i should be revising for history as well

so it’s the last few months of junior year and it seems like everything is coming at you at once.  Breathe.  You’ve got this.  Even though it seems crazy now, if you manage your time well you’ll be good! 

  • AP exams are coming up - prepare a month or so early.  As a junior you’re most likely taking one or more APs and when it comes to studying content, be it a math, science, history or english AP, the earlier you start the better off you’ll be. 
  • Taking 4-6 AP exams at once? I’m in the same boat as you!  budgeting time is key for each subject.  Each day you should being doing daily revision for each of the topics.  Don’t designate full days to cram all the information from one subject in.  Long term exposure to content is guaranteed to help you remember it. 
  • DO take a break every now and then - if you work super hard throughout the week leave Friday evening to yourself.  Read a book, take a walk, exercise, hang out with friends just do whatever makes you happy
  • PRACTICE!!! This may seem obvious but too many of my friends just read the prep books or notes without actually practicing applying all the knowledge.  Knowing the information is one thing, but practicing will make everything smoother and will allow you to identify your weaknesses. 
  • do NOT procrastinate - ESPECIALLY during April.  It’s imperative that you put in a lot of effort in this month and it will all pay off in May. 
  • understand that you are not obliged to have to hang out with friends if you have to prioritize studying first.  Communicate to your friends that this is an important time so they may be seeing less of you if there is a social concern. 
  • find what study methods works for you - I am a very physical person. whenever exam season comes around I’m making mindmaps and plastering them all over the walls in my room.  it allows me to collect my thoughts. find out what works for you and stick to it. 
  • Don’t let others scare you - this may seem a bit obscure but you know how when you hear someone else talk about how many hours or how many practice tests they did, you get anxious? Don’t get anxious - people have different ways of studying and for them billions of recopies of notes may work but that doesn’t mean they’re any more prepared than you are with your style of studying. 
  • DO stay healthy - this is so important and I mean staying healthy in all ways.  Eat well, sleep enough and drink plenty of water!!
  • DO know that it’s not a competition - there will always be someone one step ahead of you and that’s okay.  The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself.
  • Celebrate after APs - April will most likely be a month of studying a lot.  When you’ve completed your AP Exams (even though school finals, SAT subject tests and ACTs may be lurking around the corner) you need to celebrate!! Take a well deserved break to unwind before the end of the school year antics speed up. 
  • DO realize when you’re overworking yourself - we are not superheroes.  we’d like to be able to work for 15 hours straight but that is slightly impractical for some of us and that’s not a bad thing.  take breaks when you need to - you know yourself better than anyone else

Just remember - the work that you put in will always pay off.  Working less and cramming a few days before may work occasionally but the probability of preparing well and putting in a lot of effort is much higher than solely relying on short term memory retention just before the exam. 

If you liked this pt 3. of my junior year series message me again and i may make a pre senior year checklist (all the things rising seniors/current juniors should be getting in order for college apps!!)