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Sentence starters: Building a Gingerbread House.
  • "I got this, I watch food network."
  • "Yes, look at how good this turned out! We could sell this."
  • "Stop licking that!"
  • "The trick is not to break the gingerbread house."
  • "Let's just focus on the front and take a photo of it. It'll look like we worked more than we actually did."
  • "Why can't you follow directions?"
  • "Smell this, it smells so good. I could eat it right now."
  • "What design should we do on the roof?"
  • "Can't you just stop eating the icing!"
  • "I'm very ocd so I need it to be centered."
  • "This is so fucking amazing."
  • "This is where the icing should go. Just like that, nice and thick."
  • "This isn't fair. You're making all the fun parts all by yourself."
  • "If you get icing on my hair I'm going to kill you."
  • "Oh so now you're a professional..."
  • "I'm giving you props. I didn't expect you to be good at this."
  • "You thought we were doing this together? This is a competition."
  • "How do people do this?!"
  • "Aaw, this is so cute! We are a good team."
  • "What are you eating? That was supposed to be part of the roof!"
  • "Is this better? Are you sure? I'm not saying it's bad but..."
  • "I'm just going to say it... you suck at this."
  • "This isn't the design I wanted but neither is this life."
  • "The roof is falling off. This is so bad..."
  • "If I tilt it it looks good."
  • "This is hideous. Is it supposed to look like that?"
  • "Yes, look! It's looking so good... kinda.
  • "Eating all the candy won't help."
  • "Look at how you did the icing there, it looks like dicks."
  • "You ain't helping at all."
  • "We won't have decorations if you keep eating the candy."
  • "You put it on the wrong side, you're ruining it."
  • "Oh no, you fucked up the fucking icing..."
  • "The box said to leave it from two to three hours to set. We did zero hours. That's why it's all falling apart."

CROWNLESS.   i think it’s time to officially put out a starter call !   i’m making some icons right now  &  fiddling around with a new psd   ( slay me tbh )   so i should be able to get these up pretty soon.  &  as always ,  if you have an idea ,  feel free to hmu !!!   or if i think of something i’ll come to you !

So I’m going to apologize now that posts are taking me so long right now. Work has been very busy because of all the tax appointments and my side-job of art commissions has picked up. I have a wedding invitation to design and a logo for a Youtube channel. As such, I’ll try to get them done soon and at least queue them up so I don’t forget to post them. Things should calm down soon though so for anyone waiting on starters or posts from me, I thank you for your patience. 

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“I’m not going to kill you, Itachi. That is what you want me to do, right? I’m not going to.” He hoped using the reverse psychology would work–it should, right–?

But then again, Itachi was a genius, so he could..maybe..see right through it. Either way, he didn’t care. He was done. He could avenge his clan another way, by becoming the Hokage or even opening an orphanage. But the thoughts that lingered in his mind- kill him, kill him– haunted him even now. 

He drew the conclusion because that was all Itachi talked about when he saw him. He put the pieces together, and hopefully, concluded the appropriate answer.

Cliché Breakup Starters
  • "It's not you, it's me"
  • "I just don’t feel that spark"
  • "We’re just better off friends, you know?"
  • "I just can’t emotionally handle a relationship right now"
  • "I’m too young to be tied down"
  • "I love you, I’m just not in love with you"
  • "I really just need to work on myself"
  • "I think we should see other people"
  • "You deserve someone better than me"
  • "We’re just on two different paths right now"
  • "I don’t really see a future together"
  • "If you love something let it go, and if it returns it was meant to be"
  • "We're too alike"
  • "I need some space"
  • "I need to focus on _____"
  • "I don't want to hold you back"
  • "I'm just, like, super busy right now"
  • "You're great but _____"
  • "We can still be friends"
  • "I've met someone else"
  • "Maybe it's not the right time for us"
  • "I can't be with you right now"

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Wes stared at the sky blankly, letting the wind play with his hair as he laid sprawled out on his back. He should really be working right now. There was so much he had to do today. Wes closed his eyes. Chores could wait. He’d never made it to spring before and he wanted to enjoy the sweet smell of flowers in the breeze a little longer before he let his needs get in the way of this simple pleasure. Wes shot open his eyes, the tranquil scene ruined by the unmistakable sound of a wailing spider. It was evening already? He didn’t have time to wonder where the time went, the fast approaching spider made sure of that. Wes sprang to his feet and sprinted as fast as he could away from the angry spider, slamming into a woman with fiery red hair. Startled, he pushed himself off of the woman then ducked behind her. She had a spear, he was pretty sure she could handle the creepy crawly. If she couldn’t it’d give him time to get away at least.

“Ah, they grow up so fast, don’t they? It feels like just yesterday, those kids were all being friends and hanging out, and now they’re murdering each other!” After a short pause, he shook his head. “Maybe if feels like yesterday because it was yesterday. Anyway. It’s been way too long since tributes have killed and eaten each other. Maybe that should happen again.” Kol liked the Bloodbath, the amount of blood was usually spectacular, and there was something happening everywhere. He wouldn’t get bored if people were fighting left and right, and that was a good thing. He didn’t like being bored. Wasn’t very good at, well, being good if he had nothing to do. But the Bloodbath was nice. The Bloodbath would keep him entertained for a while.

She was practically living at Taekyung’s house. It really should’ve left out warning signs to run. To not get attached. It didn’t though, whether she didn’t want it to, or she wanted to be with him, she was happy right now. She enjoyed being near him and she liked to be there to make food and be around when he needed company after he worked for hours on a piece. So cleaning up from his last project in his too large shirt with earphones in was easy for her. She wasn’t sure when they got this domestic. Maybe it was after she had met him again instead of calling. She had fresh cookies baked and she was currently working on a lunch for him when he came back. Pulling her hair out of her ponytail she swung her hips to the music as she made her way towards the door. “Lunch is gonna be chicken salad-” She didn’t finish as she realized he was with other people and she blinked at this. (@grxnadxs)


Alright, it’s time I do this too. I’ll hardly ever make new starter calls from now on, so a permanent starter call is definitely easy to deal with & will help me keep things in order. Why should I like this? Because you will allow me to: 

× tag you in random starters. 
× IM you. 
× come in your inbox IC or OOC.
× send you millions of memes. 
× ask you to plot / talk to you about my ideas whenever I have any.
× mention or tag you whenever i see things regarding our muses. 
× bother you until the end of your days. 

That’s it. Woah I made it shorter than I thought.
( Also, you won’t get a starter right now, this works as a reminder for me. )