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A/N: So here is the second part for Captured. I’m planning on writing a part 3 but this part could easily be the end of this imagine. The next part will basically be about Y/N’s recovery and stuff. Hope you’ll like this part!

Pairing: Steve x reader

Words: 3,408

Warning(s): some strong language, fighting, violence, ANGST (but don’t worry, the ending is somewhat happy)

Idk if this is needed but…
Y/N/N means your nickname

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hi could you please please do e/r and i couldn't really decide? but my faves are 17, 26, 32, 33, 34, 40 and 42 so you can choose out of thoes ones? thank you thank you thank you! i'm huge fan :) <3

#42 You’re REALLY GOOD at using the right search terms for the academic databases and I’m on a deadline

“Deal,” Enjolras says, and reasons to himself that he can probably blame his sleep-deprivation for all the decisions that he makes later. 

Grantaire for his part just blinks at Enjolras, like he wasn’t expecting Enjolras to say yes to his terms just like that, without fuss, and that would normally be true, this is a delicate issue, one that could be better handled, one that Enjolras has vague plans for, but Enjolras has a deadline and it’s possible that he hasn’t slept the last 48 hours, and he just wants to get this assignment done. 

“Deal?” Grantaire echoes, staring at Enjolras, incredulity clear in both his tone and his facial expression. “You’ll go on a date with me if I help you with your research for your essay?”

“Yes,” Enjolras says. “Deal.”

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Yatori Fanfic “Fever”

I just got an Idea for a new drawing but for the first time I decidet to write a fanfiction! This is my first fanfic and its also the first time I wrote a story in english >.< .. I really hope you will like it! 

Title: Fever
Word count: 1529
Summary: Hiyori is running a fever and Yato is taking care of her.

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You Couldn't Stop Me If You Tried | Michael Clifford

“MICHAEL, DINNER’S DONE.” You yelled through the apartment.
He probably wouldn’t eat, again- he hadn’t for the past week and a half and you were becoming really worried.
As he came shuffling down the hallway, you were shocked at his appearance. He had dark bags under his eyes from a lack of sleep and he looked skinnier because he hadn’t eaten for days.
“You need to eat something,” you whispered. “Please Mikey, I’m worried.”
He didn’t answer, he just continued to pace up and down, mumbling nonsense to himself. This had been happening since last Monday.
“Look, why don’t you ring up the boys? Have a night out, it’s Friday,” you said, attempting to get him to do something, but he was completely zoned out.
“Michael, you’re scaring me. What’s made you like this?” you whispered.
Suddenly his tired eyes snapped open and he stared at you.
“We need to go out,” he said.
“Okay…” you replied, shocked by the sudden transition. “But let’s eat first. You need to eat.”
Michael looked panicky, staring at the clock. He became fidgety again.
“No, it’s 6 o’clock. We need to go now. No time to eat. I promise we can, just later, alright?” he urged.
You glanced down at your pyjamas and fluffy slippers, apprehensive to go outside dressed like you were.
“Wait, first can we-“
He cut you off, reading your mind.
“We need to change. Okay- ten minutes and then we have to go.” He said before running to the bedroom.

Ten minutes later, you walked down the hallway to find Michael pacing by the door, dressed in a suit. You felt underdressed wearing only a white skirt and polka dot, navy top. However, when Michael saw you, his eyes lit up - you were the most beautiful person in the world to him.
“Where are we going?” you questioned, eager to know why he was wearing a suit. “I should change, you look so much fancier than me.”
“NO!” he shouted. “Sorry, I mean you don’t need to. You look perfect- just how you did that day. This is going to be perfect.”
Questions shot through your mind as he spoke but you decided to leave him be. You tried to stop him when he got into the car, because he was exhausted, but he refused to let you drive.
“I promise I’m fine,” he said. “You’ll see when we get there.”
As you drove, you were completely silent. Michael was muttering words to himself again, but you decided not to interfere with his thoughts.

After 15 minutes, he stopped the car and took you by the hand. You knew exactly where you were. This was the park where the two of you had first met.
You looked up at Michael, whose grip tightened on your hand as you walked. He was nervous.
“Mikey, are you sure you’re alright?” you asked.
Again, he looked at you and felt all the nerves leave his mind. He lent down to kiss your forehead.
“Yes,” he mumbled into your hair. “Perfect.”
You stopped when you came across a picnic blanket and basket, surrounded by candles. Michael cursed.
“We were supposed to wait until sunset, damn it!” he muttered.
You looked around, confused.
“Wait, this is for us? What’s wrong? It looks so pretty!” you exclaimed.
“Yes, this is for us. Well, for you, but you can’t see the light from the candles. It doesn’t work. WHY COULDN’T THIS WORK OUT FOR ME JUST ONCE?! WE’VE BEEN PLANNING THIS FOR SO LONG!” he yelled as he got increasingly frustrated.
“MIKEY. Mikey, it’s fine. It’s beautiful. I love it.” you said, slightly bewildered, as you tried to calm him and sat down. “Come sit with me?”
He stood still in front of you, eyes flashing with anger because of the imperfections in the moment, but it was soon replaced with the soft, loving look. The look he had whenever he saw you.
“Fuck it.” He muttered under his breath, reaching out to you. “Get up a second.”
But as you stood up, he knelt down.
On one knee.

“Oh my god.” You breathed.
Your heart pounded at an insane rate and you began to shake as Michael pulled a ring box out of his pocket.
He took a deep breath.
“Y/N…” he began. “I’ve been hoping for this moment to come since the very first day I met you. I’ve been waiting for it since I first heard your laugh; first heard you singing badly in the shower; first saw you cry at the movies. I’ve wanted to hear you, and hold you, and love you, since the day we first met right here.”
He looked up at the sky and smiled- the sun was beginning to set.
“So I-“
“Yes.” You cut him off, a tear rolling down your cheek. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!”
He grinned at you but then stopped.
“I’ve been memorising this for the last week and a half. At least let me finish before you cry all over me?”
You laughed, nodding, and let him continue.
“God, I love you. Okay, okay… So I’ve been waiting for it since I first heard you sing in the shower, wait fuck I already did that bit. Wait…”
You giggled again, more in love with this boy than you’d ever been before.
“WAIT, okay I got it. So, uh, so I wanted to do this so that I know you’ll always have someone to cry at movies with, or sing badly with, or laugh with. You’re not just the person I love most in the world, you’re also my best friend… Just don’t tell that to Cal, Ash, or Luke because they might get jealous and then I’ll have to marry them too.”
You were laughing uncontrollably now, whilst tears poured down your cheeks, and Michael’s eyes were ablaze with love.
“Y/N… You’re the reason I wake up every day completely willing to face everything the world puts in my way. You’ve saved me when I’m in pain, and you’ve amplified my happiness. I couldn’t be without you. You’re the reason I’m here. I want to spend every day of the rest of my life with you- this beautiful person standing in front of me who I am so lucky to have- because you are the most wonderful human I’ve ever met. You’re the reason, the only reason.”
“Michael were those lyrics?” You chuckled, voice thick with tears.
“Yes, ssh, I’m being romantic,” he grinned. “I want to write songs about you until the day I die. You will never stop being my muse. And, um, I guess what I really want to say is, uh: Y/N, will you marry me?”
You shook your head in disbelief as you looked him deep in the eyes.
“You couldn’t stop me if you tried.”

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