i should be writing a four page art paper that's due tomorrow

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Did you see those pap pics of zayn walking around in nyc with his backpack on looking like a regular art student just walking around campus?? If you're up to it, could you write a drabble about zayn being stressed out about his art classes or an upcoming project thats due (maybe he has art block or something lol) so liam comes over and saves the day by calming him down/ helping him??? I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVERRR ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Zayn stares blankly at the empty page of his ring binder, and then to the crumpled up sheets of paper scattered in a sea around him. He brings his knees to his chest, momentarily burying his head into his hands as frustrated tears cling to his eyelashes. He’s been scribbling down ideas for his project for hours, and exhaustion tugs at every part of his body.

With a huff he searches for his phone beneath the crumpled ideas around him, and jerkily pulls it to his ear as soon as Liam’s number appears across the screen.

“Are you busy?” He wastes no time in demanding when Liam picks up, barely giving Liam a chance to greet him.

Liam snorts on the other line, laughing softly. “Not really, m’ just in my room watching the footie highlights from last night.”

“How fast can you get here?” Zayn asks quietly, wiping his palm across his eyes. “Please,” he adds. “I’m fucking losing my mind.”

Zayn hears shuffling on the other end of the phone, before Liam asks a gentle “Are you okay, babe?”

Zayn whimpers under his breath, looking around at the clutter over his floor.

“Yes…no. Not really, I just. I, um. I need you here.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can,” Liam tells him softly, before hanging up.

Zayn sighs and tosses his phone across the room. He readjusts the beanie clinging to his hair and closes his eyes, waiting.

It takes twenty minutes until there is a gentle knocking on his door, Liam popping his head around moments later. The smile pushed over his lips falters slightly as he sees Zayn amongst the mess, a frown piercingly tight over his brow.

“No offence, but you look awful,” Liam mumbles as he closes the door behind him and treks through the piles of paper to sit down in front of Zayn.

“I didn’t sleep at all last night,” he snaps, sighing. “This project is due in three days and I have absolutely nothing.”

“What happened to the canvas you’d started?” Liam asks, still frowning. “That was starting to look sick.”

“My mentor didn’t like it,” Zayn whispers, eyes falling shut again as he runs a stressed hand through his hair.

Liam nudges forward, cradling Zayn’s cheek with his hand.

“Have you eaten anything today?” He asks, his tone laced with concern and it almost brings Zayn to tears.

“I had half a Kit Kat earlier,” Zayn murmurs quietly, rolling his eyes at the disapproving look Liam glances at him.

Liam reaches for his rucksack by the door, pulling out three boxes of Tupperware and a fork.

“We had some leftover Thai in the fridge,” he explains, gesturing it towards Zayn. “S’ probably not as good as it tasted last night, but —”

Zayn cuts him off with a quick kiss over his lips, sighing.

“Thank you,” he smiles.

Liam hums, looking at the scattered papers around them.

“What’s your theme again?” He asks, cocking his head to one side.

“Inspiration,” Zayn answers with a mouth full with a cluster of noodles. “Everyone’s doing something generic, like music or summat. I want my piece to be different.”

They talk through ideas while Zayn eats the leftover takeaway and Liam jots notes into Zayn’s notebook. It’s hard to concentrate with Liam flickering soft smiles at him every so often, and the tip of his tongue poking between his lips as he scribbles down Zayn’s ideas. The loose strand of hair placed messily over his forehead that Zayn wants to sweep aside, and the exposed birthmark painted over his neck that is so tempting to kiss.

He feels a little calmer than he did earlier; Liam’s presence alone easing him.

“Look, you’ve got a whole list,” Liam says with a grin, turning the notebook to Zayn. “Why don’t you sleep and start tomorrow?”

Zayn tugs at his bottom lip, shaking his head. “I should probably start now, I —”

“You’re exhausted,” Liam interrupts him softly. “I know for a fact that you’ll work better once you’ve slept.”

“I don’t know, I —”

“I don’t have a lecture until four tomorrow — we can wake up early and I’ll help all until then,” Liam murmurs, shuffling closer to Zayn on the carpet. “Please, babe?”

Zayn blinks at Liam for a moment before eventually nodding.

“Okay,” he whispers. “But you need to wake me up early.”

Liam beams, kicking off his shoes and crawling into Zayn’s tiny bed. He pats the mattress beside him and curls an arm around Zayn’s small frame as soon as he climbs in.

“Thanks,” Zayn smiles as he leans against the headboard, looking down fondly as Liam nestles his head into Zayn’s lap. “For coming over n’ helping me.”

Liam yawns, reaching up aimlessly to brush his fingers against Zayn’s jaw.

“Always,” he mumbled tiredly, lips over Zayn’s stomach.

Zayn hums, brushing his fingers into Liam’s hair and listening to the content sigh that immediately falls from his lips. He reaches for the notebook to the side of the bed and looks over their ideas, bowing his head to press a soft kiss over Liam’s temple.

Zayn waits until Liam has fallen asleep before he adds ‘Liam’ to the bottom of the list.