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I Thought I’d Translate This Scene For Yall

Yuuri: S-so how’d I do?

Victor: Hmmm, how should I put it…?

Yuuri: Oh shit here it comes…

Victor: You fucked up those jumps just like I said you would.

Yuuri: A-ah, oops…

Victor: *SIGH* We’ll talk about that later.

Victor: For now…


Yuuri: *brain catching up with his eyes and ears*


NCT reaction to you falling/tripping
  • Hansol: o.o...... gwenchana?
  • Johnny: *takes pictures and imitaes your clumsy way of walking* lol you're like a certified meme now, i love you even more
  • Doyoung: pshh..*laughing but stops as soon as you look at him*
  • Yuta: *catches you before you fall* Aigoo you should be more careful
  • Ten: haha you should be more careful *laughs shyly and helps you*
  • Jaehyun: *helps you up but leaves your hand mid way and laughs when you fall again* oops sorry *carries you to the bedroom*
  • Taeyong: *keeps on asking if you're ok for an hour*
  • Mark: *high pitched giggle* hihihi-are-hihihi-you-hihihi-sorry-areyouok? Hihihi
  • Donghyuck: *doesn't care and laughs as if you aren't even there*
  • Jaemin: *catches you and a romantic kdrama starts*
  • Kun: the main reason why you fell
  • Winwin: *doesn't know what happened and accidentally steps on you*
  • Taeil: *asks if you're OK awkwardly and later cries because you got hurt*
  • Jeno: Oh! *helps you up and hugs you*
  • Jisung: uh... *runs away because he can't control his laugh*

My first thought after getting out of bed and catching up on post-Fanfest screaming:

I should retcon my Xaela’s ever coming to Eorzea (easy because I RPed him literally zero times and also it’s a bit of a stretch to explain how he made it so far without dying) and RP out the complete series of events come expac. :o


(but it also means I have to make up my mind for good about whether his in-game name will be his natal name or his alias oops)

The signs as things my math teacher has said
  • Aries: I'm going to take off my shirt
  • Taurus: It's a catch-up day! *pulls out a bottle of ketchup*
  • Gemini: It's a catch-up day! *pulls out a bottle of sriracha* Oops
  • Cancer: I was born in a very small town called Los Angeles
  • Leo: It's Laffy Taffy Monday!
  • Virgo: *on a standardized testing day when there's no bells* You win the no-bell prize!
  • Libra: *someone sees a mistake he made in explaining the problem* Nice catch, I want you on my ultimate frisbee team
  • Scorpio: I was literally born in the fast lane
  • Sagittarius: We should go to Dairy Queen and get a Blizzard
  • Capricorn: *in sixth period math on an early release day* I'm going to say something I've never said to you before: good morning
  • Aquarius: I'll just let Darcy explain it
  • Pisces: How can you chill if it's 70 degrees outside?
I Want Us - Part 2 (Rick Grimes imagine)

imagine: Carl catches you and Rick in bed together, meanwhile Daryl becomes aware of your sexual encounter with Rick and is extremely jealous of your relationship. (907 words)


thanks to whoever requested a part two to this imagine, i really enjoyed writing it! poor carl lmao but even more so, poor daryl :( hope you enjoy the imagine, if you have any requests our ask is always open! - gabby :)

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I awoke to the sound of Rick’s heartbeat beneath my left ear, and his soothing voice whispering into my right. 

“Morning, Y/N.” His calloused fingertips were running through my hair, caressing my scalp. I sat up groggily, a chill catching my upper body. Oops. I’d forgotten that I wasn’t clothed.

“I should get back to my cell before anyone sees me in here,” I muttered, pulling the covers over myself best I could and rubbing at my tired eyes. I scavenged for my clothes that were messily tossed beside Rick’s bed and began dressing myself, still too drowsy to stand.

“D’you enjoy last night?” Rick drawled, lazily wrapping an arm around my waist, his touch causing me to shiver. I looked back at him and nodded exaggeratedly. He chuckled and rose to kiss my neck as I slipped into my jeans. “Me too.”

“Dad, get up, we gotta feed the piglets and-” Carl stood in the doorway to Rick’s cell with a horrified look on his face. Shit. I was still half naked, and Rick’s bedsheets weren’t exactly doing a great job of covering either of us up.

“AHHH! GROSS!” With that, Carl ran out of the cell and retreated back down the corridor, leaving Rick and I with our heads in our hands.

“Shit,” Rick murmured, running a hand through his ungroomed hair. “I better go talk to him.”

“Yeah,” I replied with a sigh, helping him to pull his shirt over his head. “Catch you later?” 

With a nod and a few quick kisses Rick was on his way to explain to his son why there was an undressed woman in bed with his father, and I was on my way to have a much needed cigarette.

“Same clothes as last night an’ hickeys all over ya neck? Think I can guess what happened, Y/N.”

Of course Daryl had to be smoking outside as well. And of course he had to question me endlessly about what happened with Rick.

“Plus, you weren’t exactly quiet ‘bout it.”

“If you can guess, then why’d you insist on asking me,” I retorted, blowing smoke into Daryl’s face, giggling. He didn’t laugh. “What’s up with Mr Miserable this morning?”

“Nothin’.” It was painfully obvious to tell when Daryl was lying.

“Yeah, right.”

We sat in silence for a while, until I put out my cigarette and made to leave, brushing the ash off of my jeans. 

“Wait, Y/N,” Daryl mumbled, squinting as he glanced up at me. “I gotta tell you somethin’.”

“Well make it fast, I gotta find Rick.”

Daryl chewed the inside of his lip, evidently agitated at my mentioning of Rick’s name.

“Well? Spit it out, Daryl.”

“I jus’ really like you, Y/N, we gotta better thing goin’ on than you an’ Rick ever will.” He refrained from making eye contact and instead kicked the stones at his feet. I didn’t quite know how to respond.

“Wh- what ‘thing’?”

“You an’ Rick hardly spoke until yesterday,” Daryl grumbled, dropping his cigarette and aggressively stamping it out.

“Daryl, I’ve been trying to reach out to Rick for weeks.

“Yeah, an’ I’ve been tryna reach out to you for months!” The volume of his voice was rising, the tone harsh and mocking. I shushed him, his piercing voice making the still air uncomfortable. “No don’t you ‘shhh’ me, Y/N! I’m the one who had to listen to you moanin’ and whimperin’ in Rick’s cell all night, I shoulda shushed you!”

I bit my lip, feeling my temper rising in my throat, my tongue burning to spit cruel words at Daryl. But instead, I made my way inside and left him there to light another cigarette, alone.

Judith was pulling at my hair, making Rick, Carl and I all laugh. It had taken a few uncomfortable hours but Carl had eventually come to terms with the fact that I had slept with his dad, and had agreed to come and eat lunch with us.

“She really likes you, Y/N,” Carl remarked, grinning as I tried to pry my hair away from Judith’s tight grasp. I smiled at him and ruffled his hair, causing him to grumble and squirm away from me. Rick was beaming as he watched me engage with his family. 

“Carl, take Judith to Beth and go to Carol’s reading group, would you?” With a roll of his eyes and a irritated remark under his breath, Carl took Judith from my arms and left me alone with Rick.

He shifted closer to me and wrapped his strong arms around me; I nuzzled into his neck. I felt his lips graze the top of my forehead.



“Daryl basically told me this morning that he has feelings for me.” I felt Rick sigh deeply, his warm breath fluttering against my hair. “Obviously not mutual ones.”

“I’ll talk to him, okay?” I nodded into his neck, fully trusting that he could sort things out.

“I love your kids, Rick.” I smiled up at his face, admiring every scar, every wrinkle, even the dirt beneath his beard. 

“They love you too, Y/N.”

“And… I think I love you.” His cracked lips formed a smile before they kissed my temple gently. Love was hard to find, especially harder now that the world had ended, but I knew it was Rick, and had been since the day he took me in.

“And I think I love you too.”


i’ve got troubled thoughts and the self-esteem to match; what a catch (or: “i got dressed up to go to a pop punk themed birthday party and am allowed to caption my selfies as such”)

A Thing for Silence

Set a week or so post recoil 

She’s easy to pick out of the crowd, the bright rainbow colours featured on her umbrella causing  her to stand out from the group of people bustling down the packed street.

“Kate,” he calls out, trying to catch up with her, but she doesn’t pause in her stride, doesn’t even acknowledge that she’s heard him. “Kate, please, wait up.”

He should have brought an umbrella with him, or a raincoat, or something that could protect him from the rain pouring down onto the streets of Manhattan. But Rick had been in a rush, was trying to stop his girlfriend before she could get too far.

She still isn’t slowing, is quite pointedly ignoring him, but he’s catching up, getting closer, and maybe he’ll reach her at the next red light.

He continues calling after her, earning glares from the pedestrians surrounding him, but he doesn’t pay attention.

The fight had been stupid, looking back, sparked over things neither of them should have said, but it had led to her throwing on her jacket, grabbing her umbrella, and storming out of the loft, leaving him to chase after her.

He finally catches up to her a few block later, quickly huddling in close, seeking shelter under her umbrella as he struggles to keep up with her.

“Kate, I’m sorry,” he states, his voice raised to be heard over the city traffic.

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