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Artificial Love

AU: Biopology; an experimental AI manufacturer known for its many types of robots ranging from pets to lovers to trained assassins. Anything you were looking for, they could make it. But when you jokingly said you wanted a boyfriend, you weren’t expecting your friend to actually get you one… Well, kind of.

Genre: Fluff, Robot!au

Member: Xiumin

Words: 1,099

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Splendid Wonders

“Looks like I may be the one who owes you, Princess.”

That’s what he had said that one night, and judging by the sly grin on his face, Marinette figures he’s paid her a visit to return the favour.

This is a oneshot for Marichat May - Day 20: A night on the town!

(Can be taken as a sequel to my other Marichat May entry: Shields and Sacrifice or as a stand alone oneshot!! Just know they are slightly older and have an established friendship!)

Also heads up I rewrote this on a 14 hr flight, so forgive me if its incoherent!!! I just wanted to post this before the end of May!! =3=

(ao3 link)


Marinette didn’t even need to look up. She knew his voice, never mind the fact that he was the only one to call her by that nickname. The corners of her lips quirked as the idly reached out towards the soft petals blooming in her balcony’s flower box. She felt and heard a soft thud as he landed gracefully at her side.

“Bonsoir, Chat Noir” she hummed with a smile, a slight jingle to her voice as she played up the rhyme in the greeting.

He stood on the other side of the rail, hands holding on as he leaned forward towards her. A large smile was already on his face—it screamed trouble.

“Bonsoir, Marinette!” he replied, “Enjoying this fine evening?”

“Hmmm,” she returned, wondering what he was up to, “And to what do I owe for another special visit by the hero of Paris?”

He scoffed, a hand raising up to wave her off, as if the praise weren’t warranted. But she could tell from the puff of his chest that he was soaking in the praise like a sponge. His hand eventually found its way into his hair and he self-consciously ruffled it, making it even messier then usual. Marinette giggled.

Hesitant and shy, he looked down at the floor of the balcony behind her, his eyes quickly sliding over her, before he ended up staring down at his boots. Marinette tilted her head to the side, she had meant to feed his confidence, boost his ever growing ego, but for some reason he didn’t seem quite himself.


Her hand reached out to cover his grip on the railing. He flinched slightly, his bright green eyes rising up to meet her concerned question and stare.

“Oh! Well…” he paused, “It’s such a lovely night…I thought…”

She waited.

He ducked his head down for a moment, before finally finding the words. It came off as a small, gentle whisper.

“I thought that you might enjoy a night on the town…with me?”

A short moment of silence stretched out between them. Her hand remained on top of his, until he moved his hand out from under her. It went up to the back of his head.

“I mean…if you wanted to that is. I—well, sorry—it’s late; you’re probably tired…you should probably be sleeping. I just thought. I, um…”

Marinette’s brows furrowed, concerned for her partner as he seemed to struggle to get his thoughts out.

“Okay,” she ended up saying without a second thought.

He perked up immediately, “Really?”

“Of course,” she replied, “I trust you Chat. You’re my friend. I always enjoy spending time with you—especially when it’s akuma free!”

He smiled so brightly, Marinette felt as if she had just given him the greatest gift imaginable. She wanted to keep that smile on him for as long as possible.

“Alrighty then, Princess,” he chirped, jumping up and landing with his feet on top of the balcony railing, A hand reached behind his back grabbing his baton, which he expertly twirled in a flourish before extending it out in front of him, until it knocked onto the balcony floor.

He reached out a hand, palm up, ducking his head slightly as she looked up at him curiously. Just what did this cat have planned?

“You trust me right?”

She giggled, as she raised her hand, letting him grab ahold of her, “Yes, Chat. You know I do.”

“Ooooookay then!” And in one rushed movement—and some superhuman strength—he pulled her up towards him just as his baton shot up into the sky. “Hold on!”

Marinette gasped at the rush of cool, nighttime air rushing past her. Chat Noir brought her hand that he held up to his shoulder, while Marinette brought her other up and arm wrapped around his neck. She tucked her head into the crook of his neck, squeezing her eyes shut from the initial shock. She could feel his chuckle against her ear.

Of course as Ladybug she had done much more daring feats—and as Marinette she had been swept up off her feet by Chat Noir before—but this felt suddenly different. They weren’t running away from anything, she wasn’t patrolling the city or fighting a battle with her partner. There was no threat and while she didn’t have the protection of her transformation, she felt more then safe in Chat’s arms.

As they surged forward leaping towards the next building’s rooftop with ease, and Marinette slowly leaned back from Chat looking up at him in awe.

Behind him the moonlight lit up the lightest blonde strands of his hair, making it flash like starlight. His green eyes stayed focused on the view ahead and Marinette smiled before resting her head against his shoulder and watching as they sped through the City.

“Kinda romantic, huh?” she heard Chat say as they leapt towards another building, they passed by the Notre Dame, where the moonlight was playing kaleidoscope with its stained-glass windows.

“Pffft,” Marinette scoffed nudging her chin on his shoulder, “relax, you flirt.”

He chuckled, “Sorry, I guess old habits die hard.” His bright green eyes looked down at her for just a moment before he glanced back in front of them timing their next leap into the air.

Marinette settled her chin back onto his shoulder so that she could look back as they continued forward. After a few more well timed leaps, Marinette slowly became aware of a slow, rumbling hum. She looked back up at Chat with a questioning brow.

He returned her stare with a giant grin.

And then he started singing.

“I can show you the world

Shining, shimmering, splendid…”

Marinette stared at him in disbelieve. He seemed to ignore her look of awe, focusing mostly on the placement of his baton on the next rooftop…at least until the next line of the song.

“Tell me, princess,” at the word princess he peeked down at her from the corner of his eyes, smiling even wider at her expression. Before he continued he gave her one of his trademarked winks.

“Now when did you last let your heart decide?”

If anyone had been there to point out the blush on Marinette’s cheeks she would have simply blamed the cool night breeze.

Farmers Daughter - Stiles Stilinski {Part Six}

Author’s Note: I can’t believe how quick these are coming out. I want to thank @mf-despair-queen for giving me some awesome ideas for this and @maddie110201 for proofreading it for me! 

Originally posted by onlyonepisode

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Hesitant Alien

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “Can you please do one with Gerard and he’s an alien and he doesn’t understand earth so you have to teach him and he’s very confused and it’s very cute”

Word Count: 1,769

Pairing: Gerard x Reader (can be read as Gen tho)

A/N: I gave Gee they/them pronouns bc aliens don’t have our sense of gender and also bc why not

You’ve always believed in aliens, staring up at the stars when you were little and wondering when they would visit. But they didn’t come and you reached 13 still waiting, doodling little green men on your homework and your mom tried to tell you nothing was in the stars-she was never one for dreaming. You didn’t listen, sitting outside until bed time, looking out for UFOs hidden in the sky, heart endlessly hopeful. But now you’re almost 26 and the stars still call out, promises of aliens and new beginnings that you can’t let go of. Something is out there, of course something else is out there, why else is the universe so big? Maybe not little green men like your preteen imagination saw, maybe not robots set out to destroy Earth like movies like to tell stories of, maybe it’s just a bunch of goats. But something is out there and you can’t wait to know what.

You weren’t expecting that something to crash land in your backyard though. It’s late when it happens, dinner dishes in the sink and a movie you’ve seen a billion times playing on the TV. It’s loud, the earth splitting and wind howls, you’re out of your seat before things go silent and you’re opening the sliding door moments later. The cold air envelopes you as you step outside, stopping dead still in the wet grass. Your yard now has a small rocket sticking out of the ground, glinting silver in the moonlight, and you can do nothing but stare. A hatch on the side opens and something crawls out, groaning in pain and even in the dark it looks fairly human. Is this just NASA fucking up? Your endlessly hopeful heart tells you ‘no’, you know what this is.

“Alien,” You breathe out and the thing looks up at you, curious look on its human face.

“Alien? No, I’m Gerard.” It says, rubbing the back of its head as it stands. They’re taller then you, not by a lot though, and you stare up at them in awe.

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Castiel - Oh, How Unfortunate

With this fic, I now have one each for all of Team Free Will - yay! Cas is a snuggly little baby (and badass) who deserves all the love ever. This is just plotless fluff, so enjoy! Requested by @iwillbeatyouwithmysketchbook

Premise: A situation at a motel after a hunt conspires so that you and Castiel are required to share a bed.

Warnings: Mentions of blood/injuries

Word Count: 1972

Your head bangs against the window of the Impala for the sixth time and you startle awake, blinking owlishly. “Are we there yet?” you croak. Sam stirs in the shotgun seat, but doesn’t wake up. Dean, his tired eyes fixed on the road ahead, merely grunts and shrugs.

“We’re still on the road.” The low rasp of Cas’s voice beside you is very soothing to your aching head, despite the still-disapproving set of his shoulders. His tone is reproachful, still angry but not furious. “We should reach the nearest town in around fifteen minutes.” 

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anonymous asked:

All the brothers reacting to there s/o rolling on top of them while there sleeping and snuggling in to there shoulder and kissing there cheek *fluffs intensely* I LOVE UR BLOG BTW 😁😁💖💖💖

Ayato: huh? *blushes* hey… are you awake..? heh.. i see you smiling *kisses* go back to sleep you goof ball.. *pulls them close, snuggling them* 

Laito: hmm~? whats this.. i thought Bitch-chan was asleep~ well then, as long as your awake, lets have our selves some fun~ fufu yes?

Kanato: *snuggles into them* hmm.. did you miss me… Teddy and i missed you.. ne teddy.. *kisses forehead*

Reiji: *chuckles softly* sleep well my darling.. it was a long day for you, you should sleep now.. i love you

Shu: *smiles in his sleep*

Subaru: *stiffens up* …um… are you awake?… or did you do that in your sleep?…huh.. i guess your asleep.. *smiles pulling them close*

Yuma: heh.. even in your sleep ur kissin’ me *chuckles* well you may not be able to hear me Sow but.. i love ya

Kou: hm~ whats this? M-Neko-chan wants to cuddle~? okay i’ll cuddle with you *holds them with both arms*

Ruki: what is it Livestock? did you miss your master today? *chuckles* your too cute *kisses*

Azusa: your so… sweet tonight…. i love… you.. very much *raps entire body around them* now lets.. go to sleep…*butterfly kisses*

MIND TRICKS PART THREE:http://imaginingbucky.tumblr.com/post/147467659464/mind-tricks-part-three



You turned around hesitantly and saw that Bucky was now sitting up in his bed.

“What’s going on?” He asked. His voice was thick with sleep and a little hoarse because of his screaming from his nightmare.

“I heard you having a nightmare and I came to see if you were okay.”

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thegracelane  asked:

Maybe I missed it, but ... touching/smelling hair. (Is that a weird prompt?)

It was just for the night.

Just for this one night.

Oliver swallowed hard and reminded himself over and over that this wasn’t real, wasn’t permanent, couldn’t last, was only for now.

It only made him tighten the arm around Felicity’s waist, pulling her closer in against him as she slept.

The bed was small, he reasoned, and he was a large man. He just didn’t want her to fall off.

It had nothing to do with how every inch of skin on skin lit his nerve endings up like a Christmas tree. He definitely wasn’t savoring the way she wiggled to get more comfortable (her ass rubbing dangerously into his hips), or the way she ran a hand up and down his forearm before snuggling her face deeper into the pillow with a contented sigh.

He certainly wasn’t burying his nose into her damp, curly hair to inhale the fruity scent of her leave-in conditioner. His face was just… warm.

Warm because she kept pushing her ass into his crotch.

He was definitely beginning to develop a… situation.

Oliver inhaled sharply, lungs full of citrus and strawberry, biting his lip and letting his forehead fall against her shoulder as he struggled to master himself.

“Oliver,” he started at the throaty, sleep-roughened murmur of her voice. The hand on his arm squeezed. “You okay?”

“Um. Yeah,” he breathed, strangled. “Did I wake you?”

Felicity shifted against the sheets, and he breathed in sharp through his nose, holding very still as her palm slid down his wrist to cover the back of his hand. Her backside brushed over him again, and she stilled. “Uh. I think—I think actually I woke you.”

Oliver swallowed thickly and bit down on a soft curse. “Felicity. I’m sorry, I should sleep on the floor, I just—um. It’s… a small bed, and you’re—and I’m—we’re, uh—”

“Oliver,” there was a little laughter in her voice, and he winced, wondering if she was enjoying letting someone else ramble embarrassingly this time. Her fingers threaded between his against her stomach, and he blinked into her hair in surprise. “I’m good here. If you are.”

“You, um,” he breathed out, shaky, watching in fascination as the rush of air across her shoulder raised goosebumps across her skin. “You don’t mind? I don’t want you to be…” he shifted his hips back a little, putting a couple of inches between them. “Uncomfortable.”

“Oliver…” she sighed, releasing his hand and rolling over beneath his arm. She shifted a hand underneath the pillow and shook her damp curls away from her face, looking up at him from under her lashes. Biting her lip, she shifted a knee between his, rubbing the smooth skin up and down between his thighs and making his breath catch in his throat. “What if… I don’t want to be comfortable?”

Oliver breathed curses in Chinese and spread his fingers over the small of her back, squeezing her knee with his thighs as his eyes fluttered briefly shut. “I’m not sure it’s a good idea…”

Felicity scooted even closer, her thigh between his sitting high, her breasts separated from his chest now by only that thin blue tanktop. Tilting her head up, her lips brushed tinglingly soft over the whiskers on his chin. “It’s just one night, right?” Her fingers shook a little as she trailed them across his abs, the muscles flexing under the light touch. “Just one night where we can pretend…”

Swearing again, Oliver caught her mouth under his, kneading her hip through her little cotton sleep shorts as he licked across her full bottom lip, seeking entry she granted with enthusiasm.

He rolled her onto her back, covering her body with his and groaning into her mouth when she parted her legs around his hips and gripped him.

Breathing heavy, he rested his forehead against hers and stroked his fingertips up and down her sides as she carded her fingers through his short hair. Slowly opening his eyes, he was knocked in the chest by the way she was looking at him—he couldn’t even describe it.

“Felicity,” he sighed, kissing her softly, her upper lip fitting between his own. “I don’t want to pretend with you. Of everything in my life, you’re the one I want most to be real.”

Eyes falling shut, Felicity bit her lips together, shifting to bury her face in his neck. Pressing a trail of little sucking kisses up his neck, she arched her body into his, breathing into his ear. “Then let me be real, Oliver. Just tonight.”

thetellersofus  asked:

K. On the edge of consciousness

“Miss Grant?” There’s a light in her eyes, blinding and moving too fast. She wants to throw up. Cat tries to speak only to find there’s something plastic and irritatingly medical in her mouth to prevent her.

There’s an impression of long blonde hair around the edges of the light, and it all goes dark again.

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Teacher Ashton (Smut)

Inspired by:


Intelligence is a sexy thing, and it’s sexier when you’re not supposed to find it sexy. And that’s exactly how every single one of us felt when our economics teacher brought in Ashton Irwin as a substitute while he was gone on holiday.

Mr. Irwin got to class every morning in messy curls, glasses and the most gorgeous smile with dimples that never seemed to end, and he’d wait at the front of the class drumming on the table with his long fingers. It was no surprise that every girl in class showed up early and wanted a front row seat in these past 4 months with a new found interest in economics.

But he didn’t seem to notice, or maybe he didn’t care when the girls in the front row made it so blatantly obvious that they wanted him. That’s why it was stupid that I couldn’t help but stare at the way his lips moved when he spoke, imagining them all over my skin or the way he’d twirl a marker between his fingers, making me crave his long fingers.

It was the weekend before an economics exam and I decided that my dorm room was too small should my brain burst with an economics overload so I moved to the library. “Ms. Y/L/N?” I heard a someone say behind me, and I immediately regretted showing up in tracks and an old band t-shirt. “Mr. Irwin. Hi!” I said, quickly smoothening my hair. “How is the studying coming along?” he asked, somehow managing to sound cheerful at 11:30 in the night.

“I’m sitting in the library instead of sleeping so not too great” I mumbled, fiddling with my pencil, hoping he’d leave. I heard him giggle and pull out the chair next to me, “Can I help? Apparently I’m an economics teacher” ‘Thank you to the whole fucking universe’ I thought and smiled at him, pushing my books so they were between us, “I really don’t understand how these graphs work, Mr. Irwin and-” “Maybe you should’ve listened in class instead of staring at my fingers” he said, cutting my short with the slightest hint of a smile, and immediately I felt my face getting hotter. But he laughed softly and said, “It’s fine. I don’t mind. Shall I teach you now?"  I nodded and handed him my pencil and I spent the next hour and a half sitting close enough to Ashton to feel his breath on my neck the whole time.

"That’s it. Do you get it now?” he asked, twirling my pencil between his fingers, and I nodded, “I do. Thank you, Mr. Irwin!” “Good. You’re a smart girl, you know?” he said, closing my books. “I am?” I asked, confused because I literally asked him to teach me something 2 days before an exam. That is not something a smart person does but he nodded, smiling at me, and sitting this close to him was when I realised that his eyes were the most beautiful hazel behind his glasses.

I cleared my throat, realising that I was staring, “Um I should get going. I really need to sleep” “Yeah. You should um.. Do that. Here” he said, handing me my pencil, “Actually, you know what? It’s late. I’ll walk you back” he suggested, standing up. “Oh no it’s fine. I’ll be okay” I said, picking up my books. “I’m your teacher. Listen to me!” he said, trying to sound angry but the smile in his voice was too big to hide. “Substitute teacher” I retorted, making him laugh as we walked towards the door.

“When are you going to be leaving, Mr. Irwin?” I asked, a few minutes into the walk when the silence got a little awkward. “In a few weeks but I might stay on as a teaching assistant. I like it here” “You want to be an old economics teacher?” “I’M NOT OLD!” he half-yelled, giggling, “I only finished college 2 years back! But I don’t want to be an economics teacher forever. I’m in a band, you know?” he said, looking at me. “I’m going to take a wild guess and say you’re the drummer?” “Was it the constant drumming on the table in class?” I nodded, laughing softly and looked up at Ashton as he pushed his glasses up.

“This is me” I said, standing outside my dormitory and continued, “Thank you, Mr. Irwin. Sleep well” and started walking backwards. “You know what?” Ashton said and walked towards me quickly. “Fuck it” he murmured and rested his hand on my side and before I realised what the hell was happening, he was kissing me. I pulled away a few seconds later, “Mr. Irwin, I-” “It’s Ashton” he whispered, still holding my waist.

“This is wrong. You’re my teacher” I said, not trying to move away from his touch. “Substitute teacher” he replied, imitating me. I looked at his eyes and then at his lips. Damn it I wanted them on mine again and so I nodded, holding my books in one hand and reached the other up to his cheek and kissed him again. Ashton sucked softly on my bottom lip as his other hand reached around me and rested on my back, pulling me closer to him. I moved my hand from his cheek to the back of his neck, tangling my fingers into his hair, pressing my lips harder against his, hearing him let out a soft moan.

He pulled away, resting his forehead against mine and said a little breathlessly, “I live 5 minutes from here, unless you don’t want to-” “I want to” I replied, a little dazed but not dazed enough to forget how long I’d wanted to do this. “Come on, then” Ashton said, letting me go but quickly held my hand, surprising me a little but I allowed him to tangle his fingers with mine as we walked towards his place.

We walked up the stairs to his door, and suddenly I was nervous but from the way Ashton fumbled with his keys, I wasn’t the only one. “Mr. Ir-Ashton”, I began, loving how his name sounded when I said it out loud as he opened the door, “My books?” He laughed softly and took them from me, “They should be fine here” he said and left them on a table, then walked back to me.

I looked up at his lips, picturing them all over me like I had so many times before, and knowing I was so close made me want it more. “That way” he said, holding my waist and turning me around, before placing his hand on the small of my back, guiding me towards his bedroom. As soon as we were in, his hand slipped under my t-shirt, and he moved in front of me. I wrapped my hands around his neck, smiling when he moved his face close to mine, pecking my lips for just a second before he quickly dragged his lips down my neck.

I gasped, leaning my head back as I felt his warm breath on my neck and his soft lips placing small kisses all over it. His other hand moved up to my t-shirt and he pulled one side down my shoulder and held it down using his fingers, kissing his way to my shoulder. It was in a matter of seconds that Ashton went from soft kisses to sucking hard on my skin. His hand was holding my back and pressing me against his chest while he alternated between soft pecks and hard kisses all over my bare shoulder and neck, moving them up to behind my ear.

He let go of me but he continued to kiss my neck, and guided my hands to his shirt. I pulled it off his shoulders and threw it aside, then quickly reached for his tank top. “Can I?” I asked, pulling myself away from him and looking into his eyes, which were now barely hazel and mostly black. “Me first” he replied, and I nodded, as Ashton lifted my t-shirt off me, biting his lip. I pulled his tank top off him and his hands immediately made their way to my bra, his fingers running along the bottom of it, just slightly grazing my skin until he reached the back of it.

I traced my fingers down his chest, feeling his abs just slightly dotted with sweat. He undid my bra and pulled if off me, his hands reaching my boobs and massaging them. “Ashton” I whispered and he replied with a soft “Mmm” as I leaned forward, kissing his shoulders and his strong chest. He pushed his hips against mine, making me smile when I felt his hard on pressing against me. “You did that” he murmured and let his hands slide down my sides to my tracks, as he pulled them down.

I continued kissing his neck when I reached for his pants, pulling them down. Ashton reached for my waist, making me step out of my tracks and he walked me back towards the wall. He touched his forehead to mine, our lips almost touching and slowly pulled my panties down, his fingers running up my inner thigh in the most tantalising way possible. He pulled on my bottom lip as he rubbed his fingers up and down my slit, letting go of my lip to smirk at me.

“You did that” I imitated him, as he gathered my juices in his long fingers. “Good” he replied, as he kissed me in a line down my neck and my stomach, sitting on his knees in front of me, kissing up one leg till my inner thigh, stopping just below his fingers. “Oh my god, Ashton please..” I whined, tangling my fingers into his hair as he looked up at me through his glasses. “Whatever you say” he whispered and pressed his lips down against my slit, sliding his tongue into me.

He moved his fingers to the outside of my thigh, holding it, as he moved his tongue up and down. He then swirled it around my clit before sucking hard on it, making me jerk my hips forward. I gasped when I felt him chuckle in me, holding his hair tighter. He slowly dragged his fingers to the inside of my thigh, rubbing my opening with his thumb before he slowly slid one finger inside me. He continued to alternate between sucking on my clit and swirling his tongue around it, as he pulled his finger out then thrust it back in.

“One more, Ashton..” I moaned, pressing him closer to me but he shook his head and pulled away from me. “I haven’t waited 3 months to fuck you with my fingers” he murmured, standing up and pulling his boxers down. He nudged me towards his bed and laid me down on my back, and used his teeth to pull my panties completely down my legs and threw them on the floor. I watched as he opened his bedside drawer in a hurry and pulled a condom on. He reached for his glasses and I quickly said, “No leave them on. I like it” “Even better then” he replied and climbed into the bed, hovering over me.

“Are you sure?” Ashton asked, holding himself up with his arms as they rested on either side of me. “Yes” I replied, holding on to his waist. He nodded and I watched him chew on his lip as he moved into me. “Fuck” I whispered, unable to stop my hands from moving to his upper back. I felt his shoulder blades move as he pulled out of me and then thrust back in again, clenching his teeth.

I felt my eyes involuntarily close as he thrust deeper into me each time and I ran my nails down his back and grinded my hips against his. He pressed me down using his waist as his thrusts got faster. He knew exactly what to do and when to do it, and I loved it. I forced my eyes open only to watch Ashton’s face while his eyes were screwed shut and his swears were in free flow, his hair sticking to his sweaty forehead.

“I’m so fucking close” I muttered, pressing his lips to mine, Ashton only barely holding himself up now as he thrust into me one last time, making me reach my high, and he followed soon after. I felt him exhale into another kiss, as he pulled out of me. I kept my eyes closed and felt the mattress shift when Ashton moved off me, then felt him lie down next to me.

“Come on, I don’t look that bad!” Ashton giggled, and I opened my eyes, looking at him as he propped himself up on his elbow. “That was so worth waiting for” I breathed out, turning on my side to face Ashton. “I know” Ashton replied, and placed his hand on the curve of my waist, drawing small circles on my skin. “Can I kiss you again?” he asked after a few seconds and I laughed, “I’d love it if you can do it again and again and again. Just don’t tell my friends” “I won’t. It’ll be our little secret” he said, and leaned forward, softly kissing my lips.

“Ashton.. I should really sleep..” I whined, suddenly remembering that I had to study the next day. “I’ll help you study tomorrow. Stay up with me for sometime..” he replied. “That’s not fair, Ashton. Then I’ll basically be sleeping with my teacher for my grades” “Shh I’m only your substitute teacher. I’ll postpone the test or something. Stay awake, please” he begged. “Really? You’ll postpone it?” He nodded and kissed my nose.

“Anyway you aren’t just sleeping with me. I hope to also date you, you know?” he asked. “This is so wrong..” I replied, unable to stop smiling. “But we’re already there so we might as well” he said, lying on his back and pulling me close to him. “I feel like such a bad arse” I said, giggling and kissing the space between his collar bones. “So you’ll stay up with me?” I nodded and rested my head on Ashton’s chest, smiling.


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Also, I’m so sorry about the lack of writing but I’ve just started college and it’s pretty hectic so I’m hardly even finding the time to eat so I have no time to write at all! (And if this has any mistakes, please forgive me. I didn’t proof read it!) xxx

Drunk Dialing Matchmaker

A/N: Dedicated to my Fabulous Potato Queen Magda ( dumplingnooona). Happy Birthday you old lady. 

A/N2: Huge thank you and love to Morgan ( justanother90sbaby) for helping me beta this. I don’t know where I would be without you babe.


“‘Licity…. my love! I need you to come and get me!!” Sara slurred into the phone.

“Sara?” Felicity grumbled as she tried to rub the tiredness out of her eyes.

“Babe!” she exclaimed in reply, then stopped to giggle a long moment, “I think you need to come get me.”

“Okay, Sara. Where are you?” Felicity sighed. She hopped out of bed and started to pull on a pair of jeans as she balanced the phone between her cheek and her shoulder.

“Somewhere fun–hey there!” Sara’s attention wavered, and Felicity heard her eagerness to join back in the party.

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Justin Bieber Imagine

I sat at the bar of the crowded club. My legs were crossed and my arms crossed on the counter with my head resting on them. I had already had 5 shots of their strongest concoction. My head was hurting and I couldn’t talk without slurring- making me sound like an idiot.

The bartender who treated me taped my head. “Do I need to call you a cab?” He asked.

“Noo. My friend is gonna pick me up I think,” I slurred and then looked to my right to see a guy staring at me. “Hello,” I smiled.

Even though I could control my thoughts my brain wasn’t exactly stopping my actions. He reached out and brushed some hair behind my ear and I rested my head on his hand. “A friend isn’t coming to pick you up are they?” He asked in a soft voice.

I was surprised that I could hear him over the loud headache-making music. I shook my head glanced at his water bottle. “Why are you being safe? Get wasted!”

He shook his head and stood up. “I’m going to get you home,” he hoisted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me outside. We got inside a Range Rover, laying me across the back seat. “So what’s your name?” He asked once we were away from the club.

“Y/N,” I answered. “What about you Hot Stuff?” I asked as I stared at his blurry figure in the driver’s seat.

“I’m Justin. Do you mind staying at my house tonight? I wouldn’t want you by yourself…” He trailed off and I giggled at him wanting to be safe for both of us.

“I don’t even have a place. My boyfriend and I broke up 3 days ago and I’m kind of Motel hopping, the cheapest you know?” My right leg slipped off the seat and my tight dress slipped over my butt to ‘show’ my thong.

He seemed bothered so I giggled again. He nodded and pulled into a driveway of a big house. “This is where you live?” I asked, pressing my face against the window.

He nodded as he opened the door to the car and caught me bridal style before I fell. He took me inside the house and sat me on a counter and I let my legs hang open, I was losing my train of thought. He filled a glass to the brim with water and handed it to me, trying to avoid my see-able private parts.

“Do you want to take a shower? I have some clothes that you can wear to sleep,” he asked as he leaned against the counter next to me. I shrugged and set the glass down carefully, already chugged half way down. “I think you should,” he nodded and then carried me up to a bathroom, running the water and carefully telling me the necessities.

Once we left I stripped of my clothes and stepped in. It felt as if the alcohol was being washed out of my system, dirt and sweat being washed out of my skin. By the time I got out a towel and clothes were set out on the toilet seat for me. I changed into the boxers and baggy shirt before walking out.

I found Justin laying on the couch in the living room, watching TV with his phone in hand. “Um, where should I sleep?” I asked, rubbing my head.

“Well every room is occupied so you can sleep in my bed,” he explained. “It’s the third door on the right once you-” “Where are you going to sleep?” I cut him off.

“Here on the cou-” “No,” I shook my head. “I like to cuddle so let’s compromise and sleep in the same bed.”

His eyebrows furrowed but he got up and led me to his bedroom, huge with a huge bed. “So cuddling?” He questioned as he laid under his covers.

I nodded and laid next to him, burring my face in his warm chest and wrapping my arms around his torso. “Yeah. It makes me feel secure and safe, no matter who I’m with.”

“Well you’re safe here,” he rubbed my back. “I promise.”