But it is sad for me that only the popular ones or maybe some parts that can be issued (evil editing) comes out the most.

I do think Woojin needs more screen time, since he barely came out from the latest episodes, and I hope that mnet will give not only Woojin more screentime, but also some other trainees as well. Everyone deserves it.

TDPL editing update 5

Page 9. Sometimes I look at what a “true” edited draft looks like, you know, one that’s been looked over by a professional, and I feel overwhelmed.

And then I edit my own work and I realize that it is nothing compared to what I do to my own stuff.

I’ve got red and blue lines all over the place.

Still not wanting to leave. Still knowing I should soon so I can actually get work around the house done today. My room is a disaster zone and we’re entering spider season. If I don’t get it picked up soon, I am in for a terrible surprise one of these mornings.


Arrow Hellatus Project - Arrow Summer Rewatch (by olicityalamode & geniewithwifi) Week 12 | Hey Brother, Hey Sister

‘Ollie, please, just… Don’t even try to convince me to stay.’
‘I won’t. I think it’s a good idea. You should get as far from Starling City as you possibly can. In our family, out of you, me, mom and dad, you are the best of us. You have the purest heart. And I can’t ever have you lose that. Okay? You promise me?’
‘I know that I haven’t always been the best brother, or friend, or whatever you’ve needed me to be. But there has not been a day since you were born where I didn’t cherish having you as a sister.’
‘I’ll, um… I’ll get in touch when I get settled somewhere.’

by cherrychapssstick


Lyna, Princess of Borealis : TRANSFORMATION REVEALED !

Hey, it seems it’s a busy day. ;) 

Enjoy this new transformation sequence, storyboard by Christelle “Happykuri” Abgrall, like the previous transformations. 

As you can see, it’s quite different from our three main princess : main reasons were that we didn’t want to repeat the exact same pattern (’cause it’s boring), and couldn’t anyway (for production issues, we had to make shorter transformations). 

Lyna and Carissa are new princesses, but different from Iris, Talia and Auriana : they won’t live at Aunt Ellen’s house, and will only appear on some episodes (budget & writing issues, once again), helping the three main princesses when necessary. 

So, for their transformations, Christelle took her inspiration from the “outer senshis” from Sailor Moon (mainly Sailor Uranus and Neptune), but I guess that’s pretty obvious. ;) 

See you soon for season 2 !

Edit : some people reported having trouble to see the video, which is weird since it should be available everywhere… So I’m clueless, the best you can do is check for alternate link, like this one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uz0aDfYNjQ&feature=youtu.be 


“Good Christian people, I have come here to die according to the law and thus yield myself to the will of the King, my Lord. And if ever in my life I did offend the King’s grace, then surely with my death I do now atone. I pray and beseech you all to pray for the life of the King, my sovereign Lord and yours who is one of the best princes of the Earth, who has always treated me so well. Where for I submit to death a goodwill, humbly asking for pardon from all the world. If anyone should take up my case, I ask them only to judge it kindly.”

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I read your response to that anon, do you really think Jace is abusive to Alec? He definitely dropped the ball as a friend, he can be a jerk, but he clearly loves Alec a lot. I hc that Alec was probably the first person Jace let himself get close to after his dad "died". I hope season 2 has more of their friendship. He messed up a lot but there are instances of him trying to be there/worrying about Alec. tinaliatum()tumblr()com/post/141215537679/alinok-dont-even-try-to-say-that-jace-doesnt

Yes, I do. And I do think that you can be abusive to somebody you eventually care about, which might lead to the idea for many that it’s impossible for the Jalec friendship to be abusive. 

Let’s get some moments from the books:
- CoB: When Alec tells Jace a story at Taki’s, clearly hyped about it, Jace not only doesn’t fully listen to him, he also interrupts him to ask for coffee, without making a comment of ‘I’m sorry I interrupted you’ or making any kind of comment about the story Alec had told.

- Going to the Seelie Court: Jace openly mistrusts Alec’s abilities as a protector and then mocks him for ‘wanting to stay after all’. 

- the outing in CoA, the simple idea of ‘Well, you’re dating Alec, of course you are going to work for free’ // Alec gets reduced to the free pass for warlock services
-> I would even add the way Jace describes Alec as “sad bastard mooning around the porch” the next day. 

- after Alec brings Simon to the Garnison in CoG Jace directly tells him “Well, if something happens to Simon, it’s your fault.” while the reader already knows that Simon did not get sent back to New York and therefore the accusations made by Jace and once again a show of mistrust in Alec’s abilities, are already true

- The monologue later in CoG about how Alec only imagines  his feelings and uses them as excuse not to come out and therefore not having to risk anything with Magnus
-> Alec so often gets told what he has to do, what he has to feel, why he feels the things he does, how what he does is wrong …

In the show:

“Maybe your mother was right and your best is not enough.”

Pretty much the quote that sums it up for me. Jace never apologized for it despite clearly crossing a line here. Isabelle’s comment about ‘Oh, so Clary runs off, but you’re blaming our brother’ never goes anywhere or gets further acknowledged. He cares about Alec as shown in the post you added, but he also lashes out without ever truly apologizing for what he said.

Also: “This is about me, about your feelings for me.”
- Here we have the show version of that monologue in CoG and once again Alec gets explained why he does things. 

And a personal pet peeve for me is that “I don’t want to be alive when we are on different sides”-moment … it makes a heartbreaking quote, an emotional edit, but completely ignores the fact that Jace made choices against Alec since Clary showed up. If it was so painful for Jace, how come he didn’t do anything to prevent it from getting to this point?

There’s nothing wrong with your headacanon, it just should also be acknowledged that getting close to someone doesn’t mean you automatically treat them right. 

My hopes are up for season 2 as well, but not really high after how the scene went where they “talked it through”. 

So now that Steven Bomb 3.0 is over, we are sixty-seven (67) episodes into the current order of one hundred fifty-six (156) total episodes. We still have eighty-nine (89) to look forward to, so get ready. The regular schedule returns in August!

Inspiration for this comes from this Crewniverse post from way back when!

Edit: A lot of people are wondering if there is only going to be 156 episodes, and the answer is it’s probably not. I fully expect us getting a season 4 around this time next year.

The progress bar only reflects the current episode order and will be updated when more seasons are ordered in the future.

Sorry if I got people scared that SU was going to end after three seasons. I should have clarified the situation. I’ll try to do it better next time!

Brigette Watches Dance Moms. What even is this show?

I’ve been watching Dance Moms for a few years, and I’ve got so much to say about it that it overwhelms me. What was once a reality show/documentary about stage moms in Pittsburg has turned into a crazy-ass-Disney-child-star-launching-circus-what-the-hell-am-I-watching fiesta.

I’m not going to say that these kids are being abused or that their childhoods are being stolen. I have no idea what a “perfect” childhood even looks like or what circumstances create a well-rounded person. But I do have things to say. It’s possible, but not certain, that I will answer the following questions: 1) who is actually crazy on this show? 2) should we be worried about any of these girls? 3) what is real in this show, and what is real in all of our lives?

Here we go.

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