i should be studying for history

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1.What subjects are you currently studying? Composition I, College Algebra (ick), Biology for Science Majors (ick ick ick), and U.S. History.

2.Who would you say is your biggest influence? Probably my friends. So it’s a good thing I have such sweethearted friends, haha.

3.Whats one country you would like to visit? I’d love to go to Greece or Italy and see the remnants of the ancient civilizations there. I also would not mind going to Peru to see one of my good friends who lives there. (And I know that’s more than one country but I’m a rebel wut.)

4. What’s your favorite book? Anything Jane Austen is gold. But I also read the Harry Potter series several times a year. 

5. What do you do to keep yourself motivated? Think of how many notebooks I can unashamedly buy once I have my dream job and can earn a salary.

6. What language would you really like to learn? Sign language. 

7.What holiday do you prefer, Christmas or Halloween? Okay, so I love Christmas, but I can’t deny… Halloween at my house is lit. Me and my brothers dress up to a theme because we’re just that (un)cool. Last year it was a Disney theme. This year we’re between Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Then I usually finish off the night by playing Minecraft with one of my bros. 

8. How old are you? I’m 18, and I still have trouble believing I’m actually a legal adult, lol, even though I’m almost 19.

9. Whats your favorite season? Spring! Because for once the weather isn’t awful hahahaha.

10. Who is your favorite band/singer? WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN. I love The Beatles, The Eagles, Queen, Billy Joel, Bees Gees… all of the oldies but goodies. They will probably still be my favorites when I’m old and gray haha!

11. Was today a good day? Today was lovely. I went to church, ate a taco, wrote an essay on libraries, and my granny came over for a visit. Oh, and I bought a label maker, so my organization obsession is about to go haywire mwahahaha.

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Autumn Girlfriends<3 I headcanon that Lena always gets an extremely complex coffee order (which Kara memorizes the moment Lena tells her) while Kara gets like three sticky buns whenever they go on coffee dates.

also i headcanon that Lena steals Kara’s sweaters and Kara takes Lena’s scarves

a quick snapshot of my notes from ap world history! in retrospect, i probably should’ve just written “early chinese civilizations” as my title, but i didn’t realize that i would be taking notes on other dynasties as well ;; whoops

i’m also super close to finishing up an essay comparing + contrasting mesopotamia with early china :’) today’s been a pretty productive day hehe

Tips for Studying History!

I don’t see a lot of posts about how to effectively study for history classes, so I’m going to give it a shot! Warning: long post coming up!

  • Practice identifying the significance of something. The entire point of history is to learn the significance of different events and people. I guarantee that at some point you will be asked to state the significance, which is where this comes in handy. Also, knowing how to do this will vastly improve your essays.
  • Use timelines. Even if your teacher doesn’t make it mandatory to know dates, you should understand the order that major events happen. I will either write out a timeline or order my cue cards in the order they belong in after studying. Also, if your teacher does mark dates, you can at least be sure you know the decade it happened in even if you don’t know the full year.
  • Write extremely thorough notes. In some classes, like math, if you get something really well, you can kind of relax on the depth of your notes. I do not recommend this in history! Write down everything that seems important: names, dates, symbols, fun facts. The more you know, the easier it is to get full marks on a test without bullshitting.
  • Don’t rely on crash courses or internet research while studying. Your teacher taught you what they want you to know. While watching a crash course video might  be a good way to start preparing for a course while on summer vacation, it is not an effective way to study for a test. The information in the video is not what you were taught in class, so it won’t be that helpful. Internet research is the same – you can easily find dates and locations, but the specific information taught in class can only be found in your personal notes.
  • Talk to people in the class. Some things in history are open to interpretation. A good way to get lots of opinions and viewpoints on a certain subject is to hold a study group and discuss the material. You guys can also help each other remember small details from the notes. Certain things will just stick in your brain while others won’t, so reviewing the notes with other students is a really good way to make sure you aren’t missing anything.
  • Write essay outlines. In a history class, you will probably be writing a lot of essays. So many of my friends have massive problems with history essays because they don’t organize them prior to writing. If you just start talking about an event and don’t know where to go next, you’re going to have a total trainwreck. Organize your thoughts!! Plan what you are going to write!! It doesn’t take that long and it will save your life every time you write an essay.
  • Read “Politics and the English Langauge” by George Orwell.
  • Learn how to write footnotes manually. Writing footnotes and formatting your paper yourself isn’t that hard to do. It will help you out a lot when Word isn’t working or something goes wrong with the formatting feature.
  • Be an expert during presentations. If you are doing a presentation, be an absolute expert in the topic. Try not to read from any notes and be sure that you can answer any questions the class or teacher might have. Presentations are a good way to boost your mark, so try and be super knowledgeable and impress your teacher.
  • Learn how to write a thesis. If you’re writing an essay, your thesis should be clear. In high school, you can usually figure out what your thesis should be by figuring out what the main question you’re trying to answer is, then answering it. Make sure that your answer is focusing on just one viewpoint, not somewhere in the middle. And, ask a teacher or friend to look at your thesis before you start writing!

This is all I can think of for the time being, but I might add more later. Or message me if you have other ideas you think I should add to my list!



And with that I have finished my A level biology course and my A level history course. I’m hoping it won’t take long to get through the content for both philosophy and ethics because the sooner the course is finished the longer I have for revision. 3 months should be long enough to iron out all of my issues ☺️

You know, when you think about it Finn/Kylo Ren should be the most popular ship in the new Star Wars. I don’t ship it myself since I’m not into enemy ships and messed-up things in general, but given the patterns in fandom and precedents like Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter it’s clear that Finnlo is the kind of hero/villain ship that fans usually go gaga over. They are a study in contrasts, mirror each other’s arcs, and have history together. The tension is baked into the canon–Ren is so obsessed with Finn he has a rage-on every time he hears Finn’s name, and was fixating on the dude literally seconds after killing his own dad. 

Instead what does the fandom do? Ship Kylo Ren with a white dude who had three minutes of screen time and a white girl who hates his guts. In a world without racism Finnlo would have been the megaship, Finnrey the #1 het ship, and Kylux and Reylo the rarepairs, and yet here we are. Fandom is so predictable it hurts.

h-hello ….. ~22/100 😄

ohmahhhhgawd school day today was so frekin long and tiring but kinda fun ✊🏼 bc art history & frands

today I just did homework - revised over my subjects including making these flashcards during bio (bc flashcards should be made at the beginning..not 2days before an exam like I did for the last 4years) …hardest subject right now is probably chem …even though physics is creepin up there (even though we’re just doing last years stuff 😂😂)
hab a GREAT day 😉

  • Kara: In order to date my sister, you have to pass my tests
  • Alex: Kara, please, no
  • Maggie: She's just protective of you, it's fine
  • Maggie: Ok little Danvers, whatever it takes,
  • Kara: Great! I need you to pack for a 3 days camping trip, this Friday~ Meet me at my place 4 AM SHARP! Bye Alex~
  • Maggie: Uh...should I be worry?
  • Alex: When she say tests, she means actual tests, so bring pencils, and uh, study all the famous Alex-es throughout history.
  • Maggie: ...wtf
  • Alex: And learn about the history of ice cream and pot stickers too
Dating Lydia Martin Would Include...

Requested by four anons

  • When it came to dating, Lydia always knows how to get who she wants when she wants
  • But you’re different
  • You make her flustered
  • You make her heart beat out of her chest
  • And she soon realizes that you’re going to be much more than just some fling or crush
  • You constantly being in awe of her
  • “I’m dating one the smartest women I’ve ever met and one of the strongest supernatural beings in the world… wow.”
  • Lydia not thinking she deserves your love
  • But you constantly reassure her that she’s the most amazing person you know
  • Lydia introducing you to the pack, and all of them loving like a little sister almost immediately
  • And they all think you’re the cutest couple
  • Even Stiles thought you were good together
  • Lydia helping you with school work
  • But your “study dates” usually ending up with passionate make out sessions or sex
  • Having sex in the most random places at the most inconvenient times 
  • “I should be taking a history exam right now…” “Now, what sounds better: a history exam or hooking up with me in the broom closet.” “Damn you, Lydia Martin.”
  • Lydia’s definitely a bottom
  • Lydia isn’t afraid of PDA
  • She will start making out with you wherever, whenever
  • The pack gets sick of it sometimes
  • “Okay, can you take your tongue out of Y/N’s mouth for half a freaking second and help us figure this out? Please?” “Shut up, Stiles.”
  • Lydia protecting you from all the dangers of Beacon Hills
  • And reassuring you whenever you got scared
  • “Don’t worry. You’ve got me. And, even though I’m not one hundred percent sure how to use my powers… I know that I can kick some ass.”
  • Allison loving you like a sister
  • And teaching you how to use different weapons to defend yourself
  • “You should probably learn how to defend yourself. None of us want to to lose you. Especially Lydia.”
  • Always catching Lydia staring at you with a small, loving smile on her face
  • Scott always joking about you and Lydia being “whipped”
  • Lydia making sure that you know she loves you
  • She was afraid to say it the first time
  • But once she realized you loved her back
  • She could never stop saying it
  • And never would
More or less (than) friends

Summary: Phil is popular and cool and has lots of friends, Dan is shy and doesn’t have any friends. Neither of those things turn out to be ideal, but they might be ideal together. 


Dan is just constantly blushing in this one and that’s about it. 

Excerpt: ‘Hey pretty boy, whatcha doing?’ Phil asked. Dan tried to hide his blush the compliment had brought out (and failed) and quietly answered: ‘homework, you should try it sometime.’  

Genre: fluff 

Word count: 2.9K 

A/N: So I should be studying for my test week next week, but instead this happened. I hope you like it :)

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Hey, guys! Time management is something I generally struggle with, but I have come up with a few tips to help me with managing my time properly, and I thought I’d share them with you:

  1. GET A PLANNER!! Personally, I prefer a day to day planner as then I can specifically log in what I’m going to be doing, at what point during the day, and it clearly visible to me. Having a planner has really helped me to keep track of what I’m doing each day, and I can quickly refer back to it if I’m not sure when I have a club/appointment/etc.
  2. Learn how to prioritize. It’s coming up to exam season for me which means loads of studying and revision. What I do is I go through each of my subjects and see which ones I need to spend more time on. For example, I struggle more with Science and Maths than I do English and History, therefore I should spend more time revising those than the ones I am already capable in. Also, once I’ve worked out which subjects I should spend the most time on, I break it down further. Are there specific aspects of that subject that I really cannot do? Do I struggle more in Biology than Physics? Am I better at algebra than geometry? From there, I allocate a reasonable amount of time to each subject which will help me maximize the availability of my time.
  3. Use weekdays to study and weekends to have fun. If you’re like me and you enjoy a good party, or you like going out with friends, then I recommend using your weekdays to get all your work done, and then relaxing on the weekends (unless you have a major project e.g. art coursework, because trust me you will need the weekends to get that shit done). By working after school, your brain is automatically in work mode and you can quickly fall back into that routine of sitting down and getting everything done. This is the same for homework. DO YOUR HOMEWORK THE DAY IT IS SET! Honestly, you will thank me later when you’re not up at 11pm on a Sunday night trying to finish that essay you’ve had 2 weeks to do.
  4. Don’t waste ‘dead time’. For me, ‘dead time’ is when I’m eating, or getting ready in the morning, or on the bus/train. Use this time to squeeze in any small revision tasks. I have a German writing assessment coming up soon so this time will be spent going over my paragraphs and making sure that I know them all and can perform at my best. You could use this time to go over flashcards or learn key equations (if you’re like me and you’re a 9-1 baby then you know how annoying it is to have to learn all the equations and how difficult it can get).
  5. And finally, take advantage of after school clubs!! My school hosts a revision session in the library every Monday - Thursday, with sixth-formers so that they can tutor us and we can get in some extra revision time. There is also Art Catchup every Wednesday after school and every lunch time. And there are maths, English and science clubs that are always happening. Take advantage of these opportunities because they really do help!

I hope all of this was helpful to everyone! Feel free to add some of your own tips as well!


A Little About Me

My name is Katy, and I’m a high school student in Massachusetts. I’ll be graduating in 2019, and I’m hoping that a devotion to organization and motivation will prepare me for what life will offer (or throw at) me. As of right now, I’m taking European History, a general English class, French, Honors Chemistry, Honors Integrated Math, and I’m loosely teaching myself Russian. I’m a bullet journal user and though I love it, I should probably stay on top of it more than I do generally. I’ve actually started this blog for two reasons: (1) I really enjoy looking at studyblrs/grams/tubes, and (2) my friend said my notes were really nice and that I should start one. I’m always open to criticism and comments, and I’d really like to make some friends on here.

The so called ‘conspiracy’ is really fucking obvious. People refuse to see it because they lack self esteem. We all start out as wonderfully happy, imaginative, and spirited creatures who are totally 'in-sync’ with life. Usually during adolescence, we start to become accustomed to some degree of suffering and thus enter the matrix.

However, you don’t need to dig up arcane government documents or read David Icke to realize that something is off. If you’re smart, even the white washed and heavily censored version of history taught at government schools should set off alarm bells. We study the exploits of fucking Kings and Queens. These are the people who ran states (i.e. tax farms) for their own personal gain and wouldn’t hesitate to kill thousands or millions of people in order to enrich themselves. The costumes may have changed over time but the plot remains much the same.

The State and all these hierarchical systems are enslavement. Any rational person can see that. People shut down (i.e. choose to lower their awareness) in order to avoid the painful reality of this world. But guess what: you don’t get to be the archetypal hero/star/mother/father/warrior/healer or whatever the fuck else you want to be until you take total responsibility for your own life and start to be courageous. Choosing to be ignorant and lowering your perception will result in anxiety/depression/addiction/relationship/health issues. Most people, though, don’t make the connection between these problems and their own actions, instead believing them to be largely random. Give me a break. We have the gift of thought and reason, but you really can’t figure out why you drink too much? Nonsense.

Furthermore, we resonate with archetypes. The “Hero’s Journey” is the blueprint for the vast majority of Hollywood scripts. Little kids intuitively understand the battle between Good and Evil in the Lion King and other movies because this shit is encoded in our DNA. Deep down, we know what life is about and get depressed because we’re failing to live up to our potential. That’s right: your problems aren’t fucking real. What they are actually telling you is that you’ve fallen out of rhythm with life and need to get back into it! Again, there is no debate about the conspiracy. Royalty (i.e. your owners) has and does exist. Pedophiles in government exist. Operation Gladio happened. The Queen fucking hung out with Jimmy Saville constantly, Bill Clinton was a frequent flyer on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet…I mean how obvious can this get?!

I encourage everyone from the bottom of my heart to start being honest with themselves. Remember childhood, remember what it felt like. Why don’t you feel like that any more? Before you start throwing out all the standard excuses, remember: we have the power of reason and thought. We can figure this shit out! Logic can help us become happier, healthier, and more powerful. Once you accept this mindset, suffering about anything becomes irrational and weird. I’d die fighting for my freedom. I intend to live a long and prosperous life while raising empowered and beautiful children! Let’s fucking do this and overthrow the evil motherfuckers that we have collectively manifested and create a new earth.