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like okay, i’m an indigenous nationally oppressed person living in a white settler colony. indigenous people are about 15% of the population, other people of colour are about another 15%. What should I do, according to third worldism? believe that, ontologically, white workers can not and will not ever act against the social relations that benefit them, and refuse to ever work with them?

because if i’d done that, i can name three or four prisoners that the organsation i’m with would never have gotten removed from solitary confinement. The organisers who volunteered for the direct action which got one of those prisoners out, despite knowing that they would all be arrested and tried? white workers. its just materially untrue that white working class people will not and cannot struggle alongside nationally oppressed people for our unified liberation as proletarians. they can, and they do, and i’ve literally seen it and been part of it. third worldism does not explain how this can have happened. proletarian internationalism does.


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So if you have to give us like a personality trait of yours or like a quirky thing that you do - what don’t people know about you specifically — I have a real fear of anyone or anything touching my belly button … don’t try and do it if you meet me please because it freaks me out… 


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