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Hey! Are there any placements that would give a hint for choosing a perfume for someone? I guess you should look at sun or rising or maybe venus? My friend is a scorpio rising and that makes me think of something mysterious, spicy fragrance. Her sun is Leo. That makes me think of something like vanilla with musk and freesia. But the thing is, should i look more at rising or sun or venus? I want the gift to be perfect

Oh this is so funny because I literally just got home after buying 5 new perfumes lol… (with xmas giftcards) and I was like this is so Taurus of me…. And 3 of them were cologne, I love cologne and maybe that’s my Venus in Aries tbh. Yea I think it would be Venus in the sense of, perfume becomes part of your style, like I match my perfume with my outfit. And maybe the sign of the 2nd house, because of the senses. My Venus in Aries + my Scorpio in the 2nd aka…. all my perfumes are either cologne or dark scents, I have a perfume that’s description was literally “the mysterious stranger in the corner of the bar etc etc” lol. And its one of my favs. So yea for your friend, Venus or I guess their 2nd house is Sagittarius which to me would be… well something like bohemian or ‘exotic’ like something earthy but with a tropical note to it…. I feel like Lush would have a good one for that.

OH also I was like.. I should make a post for each sign and their perfume scent but I forgot that luckyscent.com already has something like that so just check this out:


Jay rested his chin on the steering wheel of the car, laughing as he watched you freak out over your eyeliner on the passenger seat with a pocket mirror in hand for the past ten minutes. “Who are you dating, them?”

The both of you have been dating for six months now and the AOMG crew have been dying to meet you, wondering just who was the girl that their ever so dependent CEO had fallen for. Jay had shown them pictures from your Instagram and they immediately started following you one by one, Jay giving you a heads up so you wouldn’t be taken aback at the sudden influx of follower requests from his fellow label mates.

You didn’t exactly dress up for the occasion, wearing a basic white tee and a pair of jeans and sneakers to complement the very minimal make up on your face. Jay had always loved how you were able to pull off simple outfits yet look so effortlessly beautiful.

“Should I go buy some more food real quick?” You asked as you stopped him in front of the office door, grabbing his arm nervously.

You had insisted that you couldn’t come to the office empty handed, especially when it was your first meeting with them despite Jay’s constant nagging telling you that there was no need to and they had more than enough snacks stored in the mini bar.

“Babe…it’s more than enough, stop worrying so much,” He said, locking his fingers with yours and giving you a quick peck on your lips. “I’m pretty sure they love you already, so just calm down, alright?”

You nodded, taking a deep breath and he tightened his hold on you, pulling you into the office behind him.

“Hyung!” Loco exclaimed, giving him a handshake and the rest of the boys looked up from the couch.

“Jay’s here!” Simon D announced, knocking on the room doors to get the rest of the out.

The whole crew was gathered at the office today since Jay told them that he’d bring you over to chill at the office.

“Okay guys this is my girlfriend Ji Eun…” Jay started and glanced at you, then wrapped his arm around your waist to push you slightly forward, “You wanna say a little something about yourself babe?”

The guys giggled for a bit hearing an affectionate ‘babe’, was enough to get them excited since it wasn’t everyday that they got to see this side of him.

“Hi, you guys can just call me Eunnie for short if you like,” You said. “I’m a 25 year old fresh graduate.”

“Dayum Jay you a lucky guy,” Simon D remarked with a smirk.

“You look prettier in person!” Loco added.

The guys gave you a small applause of encouragement and Jay brought you over to sit around the glass table with them, introducing you to each and every one of them. His hands were on your shoulders the whole time, trying to make you comfortable around them which didn’t take a lot since they were all really friendly, starting casual conversations with you.

“Jay…” You whispered after a while and gave him a nudge. “Can I get a drink…?”

He smiled, excusing the both of you as he brought you over to the mini bar and the guys kept their eyes fixated on you guys, making their actions as subtle as possible. It just fascinated them to see the way Jay was looking at and taking care of you, from holding your hand to resting his hand on your thigh as the both of you sat side by side on the couch.

Jay opened the fridge and had you stand in front of him as he wrapped his arms around you from behind, sneaking kisses on your cheek when he thought the guys weren’t looking while waiting for you to pick a drink.

“Jay stop it…” You told him shyly, though you didn’t actually mind. “What if they’re looking…”

“Well who cares I gotta mark my territory since you’re the only girl here with so many guys,” He said, then kissed you again. “The only beautiful girl, that is.”

You blushed, the two of you in your own little bubble. Who knew taking a drink from the fridge could be so romantic?

As the two of you went back to your seats, the guys chuckled, exchanging knowing glances at each other. If Jay was going to make them jealous, they weren’t going to let him off that easily.

“We’ve never seen Jay look at a girl like that before, ever,” Gray told you which put a smile on your face, your face turning a slight pink.

But he almost regretted saying that however when Jay leaned in closer to you and smiled, gazing into your eyes lovingly which caused all of them to cringe.

“Ya! We’re watching!”

“Get a room!”

Jay burst out in laughter, “Okay, okay, sorry I’ll cut it out!”

As soon as he said that, Jay looked at you again, tucking your hair behind your ears before entwining his fingers with yours and this was when the guys could not longer sit still, pulling the both of you off the couch and pushing you guys towards the direction of the studio. It wasn’t like he was intentionally rubbing it in their faces, he just couldn’t help it, not when he was so smitten by you.

“Oh god just go, go get a room already…!” DJ Wegun said, evidently frustrated.

Elo was collapsing from laughter by now at the way the whole room was reacting to the both of you.

“Man I regretted pestering him to bring her over,” DJ Pumpkin said, then turned to look at you. “Next time, you’re coming on your own, without Jay.

Important things you should do before Pokémon GO comes out...

·Make sure you have alot of free space at your phone, maybe delete some apps.
·Find your cosplay outfit. Most importandly get a hat
·Find a *random* phrase to say when you’re about to battle (ex. “I like umbrellas!”) and when you win/lose (ex. “You’re too strong!”)
·If you don’t have then buy a journal
·Practice your battle slide
·Gym leaders should make some badges. Tip- you can make them with clay.
Team Rocket members should practice their lines
·Make sure you have a bag since your pokémon journey will be long. Small list of the things you should totaly have: Water, Journal, Pokéballs so you can be more realistic, a snack incase you get hungry, money, gym leaders should have their badges, a pair of clothes just incase anything happens, your trainer card and phone charger because you will totally find a shiny pokémon at a random house, so why not charge your phone while you try to catch it?

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