i should bring this meme back so here it is

other ancient tumblr culture things 

  • peasants 
  • greeting every new follower with a gif 
  • the anger over wonderballs being banned in the us 
  • i still see this every once in a while but adding “and then the fire nation attacked” to every post talking about how something used to be 
  • i see this everyone once in a while too but the “you tried” star 
  • nigel thornberry 
  • personifying social media (or making them dresses or whatever else) 
  • actually just personifying anything not even remotely human
  • and then shipping them
  • #coulsonisalive 
  • hatred of 12 year olds 
  • remember when everyone loved john green?
  • the “not as much of an asshole as you could have been” award
  • that post with every one of those girls late excuses
  • reblog as a link 
  • “3d” gifs 
  • when everyone loved robert pattinson for hating twilight 
  • “night blogging”
  • those horrifying barbie pictures where everyone would pretend not to notice the gore 
  • how shitty the video system was for so long
  • that post where mom dinosaur plays pretend w her son to distract him from the comet that killed the dinosaurs 
  • this is a genuinely good meme and we should bring it back: cosmo sex tips 
  • “i like your shoelaces” “thanks i got them from the president” 
  • repeating the same comment over and over just bolded and italicized differently 

maybeawriter6  asked:

5, Iristo?

Sin Meme

5. The Fake-Out Make-Out (a.k.a. “quick! kiss me so they’ll leave us alone!”)

Mephisto had Iris pinned against a wall in an alley, grinning down at her, hands either side of her head. “Fancy meeting you out here all alone, Princess~” he dragged the s out far longer than necessary. “Maybe I should bring Gramorr a little prize?”

“Maybe you should run away like you usually do!” Iris threw back at him, trying very hard not to think about how close they were.

The evil twin was about to retort back when a bright light shone on them, a teenage voice behind it. “HEY! What are you kids doing down here! Do I have to call your parents?”

“Good luck with tha- mmmph!” Mephisto was cut off as Iris roughly pulled him towards her and pressed her lips to his, weaving her hands into his hair. Mephisto’s brain short circuited. He’d thought about doing this for a while - ever since their little team up - but for Iris to be the one to kiss him first?

The light on them dithered before fading away and Iris pulled back, a blush on her cheeks.

“W-what was that for?” a very confused Mephisto asked.

“To get him to go away,” Iris replied, very carefully not looking at him or thinking about how much she had actually enjoyed the kiss. “Y’know, fake out make out.”

Mephisto frowned. “Humans have weird customs. Still,” a smirk tugged at the corner of his lips, “nice to know you have a thing for me, Princess. Why I would never have thought you would stoop so low as to-”

“Shut up, I can’t help it if you have a handsome face. I mean-” she suddenly realised she’d been resting her hands on his chest and snatched them back.

“Handsome face?” Mephisto repeated slowly.

Iris whined. “No, shush!” She ducked under his arm and began walking away, Mephisto too dumbstruck to react. “Let’s just never speak of this again, okay?”

Mephisto nodded.

But he did wonder how many more ‘never speak of this again’ moments they’d have in the future.

If only he knew.