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Saeran POV head canon thing/late night Yooran feels

Ok ok but like I think about yooran so much?? I like got many ideas I can’t deal with them?? Like Saeran has Yoosung in his phone contacts as ‘My Sunshine’ and he really loves talking with him and seeing him and it’s just so good and fuck this ship is gonna kill me?? Like he also gets really bad dreams n stuff about hurting Yoosung and that’s scares him so bad and he gotta call or text him to make sure he’s ok. Also will like death glare at anyone who looks at Yoosung wrong, he can go from sweet to I will cut u in .5 seconds if needed.


So like a nerd I headed straight for the Rito village for advancing the main story of the game…they’re my favorite Zelda race (BIRD PEOPLE! WINGS!!), and I love the outfit you can buy there, it’s neat and viking-esque and cute!! ;v; I couldn’t decide which color cast I liked better though, so here’s both.

I spent all this time goofing off in the wild, I just now finished my first “Divine Beast” dungeon…it was amazing, and I’m glad to see the story side of this game certainly does not disappoint! :’D


(this is emo but for some reason i really like the lyric “check my vital signs to know i’m still alive” and i’ve been thinking about “we’re still alive, stockholm” since last night so i giffed it for myself from the video i got of it,,,,)

I don’t understand why they’re doing it…
I mean, I know for sure that the majority of the otayuri shippers have already blocked all the anti blogs they have come across since otayuri came to be months ago, so they’re not gonna see the spam in the tag, ever
I’m having so much fun seeing antis spamming a tag where almost no one is ever gonna give a damn about it x°D
Like, antis are posting pictures just for other antis to see?
The shippers who see the spam are just laughing about it so it’s amazing 😂
Please keep going, otayuri is gonna trend thanks to all of you! 😂😂😂
I swear I’ll start blocking after this calms down, or I’m gonna die of laughter and I ain’t gonna give antis the satisfaction! 🖒


More AinxElsword x Beauty and the Beast ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

Supplement of the previous one~

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it's 8:49 nd i'm dying at uni but i'm thinking about joon being cute also about bea's face when she was talking about him and at one point thought about all force one and her expression changed to one of complete admiration

ppffFFFFFFFF EVEN IF YOU’D HIT THAT ANON OPTION AND LET MY EFFING NAME OUT OF IT IT’D BE CRYSTAL CLEAR WHO IT IS hello my sweetest dude my bromeo i hope you’ll be able to power-nap in between classes or properly later and that guk follows you into your dreams and next time i won’t stop gushing abt his bunny teeth for 15mins (also we do not talk abt my facial pudding when it comes to kim namjoon or bts in general or YOU /pokes cheek)

have a good one slay them with your grin reaper looks anja!!!!!!

that’s me laughing abt bashful you bC I TOLD YOU TO SLEEP

this is me ripping the ninth cup of coffee from your trembling fINGERS STOP

this is me pretending to know what a healthy sleep schedule is and telling u abt it my dude 

and this is my attempt to bring you home when you pASS OUT BC OF NO SLEEP

this is me smashing myself on top of you bc i haven’t slept either hAH

but srsly rest lots when you’re back home look you’re chim i’m taeguk and next time you better listen to good ol’ bea’s shark bedtime stories and go to bed my love >:^(

Anonymously (or nah) tell me what time it is there and what you’re thinking about.

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To that other anon: it is never, EVER okay to tell someone to kill themselves. That's a completely ridiculous response to not liking someone's drawings. Presumably you're here because you, too, love FMA. What would Arakawa say if she saw the messages you just sent? What would Riza say? Cmon guys. And for the record, I love your drawings and how much fun you clearly have with them!

Wise anon… listen to wise anon! Wise anon has blessed you all with powerful knowledge! I bow to wise anon. Praise wise anon! Lift wise anon to the heavens!!

But in all seriousness, thank you so much for this. You tell em anon! 4 for you anon! You go anon! Thank you for your words. I hope that person reads this and understands. But enough about that guy! I’m here to bow down to you!

Thank you thank you thank you i love you you wonderful person and I wish you all the best in life and i wish you all the happiness in the world!! Bless wise anon! Wise anon for president!!

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5 and 14 :D

5. Favourite villain

Doflamingo! I admire how Oda created his story and the reasons why he’s evil. And Big Mom, what I like most about her is that she’s not the typical villain in One Piece who wants power. In the chapter 854, she was so happy talking about how the Vinsmoke’s blood will splatter everywhere. Damn, she’s creepy.

14. Most hated moment

Hmm, when that stupid Tenryuubito shot Hachi. In general, the introduction to the Tenryuubitos in Sabaody, how Oda demostrated how shitty disgusting they are. UGH, I hate them and every scene they appear.

Thanks for asking!! :DD


Well then, my week has changed!

We’re due to get a blizzard on Tuesday (12 inches or more expected last I heard), so I figured I’d be calling out of work that day because my itty bitty baby Ford Focus can’t handle snow, and I have to go out to my farthest store, which is a good 30-40 minutes away and all back roads.  Bad combination.

I just got an email from the boss saying work’s been cancelled Monday AND Tuesday.

So.  Damn!  Looks like I’ve got all the free time I could want to work on my Patreon stuff.  AND I just picked up a little commission tonight, which means I can buy some groceries too!  After having such a rough day, this is the best way to end my night.  :D