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Request: Hey whats up! I just found out you were taking star wars requests and I was wondering if you could do a Luke imagine where he still doesn’t know Leia is his sister and you’re jealous of the way he acts around her? 💩

Pairing: Luke Skywalker x Reader

Warnings: Mild language.

Word count: 1,812

A/N: Omg as soon as I said I was writing for Star Wars, you guys spammed me with SW request, so thank you so much. Here is my first Star Wars imagine ever, I hope you guys enjoy it! This was awesome, since Luke is one of my many baes.

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The icy wind of Hoth hit your face as you rode your tauntaun alongside Leia, patrolling the perimeter of the rebel base you were currently on. Bouncing on the tauntaun, you glanced up, just in time to catch a glimpse of something gliding through the sky. Tugging on the ropes that attached themselves to the animal’s mouth, you slowed down, squinting as you pulled off your goggles so you’d see better.

“What’s that?” You mumbled with a final yank of the reins, the tauntaun digging its claws into the snow as it came to a forceful stop, Leia doing the same beside you.

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iamanemotionaltimebomb  asked:

Scientist reader helping Mei, Mercy, Winston and Torbjorn in science stuff because why not


Whenever you’re in Mei’s lab you find yourself vaguely surprised that the orange juice on her desk isn’t boiling. She runs around in only a pair of loose slacks, her bra and her lab coat tied around her waist, brushing across the floor like peacock feathers. The cold unsettles her.

You greet her by lifting up two boxes of Chinese take-out, the only real food you get when everyone who’s capable of and willing to cook is off base.

“Oh! You thought of me, that’s so nice. Thank you.” she sets her tablet aside and makes some room at her desk, guilty throwing away a handful of candy wrappers, her sole sustenance when she can’t be bothered to cook a full meal. Which is always.

It’s nice to get away from work for a bit even if you’re spending the time in the boiler room for one of the lower circles of hell. After some brief consideration you slip out of the sleeves of your work overall and tie it around your waist, much like Mei has with her coat. It’s still stifling hot in here, but with one layer of clothes less it becomes endurable.

“So.” you say, coming after a bit of small talk to the real reason you’re here. “I checked the scanners this morning and saw one of your weather stations went offline.”

She groans at being reminded of it and pulls up her overview window. She has about a dozen of stationary automatic weather stations in her immediate vicinity. Or as immediate as she can afford them to be, what with her being one of the few scientists still pursuing her research. One of them has a red marker merrily blinking ‘offline’ at you.

“It’s A-02, the one I set up in the Alps. It was probably damaged by falling debris. It’s going to be a hassle arranging transportation and trekking all the way up there to repair or replace it.”

You take a sip of your drink, humming as if you’re just now deliberating her predicament.

“You know, I could fly you up there. We’d be in and out, no trouble.”
“Really?” she asks, eyes lighting up at the prospect of being spared a whole lot of inconvenience. Then, just as you think you’re getting away with it, her eyes narrow in suspicion. “Wait a second. Haven’t you been working on new climbing gear? You’re just looking for a guinea pig.”

Guilty as charged. You shrug, smile apologetically.

“I need to see how it works with more than one person attached. It’s safe, I promise!”

“If you knew it’s safe you wouldn’t need to test it.”

She agrees in the end. There’s a token argument, because only a crazy person would crawl around the Alps in experimental safety gear without it, but in the pursuit of science, she’ll do it.

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tumblr has spoken. jeller won.

A Different Kind of Angel
: a little winter fluff plus Sawyer. Inspired by this

It was around nine when he called her and asked her if she was doing anything, which was weird because of course she wasn’t. Sure, it was Saturday, but her entire life revolved around the FBI, and if they didn’t have a case then it meant she was at the safe house.

“Why?” she asked him over the phone.

“I’m watching Sawyer,” he said. He explained how Sarah had come over to spend the holidays with him but since he had been too busy she’d barely seen him. So he felt bad and had given her one of the Christmas gifts early - a day at the spa - and offered to watch Sawyer for the day.

“It snowed all this week, so Sawyer’s excited to go out and build a snowman,” he said.

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Potential “Ability List “ for Servamp BSD AU

Hello lovely people, wow first of all to be 100% honest I didn’t think bsd servamp au and servamp bsd au would get this much attention so quickly. The original ask post I made for it got OVER 100 notes in only a few hours and I was kinda only joking at first but then the idea became EXTREMELY appealing to me too and now its thing and I am happy about that. :D

But it seems bsd servamp au is more talked about so far, so I wanna talk about the Servamp bsd side right now. Here’s a potential ideas list of what the servamps/eves/subclasses abilities can possibly be. (NOT EVERYONE IS ON HERE YET CAUSE I LEGIT COULDN’T THINK OF ANYTHING FOR SOME CHARACTERS) This post is in no particular order either,after all this au is still kinda a mess right now.

If you guys have any thoughts or opinions, please share cause that’s the point of this post. ^^;

*Kuro - His ability was easy to decide. It would be “Beast Beneath the Moonlight” like Atsushi. Because Atsushi is a weretiger in bsd, so that would make Kuro a werelion, doesn’t really have the same ring to it haha,but still fits him. 

That would also give Kuro the hyper regeneration that comes with it. Which works well for him, because both him and Atsushi get skewered CONSTANTLY in both series and Kuro is likely gonna be protecting a certain new subordinate a lot. *coughs* I’m talking about Mahiru. *cough**cough* 

*Tsubaki - @wonderfulchaos69 helped me with this one and I really liked this suggestion.

Tsubaki being modeled after Saigyo. (Bungou Stray Dogs is FULL OF literary references after all) “I’ll forget the trail I marked out on Mount Yoshino last year, go searching for blossoms in directions I’ve never been before.”  A deconstruction and reconstruction kinda thing maybe, able to tear things apart, but also put them back together again. I think that’s pretty cool and sounds like a badass ability for a mafia boss to have. (that’s Tsubaki’s role in this au by the way) “Sorrow for Change” would be his abilities name. 

*Tetsu - Another one that was easy to decide. He would have “ Undefeated by the Rain” which would give him the gift of super human strength, you know the same as Kenji. But in bsd the catch to his ability is that he is only able to use it on an empty stomach, and will fall asleep after eating. Should that also apply for Tetsu?? (sounds more like World End almost) so Tetsu can have a different catch to his ability? 

- Things are gonna get kinda vague from here on out cause of my own uncertainty.

*Hyde - Okay so you guys already know, Bungou has so many literary references to poems/books/and all that stuff. HYDE’S ABILITY SHOULD TOTALLY BE BASED OFF OF SHAKESPEARE. IT JUST HAS TO BE. I haven’t really thought this one out too much besides the possible names for it.

All The World’s A Stage”, “Fear No More” or even  “A Summer’s Day” anything that’s a Shakespeare poem works. For what it does maybe it can be like that Phantom of the Opera thingy he does in Servamp. 

Maybe that can be his ability? Kunikida’s character is based off a poet as well, maybe Hyde’s gift can also be something like “Doppo Poet”. Idk……

*Mikuni - I IMMEDIATELY thought his ability should be called “My Fair Lady”,  but do you guys remember that thingy he did with Abel in the manga from volume 2 chapter 10??? (I have my manga right here with me and checked lol)

Yeah, it should be like that. plus My Fair Lady is a perfect literary reference. haha yes. :3

*Snow Lily - When I thinking about Lily’s ability, I thought it should be like Junichirou’s. A ability that isn’t really suited for combat but is more illusion based. You know, allows him to project illusions in a certain range of area around him, covering the affected area with snowfall. It’s even called “Light Snow”. Which is perfect for SNOW Lily lol. (I need to be stopped omg) 

Ten Nights of Dreams” (another suggestion from wonderfulchaos69 ^^) is another possible name for his illusion ability. It can be like his “The Execution Block of the Red Queen” thing he does in the actual series. “My abilities don’t harm the body, but they do attack the mind.” Lily said. I mean I think that’s pretty awesome idea. *___*

*Misono - Alright don’t laugh you guys, but I was thinking of a Alice in Wonderland kind of reference for him maybe. I was thinking of calling it “Lonely Alice” also as reference to when Yuri and Mary called him the lonesome Alice. 

For what it does I was thinking of this being one of those abilities that are more of a curse rather than a blessing. It would be like Lucy’s “Anne of Abyssal Red” It would be a dimension he created with his ability. 

Lucy in bsd made her dimension to where if you are tagged by “Anne” (this giant creepy puppet/doll thing that chases you around) you lose and you will be trapped in Anne’s Chamber. (Alice’s Chamber maybe?) but if you get the key and unlock the door in Anne’s Chamber before she gets you, then you win. Also if you try to leave right away, you will only forget everything that happened in that room. The real world outside the dimension, time stands still. 

I think Misono’s take on it should be like when he challenged his own father to a chess game with one of his eve techniques. (that part in volume 4 with the whole Alicein arc remember? It was a giant chess board.) 

He said “It’s impossible to leave this place until one of us wins.” So I think in this au this would be an ability Misono doesn’t like to use since it can be pretty inconvenient.

Natsume Sōseki’s Botchan reference is also possible for Misono too  “No crime should be canceled before a man apologized.“ (chaos I love ya)

*Licht -  Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde reference anyone? (by Robert Louis Stevenson I think) Servamp already made this reference though lol. Cause you know, Licht Jekylland Todoroki. Plus that combination move Licht and Lawless(Hyde) did was a total reference. “Jekyll and Hyde” (the name maybe???)

Again another idea I am kinda stumped on for what it does….. I wanted Licht’s gift to be music based still but??? HELP ME GUYS.  SO MANY POSSIBLE THINGS. 

*Hugh - Hugh’s ability should be like Ranpo’s “Ultra-Deduction” where he can solve any case in under 60 seconds. But GET THIS Hugh isn’t actually gifted (like Ranpo) one of the very few un-gifted civilians at the agency. He believes he is using an ability but no HES JUST THAT GOOD and again like Ranpo he is a very respected  at for agency for it. 

You are a role model for the Agency, no, for all gifted people.” Yay or nay this people.

- I am gonna switch gears here a bit and talk about “Melancholy Mafia” a bit, even though I already mentioned Tsubaki above. I have only thought of two for now though….

*Otogiri - I think she should be ungifted as well and kinda be like Higuchi of the Port Mafia who specializes with firearms and is Akutagawa’s bodyguard(although he always going on about how he doesn’t need her help or anyone’s really) 

Otogiri can still use her wires/strings she uses in canon. :D 

*Sakuya - I was debating with myself on whether or not he should be gifted or ungifted. I was thinking he could also be a weapons kinda guy for the Mafia like Otogiri. Cause in Servamp we see him use knives, a chainsaw, and a blood sword(?) apparently (it was shown in the anime) etc. It’d be cool if he was a highly proficient with weapons. 

For a possible ability for Sakkun I was thinking kinda like Kyouka’s “Demon Snow” that makes her a ruthless assassin for the Port Mafia.  Allows her to materialize a sword-wielding phantom, known as Demon Snow, which only follows orders coming from a mobile phone she always carries on her person. It appears that it only listens to orders from another person on the other line and does not comply to Kyouka’s own wishes. 

I can change it up of course, it just an idea right now like everything else. :p Like that “phantom” could look like you know who….

I thought of this because I thought of Kyouka’s and Atsushi’s friendship and dynamic in the anime, Kyouka not being proud of what she’s done so far for the Port Mafia. Killing 35 people in one month saying she “doesn’t want to kill anyone else.” and then jumped off a freaking train with a bomb strapped to her chest(poor baby girl) but Atsushi saves her life anyway believing she deserves a second chance, (even though she injured him really badly)  and takes her in to leave the Mafia and join the Agency instead and learn better control of her dangerous ability. You know how the story goes.

Hear me out guys… how about that kinda thing for Mahiru and Sakuya??? Mahiru seeing the good in Sakuya despite all that he’s done. AND THEY HAVE THAT TRAGIC FRIENDSHIP TOO AHHHH. Okay I am off topic now. 

This last one is a real mere suggestion but:

*Wrath - She should have “Thou Shalt Not Die” like Yosano. Because also this is how members of the agency react to Yosano…. Despite her appearances, she has shown prominent sadistic and aggressive tendencies, which is more so magnified by her ability’s conditions. As a result, most members from the Agency flee when in her presence and as much as possible.

and some characters in Servamp are afraid of Wrath too, why not give her an ability that makes her to be feared as well? Being able to treat external wounds but however, to heal someone they must first be "half-dead”; meaning they must have fatally serious injuries before she can use her ability. 

I don’t know I only thought of this because of Wrath and Yosano had something in common. so again yay or nay??

Alright guys this is all I got so far guys, if anyone isn’t on this list. ITS BECAUSE COULDN’T THINK OF ANYTHING FOR THEM YET. Like I need a Literature reference and stuff but ITS KINDA HARD TO FIND ONE THAT SUITS SOME CHARACTERS. So shoot any ideas so I can update this list. Thank you!!

2,000 Followers Appreciation - Day 2/31

Yesterday I was talking about the lack of emotional payoff we’ve been getting on the show lately and how it’s taking it’s toll on the fandom. It’s hard for us to get our excitement level up when we’re unsure if the angst will have an equal (or better) amount of comfort to balance it out. With that in mind, I wanted to write this little ficlet that i consider a “deleted scene” that takes place the night that Killian is brought back to life and they find out Gold has tethered Storybrooke’s magic to the crystal.

Setting: “Only You” -  the clock tower after Regina poofs away and Henry says he’s going back to Emma’s house.

“So, shall we check the Dark One’s shop?” Zelena asked as Emma joined them at the bottom of the clock tower.

“No, he won’t be there,” Snow said. “He’s too smart to hide anywhere we would know to look for him.”

“Snow’s right,” David said. “We should split up and start searching the town.”

“Good idea,” Emma agreed. “Mom, Dad, you take everything north of the library and Killian and I will search to the south. And Zelena -”

“Sorry, Savior,” Zelena stopped her. “I’m not going to be traipsing around town int he dark. I need to be home with my daughter.”

“Fine,” Emma sighed. “But if you think of anything useful that could help us then let us know.”

“After you, love,” Killian held out his hand and followed Emma as she walked towards the bug.

When they were both settled inside the car she rested her hands on the steering wheel and sighed. “I have no idea where to look,” she admitted.

“We’ll find him, Swan,” Killian assured her. “We always do.”

“You know Gold better than anyone,” she said and she winced, thinking of Belle who was still stuck in the self imposed sleeping curse. “Well, almost anyone. Where do you think he’d go with all that power?”

“Somewhere that he wouldn’t be found,” he said.

Emma slumped her shoulders. “That’s not very helpful.”

He was quiet for a moment as he tried to think of something that could help them. “Oh, the irony.”


“I’m granted another chance to live my life and not even a day has passed and I’m right back to hunting the crocodile,” Killian said. He looked down at his hook and ran his hand over it.

“Oh, Killian, I’m so sorry,” Emma said. “This is not how we should be spending your first night … back.”

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My Burden to Bear

So….basically, I wrote this because my mind wouldn’t let me sleep until it had its fill of more baby bones. So, this is a little story about Sans and Papyrus. And what if Papyrus didn’t know Sans had 1 HP? I dunno. I’m really tired. 

Inspired by @sushinfood and @abadtime. They are super great, and you should check them out because they are amazingly talented and if you dig undertale, you’ll dig them, too.

My Burden To Bear

           It wasn’t fair. Papyrus sat on his bed, arms and legs crossed tightly, watching the snow fall outside his window. It was late. He had just been sent to his room by Sans. Alphys had stopped by to talk with Sans about Papyrus’s magic. Papyrus huffed indignantly. He wasn’t a baby bones anymore. After all, seven was practically grown up. Yet, Sans still insisted on treating him like a baby bones. When Papyrus had protested, Sans just smiled and said that they wouldn’t talk about anything interesting. But Papyrus had discovered that the things that didn’t want to be heard were often the most interesting of all. He uncrossed his arms, suddenly struck with a brilliant idea. He was, after all, the Great Papyrus, a future member of the Royal Guard. This was the perfect opportunity to practice his stealth skills! Taking his pillow, he placed it underneath his blankets, and turned the lights off.

           Papyrus tip-toed to his bedroom door, and cracked it open. Peering through the crack, he saw Sans and Alphys down in the living room. Alphys was speaking fast, and Sans back was to her. She was talking in a low, hurried voice. Now was his chance. He slipped out of his room, and crept down the steps. Alphys wouldn’t be too hard to sneak by. But if Sans turned around…

           Papyrus found himself on the ground floor, and quickly darted toward the table beside the couch. He crawled under the table. Thankfully, the only light in the room was the television, which was currently playing some cooking show. Papyrus ignored it, and peaked out from his hiding spot, listening intently.

           “Alphys, I have this under control. I’m not one to be rattled easily,” Sans was saying.

           “Sans, you c-can’t mean that!” Alphys sounded upset. Papyrus could barely see the top of her head from his low vantage point, “P-Papyrus’s magic has begun to develop. It’s n-not controlled. Just let me take him-”

           Papyrus stifled a gasp. Take him? Where did Alphys want him to go?

           “You don’t have magic, Alphys,” snapped Sans, “How is he gonna learn anything from you? You’re brilliant, but this is out of your depth.”

           “Maybe a member of the Royal Guard could teach him. Or if we spoke to Asgore-”

           “We aren’t going to Asgore,” said Sans, walking past Alphys, to glance up at Papyrus’s room. Papyrus held his breath. San’s silhouette seemed so big from down here.

           “He’ll learn how to control his magic from me,” Sans says, “He trusts me. It’ll be fine.”

           “Sans, please, be reasonable here!” Alphys was pleading, “It’s safer i-if we d-do things my way. Safer for everyone.”

           “Everyone except Papyrus,” growled Sans, “I’m all he’s got, Alphys. And he’s all I’ve got. How do you think he’ll react if you just sweep him out of here without an explanation?”

           “I didn’t say we wouldn’t explain it,” Alphys explained patiently, “Look, I know you’re coping with a lot right now. But think of it like this: with Papyrus gone, you wouldn’t have to be burdened with him.”

           Papyrus watched Sans stiffen. Sans didn’t reply, but Papyrus saw him clench his fist before shoving it into his jacket pocket. Tears stung Papyrus’s eyes. Was he a burden to Sans?

           “T-That’s not what I meant,” Alphys back tracked quickly, “I just meant it would be easier. Papyrus would get used to it. The labs aren’t a bad place to live-”

           “We aren’t going back to the labs,” Sans hissed, striding away from Alphys.

           “Sans!” Alphys reached out and grabbed Sans’s arm. Sans turned and shook her off, his left eye glowing blue. Alphys let go straight away. Papyrus clenched his teeth together to keep from whimpering. Sans seemed really angry. Was it something Papyrus had done?

           “Sans, I’m s-sorry, but I have to say that you aren’t equipped to handle this. You physically can’t. Papyrus isn’t a baby anymore. Surely he understands.”

           Papyrus shrank back. Understand what?

           Sans didn’t say anything. He looked away, his eyes back to normal. Alphys was quiet.

           “Sans, he knows about your HP, right?” asked Alphys.

           Sans shrugged, “It’s not something he needs to know.”


           “No, Alphys! He doesn’t need to know that. My HP is my business. Papyrus might not be a baby anymore, but he’s still just a kid.”

           “You’re not much older than a kid yourself, Sans.”

           What was wrong with Sans’s HP? Papyrus racked his brains. Sans never really talked about HP. Papyrus had a fair amount, but he was still growing.

           “Alphys, I just wanted to let you know about Papyrus’s magic. This is exactly why I sent him upstairs. I wasn’t asking for help. I just needed you to know in case something happens. Papyrus makes friends with everyone. But I wouldn’t trust him with anyone. I need to know that he would be safe if something happened.”

           What was going to happen? Papyrus was shaking. Was he being sent away? Did Sans not want him anymore? He was safe with Sans. He was always safe with Sans.

           “His magic is unstable right now,” Alphys was pleading again, “You remember what it was like for you? He’ll be the same. Things will happen, Sans. Accidents. You can’t be on guard all the time.”

           “Watch me be,” Sans replied.

           “What happens when you’re exhausted, Sans?” Alphys’s voice got bolder, “What happens when Papyrus is playing, and he taps into his magic without meaning to, and deals you damage?”

           Papyrus would never hurt Sans on purpose. But he remembered when his magic first came out. He had wanted a cookie. Sans had told him he had to wait. He was disappointed, and a little bit angry. He had flung a knife across the room. It had scared him. It had almost hit Sans. But Sans had just smiled and told him that he had gotten the point. But there had been something else behind San’s eyes…

           Sans hadn’t replied.

           “You’re right, I probably couldn’t teach Papyrus anything. He’d have to figure out his power on his own,” Alphys began.

           “Exactly! Papyrus would be alone. He’d have no one to relate to!” Sans said firmly.

           “But,” Alphys continued, “H-he could use his powers on me, and I’d be okay.”

           That didn’t make sense. Sans was the toughest person Papyrus knew. How could Alphys handle a hit, but not Sans? That was crazy.

           “Sans, consider it. A monster with one HP can’t take any chances,” Alphys said.

           Papyrus’s eyes widened. One HP? That was unheard of. No monster had just one HP. It was impossible. Papyrus knew that he himself had more than that. And, the way Alphys was talking, she wasn’t talking about herself. So…that left…


           Suddenly, the memory of his first experience in magic seemed a lot more chilling. He shuddered. What if that knife had hit Sans?

           “Just think about it,” Alphys said. Papyrus heard the door open, and felt a cool gust of air whip through the house. Then, the door shut, leaving silence in its wake. Papyrus was staring at Sans, who had his back to him. Sans had been right: Papyrus should have just stayed in his room. Sans let out a weary sigh, and climbed the stairs. He passed Papyrus’s room, and peered in. Papyrus saw Sans shake his head. Then Sans walked the rest of the way to his own bedroom, and shut the door.

           Papyrus was shaking. Sans was thinking about getting rid of him. Sans, who only had one HP. His brother…his dear brother…

           Papyrus whimpered, and tears flowed freely from his eyes. He cried quietly, laying on his side. He curled into a tight ball, holding himself together, wishing that the floor would swallow him up.


           Sans had been tossing and turning for a few hours. Sighing in defeat, he sat up. He was thinking about Papyrus and everything Alphys had said. He knew she meant well, but that didn’t mean he had to like what she said. Sans got out of bed, and looked at his door. Papyrus had gone to bed without a bed time story. That was unusual. But it had been very late. Still, something tugged in the back of his skull. It wouldn’t hurt to check up on Papyrus. He walked out of his room and down to Papyrus’s. The door was still cracked open. Another unusual trait. He pushed it open and crept up to the race car bed. The room was quiet. No…silent.

           “Papyrus?” Sans whispered, placing a hand on the lump under the covers. His hand felt soft cushion. Panic flooded his chest. He switched on the lights, and pulled back the blankets. Papyrus was not there.

           “Pap?” called Sans, ripping the blankets off of the bed. Running over to the closet, he yanked the door open, “Papyrus?!”

           It was empty. His mind was racing. Where was Papyrus? He hadn’t come out of his room. Unless…the cracked door. The lights off without a story. Papyrus had snuck out. And what if…?

           “Oh, no. No, no, no,” Sans sprinted out of the room and down the stairs. If Papyrus had heard him and Alphys, then he might have…

           Sans wrenched the front door open, and sprinted onto the freshly fallen snow. If Papyrus had gone, his tracks would be gone with him.

           “Papyrus?!” Sans called. The wind was the only sound that answered back.

           “PAPYRUS?!” shouted Sans, hearing echoes of his own voice whisper back , “Papyrus! Papyrus…papyrus…”

           The panic rose in San’s chest. He’d have to search the woods. He sprinted back into the house and grabbed his jacket. Just as he was about to run out again, he heard it: a small whimper. He froze, gazing all around. He turned on one of the lamps. Soft light filled the room. Sans walked slowly around the other side of the couch, and got on his hands and knees. There, under the table, was Papyrus curled into a tight ball, dark circles under his sockets, staring at Sans with anticipation.

           “Papyrus…” Sans sighed, relieved. He waved a hand, his eye glowing blue. The door swung shut, “Hey, bro. What are you doing under the table?”


           Papyrus stared up at his brother, unmoving. Sans was smiling at him.

           “I don’t know…” Papyrus said, tearing his eyes away from Sans.

           “You don’t, huh?” Sans said, “Well, that’s fair. Wanna come out? It seems like such a bonely place to curl up.”

           “But I…I’m not in the way here…” Papyrus’s voice trembled slightly. Sans eyes widened.

           “You’re not in the way, bro. You’re so tiny, I could probably put you in a drawer. Or I could always back you up with a box, and put a stamp on ya,” Sans winked.

           Papyrus’s breathing hitched, and tears streamed down his face. Sans’s smile slid off his face, “Whoa, Pap, I was just kidding. Hey, c’mon, what’s wrong?”

           “I h-heard you and A-Alphi talking…Do you want m-me to go away, b-b-brother?” he sobbed.

           Sans sighed, scratched the back of his skull and looked at Papyrus patiently, “You heard? It wasn’t what it sounded like, Pap. I don’t want you to go away. I would never want you to go away. Come on out, Papyrus. We can talk about it.”

           Papyrus looked up at Sans, and nodded. He moved stiffly, having been curled up for hours. He crawled out and was immediately scooped up by Sans, who draped the jacket on Papyrus. Papyrus snuggled into it, the scent of Sans comforting him. Sans sat down on the couch and had Papyrus on his lap.

           “Tell me, Pap: why are you upset? What are you worried about?” asked Sans gently.

           Papyrus sniffed, “Am I going away, brother?”

           Sans shook his head, “Absolutely not. And if you were, I’d go with you. But you’re not, so it doesn’t matter.”



           “Am I a b-burden?” his voice cracked, looking away from Sans as he said it.

           “Hey, Pap. Look at me,” Sans waited till Papyrus was looking at him, “You have never been a burden. Alphys shouldn’t have said that. Believe me, she and I will be having words about it. But you are not a burden, Papyrus. You’re a blessing, alright? You’re all I’ve got, bro.”

           Papyrus’s eyes were widened. Unless he misheard, he could have sworn that Sans was getting a little teary eyed. But Sans took a breath and cleared his throat. Sans seemed sincere. But…Papyrus felt tears sting his eyes again.

           “What, Pap? Talk to me. Why are you crying?” asked Sans.

           “W-what if Alphi c-comes back and t-takes me anyway? Sans, what i-if A-Asgore come t-to take me? Brother, I-I don’t w-wanna g-g-g-” Papyrus was overcome with tears and began to cry in earnest. Sans brought the younger skeleton closer to him, hugging Papyrus as tightly as he could. Papyrus buried his face against Sans’s shirt, his cries muffled.

           “If that happened, I would protect you. Nobody is taking you anywhere. I would never let anything happen to you, Papyrus. I won’t let anyone take you or hurt you ever. And I pity the monster that tries.”

           Papyrus cried a little more, being comforted and shushed by a patient Sans. Sniffling, Papyrus looked up at his brother. Sans smiled down at him.

           “All better, baby bones?” he asked.

           Papyrus smiled, and nodded, “Uh-huh.”

           “Okay. It’s late, bro. Let’s get you to bed,” Sans stood up and carried Papyrus up the stairs. Papyrus felt very tired all of a sudden. Sans tucked Papyrus into bed, “Comfy?”

           Papyrus nodded, but grasped Sans’s hand, “Brother…will you stay with me tonight? You can share my race car bed…”

           Sans stifled a yawn and grinned, “Sure, Pap.”

           Sans crawled into bed with Papyrus. Automatically, Papyrus snuggled down close to Sans the moment he was settled. There was silence between them, then, “Sans?”


           “How come Alphi said that you only have one HP?”

           More silence. Sans sighed, “That’s a complicated question, bro. Let’s just say that that’s how it is.”

           “It’s true?”


           “But…But how can I learn to control my powers with you? Alphi was right!”

           “No,” Sans said, firmly, pulling Papyrus to him, “Alphys couldn’t be more wrong. You would never hurt me. And I can protect you with one HP. One HP is all I need, okay? Ah, Pap, I didn’t want you worryin’ about this. I can handle myself. It’s my burden to bear.”


           “Mm-hmm. I promise. And you’re forgetting. You are the Great Papyrus,” Sans chuckled, “You can do anything you set your mind to, right?”

           Papyrus nodded, his eyes getting heavy. He yawned hugely, “S-Saaans?”


           “I’ll protect you, brother,” mumbled Papyrus, clinging to the front of Sans’s shirt with a tiny hand, “I’ll protect you. I have enough HP…” he yawned again, “For both…of us…”

           Sans chuckled softly, “Go to sleep, bro.”



           “We can share…burdens…we’re brothers…I’ll bear your burdens, Sans…So don’t… don’t worry.”

           Papyrus was so close to sleep, but he could have sworn Sans sniffed, held him tighter, and spoke with tears in his eyes, “Yeah…Good-night, Pap. I love you.”

           “Mmm…love you, Sans…”

Chapter Forty-Eight Part One

A/N: Okay, I am SO SORRY. I don’t even know where to begin, so I’m just going to apologise, to thank all of you for sticking with me and for apologising (I know, more apologies) for this short chapter. I have struggled so much with this and writer’s block has been a total bitch, so I’m going to make this little bit part one and then hopefully part two (and maybe part three) will be easier to write.

Anyway, I’ve jumped ahead a little to Christmas Eve, so the chapter starts in the morning, with Harry and Emmy at Sandringham for thei second day.

Emmy could hear Harry moving behind her, and she ran ahead, laughter rolling from her mouth as she desperately tried to escape the snow as it clutched and clawed at her feet. She could not give him the satisfaction of catching her, nor could she let him tickle her, which was exactly what she knew he would do. So she ran on, and she could hear him laughing behind her.

“Emmy, wait!” he called.

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(A little AU thing about not giving up; don’t ask me about the wider plot, I have no idea. It’s just a little moment that demanded to be written.)

They almost make it.

Emma can see the hesitation in Zelena’s eyes as Regina talks, the hope and the envy warring with each other. She’s the key, the missing piece. If she hands over the wand—

But she doesn’t. Killian seems to see the decision in the same instant as Emma. He lunges for it, and that, too, is close—almost a literal hair’s breadth.

Zelena snatches it away just in time. And that’s it, the moment over, the chance passed.

It’s over.

“I’m sorry,” Killian offers later, when Regina has stormed away and David has left to check on Snow and they’re back in their house, which feels strangely empty. Everything does, since the curse. There’s a space where her parents should be, too big for one person alone. “I should have—“

“Don’t,” Emma cuts him off. “It wasn’t your fault.”

“I almost had it,” he says, stubborn as always when it comes to taking the blame.

A while ago, Emma thinks, she would have argued. She would have been just as stubborn. And either Killian or her mother or father would have talked her out of it, reassured her, reminded her to stop trying to carry the weight of the whole world.

But her mother is asleep, and her father is trying to pretend that he’s okay with that, and Killian’s solution is to try and take the weight of the world on himself.

None of that is what Emma wants.

What Emma wants is to go upstairs, go to sleep, and not wake up until the curse is broken and she has her family back and everyone is safe. What Emma wants is to go back to Zelena, and scream and cry and tell her what she’s done. To make her feel, really feel, what Emma feels. To make her understand.

She doesn’t want to give hope speeches in her mother’s place. She doesn’t want to put her arm around Snow in place of her father. She doesn’t want to unload her own burdens on Killian, or talk and talk him out of taking on burdens that aren’t his.

Her hands curl into fists.

“Well, you didn’t,” she snaps, so suddenly that he flinches. “And that’s that. So stop. I am not going to argue over who’s to blame. I’m not going to give up. We didn’t get the wand, fine. We’ll find something else. We’ll—“ She’s pacing, gesturing randomly around the room, hectic movements with no real purpose. “I don’t know, we’ll figure it out. The one thing I do know is that they’re not going to win, because I refuse to let them. And I’m not going to make their job any easier by blaming myself or each other, and neither,” she rounds on Killian, glaring at him, “are you. Okay?”

He still looks taken aback, but the surprise is already giving way to something else. He gives her an appraising look, considering, and hard determination settles over his face. A smile pulls at the corner of his mouth. It’s not a nice smile. It’s a Captain Hook smile, predatory and unstoppable.

And maybe, Emma thinks, just a little impressed.

“Aye, aye,” he says.

Self-consciousness steals over her, like it always does when she blurts out what’s in her heart, especially at length, and—oh, no, did she pace? “Right,” she said. “Okay. Good.”

Killian’s mouth quirks a little more, and the steely Captain Hook edge disappears, to be replaced with that slight bashfulness that Emma has come to recognise as quintessential Jones. “I needed to hear that, I think. Thank you.”

“Yeah, well.” She shifts a little, folding her arms across her chest. “I’m still working on the whole hope speech thing.”

He grins, and steps towards her, snagging the crook of her right elbow with his hook and pulling her towards him. “I don’t think so,” he says. “I like your particular brand of hope.”

“I yelled,” Emma says wryly, even as she sways into him.

“Exactly,” he agrees, still grinning.

She can’t help but grin back. When he says it like that, this brand of hope sounds pretty good to her, too.


Simon loved astronomy. Always had. Always did. He just didn’t want Baz to know. Not even penny. But yeah, Simon snow has a thing for astronomy.

And when Baz saw the tabs Simon forgot to delete in his laptop, his lips formed into a smile.

“Hey Baz, what should I –” Simon stopped short. “Baz, what are you doing?” He says, rather suspiciously. His boyfriend was messing around with his laptop, checking out the tabs. “You like astronomy?” Baz says, smirking. Simon blushed. “…yeah” he replies, so quiet he couldn’t even hear himself.

Baz took a step towards his boyfriend. “You want to tell me all about it?” He says playfully, a spark glowing in his eyes, kind of like the neutron stars. Simon smiled.


“Why does the universe exist?” Simon says, obviously very interested. He and his boyfriend sat down on the couch, a blanket draped over them, soft, warm, and comforting.

“I guess it’s just simply there.” Baz says, kissing his boyfriend on the temple. “Maybe all the stars collided into one heck of a mess.”

Simon nodded. “Maybe the universe just didn’t give a shit.” Baz’s thoughts began to wander. “I didn’t know you liked astronomy” he blathered out.

Simon just nodded. “Yeah. I like astronomy. It’s the one thing I find interesting” and it’s true. A kid that loves stars, loves astronomy. There’s no difference.

Simon took a sip of his coffee.
“Maybe space needed more…” He smirked
“More what?”
“More space”
Baz shoved Simon so hard, he fell down the couch. His laugh is gold. His smile is the sun. His eyes are the only stars that mattered to Baz.

“Help me up, you dork” Simon said, his arm extending in baz’s direction. “I think we all know which gets to be called the dork and which gets to be called the cool guy.” Baz said, rolling his eyes playfully. “Yeah, I get to be called the cool guy, and you get to be the dork. Now help me up, dork” Baz shoved Simon. Simon yelped

“Fuck you Baz”
“You wish, dork.”
Simon tried to push Baz, but miraculously failed.


“Why’s space so…colorful?” Simon asked, curious. They lay in bed together, tired and reckless from their 3 hour conversation about astronomy. baz said three words: “space is gay.”
Simon didn’t protest. “Okay, one more question –”
“Enough snow.”
“Yeah but–”
“Can it wait?”
“Why is that?”

Simon sat up, straightened his posture. “Because it’s a matter of space and time. Life and death.”

Baz sighed. He sat up too. “Fine. What is it?”

Simon didn’t answer for 3 long heartbeats. Then finally: “why do you love me?” His eyes were closed. He was just curious, that’s all. The question didn’t consist of space, or stars. But it does consist of the universe itself. The universe has a pleasant way of surprising people, that’s for sure.

“Simon” Baz sighed.

Simon’s heart sank.

And then baz’s lips collided with his. His soft, cold lips. Simon took it all. He took all the stars, all the stardust, all the love Baz gave.

Stars burst in Simon’s mouth. They danced, twirled, and then collided to make one heck of a mess.

“Maybe because I just simply do, Simon snow.” Baz breathed. “Maybe that’s just the way it is.” And at that moment, all the stars outside their window smiled back at them.

At that moment, Baz felt happiness upon seeing Simon’s eyes twinkle and shine, brighter than anything else space had to offer.

When they pulled apart, Baz whispered three beautiful words. “I choose you.”

Simon’s eyes turned loving. His lips formed a crescent moon, glowing brighter, brighter, brighter.

And at that moment, the only stars that shined brighter than the sun was Simon snow and Baz pitch’s love.

Brighter, brighter, brighter.

Fanfic: Midwinter

So after I added a sad heacanon onto @vertibird‘s post about Stan, I figured I had to write this to make up for it. 

And I know Hirsch has said the Pines have no specific canon religion, but it’s my fic and I totally saw a mezuzah in AToTS, and I can do what I want so nyah ;)

Tires screeched against the icy grit of the parking lot outside, and Stan’s eyes snapped open. He was awake.

He lifted his head, grimacing at the lance of pain that traveled down between his shoulders. He’d fallen asleep in his chair again. He really needed to start going to bed in bed. He was getting too old to sleep curled up wherever he found a spot, and his body was making him pay for it.

He heard a car door slamming outside and quietly cursed. The Shack had been closed for over a week. No point keeping it open during the holidays—winter was the off-season anyway, and nobody wanted to spend Christmas at a tourist trap. The locals were all busy with their own lives this time of year, and anyone who might be passing through would be focused on their destination. They all had families to see. No time for stops along the way. At least, that was usually true. Apparently someone had been drawn in by the billboard today.

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NHL teams as villains
  • Anaheim Ducks: stereotypical school bully from like any tv show when you were a kid. then turns out THEY were bullied but you're still kind of like "screw that guy"
  • Arizona Coyotes: They're the villain you don't see coming. First there's this really obviously evil person but then the Arizona Coyotes kill them and you're all happy about it but then they lock you in a room to die on a deserted island that no one knows about and take off in a helicopter.
  • Boston Bruins: The smug arrogant villain. The "I've always won" villain. The villain in a boxing movie where they've gone undefeated and say something terrible about your past demons. This is what gives you the motivation to beat them. Ultimately they were their own downfall.
  • Buffalo Sabres: They're the villain because all their life no one did shit for them so they had to do it for themselves but nO ONE TAUGHT THEM THAT MEANT NOT KILLING PEOPLE
  • Calgary Flames: That kid in school everybody likes and is always smiling and sweet but you know deep down there is something wrong with them.
  • Carolina Hurricanes: The rich guy who wants to tear apart an old park that you grew up in to build a strip mall.
  • Chicago Blackhawks: was birthed under a love spell therefore can never feel human emotions. the ultimate evil.
  • Colorado Avalanche: The old guy who is granted one wish so he wishes to be young again so he can finally be a success. Is ready to trample on anyone to get to the top.
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: Is REALLY evil THEY PROMISE can someone just TAKE THEIR EVILNESS SERIOUSLY.
  • Dallas Stars: Doesn't know they've turned into a villain, was always the hero in their own eyes and then at the end of the movie the rain is pouring and they catch a sight of their reflection and see the damage they've caused. "Look what you've done" the hero says "this isn't who you are."
  • Detroit Red Wings: The villain you killed in the beginning of the movie just before the credits who comes back stronger than ever in the final fight scene
  • Edmonton Oilers: So you see someone broke down on the side of the road. You get out to help them but they steal your car instead. Then a few hours of walking down the road you find them broken down AGAIN this time with your car. that's the oilers.
  • Florida Panthers: You had to study for your midterm and they offer to help. They have you study the wrong chapters. You fail and they get a 100.
  • LA Kings: Draco Malfoy
  • Minnesota Wild: Pretty self explanatory. Your a lone survivor from a plane crash. They're the wilderness that throws as many terrible things at you as possible.
  • Montreal Canadiens: The old monarch! Sits atop their throne and when told that their citizens are fighting over bread, ask why they don't just eat cake instead.
  • Nashville Predators: The really hot villain that you have a weird romantic tension with.
  • New Jersey Devils: Lock you in the janitors closet and steal your song for the talent show. You escape just in time to do your own performance. You improv a guitar solo. You win. they stomp off in defeat.
  • New York Islanders: the tragic villain. You can empathize with their ways.
  • New York Rangers: The cool uncle that crashes into your life and gets you into a lot of trouble and when your family tries to point it out you get pissed and run off.
  • Ottawa Senators: The opposite of the Arizona Coyotes. Thinks they're a lot more relevant to the plot of the story than they are.
  • Philadelphia Flyers: YOu know that episode of spongebob with the guys in the leather jackets snapping. That's them. Were they bad guys? I think so.
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: the Evil queen from snow white
  • San Jose Sharks: The villain in a recurring tv show that loses every time but keeps coming back. For example: Swiper from dora the explorer.
  • St Louis Blues: Everyone thinks their the ultimate evil and they're like "okay sure, i'm evil, but have you checked out this other guy? you should probably check that out" and everyone's like "RED HERRING" and they're like "okay yeah i'm not going to stop robbing banks but you should REALLY check the other guy out."
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: the vampire your mom starts dating and you need to call on less evil vampires to save her.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: ....let's not kick them while they're down
  • Vancouver Canucks: YOUR BIGGEST FAN that you screwed over when they were like 10 and now they won't let it go and come back years later when you have a family to exact revenge. so basically, the incredibles.
  • Washington Capitals: Every guy in a break up song by Taylor Swift.
  • Winnipeg Jets: a lost phone signal that causes a really important text not to be sent without you knowing it.
My reactions to 4x14
  • Who wore it better Peggy Carter or Maleficent?
  • Regina wants to join the Mean Girls club so bad.
  • The Queens of Darkness are like a mix between the Mafia and the Mean Girls.
  • Maleficent: Are you still a bad girl, Regina? Me:

Well, that turned into bad lesbian porn real quick.

  • I wanna be able to crush glass with my bare hands without hurting myself, too.
  • Snow is supposed to be like maybe 14 in the flashback but she looks like 20 WTF?!
  • Young Regina!
  • Regina: I need my revenge right now. I need a better teacher. Me: Hold your horses, Regina! Get it? Horses. HAHAHA…Wow…I’m so not funny
  • *Rumple poofs Regina away* Regina(groans): Rumple, you bitch.
  • Emma-I’m insanely worried about my wife-Swan
  • Emma: Why didn’t you call me? WHERE THE FUCK IS MY WIFE?!
  • Emma’s terrified and worried look when her parents tell her that Regina was supposed to check in an hour ago
  • Now I understand why Snow pointed at Emma in the sneak peek when she said “we were worried about you”
  • *Cruella stops the car on the railway track*Me: Cruella, what the fuck are you doing? You high or what?
  • Where did that train come from anyway?
  • Regina: We should get out of here and go find some real trouble*Evil Queen theme plays in the background* Me(sings): Lana is about to fuck shit up!
  • Oh hey, Henry. Long time no see.
  • Henry really loves donuts.
  • I like BellexHenry. It’s cute.
  • Hook, stop smiling! Emma is distressed and fears for Regina and you just keep smiling.
  • Just look at how worried Emma is about Regina! LOOK AT IT!
  • She’s more worried about Regina than she was about Hook in 4A.
  • The Queens of Darkness and Regina got drunk and burned a car.
  • Now we know what villains do for fun.
  • Nervous, young Regina is cute.
  • Wait, is Mal a junkie? Isn’t this supposed to be a “family show”? lol
  • Emo!Maleficent is really high.
  • Wait, what was that? I thought they were gonna kiss. It’s like 1x05 all over again.
  • Rumple: We’re gonna start a war. Me: No, don’t do that. Wars are bad.
  • Wow, Maleficent and Regina are so gay. I really think they had a thing in the past.
  • Don’t be such a pessimist, Mal.
  • Hungover Regina though
  • Regina: You brought the entire Charming softball team and their pirate mascot. Me: That lesbian softball joke though.
  • Emma: Don’t do the dangerous thing! Regina: No, I will do the dangerous thing! Emma: Then we’ll do it together. Regina: No, it’s too dangerous! Emma: I don’t care. I’ll stick by you. No matter what it means for both of us. Regina:…fine.       Me:

but also:

When was their wedding ‘cause they’re obviously married?

  • Look, Cruella’s car has no driver. Reminds me of Harry Potter 2.
  • Mal: It’s just you and me tonight, like old times. Me:
  • I wonder how they managed to get Mal’s wild hair under that helmet(?)
  • Regina looks pained about kidnapping Pinocchio
  • OMG Emma puts her life in danger to check on Regina
  • Emma: Like everyone including my parents is keeping something from me. Me: Did you notice how Regina nervously licks her lips and stares at the ground when Emma says this? She really doesn’t like lying to Emma.
  • Emma: I’ll be right on your tail and if I see anything I don’t like, I’ll come in blazin’. Me: They care so much about each other. It’s just so beautiful how far they’ve come. 
  • The only person on Emma’s mind is Regina and I love it
  • Why did King Stefan capture Regina, too? Doesn’t he know that she’s a Queen?
  • Yes, Maleficent is back in her full glory!
  • Why did Aurora run towards Maleficent to escape?
  • Let me guess, Rumple is Hook…See, told ya.
  • Regina rode Dragon!Maleficent. She…rode…Maleficent lol
  • To sum up: This episode was so gay. It had a shit ton of Swan Queen, Dragon Queen, no OQ, no CS and Hook was Rumple most of the time. I’m just gonna go puke rainbows now. Bye.

anonymous asked:

Prompt: sheldon wants Amy to go toTexas with him, but they somehow get stuck in the airport.

Hi!  Thanks for the prompt.  I hope you enjoy it.  I’m going to flat out apologize for making them end up in the same bed again.  I seem to have a problem with that.  I’m sorry.  I think I just ten thousand percent need to see them casually cuddling in a bed.  Writers, make that happen.

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Pictures, Advice, and a Surprisingly Perceptive Dragon

Author’s Note: Hey guys. Thank you all for the continued reviews and the encouragement. I decided to write this one early because I had free time today and I’m not sure when the next chapter is going to be written. I’m going to try to write a chapter twice a week on my days off from work, so please be patient with me.

As always I own nothing. All credit goes to Hiro Mashima. If I did own Fairy Tail, I wouldn’t be a broke college student. Please feel free to review and give suggestions. Thank you again for the encouragement. Enjoy the story!


While Levy and Lucy were making plans, Gajeel was being coerced into making plans of his own.

When Gajeel came home he found a very smug Pantherlily waiting for him. Oh great, here we go…

“So Gajeel, where were you last night?” Pantherlily asked slowly.

“It’s none of your business cat.” Gajeel growled, while walking past his cat towards his room to get cleaned up.

“Oh, but as your cat, I was worried that something happened to you.” Lily was doing his best to hide his smile. “Was everything ok? You didn’t get into a fight again, did you?

“Nothing happened. The storm picked up so I stayed at the guild last night, that’s all.” Gajeel mumbled while searching through his dresser for a change of clothes. He could feel Lily watching him from the doorway.

“Really?” Lily, who could no longer contain his excitement, pulled out the pictures from the previous night’s spying. “Care to explain these pictures then?”

Gajeel stopped dead in his tracks and looked back to Lily in horror.

“Where did you get those?”

“Outside of Levy’s window. I knew that you planned on walking her home because of the weather and when you didn’t come back I decided to go check on you. Definitely worth flying in the snow.” The cat was positively beaming with amusement at Gajeel’s obvious discomfort. “What do you think I should do with these?”

“Don’t you even think it cat. I’ll skin you.”

“Now Gajeel. How much are these pictures worth to you?”

Gajeel growled in response.

“How much are these pictures worth to you?” Lily asked smugly. When Gajeel didn’t respond, Lily continued. “Nothing? Well, I know a few people who would absolutely love a copy of these pictures. I like to make people happy and after all it is Christmas. They would make a great Christmas present. Especially to someone like Mira.”

“Fine. What do you want cat?” Gajeel fumed.

“I want you to be a man.”

“What? You’re starting to sound like Elfman’s cat!”

“I want you to man up and tell Levy how you feel.”

“You know I can’t do that.” Gajeel turned away and went back to looking for clothes.

“Oh yes you can! She obviously has feelings for you. Any idiot can see that. And I know how you feel about her.” Lily knew he had Gajeel trapped. “It’s time for you to tell her.”

“You know I can’t do that. I hurt her before. I don’t want to do that again.”

“She’s moved past that. She trusts you. She wouldn’t have fallen asleep on you, let alone allow you into her room if she didn’t. You need to tell her. Look, here’s an easy solution. Ask her to the Christmas dinner and dance at the guild.”

“You know I don’t dance. What if she says no?”

“Sometimes we have to make sacrifices for those we care about.” Lily glared. “And she won’t say no. Trust me on that. If you don’t act soon someone might take her away from you and if you don’t act in the next couple days I will personally tape these pictures up in the guild for everyone to see.”

Gajeel gave him a hard stare.

“You wouldn’t.”

“Try me.” Lily stared right back.

“Fine. I’ll ask her, but not because of your threat. I ain’t scared of nothin’. Now leave me be cat, I need to get changed and then we are going to go take a job where I can kick the crap out of someone.” With that, Gajeel turned and left for the bathroom.

“Whatever.” Lily grinned. He’d won the argument. For such a “tough guy”, Gajeel really did have a soft spot for his shrimp.


Meanwhile at the guild, Natsu and Happy were looking at the job board when Erza approached them.

“Happy, Natsu. Is Lucy with you this morning?” Erza asked, while looking around for her blonde teammate.

“No. She’s still sick, so she stayed home for the day. We were going to head out for a job and check up on her later tonight.” Natsu explained. Guilt was still pricking at him for leaving her alone, but he knew Lucy wouldn’t want to be fussed over. “Wanna come with?”

“Uh, no, no thank you. I, uh will catch up with you later. I want to go check up on Lucy.”

“We were just with her. She’s fine, why don’t you come along with on the job, and when we get back we can go see her together?”

“No!” Erza yelled, accidentally attracting the attention of several other guild members. Erza took a breath to calm herself. “I need to speak to her as soon as possible. I’ll just go to her apartment now. Good luck on your job.” Erza turned and left the guild quickly.

“That was weird.”


“How about this job Happy? They need someone to get rid of the snow that has a town buried. Sounds like a job for a fire dragon.” Natsu grabbed the paper and took it to Mira to be approved.

“Hey guys.” Mira looked up from the tap.

“No Lucy today?” she asked while stamping their job with the guild’s seal.

“Nah, she’s sick, but she’ll be ok in a day or two.”

“Well, you guys are all set. Good luck and try not to destroy anything.”

“We’ll do our best. Later.” Natsu called over his shoulder while he and Happy ran out of the guild.


Levy and Lucy were just finishing lunch when there was a knock on the door.

“That can’t be Natsu. He never uses the door.” Lucy stood up and opened the door.

“Ah, Lucy. Sorry to bother you especially while you aren’t feeling well, but I need to talk to you. Do you have a minute?” Erza asked while stepping into Lucy’s apartment.

“Uh, sure? Is everything ok?” asked an extremely confused Lucy. She looked at Levy, and saw that she was just as confused. Lucy closed the door.

“Yes. Yes.” Erza looked around Lucy apartment and saw Levy was there. “What are you doing here?”

“Just checking in on Lu-chan.” Levy replied. “Are you ok? You seem shaken up.”

Erza glared at Levy, but then her face softened.

“I’m fine. I just….”Erza started to blush. “I need advice. Normally I’d go to Mira for this sort of thing, but I’d rather speak to you two about it for this situation.”

Lucy and Levy exchanged a nervous glance. This couldn’t be good.

“Why don’t you sit down and start from the beginning, Erza?” Lucy asked soothingly. Erza didn’t know her own strength on a good day, let alone when she was distracted or upset and Lucy was worried that Erza would lose control.

“Let’s say that there is a certain man that has caught my interest and that I would like to spend some time with him, but I can’t seem to convince him to take some time off to relax over for a while.” Erza continued to pace the room and didn’t look at either of her friends.

“What do you mean Jel….” Lucy’s statement was cut off when a sword flew by her head and stuck into the wall behind her. “Hey, don’t destroy anything! I’ll have to pay for….” Lucy started coughing.

“I’m sorry. Let’s not use names, we don’t want to get anyone in trouble. But yes, that person.” Erza sighed. “He is still convinced he need to redeem himself, but at least he gave up on trying to tell me he has a fiancée. Do you guys have any advice?”

“Wasn’t he disguised as Mystogan yesterday?” Levy asked. “If he’s been around, then why don’t you see if he can stay for the guild’s Christmas celebration?”

“That’s not a bad idea.” Erza seemed to be weighing the idea in her head. “If we could ensure his safety by spreading the word that he was visiting from Edolas, then maybe he’ll go for it.” Erza started to smile. “Perfect. I’ll need you two to help me pick out what to wear and such. I imagine you will be at the dance too.”

“That’s what we’re hoping.” Lucy blushed slightly.

“Ok. Thank you for your help ladies. I assume you guys already know that you are sworn to secrecy about this. If anything gets out, harm could come to “Mystogan”, which is completely unforgivable. Are we clear?” Erza gave both girls a hard look.

“Yes ma’am!” squeaked both Lucy and Levy.

“Very good. Thank you ladies. I’ll see you both tomorrow. I hope you feel better Lucy.” Erza smiled at both of them and left the apartment.

“Scary!” Lucy shivered.

“No kidding! Well, I better get going Lu-chan. Tomorrow, we’ll start working on Operation Dancing Dragon.” Levy stood up to leave.

“Operation Dancing Dragon?” Lucy asked incredulously while standing up to walk her out.

“I thought it was a good name for our plan.” Levy replied huffily, trying to hide a smile while Lucy started giggling.

“It works.” Lucy laughed and hugged her best friend. “I’ll see you tomorrow Levy.”

“See you tomorrow. I hope you feel better, try to get some rest.”

“Thanks and don’t worry I will.” Lucy called to her friend as she closed the door. What a weird morning.


By the time Natsu and Happy returned from their job it was already dark outside. The job went pretty well, they managed to avoid burning any buildings down. Unfortunately, Happy and Natsu learned that melted snow water could be just as destructive when it flooded buildings. Most of the money went to paying for damages, but there was still money for them to get by for a couple days, at least until their next job. They stopped at the guild to check in and pick up some dinner and soup for Lucy. As dense as those two could be, they still were smart enough to know how to take care of their friends, especially when it was someone as important to them as Lucy. Soon they were walking to Lucy’s apartment.

“Hey Natsu. What do you want to do for Christmas this year?” Happy asked while sitting on his best friend’s head.

“I don’t know. We normally just stay at our place or go to the guild for dinner. We could do that, but it for some reason it doesn’t feel right.” Natsu replied. “Why do you ask?”

“No reason. I was just think that this year seems different, that maybe we should do something different.” Happy shrugged.

“Well, we could celebrate Christmas with Lucy and maybe go to the Christmas party at the guild.” Natsu said, thoughtful for a change.

“Yeah! That’s a great idea. Let’s ask Lucy when we get to her place.”

“Nah, how about we surprise her. We could show up at her place on Christmas, exchange presents, and go to the guild for dinner.” Natsu began to smile at the thought of how surprised Lucy would be if they showed up at her door to celebrate with her. It would be up there with the rainbow cherry blossom incident. “We can’t say anything though, ok?”


After a few more mintues of walking, they arrived at Lucy’s place. Per usual Happy flew the both of them through Lucy’s window and found Lucy curled up on the couch watching Christmas specials on her television lacrima. She turned when she heard them land.

“Oh hey guys. How did the job go?” Lucy asked with a smile.

“Not bad, we just had to thaw out a town.” Natsu shrugged. “It was pretty easy.”

“Yeah, Natsu managed to flood the whole thing.” Happy chimed in.

“Did not! It was only about half the town that ended up flooding. I can’t help it that the snow melted too quickly for it to drain properly.” Natsu shot back, slightly offended at how quickly he was ratted out by his friend.

“Natsu….I can’t leave you alone for a day without you destroying something, can I?” Lucy sighed, pretending to be annoyed.

“Hey, I destroy stuff when you’re around too!” Natsu replied hotly as he held up the bag of food he was carrying. “Keep it up and I’ll eat the soup that I brought back for you.”

“This is true. Thank you Natsu. That was really sweet of you.” Lucy took the soup from him as he sat down next to her.

“It’s no prob. I gotta look out for my teammate.” He grinned while looking at her. To his sadness, her face fell a little. “Are you ok? Is something wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.” Lucy replied quickly, looking down, suddenly interested with the bowl. She was hiding something, he just couldn’t figure out what. Did I say something wrong?

“You sure? You looked sad for a second.”

“I’m ok.” Lucy smiled, but it didn’t seem completely genuine. “Hey, I’m feeling better, so do you want to go on a mission tomorrow. I’d like to get some money for Christmas presents. What do you think?”

“That’s a great idea! Sounds like a plan.” Natsu smiled at the idea. He couldn’t wait to get her a Christmas present, even if he wasn’t sure what to get her yet.


They continued to eat their dinner in comfortable silence. After the meal Natsu leaned back and patted his stomach.

“Well, I better get heading back. Do you want me to come here tomorrow or do you want to meet at the guild?”

“Let’s meet at the guild tomorrow around 9 to get a head start. Thank you for checking in on me.” Lucy smiled. Was she blushing? Nah, I must be imagining it.

“No prob, Luce. I’ll always look out for you. That’s what teammates do.”

“Yeah…teammates.” Lucy’s smile fell a little. Why is she sad again?

“Are you sure you’re ok Luce? That look is back. Is something wrong?”

“No, no, everything’s fine. I’m just tired.” She avoided his eye.

“If you’re sure….I’ll see you tomorrow ok?” Natsu tried to grin, hoping it would make her smile. Thankfully, it did. He hated to see her hurt, especially when he didn’t know the cause. “Night, Lucy.” He walked over to the window and jumped.

Behind him he heard her sigh and chuckle, which made him smile for real. He had to figure out what was making her sad and fix it. He couldn’t allow his girl to be sad, but that was a mission for tomorrow. For tonight, he had to get some sleep and start planning their Christmas day together.