i should bring this meme back so here it is

           WELCOME TO BATES MANSION — It’s finally time to open for interactions and I just wanted to give out a big THANK YOU to everyone for joining. I am beyond excited to be back and glad to see a few members returning to join in the fun. I’ve already got a bunch of new things and bringing back some old events planned so, I hope you are as excited as I am to start.

Now, on a starting note. All memes shouldn’t be reblogged until our next meme night, but feel free to answer any left in your inbox. Make sure you’ve taken a look around the mansion by checking out the MANSION TOUR PAGE ( here you’ll find all of the rooms & features of the mansion, along with where pets can and can not go ), all members playing a pet should take a look at the ROOMMATES LIST ( there you will find who your pet is roomed with & their room number. pet dorms are located on the first floor ), the MANSION GUIDELINES ( these are the in-character rules / reminder; pets will not know the rules unless someone has told them or they’ve figured them out from experiences ), the RULES PAGE ( these are the ooc rules ), and the PAGE APPLICATIONS PAGE ( here you’ll find the hiatus request form, the form for requesting a wanted connection, and the pet claim request form ).

Feel free to start posting for interaction, please don’t hesitate to send in an ask or IM me either here or on Brinley if you have any questions ( or if you need/want the ooc link ), and once again, it’s great to have all of you here!