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Summer love//Jughead Jones

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Request: Hi, could you write a story where you are Archie’s sister and over the summer you and Jughead get closer and end up being together but nobody knows? I know it’s a bit weird, but I really like the idea, so it would be great💕

If someone asked how your summer was, you would tell them not how you planned. Being Archie’s sister was something else, you were friends with his friends, enemies with his enemies. While Archie was working with for your father, you were hanging out with Jughead. You two were planing out where you guys would go for your road trip. Tomorrow was the Fourth of July, meaning that you, Archie and Jughead were leaving bright and early. 

“How ‘bout we go to Canada?” You ask, face splitting into a wide grin. 

“How ‘bout we go to Never in a million days? That’s sounds nice.” Jughead replies. 

“You know, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re going against me. The only female you talk to other than the teachers, your mom and Betty.” You tease.

“And if I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re the only one I can tolerate other than Archie, Betty and my mom.”

“So, where are we going?”

“I think we should listen to what our hearts want when the time comes to leave.” 

“I think you’re right, we should stress it out. We gotta ask Archie when he comes home.” 

Grabbing the tv remote you turn it on to see The Goonies playing.

“You know, I think every time I’m here The Goonies is always playing.” He laughs.

“I think it’s fate.” You tease, bumping your shoulder against his. “How ‘bout you sleep here tonight. It’s almost midnight and I don’t want you walking home alone, in the dark. It’ll be like old times, without Archie though.” 

“Sure, I’m cool with that. I call the right side of the bed!” He shouts racing up the stairs towards your bedroom.

“God dammit Jones!” You laugh running after him. 

Running as fast your legs would take you, you raced after him. Reaching your room you failed to notice his foot sticking out and ended up a mess of laughter on your bed. He made his way next to you on the bed laughing and giggling. When he was sat next to you, you straddled his hips and started tickling him. Finally fighting back he flipped you two over so that he was on top of you. 

Exhausted from the tickle fight, both of panting hard, you were staring into each others eyes. Leaning down Jughead’s lips found yours in a gentle kiss, his hands that were on your waist traveled down to your hips. Your hands gravitated onto his cheeks, your thumbs brushing against them, as you kissed him back. You moved your hands to take his beanie off and tangle into his hair. His hands had moved under your shirt and thumbs stroking your bare skin. 

“I don’t suppose you like me?” You asked pulling away from the kiss.

“Definitely not” He replied capturing your lips in his again.

The first day of school was dreadful, all the drama with Cheryl, the new girl, Veronica and anything else made you want to cuddle up to Jughead. After what happened on the night were Archie didn’t come home and bailed on you guys, you and Jughead had started seeing each other more often. 

On the second week of school, the day after Cheryl was arrested, you and Jughead had been caught making out by your brother. It was funny explaining to Archie how it all started, the next day he told Betty and Veronica. That’s how everyone found out. 

But not all the secrets were out yet, hidden by the people you thought would tell you anything. 

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(No one’s sick of the “Everyone Lives” au right?”)

When Baze’s eyes opened all he saw was white. He thought for a moment that he must have been dead. He had become one with the Force, and all was white. That was right before the pain hit. It started in his chest and worked its way out as he gained awareness of himself. If this was the afterlife he had been very misled. He moved his arm and groaned. Suddenly there was a voice, “Baze!” and then a dark headed shadow entered his view. He blinked and focused on the face of Jyn hovering over him. Her face split into a grin. ‘You’re awake!“ she said brightly. Baze just blinked up at her, his brain still not kicking in.

"Little sister…” Baze muttered and blinked. “Where…”

“We’re on a medical ship,” Jyn said, letting out a breath. “You’ve been asleep for three days… we were evacuated right before…” Jyn’s voice dropped off and she swallowed hard. “We’ve… been taking shifts to wait with you…” Jyn said quietly.

Baze’s eyes widened as memory suddenly came to him, and he tried to sit up. He felt Jyn’s hands on his chest, pushing him back, but he easily moved past, ignoring the sudden flare of pain. “Chirrut,” he said. “Where is Chirrut?”

Jyn let out a breath and she stood up. “Baze, you have to lay down…”

“Where is he?” Baze roared at her, causing her to jump back, swallowing.

She held up her hands in a defensive position and then reached over, touching his arm. “Let’s go see him,” Jyn said, trying to give him a smile. Baze let out a breath and nodded, trying to relax and failing.

Jyn led him away, and Baze looked down at himself as he walked. He was in all white hospital clothes. Bandages restricted his movement in his arms and legs, and he could feel a bandage around his chest too. He’d have to ask where his robes and weapons were.

Jyn walked into another room, and Baze’s heart jumped into his throat. The room was filled with tanks, wall to wall, and all of them were occupied. The bacta baths they were in cast a cool blue light around the room, and in the one closest, was Chirrut. Baze would have recognized him anywhere, despite the breathing tube obscuring his face. Baze swallowed and moved over, touching the tank closest to Chirrut’s hand. “Is he…”

“He’s alive,” Jyn said quietly, swallowing. “He was dead when they found him… but then again, so were you, and you came back.” Baze swallowed and nodded, eyes glued to Chirrut.

“He’s been here for three days too?”

“Yeah,” Jyn said. “We should get you back to bed…”

“No,” Baze said firmly. “I’m going to stay here.”

Jyn paused then nodded. “Alright…”

Baze listened as Jyn walked away, and he shifted to sit down, finally tearing his eyes away and sitting with his back to the tank. He put his head back on the tank. “We did it, Fool… now you just have to come back to me.”


It was another week before they pulled Chirrut out of the tank and put him in a bed. In that time six people in the other tanks died and were taken away,  and Baze worried every day that each day would be their last. Baze was checked on every day by medical droids who insisted he go back to a bed to rest, but Baze refused, turning them away with a wave of his hand.

When they laid Chirrut on one of the beds, his breathing steady, and Baze pulled up a chair to the bed he nodded when the medical droids told him all they could do now was wait. Baze got settled in his chair. He could wait.

Over several days Baze watched the medical droids take care of Chirrut, how they moved his limbs and shifted him, how they cleaned him and redressed his wounds. Baze questioned everything they did until he understood Chirrut’s treatment.

After the eighth day, the medical droids stopped coming.

On the twelfth day, Baze had been pushing Chirrut’s legs in and out and then he heard his name, a whisper barely heard. He looked up at Chirrurt’s face, but he looked the same as ever, mouth slightly slack and head always leaning to one side or the other. Baze let out a breath, and he tilted his head down and went back to his work when he heard it again. When Baze’s head came up this time he saw Chirrut’s lips move, and Baze was up at his side in an instant. He caught Chirrut’s hand with his own as he lifted it, and Baze brought the hand to his lips, tears stinging his eyes.

“Baze?” Chirrut’s voice was quiet, and hoarse from lack of use. Something it had never experienced before.

“I’m here, I’m here,” Baze whispered against cool knuckles. “I’m here.”

“Where are we?”

“Medical ship,” Baze said quietly, letting Chirrut’s hand fall, but stubbornly refusing to let go.

“We did it?”

“We did it,” Baze said, biting his lip.

Chirrut nodded, but it was awkward and rigid. “Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m not hurt.”

“I am,” Chirrut tried to smile. He silent for a moment before he added, “and tired…”

Baze’s smile came easily to him, relief filling every muscle in his body. “You should rest, love, you need your strength.”

Chirrut let out a small chuckle, which was trying to be his full body laugh.


“You didn’t call me 'Fool’,” Chirrut teased.

Baze smiled and kissed Chirrut’s forehead. “You are living. Living is the least foolish thing you have ever done. Now rest.” Chirrut chuckled again before he closed his eyes again, and drifted off to sleep.

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Can you do one where (y/n) is a new character on the show but the fans don’t really like her and that makes her sad.

This isn’t the greatest, but im proud of it. I hope you like it @diesintheshower i did my best.

If anyone wants to be tagged in future posts, or wants to send in requests my inbox is always open. <3

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It was every Supernatural fans dream to be on Supernatural, even if it was just a small role. Everyone wanted to be on Supernatural, but for you that dream was a reality. But reality was no where as good as you had dreamed. 

When you were a kid you had acted in a few things, a commercial here a Disney show there. But they were always minor roles. So it came as a huge surprise when you auditioned for a small role on Supernatural, but instead they gave you a huge role instead. Instead of a one time role, you managed to get cast as a recurring character. They cast you as Sam’s daughter, that he had had fourteen years ago with someone, before he met Jess. 

The writers thought it would be a great idea, they wanted to bring a side of Sam out that they had never shown before. But the viewers didn’t like it as much as the writers thought they would. Just because the fans hated your character, apparently they also hated you.

Getting to film with Jared and Jensen and Misha was a whole new experience for you. These guys had been acting for longer than you had been alive, it was scary acting next to them because they were so good, and had so much experience. You learned after the first day they were anything but scary, they were big giant goof balls that loved to mess with each other. Your first episode would be airing tonight. Never in your mind would you have thought that the response you would get from the episode would be so negative.

After your last scene of the day Misha came up after and told you, 

“Since this is going to be your first episode tonight, we’re going to be having a party in Jensen’s trailer.” 

“Does Jensen know were having a party in his trailer? Last time you invited us to watch something in Jensen’s trailer he was asleep, and didn’t know we were coming over. My innocent eyes saw to much that night.” 

Misha snorted “Innocent eyes, you are the least innocent person here. You just try and act cute and harmless but I’m not stupid. I know the truth.” You batted your eyes at him, giving him puppy eyes. “Stop giving me that look, also yes Jensen does know that we are having a party in his trailer. He just doesn’t know that I’m ordering five pizzas off his credit cart.” Laughing you told him you would see him later tonight, and to make sure to order sausage pizza or you weren’t coming.

Because of the small roles you had been in the past you had a small following on social media. Before you headed off to Jensen’s trailer you tweeted a picture of you hugging Jared with the caption, “Pranking Jensen, laughing at Misha, the family business.” You posted it, plugged your phone in, because it was almost dead. Than left for Jensen’s trailer, excited to see your first episode. 

Opening the trailer door, you smelled pizza. You rushed inside to make sure you got some, knowing how fast these guys could eat. Scarfing down pizza you heard Jared laugh than say,

“Kid slow down, there is more than enough pizza here for all of us. And i don’t think Jensen would appreciate you puking all over his trailer, he has enough of that at home right now.”

You swallowed, looked up at Jared and than took as big of a bite as you could, mumbling, “fight me Jared,” around the food in your mouth.

Jared sighed, “kids these days.”

You took your shoe off than threw it at him, 

“Alright children please calm down the show is about to start, and i would like to watch it in peace.” 

You mouthed to Jared that it wasn’t over, before going back to your pizza when Jensen gave you a stern look. Hearing the show start you felt your nerves go away, you couldn’t wait to watch it.”

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What's the fun in That?

Prompt: “You could say you’re sorry you know.” “Now what’s the fun in that?”

Relationship: Bruce Wayne x Reader

Warnings: FLUFF

Date Finished/ 12/31/16

A/N: I thought this was a cute idea so yeah. Go ahead and send in some requests for me to write, I’d love for my readers to be happy with my writing instead of just guessing. (Maybe some New Years prompts WHO knows?)

“What the Hell?” You mumbled groggily as you reach out to where Bruce should be sleeping but instead found the cold empty sheets. “God dammit Bruce.”

You slowly get up, pulling on your robe as you walk to the entrance of the batcave knowing that’s where you’d find Bruce at this time of night. Sure enough when you went downstairs and entered the cave, Bruce sat staring at the bat computer.

“You know, I go to sleep with you expecting you to be there when I wake up.” You said sarcastically crossing your arms and approaching him.

“I had work to do.” He mutters not looking away from the screen.

“Like what? Everyone’s in Arkham, and I’m sure the boys can handle a couple muggers and rapists.” You assured him. “I would know because I stayed up waiting for you all last week while you put their asses into Arkham.”

You took a seat on his lap, putting your arms around his neck. “What I’m trying to say is give yourself a break, and come to bed before I make you sleep on the couch.”

“One second dear.” He says typing away on the computer.

“That’s it you’re so sleeping on the couch tonight.” You laugh getting off of his lap only to be pulled back onto it by strong arms grabbing your waist.

“Oh dear, however will I be allowed to sleep in our cozy bed with my beautiful spouse?” He mumbles into your neck lovingly.

“You could start by saying you’re sorry.” You say giving him a playful look.

“Now what’s the fun in that?” He says playfully.

“Bruce Wayne, better yet the Batman, having fun?” You say laughing. “My god I must’ve broken you.”

“Now if anything you’ve completed me.” He says picking you up and carrying you to your bedroom . “and I’m sure I can take a night off of work.”

“Good. The bags under your eyes are starting to look like they belong in a Coach store.”

anonymous asked:

What would the Outsiders do if their girl was just working so hard trying to help her family and keep up with school assignments and spend time with friends and sometimes their girl forgets to eat/doesn't get enough sleep and one day she just drops?

A/N: I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with, and I just want all of my followers to know this: Always take care of yourselves, lovelies. Please, please, please do not over stress yourself. Take time to relax and be super gentle with yourselves. You’re all amazing and I love you loads and loads!

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dallas: Dally’s all about having fun, so he’d notice that something was up, but wouldn’t address it at first. He’d tell you to slow down, take a look around you and eat something; Maybe even live a little.

Yet if you didn’t and you just dropped, he’d freeze up. He wouldn’t know what to do. He’d be mad as hell too! But not in a harsh way. “You work too hard. You’re gonna work yourself six feet under and in a hospital bed if you keep this up!” he’d roar. He’d only be yelling at you because he knows no other way of handling things. He’d be straight to the point. No beating around the bush.

Darry: Darry wouldn’t notice at first. He’s caught up in his own life and has most of that same issue going on for him. Though, if he started noticing changes in your mood or the way that you looked (e.g. you’re super tired and hungry all the time) he’d definitely swoop in and save the day.

If you right out collapsed, he’d catch you. Just like Superman. He’d sit you down like an adult and talk this out with you and find a way in which he can aid you, so you’re not taking the whole load on your own. He’d understand you completely in this sense, because he knows what it’s like to over work yourself, but he’d be protective. He’d be cross that you didn’t come to him sooner or later. “You know that you can come to me at any time, baby. I’ll hear you out and pitch in somehow.” he’d reassure you.

Sodapop: Soda would notice in a heart beat that you’re carrying more than your share of the load. He’d tell you to slow down, take a minute to breath and he’d be super sweet about it. He’d ensure that you’re always eating and make sure you’re getting the best sleep possible.

If you straight out fainted in front of him he’d catch you. He’d be so worried about you. He’d make sure that he took things off your plate, working more hours to help you and your family. He’d take you out and make sure you had time to relax. He’d make sure you’re being gentle with yourself and taking care of your body, mind and soul. “Don’t do this to yourself! You mean the world to me and someday you’re gonna wind up in the hospital! I ain’t gonna let that happen to ya!” he’d state lovingly to you.

Ponyboy: He’d notice like a metal detector notices metal? But seriously, he’d ask Sodapop for advice and approach you in an attentive manner. If that didn’t sink in, he’d get his gang to help you out in whatever way. Ponyboy is a sweetheart, he’d make sure you’re eating and sleeping properly. He’d make sure that you’re doing swell.

If you dropped in front of him he’d be distraught. He’d get mad, but only mad that you’re driving yourself to sickness. “You’ve gotta stop this, (Y/N)! You’re hurtin’ yourself and I can’t stand it! You mean everythin’ to me and I ain’t gonna watch you overload yourself with so much stuff. I’m helpin’. Whether you like it or not!” he’d exclaim, almost in tears.

Johnny: Johnny would be worried beyond belief. He’d seek out Dally’s and the gang’s aid in this situation. He’d beg and plead with you to take things easy, because he’d see the effect that it’s having on you.

If you collapsed Johnny would be distraught. He’d break down. He can’t lose you! “You’ve gotta stop this nonsense, (Y/N)! You’re makin’ yourself sick and I can’t look at ya like this no more. You’re not eatin’ or sleepin’ properly. God dammit! You just fainted! Just stop doin’ this to yourself. Let me help!” he’d cry out.

Steve: Steve would notice something’s up, however he wouldn’t press on it. He’d wait for you to come to him. Though if things went too far and you weren’t eating or sleeping, he’d definitely take some sort of action.

You’re makin’ yourself sick! Your ma and pa should be workin’ this hard, not you! Here, take this. If I see you doin’ this again, I’m gonna work twice as hard to help you out. Ya hear me?” he’d snap at you, handing you his entire paycheck. And if you fainted, that would be it! Steve would sit you down and have a talk. He’d give you the majority of his paycheck to help you out in some way. He’s not going to have his girl work harder than she should.

Two-bit: He wouldn’t notice it. It’s not that he doesn’t care, it’s just that he’s usually drunk or cracking jokes. He’d definitely crack jokes about it. He wouldn’t know what to do and would probably ask Darry for some help.

If you collapsed and he knew it wasn’t a part of your skits then he’d freak out. He’d grow serious, which would startle the gang. He’d be so worried! “Baby, you gotta stop this. You just collapsed! I’m no doctor, but you look exhausted. Just put your feet up for awhile. Let me help.” he’d plead with you.

Tim: Tim Shepard would react more aloof and stonily to this topic. He knows the harshness about living on the poorer side of town and he wouldn’t really think much of it. He’d help you out when he could, for sure. But once you started having no time for him and he noticed a drop in your health… he’d take action.

If you collapsed he’d cuss, get cross. “What the hell do you think you’re doin’? You’ve gotta balance this shit out before you get yourself in the hospital. You remember the things you need, right? Good. Now stop this crap and take it easy. And if you don’t, so help me God I’ll kill your boss!” he’d snarl at you.

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Simpson Smut for anon x

{I know you like it sweet}

You woke up with Brads arm around your waist and his scent tingling your nostrils. You were so happy that every day was now going to be like this, and you and Brad had just moved into your own house together. You turned around and faced Bradley’s naked torso, you traced down his torso with your fingertips until he shivered.

“Wakey Wakey.” You sang softly.

“Mmm.” He mumbled pulling you in with the small of your back. Bradley’s hand travelled your waist and rested on your underwear covered bottom. “What happened to your pyjama pants?” He murmured.

“Someone forgot to turn the air con on last night, so I took them off in my sleep.” You replied.

“Someone should do that more often.” Said Brad as he felt around some more.

“Come on we have to take care of those cakes! Your parents will be here in 2 hours.” You threw the covers off to reveal Brad in his boxers, god dammit you wished you could both stay in bed.

“Okay but can we take care of this first?” Brad pointed at his obvious morning wood.

“No now come on Brad.” You yanked him off the bed.

You got Brad into the kitchen and then you started getting the ingredients out of the cupboards.
“Wait aren’t we gonna get dressed first?” Brad asked.

“We have to start making these early otherwise there won’t be time. So no, we are doing this in our underwear.” You answered him, retrieving a bowl from the shelf.

“But ugh…how am I supposed to cook when my hot girlfriend is standing here half naked?!”

“Deal with it.” You winked, being the tease you are you bent down to get the cake mix.

“Ugh this is gonna be a long morning.” Bradley groaned.


You took your time to pour the mix delicately into the cake holders. Your hair kept falling in your eyes so you blew it away. You felt Brads hand move your hair to the the other side of your neck. “Thanks Bra-”

Bradley left a trail of kisses down your neck to our collar bone. “Please Y/N.” His voice cracked and you knew he couldn’t take it any more. His pushed his bulge against you from behind and you felt yourself become instantly wet. You moved your neck more to give him easier access. He sucked and licked your neck as he moved his bulge against you.

You turned around attached your lips to his roughly. He kissed you with the same force and cupped your ass with both hands as he pushed you against the counter. Brad ripped your pyjama top off and squeezed your breasts as he grinded against your heat. You yanked his boxers down and took his dick in your hands. You moved your hand up and down causing Brad to start breathing erratically. “Ugh Y/N.”

You kept this action up until he moved your hand away. “I need to fuck you now.” He moaned.

Moments later you were both on the kitchen floor. Brad pulled your underwear off and entered you swiftly. Brad held your hands above your head as he thrusted into you. Your legs shook uncontrollably as your orgasm took over both of you.

You both lay there panting as Brad chuckled slightly. You turned to him as you lay there on the kitchen tiles.
“You always get your way don’t you Simpson.”

“Get used to it baby.” He replied.

@violetmoon123 replied to your post: anyone at all ever: oh i love your hair! it’s so…

Liz you’re a sweetheart x’D
Now I want to re-dye my hair. God dammit Lizzzz XDDD. I can almost see the shower the first few nights. Purple. Everywhere. My back? Purple. My pillow? Purple. My sans plush that I’ve taken to cuddling while I sleep? Purple.

omg i feel like i knew you had purple hair but i was still surprised somehow?? anyway you should absolutely redye your hair just wear a towel or something to bed

Send me a number and a member and I’ll write you a drabble

1. “You found my USB but you were NOT supposed to look through my files!”

2. “Hey, isn’t that mine?”

3. “Great! Let’s do it!”

4. “I think this is the part where you say thank you.”  

5. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this.”

6. “Where are you?”

7. “You’re such a nerd.”

8. “This all your fault! I can’t believe I let you drag me into this!”

9. “If anyone finds out I swear to my undug grave I’m going to kill you!”

10. “Who the hell took my… Oh.”

11. “Is there a reason you keep looking at me when you think I don’t notice?”

12. “Why did you keep this from me?”

13. “I almost lost you.”

14. “I need you.”

15. “I’m… right here.”

16. “Just so you know this doesn’t change anything.”

17. “I had a perfect plan and you just had to ruin it didn’t you?”

18. “Of course I’m on your side! Always.”

19. “I might hate you but dammit I’m not going to lose you too.”

20. “Okay fine, but you have to dance with me. I don’t care if there’s no music.”

21. “Of course I’m not jealous! Maybe you’re the jealous one!”

22. “I liked you so much better when you were just the nice boy from the coffee shop.”

23. “Oh thank god you don’t know what’s going on too!”

24. “I’m sorry. I should’ve known.”

25. “Did you just…? Oh I am so making you pay for that!”

26. “We can be alone together!”

27. “I think I might just be mad a little longer because you’re being really cute right now and I’m enjoying it.”

28. “No it’s not okay but right now you have to pretend it is.”

29. “Please? For me.”

30. “Oh my god what the hell did you do?”

31. “Wow! I did not see that one coming.”

32. “Oh so you’re that guy!”

33. “I need a ride home but you’re a stranger.”

34. “You have to let me sleep over because my roommate kicked me out and I have no intention of going outside in this thunderstorm!”

35. “I should not have said that. Dammit I really should not have said that.”

36. “And now you’re giving me that look. Great!”

37. “I know you’re just my neighbour and we don’t know each other but I really need to borrow your first aid kit.”

38. “How can you not like my favourite character? Are you crazy? There must be something wrong with you!”

39. “That doesn’t even make any sense!”

40. “Please don’t leave me tonight.”

41. “I’m terrified.”

42. “Stop looking at me like that!”

43. “You’re sitting at my desk. No it doesn’t have my name on it. I know it’s not allocated seating. But it’s my desk!”

My reactions through RWBY Volume 4: Chapter 8

This is gonna be somewhat long and very spoilery. So be warned.

-Ohh camp fire scene. Jumping right into where we left.
-Qrow drinking while injured? What else do I expect from him. Maybe with all that alcohol he has in his body, it would kill the poison?
-Told them off-screen? I dig it.
-Team RNJR seems to be following pretty well.
-So is the Wizard’s power like that too? Like Ozpin said his and Oscar’s soul combined. So is it the same? Does Qrow know?
-Well if you say it like that, Jaune. It makes them sound manipulative.
-He has a point Jaune. They gave her a choice and she said yes. Probably because of that pep talk you did.
-Jaune. Wait. Come back. Don’t be mad.
-Yes. Back to explaining. Back to being vague as possible.
-Uncle Qrow is best Uncle, just putting it out there.
-Yeah, why not Qrow? You could protect them better if you’re with them.
-Jaune, come on. Don’t be like that. Qrow wouldn’t do that.
-Qrow you better explain yourself right now.
-Qrow not putting yourself in a good light here. I love your relationship with Ruby. Don’t ruin it now.
-Thank you Jaune for voicing our question.
-Religion? Oooohhhh…..  We’re touching this subject now.
-Story time!
-They better make a WoR episode of this.
-The younger brother has some major issues. I tell you that.
-So Humankind was made by light and dark? Okay I dig it.
-Ren! Don’t ruin it!
-So is Ozpin mortal? Qrow said Ozpin’s ‘predecessor’.

-Oh. Back for some Blake.
-Kali is best mom in RWBY, other than Summer. From what we’ve seen and heard so far, she seems to be the only living mother who gives a damn.
-That being said. Sun! Don’t tell Kali too much!
-Blake. It’s gonna be fine. It’s just your dad…. that you haven’t seen in a while most probably.
-Ghira is also best dad. All the dads are best dad except for Weiss’ dad.
-Father and daughter so awkward. I can’t. I just can’t.
-Awwww…… Blake… It’s okay…. Do’t cry…. Everything is gonna be okay…..
-Blake…. My poor cat child….
-I just want Ghira, Taiyang, and Qrow to meet up and beat up Jacques.
-Yes. We are asking that as well. Come on Blake tell him.
-SUN! NO! You just ruined the moment!
-Come on Ghira. Give him a chance. He’s a sweet guy. A bit silly but still sweet.

-Back to Team RNJR and Qrow. I mean I don’t mind but where’s Yang and Weiss?
-Jaune, you are asking the same questions Pyrrah asked.
-I sense some kind of underlying anger from Qrow. I may be reading into it but come on.
-Qrow, if you don’t know then what do we do now?!
-Contact Neptune, Scarlet, and Sage! They may know something!
-Ruby my poor Silver Eyed child. It’s okay. Qrow loves and trusts you.
-Oh Qrow…. You’re still awesome to us.
-I have a feeling he blames himself for the bad things that happens to friends and family.
-Jaune, don’t be mean. He’s trying here. What have you done this past four volumes huh?
-Qrow. No walks. Bad things happen to people ‘taking a walk’
-Look a bird. Is it Raven? Tell me it’s Raven.
-Qrow sees the bird. It has to be Raven.

-Back to Blake right away. Okay.
-Sun you done goofed that’s what you did.
-Oh what did you have to tell Blake?
-More info about the White Fang?
-But Blake! I wanna hear what Sun has to say!
-Sun stop! Blake, calm down
-Getting serious Romione vibes now. I don’t know what to feel. I love BlackSun but I don’t like Romione.
-Ominous music is ominous.
-Yes thank you Sun for vocalizing our thoughts,
-Wait Blake where are you going? BLAKE!
-Kali! Your daughter uh…..
-Sun! Explain a bit better than that!

-Back to Team RNJR and Qrow…. Again
-Yeah, you should. no point staying in your sleeping bag.
-Qrow…? You okay?
-It’s purple? Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit.
-Qrow don’t die! I swear to the gods above if you die, I will riot.
-How are you so calm?!
-Gods dammit Roosterteeth!

salvachester  asked:

(testing ask limit...) Let's talk about Dean's legs, or how I like to call them, "The Bowlegs of Sex" :D

Hahaha!!! That’s just hilarious… if you’d see my tag on the post I just reblogged LOL

But, yes…. let’s discuss those sexy legs of his!!

DAMMIT that is sexy as hell.  Look at the way his hips move. LOOK. Makes my mouth water.

The 20 Tongues of Wade Wilson





“Wade, he’s just my friend.”
“Well then you need better “just friends”.
“Like you?”

“Hold on tight, babe.”
“No, I was gonna let go and allow myself to get flung into traffic.”
“Adventurous? My kinda lady.”

“Screw you, Wilson.”
“When and where? I’ll be two hours early.”

“You’re gonna be okay, okay? You gotta stay with me sweetheart.”
“Well, shit.”

“The fuck did you do?”
“This is why Thanos can’t stand you.”

“Pool? You okay?”

“Do you love me?”
“I don’t know, do I?”
“Wrong universe, babe.”

“Go the fuck to sleep.”

“You can’t just come crawling through my window at 2 a.m. expecting me to patch your dumb ass up!”
“Fffffssss…” Thump!
“Dammit, Wade. You’re getting blood on my carpet.”

“I think that’s enough for you.”
“Yuck fou.”

“You’re beautiful sometimes.”
“Sometimes? Tsk. Very smooth.”
“Just thought you should know.”

“You’re pathetically pervy.”
“You’re heartbreakingly curvy.”
“Oh my God- you smashed avocado!”

“I think I love you.”
“I think you need sleep.”
“You’re probably right.”

“You’re leg’s broken.”
“I’m not mad, Wade.”
“I can see Lucifer in your eyes, babe. Don’t even try that shit.“
“I’m not mad.”
“Yes. You are.”
“Maybe a little.”
“If you had something sharp you’d gouge my eyeballs out.”
“… Yeah, stay over there.”

“Happy birthday!”
“It’s my birthday?”
“Yes you dipshit now blow out the candles.”

“That demon spawn sure is something.”
“Don’t let this one go, Wade.”
“I couldn’t if I needed to.”

“Happy birthday!!!”
“You… Made me an actual cake?”
“‘Course I did!”
“Why is my bullshit detector is going off.”
“I had Wolvie order one from that place downtown.”

“Face it baby, you loooooove me.”
“Yeah, whatever, Pooly.”


“Mon cheri, your pumpkin awaits!”
“Shut up and get in the damn mini van, Wade.”

“Be serious with me for a minute.”
“What’s your condom size?”
“Too big for manufacture.”
“Mmm? Mmm. I’m impressed.”

Got tagged twice (twagged) so now I'm legally obligated to take part

I was tagged by the amazin’ Lancyann.tumblr.com and the great Oxytocin-iv.tumblr.com!

Name: David Michael Chandler

Nickname: David “David Michael Chandler” Michael Chandler

Birthday: August 31st

Height: 6'1"

Time zone: Pacific

What time & date it is there: Check when I posted it.

What time & date it is in Antarctica: I assume it crosses all the time zones, so it depends.  Stop thinking of Antarctica as having one time zone, that’s offensive.

Average hours of sleep i get each night: 7 or 8.

Rl otp: No idea what this means

Other otps: Still no idea what this means.  I know I could Google it, but I’d rather be honest.

Okay, I Googled it, and it means “one true pairing”?  Maybe?  I guess it’s a fandom thing.  I don’t really get into it and it’s something I’m glad people enjoy doing, but it’s not for me.  "Shipping" and fan fiction and fan art are things I “get” but wouldn’t ever do.  I like doing my own thing too much and don’t have any inclination to draw other people’s characters or really think about them (don’t take that as me saying there is something wrong with it, since I think people should do what makes them happy).

The last thing I googled was: I couldn’t remember production designer Dante Ferretti’s name, so I Googled movies I knew he worked on.

My most used phrases: “Ooph", “God dammit”, “Sigh”.

First word that comes to mind: CHICKNEN.  

What I last said to a family member: “I’ll never forgive you”, and then they all fell into a volcano so I’ll always regret my last words to them.

One place that makes me happy and why: Home, in my room, at my desk.

How many blankets I sleep under: Zero. I use a sheet. I’m never cold.

Favorite beverage: Ice tea or diet cola.  Cold drinks with caffeine that aren’t too sweet (regular soda is too sweet).

Last movie I watched at the cinemas was: I don’t remember. I don’t get to see movies in theaters much.

Three things I can’t live without: Work, family, if I had a dog then a dog would make the list.

Something I plan on learning: How to pay rent on time.  And Espanol.

A piece of advice for all my followers: Do whatcha wanna!  

And if ya spam or act like a jerk, don’t be upset if people unfollow. Just do things how you want to do them and don’t worry so much.  Post what you like and not what you hope others like.  If folks unfollow ya don’t want them anyways!

If you’re an artist, that goes doubly so… do art you like and not what you hope Tumblr will go for.  But at the same time, try not to be too angry if ya do stuff you like but others just don’t respond to it. It’s how it works!  Keep doing what ya do and the right people will enjoy it.

You all have to listen to this song: I don’t think everyone has to listen to it, but “White Rabbit” by the Jefferson Airplane has been stuck in my head (I never listened to them because I felt their 80s incarnation as “Starship” was so lame, but their 60s stuff is pretty good), along with “Basement Scene” by Deerhunter and “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” by the Geto Boys (it’s one of the best songs and videos ever).

My blog(s): Just “The Daily Doodles”, and the Spanish version called “El Garabato del Dia”.  My good friend in Spain translates the stories and poems for me :-)

my thoughts during school

I’m cold
holy shit, shut up
oh my god, you’re annoying
I wonder if they like me
nah, they probably don’t
I hope no one saw that
wow I’m an idiot
I can’t do this
I just wanna sleep
I should really kill myself
aw, why is it snowing again
why can’t people walk in the hallways
I wanna go home

Pointless proposal drabble I wrote last night- Dan version

Phil’s version

Ship: Phan

Genre: fluff

Prompt: Everyone is at the vidcon party, but Dan decides to take Phil on a nice night stroll to look at the stars (and propose lmao). The proposal is awkward, and probably the worst proposal in the history of proposals, but somehow, Phil still says yes.

Word count: 1,543

“So, are you guys really not coming?”

“Yeah, our meet up was really long, we’re exhausted.” Phil walks Cat to the hotel room door.

“You have fun though!” Dan waves.

As soon as the door closes, the two boys land on the couch, legs sprawled on top of each other. They both sigh and stay silent for a couple of minutes, just appreciating each other’s presence and the quiet hum of the hotel room AC.

Just as Phil is about to fall asleep, Dan slowly shakes him awake. “Phil?”

Phil yawns, slowly opening his eyes and peering up at Dan who is now sitting next to him very stiffly.

“Hey Phil, I was thinking, maybe we could- maybe we could go for a walk?”

“Right now?”

“Yeah, right now.”

“Dan, we just told Cat we couldn’t go to the party because we wanted to rest.”

“Yes I know, but I know this really pretty place and I, I um think you’d like it a lot.”

“Are you asking me out on a date, Daniel?”

“Pfffft noooo tsk maybeee,” Dan says motioning with his hands as he looks up at the ceiling being overdramatic.

Phil smiles. “Okay.”

“Okay? Really? Yes, cool, you’re gonna love it!”

The two boys put their shoes on and Dan calls for a taxi. They drive for about 40 minutes, the sky getting more illuminated by stars as they keep going. Soon there are no buildings and hardly any cars, just trees and grass. Dan tells the taxi driver where to stop, and they get out.

As soon as the taxi leaves, Dan takes hold of Phil’s hand. They stroll down the hill, not saying a word, just content with the silence they were sharing. Suddenly, Dan stops and points to an area with less trees. 

“Let’s go there.”

Phil follows him and sits down next, never letting go of his hand.

“This is so pretty, Dan.”

“It is, isn’t it?”

Phil nods, resting his head on Dan’s shoulder and sighing. They look up at the stars tracing them in the air with their fingers.

“Thank you Dan, this is really relaxing. I’m happy.”

Dan grins to himself, quietly digging his nails into the dirt.

“I-I want to make you happy all the time, Phil.”

Phil chuckles. “You already do.”

“But I want to make you happier forever.”

“You will probably make me happy forever without even trying.”

Dan sighs in frustration and laughs. “Phil, no, that’s not where I’m getting at.”

“Well, what are you getting at, then?”

“So ummm..” Dan scratches his head and quickly sits up, crossing his legs and facing Phil.

Intrigued, Phil does the same, propping his elbow on one of his knees.

“Phil, I uh- fuck,” dan reaches in his pocket and pulls out a crumpled piece of paper with messy hand writing all over it. Dan clears his throat and starts reading from the paper. “Phil Lester. You are an incredible man, who I hold very dearly in my heart. Together we have shared unforgettable memories. Countless skype calls, endless hours of late night netflix marathons and cuddles. You are- shit what does this say?”

Phil laughs, trying to peer over dan’s paper. “Having a hard time there?”

“I wrote this at 5am, my handwriting is illegible, Phil.” Dan’s breath quickens. This is not going as planned. In his mind everything would go so smoothly. He would sound romantic and Phil would swoon at the words that sounded better when he was sleep deprived. So far, all he’d managed to do was make Phil laugh. Which in itself wasn’t quite that bad. Dan adored Phil’s laugh.

“Okay, Phil, i’m gonna- i’m trying to- god dammit-”

Phil takes the paper from Dan’s shaking hands. “Okay, let ME read it.”

“Phil no, i don’t think you should, i mean it’s-”

“Hush Daniel.”

Phil looks down at the paper, trying to smooth it out. “These are just bullet points, Dan,” he laughs.

“Yeah, well-”

“ ‘I love your morning bed hair’ aww. You’ve told me that countless times, but it’s still sweet, thank you.”

Dan blushes, his hands rubbing against his dark jeans. God this was horrible, this was so horrible, this was the worst thing that could ever happen. Why did he have to be so god damn awkward all the time!?

“ ‘you make me so so so so so so content and happy everyday’ isn’t content and happy just the same thing?”

“It was for emphasis, Phil.”

“Are all the tiny hearts at the top around my name for emphasis too?”

“Stop teasing me you big moron, this was a bad idea, I’m sorry.” Dan reaches over to grab the paper but Phil pulls it away from him.

“Okay okay okay fine I won’t make fun of you, okay bear?”

Dan feels shivers going down his spine. He loved it when Phil called him bear, and even though he had heard him call him that multiple times, it was still soothing and calmed him down.

“ ‘sunshine’ This just says sunshine.”

“Well, because you are the sunshine of my life! You make me very happy each and everyday.”

Phil stares at Dan, soft smiling eyes and an overwhelmed heart. He keeps going down the bullet list, reading each bullet point carefully as Dan explained each of them.

“ ‘life’. What does this one mean?”

“Okay, yeah, this is the part where I would set down the paper and talk by myself.”

Phil lowers the paper “Well, then, why don’t you give it a go?”

Dan wipes his sweaty palms on his jeans and takes one of Phil’s hands firmly. “Phil I- I love you very much,” he sighs “Okay, I know death is inevitable and what we have will be a mere memory of deceased people millions of years from now, but while I am here on this earth, I am sure that I love you. And I intend to make my short human life well lived. The universe is so big and infinite, and there are billions of people all clustered together in this tiny tiny planet; out of this crazy universe and all the meaningless lives everyone has, the only one that matters to me is yours. I want do everything- anything, Phil, to make sure your life is well lived. To make sure you make the most out of your contagiously bubbly personality. I want you to be happy. I want you to be so happy you think you might burst. And I want to be the one making you feel like that. I want to be the one waking up next to you every morning and fill your face with meaningless kisses. I want to say I love you so many times, it won’t even sound like a sentence anymore. It’s also the only thing, in the middle of this confusing and absurd life that was given to me, that I am completely sure about. I am so utterly in love with you. And I want you to know that. I want you to know that no matter what, no matter how difficult everything gets, no matter how confusing life seems- at least there is one thing you can be sure about. I love you. I love you so much god dammit. I- Phil- Phil. Will you marry me?”

Phil’s face is blank, his eyes glassy, his hands slowly letting go of the paper.

“Well you know- i mean- if you want. I- I know this wasn’t the best proposal and- god oh my god it was probably the worst proposal! Oh god Phil- I can- I can do it again. Like. Re-propose. I’ll make it romantic and amazing I swear- I’m sorry I screwed up it’s okay if you-”

Dan is cut off by the sudden feeling of Phil’s lips on his own. Phil kisses him desperately, grabbing his cheeks, burying his fingers in his hair, his own wet cheeks rubbing against Dan’s. “Shut up, just shut up, yes! Yes I want to marry you!” Phil says in between short breaths.

Dan laughs into the kiss, making Phil laugh too. Soon, they have both pulled away and are holding their stomachs as they let out loud and cheerful laughs.

Dan quickly leans back towards Phil, shakily and rapidly running his hands up phil’s side, up to his chin. “Oh my god. Oh my god!!” he laughs, tears streaming down his red face. “You said yes!”

Phil chuckles. “I said yes.”

“You said yes after that awful speech and all the stuttering!?”

“Hey.” Phil grazes his thumb over Dan’s jawline and fixes one single tiny curl out of Dan’s eye. “That speech was- That was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. You make me so happy, Dan. I love y-”



“The ring, oh god I forgot the ring I am such an idiot!” Dan pulls away and hurriedly looks through his bag pack, pulling out a small velvet box and opening it, revealing a thin golden ring. He takes it and gently slides it on Phil’s ring finger.

He looks up at Phil who wastes no time in rubbing their noses together and pressing a gentle kiss on Dan’s lips

“I love you so much, bear.”

Dan kisses phil slowly, intertwining their fingers. “I love you too.”

~the end~

Phil’s version